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The Van Ride

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She had been walking for a good hour down the deserted road. A small midstate highway that got little or no traffic. She was feeling dusty and discouraged. She hadn’t seen a ride in hours…except the one that had passed her by , the only sign of recognition a small grubby childface sticking its tongue out at her as it zoomed by.

She pushed damp auburn hair off of her face and poured some water out of her water bottle onto her head, providing small relief from the heat. The water trickled down her face and chest, molding her thin camisole to her slightly heavy, round breasts. She was young, with slender arms and waist….strong legs. Her breasts and ass were ripe and plump… well developed for someone her age. She dumped a little more of the bottle down her shirt and gasped at the quick cool shock.

In the distance she could see a vehicle coming, a slight heat waver making it look like a mirage. She knew she looked silly with her damp hair and shirt, but she shrugged on her canvas backpack and prepared to stick out her thumb….

As the van got closer, she waved her thumb in a little dancy twirly motion in the air. She was getting tired of hitchhiking. She had just taken a year off after high school, and was on her way home from her travels. Her 19th birthday was a few weeks away, and she figured it was a good time to settle down and maybe go back to school. She’d lost some weight while travelling and hiking. too many nights with no money, but her ass and tits never seemed to get any smaller …staying round and full. Her paleness went well with her curvy shape and auburn curls.

She saw the van becoming more visible and smiled. it was one of those boxy vans with windows in the back and windshield only. Like the one her dad had had. They’d built little bunk beds into it and put down cushions, so on road trips she would be comfortable. It was even the same dark blue color.

The van was on her now, and it started to slow down. thank god. A man in a cowboy hat and shiny sunglasses (like cops wear) leaned towards the passenger side window and said “hey darlin, you need a lift?”

“GOD yes, I’ve been out here forever. I haven’t seen anybody at all!” He opened the door from the inside and beckoned her in. She couldn’t get a really good sense of what he looked like with the big straw hat shading his face, but she could tell he had a nice chin and was probably somewhere in his early 30’s.

She crawled into the passenger seat and noticed that there was a wooden partition with a door in it, separating the front from the back. She settled in and introduced herself “Hey, thanks for the ride . I really appreciate it..I didn’t think I’d ever see another car! My name’s Lucy”

“Frank here. No problem, you were looking pretty hot and dusty out there” She couldn’t see his eyes under the sunglasses but could feel him looking down at her soaked shirt which was clinging to her breasts, her nipples slightly erect.. a line of sweat combined with water trickling into her cleavage. She smiled, used to the attention, and put her feet on the dashboard. Within a few minutes, she started to get drowsy.

“You can go in the back, if you like. There’s some cushions back there and you’d probably be a lot more comfortable. there’s a couple guys who’re road tripping with me already passed out back there. don’t mind them.”

She mumbled a sleepy thanks and started to open the door into the back…

She stepped into the dim back of the van and felt immediately a little awkward. there were four guys sprawled out in back on bean bags, watching a television & VCR that was mounted in a back corner. There was a 6 foot long 3 foot wide wooden shelf? bed? table? on the floor. one side of the van was lined with a mirror, the other the sliding door. She smiled at the guys and introduced herself. They all had hats on, like the driver… and they were slumped low in their seats. Like with Frank, she couldn’t get a real good glimpse of their faces. They introduced themselves (She caught the names Roger and Fred… the others..Ted? she promptly forgot) and waved her to an empty bean bag. She settled in and looked around … a little uneasy with this many guys she didn’t know. They seemed to be watching an action flick.

One of them, Fred she thought, said “hey, relax. we pick up hitchhikers all the time.” She smiled and nodded. Roger said “hey we have a video we made with one of the last people we picked up, let’s watch that!”. He got up and slid in a new tape. The screen was blank for a few seconds and then it was filled with a young girl, about her age…naked and on all fours bent over the wooden tablething , sideways, in the back of the van. she seemed to be strapped down by something around her waist and her hands were also strapped down on either side of her ..elbows bent.

One of the men was on his knees.. fucking her from behind, holding her by the ass .. shoving his cock into her slow but hard and making soft grunting noises. Sliding it all the way out and then shoving it forcefully back in. her body rocked slightly with the force of it. Her eyes were closed .

One of the other men, also on his knees, was holding her head up , clutching her by the hair, on the other side of the table and was sliding his cock in and out of her mouth. fucking it slowly. his head thrown back.

Lucy jumped up . fear coursing through her, and tried to run to the front of the van. She was grabbed from behind and a cloth with some chemical on it was forced over her nose and mouth. She slowly lost consciousness…

Lucy felt the world coming into some sort of fuzzy focus. Her mouth felt dry and she was disoriented. As her consciousness returned, she realized a few things. One, she was naked and strapped [on all fours] to the low wooden table in the back of the van, her ass slightly tilted in the air. Two, the van was even more dim now…the only light coming in through the back windows which were already tinted. Three, the van was no longer moving. She also felt something soft…skin…rubbing against her ass..slowly….languorously. She opened her eyes slowly. fearfully. She was facing the mirror and when she looked into it she saw Roger, his cowboy hat pulled low…sunglasses still on…on his knees behind her, rubbing his cock against the cleft of her ass. up and down, slowly masturbating against her round bottom, between the cheeks but up and down not in and out. he noticed her eyes were open and smiled at her slowly. “hey baby, we were waiting for you to wake up”.

She opened her mouth ..but strangely didn’t’ feel like screaming. She said “I just want to go home. I was on my way home for my god damn birthday party. what kind of sick fucks are you?”

“honey, we’re in a pretty secluded spot. We plan to camp out here for a few days. you’re just stuck with us for a day or two and then…we’ll take you on home. and think of it, you’re here with 5 guys…it’s pretty useless to fight it. You might as well relax. maybe even have some fun”

“FUCK YOU. untie me” he slid his cock so that it was sliding on the outside of her pussy…rubbing against her clit…”nuh uh. we’re going to play for a little bit… we’re nice guys. you’ll get home safe, and I bet you’ll keep your mouth’ll have enjoyed it and won’t want to tell anyone. The last girl left pretty quietly, but we never heard a peep. she was loving every minute”

Lucy looked to the left and saw Frank, his cock in his hand…slowly masturbating himself and watching. She glared at him and he smiled. “you like the mirror, baby? you’re gonna watch us fuck you. you’ll see every bit of it as we fuck your mouth and your pussy.” She couldn’t help but glance at the reflection, noticing her round bottom and his swollen member rubbing against it.

Suddenly Roger grabbed both her ass cheeks and squeezed. he rubbed some lube on his cock and slowly started to slide it, slippery, into her pussy. she tried to clench to stop the invasion but he was too big and he was pulling her ass towards him. he moved very slowly … inch by inch, filling her up. making ‘mmmm’ noises and squeezing her cheeks hard. after he’d filled her all the way…his thickness stretching her… he started to pull out just as slowly, she felt the lack of him as he was removing himself…and was startled that the ‘lack’ didn’t feel good. he continued like that for awhile. … lazy slow stroking in and out, as though he didn’t have a care in the world… staring down at her ass..using her hips to guide himself in and out. she saw frank coming towards her head, his cock in his hands…a thin white T-shirt over his muscled frame and no pants. his cowboy hat was askew and he grinned at her. he slid his hands into her hair and slowly moved his cock back and forth over her lips…”come on honey, open up.” she clamped her lips shut… but he kept moving his warm silky cock against her lips … a drop of liquid at the top of his glans. she felt a sudden urge to open…

< softly > “come on, baby, let me fuck your mouth” … meanwhile, Roger was beginning to move with more force, the lube and her own juices causing him slick friction… she grunted…trying not to show how good it was feeling. struggling to maintain her composure, knowing this was wrong. that she shouldn’t (no.didn’t. really! didn’t) want this. Franks hand was entwined in her hair…holding her head in a firm grip…still rubbing against her mouth…her cheeks…

Roger moaned and slowed down and then sped up. occasionally pulling her ass against his groin with extreme force so she could feel the head of his penis reaching farther and farther inside her…

Suddenly the door to the front of the van opened and the other three men burst into the back. one of them said “hey, we set up camp. the cooler and bbq are ready.”

“man, you started without us.” While Frank and Roger were glancing in their direction, Lucy caught a glimpse of a camera in the corner, its record light blinking. She opened her mouth to protest, knowing she’d be fodder for viewing pleasure later. The second her mouth opened, Franks cock butted into her mouth. She thought about biting but the hands in her hair tightened to the point of pain and he whispered “don’t even think about it sweetheart” She tightened her lips and tried to close them. “Open” ..again, said softly but definitely a sharp command. Fuck it, she thought. she was here . she wouldn’t’ be able to get away, there were too many of them. she was stuck for a few days. Fighting could potentially be dangerous. Here was something she excelled at. if she was good at anything it was giving head. Roger was no longer paying attention to the other men and had returned to thrusting in and out of her…massaging her ass and hips staring fixedly at his cock moving in and out of her.

She relaxed her lips and frank muttered “that’s right, honey” .. she gave in and started to lave his cock with her tongue. treating it like her favorite ice scream. lapping at it with long strokes. her tongue relaxed and flattened so it covered as much of the shaft as possible with each slow tongue lap. She licked from the bottom to the top in slow strokes, staring up into Franks face, his jaw was slack and he stared down at her, transfixed by her wet mouth and pink tongue. she circled the head with broad strokes…saliva making it moist and glistening. She opened her mouth and slowly took the whole entirety into her mouth. She bathed it with her tongue while also subtly sucking. He whispered “take it all, baby” and grasped her head, hands on both sides of her head. She opened the back of her throat so that all 7 inches of his slender but throbbing cock would fit into her mouth…bumping the back of her throat. He started to maneuver her head. ..slowly moving her willing wet mouth up and down on his cock.

Roger was still moving slowly and deeply…stroking her insides with the length of him. pushing her upward with each thrust. She felt him begin to tense… but didn’t’ pay too much attention because she was so intent on the cock that was filling her mouth. Suddenly she felt her pussy being pumped full of warm come. Roger was throbbing and pulsating insider her.

No sooner had he softened and slipped out, when she saw in the mirror that one of the other men (Fred, she thought) had edged his way in..stroking his member in his hand… He grabbed her hips and unlike Rogers slow seductive style, had thrust himself into her. His cock was fatter…thicker ..than Rogers. It stretched her. She was unprepared for the size ..the girth, and she tried to move forward away from his invasive presence. She came up against the wooden platform and could go no further… and he kept coming… farther into her. She still had Frank in her and pulsating. . his hand firmly holding her head up, almost yanking her hair as his tense body fucked her mouth slowly. ..

The cock behind her began a hard but slow rhythm..these men believed in drawing out the sensation of sliding in and out..mouth or pussy. Frank matched the rhythm and soon with every thrust from behind she felt the cock in her mouth thrust against the back of her throat. They thrust and thrust , in tandem. starting slowly and getting faster..more insistent… She had no control. she was being fucked hard in the pussy and the mouth. from behind he was pulling her hips towards him with each thrust..from the front he guided her head down onto his cock in the same rhythm. she lost track of time and reality as she became a vehicle for their perfect beat. She moans and semi gags a few time…slurping franks cock and hearing the slap of Fred’s flesh against her ass cheeks as the rhythm speeds up. They all tense at the same time and her mouth is flooded with spurts of warm salty come and she feels her pussy dribbling with Fred’s juice as he pumps her full of it.

Before she even had time to notice how or who .. her mouth and pussy were filled with new members. .. she’s too caught up in the moment to care who’s taken who’s place. she sucks and bucks and moans. They whisper “fuck yea. oh yea baby” …and “unh. unh” … the van is filled with the sound of skin slapping and her wet pussy squelching as it was pounded. .. her mouth sucking and slurping.. and the muttered encouragement of the men watching..

It seems to have been 15 minutes. or hours. more than likely hours… her legs are slick with sweat and sticky with their come dribbling from her pussy . One of them says “don’t you love this position baby? you get filled on both ends.. and we can do this for days… we *will* do this for days. we’re going to fuck you sore ”””””til the last minute.” she realizes with five of them the time all five have finished a round, the first person will be ready to go again. this might never end…

The light outside has turned to dusk.. she’s feeling sore, sleepy and more than a little disoriented. . Suddenly someone behind her unstraps the bindings that are strapping her waist and arms to the table and pulls her up and onto his lap, her back to him. He’s still on his knees and falls backwards a bit so he’s settled down on the backs of his calves. He loops his arms under her armpits and grabs her shoulders from the front..his cock sliding into her and at that angle she’s sitting on it and she now has no control to move up or forward…her feet off the ground..she’s impaled on his cock. Her movements are controlled by his whim. His grip around her is tight and she feels overwhelmed. There is no way to gain her balance or stability. . . He’s all around her and deep up in her, her own weight forcing her down onto him. She feels frightened and begins to struggle.. the harder she struggles the harder he grasps her shoulders and the farther his cock is forced into her by her thrashing.

It’s too much, she feels too out of control. She struggles more wildly and he is more aroused by this. He grips her it almost hurts, and begins to fuck her with violent rocking thrusts. His hands move from her shoulders to her tits. almost bruising…circular stroking ..pinching of her nipples…everyone is silent and staring wide eyed at their wrestling. His giant member is reaching all the way through her.. engorged and stretching her. splitting and ramming. His raw breathing echoes through the van. Soon they are both grunting and she is screaming. She rides him and clenches her pussy around him, the only control her body is allowed…. yet still bucking wildly and thrashing to get free. He is yanking her body back towards him as she strains forward…his hands bruising her. She feels him so deep inside and the friction begins to build. She feels her body begin to shudder… tensing around him and suddenly he is pumping torrents of come into her pussy and she is screaming and thrashing and coming all at the same time. .. his come and her juices flooding her thighs.

Spent, she wants to pass out but before she has time to actually go limp, Fred has been so aroused by the what he just saw..the fuck-fight.. he grabs her head and with no words, plunges his cock into her mouth. She remembers his cock from earlier ..stretching her. it is fat..thick and engorged, slightly purple.. he begins to violently fuck her mouth . she can feel him at the back of her throat. her saliva making him slick and glistening as he slides in and out. he mutters “mmm yea. mmmmm yea. oh god. yes. oh god” his cock is twitching in her mouth and the giant glans is ramming against the back of her throat. she gags a little and opens her mouth more, letting him hold her head and push/pull her mouth onto and off of his cock until in a sudden rush her mouth is full of his hot liquid and she is swallowing. He holds her head tight to him…letting the last of his come slowly spurt down her throat, and slides out slowly..

She falls to the floor and is asleep within 2 minutes…

She came awake with a start…someone was maneuvering her body. Everything was dark and she had a moment of panic. She quickly realized she was blindfolded. She was being pulled onto someone’s lap, facing him…hands pulling her legs apart so she was straddling him. She started to struggle and protest and he made shushing sounds. she felt her upper arms being grabbed from behind so that she was held in place. She struggled again and the hands tightened their grip and pushed down a little bit.

She felt whomever was under guide his hard straining cock to her opening… the hands behind her pushed her downward while he strained upward…she was impaled.

she still felt swollen and sore from earlier. Her pussy ripe and sensitive.

The man underneath her grabbed her ass in both hands and began rocking in and out of her, licking one nipple while squeezing the other breast. He sucked and lapped at her nipples while fucking her wetness. the hands behind her still pushing her down onto his cock.. gripping her. She could feel someone’s cock bumping against her back as she was rocked back and forth.

She heard a new voice….with a hickish country twang “daaamn, you boys do this all the time? holy shit, look at her tits. She’s young n tasty ain’t she. Fuck I’d like a turn at that” The other men laughed and promised him a turn. She tried to get angry but suddenly the hands on her ass squeezed harder and with a few violent thrusts upwards, a load of come was spilling into her.

She was unceremoniously pulled off of the man below her and one of the men said “have at it, man.”

The new voice whistled and said “jesus. thank you” and she heard him pulling at his belt buckle. Hands held her in place. Soon his beefy hands had a hold of her. He was large and strong.. hairy with a big belly. He smelled of tobacco and beer. He pushed her to her knees and guided her mouth onto him. Her mouth was filled with him, she could barely close her mouth around him. Even his dick was fat. He groaned as her wet mouth closed around him and slid up and down his shaft …slickness and warmth. He pulled her off his dick and pushed her to the floor, all his weight settling on top of her. She couldn’t see anything with the blindfold. He was suddenly on top of her and in her. She felt pinned. Pinned by his weight and his enormous cock.. She bucked against him and he reached under her to hold her ass as he began thrusting and ramming. over and over, grunting, squishing her. pinning her. his sweat dripping onto her chest. he muttered “yea, girl, take it. god. yea. I’ll fuck you good. mmm baby” she was simultaneously repulsed and aroused by him. his weight, his smell. He was rocking against her clit just right…all of his weight causing a friction that she couldn’t fight. She began to tremble and vibrate beneath him… he slammed into her with the force of a rhino and she could do nothing to escape him. She suddenly lost control and with a keening cry spasmed around him. He grunted like the large animal he was and unloaded himself inside her…and then collapsed on top of her.

She struggled to escape his weight and it wasn’t until one of the other men laughingly poked at him and said “come on man, go get a beer or something…. she’s got a lot of admirers waitin for a turn here”

She spent the next day and a half with a constant onslaught of cocks in her mouth…in her cunt. She fell into some strange dream state in which she was nothing but a wet repository for men to use.

After one of her short naps, she awoke to find the van was moving. None of the guys were in the back with her, but she saw her clothes in a pile next to her. She struggled into her jeans and tank top, the material feeling strange against her whisker burned flesh and swollen pussy. She opened the door to the front and crawled in, silent. Frank looked over at her and wordlessly pointed to her backpack on the floor. She nodded.

They rode like this for a few more hours…until they reached a town about 20 miles from her home town.

“This is where we let you out, darlin. you can find a ride from here. I’d like to thank you for a marvelous vacation”

She nodded quickly and jumped out. He didn’t say anything about repercussions if she were to tell anyone. He didn’t say anything. He just waved and grinned at her as he drove away.

Whenever she thought back on those two days, she flushed hotly and felt a mixture of shame and arousal….but she never did tell anyone about the time she spent locked in the van …

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