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The Rules of the Ruler

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Rain soaked me through, the chill of the air magnified by the clinging of my wet clothes.

I was coming straight from work, a small-time paper, and was following a lead.

Aaron Black, it seemed, did not want to be found. He’d returned no phone calls, and I couldn’t find him on the net. I’d had to test the resources of my paper’s staff, convincing them that there was a story in Black, a business or human interest.

Well I couldn’t tell them that all I was interested in was the story to be found between his legs…even if it was such a big story.

I caught my reflection in a puddle, and realized what I mess I looked. My raven hair was plastered all over, tucked down the back of my overcoat. The normal brightness of my crystal blue eyes was dull; reflecting the void that Aaron Black’s sex had left within me.

As though to contradict them, my breasts were downright engorged with cold and lust. My blouse bulged as my massive bosom fought both gravity and confinement to be cradled in that stud’s big hands. FF cup tits are no picnic, and even less so when the rain is so merciless.

I pulled my coat a little more tightly around them, and kept making my way up the hill.

As I crested the top, I felt a moment of triumph. I was looking at what could only be the place. 1600 and Deckings street was a private road, and only had one house. What’s more, the architecture was elegant and expensive looking, like everything else I’d seen of Aaron’s. But most importantly, his car was parked in the garage… this was the place.

Knock, knock, Mr. Black.


The door swung open, warm air rushing out to envelop me.

But it was anything but warmth that touched Aaron’s face as he looked down on me, at me.

It was not cruel either, merely devoid of any emotion. Then he looked briefly bemused.

“I’ve been expecting you.” He said, and stood aside to let me in.

I shivered with relief once as I stepped into his decadent abode, marveling at the décor.

Everywhere my eyes touched held class and distinction. Crystals and ornate glassworks, rare books, and vibrant paintings were on every wall and shelf.

Of course my eyes lingered at the only treasure I really cared about; nestled in the slacks of the tall, blonde man, was a readily apparent bulge, the baseball sized lump held in place by something underneath.

“Something to drink?” He offered as we came to a sitting room. Easy chairs were fitted with elaborate holders for already filled glasses of wine.

The wine was ruby, and looked good. Of course what I wanted to drink was pearl, but I merely licked my lips at the thought and reached for the glass.

He sat opposite me, slouching back with the ease of a man totally unafraid. I couldn’t help noticing that his eyes did dart to the almost see-through effect of my soaked white blouse.

“I take it you aren’t here to complain about your treatment on our little blind date?”

I hung my head and felt my cheeks turning the color of the wine.

“No.” I muttered.

“What?” He asked with a chuckle.

“No.” I managed a little louder.

“Then what can I do for you?” He asked coldly.

“I want to have sex with you again.” I whimpered.

“No you don’t.” He said. He took a sip of wine and added, “You want to get fucked by me. You want to get fucked long, and hard, and deeper then any other man is capable of, and you’ll do anything to make it happen, won’t you?”

My cheeks found a reserve of red somehow, and I closed my eyes with shame as I slowly nodded.

“Well then, rule number one is, you have to tell me why.”

“What?” It was now my turn for the question.

“You have to put it in words, and you have to mean them. Why? Why me?”

I hung my head lower, not meeting his gaze.

“Because you’re really good at it.” I murmured.

“Bullshit. I’m fanfuckingtastic, but that isn’t why.” He was toying with me, that bastard. He sipped his wine playfully and cocked his head.

“Because you have a big thingie.”

“You can do better then that.”

“Because you’re hung like a bull-elephant. Your tremendous horse-cock is the only thing on this earth big enough to make me cum like a horny slut who only wants more. Your dick puts even the best-endowed mule to shame, and your enormous eggs produce enough nut-nectar for me to eat for a week. Becau-“

But he interrupted me, lifting a hand and laughing a little.

“Good. You passed that test. You let go. If you’re going to be my cumslut, you’ve got to let yourself free. At least, when I let you. Are you ready for the rules of this game?”

I nodded, feebly, my outburst felt to have taken a lot out of me…not as much as he took out of me on the night of our date of course, but almost.”

“You are going to seduce other men.” He started. I must have looked disappointed, but he continued anyway. “You will attempt to select the best endowed that you can find. For each one who has less size then me, I will punish you for daring to stray for an inferior stud. I may have my way with you, but it will be on my terms, always.”

I scowled. Still he barged through.

“If you can find anyone bigger, then you can have me on your terms. I hope you can expect to be on my terms for a very long time, perhaps forever.”

“Why should I stray at all?” I asked.

He finished his wine.

“Because I won’t have anything to do with you if you don’t. It’s the only way you’ll get to this.” He gestured a hand, flourishing over his package. I gaped at it, my mouth watering. Even UPS would have found it way too much to handle.

So I was trapped.

“Wait.” I said, “How will I know who is bigger?”

He beamed, standing tall. “I was hoping you’d ask. Of course the visual reference should make it obvious… but just in case,” He tossed something to the floor in front of him with a clang.

It was a monolithic metal ruler.


Firelight flickered around the tall, muscled man.

I found myself on hands and knees, crawling for the measuring stick. Nervously, I clutched it in one curled hand as I straightened up.

I was face to face with his crotch.

He stood with his legs spread, arms behind his back. It was clear the work was to be mine.

My hands shook as I struggled with his fly, but finally the relentless button gave way, and I was quick to lower the zipper.

As Aaron’s pants hit the floor, I feared I might suck all the oxygen from the room. His cock was bound in a dangerously taught jock strap; the mighty organ folded back on itself and filled every inch of the pouch.

Well almost every inch. The super-sized ballsac was hanging as low as the fabric would allow. There were threadbare streaks were the sheer monstrosity of the package had totally eroded the garment.

I caressed my hands up his thighs and caught the straps of the thing, wrenching suddenly downwards to free my prize.

The massive jock flopped out, and his nuts actually bounced slightly as they reached the bottom of his dangling scrotum.

His cock hung way down his leg, the sheer weight of it driving it down the center, favoring neither leg. Gingerly I placed the metal to it.

Nine inches. Soft it was longer then any man I’d seen hard, and would probably rival even the ripest of bananas. It was nine fucking inches soft.

I wrapped a hand around it to lift the colossal club, noting that still soft my fingertips barely touched around it. Hoisting the cock high I placed my other hand beneath his heavy hangers. They overflowed my fingers naturally, and felt in this unbalanced state to weigh as much as a medium cantaloupe. Could they have even more cum stored up in there then last time?

I let his powerful prick drop, and wrapped my left hand around his left, low dangler. I seized the main weapon in my right hand, then started to alternate tugs on each part of him, occasionally switching up my hands to massage the other ostrich egg.

“Harder!” He commanded, and I tugged harder. I popped the top to buttons of my blouse (who has time for unbuttoning?) and dripped the tip of the cockhead into my cleavage, caressing the rest of the shaft. As his hot head danced in my pontoon pocket, I could see the veins practically surging as blood flowed into the mighty organ.

His astronomical meat slipped from my blouse and chucked me on the chin. I moved my head back in shock, only allowing the errant pole to smear its way up my cheek, a trail of thick precum staining the path.

I let the mess be. I had work to do! I leaned my head down, and lapped at the massive mangos, bathing every portion of smooth sac-skin in saliva. By the time I was done, his scrotum fairly reflected my tongue back at me, and I turned my eyes upwards.

Even with him standing, his cockhead came to rest only just below his nipples. I braced myself on his sturdy hips and pulled myself to a crouch. The view into the vast expanse of titflesh I had on display clearly had an effect on him; his cock bobbed as I stood to look it, eyes to eye.

Biting my lip I pulled up the metal ruler to his cock, and gasped.

The cock and the ruler were a perfect match for each other.

Then I noticed something else and my knees buckled.

This was not a twelve-inch ruler… Aaron Black’s gynormous cock was an unbelievable 16 inches long!!!

He laughed as I gasped for breath.

I was on the floor on my butt, staring up at the obelisk’s foot and 1/3 length.

My eyes tried to pop from my head.

My pussy dumped a load of girl-cum into my panties.

My throat clenched.

My mouth watered.

My heart sank! How was I ever going to find a man to top this length, and give me access to Aaron how I wanted him?

Mesmerized I stretched out my tongue for a lick of the shaft…

…And got a hard cuff to the ear instead. I fell back on my hands and tits from the force of the blow.

“Ah ah ah, on my terms, remember?” He chided me.

I looked up at him, my eyes watering slightly, though not as much as my mouth still was.

He wrapped a huge hand around his huge cock. Even his fingers didn’t quite reach around, though they were close.

“Take off your blouse.” He commanded, stroking himself majestically.

Wordlessly I sundered my blouse in half.

“And the bra.” He added.

I arched my back and let loose the front hook, my titanic titties bobbling into view. They don’t sag much by the way…but at FF, you’re bound to get a little hanging action.

This didn’t seem to both Black.

“How big are they?” He asked.

“GG Cups.” I lied. Somehow I just had to be big enough for him… worthy… first time in my life I ever tried to up-play the size of my already huge mammaries.

His second slap was harder then the first, and delivered to my left tit with the back of his hand.

“No.” He said.

I learned quickly not to lie to Aaron Black.

“How big?” He asked.

“Double F. I have them specially made, I swear!” My voice quavered as I righted myself again, the impressive red mark on my bust tingled and stung still.

“Do you think I have enough jizz in these balls to coat them entirely?” He asked.

“Yes!” I gasped instantly.

“Good.” He said. “At least you don’t underestimate me.” He wrapped his hands around his gargantuan gag-stick and started to pump it rhythmically.

He aimed in my general direction at first; just losing himself in the feeling and letting his eyes half close.

His technique was impressive. Both fists pumping and twisting up and down the rod, huge 12-inch strokes that emphasized the endless length he had to work with.

His cream-filled orbs bounced with each flight up and down the cock, gradually tightening more and more to the base of his cock as they readied themselves to part with the load.

“Tell me how this makes you feel!” He demanded as stroked faster.

“Horny!” I said.

“Why?” He asked.

“Because you’re beating off a sex-sausage the size of my arm for my tits. All those thick inches are pumping. God Aaron, you are so much man! You make every other man I’ve seemed look like a little boy by comparison. Fuck, you make the worst of them look like little girls. All that cock uhahhhhOHHHH!” I lost my words in an orgiastic moan as I closed my eyes and arched my back.

I used my arms and hands to cradle my awesome tits, lifting them for him to aim, offering my most womanly part to his most manly.

His first shot was so thick you could have cut it with a knife. Hot, splattery chunks of sperm exploded into my upper chest, the remnants dripping down in thick streaks to run over my boobs.

The second and third shot were each dedicated to a breast, the left getting a shot to the underside which splashed up and over, the right getting a massive nut butter blast to the nipple.

His fourth shot streamed for what felt like ten seconds, liberally hosing down my cleavage with man-bleach. I held the pool that formed there steady.

His fifth and sixth shots made an X across my whole chest.

He jerked up on the seventh shot; it hit my neck and splashed across both shoulders.

His eighth hit my right eye, closing it into a cum-slutty wink.

He pumped a few times and hefted his heavy balls, caressing them for the ninth and final shot. He coaxed out what seemed like the biggest shot yet, streaming and splashing a torrent dead between my eyes.

I stuck out my tongue to catch a drop, but his raised hand made me think better of it and I reared back a little.

He threw me my shit.

“That’s just about enough time he said.” He pointed to a high window. “It’s stopped raining. You can go home like that.”

I started to stammer some protest.

“Put on your blouse.” He cut me off. I did as I was told, rich cream soaking the garment through more dramatically then the storm had.

“Now walk home.” He said, pointing for the door.

“My car is parked at the bottom of the hi—“

“I said, walk home.”

I did as I was told, covered in white, and blushing red.

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