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Tied & Tried

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I laid there on our bed, cursing the morning sun as it broke through the curtains and onto my face. My blonde hair was strewn about the pillows as I opened one eye, squinting, to check my watch.

“Fuck me, it’s only 8:30!” I rolled over, pulling the blanket over my head to drown out the sunlight.

My boyfriend and I had just moved in together and I was getting used to his early morning routine. I heard him move from one end of the room to the other before he came over to the bed. He slowly pulled the blanket down and kissed my cheek as he stroked my hair.

“Morning cutie,” he said softly, causing a smile to break my lips. I rolled over on my back and gave in to the light.

“Hi,” I said; my everyday response. I noticed that he was not yet dressed for work. “You calling in sick to spend the day with me?”

“Well, I have plans for us today,” he said, a sly grin on his face. “Why don’t you get in the shower and we will go from there.”

I threw the covers back, getting up slowly as I proceeded to walk naked to the bathroom.

“Hey, cutie!” He called as the shower started running. “The shower head is off limits this morning. I want to save some of that for later!”

I growled as I put my hand into the stream of water. It wasn’t hot yet, so I sat there for a minute, curious of his intentions. Why the hell was the showerhead off limits? What were his plans? Dammit. He knew I liked to masturbate first thing in the morning! Hell, that’s why we got the removable, pulsating showerhead. It was my favorite addition to the new apartment.

I took my time in the hot water that morning. If he was going to take my showerhead from me, then I would surely make him wait. It’s not that I wanted to be stubborn, but I sure as shit wasn’t going to give him the pleasure. I grinned as I thought this to myself when I noticed him leaning against the bathroom wall. I had no idea how long he had been there and when he started smiling, I decided to put on a show for him.

I got my poofy washing thing all soaped up and put one of my long legs up on the stool. I slowly worked the lather from my ankles, and up to my stomach, pausing briefly as I got between my legs. I used one hand to hold the poof and the other started slowly rubbing my pussy as I let my head fall back. The water ran down the front of my neck and washed all the soap from the front of my body as I looked over at his reaction. I saw him touch the front of those damn cute boxer briefs and noticed his dick was getting hard. I was enjoying this. I turned my back to him and reached around to wash myself from behind. I put one hand on the wall to brace myself and ran the poof from the top of my pussy and back to my ass. I giggled when I saw that he had freed his cock and was stroking it is he watched my little show. As I let the water clean the soap from my body, I felt a cold gush of air as the shower door opened. He reached in and turned the water off as he handed me two towels.

I turned to face him, a feigned expression of shock on my face and he pulled me out of the shower.

“You think you’re cute, huh?” He husked at me as he held my face in his hands. “I want you to dry off and lay your naked ass on the bed while I go in the living room to get your surprise.”

I smiled as my mind raced, wondering what he had in store for me. As I laid myself on the bed, I tried to get myself in a comfortable position, all the while trying to look as sexy as I could. He walked through the bedroom door with a large black bag in his hands. He smiled as he neared the bedside. I lay there in our white sheets, my 5’11” frame looked smaller on our huge bed. I weighed myself that morning, a glorious 130 pounds, so I knew I looked just as I wanted to look for him. I wanted to be the most beautiful woman he had ever seen, and the look on his face told me I succeeded. He sat down next to me and placed the bag at his feet next to the bed. I started to sit up, my attention so thoroughly focused on the mysterious contents of the bag. The only thing he had in his hand was a black silk blindfold.

“Don’t you worry about what’s in there,” he said as he placed the blindfold over my still wet head. “…Yet.”

As the light once again faded from my eyes, my other four senses went into overdrive. The first thing I noticed was the smell of the room. Although I didn’t see them when I walked in from the shower, I smelled my candles burning in the corner. Next, I heard the material of the bag crinkle as he opened it up. My hands clenched the material of the duvet as I squirmed about on top of the sheets.

“Antsy, are you?” He said with a laugh. “I think I have something here that might help you to relax.”

Just then, I felt the coolness of silk envelop my wrist as he tied the scarf on. I immediately felt a tingling in my clit as I became harnessed to the bed. We had never experimented with bondage, although tying one another up had always been a fantasy for the both of us.

Suddenly, I heard the television click on. There was silence for a moment, and then the unmistakable melody of porn music filled my ears as he turned the volume up. It wasn’t almost painful to hear the sounds of sex without being able to see what has happening. I heard two women moaning, and the dam between my legs had broken. I guess I am what you could call a pseudo-bisexual. When it came to love, I was definitely straight, but when it came to sex, I loved being with women. My boyfriend drooled the day that I told him, “Sometimes, there is nothing else I would rather do than eat pussy.”

“I am not going to tie your legs yet,” he said, his voice so low it almost cracked. “You have to earn that.

“My, my,” he laughed as I felt his hand drift down my body, stopping ever so gently as he felt the wetness between my legs. “I think someone is enjoying this.”

I smiled before I realized he was presenting me with his fingers, soaking from my juices. I greedily took them into my mouth, sucking them as if they were his cock. I heard him moan softly, keeping them in my mouth as he shifted from the bed.

“That sounds like a great idea to me, babe,” he said as I felt something soft and warm brush my cheek. When I realized it was his dick, I giggled, flicking the head with the tip of my tongue. I had never even attempted to suck his dick without the use of my hands, but this feeling of vulnerability was exciting as I eagerly took the whole length into my mouth. His hands ran through my hair as he started to fuck my face. My neck was getting tired as I could only raise slightly off the bed, as the restraints held me in my place.

“Oh, fuck,” he said as he grabbed a handful of my hair. “Yes baby, suck my dick…Just like that. God, you look great with my cock in your mouth.”

I began to suck harder when I felt him pull out, leaving a gaping hole in my face. He hadn’t come yet, and I knew he wouldn’t for a while. This day would last forever, at least in my mind. As I came back down from the bliss of sucking his cock, I again noticed the sounds coming from the TV. This time, I heard more than two girls from the speakers as I could only imagine the orgy that was being presented on the screen. I don’t know what could’ve been hotter; what was on the screen or what was in my head.

I almost yelped as I felt the cold wetness of ice being placed on my nipples. I felt chills down my center as his mouth replaced the ice. His fingertips danced lightly across my skin, and my attention was being drawn to the softness of his mouth on my nipple. I arched my back and he pulled away, leaving me needing for more.

“Don’t do that,” he said sternly as he pinched my nipples harder. Both of his hands were on me now. I felt his mouth again, but this time, he was using his teeth. This drove me crazy and I moaned as I tried to distinguish between the sweet pleasure and the sweeter pain. I was aching for him to touch my pussy, but refrained from arching my back again, not knowing what he would do. He gave his mouth a rest for a moment as he dragged his fingernails across my stomach.

“You look good all tied up to the bed.” I couldn’t see him, but I felt his eyes wander down my body, the heat from his stare making my pussy ache more. “What do you want me to do now?”

This was a loaded question and he fucking knew it. If I said what I wanted, he might not do it. If I said what he wanted me to say, he could do anything he wanted. I didn’t know which answer was safest.

“I want you to tease me,” I answered honestly. “And then I want you to make me come.” I ground my teeth together, waiting to hear his response.

“We’ll see,” he chuckled. “But because you told me the truth, you get rewarded.”

And with that, the leather cuffs were strapped to my ankles, and I was completely bound to the bed. I felt so vulnerable, so dirty and so horny at the same time. I waited for him to do something, and that’s when I heard the TV shut off.

“I knew that would get you started,” he said from across the room. I tried to follow his voice, but he knew how to keep me guessing. “You should see how your pussy shines from here.” I heard light footsteps and then felt his breath on my ear.

“You have gotten the bed all wet,” he said, softly. “I know you want me to fuck you. I know you want my cock as far in your pussy as it can go.” He knew that talking like this drove me crazy.

“Your nipples are still hard,” he said as he pinched them again between his fingers. “You twitch every time I touch you. You like when I play with you like this, don’t you?”

“Yes,” I stuttered. “Oh, God yes.”

“Good,” he said shortly. I felt his hands travel down my body, starting at my neck until he paused on either side of my hips. He repositioned himself so that he was in between my legs. I shuddered as I felt his hot breath on my pussy and I lay there, tied up and waiting. It was excruciating.

“I have never seen you this wet before,” he said, talking into my pussy as if it were a microphone. I could almost feel his lips brushing against mine as I waited for him to lick me.

He started planting delicate kisses at the tops of my legs and inside my thighs. He was avoiding my pussy and it made me want to scream. He rested his hands right above my neatly trimmed bush, applying pressure and making the torment grow.

I felt his lips lightly touch my own as he began to slowly eat me. He ran his tongue lightly down my slit as I felt a sigh escape my lips. I wanted to grab his head and ride his face, but I loved being teased. When I am horny, I need to be touched hard. I need to be bitten hard, spanked hard, fucked hard and eaten harder. It was torture and I loved it.

Little by little, he ate more of my pussy. He softly dragged his tongue from one end to the other, with long strokes. He never broke contact with his mouth. He took one hand and slowly began touching my lips. His tongue now latched onto my clit as his fingers probed to find my insides. He would stick his fingers slowly inside of me, only to the first knuckle before he would pull them out and drag them along my slit. From just below my clit and back to my ass, he would drag them along, licking my clit slower at the same time. I needed to have some part of him inside some part of me.

“Get inside me, now!” I growled as I tested the strength of the restraints. My hands and feet stayed put as the tension in my body built up.

“Where?” he asked, his mouth breaking contact with my clit. I felt him raise himself off the bed, and he reached up and grabbed the blindfold off of my face. I looked him straight in the eyes.

“Please, baby,” I pleaded. “I don’t care where you put what, just get something inside of me before I rip this bed apart.”

He smiled as his mouth disappeared between my legs again. I heard something buzzing from beyond the covers and it didn’t take long for the vibrator to find my pussy. His tongue was secured firmly on my clit as he slowly fucked me with my favorite toy, Big Blue. I leaned my head back and jumped a little when I felt his fingertip at my ass. I thrust my ass forward; not inviting him, but making him fuck me in both places. I looked down to see him smiling, ear-to-ear. He always wanted to fuck my ass, but I told him he had to get me really horny first to do it. He had just crossed the threshold.

“Fuck me,” I moaned. “Fuck me hard…Oh shit!… I want you to fuck my pussy and my ass!”

My breathing became labored and I felt myself on the brink of coming when he stopped.

“Not yet,” he said, pulling himself and all devices from my body. I was racked with pain as I felt him undo the restraints. Once my arms and feet were freed, I jumped on him, kissing his wildly. My hands clawed through his hair and soon we were going at it, tooth and nail.

“I’m going to suck your cock,” I husked at him as I pushed him back on the bed. My hands, still cold from being tied up, grabbed his dick and my mouth followed suit. I was sucking him as hard as I could. I had one hand holding the base of his shaft and the other massaging his balls as I wrapped my lips around his head. I let my teeth lightly scrape the underside of his head and I heard him moan. His hands grabbed onto my hair once more as he directed me on the speed he wanted.

“Suck my dick… Fuck, yeah, just like that.” He was looking down at me with his lips pursed. “Stick my cock in your mouth… suck it hard… ohhh, yes… fuck, I’m close….” I stopped right in my tracks and he looked down at me in shock.

“You wanna tease me now, huh?” He laughed as he laid himself on top of me. “You want me to fuck your pussy? I know what you want,” he said as he thrust himself deep inside of me. Once inside, he lay there, still. “You tell me what you want.”

“I want you to fuck my pussy hard,” I growled as I waited.

“I want you to make me come, and I want you to flip me over and fuck me from behind. I want to feel your dick in my stomach,” my fingernails dug into his belly button as he started to fuck me.

“Yeah, baby,” I closed my eyes. “Fuck me just like that.”

He grabbed my left leg and threw it over his shoulder.

“Play with your clit,” he instructed. I reached my down and began rubbing my clit hard. He stood up on his knees as his eyes stayed glued to my hand between my legs.

“I love watching you touch yourself,” he said as I felt my orgasm growing. “Make yourself come for me.” His breath was fast and as he told me to, I came. Hard.

“I’m gonna come… I’m… oh, shit! Fuck me, oh….fuck me!” The first wave swept over me. “Fuck my pussy! Yes…. Fuck me hard… Oh, shit… I’m….I’m….fuck…I’m…..commmmmminnnnng!!!” He fucked me and I rode that orgasm out for at least a minute. I had never come so hard in my life.

As I came back down, I opened my eyes and saw in his that he needed what I just got. He knew what he had just done to me: right after I come, hard, I am hornier than ever. It’s like I am addicted and he is the only one who has the fix. I sat up on my elbows as he fucked me slower.

It was time to get saucy.

“You want me to make you come now?” I asked, my voice dripping with pure lust. He nodded and I saw the devil in his eyes. “Then, flip me over and fuck me how you want to fuck me.”

His eyes got wide and it was my turn to nod. He slipped out of me and I reached over to grab Big Blue. I got on my elbows and knees and put the vibrator right up to my pussy. He pulled me to the end of the bed and guided the vibrator inside my box. I needed him in my ass. My knees hit the floor beside the bed, and he straddled my hips.

“Fuck me, please!” I yelled out as I felt him start to play with my ass. I looked back and watched him stroke his cock now, his fingers probing inside my hole as the vibrator was buzzing inside my pussy.

In one quick movement, his dick replaced his fingers and I felt both pleasure and pain as he opened me up. I had never been fucked in my pussy and my ass at the same time, and the sensation was beyond my wildest dreams.

“Oh, baby,” he said as he grabbed my hair again. “Your ass is so tight… I’m gonna come so hard…”

He started pumping in and out of me faster and I felt another orgasm building up inside. Then, he spanked me hard, right on the top of my ass.

“I’m gonna come, Justin!” I was close to going over. “Fuck me… I’m gonna come!”

“Oh, yeah baby,” he said between ragged breaths. “I’m gonna come… Come with me…Yeah, fuck… I’m gonna come in your ass…!” He spanked me again.

“I’m coming now….I’m coming….I’m coming…..” I couldn’t hold off any longer and neither could he. I felt my body tense up and his dick got so hard as he and I came together.

He fell down on top of me, his dick still in my ass and my vibrator buzzing softly from inside. I reached down and pulled Big Blue out of my pussy as he planted soft kisses on my cheek and ear.

“Fuck me, that was great,” Justin said as our breathing caught up with one another’s.

“Yes,” I smiled, “it was.”

We peeled away from each other and faced one another on the bed, I reached up to stroke his cheek. Neither of us could wipe the smile off our faces.

“In fact,” I said, speaking softly. “That was the best ever.

“BUT,” I continued as he looked at me, slightly worried from the ‘BUT’. “Just wait until tonight….It’s my turn to tie you up.”

He kissed my forehead and we fell asleep face-to-face, breathing each other’s breath.

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