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“Emma I want you to begin your education, your training. I want you to stay with Mistress Louise for a few days. You have things to learn.”

I looked at the floor. I knew he was right but scared that he didn’t think I was good enough. I knew I had to – it was only training. Things I hadn’t done, things I could practice, to be better for him. He wanted me to be his pleasure slave.

I wondered if I didn’t please him enough now, but he had had me marked with the tattoo and given me his ring and collar. I was going to be the best for him. Determination held back the tears.

Then he surprised me. He took me in his arms and kissed me.

“You are mine because I want you. I still want you, but I want you to learn things, about yourself and to make you able to please me even more. I want you to do it for all those reasons, but I want you to do it. You have given yourself to me. You will do it and you will know by doing it you are pleasing me. That should be enough.”

“Of course, Master.” It was enough. I knew. Even now calling him Master was exciting in itself. It made me remember, it made me feel faint at the knowledge that I had signed myself over to him completely. The copy of the piece of paper was in my bag. I would look at it over and over. All the things I had agreed were his responsibility, all the things that I had accepted I would do for him were physically written down and signed. It always made me hot just to read it. The only reason I didn’t read it more was that I was afraid that the paper would wear away on the folds.

I had to report to his office on Friday. I walked past the bored receptionist, up to Louise’s desk. He wasn’t there. She had me sit and wait. Tears wet my eyes without my bidding at the thought of me not being with him. She was speaking with another woman, older than her. Showing her things. After twenty minutes she had packed away. There was no sign of Michael. The other woman went down the corridor. Louise came over to me. Looked me over as I blushed. She held out my collar!

“Stand up. You are to spend some time with me. Please close your mouth. It is more appropriate for it to be closed at the moment. Master Michael told you that you would be going away?”


“Now present your neck.” I had to kneel on the carpet. She removed my collar for me to kiss it, then refastened it. I wondered if the other woman might return. “In future you will address me as Mistress. Is that clear?”

“Yes… Mistress.” Adding the latter uncertainly. Throat dry.

“You will do exactly as you are told, you will speak only when appropriate and you will learn. I will expect total obedience. Without that you will learn nothing.” I didn’t know whether to speak or not. Evidently it was not required. My heart was pounding. I was frightened; I didn’t know what I would have to do. Still, she was strong; she would guide me as she had already. It was better than being with someone who I did not know at all.

She drove confidently. I was told to place my hands by my side, my knees two inches apart. I kept my eyes down on my knees. I would have liked to look at her but only allowed myself surreptitious glances out of the side of my eyes, at her thighs moving inside her trousers, at her long fingers on the steering wheel. She appeared totally relaxed and happy with life, in control of the situation. I felt my breathing was loud.

The house seemed to have originally been a small farmhouse. Beams, cosy, it sat on its own. A Japanese girl about my age opened the door as we drove up, shyly smiling with large red lips, white blouse and black skirt. Geometric bob. I had not thought of anyone else being there. She took quick glimpses at me. She was my height. Hovered around Louise. Her name, I was told, was Suzie. She took Louise’s bags inside. I noticed a small tattoo on her neck.

I was to put my bag in a cupboard by the door. Suzie standing, hands at her lap, smiling a shy smile, would hang my things. I followed Louise into a lounge. She sat back seemingly content, I stood uncomfortably before her. Suzie was sent to bring wine for Louise.

“Your Master wants you trained further.”

“Yes… Mistress.”

“You needn’t be alarmed. But it is expensive in time. You should be grateful and ensure that you work hard to show your Master that you are worth it.”

“Yes Mistress.”

“He wants you as a pleasure slave. Most slaves have more than one, well, role, but this is all your Master demands of you at the present. Maybe later he will have you trained for others. He needs you a little, ah, how shall we say, more experienced.” My face must have shown some surprise. At that moment Suzie came back with the wine. Louise took it and sipped it. Suzie took up a position against the wall by the door, watching.

“Suzie, for instance has been trained as a maid, amongst other things.” Suzie kept her eyes down. “She’s a good one, most of the time. Though she makes mistakes and needs to be disciplined to ensure high standards. Would you describe yourself as experienced?” She asked me with a smile on her face. I looked at the floor. The silence stretched until I realised I must answer.

“No Mistress.”

“How many men have rooted about inside you before your Master?” I looked up shocked at her words, then again at the floor.

“Two Mistress.” Blushing furiously. Suzie could hear everything.

“Were they any good? Did you enjoy having them there?”

“Not particularly. No, Mistress.”

“Why not? Didn’t they permit you to climax?”

“No, Mistress.” Another silence. I felt as though I had to fill it, give her more of an answer. “They didn’t consider permission, they didn’t think about it. They weren’t dominant. I suppose they took it for granted that I would.”

“But you needed someone who was dominant?”

“I didn’t realise then, but yes, now I realise what I need, Mistress.”

“And have you had women make you climax?”

“No! Only you, Mistress. When you spanked me.”

“Michael tells me something about a girl called Pia.”

“It was her. I didn’t…. She… It was after I met him. He knows about her, he started it Mistress.”

“Yes I know.” She smiled, tormenting me.

“You consider yourself to be submissive, a slave?” I wanted to cry. I wanted a hole in the ground to open up for me to crawl into. I knew Suzie was listening.

“Yes, Mistress.” My face burned. My throats dry as I whispered the words.

“And you enjoy your status?”

“Yes, Mistress.” So softly I had to repeat it.

“Good. And you enjoy your Master or Mistress taking responsibility for you?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“And do you have any responsibilities concerning yourself?”

“To make my Master or Mistress happy, Mistress.”

“Yes, and part of that entails making sure that you can control yourself, your body, your responses, so that you do not embarrass or disappoint your Master or Mistress. If ordered to do something it is not appropriate to do it badly or protest that you do not wish to do it. You must do everything to the best of your ability and with the pleasure of others more important than yours regardless of what you are asked to do. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Good. Well we have another matter to deal with just now. Suzie, please bring me the chair and glove.”

Suzie quickly brought an upright chair and placed it next to me, then left the room. She came back, standing before the chair holding a black leather glove. She seemed even quieter than before, and stared at the floor.

“My skirt was creased this morning, wasn’t it?” Suzie’s eyes widened, flickered at me.

“Yes, Mistress.” She had a soft American accent.

“Do you deserve to be punished?”

“Yes, Mistress.” Seemingly looking determinedly away from me.

I felt my heart beating in my chest. I watched as she pulled up her skirt until it was around her waist. Her skin had a look of honey, her thighs sleek. She stood displaying her plain white knickers. Louise took a last drink of wine and then stood before sitting on the chair next to me. No words were exchanged. Suzie took her knickers and pulled them down. Her pubic hair was thin and neat above a neat little sex. Shuffling, with her knickers around her knees, she brought the glove to her Mistress and kissed it before handing it over. Louise put it onto her right hand. It looked tight, black, shiny. Suzie then draped herself over Louise’s knees, her hair falling over her face, her buttocks pushed up and slightly separated. I could see the bulge of her smooth lips. I could see a small tattoo similar to mine. The skin was taut. Looking oiled. My breath was coming in short pants, my bra tight.

“Watch and learn.” She moved me until she was satisfied that I could see everything. Her hand rested in the small of her back. Her other hand spread her thighs within the restraint of the knickers around her knees until there was a gap between the legs. Suddenly she began spanking the girl with her gloved hand. Three on one cheek. The slaps were loud in the room. Her flesh began to turn pinker. Then three on the other. This was then repeated.

I watched wide-eyed. My skin felt hot and tight. My sex throbbed. It was as if I was being spanked. I watched as the gloved hand delved between the thighs. Suzie lifted her hips and rocked as fingers entered her. When Louise took them away the smell of the girl’s arousal was in the air. They left evidence of the girl’s wetness around her slit. Again the spanking. Again the exploration. Again the spanking. I realised I was shaking. I wanted to touch myself. This time it was on the thighs. When she had spanked each thigh she moved to the buttocks again without exploring. The girl was sobbing softly now.

As suddenly as it had begun it stopped. Suzie was sent to the wall again, this time facing the wall, her knickers still around her knees, her skirt still high, her thighs and bottom glowing pink. Her thighs I noticed were damp. I stared at her flesh. I turned to find Louise looking at me. My face reflected colour of the flesh I was so loathe to look away from. I felt totally transparent in front of Louise.

“Aroused?” I didn’t want to answer. I looked at the floor. Eventually I gave in to her as I knew I would.

“Yes. Yes, Mistress. I have never seen… It felt ……” I couldn’t go on.

“Would you have like it to have been your bottom being smacked?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“And would you have like to have spanked Suzie’s bottom.”

“I don’t know…. Mistress.” The idea strange.

We both ate a tasty salad that Suzie had prepared and Louise drank a glass of wine while Suzie served us. She was now dressed correctly. Her actions were so precise, so careful, so pleasing. The gusset of my knickers held me uncomfortably wet as I ate. I couldn’t erase the picture of the spanking from my mind. Quivers of excitement ran through me every now and again. Even the oil on the salad reminded me of the wetness evident at the join of those reddened thighs. I was given water. The food was laid out like it was a work of art. The table organised and decorated to perfection. A single orchid stood in a simple glass vase in front of Louise. I helped Suzie with the dishes as Louise had another glass of wine. Neither of us spoke as we moved side by side at the sink, our Mistress watched. Our bodies touched occasionally

“Well, now we have Emma to attend to. Suzie take her back into the other room.” I followed the silent Suzie. I stood in the middle of the floor and waited for Louise. She sat on a sofa with me before her. She had changed into a silk dressing gown. I noticed that the opening displayed a little of her thigh. Suzie was in attendance at the doorway.

“Undress.” I guessed that this would come but it still shocked me when it did. It wasn’t just undressing, it was being told to strip for her, to be examined. I looked around wildly. Just remembered to be silent.

“This is not a good start. I expect you to respond to instructions immediately. I do not expect to have to wait. It is irrelevant how you feel. You will submit. The purpose of you being here is my pleasure, your instruction and for your Master to feel proud of you. So far you are not capable of success in any of these areas!”

“I’m sorry Mistress.” I felt tears sting my eyes. I wondered if she might spank me too. The thought not unpleasant. Was I trying to make her spank me? The thought stopped me. It made me wonder if I was usurping her dominance.

“You will be punished later for that.” A shiver ran through me. Was it for not undressing immediately or for trying to get her to do something? I had never been punished by anyone other than Michael. Punished. “Now do you think that we could proceed to a situation were you might begin to grasp the basics or do I have to send you back immediately?”

“No Mistress. I’m really sorry Mistress.” My chest felt tight. I wanted to please her, didn’t want her angry. She was my Mistress.

“I’m sure you are. Now strip off.”

I did as I was told. Had to place the clothes tidily beside my feet. Each time bending to place them. More and more naked. She watched, so did Suzie. I told myself that Louise had seen me naked before. It helped only a little. I had been given over to her. She was my Mistress. I didn’t have to think, just obey. Realisation and acceptance washed over me. It felt right. Along with a quickening pulse at my sex. Suzie came and picked up the pile when I had completed my task. She took them away. Out of the room. I stood naked. I was being appraised. I felt like I was at auction. I didn’t think I would ever get used to being naked for others. With Michael it was different in a way. Although embarrassed by it still I had at least stopped fighting it. I accepted it as naughty and let the strangely exciting feelings wash through me. No, not strange to me anymore. I knew myself to be excited. I knew just thinking about being like this had excited me. Acceptance. As she looked at my tattoos, my Master’s brand on me.

“I am to be your Mistress for a few days. Are you sure you want that?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“I could be more cruel than your Master. You know that don’t you?”

“I don’t know.” A whisper. I shivered again. “Yes, Mistress.” Suzie came back.

“You have a pleasing enough body. Smallish breasts that look bigger on your skinniness, nicely upturned and pert. Turn.” I turned so that she could see my bottom. Having to accept being examined. “Good tight buttocks. A young bottom.” She mused. I had to bend over for her. Totally embarrassing. In her control. Knowing I was aroused by it. Held my shins. Parted my legs. “Mmm. Nice legs. My, those lips demand to be seen, don’t they?” I blushed deeper, then told to turn again, feeling dampness between my thighs. “Your mound is larger than I expected. You look good hairless. It suits your body, counterbalances the wantonness in you. Your cunt looks hungry. I can see why Michael likes you.” I glowed at that. “If I touched you now you’d be wet, wouldn’t you?” Blushing, I nodded. Proud, embarrassed, wanting to hide. To run away. Wanted her to touch me. Suzie was there, could see, could hear. I looked at the floor. I saw my chest and breasts displayed the mottling of arousal. “Slut.” She said it like a caress.



“Yes, Mistress.”

“Show me.” I opened my legs. I wanted to cry. My thighs were wet. I pulled my sex apart. “You are so wet, sopping wet!” I knew so well.

“Yes. Mistress”


“I don’t know! Mistress.”

“I think you do.” She laughed. “I think that underneath that innocent little exterior you know that you’ve found your role in life, haven’t you, little slavey?” It was not really expected for me to answer. Not at all necessary. I looked at the floor ashamed and excited.

“What do you use to masturbate?” Oh God.

“My fingers, Mistress.”

“A vibrator?”

“No, Mistress. Just my fingers.”

“Why? Nothing? Ever?”

“I was too embarrassed to buy one. A friend’s once. It was too hard for me.”

“Did she watch?”

“Oh no. She didn’t know I used it.”

“Anything else?”

“A hairbrush handle a few times, but it wasn’t really satisfying.”

“Why not? Don’t you like penetration?”

“Oh yes. With a man. But then it feels like it possesses me. With anything else it just filled me.”

“But you like being filled by cock?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

I was ushered near to her. She wanted to watch me finger myself. I felt myself shaking. She waited. I had to force myself. It was getting easier with my Master. This was humiliating again. A woman! And Suzie was still there! Stood with my legs apart. I had to learn control. I began tentatively. Told me that she could smell my cunt. So embarrassed. She told me that she expected a slut to do it properly. My cunt was so near to her. Less tentative now. My knees bent a little and opened outward. I was so wet. Stiff fingers circling around, pulling up the wetness. Slurping. So excited. Letting the wave take me quickly. Ready to come. Knew it was going to be a big one. Suddenly she slapped my hands away. Whimpered. I wanted to carry on. She slapped my hands away again. My hips thrust back and forth desperately. Gasping for breath. Begged her.

I stood before her shaking. Her beauty. Her composure. My need. A tingle of excitement ran up my vagina. My submission. I had given her my trust. Her fingers ran over my thighs. “You spoke again.” Her voice gentle. The promise of punishment. Her hand up and down the trembling softness of my thigh. So near to my lips. I attempted to push down. Her hand slapped my thigh. Then her fingers softly fuelling my arousal again, slowly but perfectly. I attempted to refuse it but was unable. Her finger in the cleft of my buttocks. I feel her finger nail behind my cunt nearing my puckered opening. An orgasm built out of my control again. The nail scratched over my arse. Her finger making me pant and thrust. My hips rolled. On the edge, then it left me. My eyes and face desperately communicating.

“What do you want?”

“You know, Mistress. Finish me. Please.”

“What do you want?” Her finger plays lightly over me.

“Mistress please let me come. Please Mistress.”


“Anyhow! With your fingers. Please Mistress.” Desperately pushing, trying to make her rub me.

“But these are another woman’s fingers. Michael tells me you think it’s wrong.”

“I know. I know. Please.”

“You want a woman to bring you off?”

“Yes. Please. I’m sorry. Please.”

“You are begging a woman to bring you to orgasm?”

“Oh God! Oh yes, Mistress.” Oh God!

“Don’t you think that’s naughty? Don’t you think it’s wrong, with another woman?”

“Oh yes. I’m so bad. So wicked. I’m just a dirty slut. Please Mistress. I’ll do anything.”

“I know. I know you will.” An edge in her voice. “But what I want you to do is to run that phrase around in your head all the time. That you’ll do anything. Anything that you’re told.” Yes. Yes. I’d do anything. Anything. My body throbbed. She was my Mistress. I knew it deep inside myself. We both knew it. “Whenever you need to climax you will need to beg me. Beg me. You will know that your pleasure is determined by me.”

“Yes Mistress. Yes. Mistress.”

“Suzie, fasten her wrists behind her. We don’t want the little tart’s fingers wandering, do we?” That was good. I wanted it. Suzie took my hands behind my back. I felt padded leather cuffs around my wrists, being fastened. I tested them. Pleased that they wouldn’t give. Pleased to feel myself placed so physically in her control.

“Come forward, kiss me.”

I had to bend forward to her, over the arm of the sofa. My breasts hung for her, nipples ready to be clasped, buttocks thrust high as I used the arm for support. Bound. Lips touched lipstick. She made me do the work. Wanted to kiss her. Her lips so soft. Wanted her mouth. Gasping for breath. Not quite there. Open mouth possessed by her tongue. She took my mouth with hers.

Told to stand. Almost falling. She had a plastic ruler. My body shook.

“Do you deserve this? Do you deserve me using this.” I deserved anything she wished. She would do what was necessary for me.

“Yes. Yes Mistress.”

My breasts! Smacked my breasts with it! Tears ran from my eyes. Flexible plastic stinging my breasts. The pain heating. They were on fire. It excited her too. There was something deep and excruciatingly intimate about what I had to endure. Her face flushed. The heat suffused my tits and they felt so heavy. My nipples like heated stones. Hurting slaps of plastic. My skin so tight. Stinging. A blow hit me across my nipples, I cried out. I wanted to touch myself. Slowing when she thought I may climax again. Difficult breathing. Harder and harder. So hot. Hips swaying. Sobbing softly. Then she had stopped. Breasts on fire. Throbbing. Trembling. They pulsed more than I could have imagined. My orgasm a touch away.

Fingers fondled my hair as I sobbed. I almost came. Not allowed. She didn’t stop. Made me want her. Very light caresses over my burning breasts, further down, but not at my fiery cunt. Begged her again. Begged her to bring me off. Begged her to tell me what to do. Hands still restrained. Breasts tingling. Naked for her. Cunt throbbing. Thighs sodden. Hers. Michael is my master. Louise, my Mistress.

I was sent to clean myself. I was sticky, smelt obscene. Mistress had insisted that I did not orgasm or even play with myself again. Suzie came with me and used the shower attachment to clean between my legs with cold water. Thankfully the water was not ice cold because of the weather, though the spray made me jump and tingle. Suzie gave me a perfunctory wipe and took me downstairs and unfastened my bonds before disappearing elsewhere.

The next three hours were tiring. She trained me in deportment. I wore my stilettos and collar only and walked and sat and climbed and descended the stairs and walked and walked back and forth. She showed me how I should sit, where I should place my hands. To look pleasing. To look desirable. I had to practice bending and offering myself, lowering myself to the floor and standing up again. She showed me the correct way to kneel before a Master or Mistress, how I had to hold my head and where my eyes were expected to be. All to her strictest standards. I had to do things correctly. Whenever I failed to do something exactly right I felt the sting of the ruler. I had to look pleasing at all times for my Master. And for her. I practised and practised until my muscles screamed for rest.

Eventually the lessons stopped. I stood, slightly out of breath. Louise had Suzie push a footrest into the middle of the floor. She too was told to undress. Undress totally. I looked ahead. I could see her out of the corner of my eye. She unfastened her skirt, stepped out of it, folded and placed it on the sofa. Her blouse followed. Then her underwear. She turned to face me.

Her nipples had rings through them! I choked back a gasp. Gold rings, like wedding rings. One through each erect nipple. I looked down.

“You need to learn about women. Look at her.” Her pubic hair was thin but dark, her breasts smaller than mine. Her mouth held a shy smile. Her nipples had gold rings! She was small and beautiful. I felt jealousy for a moment. “Touch her breasts.” I moved nearer. Both of us naked. I could feel her warmth. I was doing this with a woman. Felt as though I couldn’t, shouldn’t. My fingertips lightly played over her smooth dark skin, played over her breasts. They were different to mine, or Pia’s.

“Play with the rings.” I took one between my fingers. It felt warm. It rotated through her nipple. I could see it slipping through the nipple as I turned it gently. Suzie had closed her eyes. “Pull them.” I couldn’t. I had to. I pulled and watched wide eyed as her breasts were pulled into cones. I was terrified of hurting her, of ripping through the delicate flesh of her nipples. How did it feel to have them there? How had it felt to have had them pierced? I thought of rings through my own nipples.

She was made to lie on the footrest. On her back with her legs pushed apart off the end.

“Examine her sex. Look at it closed, look at it open. Part it with your fingers.”

I did as I was told. Knelt down on the floor between her legs. Her mound thrust up. I could see the rings on her breasts along her body. This was a woman, alive, not an object. As if aware of my concerns Suzie lifted up and smiled shyly at me. I looked down. Her lips were slightly parted. Her sex looked quite small, neat, no hairs on the lips at all. I had never seen another woman’s sex before. It was different to mine. There were dark edges on the lips and between a bright pink colour peeped out. I placed my thumb and finger on each side and pulled it open. I could smell her. It wasn’t unpleasant to me I noted. Inside was a glowing pink, shiny, moist. Almost hypnotised I stared. The lips, the bump of the clit, the suggestion of her vagina. Louise watched me.

“Kiss her thighs. Not her cunt yet. Just her thighs. At the top. Imagine it is you.”

I did. I kissed her thighs. The soft firmness. The warmth. I felt her squirm a little. Smelt her stronger now I was nearer. I let my lips roam over her smoothness. “Now just the lips.” My breathing was short. I felt my breasts swing a little. Kneeling like a bitch on heat. I touched her lips with mine. Softly. Both sides. Top to bottom. Slowly. Tasted her juices.

“Open your mouth and take her all inside.” She squirmed more as I felt her heat and the plumpness of her lips inside my mouth. “Now explore her with your tongue. Let her come.” The voice soft in my ears.

I probed, prodded, lapped. I found the hard node of her clit. It was slightly claustrophobic between her thighs. I found her openings. I felt my saliva mixing with her liquids. She was tense against me. I wanted to give her an orgasm. I was drunk on the taste and smell. Her thighs lifted and opened wider. I wanted to give her pleasure. I was excited by it. My tongue caressed and demanded. I licked and sucked and kissed and prodded. I moved around her, not staying in one place too long. I knew she was getting excited by what I did, moving, thrusting slightly. I was too. The sudden thought amazing, but my amazement quickly lost in my concentration. I found that I could insert the tip of my tongue inside her. Her clit was hard. I sucked it inside my mouth. I felt the vibrations of her stifled cry. I sucked it in again and caught it gently between my teeth. She bucked around coming. I felt elated at her climax. Her movements made me hold on, just keeping my mouth in contact wasn’t easy. My face was coated in the outpourings from her arousal. I lent back, my breathing erratic. She lay in front of me. Open, still shuddering, her knees held high.

I wanted to touch myself. Bring myself off. I stopped myself.

She knew. “No. You enjoyed that, didn’t you?” Louise’s amusement soft in my ears. She had moved to beside me. My face rested against Suzie’s thigh, inches from her parted saliva drenched cunt. My face was covered it her, the smell strong. My eyes closed.

“You see it doesn’t matter if its a woman, does it?” Her voice soft and understanding as her hand took my hanging breast. Played with it as though it belonged to her. She squeezed my nipples. I wanted it. “In fact it doesn’t matter who it is, woman or man, even a complete stranger. You haven’t even spoken to Suzie, but you’ve used your mouth on her most intimate parts.” Her hand slowly slid down my spine. I was hot. Suzie moved slightly against my face. “As long as your Master or Mistress wants it, it doesn’t matter. You don’t have to worry about what you have to do, who it is with. All you have to do is to give pleasure when required. You’ll be dominated and you’ll be used. So, as you’re both a slave and such a whore, you’ll have the best of both worlds wont you?” Her words were spinning in my head. Her hand slid between my buttocks. My breathing was heavy. They lifted to her touch. “See what I mean? What shall I do? Shall I slap your thrusting bottom? Or shall I finger you?” She mused. “Whatever, when I tell you to come you will.”

“Yes, Mistress.” I felt dreamy. I felt content within her dominance.

She told me to lie on top of Suzie. I did. Her soft body under me. I felt her rings against my breasts. She was pushing against me. Her wet cunt was pushing up against mine. Her thighs grasped mine. I was naked on top of a girl. It was like making love. I felt panic rise in me.

Louise’s fingers were suddenly at my cunt. Oh God yes! Her fingers in my cunt and in Suzie’s cunt. Her thumb entered me her fingers went into Suzie. She fucked us both. Fucked us both with one hand. Suzie was kissing me. Or was I kissing her? Our mouths frantically fed off each other. Our mouths were open. Wild like lovers. Bodies pushing, rubbing against each other’s. Louise’s hand worked us. It was like a hothouse. I could not think. All that existed was the body underneath me, the thumb fucking me, the squeezing of my clit against another girls sex. It didn’t matter anymore.

She whispered. “Not just yet slavey.” My vagina was palpitating uncontrollably. Almost out of all control. Desperate. I forced myself to do as I was told. “Now. Come” into my ear, Suzie’s ear. My body obeyed. It wasn’t a conscious decision. Felt my body relax and then accept the explosion. Only vaguely aware of Suzie doing the same, not certain which grunts or screams were mine, which were hers. Our bodies thrashing together. Only our cunts clamped together by Louise’s hand. I shook, convulsed, and screamed, as did Suzie under me. I had been commanded to come. The orgasm exploded and exploded. Vicious explosions of pleasure rent me.

When I next was able to take in anything outside my body I was laying on the floor. Suzie was standing in Louise’s arms. They were kissing. Suzie, naked, was thrusting against our clothed Mistress as she held her. I felt alone.

“Come to me.” I almost fell as I tried to stand. I went to her. Suzie stood aside. “What do you say?”

“Thank you, Mistress. Oh, thank you.”

“For what?”

“For allowing me to come, Mistress.”

“And Suzie?”

“Thank you, Suzie.”

“For what?”

“Sorry Mistress. Thank you Suzie… for letting me… for letting me…use my mouth on you.” I finally got it out.

Without being allowed to wash, I was put naked onto my bed. Naked except my collar. Suzie fastened a blindfold around my head; my wrists and ankles were attached to the corners of the bed. They leather cuffs were secure around my limbs, but their attachments allowed me some movement. My hands could move down to the sides of my head, my legs could move but not close. The smell of Suzie’s liquids clung to my face and spread over my thighs.

After I had tested my ties Louise kissed my mouth again. Her perfume giving her away. Her mouth played with mine for a long, long time. While I was spread out, naked, bound and blind. My mouth eagerly accepted her tongue, my lips became liquid. I strained up to her mouth as it devoured me. Wanting to be devoured. Wanting to feel her next to me. She fed a finger into my mouth. Hungrily I suckled on it. She pushed it in and out, finger fucking my mouth. I was past shame.

Eventually she sat next to me and ran her hand over my thighs again, over my captive body. I knew I was drawn apart for her to see, knew I was wet again. I pushed up as far as I could. My bruised breasts ached. Her hands teased. Her hands never touched my nipples or clit. Even though I needed them to. Aroused and aroused me. Pushing me further, so slowly, pushing me with such resolve. She kissed me again. Her fingers trailed deliberately over my lips and mound, so lightly it could have been imagination, but my body bucked up from the bed. My orgasm so near. She left me there, a sheet pulled quickly over me.

I lay awake thinking of Master. I had to do well. Do as I was told. I didn’t want to shame him. Make him appear less because I was less. I wanted him badly. I slept badly, not used to sleeping in bondage. Each time I woke my dreams were of dirty, disgusting things being done to me. I lay in my dark thinking, remembering. I had tried to force myself to believe she had forced me, but I couldn’t. I knew. I was wicked. I remembered everything. Stripping. Masturbating. My beating. My mouth on Suzie. Her fingers. My bondage. My body ached, throbbed, always needing. Disgustingly wanting fingers on me, my mouth on someone. Slut! Slut!

The sheet had slid from me, leaving me uncovered. Suzie, dressed as when I had first met her, unfastened the blindfold and lightly kissed me. Shyly, furtively. We both knew of the previous evening. She unfastened me and thankfully allowed me to stretch away the stiffness. The early sun shone into the room.

I was led to the bathroom where she watched over me as I went to the toilet. I felt totally embarrassed as she waited until I had completed both functions and then wiped me. Ridiculous after the evening before, I told myself, but it didn’t help. Still blushing I brushed my teeth and had a bath. Not allowed to touch my breasts or sex, I washed everywhere else in the perfumed water. Suzie washed my breasts quickly, made me kneel so that she could wash me out below. Her small fingers cleaned me quickly. I was allowed to dry myself.

My collar and straps were replaced and I was given high-heeled shoes. My hands were fastened behind me. Breasts thrusting. It was exciting to feel a prisoner. I was taken downstairs. Mistress was in the kitchen. She wore black trousers and a thin blouse that allowed me to see the patterns of her bra as her breasts were held. She sat at the table with coffee and appraised my nakedness. I hoped that she liked what she saw. Eventually I was called over to her. Suzie was told to fasten a bar to my ankles straps, it meant I couldn’t close my legs or walk properly. My legs weren’t too far apart, about the width of my hips, a little wider perhaps.

She took a red pencil from the table. It was brand new. I could see it shining. It hadn’t even been sharpened. Gave it to Suzie, who, kneeling between my legs, pushed it deep inside my vagina. I was shocked. The morning was bizarre, the events so totally unexpected.

“When Suzie lets go of the pencil you will hold it within you. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Alright Suzie, let go.”

At first by attempting to squeeze my muscles tight around the thin shaft I held it in place. Soon, however, my inner muscles grew tired. Without a constantly firm grip the pencil slid down. My vagina was also producing lubricants, which did not help. I felt it slip further and further. It fell into Suzie’s waiting hand. Alarmed I looked at Mistress.

“Did I not tell you to keep it within you?”

“I’m sorry Mistress! I couldn’t help it Mistress.”

“Of course you could!” I wanted to cry. “You will do as you are told. Suzie, again.” The pencil shaft was pushed up me again. “Obviously you need to practice. Your cunt is flabby inside.” The second time was even harder. I was more lubricated. My muscles were tired. It slid out. It slid from me progressively quicker each time it was inserted. Tears ran down my cheeks in frustration. The spreader bar was removed and my hands untied. I was spared further failure. My inner muscles were almost cramping.

No rest. Exercises. Stretching legs and back. Bending, stretches, splits, crabbing. The latter the worst. So humiliating pushing up. Pushing up my tits and open cunt. So vulnerable. Louise knew. Knew my secret. Wet at the exhibition of myself. Muscles shaking.

Suzie gave me eggs to eat and then I had had to practice moving again. This time with clothes. Sitting. Standing. Kneeling. Walking. Removing some, removing all, dressing. Told never to cross my legs, how to offer myself, how to be available. To others. Told never to hide my marks, to show my ring when in public, always have my left hand on top if they were crossed. Told how it should be done with a variety of tops, skirts and dresses. With underwear, without. So much to take in. Had to answer her questions or show her to show I remembered.

Then without clothes. Just the stilettos at times. But first I had to present myself on knees and elbows facing away from Mistress. Suzie came over and knelt by me. Her fingers went immediately to my bottom! She had a lubricant, which she used all around and pressed within. Something cool was then pressed against my bottom! I was told to relax. Maybe it was a dildo or a vibrator. I daren’t ask. Suzie forced it inside me. It hurt, it was big, I didn’t think it would go. I was making soft whimpering noises by the time it slipped suddenly into place. It felt odd, filling me, stretching me. Part of it was obviously still outside me. My anal ring caught tight in a ridge. I felt hair against my thighs. Was it Mistress? Suzie was kneeling where I could see. She told Suzie to fetch a mirror. Her voice was from the sofa! I could still feel the hair teasing my thighs. Someone other than Master! Someone else seeing this new indignity! She told me to stand. Still with whatever was pushed into my bottom! The hair strangely still there. Behind me. Wanting to turn. I stole a glance as I stood. No one!

Suzie brought a large mirror. I was so shocked! There was a black plug in my bottom stretching me wide, but that wasn’t the worst. From the plug a black horse’s tail sprouted! I couldn’t believe it.

Mistress began laughing. I felt so humiliated.

“Mistress… please.”

“Be quiet! Control! Your face is a picture!” She regained her composure. “You’ll wear the tail while you practice. The plug will stretch you to make you easier to access. Master will wish to use you there at times. And the tail… well it looks so good on you. It’ll help you remember to sway your hips gracefully.”

I was made to walk across the room. The tail swished behind me. I tried to keep it still but was immediately rebuked for incorrectly walking. It swung behind, from side to side with each step. I couldn’t forget it. Nor could I forget the plug stretching my bottom wide. Stinging. Opened.

I began my exercises again. Standing, walking, always with head high, eyes lowered. Up and down stairs, bending with knees bent, bending with knees straight, kneeling, crawling. How to present myself, standing, kneeling, always with my thighs a little apart at least, to allow access, visual or manual. Practising time after time under her severe eye. The tail swishing incessantly. Sometimes the hairs stuck to my wetness. The invasion in my bottom moved as I walked. I was never able to forget it. Every one of my muscles ached, more than I realised I possessed.

Lunch was a salad. I knelt at the table, the tail of the plug still proud in my bottom so I was given a stool to sit on. Astride, legs open, tail over the back. Exhausted.

After, Suzie took me upstairs. She ran a bath and I had to kneel on the floor and she took off the tail part, and then pulled the plug out. I wanted to cry. My bottom felt open and wide as I still knelt whilst Suzie washed the plug. Eventually I was allowed to rest in the hot water for a while then Suzie gave me a wash where I wasn’t allowed.

She whispered to me. “You have a beautiful body and you look so sexy. I hope we’ll be allowed again.” It surprised me. Her fingers lingered on my breasts. I turned and kissed her.

“I hope so too, but you are more beautiful and sexy than I am.” She laughed at my comment depreciatingly.

“I wish… but we have to hurry. I have to put on your make-up.”

After she had replaced my collar she brushed my hair. I had to sit for her. Bottom stinging still. She lightly made up my face then took out a small jar and brush.

“This is a stain. It will last regardless of what you have to do and will still make your lips look good even after any lipstick has disappeared.” She painted my lips with three coats, allowing each to dry. Then my nipples! These only needed one coat apparently. Then I had to sit wide apart and she painted my labia too! Another three coats. After each dried she had to wipe my juices. The brush tickled. We laughed together. Then I had to go onto the bed and spread my cheeks whilst I knelt. She painted my behind too, around the stretched rim of my bottom! Whilst it dried she kissed my proffered cheeks. Her hand cupped my puffy lips.

“You’re wet.”

“Yes. Will you… would you like to play with me?”

” We cant. Not now. Don’t tell Mistress. I’d like to.”


“Where is her husband?”

“Away for the week. On business. Shush now.”

She showed me what I looked like. I was a little aroused. It made me look ready to orgasm. I was amazed. My sexuality was so advertised now. My mouth and sex lips red, my nipples pink, they all stood out against the paleness of my body.

Downstairs Louise examined me.

“A man will be arriving shortly.” I could feel tension tighten my body. Who was he? “You will let him in. Dressed as you are in your shoes.” She smiled at her own joke. “That will excite you won’t it?” I looked at the floor. “When he arrives you will show him in here and stay with us. Until then stand in the corner and no doubt get wet at the prospect.” What was he doing here? I would have to answer the door naked. He would see me. I stood shaking in the corner of the room. Surely she wouldn’t make me fuck him? Why else could he be coming, or was I just being used for ornamentation?

Dreaded and desired the doorbell to ring. Eventually it did. I went to answer it. Wiped my thighs in the hall. I felt ridiculous, totally ashamed and horny showing myself off like this. I had to open the door and greet him! It took all my courage not to hide myself. I couldn’t talk. Breathing all over the place. The man was probably about five years older than me. I was naked! Completely. Exposed. He took in my nudity and grinned which made me blush and not look up from the floor again. I felt his eyes on my bottom as I led the way to the lounge. Suzie was already there with two cups of tea, but she was sent away. I could tell that she wanted to stay. Secretly appraised the man. Not my type.

“Hello Andrew.”

“Hello Mistress Louise.” Mistress? I had the feeling that Mistress was amused. I had to kneel before them as I had been taught. Taking tea. Afternoon tea. Knees apart on the carpet. Hands open on my thighs. So exposed. Lips unfurling. Wanted to run away. Nipples hard. Eyes down. So vulnerable before a stranger. They chatted about the most inconsequential things as they sipped the tea. No idea what was happening. Except that I was naked, exhibiting myself to them. On show. My mind wandered. What was Master doing now? It was so long since he’d been inside me. I was doing as Master wanted. This man? Why was he here? Was I to be fucked? I was shaking slightly. What would I have to do?

“Alright. Let’s get started. Undress.” Undress? I was undressed! Andrew stood up whilst I was still assessing what to do. He was undressing! Him not me! Why was he undressing. He wasn’t hard. He folded his clothes and stood with his dick semi flaccid. I wasn’t arousing enough! I felt stricken. He smelt of soap. He’d even taken off his shoes and socks. My nakedness insufficient to arouse him. I realised that I felt hurt. Not feeling good enough.

He leant against the arm of the sofa. Louise sat beside him. Told to move until I was between his spread legs.

“I want to see how you pleasure a man. You will do exactly as I say. Not that it matters, slut, but do you enjoy using your mouth on a man?”

“Yes Mistress.” My friends had all told me dreadful it was. I believed them, gone along with them. Master had changed that. Right from the beginning I enjoyed his cock in me wherever. I loved the feel of him filling my mouth. Feeling controlled then. Feeling pleasure at his pleasure. The smell of man in my nostrils, the velvet covered iron of his flesh. Loved kissing it, showing my love. It was an embodiment of his control over me. I loved the taste of him lingering in my mouth afterwards.

This was a strange cock. Circumcised. Not Master’s. Smelt different, smelt of a different soap too. About the same length but a little thinner. But I was doing his bidding. There was no denying the feeling that was spreading between my thighs.

Initially I was told how to use my fingers and hands. Louise watched every movement. Told to remember, learn. Squeeze the warm flesh between my fingers, pump it in my fist, run my fingers along his length, over his balls, very occasionally pulling my nail over his knob, touching his anus. I was rewarded. He became hard. I could feel him throbbing in my hand. It made me feel better.

Then my mouth. Just my mouth without help from my hands. Held them behind my back. Kissing and licking, shaft, balls, knob. Nibbling. At the front of my mouth, deep with. Quickly bobbing up and down his shaft, slowly working over it. I was allowed to use my hands on him again. On the shaft, on his balls and thighs. I felt the flesh twitch and throb but nothing I did appeared to make him near his climax. Louise had me take my hands away again and had him push deep into my mouth, then deeper. I felt panic. My hands came away from their position as a gagging sensation filled me. Afraid of being sick I had to pull back.

“You may come Andrew.”

“Thank you Mistress.” I watched as semen jetted from him. It hit my face and throat. He was aiming it. Again spurts. Slithered down my face. Some in my hair. In my eye. It stung! Stung like hell. Shutting my eyes and trying to still my hands. Blinking it clear. Tears rolling from my eye. By the time I recovered Andrew was already dressed. I heard Mistress tell him to come again at the same time. I realised that was no pun. Still naked and covered in his semen I let him out.

“You’ll get better.” I was standing in front of her on my return. “Practice. Practice. Practice. Go and bring the pencil.”

I scuttled out and brought back the dreaded pencil. She inserted it deep inside.

“I’m too wet Mistress.”

“Don’t you ever speak like that again! You will only answer questions. You’ll be punished later. Now spread.”

The pencil slid out of my reddened lips too easily. I was wet. I had to really clench on it to stop it coming out too quickly. Louise wasn’t impressed. She slapped the inside of my thighs. Again, over and over. My muscles screamed. I was made to stand in the corner in the kitchen.

After what felt like a long time she told me she was going to slap my thighs and buttocks. This was not punishment. She would do it simply because she desired to, but secretly I knew I deserved it. I had to ask her to spank me. I leant over the kitchen table, my breasts on the cool wood, I pushed up my bottom for her, spread my thighs for her. She wore leather gloves and I sobbed for her. Cried tears for her. She drew it out a long time. Slapping me gradually harder and harder with caresses in between. Caresses on my flesh, not my sex. The pain and the need that she wanted me to feel grew and grew. It was like a hard ball of fire. My skin must have glowed.

When she stopped I had to stay where I was as the heat gradually lessened. She sat beside me reading a newspaper. As she read her fingers explored my thighs and found my hot cunt at times. She had taken the glove off. She continued to read the newspaper whilst she fingered me!

“Knowing you to be a hot little bitch I suppose you want to come?”

“Oh yes Mistress! Please Mistress. Oh Yes!”

“Well hurry up then, we haven’t got all day.”

“Oh thank you Mistress. Thank you.” So unexpected. Desperately I rubbed myself up and down her fingers as they clawed into me, against her hand. I didn’t want her to change her mind. It didn’t take long. My juices spurted as usual as I bucked.

“My God, girl! My hand is saturated!”

“I’m sorry Mistress. I’ll lick it Mistress.”

She looked at me for a while. My body still skewered on her fingers. Then softly, “Yes, you will. You enjoyed that, didn’t you?”

“Oh yes, Mistress. Thank you Mistress.” Her eyes bored into me. She sent for Suzie.

“Would you like this slut to bring you off. I can tell you like her.” Suzie’s eyes went wide. “It’s alright, I don’t mind. I find it amusing. I’d like to see you come for me on her fingers. Just remember who you’re coming for.”

“Yes. Please Mistress. I’ll come for you Mistress.”

My thighs were soaking from Mistress’s fingers and I smelt of sex. I rolled up Suzie’s skirt and pulled off her white knickers. She had to sit on the edge of the table and spread her legs whilst I knelt between them. Her cunt lips were fat. Once Mistress was happy with our positions I was told to begin. I rubbed over her clit and then wet my fingers inside her before doing it again. Fucking her with my fingers and then over her clit, just as I liked it. I could tell that she liked it too. I wanted to kiss her sex again but hadn’t been told to do that.

“You have one minute. You’ll come then. If you don’t you’ll be punished.”

I knew she was hot but I didn’t think she would be able to come so quickly.

“Forty five seconds.” I redoubled my efforts. “Thirty seconds.” Oh God. I couldn’t do it for her. “Fifteen seconds.” Suddenly I felt Suzie become wetter, her vagina twitched. “Come now!” She did. Bucking a little against my hand, sighing softly above me.

“You liked that didn’t you Suzie? Having Emma touch you for me. Just make sure you don’t have it happen unless I allow it. No private little sessions. I know you two hot little sluts.”

“No Mistress.” We both chorused. Suzie was told to dress correctly again and Mistress laughed as we were sent away to prepare dinner. I was made to wear the tail again in my bottom. It didn’t sting as much this time.

The days continued with much the same. I felt I was getting a little better with all my tests. Even the pencil. I missed Master. I knew he was right about me and other women. It didn’t matter as long as I was told, ordered. I was a slut. Even Andrew began to exchange bashful smiles with me as I let him in and out.

One day I was told to dress in a summer frock, high heels and clean knickers. We were going out in the car. It was strange both being dressed and going out. I sat still as we drove watching Mistress surreptitiously out of the corner of my eye. She looked really attractive.

We got out of the car and walked to a little lingerie shop. I thought it was closed but the door opened for Mistress. Inside we were shown another door by a middle-aged woman and ascended the staircase. I walked behind Mistress, concentrating hard on keeping upright in my heels but secretly half watching the sway of Mistress’s hips and the curve of her legs. At the summit of the stairs there was a large room, much larger than downstairs with areas divided up and full of merchandise. It was cool inside. There was air conditioning.

A young woman, dressed in an extremely short black skirt with fishnet tights and a white semi transparent top, approached and welcomed Mistress.

“Good afternoon, Madam. May I help?”

“Good afternoon. Yes you may.” I tried to stand correctly but saw Mistress’s eyes quickly appraising the young woman. Then turning to me, “Go over to the changing area and undress so that you are ready. Keep your shoes on.” I had to undress here? Dress and knickers? I looked around. There didn’t seem to be any changing rooms. The young woman pointed. There was only an open alcove with hangers on a rack and a bench seat. I walked over to it. There was no curtain! I looked again in case I had missed it, nothing! There were other clothes neatly hung. Oh God there were others here. Guiltily I knew I was excited. Mistress and the young woman were talking, taking no notice of me; I swallowed and began to undress.

When naked I had to force myself not to cover myself, stand with my legs slightly apart. The cool air had made my nipples very hard and made my aureoles crinkle. Even so, I felt hot. I stood waiting excitedly. Eventually I was called over. I was conspicuously naked and standing in an open area. The assistant would look at me; others might see me like this. I felt nervously skittish. Louise was instructing the assistant to measure me for the records and to find a black leather corset, a black waist belt and attachments for both in my size. I watched shocked as I saw Mistress’s hand rise and cup the assistant’s breast. She leaned over and kissed her, the memory of her doing exactly the same to me suddenly strong in my mind. I was jealous. The kiss ended but Mistress continued to manipulate her breast. It was obvious that she wasn’t wearing a bra. Only after a gasp had come from the assistant did Mistress stop.

“Go and organise a black coffee for me, I’ll be over in a moment, then you can start with this slut.” The assistant bounced away on her long legs, smiling, her heels drumming on the floor.” You’ll do as required, little slavey, you’ll do as you are told and act in no way to bring embarrassment on me. Is that clear?”

“Yes Mistress.” Her mouth opened mine as she suddenly took my mouth with hers. “You’d better be good. They have whips here.” Said like a caress, it was almost as if she was thinking it would be pleasant to whip me. I trembled as I watched her disappear around a corner.

It was only a moment but I was standing alone and openly naked. It was scary and exciting. The assistant came back. Her manner was not in any way the same as it had been with Mistress. She was in charge. She was wearing the clothes. I was made to know in no uncertain terms what position I held. Her nipples protruded obviously. I followed meekly as I walked naked behind her.

Standing me by a desk, she began to measure me. The tape cold around my back and breasts. After writing the measurement down she turned back and stared at them again. She slapped one breast gently, watching its movements, then the other. She did it again. Then she measured my waist and hips as though I was a piece of furniture.

I thought it was over, but I was mistaken. My wrists and ankles were measured, all kinds of distances and circumferences which I could see little use for. She took a nipple in each hand and squeezed them rhythmically until I was pushing out to her and they were as hard as she could get them. Then she produced a little hand held device to measure their width and height. The only times that she caught my eye she raised her eyebrows in a condescending way. She slapped my thighs apart and knelt to measure the inside of my legs. Each time I could feel her fingers against my lips. The last time she must have caught her hand against my opening. She lifted her hand up to my face. I could see the shiny juices spread on the back of her hand. I blushed scarlet. She pressed it to my mouth to lick clean, and then she wiped her hand over my stomach.

“New aren’t you?” I nodded, keeping my eyes lowered. I was acutely embarrassed by my lack of clothing in front of her. It gave her power over me. It was a power that I hadn’t had a say in, even though I still secretly knew it to be exciting. Then it struck me that Louise was physically making me realise the situation I was now in. It was a situation where she expected me to understand the small detail fully now. The small print in my slave contract!

“You call me ‘Miss’.”

“Yes Miss.”

She moved behind me. A hand caressed my buttocks. “You’ve not been caned. I like them caned. I like the feel of the hard raised wheals across the softness.” She felt me tense. “Yes, that’s nice.” She moved in front of me again and lent against desk. Drawing up her short skirt she presented me with the sight of her sex through her tights. She wore no knickers, just the fishnet tights. I could see the hair flattened, the hint of her lips. I was made to kneel and lightly kiss her there. She didn’t want me to pleasure her; it just allowed me to know my station. It was all I needed to stop any rebellious feelings.

I followed her as she led me to whatever she wanted to look at. Another assistant was with a redheaded woman looking at some items of clothing on a hanger across the room in another alcove. She had a naked girl with her! Naked like me. With a collar. Like me. Tall and blonde, though I thought surprisingly plain of face. I felt myself shaking. There was nowhere to hide. I wanted to be childlike and think that if I didn’t see them they wouldn’t be able to see me.

An arm took mine and turned me towards the racks. The perfume of leather almost overpowering. They were full of corsets. She chose a black one and made me stand holding onto a shelf above my head. Passing it in front of me she then began fastening it at the back. She pulled it tight and began threading the straps. It became tighter and tighter. I squirmed. I could hardly breathe. My ribs were compressed, as was my waist. There was pressure inside me pushing both up and down.

“It’s supposed to be tight, that’s the idea. It’s supposed to compress the waist, raise the bottom, flatten the stomach, lift the breasts and round the hips. Your Mistress wants you to look good, now stop moving.”

Eventually it was completed. As my arms came down I felt faint. I had to take small quick breaths, the boned waist pressing in my ribs. I was so aware of my body. My breasts and red nipples were thrust up high by the pressure and by a small leather support under my breasts. My hips flared and my mound felt heavy and full. I wanted to wee with the pressure.

The redheaded Mistress suddenly appeared and came towards me with her blonde. She looked me over as I blushed, then pulled me towards her a little and slipped her hand between my thighs. A stranger! A Mistress! Her fingers opened me. What was happening to me? I felt so light headed. Her fingers worked me. The assistant was holding my arms behind me. My knees were opened for ease of entry into me. Something else against me. Something round. Pushing into me. Wiping against my open wet cunt. Then taken away.

The other assistant took something from the woman. The blonde was made to suck the woman’s fingers. Sucked my juices! Then the assistant fastened something around the blonde girls mouth. It was like a ball with a hole in it, fastened inside her open mouth. With my juices on it! The blonde caught my eye for a second then looked down again. She could taste me! She was gagged and would taste me! As suddenly as they had appeared they left.

The assistant pulled me on. “What a slut! What a disgustingly little bitch you are!”

“Yes Miss.” I was so hot! “Please. Please. Make me come!” I whispered.

“No. Suffer! I might report you to your Mistress!”

She walked me over to an area at the side with comfortable chairs around a table. I was shown to Mistress who was sitting drinking coffee in a plush area. My corset shown to her with me inside it. It was accepted and I was led off again. The assistant didn’t tell on me.

The assistant took off my corset. I gasped for breath. A wide belt was fastened around me. It felt almost as tight. My hands were taken behind me and fastened to the back of the belt. The assistant squeezed my nipples, arousing me again, then laughed at my need and stopped. Again I was shown to Mistress. She was sitting talking to the other Mistress! I was taken away again. The assistant collected stockings to go with the corset and belt and packed the items for Mistress.

Back with Mistress. Naked still, as was the blonde standing there with the ball gag still in her mouth. It made her look as if she was sucking cock I thought idly.

Suddenly I heard Mistress tell me to kneel, between the woman’s legs. The woman had stood up. She wanted to make use of me! Mistress would watch!

I knelt in front of the Mistress. I crossed my arms behind me as I was told, pushing out my breasts towards her. She slowly unfastened her skirt. Stepped out of it. Threw it behind her. She wore green knickers. Standing with her feet on each side of my thighs, her crutch almost at my face. I could see neat pubic hair behind the thin material. I realised I had been holding my breath then I slowly let it out. She stood inches from my face without moving. It seemed like hours. My vision only green silk. I could smell her femininity. People were watching!

Finally I gave in to it, I let my face move forward. Not long ago I would never have believed I could do this. Even days ago I tended to think it wrong. Now I wanted so much to please her. She was lithe. Could smell her sex. It frightened me a little, this lust of mine. My head, my mouth between at the join of her thighs. Kissing the material, her thighs. I could feel her muscles under my mouth, her knickers wetter with my saliva as I began to kiss her more strongly. I pulled the knickers down her legs with my teeth. Back at the apex of her thighs I saw her sex, my mouth opened and I licked her lovingly. God, I was disgusting, it was so good. Her taste and smell filling my nose and mouth. Knew what to do. I had to pleasure her. That was my role and I was relishing it. The taste of a woman. My tongue inside her cunt. Back and forth. Sucked her clit, licked it. Felt the tension in her body. She came. It was as if it was me. Juices and spasms. More in control than I could ever be. My face covered in her.

Mistress told me she was pleased with me on the drive back. I glowed. At the house I was made to practice with the leather corset and belt. That was really hard. Soon it was time to suck Andrew’s cock again. My tail shook about and the days went on.

On Friday afternoon I was tied to the bed again. I lay there occasionally hearing sounds but left alone. Suzie brought me something to eat later.

“What’s going on?”

“Master Robert is back. He’s not to see you”

“Doesn’t he know I’m here?”

“Oh yes. Of course. Mistress is keeping you for later.”

After eating a light meal I was told to shower and put on clothes and makeup. They were laid out for me. Suzie took me downstairs. In the hallway Louise took me in her arms and kissed me, her tongue snaking into my upturned mouth. I felt faint, as if wearing the corset. As I thought about the taste of her lipstick she took me into the lounge.

On a chair was a naked man! He was strapped down so that he couldn’t move! His erection was standing up rather proudly. He was gagged! His eyes bulged. He had a hairy chest and wasn’t much smaller than Master. His erect cock looked darker. Idly I thought how different women’s sex were, their cunts and tits all seemed to be very personal shapes and sizes, yet men’s cocks, whilst they varied, only did so a little.

“Slut this is Robert, my husband. Robert this is Michael’s slut. Do you want to watch? Of course you do, how silly. Would you like her after?” I couldn’t follow what was going on.

Mistress began kissing me again. And fondling me. I was excited, I knew Robert was watching. She took me to the sofa opposite Robert. We lay down, I in her arms as she continued kissing and touching me. Gradually she unfastened my blouse. Robert could see what she was doing. My breasts on display in her hands. She rubbed up my thighs as her tongue fucked my mouth. Her arm rucking up my skirt. Robert was watching as I was being groped and kissed. Whilst she showed him she was using me. She whispered into my mouth that I could come when I wanted. It didn’t take long. Her fingers found my sex, just brushed them. I cried out and shook. Her hands had removed my clothes. Fingers deep inside, her mouth biting my nipples. My back arched up as I came again. I caught Roberts eyes as I screamed. I noticed Suzie standing behind Robert. I came again, then thrown onto the carpet and made to kneel up on hands and knees for a while.

I noticed Suzie was with Mistress. She appeared to be undressing her. Suddenly she was stood in front of me. It was if she had a cock! I didn’t know what it was. It was hard and but not rigid and fastened to her with straps. It seemed to open her too. She moved behind me and I felt it cool on my back. Then Mistress was fucking me with it! As though she was a man! It was so strange. Someone other than Master was fucking me! I hadn’t been used like this for a week. I felt breasts against my back. I wanted filling but this was wrong. Soon it didn’t matter. I was being used. My cunt was being used. Master had given me. It was what I was born for. Louise’s shafting of my cunt was making me cry out and grunt like I was on heat. I was. Her bitch, being fucked by her. Her body slapped against mine and its extension was demanding, dominating me. I gave in to it, all vestiges of my own will given away. As I did my body became almost uncontrollable. Almost, not quite. I had to be good, I had to wait, my body hers. I cried out, desperate to be allowed to come, desperate to hear her command. When it came I felt myself open to it, let it explode in me. I collapsed, not really aware of anything.

I was exhausted. Suzie and Mistress helped me up. They led me over to Robert. I was made to place a foot on each side of his legs. I remember I could smell his aftershave but the smell of his manhood was stronger. My legs were astride him. Fingers took his cock and lowered me onto it, filling me. Another cock in me. It was big and hot, different to the dildo. I had missed Master. I needed his cock. Had to be used by this one. Give myself to this one too. I rode him, not knowing where the energy came from. I rode him, grinding against him. Squeezing him with the muscles in my vagina. Wanting him to enjoy me. A noise from behind the gag. And again. My body filled with his hot liquids, they dribbled out as I continued. Until I came again. I was so tired, so tender. I slid off him, dribbling on the floor.

Not even thinking, I began cleaning his cock. I knew my place, my duties. I saw Suzie naked buttocks and cunt as she knelt between Mistress’s thighs bringing her to a climax. I realised that I had never been allowed to see Mistress come before. Semen continued to ooze slowly from Robert as I licked him.

In the morning Suzie bathed me. She made me feel special. She bathed me and then rubbed me with oils and made me up, dried my hair. I was taken downstairs, naked as usual. Sitting at the table with Mistress was Master! I almost ran to him but stopped myself, trying to remain calm. My heart was beating so hard I thought I might have a heart attack! He was smiling at me! He had come back!

“Hello my little submissive.”

“Hello Master.” My cunt responded to him as if I was one of Pavlov’s dogs.

“For God’s sake take that stupid grin off your face and make us both breakfast!”

It was so wonderful being with Master again. I couldn’t help but touch him occasionally to make sure he was real. We went back to the house and lounged around in bed or around the house all day. I was his. This time I was with him. It had seemed like ages. I was back! He was pleased with me, pleased with his submissive slut.

That evening my body felt as though it was a strummed guitar. There were about a thirty people at the cocktail party in the hotel, about twice as many men as women. I wore a thin black dress, spaghetti straps and stockings. I also wore my collar of course, but it was a new silver one which locked at the back and also a thin silver linked leash. Master took me in holding my leash. In the party it hung from my collar. People could see what I was. I liked that. I was aroused by it. I saw their eyes on me, saw desire.

During the course of the evening I realised that there were other slaves too. Another girl and two men. One of the male slaves was Robert.

Master told me that we were to go to a room and watch people. He knocked on a door. Whilst he waited he took my breasts out and fondled them. Louise let us in, her hands playing over my displayed breast before moving to sit on the bed. Robert was blindfold and strapped naked to a padded dressing table bench like yesterday. He had a ball gag strapped in his mouth again. A woman straddled him. Thirtyish, looking hot. Black dress. She was using Robert, a man who was bound. It wouldn’t have occurred to me not long ago that a man could be dominated. The woman blew a kiss to Michael, ignoring me. Michael sat on a chair, standing me at his side with my breasts on display. Not knowing what to do with my hands they hung acquiescent by my side. Cheeks burning, I watched. Scared to move. I was wet. Under cover of her skirts she obviously continued to pleasure herself on Robert. On his cock. Closing her eyes. A deep sigh came from her. I wanted to touch myself. I needed to be used. She seemed to be grinding herself against him. For a long time there was silence in the room. Then she began to moan softly and the tendons in her neck stood out as she came. Finally her head fell forward as she took slow deep breaths.

Eventually she dismounted from the naked figure. Michael’s hand slid up my leg from behind. Under my skirt. The hem being pulled up by his arm. Breasts bared. Legs opened as though it were natural to have a hand slide up stockings onto the flesh of my thighs, it was for mine. Thighs sensitive to his caresses. Just touching my swollen lips.

Robert’s cock was still very erect. Shiny with her secretions. She straightened her dress and hair. Took a tissue and wiped herself under her dress. Gave Louise a kiss. Although flushed it was impossible to have known what she had just done. She grinned at Michael and walked confidently from the room with Louise.

I looked at Robert as Master continued to tease my cunt. At his cock standing proud from his stomach. It had been deep inside me only yesterday. It was tied around the base. Almost like shoe laces tying his balls and cock. The veins standing out. His chest moving up and down. He had a hard pulsing cock. The room smelt of excitement. He had a tattoo on his buttock that I hadn’t noticed before. Two crossed keys.

Another woman entered the room. Dark hair, green satin dress, big cleavage. Looking excited. Louise looked at me looking at her husbands cock. The black haired woman looked at me too. Watched the hand up my skirts. Turned her back to Louise to have her zip pulled down. Pushing myself down a little on Master’s hand. Stepped out of the dress. Gave it to Louise. Suspender and bra. No knickers, wild pubic hair. Master had me raise my skirts to my waist. They looked, at my wet cunt, looked as his fingers easily entered me and I groaned.

Laughing, the woman threw a leg over the figure of Robert as though mounting a horse. I watched mesmerised as she took the cock in her hand and drew it to her. First rubbing it over her clit, her lips opening as she fed it inside. Master’s fingers echoed the rhythm of the cock. I could see it all. It was if I could feel it.

It was all too much. Seeing them fucking. Displaying myself whilst being fingered. I came and they watched. They all saw my shame, all saw my unrestrained body as it obviously climaxed. All except Robert of course, who would have known by the sounds.

“She’ll have to be punished, wont she?”

“Oh yes, don’t worry.”

He made me take my dress off. Naked now. I hoped that he would put me over his knee now in front of everyone. Make me show them all. I had to wait.

The woman had released her breasts, playing with them, grinding her clit down on the base of the captive cock. Louise came up to her, kissed her as she fucked her husband, kissed her breasts. The dark haired woman orgasmed. As she was relaxing, her arms holding her half way up Robert’s cock, she looked at me with a predatory gaze.

Louise removed Robert’s blindfold. Helped the woman off Robert. Hugged her. Pressing against her. Robert watching, eyes wide. Slid her body down the woman. Her face hiding that wild pubic hair. The woman pushing against her mouth. Her hand held her hair. She began to shake. Louise snaked a hand onto Robert. Onto his purple cock. Undid his bindings. A noise behind his gag. Immediately semen spurted high. Jets of it. Landing on his chest and face. Ignoring him, simply letting him watch as she licked the woman to another loud climax.

I had to lick up Robert’s semen for the second time in two days. Then kneeling between Michael’s legs, I licked him. Wanting him. Took him deep. Desperate. One of the women began fingering me for a moment. I didn’t know who. Crudely, not caring, her fingers making me aware of my use. I was rewarded by Masters semen in my mouth. I came again at his pleasure with me.

My body pulsed with arousal. Master led me by my lead naked from the room onto the hotel corridor. I wondered if there would be people to see me. I walked as Louise had shown me. Imagined the tail in my rear. Naked on a corridor! I was proud to be displayed as his. I wanted him to be proud of his slave.

A tight rubber blindfold was secured over my eyes. He unlocked a door and led me within.

“Who are you?”

“Yours Master.”

“What are you?”

“Whatever you wish me to be Master.” I suddenly realised. I pressed up against him. It was allowed for a moment. A woman’s hand took me to the bed. My hands fastened together. “Hello, my love.” It was Pia. “Michael has given me to you as a maid.”

My mind raced. I had to lie on the bed. My hands were taken above my head and secured somewhere. Pillows were placed beneath my hips and my thighs spread wide apart display myself. I felt my cunt lips curled wetly apart.

“Now it’s your turn.” Master kissed me on my lips. “Pia will bring them to you.” A shudder ran through me. I almost came again. He laughed.

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