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The Weekend

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Friday. Part 1.

She walked across the rear deck of the ferry, the wind was blowing into her face but warm and refreshing after the long day at work. Now she could relax and unwind as she headed across the sound towards home. The sea and the weekend stretched out before her and she knew she had no plans for the weekend and was looking forward to it, and as she pondered on the non plans she had she smiled to herself.

That’s when she saw him staring right at her and smiling back his deep brown eyes boring into her, and she blushed, turned and walked off.

Wandering around the ferry she started to formulate a plan for dinner that night, but every time she stopped she thought about the man. Staring and smiling at her, why? why did it make her feel so……so nervous? excited? Exhilarated. Yes that was it. His short dark hair, trimmed goatee, smart suit and brown eyes. Those eyes, like they knew something. She strolled over to the railings and breathed in the warm sea air lost in her thoughts when……

‘It’s beautiful, isn’t it’ said the voice from behind her making her jump a little. She turned to face the voice and saw him, the staring man, and she stood there dumb struck and blushing once more. ‘Beautiful’ he said again with a smile and an accent, a soft voice and an English accent. His words rang around her head, beautiful? Did he mean me, the view, the ferry, her head was swimming and all she could muster was a quiet ‘Yes, yes it is’ as she blushed even more and became aware of a warm feeling growing deep inside her as his smile grew bigger and he introduced himself.

His name was Simon and he was here in the US on business he explained to her as they had a conversation. Not that you could call her side of the conversation much more than a yes, no and more blushing, what was it about him that made her feel so alive. The conversation continued like that as he told her how he had a meeting that evening and would be returning on the ferry the next morning and she felt a sudden pang that she would never see him again. He looked into her eyes and as if he saw what was going on inside her he took a half step towards her and spoke in his beautiful English accent. ‘Perhaps I may stay on, if there was something to stay around for’ and a wry smile crossed his lips as his hand reached out towards her.

She stood motionless unable to move as he brushed her cheek with his warm hand, it felt good but it didn’t stop there. His hand slowly moved down her neck and she didn’t, couldn’t move. Down he moved further across her partially exposed collarbone and further again tracing the contour of her left breast. Oh my gosh she thought, stood there on the deck of the ferry being fondled by a man she didn’t even know and not stopping him. Part of her didn’t want to stop him but more worrying was the part that couldn’t stop him, as his hand moved lower from her breast slowly across her tummy. He moved closer still and bowed his head down towards her cheek as his hand pushed at the material of her skirt between her legs and as she felt a rush of fire spreading through her he kissed her lightly on the cheek and whispered into her ear.

‘I’m going to say this once to you’ his voice was soft and kind ‘I want you to go to the bathroom and remove your panties. There is no need to protest as I can see it in your eyes that you want to do as I say.’ She didn’t move or speak as he continued, was she even breathing she couldn’t say she was paralysed by his words. ‘Once you have removed them wrap them around your business card, making sure your number and address are on it too. Then return here and hand them to me.’

His words, his voice rang through her head as she stood still for the shortest of moments before she spoke. ‘Yes Sir’ she said politely, turned and headed for the bathroom.

She slowly walked back from the bathroom a feeling of embarrassment and excitement running though her, and in her hand folded tightly around her business card were her panties. She couldn’t believe she had done it, just as he asked with no arguments, it just wasn’t her. She was a successful, independent woman but she knew she had to do it. The way he spoke to her, not in any way threatening but sure and authoritative she felt compelled to comply with his words.

She found him standing in a quiet spot near the rear of the ferry looking back towards the city in the distance. She walked up behind him and held out her hand as she spoke, ‘Here you are Sir’ He turned and smiled as he took the panties from her hand, removed the card and slipped the panties into the inner breast pocket of his jacket. He flipped the card round in his fingers reading it before pocketing it also, ‘Thank you Susan, why don’t you come stand here by the railings’ and he gestured for her to move to where he stood. She did just as he asked and she stared out to the city as he moved behind her and slipped his hands around her waist pulling himself close against her. She stood there sandwiched between him and the railings as she felt his breath on her neck before a number of soft kisses were placed there. ‘Are you scared Susan?’ He asked. ‘No Sir’ his voice so calm and enticing. ‘Good, there is no need to be scared. I’m not a monster or lunatic of that you can rest assured. I’m just a man who knows what he wants and right now Susan that is you. Is that ok?’ More kisses fell on her neck and one of his hands was gently caressing her breasts. ‘Yes Sir, that is ok’

With that he pulled her closer, one hand still circling her breast occasionally pulling at her now hard nipples as his other hand moved down and slipped and into the band of her skirt. Her heart was racing and the fire inside her burned even hotter, she was giving up control and relinquishing herself to him without so much as an objection. His kisses fell on her neck more as his hand moved across the small mound of pubic hair that sat above her now aching pussy. ‘If you ever want me to stop you need only say so Susan and I will’ Her head was swimming now, she could stop him if she wanted. She only had to say. Here she was in this incredible situation being touched by a man she didn’t know in a public place and if there was ever a chance to end this it was now. She spoke as his kisses continued ‘Thank you Sir. I understand’ She was his now, she knew it and he had known it from the first moment he saw her.

Then he touched her. She knew it was coming but it still made her breathing stop for just a second. His fingers traced over the soft folds of her now swollen and moist pussy and as her did she parted her legs slightly allowing him to explore her. All the time his kisses never stopped and his fingers ran the length of her warm slit before ever so gently pushing past her lips and into her aching hole. She was overwhelmed by the feeling of him fingering her and almost came immediately as he slid his finger as deep as he could into her wet pussy. Before he would slide out and trace her swollen lips again and rub her clit gently and then push his fingers back inside her. She was going to cum, she knew it but she couldn’t believe it as normally it would take so much more to drive her to the edge but this wasn’t a normal situation. The speed of his fingers increased slightly as if he knew how close she was, fingering her and rubbing her clit, as her warm juices covered his hand. She began to shake as it built deep within her and he used his free hand to support her weight as he fingered her soaking pussy as hard as he could. She shook hard and her knees buckled slightly as an incredibly intense orgasm ripped through her body rocking her to her very core, cumming hard over his fingers and hand. Her mind was gone, lost and she felt nothing could bring her back to her senses until something did pull her back as the tannoy announced their arrival in the port. She slowly regained her balance as he removed his hand from inside her skirt and turned her round to face him, he looked at her flushed face and into her eyes before pulling her close and kissing her full on the lips his tongue touching hers. ‘I have to go’ he said ‘my meeting will not wait’ and he smiled at her. ‘I’ll be in touch soon Susan, please be ready for me’

He moved to leave as she answered him ‘Yes Sir. Thank you Sir.

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