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The Taking of Heather

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“Master,” she whispered the word to herself.

“Master,” she said it a bit louder.

How had their relationship arrived at this point? How had it evolved from Dom and sub to Master and slave? They had been seeing one another for several months. In his role, he was training her to be a better submissive, a better slave while he savored her submission and desire to please.

She had learned many things. She had learned rituals, positions and protocols. She had learned to enjoy a variety of masochistic activities. Most importantly, she had learned to free her mind and allow her submissive self to exist, without restriction. She trusted him with her life and well being as he did her. Their relationship had awesome potential equal only to the limits and boundaries set in place by nature of his happy marriage and her two children. So, when he suggested taking her as his slave, she was overwhelmed by the enormity of the decision to be made. In the end, she decided He would be her first Master, although he was not her first Dominant.

While Heather waited, on her knees on the living room floor, listening for those tell tale foot steps that would announce his arrival, David thought of her as he turned down the road to her home. She was much younger than he and had a plate full of life’s challenges. Her appearance was attractive, but by no means perfection. However, in her submission, David saw only her beauty. He knew from the first time they met, that she had great potential to serve and please him. He wanted her for his own. David imagined her kneeling in anticipation. Her curly hair lying free, her face made up elegantly, but not overly so, her skirt and blouse would be those of a professional lady with a sense for the seductive and her eyes would be lowered. This was a submissive who knew her place.

He felt his cock stiffening at the thought of her full lips opening for him at his command. The image of her pale, fleshy ass raised to him for his bidding brought a knot of energy to his abdomen. The power she gave him that he now simply took at will was intoxicating. It was complete. When they were together, he knew that he was completely in control and any desire could be satisfied. With her gift, came the responsibility of knowing what was best for her when she did not. In her submissive mindset, he knew that there were no limits, none at all. He respected her for recognizing that her greatest risk was her submission and for entrusting him with that.

He pulled into the drive, grabbed his bag and headed for the door. He stopped briefly before entering and took a deep breath. This day and this scene were to mark the change in their relationship and he clicked off an outline of his plans in his head. Reassuring himself that he had everything he needed he knocked.

“Come in,” she said with a mild tremble in her voice. Heather knelt down, on her knees her bottom sitting on her heels. Her hands were splayed across her thighs. There was no fidgeting and no impulsive movement. She found comfort here, in this position and no longer tapped her fingers or wrung her hands in her lap. .

David entered. His stride was confident as he lay down the bag and removed his coat. He ran his fingers through his silver hair. She allowed herself a small peek at his form as he fussed with his bag. His dress pants clung to his muscular form and she admired the strength in his arms revealed by his short sleeved shirt. David approached her with a determined gait, leaned over, and touched her face delicately, as though it were porcelain.

“How are you today, sub-heather?” he asked quietly.

“Fine, thank You, Ma… Master,” she stuttered. The enormity of having actually heard that word cross her lips in his presence touched her deeply. She could feel the warm blanket of subspace slipping over her mind.

“And what are you thinking about?” David queried. He raised her face so that her eyes met his.

“Nothing, Master, “ she whispered. “I am thinking about nothing, but you.”

This was the truth. On her knees before Him, there was only Him, His needs and His pleasure. There were no thoughts of bills to pay, children to care for, a house to move into or her career. There was only Him. For the next few hours, her sole focus would be directed toward David and when it was over, her prize would be his pleasure.

David slid his hand to the back of her neck, caressing her with his thumbs. Her pulse quickened as she waited with anticipation. Then, she felt it. A charge of energy and arousal flowed through her body as he grasped a handful of hair and tugged. He pulled her to her feet by her tresses and admired her appearance.

“You are lovely today, “ he said as his hands moved through her hair and across her face. “I really like how your hair is growing so full and curly. I am happy to see you looking so pretty when you take my directions for how you dress and make yourself up.”

He was pleased and his words moved deeply inside her mind and body, enveloping her in pleasure, comfort and warmth.

“Disrobe for me, “ he instructed.

Immediately, she began to remove her jewelry and clothing beginning with her earrings and necklace. She was wearing a new necklace that she had purchased just for this day and struggled with the clasp. David stood behind her and helped her, his fingertips lighting touching the back of her neck. Her head dropped to her chest as she apologized, feeling genuinely sorry for interrupting the ritual with something as silly as a stubborn clasp.

She continued by unbuttoning her blouse, revealing the magnificence of her large breasts struggling against the white lace of her bra. She unfastened the bra quickly and freed her heavy tits. Her hands slipped into the waistband of her skirt and she stepped out of it. Her soft tummy had always been a source of embarrassment for her, but with David, there was no embarrassment, could be no embarrassment, only humility. Disrobing was not intended to be a ritual of seduction; rather it was to remove the physical barriers between Master and his property, her body. For her, she found herself feeling seduced and seductive when removing her clothing under his watchful eye, but always made sure to complete the task efficiently, without hesitation as was his wish. When all of her clothing was neatly folded to her right, she stood eyes lowered, hands at her side awaiting his cue. .

David watched the lady before him. Her movements were far more certain and fluid than they had ever been. He took a moment to enjoy the pride that he felt for having created the image before him, this submissive lady who had found joy and grace in serving him. She was learning. Yes, she was learning well.

David moved toward her slowly, until he stood beside her, his mouth nearly touching her ear and his aroma filling her senses.

“Inspection,” he whispered the cue for the next segment of their ritual. Heather spread her legs shoulder’s width apart and waited. David moved around her, slowly touching her hair, her face, her shoulders. He commented on how lovely she looked and that she had done well to dress and make herself up properly. Heather smiled slightly as she thanked him for his praise. His hands glided down the length of her arms as he asked her what she had done to prepare for him.

“I showered and shaved, Master, “ Heather began. “ I cleaned the house, made myself up with just a bit of makeup, and lotioned my body.” As she continued to recite every little thing she had done for him, he felt very the ball of energy in his abdomen burn more heavily. She had put a significant amount of effort into preparing for their meeting which meant that she was thinking about him and he had control before even arriving.

His hands slide over her breasts. Gently, he began touching the nipples.

“Are these breasts for me to use, sub-Heather?”

“Yes, Master,”

“Are these breasts for me to bind and torture if I wish?”

“Oh, yes Master.” Heather could not help that her voice nearly squeaked out her reply, as her she was overwrought with desire.

David nodded his approval and twisted her nipples sending a bolt of magnificent agony from her tits, through her stomach and striking her clit. Heather gasped, as her head dropped, much like that of a rag doll.

Hands slid over her stomach, around to her back and glided between her shoulder blades to her ass.

“Bend over and grab your ankles.”

In one fluid motion, Heather did so, her ass raised for inspection and her pussy feeling the breeze from the nearby open window. Fingers slid over her rectum to her clit, separating her lips and swimming in her dampness. David inserted first one finger, then two, pumping gently. Heather did not move or make a sound, although her mind and body were screaming to be taken. His hands slid from her crotch and moved over her legs.

“Spread your ass cheeks, “ David ordered.

Heather raised her hands and grasped her bottom, separating her buttocks to reveal the puckered orifice awaiting inspection. David’s hands spread themselves over the soft, white flesh of her body. The bulbous ass was almost virginal in the sense that it bore no marks or scars from harsh play. David thought for a moment how lovely it would be for this pretty white skin to become cherry red. His fingers touched the pert opening, tapped at it, lightly and then with increasing pressure. Then, something cool slid across her ass cheeks. With a smack of leather, Heather felt the sting of the riding crop striking her tight asshole. Heather held back a whimper and fought to remain in position without pressing against his hands. She so loved anal sex and in this position she felt very much the little slut that she was for Master.

“Do you know what to do next, sub-heather?” His voice caressed her mind, bringing her calm while it lit her loins on fire.

“Yes, Master,“ Heather lowered herself to her knees before him. She then, bent over, placing her hands behind the heels of his leather boots and laid her head at his feet. Heather sighed as she did so, absorbing his power and giving what was left of her will to him. Her will was entirely his, now. There was no turning back.

She kissed one foot, then the other to show him respect. He said nothing, so she kissed each foot again and laid her head upon his boots, welcoming the serenity that swept through her.

“Thank You, Master for choosing me to serve you. I am ready to serve completely,” Heather said. The words did not come easily from her lips as her body seemed to come alive with this act of submission and her mind slowed to a crawl. David looked down at Heather. Her ass was upturned and her legs slightly spread so he could see a hint of her clean-shaven mound. His erection began to throb, threatening to burst from his pants.

“Next,” David’s voice was firm, confident and did not belie the desire that would have rendered another man helpless to his sexual desires.

Heather felt almost disappointed that she was to leave this position, but knelt up for Master. She slid her hands behind her neck and lifted her hair. Her eyes remain fixed on a spot on the carpet as David moved about the room. She closed her eyes as she waited. Then the sweet aroma of leather pervaded her nostrils. The scent was enough to make her pussy wet. Then, David held the object to her mouth and instinctively, she kissed it. She opened her mouth and David slid the object into her mouth, her tongue sliding over the rough underside of the collar. Heather savored the taste of the object as though she were sipping a fine wine. Taking the collar into her mouth was a form of communion for her, as her mind, body and spirit united in submission.

David removed the collar from her mouth and stood behind her. He slid the object across her neck and buckled it into place, applying the slightest bit of pressure upon it before standing back. Heather shuddered as she felt the warm energy coursing through her body with the weight of the collar around her neck. The moment was a display of the depth of the meaning of the collar to her and David. She had given herself to him, entrusting herself to his care and devoting herself to his happiness and need. The transition was complete. Her vanilla world was behind her and all that concerned her or David was that she was his to be used as he wished.

David guided her to a standing position, once again, using a fistful of hair as a rudder.

“How are you feeling?” he asked.

“Wonderful, Master,” Heather’s voice didn’t shake, but remained delicate. “How may I serve you?”

“First, sub heather,” David’s voice was almost harsh, “You did not greet me properly as you have been trained, for that you will receive five spankings. “

Heather’s lip trembled, not with fear of spankings, but with sadness for having disappointed him already. Her heart sank. She wanted this to be the perfect scene for Him and had failed already. She did not greet him with a statement of her joy and gratitude for the privilege of his Dominance. She wished that this could be overlooked, but knew that it would not and should not be forgiven without punishment. His punishment would serve as a reminder as well as resolution for her forgetfulness.

“Bend over the couch, “ he directed. Heather did so, raising her ass to him and spreading her legs. She placed her hands around her head and waited with one thought repeating itself in her mind. How could I have done this to him?

“Do you remember what to do?” Heather stammered her understanding of his expectations.

“I am ready, Master,” she choked back a sob.

David’s hand slapped her ass cheeks five times. None of the spankings were intended to cause pain, nor did they. However, her psyche felt mortally wounded. With each stroke, Heather counted the strike followed by a second number. She remembered his directions the first time her behavior required correction.

“You will count off each strike. It will be for me to decide if you need more than I have decided you should have. “Heather remembered her anxiety the first time. “After each strike, I want you to tell me on a scale of one to ten how extreme the pain is. Then, you are to tell me when you are ready for the next.”

As David delivered her punishment, Heather stifled tears of longing. She wanted this to end and bring her absolution and resolution, an end to her feelings of having so badly failed her Master. With the fifth spank, David caressed her bottom briefly and pulled her to a standing position.

“It is done, sub-Heather,” he told her. Heather sighed and thanked her Master as she welcomed the relief of closure.

“Now, I want you to get your toy and lie on the couch.” Heather’s training had included masturbation training. Alone, she had never been able to masturbate to orgasm. As expected, she would masturbate for him again today. Doing so left images of his pleasure and arousal that assisted her to achieve orgasm when she was alone and masturbating for him.

David watched as Heather crossed the room slowly, her gait unsteady and admired her bulbous ass. Her shoulders were back and her head held high as she walked away from him. David smiled to himself, thinking how wonderful it was to watch her blossom in her self-confidence and submission.

She took the purple vibrator from the counter where she had placed it in preparation and turned toward him. Now, while her head remained high and her breasts pressed forward with her confident gait, her eyes instinctively dropped to the floor as she returned to him. Her training had been successful in so many ways.

David had placed a pillow at one end of the couch and signaled toward the pillow, indicating that was where she was to lie down. Once comfortable, Heather spread her legs wide, her clean-shaven pussy revealed to him in its fullness and beauty. Already, it glistened with arousal. David stood at the end of the couch, between her legs observing her movements with an air of appreciation . Heather’s fingers slipped between her legs and began making circles over her clit. Immediately she shivered. Her eyes closed, permitting her to focus on the sensations created by her fingers. She slipped a finger inside her canal, feeling its moisture and spread that moisture between her labia.

Heather sensed David’s eyes upon her body as she slipped the purple toy in her mouth, gently licking and sucking it. She felt the familiar warmth that often accompanied anything placed in her mouth, in particular, Master’s cock. As her finger continued to manipulate her bud, she felt the growing hunger in her abdomen. Slowly, she removed the vibe from her mouth, turned it on low speed and slid it across her clit, moving it up and down the length of her crevasse.

David watched as the heat of her self love grew, causing her hips to press against the toy. Heather opened her eyes, staring directly into David’s as she slid the vibrator into her hot, hungry pussy. His gaze was one of intensity. Need and longing appeared as clouds across his pupils. Heather began pumping the vibe in and out of her pussy, slowly, thrusting deeply. In her mind, this was not a toy; it was Master’s shaft.

David began striking her upper body, thighs and pussy with the riding crop as her movements came more quickly with more intensity. The gentle, yet sharp sting of the crop added to the urgency with which she fucked herself. Her mind thought only of the pending orgasm that would please her Master. Her body responded instinctively. She thrust erratically, now, feeling her need building. She moaned as her head moved in an animalistic manner upon the pillow.

“Do you want to cum?” David said between clenched teeth. His own need to use her flesh was testing his willpower and control.

“Oh, yessssssss, please, Master,” she hissed.

“One….Two….Three….,” they counted together as was the protocol for her orgasms. With each syllable, each word, her climax threatened to burst through her wall of self-control. She mustn’t cum before the count of ten. Her orgasm was his and was his to control. She sobbed in frustration, but managed to keep counting.

“Eight….Nine…” She barely eked out the words, her orgasm so imminent.

“TEN!” David nearly shouted. “Cum on, sub-heather. Cum for me.” Heather released the tension in her body, which had been holding back the orgasm and immediately felt her juices flow from her body.

“More!” David ordered. She pressed down spraying her sweetness over his stomach and waist. Heather shouted with the exertion of the continued orgasm, soaking the couch, the towel that he had so carefully placed beneath her ass, as well as David’s stomach.

Finally, her body’s violent trembling had calmed and she lay on the couch, spent. She looked at David who smiled warmly.

“You have pleased me, sub-Heather,” he said softly. Heather felt warmth consume her body and mind that could only be achieved with pleasing her Master. She purred softly and smiled.

“Thank you, Master,” Heather sighed.

David helped Heather to her feet. In his hand was a scarf. She knew what was to come as this scarf had only one purpose.

“I am going to blindfold you, now, sub-Heather.” Heather nodded her understanding and closed her eyes as she felt the soft fabric cover her eyelids and his hands fastening the two ends in a knot at the back of her head.

“Do you remember your safe word,” David’s voice was warm, but commanding.

“Yes, Master,” Heather trembled at the thought of actually having to ever use the safe word. She wondered what he had planned for her that she might need to stop the play.

“Step forward two steps, “ David whispered in her ear.

“There is a pillow at your feet. You are to kneel upon it.” He instructed. Heather heard his footsteps as he walked around her and she knew he was now in front of her.

Heather slipped to her knees and felt the soft velour of the couch brush against her tits and the rough fabric of his pants graze her arms. She listened attentively for any further instructions and rather than words, she heard a brief metallic buzz. He placed the palms of his hands at each side of her face guiding her forward. Soft flesh and a musky aroma pervaded her senses as she felt his cock against her chin.

“Thank you, Master, “ Heather muttered as she moved her mouth over his warm shaft, until her tongue found the end. Placing her hands on his thighs, she took his cock in her mouth, swirling her tongue around it as her head moved lower. She took all of him in her mouth and suckled his manhood as a child would suckle for their sustenance. Then, slowly, she drew back.

David sighed at the feeling of her hot, moist mouth covering his dick. He placed his hands in her hair and guided her in a deliberately relaxed rhythm. Heather moaned, her mouth stuffed full of him. His cock was his gift to her and taking him in her mouth was a privilege she longed for on lonely nights and gloried in when they were together.

David pulled her head backward and took her face from his groin. As much as he wanted her to suck him off, he had other plans for her first. She mustn’t be too eager for his orgasm.

“Thank you, Master, “ Heather whispered, wanting to show how sincerely grateful and honored she felt for having been permitted to have him in her mouth, but not capable of saying anything other than those three words.

He took her face in his hands again and spoke. His voice was strong and clear. His tone decisive.

“Sub-heather, I am going to do some sensation play with you, now. You must answer my questions and remember how this feels as you will be required to identify these things in the future.”

“Yes, Master.” Heather immediately felt anxious. She knew her cognitive and verbal skills were limited when she was submitting to him. Her mind was whirling with concern that she wouldn’t be able to complete this task, now or “in the future.” She inhaled deeply and decided she could only do her very best for him.

Heather listened attentively as she heard him move about the room. She listened as she heard a thud, followed by the rustle of clothing. She knew he was naked. Her pussy immediately became wet and her body shuddered. Her hands remained at her sides and her head was lowered while her body took a course of it’s own. . Soon, she sensed his presence beside her. David grabbed a handful of hair and pulled Heather forward so that her face was in the sofa cushion and her ass was propped over the edge of the seat.

“Tell me how this smells,” David said as he placed something beneath her nostrils.

“Leather,” was her response. In as much as the soft material in front of her face smelled like leather, it also had a sweeter aroma than leather. She could not put this thought into words as she had drifted further than ever before.

“How does it feel?” She felt pieces of this sweet leather softly caress her chest and shoulders. Heather hesitated to respond, trying to shape her lips around the words she wished to speak.

“Very soft, Master,” Heather replied slowly as David slid the pieces of fabric over her back and down across her ass. Tendrils of the soft material slipped between her ass cheeks encouraging her to press her ass toward the object. David pulled the object from her body. There was only silence for several very long seconds.

Then, she felt the fabric strike her upon the shoulders. Several times, he lifted and dropped the talons upon her back.

“Tell me how this feels to you.” Heather felt very unsure of her response as she struggled to find a word that would describe the soft fabric swatting her back. There was no pain, no sting as she was accustomed to with the riding crop or strap. Again, she forced herself to speak when her mind resisted.

“Tickles, Master.” Heather hung her head lower, afraid that this was not the correct answer.

“Remember this, sub-Heather. It is doe hide.” She mouthed the words silently to herself several times in hopes that she would, indeed remember.

The doe hide flogger slapped her back with more intensity. Still, there was not sharp pain, but a more pleasant warmth building underneath the tails as well as between her legs. The flogger crossed over her neck, lightly and over her arms and ass. As David explored her body with the flogger, Heather began moaning. The pressure of the flogger was relaxing while arousing and again, she could feel wetness escaping from her warm pussy.

Heather’s head swayed in rhythm with the flogger. Her body shuddered.

“You aren’t going to cum, are you? “ She heard biting words through the haze of her subspace.

“Nooooo, Master, “ Heather moaned.

Several more swats with the doe hide and David stopped. David looked at Heather as he retrieved the next item for their play. He knew she was lost now, not to him, but to herself. He had absolute control over his lovely submissive. She appeared relaxed, almost in a trance like state. While his Dominance impacted her in such a manner, rendering her helpless, it gave him a surge of energy that fueled his drive to take control of his submissive and enjoy every moment of the power exchange in it’s purity and completeness.

A part of him wanted to use her harshly, just because he could. He would like to exert his full control without hesitation, but knew that that would be irresponsible. He would not and could not hurt her, even though, in her current state, she would welcome anything he chose for her. The power he had taken from her wasn’t only with regard to force and his more base needs. He also enjoyed controlling her pleasure, as well as her pain. There would be time for everything, someday. For now, it was her pleasure and her pleasure at serving that he chose to manipulate, toy with and use.

He grasped the handle of the next item and slipped the end under her nose.

“What does this smell like?” He asked.

“Leather,” was her response. Without question, this was leather. She breathed in the scent of the material, as she would inhale the scent of a rose. David held the object to her mouth. Heather placed her tongue on it, moaning over the musky taste of the rough side and then slid her tongue over to the smooth side. Taking it between her lips, she pursed them, allowing her spit to mingle with the leather creating a unique and arousing flavor.

“How does it feel?”

The tendrils caressed her shoulders, sending shivers through her body.

“Cool,” she muttered.

Again, he began striking her softly at first, then increasing the pressure. She gasped at the first of a series of harsh swats.

“How does it feel?”

“It stings, Master,” Heather said and then added, “…nicely.” Afraid he would stop torturing her senses, she wanted to make sure he knew she was enjoying the pain. Her body tingled wherever the tines of the flogger and her hips began moving slightly, responding of their own volition.

All too soon, there was silence. Heather felt confused; afraid she had done something wrong to make him stop the exquisite torture of her senses. Breaking one of his rules, she spoke without being spoken to.

“Please, Master,” her voice trembled. “Please, may I have some more?”

She couldn’t see his smile at his slave’s request. But, smile, he did. She might deny it, but she was quickly becoming a pain slut, his pain slut. And while he didn’t need to inflict pain to exert the control he had over her mind and body, that she would welcome it, opened the door to many more possibilities.

David clenched the handle of the flogger in his hand, feeling the energy of his Dominance course through his arm and hand into the handle of the flogger.

Without warning, he struck her with the flogger. It was harsh and left a beautiful red mark on her back. This was followed by another and another. He worked his way down her back to her ass while her head lolled on her shoulders, her moans becoming louder with each swat.

He drew back to take her ass with the flogger and began beating her ass. Soon, her virgin ass cheeks wore to bright red circles of heat.

“Spread your legs, “ he barked. She did, without realizing it.

He held the flogger above her bottom, perpendicular to the floor and swatted the crevice where her legs met. The ends of the tails struck her pussy and clit. Heather flinched and groaned. Another stroke and her pussy throbbed with the sting. Yet, David delivered another stroke, with more intensity and Heather felt she might cry out with the pain.

With each swat to her pussy, her body tried to resist or soften the blows. However, when David slipped his fingers between her labia, she was dripping. He body trembled uncontrollably with need. Her mind embraced the pain, her body seeking release.

Again, she felt the sharp sting of the flogger on her mound.

“Ohhhhh,” she cried out. Uncertain whether her cry was from arousal or pain, she let her head sink to her chest.

One final swat and she collapsed on the couch, her body trembling, and her mind reeling. David caressed her full main of hair gently and whispered words of comfort in her ear. His hand moved over her back as he helped her to her knees and held her.

“Do I please you, Master?” Heather voiced her the only thought her mind could grasp.

“Yes, you please me,” David whispered and held her close. She remained in his embrace until her body stopped shaking. David removed the blindfold and guided her from her knees to lie on the couch, once again. She lay on the couch, seemingly listless, but watching his movements as a lazy cat might.

David leaned over the end of the couch and began touching her clit. His hand slipped between her legs and was saturated in her juices. Inserting first one finger, then another, he began pumping his hand against her crotch. She moaned, pressing her hips against his hand. Slowly, he added a third finger, twisting his hand as he finger fucked her. She heard the rich timbre of his voice through the fog that clouded her mind, but could not understand what he was saying.

With another finger, her body began feeling full. He pressed his hand further inside her until he met resistance. She pushed her pussy upon his hand, hoping he would fill her completely. Again, he withdrew and thrust, slowly, twisting his hand against the barrier that blocked his hand. Again, she pushed, this time, raising her legs to spread her pelvis for better entrance.

David removed his hand, pressing all four fingers and his thumb together in a conical shape. He slowly pushed his hand inside her as far as he could. The wall of her pelvis provided resistance and he withdrew. Twisting and pressing once again, he filled her pussy with his hand, but could not breach the barrier.

Heather drew her legs up, bending her knees and grabbing her calves.

“Don’t’ stop,” she whispered as he slowly pressed against the bone structure that blocked entrance. She felt jolts of pain as he pressed his hand through the wall. David’s hand was swallowed by her womanhood. Immediately, she began to groan and growl as though she were a wild animal. He fucked her with his fist, slowly, feeling the muscles of her canal clenching his hand up to his wrist. The unintelligible sounds she was making crescendoed with each thrust and twist. Her head thrashed on the pillow and her fingernails bit into her calves as she held her legs high and wide for him. It was evident that she could not wait much longer.

“Cum!” he shouted. “Cum, now!”

Immediately, her entire body quaked with the power of the orgasm, her pussy grasping his hand as he fist fucked her in a fury of thrusts. She came violently; shouting while her fluids escaped her pussy, coating his hand and arm. Wave, upon wave of the orgasm consumed her. She cried out to God and Master as her body convulsed spewing her juices upon her Master. Finally, she could cum no more. She lay on the couch, shaking and moaning, exhausted physically while her mind was completely blank. For her, the world became black as she fainted.

David let her lie there for a few moments, reveling in the sight of her, spent and used by him to the point of nothingness. His cock was stiff as though the energy created by the power he held over her had found it’s way to his shaft. He throbbed with need and felt a tightening in his balls. It was time.

He leaned over Heather, touching her face. She stirred and opened her eyes. Realizing what had just happened, her bottom lip trembled. She felt she might cry.

“Are you happy with me, Master?” she stifled a sob. How could she have let herself go and not think of his pleasure? What they had just shared was terribly intense, but moved beyond the scope of what she had experienced as a submissive.

“Yes, sub-Heather. Now it is time to show you how pleased I am with you, “ he said in a gruff voice, husky with arousal. Heather nodded as he helped her to a sitting position. David guided her to her knees at the edge of the couch and sat with his legs spread around her body.

“Go ahead,” he said.

Heather grasped the base of his cock, clenching and releasing it as her mouth covered the tip. Briefly, she rested with her mouth on his member; enjoying the privilege he gave her with her reward. Slowly, she concentrated on bringing him pleasure with her mouth. She pressed her lips around his shaft and sucked firmly as she took him into her mouth until the head bumped into the back of her throat. She withdrew slowly and went down on him again. He filled her mouth, and pressed against her throat.

With her hot mouth on his dick, he relaxed a bit. Lying back on the sofa he enjoyed her ministrations without thought for her well-being or his own. He knew she would serve him well. He watched her suck his cock with fervor. David reached for the flogger and began striking her lightly about the head, neck and back as her head bobbed at his waist. His balls began to tighten, as he felt nearly ready to cum. He grasped her hair in one hand and pressed her face against him, setting a quicker rhythm. God! He needed release. David grabbed Heather’s head and pulled it from his cock.

“I am going to cum on your face,” he said through clenched teeth.

David moved her from between his legs and stood up. Then, he thrust his cock into her face, grabbing her hair; he fucked her face as though it were a hooker’s pussy. She sucked and pressed her tongue against his shaft trying to add as much to his pleasure as possible. Her hand reached for his balls and fondled them. They were tense to the touch and she knew he would cum soon.

David pulled her head from his dick quite suddenly.

“Jerk it!” David exclaimed in a commanding voice.

Heather took David’s cock in a tight grasp and began stroking it. She held it over her face and kept her mouth open in hopes of catching a taste of him. He groaned loudly and sprayed his jism over her face. Cum coated her eyes, cheeks and mouth. She swallowed the salty substance, savoring his taste. Heather continued stroking vigorously and guided his dick to spray fluid over her nose and forehead.

Finally, he drew back. His breathing was erratic and he moaned softly. Heather touched the thick fluid on her face and slipped her wet fingertip in her mouth. David moved to the couch where he collapsed. He touched her gently.

“Go get cleaned up, “ he ordered. Heather went into the bathroom and gave herself a sponge bath. Her pussy ached from his attention and she smiled. The tepid water helped her to regain her bearings. Ten minutes later, she emerged from the bathroom in a clean nightgown, smelling of fresh soap. Her mind was still encased in a blur of subspace, but she was in tune with her surroundings and was well on her way to putting her submissive self to rest, for the time being. She smiled at David as he finished fastening his belt.

He sat on the edge of the love seat and pointed toward the floor between his legs. She approached him and sat between his legs, clutching one leg as he caressed her hair. David talked with her, asking her how she felt and what she was thinking.

“Are you really pleased with me?” Heather asked, uncertainty ringing in her voice. Even returning to her “vanilla self” she was focused on his pleasure.

“Yes, I am pleased“ David replied, “ The neighbors may not be so pleased with the noise!” His eyes twinkled as he remembered her shouting, knowing full well she wasn’t aware of how loud her cries had been.

Heather blushed with embarrassment. The two were silent for a few moments, sharing the intimate moment in the aftermath of the scene. Then, Heather came to a realization that she needed to share with David. It was here, at his feet that she felt a real sense of belonging, peace and comfort.

“I think I found my place, Master,” she said, here eyes down cast. David smiled.

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