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The Shoe Store

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She came into his shoe store a few minutes before closing time. It had been a tough day and he was tired. He was about to snap at her, something cold and impersonal like, “Lady, the store closes in 5 minutes.” But there was a way she walked that caught his attention and made him stand straight. She was a petite woman, barely 5 feet tall. She carried herself with a quiet confidence and radiant sexuality. And maybe it was because she was wearing a short leather skirt that hugged her hips, and a skimpy form fitting leather vest on top, nothing underneath.

A generous portion of her breasts showed to great advantage over the neckline, and then there was a gap going down the middle of the vest, that was criss crossed with leather ties so that he could see the inner sides of her breasts.

Oh man, he thought, good thing I held my tongue. He glanced down at her legs and his heart almost stopped. She stood before a rack of platform sandals, examining a pair carefully. Her left hip was slung up in a casual pose. Her feet and legs were covered in tight, black, thigh high boots. Good Italian leather, shined carefully. A thin zipper was tucked into the inner seam of each boot. Before he could stop, he imagined kneeling in front of her, his head close to her skirt, breathing in the mixed scent of her perfume, sweat, and the leather skirt and boots.

He discretely locked the door and flipped over the sign so it read “Closed” from the outside. He lowered the blinds and turned off the overhead lights. Only the row of lights along the floor illuminated the store. She looked up in surprise when the lights went out. He walked to her quickly and stood attentively beside her. His voice was calm, belying the quivering he felt in his stomach and the erection that was growing between his legs. “May I serve you?” he said.

She looked at him coolly, head to foot and up again. “Hmmm,” she said. She picked up the black platform sandal and tapped his arm with it. “Do you have these in a size 6?”

He blushed at the contact with the shoe and dropped his gaze to her breasts. “I can check for you,” he said, his voice coming out in a squeak. Oh Lord, of all the times to lose his voice.

She smiled. “Size 6,” she reminded him. Her look was searing this time, commanding.

He started away to the stock room, glad to be away from her heat, and yet missing it already. In the back, out of her sight, he adjusted the front of his pants to hide his erection. There would be no fooling her, though. The last thing he wanted to do was scare her away. Size 6. Ahh, there. But in red instead of black. He hoped this would please her.When he went out into the front room, she was sitting in one of the customer chairs. Her legs were smartly crossed, showing off the tops of her thighs and the length of her boots to great advantage. She looked a little impatient. Had he been gone that long?

“Here we are,” he said, his voice breaking, betraying him again. He pulled up a stool in front of her and put the shoe box down.

“Let’s see then.” she said. Her eyes seemed to burn a blush in his cheeks. His hands shook as he fished the sandal out of the box and the whispery tissue paper. “Red? Hmmph, well…let me try them on for size.” She straightened her left leg and raised it straight out expectantly.

What? Was he supposed to put the sandal on over the boot?

“Unzip me!” she commanded.

The scent leather came to his nose and he leaned closer to the boot. “Yes, maam,” he croaked. He reached hesitantly for the top of the boot, between her thighs. He touched the strip of exposed skin and found it cool, inviting. His fingers lingered at the zipper. Oh, to reach further up…But this was business. Regretfully, he tugged on the zipper pull and slowly undid the boot. A flush of heat covered his entire body as the sliver of her leg flesh appeared in the crack where the zipper opened. It grew longer and longer, this visible strip of flesh, and the scent of her sweat and the leather rose to his nostrils. He felt his heart pounding everywhere in his body, and his fingers seemed to be on fire. His thumb grazed her ankle as he neared the end of the zipper. She started a little and caught her breath. Ahhh, he realized, she was as turned on as he was, sexually buzzing with anticipation. A quick glance up verified her arousal. Her cheeks were deeply flushed with her own sexual heat. He gently twisted her foot to remove it from the boot.

“Ungghhh,” she moaned under her breath. Her eyes were half closed, her lips parted moistly.

He took the liberty of holding her foot, caressing the instep for a moment. He rubbed her ankle in his hot hands.

“Ohhhh,” she sighed involuntarily. It was a clean and simple foot, perhaps even a peasant foot. The arch was slightly flat, the nails neatly trimmed and buffed, but without any form of polish.

He pressed his thumb into her arch and watched a look of pleasure wash over her face. He placed her bared foot on his thigh and reached for the top of the other boot zipper. She was leaning back in the chair now, her legs slack with sexual heat. Instead of stopping at the zipper, he found his hand moving up and then palpating the crotch of her panties. It was incredibly warm and moist there, a tropical haven between her legs.

She squirmed slightly, pressing herself against his hand. The foot on his thigh slid and came to rest on his erection. She pressed her foot firmly against him, returning the pleasure his hand was transmitting between her legs. Almost simultaneously, they moaned.

Keeping one hand on her pussy, he unzipped the second boot. Again, the sliver of flesh was revealed as he tugged slowly. He took the liberty of pressing his lips along the newly bared skin, kissing as he went.

“Ohhh, ohhh, you’re so good,” she moaned.

With his face close to her leg, the aroma of woman sweat and leather was even stronger. His cock pulsed with a great excitement under the pressure of her first foot. She seemed to sense his excitement and prodded his cock gently with her toes. Reluctantly, he released his hold on her pussy so he could remove the boot. She had slid further down in the chair so that her first foot was braced firmly on his crotch to support her weight. He scootched up a little to press back. He could feel pre cum leaking through his jockeys and the front of his pants. He lifted her second foot and rubbed the toes against his nose, inhaling the smell of her feet long enclosed in the leather. So perfect. Tentatively, he licked the little toe and when she responded with a throaty growl, he proceeded to lick each toe, staying with the big toe the longest. He sucked it into his mouth and played his tongue over it, nibbled it gently with his front teeth.

“Yessss,” she hissed. “Don’t stop.”

He kissed her instep, the top of her foot, her ankle, aware moment by moment that the toes of her other foot prodded his erection, squeezing more pre cum out. He could hear her breathing, just as erratic as his own. He pressed his flat tongue on her arch, inhaling her foot scent. He felt her quiver under his licking. He pushed her other foot aside gently and undid his fly. He pulled his briefs down several inches. His cock sprung out, steel hard. It bobbed in the air between them, taut and focused. She anchored it down against his belly, returned her foot to his crotch. He inhaled sharply at the contact of her sole on the slippery head of his erection. Slowly, he kissed up her calf, twisting his head to lick the back of her knee.

“Ohhhhh,” she exhaled.

He bit the soft flesh just above her knee and then licked and sucked a path with agonizing patience up to the moist haven between her legs. He pressed her knees apart for better access to her pussy. The plump outer lips were pulsing beyond the confines of her silk thong panties. The crotch panel was soaked with her juice. He pushed aside the panel and licked her dripping slit.

“Oh baby,” she crooned. Her toes curled on his hard on.She tasted warm and salty with an undertone of sweetness. He probed her pussy deeply with his tongue, drew her juices out and sucked them up.

“Mmmm,” she moaned with her mouth closed. She raised herself slightly in the chair to press her pussy against his tongue.That was the last signal he needed. He sought out her clit. He made a small o with his lips and used it to suck her sweet button in and out of his mouth. “Ohh, mmmmm,” she moaned. He nursed on her clit, as if it was a smooth wet nipple.

“Mmmm,” he replied hoarsely, pressing her foot hard against his cock. The musky smells of her body and the leather were strongest here between her thighs. He could feel his balls tightening as he continued to rub her foot against his cock.

“Lick me, baby, eat me!” she moaned. And then, “Baby, oh, baby, I’m so ready, come on, yeah, baby, eat me!” Her excitement intensified his own.

He took a deep breath and before he could stop himself, he felt the release of his orgasm brink. Hot cum squirted out of his cock. One, two, three long spasms of pleasure passed through his body, and then one, two, three short ones. “I’m so sorry,” he groaned. “I couldn’t help it.” He glanced up and saw a look of combined greed and disappointment on her face. Greed, perhaps at the sticky milky cum splashed on her toes and ankle, and disappointment that he had cum before she had. The blood began to return to his head. He took a deep breath and adjusted her in the chair so he could press his nose against her clit. He bathed her slit with his tongue, licking its warm juicy length. Up and down his nose went against her clit as his tongue worked her lips.

“Ohhhhh, don’t stopppp!!!” she moaned from deep in her throat. She raised her ass off the chair and pressed herself against his face. He licked her pussy and pumped her clit with his nose. “Baby, I’m, oh baby, baby, baby baby baby, oh, babybaby, I’m cumcuummmmingbabybabybaby!!!” she squealed and he felt her pussy muscles clench and unclench on his tongue. His face was covered with her cunt juices. Still he nibbled her clit and slurped at her opening, gathering in all her liquid until she begged him to stop, “No more, no more, please, no more…”

He rested his cheek against her wetly pulsing pussy and inhaled the rich mix of scents–pussy juices, leather, sweat.

“Kiss my toes,” she said, her voice a bare whisper. She raised her foot to his mouth. “Lick your cum off my foot.” He leaned forward reluctantly, but the sight of her simple foot moved him too much. Slowly, he took the big toe in his mouth and sucked gently, tasting himself. It had a thick flavor, fertile and slick. He sucked harder, greedily, playing his tongue over the top of her toe and bathing it with his saliva. He felt aroused yet again but also humiliated by the taste of his own cum as it slid along his tongue and down his throat. She was leaning back in the chair. “Suck it all off,” she said. She reached forward and stroked his hair. She traced his check with her index finger. “You’re terrific,” she said. “I wondered if you were going to let me in so close to the end of your day. You must have been tired.”

He smiled up at her, relishing the fluid on her foot. “I would never have kicked you out,” he whispered over her toes. “I could never be too tired to serve you.”

“That’s good,” she smiled. “We’re not even halfway through here.” He looked at her, his eyebrows raised in askance. “We’re not?”

“No,” she whispered. She squared her shoulders and smoothed her skirt down. “Now what about those sandals?” He reached over for the shoes. “And do you have something that could serve as a whip?” she continued. His heart beat a little faster when she said, “We’re going to work on this problem of yours–cumming too soon.”

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