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Traveling Salesman

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I can’t believe what I’ve become. Six months ago I was your run-of-the-mill middle-aged husband and father, a boring, suburban guy with a nice house, a good job, a bad golf game, and a hard-on for the neighbor’s teenage daughter. Actually, not much of that has changed other than what gives me a hard-on these days; no longer is it the seventeen year old next door in her skimpy bikini, sunning herself by the pool on weekends.

Now, I actually look forward to Mondays, when I hit the road driving between customers in my territory and hoping my new buddy will find the time to make me his bitch. Yes, its true, what I’ve become is a total cockworshipping little whore. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Let me start at the beginning.

I’m 39 and I live in Reno, Nevada with my wife. We met senior year of college and have been married ever since we graduated. We have three great kids, a dog, an SUV and a killer mortgage payment. I’m a software salesman and my region covers all of Northern Nevada and Utah. My customers are mostly small retail stores and I travel frequently to visit customers throughout my territory. I’m usually on the road two to three weeks per month.

I admit I’ve had a few affairs over the years with my fair share of coffee shop waitresses, grocery store clerks, or lonely traveling business women. I stay in good shape and I’ve always had success with the ladies. I’m 6′ tall and still at my college playing weight of 185, with a full head of blonde hair, blue eyes and a package that has no problem enticing a slightly drunk woman to forget her inhibitions and throw caution to the wind. Back in college, I was always fascinated that when a girl heard I had 8″ between my legs, she’d do almost anything to get me in the sack. Even better, the girls I slept with couldn’t wait to tell their friends about bagging my big dick, so next party I’d have several new little cocksluts to choose from.

After 18 years of marriage, my sex life at home is pretty boring. But I still feel guilty every time I cheat on my wife so it’s not unusual for me to hole up in some cheap hotel room during the weeks on the road with a porn movie or a titty magazine, taking business into my own hands. I even had a DVD player installed in my company car so I can enjoy some nasty porn on the long drives thru the desolate Nevada and Utah wastelands.

And that’s exactly what got me started on the road to being a trucker’s submissive fuckbuddy. I was driving along Highway 50 in the middle-of-nowhere Nevada during late fall. Traffic was light and I was watching a smoking hot blowjob compilation dvd, my suit trousers unzipped, my hand slowly jerking off my raging hard boner as I tried to stay in my own lane. I was nearing the point of no return but I didn’t want to blow a big load all over my clean trousers so I pulled into a rest stop, completely deserted except for an eighteen wheeler parked at the far end of the lot, curtains pulled on the cab. I assumed the guy was sleeping in his truck, so I hustled out of the car, not even bothering to zip up, my hard cock protruding straight out from my unzipped fly and slipped into the mensroom to relieve myself. It was cool enough that I could see my breath, but the cold air had no effect on my stiff rod as it bobbed up and down, eager to unload the spooge building in my balls.

I dropped my trousers down around my ankles as I stood in front of one of the urinals and proceeded to do some serious whacking, dreaming of the hot little brunette with the big doe eyes and the ridiculous whale tale stamped over her firm, bubble butt that had been blowing the entire basketball team on my dvd. The restroom was filthy, with graffiti littering the walls and an overpowering smell of urine, but I was beyond caring. I was so caught up in my fantasy world that I didn’t hear the trucker enter the restroom.

“Hmmm, what you doing their partner?” a deep voice interrupted behind me.

Embarrassed out of my mind, I reached down to yank up my pants and in the process lost my balance and fell flat on my ass.

“You know, you shouldn’t be walking around in the parking lot out there with your little penis hanging out. Some would say that’s indecent exposure and I hear you can get arrested for that,” he chuckled.

“I, I , I….” I stuttered, as I tried to compose myself. “I didn’t know anybody was around.”

“Obviously not,” the big truck driver spat. The guy was huge, probably 6’5″ with a big gut that stretched his flannel shirt to the point of button breakage as it sagged over his Levis, a big silver belt buckle fighting to keep his jeans up. He had a full, shaggy beard and was wearing a pair of dark aviator sunglasses that gave him a look of pure evil. His hair was receding but he wore it long in back, braided into a dirty looking pony tail. He was maybe 50 years old and looked mean as dirt.

“I was only trying to relieve myself,” I said.

“Yea, son, I know what kind of relief you was looking for,” he replied. “It can get pretty lonely out here on the open road, I understand the need for relief.”

He reached down and gave his crotch a squeeze, repositioning what looked like a baseball bat running down the inside of his thigh, clearly outlined against his tight denim jeans.

“I’ll just be on my way,” I tried, hoping he would let me be without any further embarrassment as I tried to pull up my trousers.

“Fella, you ain’t going nowhere, yet. You look mighty pretty down there on the floor with your pants around your ankles. You ain’t exactly my type, but in a pinch, I reckon you’ll do. You familiar with the expression, squeal like a pig, boy?”

Holy shit, I thought to myself. Was this guy saying what I thought he was? Was he planning on raping me right here in this deserted rest stop?

“Um, I don’t think you understand, sir,” I said. “I’m not gay or anything.”

“Who the fuck said anything about gay?” he bellowed. “Are you calling me a fag?”

“Well, uh, no, definitely not,” I whimpered, desperate to get out of this situation.

“I’m as straight as this here highway, boy,” he continued. “But my dick don’t give a shit whether you a man, a woman, or something in between. You got a mouth, a tongue, a throat, and based on what I saw when I walked in, an asshole. Your clitty might be a little bigger than my old ladies, but I don’t never pay attention to a clit anyway.”

This fucker wasn’t kidding. He did intend to rape me. I didn’t stand a chance of fending off this big bastard and yelling for help wasn’t going to do me any good out here.

“Why don’t you go ahead and strip off the rest of those clothes,” he demanded.

“Now wait a minute…” I began, but he cut me off with a wicked backhand across my face, knocking me completely sprawling to the nasty concrete floor.

“Don’t give me no fucking lip, shithead,” he barked. “Strip now or I’m gonna beat the crap out of you. And then I’ll strip you myself. Nobody said you had to enjoy this, though that fucking hard clit of yours tells me you’ll probably like it.”

As difficult as it was to believe, my cock was indeed rock hard. I’d never had any gay or bisexual fantasies before and I was truly scared to death. But somehow, my damn cock was hard as stone. I unbuttoned my shirt and removed my tie. I kicked off my shoes and pulled my pants and boxers off, now completely naked except for my wedding ring.

“That’s better son,” he spat. “Now crawl over here, cause I got a present for you.”

With the slight taste of blood in my mouth, I knelt in front of this hulking monster, hoping that somebody would come along and salvage me from this impending hell.

“Unzip my jeans, faggot,” he ordered.

Slowly my shaking hand reached up to do as instructed. My mind raced, but I saw no avenue for escape. I could try to knock the guy down and make a run for it, but if he caught me, I didn’t doubt for a second that he would kill me. If I could just turn off my brain and submit to him, maybe he’d let me go. I didn’t see any other options.

“Now rub my cock through my pants.”

As my hand pressed against the outline of his big cock, I let out an audible sigh. Holy fuck, this guy was hung like a horse. I was no slouch in the dick department, but this guy had me by a mile. His bulge snaked down his leg and pulsed with a life of its own. This burly badass was a porn star in trucker’s clothing.

“Suck it through my jeans, boy,” he ordered as he grabbed my head and forced my mouth against his gigantic bulge. “Run that tongue up and down it. Show me how bad you want my cock, bitch.”

I slurped his massive member through the denim, playing the biggest, nastiest harmonica I could ever imagine. His fat meat pole began to harden and it continued to inch down his leg. Was this thing ever going to stop growing? While I was scared this guy was going to kill me if I didn’t do what he asked, I was equally scared that the monster in his pants was going to kill me, or at least maim me for life, if this scene did play out.

A big wet spot began to grow on the dirty denim, not from my tonguing but from the leaking pipe confined within. “Yea boy, you making me nice and hard. How you like the taste of that precum?”

I was disgusted by the act of dry-sucking this bastard, but the salty taste of his precum soaking through the denim wasn’t unpleasant.

“Unbuckle my belt and pull them jeans down,” he ordered. “Time for you to learn how to suck a real dick.”

I was fascinated by his huge bulge and I didn’t hesitate when he ordered me to free his rod. I wanted to see this beast unleashed. And to be honest, at this point I actually wanted to get my lips wrapped around his throbbing tool. I had never been the least curious about dick before, but this guy’s powerful prick had me in a trance.

As I pulled his jeans down, his semi-hard cock sprang free and slapped against my cheek with a powerful thwack. He wasn’t wearing any underwear and now that the monster was unsheathed, it pointed straight out from under his big belly in a menacing but impressive manner.

Without further instruction, I took the fat member in my hand, feeling the thick fleshiness harden further, the big veins throbbing as blood rushed to fill its unbelievable length. He was uncircumcised and as I began to slowly stroke him, his enormous, bulbous head revealed itself fully, a plum-sized purple mushroom of a head, even thicker than his already fat shaft. The evil eye of his cockhead leaked a steady flow of precum and hypnotized me with never before felt lust. A lust I was at a loss to explain as I willingly submitted to his every command.

“Don’t just stare at it boy,” he bellowed as he slapped my face with his meaty appendage. “Open up that mouth and suck on it. And watch those fucking teeth or else.”

I stretched my jaw wide and engulfed the big head, tasting his precum as I swirled my tongue around the fat knob. At the same time, I used both hands to jerk his long shaft and milk more of the creamy fluid from his now fully hard boner. I had watched a ton of porn in my day, and this guy’s dick was at least as big as anything I’d ever seen. I don’t think he had showered in several days, but the manly scent only made the nasty scene more erotic.

He grabbed my head and forced his cock against the back of my throat. Unable to accommodate his tool, I immediately gagged and tried to push him away but he held me firmly.

“Don’t fight it bitch,” he barked. “And put those hands behind your back unless you want me cut them off.”

Mercifully, he pulled his rod from my aching jaw. He picked up my silk Hermes tie and proceeded to knot it around my wrists behind my back. What would my wife say if she knew how my Father’s Day present was being put to use?

“That ought to keep those fucking hands out the way,” he laughed. “Now open back up cause you fixen to learn how to deepthroat a real cock.”

As he slid his rod back into my mouth, I tried feverishly to lube his cock with my spit, hoping it would slide more easily down my gagging throat. He fed about half his length into my mouth and began pumping in and out, slowly forcing more and more of the wicked tool into my stretched throat with each thrust. I was helpless to fight him off. My knees ached on the concrete floor as he fed me his seemingly never ending cock.

I was able to deepthroat nearly three-quarters of his massive rod, but each time he tried to force more down my throat, I would start to dry heave.

“Breath through your nose, dumbass,” he barked. “My old lady can take it to the root and tongue my balls at the same time. Course, she worked as a sword swallower at the carnival when I met her.”

Finally he pulled his spit covered pole from my mouth and with a deep growl, he slapped my face several times with his hardon. My jaw ached, my throat hurt, my knees were in pain, I was shivering from the cold, and now my cheeks stung from his repeated whacks, but I wanted more.

“Suck on my nuts, boy,” he instructed.

His balls were big and heavy, covered in thick hair, and hanging very low. I took one big ball in my mouth, swirling it around my tongue as he jerked his cock.

“Yea, boy, that’s real good. You not a great cocksucker, but you a natural ball sucker.”

After several minutes of servicing his balls, he forced his cock back into my mouth and fucked my face with deep, powerful strokes. I completed submitted to his assault as he used my throat like a pussy.

“Shit, this ain’t gonna do it for me,” he grunted. “Guess I’m gonna have to fuck your man-pussy if I’m gonna blow this load.”

While I knew this was coming, I couldn’t imagine how I was going to take that beast in my virgin ass. He saw the look of fear on my face and burst out laughing.

“Yea, bitch, you ought to be scared. Even my wife won’t let me fuck her ass with this thing, and she’s a hall of fame slut.”

With my hands still restrained behind my back, he pushed me face down onto the concrete floor, the smell of stale urine and bleach assaulting my senses. He positioned himself behind me with his huge bulbous head poised at my tight cherry. He wasn’t wasting any time and grabbing my hips he pushed firmly against my sealed anus without luck.

“Open up faggot,” he shouted as he slapped my ass hard. “I’m gonna fuck that ass and I’m gonna fuck it right now.”

But without any lube, there was no way that fat fuckhead was going anywhere. In a moment of inspiration, he reached over to the sink and squirted a big wad of soap into his hand. He coated the head of his cock with the sudsy substance and began his assault on my hole anew.

With the added lube and a little brute force, he popped the obscene bulb into my tight ass. I let out a toe-curling scream as an intense pain overtook me. I thought for sure I would blackout as the rough bastard shoved inch after torturing inch into my stretched hole. I was helpless against his assault.

“Fuck bitch,” he groaned, “That is one tight little box.”

I continued to whimper and fight to pull away from the horrid trucker, but he held me firm. At last I felt his big swinging balls bounce against mine and knew he had the full length buried in my butt.

“Shit,” he chuckled. “Didn’t know I could get the whole thing in there.”

Without giving me a chance to get acclimated to his giant cock, he immediately began to fuck me in earnest. As the soap began to really lube my hole and my ass stretched around his massive girth, the gut-wrenching pain slowly subsided. In its place, the friction of his huge piston began to stimulate my prostate and while my ass still burned in agony, I started to feel waves of pleasure as he deepdicked me.

My whimpering turned to moans of enjoyment and I began to push back against the big stud, finding a rhythm as we fucked like two wild animals. I was deeply conflicted about this raunchy scene playing out on the soiled floor of a public restroom, but my body betrayed my mind and I was overcome with submissive sexual longings.

“You like that don’t you, you little whore?” he grunted.

“Hell yes,” I groaned, unable to understand why I was so turned on. “Fuck my virgin ass. Fuck my ass with that huge cock. Oh, fuck, yea. Give it to me. Fuck that hole.”

Being the asshole he was, once he saw that I was enjoying myself, he pulled his cock from my gaping hole.

“What do you want bitch?” he snickered.

I wanted his dick buried ball-deep in my empty hole. “I want your cock,” I begged. “Give me that big, fat dick. Stuff it back in my ass and pound me. Fuck me hard. Fuck me deep. Make me your fucking whore.”

This time he complied and he rammed it home fucking me with deep, relentless strokes, his balls bouncing wildly against mine as he abused my horny ass. His stamina was impressive, and even in the cold restroom, I felt his sweat dripping onto my upturned ass and running down my back. I was lucky to last five minutes when I fucked my wife, but I got the feeling this fucker could last all day if he wanted to. For the next twenty minutes, he fucked me senseless till I felt his cock start to pulse with his pending orgasm.

“Oh yea, stud,” I whimpered. “Unload up my ass. Fill my pussy with your seed.” Could that really be my voice begging this rapist to shoot his wad in my abused backdoor? How had this happened to me?

He let out a loud grunt and rammed his entire length into my ass as he exploded. I felt the hot jizz deep in my rectum as he unloaded what felt like a gallon of cum deep in my bowels. At the same time, without any direct stimulation to my own cock, I erupted, shooting a giant load of cum all over the concrete floor as my dick twitched uncontrollably.

As he pulled his enormous rod from my battered ass, I felt a cool breeze blow through the open restroom door and up my gaping hole. He pulled my hair roughly, dragging me back upright on my knees, eye level with his still erect penis. I could feel his nasty spooge leaking from my ass and running down my legs.

“Lick me clean, bitch,” he insisted.

I eagerly obliged, taking him back into my mouth and sucking him squeaky clean. Somehow I had survived his assault and in the process, I had been converted from a straight guy into a cockworshipping slut. My knees ached from the hard floor and my ass would never be the same, but I already wanted more of his unbelievable cock.

Once he was happy that I had adequately cleaned his slowly deflating member, he stuffed it back in his jeans and zipped up.

“Yea, I knew the second I laid eyes on you, you’d be a hot little fuck, boy,” he snarled. “But shit, you took it up the ass like a pro. Now that I’ve got you broken in, I hate to let this opportunity go.”

He picked up my discarded clothes and found my wallet in the pants pocket. “This your family?” he questioned as he flipped through my pictures.

“Yes,” I croaked nervously, my throat still sore from the recent abuse.

“What do you think your pretty little wife would say if she knew you was such a slut for trucker cock?”

“Please,” I begged. “She doesn’t need to find out about this.” He was right, I was a slut for trucker cock, or at least his big trucker cock. But the thought of my family jerked me back into the reality of the situation. I had just been brutally raped by this asshole and I was still naked with my hands immobilized behind me in this desolate rest stop. I had unwittingly enjoyed this life changing moment, but I still wasn’t out of the woods.

“Maybe not,” he chuckled. “But that is up to you. I’ve got a long drive ahead of me into Salt Lake tonight, and I might need another break in a few hundred miles to relieve some more of the road stress that builds up in my balls on these long hauls.”

Fuck, was he going to kidnap me too. A rapist and a kidnapper; this guy was a real piece of work.

He pulled a hunting knife from his pocket and with a quick slice, cut my restrained hands free, shredding my silk tie in the process. My arms were finally free, but they throbbed with a dull pain from being restrained for so long.

“Based on this here hotel confirmation in your wallet, looks like you are headed towards Salt Lake tonight too,” he said.

“Uh, yea,” I replied, obviously useless of me to lie at this point.

“OK, then let’s hit the road,” he ordered, tossing me my car keys. “But I’m gonna keep these for now,” he said as he took my clothes and shoes and put my wallet in his back pocket. Chuckling to himself, he left the restroom and headed for his rig.

Nude and without clothes, I staggered to my feet and poked my head out of the restroom door.

“I can’t go out like this,” I begged after the trucker.

“Stop being such a goddamn crybaby,” he shouted over his shoulder as his big boots crunched across the gravel parking lot. “If you want your things back, get your faggot ass in your fucking car and drive. I’m gonna follow you and don’t even think about trying to get away. We’ll make another stop in little while and when we get where we’re going, you won’t be needing these clothes anyway.”

He opened his cab and tossed my clothes into the back. I made a mad dash to my car and jumped in. I had a suitcase in the trunk, but I didn’t think twice about crossing that fucker. He had me over a barrel and to be honest, based on the fact that my cock was rock hard again, I think I was enjoying being bossed around by that dominant bastard. His cum was still dripping out of my ass hole and my leather seats were soon sopping wet. I started the car, cranked up the heat, and pulled back out onto the two lane highway, heading east toward Salt Lake as the eighteen wheeler accelerated right on my tail.

Here I was driving down the highway, bucknaked, my no-longer virgin ass dripping cum, being tailed by my tormentor as my boner raged. What the fuck had I gotten myself into? And why couldn’t I get my mind off that fucker’s big cock?

We drove for a couple of hours, passing through some tiny, two-bit country towns. Luckily I had a full tank of gas and didn’t need to stop for refueling. The big rig stayed right on my ass the entire way, the symbolism not lost on me.

As we approached another rest stop, the guy blew his horn several times and turned on his blinker, clearly indicating that I should exit. Pulling into the gravel lot, I noticed three other big rigs already parked. Although I should have been relieved that we weren’t alone and I was probably safe from a repeat performance, I was actually disappointed. For over a hundred miles, I’d been fantasizing about getting that big dick back in my empty ass.

The trucker parked his rig and sauntered over to the car. “Get out boy and get your ass over to the toilet.”

“But there are other people here,” I implored.

“Fucking right there are,” he laughed. “I couldn’t keep that sweet ass of yours all to myself. We truckers got to stick together. I gave my buddies a shout on the CB and a few guys just happened to be in the neighborhood and in need of exactly what you got to offer.”

Shit, now the bastard was going to pimp me out and I was the entrée for a trucker gang bang. Could this day get any more bizarre?

He yanked my car door open and grabbing my arm, pulled me out. “Hustle on in there, boy. Show them fellas a good time and make me proud of how I done broke your supposedly straight ass.”

When I hesitated briefly, the big fucker punched me in the gut, doubling me over. “I ain’t fucking messing around with you, son. Now get.”

I stumbled over to the restroom and walked into the dimly lit, foul smelling place. Three guys were milling about, smoking cigarettes and talking. When I entered, nude and shivering, they started whistling and making cat calls.

“Yea baby, look at that horny little fuckslut.”

“Nice ass, honey.”

“I hear you like squealing like a pig?”

“Buck tells us you are a real whore for trucker cock.”

So Buck was my tormentor’s name. He had my wallet, my clothes, my cherry, pictures of my family and the confirmation for my hotel room tonight, but at least I finally had his name.

After they stopped laughing and slapping each other on the back, the mood changed dramatically as the first guy put out his cigarette, unzipped his jeans and pulled out a long, thin cock, already glistening with precum.

“What are you waiting for bitch?” he barked. “Get on you fucking knees and show me how you suck cock.”

For the next hour, I was assaulted by the three hard, horny truckers, as they took turns fucking my throat and ass. None of the guys was hung like Buck, but they weren’t small either. By the time I had taken a load from each of them in my ass and my mouth, I was drenched in cum and sore from head to toe. They tossed me around like a rag doll, fucking both my holes at the same time as they used and abused my body for their pleasure.

During the assault, I was aware that Buck was looming at the door, but he never tried to enter the fray. Only after the last guy blew his second load on my face and the three guys finally put away their exhausted tools and started to leave did I notice that Buck held a video camera and had been recording the entire gang bang.

Buck entered the restroom and placed the video camera on the sink, pointing it at me.

“Fuck, son, I never seen anybody put out like you do,” he said as he unbuckled his jeans and pulled out his massive schlong. He sat on the edge of the urinal trough, his huge erection sticking straight and proud from his groin.

“Climb on boy,” he ordered. “This time, you gonna do all the work.”

Beyond exhaustion, I moved robotically and sat back on Buck’s lap, feeling his huge rod plow right up my now thoroughly stretched and lubed hole. I bounced up and down on his fuckstick, riding that trucker like a bronco as the video camera documented my continuing spiral down into a slutty bottom fucktoy.

He fucked me for thirty minutes before unleashing another nasty load deep in my ass. I collapsed, completely spent, my body and face covered in dried cum.

Buck grabbed the video camera and started towards the door. “You’ll find your clothes and your wallet in your car, boy. I’ll be in touch.”

With that, he left. I heard his big rig fire up and pull out. I stumbled out into the lot, now empty except for my car. I didn’t even take the time to try and clean-up. I pulled on my shirt and pants, fell behind the wheel and headed east for Salt Lake. I needed a hot shower, room service and a soft bed in the worst way.

It was nearly 7pm by the time I arrived at the hotel. I’m sure I was a sight to see as the desk clerk checked me in. I still had dried cum on my face and in my hair but I was too tired to care.

I took a long hot shower and as I was drying off there came a knock at the door.

“Sir, a package arrived for you,” the bellhop said as he handed me a plain brown box.

Opening the package, I found a note from Buck.

“Hey slut, enjoy the enclosed dvd of your little performance today. Don’t forget I’ve got all your important information (home address, phone number, employer, e-mail, credit card info, wife’s name, etc, etc.). It’s amazing how much of a guy’s life he keeps in his wallet. If you don’t want your wife to get a copy of that dvd, keep your fucking mouth shut, at least until next time I’m ready to stick my dick in it. I’m heading back to Nevada tomorrow (turns out I only live a few miles from your house) after I drop off my trailer, but I think I’ll need one more for the road first. I’ll be at your room at 10am in the morning and I want to find you wearing everything in this box. Leave the door open, bitch. Hope you don’t mind but I bought it all with your credit card.”

In the box was a pair of black lace panties, a fat butt plug, a pair of handcuffs, a huge bottle of lube, and a lace teddy. I opened my laptop computer, put in the dvd and watched mesmerized as I was roughly fucked by the three truckers before Buck busted that final load deep in my ass. It was obvious from the expression on my face throughout the scene that I had thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the intense action. No way my wife would believe I had been raped against my will. My voice unmistakably begged those jerks to fuck me over and over and the way I devoured each load they shot in my mouth left little doubt that I was now a cumloving, cockcraving whore.

The trucker had me over a barrel, but strangely enough, I didn’t care. I had never so thoroughly enjoyed a sexual experience in my life. The thought of my wife or my friends finding out about today’s escapades was horrifying; I’d be ostracized and branded with a scarlet letter for life. But damn, I couldn’t stop thinking about Buck’s big dick and the way he dominated me. I had a perpetual hardon and I knew getting my man-pussy filled with cock was the only thing that could cure my horny desires.

Before going to bed, I lubed up my aching ass and inserted the butt plug. The initial pain quickly subsided and having my ass again filled with a fat object had me already counting down the hours till Buck would have his way with me. I slipped on the sexy panties and the teddy, putting the handcuffs on the bedside table and fell asleep with dreams of being Buck’s nasty little cockslut. 10am couldn’t come fast enough. But that’s a story for another day.

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