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The Surprise

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Nickelle stretched as she woke up and reached for her robe. It wasn’t there. She sat up and looked around the room confused. She rubbed her eyes to completely wake up, and slowly slipped out of bed. Nickelle had always slept totally nude, so she knew that she had hung her robe on the bedpost before she went to sleep. She searched around the room but it wasn’t anywhere.

It was then that she noticed there were little pieces of paper on the floor in a line. She soon forgot about being nude, and stooped and picked up the first piece. It has one word on it.


Nickelle didn’t know what to make of this and started picking up all the pieces of paper. She noticed that there were quite a few and she followed the trail down stairs and into the kitchen. The last one was lying on the table and it was a whole sheet of paper. She laid them out across the table and made out what they said. They were all numbered and she put them in order.

“Hi, if you check your closet and drawers you will notice all your clothes have been removed.”

Nickelle then remembered she was completely naked. She was totally confused to why someone would take her clothes. She kept reading.

“Yes, little one you will have to see what you can come up with for clothes.”

Then she went on to the sheet of paper.

“You will have to make something that will satisfy me in every way. I will be there around 7pm tonight to pick you up and take you with me and have you serve my every wish. You had better be a good girl, and do as I command to make your Master very happy. If not, you know what will happen. Now take your cute little red headed butt and start getting your things together. You will be gone for a couple of days. Master Samuel.”

Nickelle sat and stared at the letter. Her first thought was “How dare he break in my house and steal my clothing. How can he even have the nerve to stay gone for so long and think he can just walk back into my life.”

Samuel had been gone for 6 months. He was her Master before he just disappeared on her, no notice, no warning, just one day he quit calling and coming around, and she hadn’t heard from him since, till today. Strangely she got excited.

She missed him greatly, but she was finally getting over him. Her feelings were mixed on him showing back up in her life. It didn’t take long for her to make up her mind. Nickelle could never tell Samuel no.

He did things to her that made her melt. Nickelle looked at the clock; she was up late last night so therefore she had slept late today.

It was already 4pm. Nickelle’s old subservient instincts quickly came back and she didn’t hesitate to hurry to follow her commands given to her on paper.

She jumped out of the chair and was wondering what she could use to make some type of clothing. She remembered that Samuel loved having her barely clothed, so she didn’t have to have much. She ran around the house looking for something anything to make some skimpy clothing out of. Then she remembered her elephant ear plant and walked over to inspect the leaves.

They were big enough to almost completely wrap around her curvaceous body. Nickelle giggled as she thought of an Adam and Eve plot as she clipped four leaves from the plant and ran off to her bedroom.

She was arranging the leaves in front of the mirror trying to get an idea of how to wear them. Nickelle figured out if she arranged them just right she could have a halter and a mini skirt. She started to work and soon had her outfit together the only thing was she had to think of how to keep the leaves on. So she started thinking.

She ran to her closet and took the shoestrings out of her tennis shoes. Nickelle carefully poked holes through the ends of the top leaf to make a kris cross pattern so that when she laced it together it left her back bare except for the laces to hold it around her chest. She then took two leaves, the first one to cover her genitals and the other to cover her bottom. Then using more laces and made the same criss cross pattern to connect the two leaves together on her hips. Leaving her hips bare and showing off her smooth skin.

Nickelle looked admiringly at herself in the mirror. Nickelle is a very attractive woman She was very petite 5′ exactly and 100lbs if that. She has beautiful fire red hair that is wavy and past her waist. She has perfect 32 B tits, which at 30 (though she doesn’t look a day over 21) still stand just as perky as they were in high school.

Her eyes are the brightest green, like emeralds sparkling in the sunlight, and she has the smoothest, prettiest olive complexion, that had darkened nicely with her summer tan. Nickelle could have been a model if she was just taller, but she was happy being short.

Her body was perfectly proportioned except her butt was a little on the ghetto side. That was okay with her because she received many of compliments on her round behind. Plus she is the cutest and spunkiest little thing you have ever met, and you just can’t help but be drawn to her.

Nickelle was just one of those people that everyone loved to be around. Everyone knew she was beautiful, you couldn’t miss it, but Nickelle never let on one bit that she was pretty or ever acted like she was any better than anyone else. Everyone in her eyes was just as beautiful as she is.

People often laughed and commented that she had to have either been a fairy, sprite, or pixie reincarnated as a human.

She couldn’t help but admirer her own body in her new outfit. She carefully took off her homemade clothing so she wouldn’t ruin it while she was getting everything else together. She packed a small bag of essentials. She once again checked the clock it was already 6:45.

Nickelle quickly put back on her Garden of Eden clothing, and anxiously waited for Samuel to arrive. As she sat on the couch she started to think about Samuel.

God he was beautiful. He was 6’2 and thoroughly dwarfed Nickelle. She felt even tinier than she was next to him. He was built like a god, every woman’s dream man, tall, dark and handsome. Every muscle in his body was ripped to perfection, his family was mainly from Italy, but his mother was from America and refused to give her son an Italian name, so she named him after her father.

She could clearly picture his dark forbidden eyes as he looked at her with lust, his full lips as they connected with her body. She was starting to remember everything about Samuel, and she could feel herself getting wet and turned on. Gah he did it to her every time. Just then she heard her door open. He didn’t even bother to knock.

“Well little one did you miss your Master?” Samuel asked in his deep sexy voice.

Nickelle looked at the floor; afraid to meet his eyes for she knew the power he had over her. “Yes sir, very much.” She replied.

“Good, I missed you too little one, you served me very well. I see you followed my orders. Now stand up and turn around for me so I can see what you have come up with.” He commanded.

Slowly Nickelle stood up; her head still bowed to the floor and did a circle for her Master.

“Mmmm I forgot how tasty you little body is. Very good little one and very creative. You remembered how much I like you in very little clothing. I’m very pleased. Now we must be going collect your things” he growled at her.

Obediently Nickelle grabbed her overnight bag and headed towards the door. Samuel grabbed her and turned her towards him before she reached the door. Nickelle quickly sucked in and held her breath and waited to see what he was about to do.

Samuel picked her up and pulled her body to his, then leaned down and placed his lips upon hers in a deep lustful kiss. Nickelle moaned and melted against him. Samuel released her and she slid to the floor her knees weak and he led her out the door.

Nickelle quickly got in Samuel’s car and waited for him to take her wherever he wanted to. She then felt a blindfold being put over her eyes.

“You will not be seeing where we are going little one. It is a surprise, the reason why I have been gone for so long. I have a question for you before we leave, and I expect it to be answered truthfully. You know what happens when you lie.”

Nickelle nodded in agreement.

“Have you had anyone else since I left?” he asked.

Nickelle shook her head no. ‘How could I after you?’ she thought to herself.

Samuel removed the blindfold and looked deep into her green eyes. “Answer me out loud, so I can see your eyes. You know I can tell when you are lying to me.”

“No sir, I have not sought out or been with anyone else since you left.” She said in a small voice.

“Good girl, I’m very proud. I will not leave you again my precious pixie; I missed you more than you will know. Now lets get going.” He replaced the blindfold and got in the car.

“Drink this.” He handed her a bottle; she was curious to what it was but didn’t dare ask so as not to make him mad.

Nickelle did as she was told, and was soon sound asleep. When she woke up she was still clothed in her leaves and the blindfold was still on. She tried to move but it was impossible she had been tied to the bed she was laying in.

“Ahh good little one I see you are awake.”

She heard his deep voice say and she turned her head in the direction that it was coming from. He began to caress her hair away from her face and slowly slid his fingers down her arm.

“Mmmm still as soft as ever.” He leaned down and pressed his lips to her forehead, as he began to run his fingers over her tight stomach and made her muscles jump in reaction.

“Oh you did miss me little pixie.” He commented.

His fingers made a slow torture all over her body, but not touching any sensitive spots. Samuel slowly untied her from the bed and lifted her to him. He carried her out of the room, and she heard voices getting closer and closer. He removed the blindfold and she blinked to adjust to the light.

“Gentlemen this is my little pixie, that I have told you about.” He announced to the men in the room. He lowered her to the floor and she quickly looked around and bowed her head and stared at the floor.

Nickelle was disappointed. She thought she would have her Master to herself. He had gone for so long that she wanted to be with just him, but then she remembered just before he disappeared, he had told her that he wanted to see her with other men. To see them enjoy her, and she was very turned on but this idea. She just never thought it would happen.

“We will return in just a moment gentlemen.” He grabbed her arm and led her to another room.

“This is why I have been gone. I told you right before I left that I wanted to see you pleasure other men. I have been arranging that. I would never let just anyone touch your perfect little body. So I have been scouring everywhere looking for just the right people.

“I also knew you would not have anyone after I left waiting for me to come back, because you knew I would never just leave you without returning at one point. So I knew when I returned to you, you would be more than ready to receive the attention of these me. Do you understand little pixie?”

Nickelle finally looked Samuel in the eyes as she nodded. He could see the fire in her eyes and how turned on she was by the idea. He smiled and pulled her close to him and brought his lips down roughly on hers, telling her in that kiss how much he really did miss her.

“Sir?” she asked tentatively.

“Yes” he answered.

“May I ask why you took all my clothes?” Samuel began to laugh.

“That was a joke my dear to see if you would follow my order, or if you had found another to serve. I wanted to see if you could be creative enough to make some kind of clothing that would please me.”

Nickelle flushed red and started to become angry, but quickly settled herself down. She knew what would happen if she was to show her temper. Samuel leaned his head to the side and looked watched her quickly control her temper.

“Did I see you just start to get angry?” Nickelle lowered her head to the floor and knew she was caught. Samuel grabbed her by her shoulder and bent her over his knee.

“I see now that I have been gone to long and will have to show you how to control that temper of yours again.” He raised his hand and came down hard on her behind.

Nickelle cried out and his hand connected with her tender flesh. Again and again he his hand came down on her little bottom each time a little harder than the last one. Nickelle cried out in a mixture of pain and pleasure.

Samuel grabbed her makeshift clothing and easily ripped it from her body. She had nice red handprints welted up on her tiny bubbled bottom. As Samuel was punishing Nickelle she could feel him getting more and more turned on, as he swelled against her breast. He picked her up and placed her back on her feet.

“Will you need anymore reminding on how to behave?”

Nickelle quickly shook her head no.

“Good, now before we join the rest of the group again. We are going to have some time to ourselves. I will be the first to enjoy my little pixies favors.”

Nickelle began to get excited.

“Now down on your knees. Remove me from this clothing with only your mouth.”

Nickelle got on her knees, placed her hands behind her back and leaned her body towards her Masters zipper and brought it down with her teeth. She then tugged at each side of his pants with her teeth pulling them down bit by bit till finally his hard cock was fully exposed.

Nickelle had to raise herself off the floor to be able to reach her Master’s member. Samuel was ready for this, before Nickelle could reach it in time with her mouth he leaned down and placed her belly down on top of the counter.

He then placed the head of his dick between her lips and she eagerly open her mouth to receive him. Samuel was well hung, nine inches long and 3 inches around. Nickelle had to open her mouth as wide as she could to take him all the way in her mouth. Still it was hard to do.

Samuel grabbed her hair and fucked Nickelle’s mouth, pushing himself all the way down and throat holding himself there as he felt her throat muscles swallowing his cock. He pulled back out of her mouth and slammed back in and could feel Nickelle’s moans vibrate his manhood.

God it had been too long since she felt her sweet little mouth devour him. He bent over her tiny little body and starting rubbing her still sore red bottom as he fucked her mouth. She moaned louder onto his cock.

Samuel had to pull away from her mouth knowing he couldn’t take much more. He turned her over and around on the counter and scooted her bottom to the edge, where she was almost falling off.

“God I almost forgot how beautiful you are.” He told her. “Now open your legs for me little one so I can see if you’ve taken care of what is mine.”

Nickelle opened her legs for him, and he inspected her thoroughly. “Good girl, still very smooth.” Samuel commented as he inspected her with his fingers. Feeling every little crevice on her pussy.

Nickelle leaned her head back and moaned as he teased her. God she missed his touch.

“Already nice and we for your Master I see.” Samuel began to run a finger up and down her slit coating it with her pussy juices.

Nickelle moaned and tried to move her hips towards his finger, to get him inside her.

“No my pet, you must sit very still. I will let you know when I want to put my fingers inside you.” He continued to tease her till he felt it was time to let her have a little more pleasure.

Samuel grabbed her small breast and kneaded it with one hand as he suddenly jammed a finger deep inside her. Nickelle let out a loud moan and shivered.

“Oh yeah your nice and tight for me baby girl. I like that. Squeeze my finger little one show me those muscles still work.”

Nickelle contracted her pussy muscles around his finger as he plunged it in and out of her. He added another finger to her hot little twat. Nickelle was having a hard time holding still. She had to fight to control the urge to rock herself on his fingers. She was so wet it was dripping down the crack of her ass. Samuel used this to his advantage and slipped one finger up and down her puckered little neither hole. Nickelle couldn’t hold back anymore, she started rocking herself against his fingers.

Samuel suddenly stopped what he was doing.

“Do you want this you little slut?”

Nickelle slowly nodded yes.

“Then you will do as you are told and hold still.”

“Yes sir.” She answered in a whisper.

Samuel replaced his fingers inside her pussy. He started banging them in and out of her harder and harder. He plunged another finger into her asshole, and Nickelle screamed out loud.

“You ready to feel my cock inside you little one?” he asked in a sultry voice that made her cream on his fingers more.

“Yes, please Master please, I want to feel you inside me.” Nickelle moaned.

“I don’t think your ready yet. That wasn’t convincing enough for me. You’ll just have to wait a little bit longer.”

Samuel leaned down and took a nipple in his mouth and sucked on it hard, as he gently rubbed it between his teeth. Nickelle was going nuts. His fingers continued to pump in and out of her tight twat and ass.

He could feel her muscles continue to contract around his fingers. He moved from her nipple to the other and continued the same sweet torture. He then leaned down and quickly took her clit in his mouth and sucked hard. She took in a quick breath and squealed in delight. Her little clit was nice and hard already sticking out of its hood. He sucked on it harder and flicked his tongue across it. He felt her beginning to orgasm and pulled his fingers out of her pussy and ass. He quickly replaced them with his hard cock.

Slowly he entered her. Inching him self little by little into her. After six months of no sex she was tighter than normal. He slowly slid all the way inside her burying is cock till he felt his balls push against her ass. Nickelle screamed as he plunged his hard cock in and out of her hot wet pussy.

“Oh baby you’ve gotten tighter. I like that little one. Your pussy feels hot.”

He plunged deeply in her making Nickelle trembled in pleasure. Harder and harder he slammed his cock deep into her. Then he slowed down.

“My little pet I have something else for you.”

He made a motion and a beautiful full figured blonde came around the corner.

“I want to see you please her my little pixie, as I fuck your pussy and make you come I want to watch you please another woman.”

He made another motion and the woman went and grabbed something out of the freezer. Nickelle couldn’t see what. She then handed it to her Master.

“Nickelle this is Aimee. Aimee I want you to climb up here and place that hot box of yours on my little slaves face.”

Aimee did as told. Nickelle could smell the musk odor of the other women as she lowered herself over her face. Nickelle wasn’t sure what to do. She had never been with another woman. Instinct kicked and she did to Aimee what she liked done to her. She reached out with her tongue and flicked Aimee’s clit. Aimee moaned, as she felt Nickelle take her clit into her mouth and suck on it.

“That’s right you little slut suck my clit, make me like it” Aimee moaned.

Samuel was slowly sliding his cock in and out of Nickelle’s pussy. Watching as his little pet pleased another woman. He grabbed Aimee’s head and forced her down to suck on Nickelle’s clit as he pumped his cock in and out of her. Nickelle moaned loudly into Aimee’s pussy. Nickelle ran her tongue up and down Aimee’s slit, and then she began to plunge her tongue in and out of her pussy. Aimee began to grind her pussy down on Nickelle’s face. Nickelle went back to sucking on Aimee’s clit and she wiggled a little hand between herself and Aimee’s pussy and pushed in a finger.

Aimee raised up from Nickelle’s clit and looked back.

“Oh yes, fuck my pussy with your fingers. That feels so good. Suck harder on my clit you little bitch.”

Nickelle plunged her fingers harder and faster into Aimee’s pussy. Making Aimee grind herself harder onto Nickelle’s face.

Samuel watching this scene between the two women began pumping harder and faster into Nickelle’s pussy. He could feel she was about to cum. Her pussy grabbed his cock tight. He reached under her and inserted a finger into her ass as he roughly plunged harder and harder into her. He knew she was ready, pussy muscles contracted harder and faster around his hard rod. He grabbed Aimee roughly by her hair and forced her back down to Nickelle’s clit. Aimee sucked hungrily drawing the little bud into her mouth. Nickelle thrashed and moaned in ecstasy as she had one of the most intense orgasms of her life. This seemed to set everyone else off also. Aimee ground her crotch faster and faster into Nickelle’s face.

“Ohhhh goooooood, yes yes yes, that’s it suck my clit. YESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!” Aimee screamed as she creamed all over Nickelle’s fingers.

Samuel pumped harder and faster into Nickelle. Pounding her so hard he had to hold onto her hips to keep her from scooting away from him.

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH,” he yelled as quickly pulled his cock out of Nickelle’s pussy and pumped his load onto Aimee’s face.

The three of them lay spent as they all recovered from their three-way orgasm. Aimee removed herself from on top of Nickelle, and was quickly dismissed by Samuel. Nickelle was laying there with her eyes closed, then suddenly she felt something extremely cold slip inside her. She jumped and squealed. Samuel laughed as Nickelle tried to get away from the Popsicle that was being inserted into her pussy. He grabbed her hips to keep her from getting away.

“I’m just getting you nice and tasty for the men in the other room, little one. Your pussy is so hot this will melt quickly giving your burning little twat and give you a nice flavor.”

He took a second Popsicle and slid it slowly into her ass. Nickelle jumped again at the sudden shock of cold invading her body again. She had never felt this before and wasn’t sure if she like it or not. But she didn’t have time to find out before the Popsicle’s were melted by her body heat. She felt the juices slip down her legs and into the crock of her behind.

“Well my little pixie lets go meet out guest,”

Samuel said as he easily lifted her off the counter and carried her into the playroom. He gently laid her down onto the bed and fastened her arms into the restraints.

“Okay gentlemen the main course has now been served,” Samuel announced to the room.

Nickelle looked around the room at the five naked men standing around her. She was getting extremely turned on all over again. She surveyed each man and realized that Samuel had picked them very well. Every one of them was nicely built, good-looking, and well hung. Each one would satisfy her completely. She had told Samuel long ago how she fantasized about being used by several men at once, but that was years ago, and the only time it was every brought back up was when he told her about wanting to watch her be used, but then he disappeared. She had no idea he was working on making his and her fantasy come true.

One of the men had started rubbing his hand between her legs and roughly pinching her clit. Nickelle’s body started immediately responding. The more this guy played with her clit the wetter she became.

“Look boy’s this little slut is getting wet. I think she likes it. You like it whore?”

Nickelle just moaned. She loved being talk to like this it just turned her on more. Then man suddenly jammed two fingers into her pussy. Nickelle screamed in total pleasure.

“Oh yeah I think the little cunt likes this.” The man said.

Several pairs of hands were all over her body and she couldn’t keep up with what was going to happen next. She felt a wet mouth clamp down on her nipple and began sucking hard. The fingers in her pussy were beginning to go faster and harder as they were jammed over and over again up inside her. Then she felt a third finger being forced into her tight pussy, but it only remained long enough to get it lubricated with her own juices. The finger then began to rub around her tight asshole. Nickelle moaned and bucked her hips in ecstasy.

Samuel walked over to her and placed a blindfold over her eyes.

“I want to keep you in suspense little one, so you’ll never know what is going to happen next. Does that turn you on? Is that what you want my pixie? If not let me know and I’ll take it away.”

Nickelle quickly answered, “No sir, I like it, please leave it.”

Samuel left the blindfold and went to sit in a chair to watch the action.

Nickelle then felt a warm tongue flick across her clit and jumped. The fingers being pushed in and out of her pussy and ass were beginning to feel great.

“Mmmm she tastes wonderful.” The man commented as he added a second finger to her asshole and Nickelle moaned.

The fingers inside her began moving faster and the mouth on her clit sucked harder and faster also. Her hips voluntarily rocked with pleasure, and muffled moans came from her as she bit into her bottom lip.

“Oh yeah,” the man that was fingering her said, “the little whore likes this.”

He started thrusting his fingers in her ass and pussy harder and faster and began again to suck on her little clit which was now aroused and pushing it’s way out of it’s hood. He skillfully flicked his tongue on her clit over and over again and felt her body jump at each contact of his hard tongue to her erect clit. Nickelle’s body began to tremble all over and her vaginal muscles tightened around his fingers. He knew she was about to cum and started furiously pounding her pussy and ass with his fingers. Nickelle thrashed around on the bed as wave after wave of orgasm shook her whole body. More muffled moans escaped from her mouth.

‘Oh god,’ she thought, ‘I can’t take anymore.’

But the man going down on her had no plans on stopping. He was going to drive this little slut insane. He got two men to hold her hips still as he continued to suck hard on her little nub and kept furiously fingers her two holes. His fingers and face were drenched in her cum. Nickelle could feel her own juices running down the crack of her ass. She was started to begging him to stop that this was more than she could take. But, it was useless he had no intention of stopping. Her whole body was trembling and shaking. The finally several minutes and orgasm’s later he let go of her clit and pulled his fingers out of her orifices.

“I think the little cunt is ready to be fucked now.” he said.

Nickelle’s body was just now beginning to settle down from her mind shattering orgasm. Two of the men grabbed her legs and pulled her knees up to her chest to allow the first guy full access to her tight pussy.

“Oh yeah guys, look at that hot cunt, all nice and wet and waiting for my cock.” He bragged.

She then felt the head of his dick pushing into her. He pressed further in slowly. God she was tight. She felt his cock slide past her lips and deep inside her. Her eyes got wide under the blindfold. This was the biggest cock she had ever felt before. She felt her pussy spreading to meet the requirements of this huge monster he was pushing inside her. Once he was buried full hilt inside her he began to slowly pull in and out of her hot wet pussy. The owner of the huge snake started pounding Nickelle harder, the head of his cock slamming against her cervix, causing pain, but still felling wonderful at the same time.

Nickelle had always like it rough, just enough pain that it really didn’t hurt it was more pleasure to her. She started to tremble as he pounded her harder and harder, thrusting so deep inside her, making her feel as if his dick would come out her mouth. Then he reached down and began to make circular motions on her clit with his thumb. That was all it took, it sent her over the edge and him too.

As her vaginal muscles tightened around his cock it was more than he could handle. She was tight as it was, then the contractions of her pussy making her tighter sent his cock into overdrive. He slammed into her as hard as he could making sure she felt every inch of his thick hard manhood. She felt his cock pulsing inside her at the same time she reached her climax. Her body shaking and trembling from the intensity of her orgasm. Her pussy throbbed and tingled from pleasure.

Nickelle’s restraints were being removed and she felt herself being lifted off the bed and heard it creak as someone lay down. Her body was moved back to the bed, but she was held above the bed. She felt hands reach under her and spread her lips and her pussy was then lowered onto another cock. It wasn’t as long as the first mans but just as thick. Her wrists were attached into her restraints pulling her body down against the strange mans chest.

“God damn you’re tight,” He moaned, “I’m gonna enjoy every minute of this hot little sluts ride.” He pulled her down tight against his chest and began to move his rod in and out of her hot little slit.

In this position her little clit was stimulated against his pubic hair. This also gave the other men a full view of her tight ass. A third man crawled onto the bed behind her and Nickelle felt a wet finger being rubbed around her asshole. She moaned as she felt his finger slip inside. He fingered her quite a bit and then added a second finger. He began twisting and turning his fingers around inside her asshole getting her ready for his cock to be inserted. Nickelle got wetter and wetter as she had both holes filled and couldn’t wait till he inserted his cock in her. The man under her had paused his movements; waiting for the other guy to get her ass loosened up enough to take his cock without pain. She felt something warm and wet hit her ass, and realized it was spit.

He removed his fingers from her ass and began to spread the spit around her puckered little hole. He pushed slowly into her tight ass. He felt the head of his dick go past the outer ring of the inside her anus. He held it there for a bit and gave her time to adjust to his cock being inside her. Bit by bit inched his cock into her most private hole. He then buried his prick to his balls in Nickelle’s ass. Once again he held it there for a bit and gave her time to adjust to his cock. The man in her pussy began to pump himself in and out of her pussy again. It felt as if the two cocks inside her were touching, because the wall between her vagina and anal passage was so thin. The ass man slowly pulled almost all the way out of her ass and then back all the way back inside her full hilt.

He moaned loudly, “fuck this is the tightest ass I’ve ever had the pleasure of fucking.”

Nickelle was thankful that he wasn’t as big as the two men that had been inside her pussy. Pleasure quickly overtook her as the two men pumped in and out of her in unison. One would pump in and the other would pull out and vice versa. With this motion and the stimulation her clit was receiving being rubbed up and down on number two’s pubic hair was the greatest thing she had ever felt.

“This ass fucking whore’s incredible. Gahhh she is soo fucking tight.”

The feeling wonderful totally different than anything she had ever felt before. It wasn’t anything she could explain. The two men continued to pump in and out of her moving their wonderful cocks in her ass and pussy harder and faster. The man in her ass began to pound her like he would never have sex again. Causing her hard little nub to rub faster and harder against the man under her. The friction of the two cocks inside her was sending her into outer space.

She had already cum twice, her body not even taking a break from one to the other. Her orgasms seemed to never end as they flowed from one straight into another. Her clit tingled so intensely that it was making her whole body shiver and quake. The two men kept going. One pushing his cock up into her pussy as far, hard, and fast as he could, while number the other man still hitting her ass with more ferocity than he had ever had during sex. They could both feel her cunt, and ass muscles grab onto their rods and they knew she was in continues orgasm. It was all both men could do to keep from emptying themselves deep inside her. Her loud moans were muffled into one mans shoulder. They continued to pump her hot little holes longer and harder.

The one in her ass the first to go. “OHHHHHHHHH GAAAAHHHHHHH.”

After feeling and hearing the other guy cum the man in her pussy could not fight to hold it any longer. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhh” as he yelled as he shot his load deep into her quivering twat.

All three of their moans of pleasure of finally letting themselves release could be heard all over the house. This was the absolute best fucking she could ever wish for. Even though her clit, vagina, and ass were beginning to get sore she still wanted more.

This time she wanted to have a hard cock in every fuckable hole she had. There were only two men left to fuck her but the first guy was already hard again from watching her get double dicked. Plus he wanted to feel her mouth on his cock, and get to have a taste of that tight little ass too.

She felt two people crawl onto the bed with her. Her cunt was immediately starting getting wet again and twitching at the thought of more cock to fill her every hole. They took her arms from restraints and lifted her off the bed again. She was wondering what they were going to do now. Soon she was lifted back onto the bed. She was facing the other direction and she felt the head of a cock positioned at her opening of her ass. She was lowered down onto it. Nickelle was already well loose and lubed, from just being fucked, but this mans penis was thicker and longer than any of the others so far. It made her ass stretch further than she thought possible.

She was then pulled backwards by her hair, her back laying on his chest. Then there was someone else on the bed, and another cock was being pushed into her messy cum filled twat, and she moaned loudly at being filled to the brim with hot strange dick. She couldn’t tell which of these men had the biggest rod. They were both huge.

Then her mouth was filled with cock. Nickelle slurped and took the cock in her mouth as deeply as she could, all the while moaning like crazy from the two cocks that filled her two holes. They pumped and pushed and shoved into her three openings like mad men. Alternating between hardcore fucking then calming down and taking it slower. They were driving her insane. From the minute the cocks were inside in her she began to immediately orgasm. Her cunt and ass tightened constantly around the two pricks fucking, pounding, and violently being shoved in her. Nickelle couldn’t believe herself. She wanted them to keep going, not to stop. She sucked hard on the cock in her mouth, spit running down her chin.

Her moans of excitement and the constant twitching of her pussy were too much for the guy in her cunt to handle. He pounded in and out of her as hard as he could and all it made her do was moan louder around the prick in her mouth, and grip his stick harder. Nickelle was loving it, all she could think was harder, harder, pound me till I can’t walk anymore. The guy in her mouth grabbed her by her hair and began to fuck her mouth. He started shoving his penis all the way down her throat, causing Nickelle to gag on his large rod. The man in her pussy moaned and starting grunting loudly, and he unloaded himself inside her. Pounding her as hard and fast as he could while he waited for his cock to finish pulsing and shooting inside her deliciously tight twat, and go limp.

Her ass was still be plunged in and out of. She was then pushed up into a sitting position as the man that had just came pulled out of her, and made to ride the cock in her ass, as she was being skull fucked by the other man. He didn’t plan on letting go of her hair. That was his hold to keep his dick planted firmly in her mouth as she bounced wildly up and down on the cock still in her ass. She couldn’t get enough. Her body tingled from head to toe from continues mind blowing orgasms. Then Nickelle was suddenly grabbed roughly by her hips and forced down hard onto the huge cock in her ass. She felt him swell and pulse inside her. As he let out a wolf like growl coming from deep in his chest. Nickelle loved being able to feel every time he shot deep in her. Every pulse was intensified by the orgasm he sent her into by forcing her down so hard on his cock. Again she was lifted off another limp dick, and the one in her mouth was pulled away from her. She searched like a baby looking for its mother’s nipple to get it back.

This time she wasn’t placed directly back on the bed. She was maneuvered to the edge of the bed and roughly pushed onto her back.

“Oh yeah, we knew your little slutty ass would like to be fucked like this” said the man that pushed her onto the bed.

“Tell me how bad you want my hard prick deep in your ass, fucking you harder than anyone in here. TELL ME WHORE NOW!!!” he yelled.

Nickelle immediately started creaming again at being talk to like he did.

Barely above a whisper she responded, “I want you in my ass really bad.”

“I can’t fucking hear you bitch.”

She answered again a little louder this time and that seems to please him. He grabbed her knees and pushed them back to her ears. He positioned his cock a little above her ass and slammed it in as hard as he could.

Nickelle screamed with pleasure. “Yes, yes yes” she screamed and shook her head back and forth, as he pounded in and out of her ass harder and harder with each thrust.

“Fucking, cunt, you like your ass fucked don’t you, you like feeling me use you like a piece of meat, don’t you…answer me cunt.” He screamed, as he slammed into her so hard she had to hold onto his shirt to not fly across the bed.

“I said fucking answer me whore.” And he shoved his prick in her so hard her screams could be heard all over the house.

He felt her trying to talk and let go of her mouth.

“Yes, I love it, I love your hard cock pounding in my ass…fuck me harder please.” It was almost more than he could take.

He stopped and flipped her over on her stomach, her tight ass right in the air waiting for his rod to be shoved back in. He didn’t hesitate; not even bothering to make sure his prick was inline with her now stretched out but still tight hole. He slammed into her with all he had. She screamed again. Nickelle still had on her blindfold and cold not see the other men jerking off all around her. Her head was yanked back a head of a cock was placed at her lips just as he came all over her face. Her ass was still being pounded furiously shoving her hips into the bed. Her head was pulled in another directions just as someone else erupted onto her face. Then she felt more jism hitting her back and neck as the men jerked off all over her leaving her covered in cum.

The man fucking her ass reached around and started roughly started rubbing her clit back and forth quickly grinding it into herself. Nickelle’s body tensed as she was on the verge of another earth shaking orgasm. Every muscle in her body tightened as the man continued to furiously pound her into the bed and rub her sore clit.

“Oh yeah baby, grab my cock with your ass muscles, come on cum for me I want to feel your hot little slutty body cum for me.”

He rammed his cock savagely up Nickelle’s asshole again his balls slapping against her pussy slit as his frenzy grew and he neared cumming.

“Take it your fucking slut, take it up your ass.” Over and over again he buttfucked Nickelle as hard has he could.

Her screams of pleasure were muffled as he grabbed the back of her head and shoved it into the bed.

“Yesss…Yesss…Yesss…” he grunted with pleasure with every stoke up her ass. “Take it you assfucking whore,” he yelled as he slammed her stretched out hole.

He rammed her faster and faster ravaging her asshole like a madman. Nickelle bucked her hips trying to meet the frenzy he was fucking her with. Her screams made into the bed as she came over and over again. His finger never stopped rubbing her clit into her pelvic bone.

“Gonna.. cummmmmmmm deep… in….. your fucking whore.” “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”

Nickelle felt him bury his cock deep inside her ass; she could feel his every throb. His hot jiz splattered deep inside her. Her final orgasm racking her body the same time he was emptying his load deep inside her bowels. He collapsed on top of her as his limp cock slid out of her cum filled ass.

She heard the door opening and the footsteps of the men leaving the room. Samuel walked over and removed her blindfold and kissed her long and deep. Nickelle purred deep in her throat at being fully satisfied.

“I think you enjoyed that too much my little one,” he laughed. “You looked hotter than I ever thought you could.”

Nickelle blushed. He handed her a towel, lifted her up and took her too the bath he already had drawn. He carefully placed her in the tub and helped her clean herself off. He toweled her dry and brought her into another room and placed her on the couch.

Samuel walked over to a wall and pressed a button and a full entertainment center was reveled as the wall opened. He sat down next Nickelle and she curled up in his powerful, protective arms. He picked up a remote.

“I think you need to watch yourself in action my little pixie,” and he pressed play on the recorder.

Nickelle gasped as she saw herself on screen and settled down to watch the action and maybe please her Master all over again.

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