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The Submission

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She stood outside the large door. She took a deep breath and tried to calm down. Out of sheer will, she raised her arm to the door. The anticipation of seeing MasterDarkHeart, of being with him, played havoc with her body. This was not their first time together, but tonight had special meaning.

He had told her that this night would define their relationship. Finding the strength in the thought of him, she knocked.

The door opened and MasterDarkHeart stood there. Her master. His grey hair neatly combed, beard trimmed perfectly. His wide shoulders and torso were covered in a leather vest leaving his muscles plainly visible. The tight fitting pants completed the look. But it was his intense brown eyes that captured her attention. The very sight of him so close took her breath away. She felt his gaze upon her, burning right into her. With a power she did not know she had, she raised her head slightly and whispered, “Greetings, Master.”

“Hello, my slave,” MasterDarkHeart answered, while he surveyed her. Her long dark hair was pulled up high on her head in ponytail fashion and her make-up was minimal. The red dress she had chosen fit snug on her body revealing her womanly shape. Her legs were bare and a pair of sandals adorned her small feet. He did not fail to notice the tremble in her legs and smiled at this.

He motioned her inside and she silently followed behind. He stopped at the entranceway to a vast room and turned to face her. “It is time now to make your decision. The choice is still yours. You may turn back now and leave or you may enter this room, relinquishing your freedom, and become mine. Take a moment to decide. If you decide to leave, do so quietly. If you stay, join me at the side of my chair. I shall leave you to your thoughts.”

She watched MasterDarkHeart’s back as he left. Her whole body visibly shook while her mind and emotions raced. A combination of excitement and fear coursed through her. The decision he had given her to make was not a choice, for it had already been made. She loved him. She needed him. She wanted nothing more than to be owned by him. With that final thought, she quietly walked into the room and knelt at the side of his chair.

MasterDarkHeart was silent for a moment before he spoke. “Slave, rise and dance for me.”

“Yes, Master,” she replied softly as she rose and moved in front of him. She began to dance to the silent music inside her head. Her arms moved gracefully as her curvy hips swayed from side to side. Delicate hands ran over her body in sensual slow movements, her mind lost in the inner sensations of dancing for him.

Her own heat overtook her as she undulated provocatively. Knowing instinctively what was expected; she raised her hands to the straps of her dress and slowly slid them over her shoulders, freeing her arms. Grasping the fabric, she slipped it over her full breasts and down the flat of her stomach. Her light colored nipples were hard, not only from the fabric that had been caressing them, but from the intent way MasterDarkHeart watched.

Turning her back to him, she continued to dance. Swaying her hips gently, she bent at the waist and slipped the dress off, her glistening sex plain to see. Straightening and turning to face him, she approached his chair, giving him time to take in all of her now exposed body. She knelt gracefully before him and reached to free his cock from the confines of his leather pants.

MasterDarkHeart remained silent, only watching and allowing her to do so. Once she had released his manhood, she leaned in to run her tongue up and down its length, before taking him into her mouth. His rigid cock felt wonderful as her red lips slid along his shaft. He felt her own excitement grow as she worked his member with her mouth. Her own heat coming from her pussy drove her desires as she sucked him.

Focusing back on his pleasure, she released him from her lips and circled the head with her tongue. She tasted the first pearly drops of his seed and lapped them up hungrily. Next, she ran her tongue down his length until she reached his balls. She licked them lovingly and thoroughly before taking them into her mouth. She gently suckled them, her tongue bathing them in their entirety.

MasterDarkHearts hands led her back to his engorged erection where she greedily took him into her mouth. His hands guided her as to the depth and speed he desired. His need became insistent as she moaned softly now, trying to give him as much pleasure as possible. She felt him straining as he pushed his cock to the back of her throat. He thrust further into her before releasing the gift of his cum into her waiting mouth. She hungrily drank from him, savoring his sweet taste.

“Nice, my slave. Come up to me,” MasterDarkHeart said as he patted his knees.

She climbed into his lap and nestled against his chest. She loved the feeling of being so close to him, feeling his strength, the very heat of him. His hand reached under her chin and lifted her face to him. Looking directly into her dark eyes, he kissed her. The kiss was intense and sent a fire throughout her naked body.

“You are mine. I own you. You are my slave, my slut, to do with as I please. I will demand and you will obey. No questions, no hesitation. Understood?”

“Yes, Master,” she answered with a smile and a heat still burning for this man she loved.

“You please me, slave. Let’s retire for the evening. A whole new life awaits you in the morning.”

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