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The Setup

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“Curtis, your 10 minutes late…. Detention.”

The entire classroom laughed and ohhed at Curtis like a bunch of elementary students.

He just turned 18 and this was his junior year at this school after being kicked out two previous schools for bad behavior. Being 18 also scared the younger kids away from him but it also made him cooler by the kids who were just as bad as he was.

He gave his teacher Mr. Rogen the death stare and sat down next to his friend Chad.

He whispered, “That asshole can lick my fuckin’ hairy nuts.”

“Dude he probably will.” Chad whispered back. “We all know that dudes a fag.”

“I’m gonna get his ass too, I already gotta plan to get his ass kicked out for good.” Chad said.

“Whatcha gonna do?” Chad moved his desk closer to him and looked around the class to see if anyone was watching, Mr. Rogen was already focused on the lesson for the evening.

“I was late because I had to find this….” Curtis pulled out a video camera from his bag and showed it to him.

“What’s this for?” Chad asked.

“After school, I want you to go in his office and hide in his closet and…”

“What?! Dude what the fuck?….”

“Shut up and let me finish….” He looked around again to see if anyone heard them.

“……I want you to take the camera with you and record us.”

“Record who?”

“Me and Mr. Rogan dumb ass.”

“Doing what?”

“I’m gonna get him to suck my dick.”

“Are fuckin’ insane? That will never happen, plus that’s fuckin’ gay shit.”

“Right, HE’S a fuckin’ fag and I’m gonna let the whole school know so he will be gone forever.”

“Wow are you sure man? We could get in a hell of a lot trouble.”

“I’m not gonna get in trouble, he is. The video will show everything. All I gotta do is show a little skin and it ain’t even gotta be my dick, just my abs or my chest or somethin’. That should be enough right there.”

“What if he wants more?”

“Then I’ll give him more. You just make sure you get it all on film and don’t worry bout me. I know that fucker’s been checking me out. That’s why he always got me in detention. I’ll show him whose the real fuckin’ boss in this bitch.”

“…..Alright, I guess I’ll be in his office after 6th period.”

Curtis nodded in approval, knowing his plan was already going to work.

The bell rung signaling the end of class. Jared Rogen erased the board and said, “Quiz tomorrow and Chapters 5 through 10, all 70 vocabulary terms WILL be on this test. So study hard.”

The whole class sighed and groaned from the verdict, but he didnt care. He had always taught like this in his twenty year career. Honestly he liked being harder on his students, to him it only made them work harder for good grades.

When all the students left the classroom he decided to call his wife of 18 years and tell her that he was going to be late. His detentions only lasted for about 30 minutes, but he had other plans on his agenda.

After class he would go to a local gay bar a few streets away from his suburban home. He would go there every other day to meet young guys. He was a certified bottom and loved taking young dick in his 49 year old ass…. The younger, the better he always thought.

There was one guy in particular who knew exactly how to use his ass. The guy was just 25 but he knew exactly how to use his big 9 incher. He turned the straight teacher into a bitch every time he met with him and he couldn’t wait to go back for more.

Jared walked down the hallway to his office talking to his wife on the phone, meanwhile Curtis was already telling Chad what to do.

“This red button is the record button. Press it when you see us together.” Curtis said, getting frustrated at Chad for not knowing how to use a camera.

“Okay, I got it… for the third time dude.” He said.

“Good, I’ll stand outside and wait for Mr. Rogen and stay quiet.” Curtis said.

He shut the door and sat down on a chair outside the door.

Curtis fixed his dark brown hair and fixed himself up a little bit to make himself more desirable, even though that wasn’t hard. Curtis was like younger James Franco, but with an attitude and more muscle.

He had girls wanting to mess around with every since he started going to this school. He was the bad boy that had a reputation that’s what made the chicks want him.

Like most bad boys his age, school was the last thing on there mind… working out, and screwing as many chicks as possible was his highest priority.

Mr. Rogen got off his phone, frustrated with his wife’s complaining at how she barely ever sees him. She was an annoyance to him, he never wanted to be with her in the first place.

When she got pregnant after the first night together that’s when his parents made him marry her. At that time he was still trying to figure out his sexuality.

It wasn’t until a few years after that when he slept with his first man… an older man. That’s when he knew he was suppose to be a bottom. Since then he had been cheating on her every since…..

He walked to his office only to see Curtis sitting next to the door.

“Curtis what are you doing here?” Mr. Rogen asked. “Your supposed to be in detention, you know where that’s at. ”

“I know Mr. Rogen, I just wanted to explain why I was late today, and if I could get some help with the assignment.” Curtis asked nicely.

“Curtis, the assignment is straight forward, just study the vocab terms in your book. They are all highlighted for you and captioned on the bottom page.” Mr. Rogen said obnoxiously.

“I understand that sir, I just… needed help on the book assignment… from last week.” He said.

“You mean the assignment you neglected to hand into me on time? You want to talk about that now?”

“Yeah, if that’s not a problem.” Curtis said with a smile.

Mr. Rogen could barely keep his composure when the kid smiled at him like that. He was so sexy to him, he got an immediate hard on just from looking at the boys beautiful brown eyes. He put on this stern act every time he spoke to Curtis just to keep Curtis from guessing that he was total bottom for studs like him.

He hated the fact that he didnt apply himself at all, but he loved that fact that he had this edge to him. A total and complete top and straight as could be. He decided to let the boy come into his office and see what he was up to.

“Whatever, come in.” He said.

As soon as the door opened Chad immediately turned on the camera and pointed the lens out of the crack of the door.

Curtis sat down in the chair and Mr. Rogen sat down across from him at his desk.

“So what is it that you need help on? I have an appointment very soon, so let’s get this over with.”

“No problem sir.” Curtis took off his leather jacket revealing his muscled arms in the black wife beater that hugged the curves of his body.

Mr. Rogen’s mouth dropped from seeing the beautiful studs body for the first time. His cock immediately got hard in his pants.

Curtis stood up from the chair and began searching through his bag for his text book. He made sure the bag wasn’t covering his crotch so his teacher could see his bulge in his jeans.

Curtis took a few quick glances and saw that he was falling for the bait already.

He pulled out his text book, but decided to lie about his notebook.

“I can’t seem to find my notebook sir.” He said.

He stopped looking in his bag and pretended like he was puzzled. He pulled up his beater and rubbed his abs.

“Sorry, people scratch there heads to think about something, I scratch my abs.” he said.

It was so corny but it was working. Mr. Rogen could hardly contain himself. His hand slowly moved down to his bulge and he rubbed himself gently.

“I guess we’ll have to do with just the text book.” Curtis said.

He turned the pages to chapter 4 and then walked over to next to Mr. Rogen. Mr. Rogen immediately broke out into a sweat.

The intoxicating scent of a fresh young eightteen year old boy mixed with a sexy male cologne soon filled his nostrils. His breathing grew more rapid when the boy stood over him, one arm on his seat and the other holding the book on the desk. He got an extreme close up of the boys veiny, muscled arm with not a single hair on them.

He wanted so bad to just lick up and down his arm and taste him.

“So I didn’t understand this part right here.” Curtis said pointing at the passage. “I didn’t understand why Carolyn still wanted that dude after he played her so bad. She couldnt find another dude to mess with?”

Mr. Rogen kind of ignored his “interesting” comment, but tried his best to answer it without stumbling over too many words. Curtis noticed the teacher’s awkwardness and decided to take it further.

He stretched his arms out moving his lower body closer to Mr. Rogen’s face which was now inches from his face. Mr. Rogen looked over at Curtis body from odd angle, seeing the muscles bulge through the shirt and the outline of the teen’s dick pressing up against the pants.

His mind slowly went numb and the sweat beads poured down his forehead. He could risk his 20 year career and mess with this underage teen who is exactly his type or fall back, keep his career and go back home to his annoying wife and usual fuckbuddy?

Curtis stopped stopped stretching, after what seemed like and hour to the teacher, and took a quick look at his watch and said, “You know what, I should get going to detention and get it over with.”

He started to walk away when Mr. Rogen grabbed his arm to stop him.

“No wait!… Don’t go yet…”

Curtis’s evil smile wiped across his face. He knew it all along.

Mr. Rogen’s grip eased up on the boys arm and he slid his hand down, feeling the smooth, hairless muscled arm.

That was the last straw….

He closed his eyes and began to kiss the boys arm with his lips. Curtis’s smile grew wider and he glanced back at door where Chad was recording. Chad smiled back at him in the darkness.

“Mr. Rogen what are you doing?” Curtis said innocently.

The teacher stopped kissing his arm and pulled away. Suddenly he felt the excitement he felt early slowly come down and guilt took over.

“Why’d you stop sir, that was feeling really good.” Curtis said.

“You mean, you liked it??” Mr. Rogen said.

“Hell yeah man that was kinda good.” Curtis said getting out of character.

“In that case….” Mr. Rogen pulled the teen closer to him and started unzipping his pants.

“Don’t tell anyone I did this.” Mr. Rogen said sternly.

“No problem sir.” Curtis smiled, knowing that he wouldn’t have to say anything.

Mr. Rogen was getting anxious to see the boys cock and it showed. He quickly reached in and pulled out his prize and he was not at all disappointed. He watched it grow in his hand and it was exactly what his bitch ass needed.

He wasted no time in taking the boys dick in his mouth. His tongue senses went wild tasting the sweet and saltiness of Curtis’s precum flowing in his mouth. Mr. Rogen’s moans filled the room as sucked on that dick like it was his last and Curtis was surprised to see how eager his teacher was.

He was also shocked to see how good it was to have him sucking his dick like this. He’d never been with a man and he surprised to see that he was actually enjoying it. So good in fact that he felt the urge to cum already.

Mr. Rogen sensed it, so he stopped sucking.

“Wait, I was just about to shoot.” Curtis said.

The teacher got up and pulled down his pants and said, “I want you to put it inside me.”

Curtis cringed at the thought of fucking this old man. It was bad enough the old fag wanted to suck him off and now this? He was going to retaliate when he thought of this being captured on video. The teacher would turn out to be a bigger freak then he already was.

He hestitated at first but then said alright. Mr. Rogen smiled from ear to ear.

Curtis stared at the smooth and thick ass in front of him. This was a man’s ass he was about to fuck, a teacher he despised more than anything was about to get his “trophy” dick. He had to quickly envision a girl a used to mess around with.

He spit on his dick and pressed it against his hole. He was surprised to see how easy it broke through but it was still tight.

“Oh… My…. Word…. Such a big cock you have Curtis!” Mr. Rogen said.

Curtis tried his best not to pay attention to him speaking. He fed more of his big dick inside and his teacher began to moan out loud. Once he got it all in, he surprised again to see how warm, wet and tight it was. Like pussy but tighter.

Like an experienced trained bottom slut, Mr. Rogen milked the boy’s dick with his ass. Curtis’s mouth dropped not expecting this at all.

“Fuccckkkk….” he whispered.

Mr. Rogen gyrated his ass around and around, up and down, back and forth on the kid, feeling that thick cock open him up more then his partner did back at the bar.

“Such an awesome cock on you boy! Fuck me with it son!” Mr. Rogen said.

Curtis couldn’t help but to follow his orders. This ass was just too good to not rape.

Curtis got into it, fucking his teacher harder then he fucked his past girlfriends. He just yelled and begged for more while girls just cried for him to slow down when it was in there pussies.

The desk began to shake and move and as the rough fucking turned brutal. The moans and slapping sounds were getting to Chad in the closet as he pulled out his dick and started to beat off. He did his best to keep the camera on the action.

“Yeah fuck me stud! Use my fucking ass!” Mr. Rogen yelled.

“Oh, God… I’m gonna cum!” Curtis yelled.

“Yeah do it boy, shoot it in my ass! Own my fucking ass!” Mr. Rogen shouted.

Curtis stopped pounding and felt his dick shoot one of the biggest loads he ever shot inside someone. So big that he’s knees went weak and his head felt light.

Mr. Rogen milked the cock in his ass making sure his ass got what it hungered for. Curtis still held onto him tight, not wanting to leave one of the best asses he’d ever fucked.

Mr. Rogen stood up and the boys dick slowly slid out of him. He turned around and kissed Curtis on his sweaty cheek and pulled up his pants.

“Thanks for doing this Curtis, and don’t worry about the quiz tomorrow. Its on me.” Mr. Rogen moved away from the desk and fixed himself up.

Still in shock from what just happened. Curtis slowly began to put on his pants.

“Please close and lock the door on your way out Curtis.” Mr. Rogen left the office.

Meanwhile, Chad was busy cleaning his load off with his jacket. There was so much of it that he had to use his boxers and his socks. He got up and walked out of the closet.

“Wow….. I don’t know what to say.” Chad said.

“Did you get the footage?” Curtis said trying to come back to Earth.

“Yeah, I did, lets play it back.” Chad said, really wanting to see that again.

He looked at the screen and noticed and icon flashing.

“Hey whats this mean?” Chad pointing the screen at Curtis.

“Dude, what the…….. FUCK! There’s no FUCKING TAPE!!!!”

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