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The Next Day

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The two of them slept in. It had been a late night, and the day promised to stretch out before them. The extra sleep would do them both good. And the bliss of laying wrapped in each other’s arms had its own attraction that was difficult to overcome. Tim opened a bleary eye to look at the clock and the glowing electric 11:12.

“Amy… you awake yet?” He whispered the words at the back of her head, in a voice just above audible. “Amy?”

There was still no response from the woman in his bed. He reached down to where he could slip into her pussy. He gently slid just his fingertip along the lines of her skin, barely touching the sensitive spots. She turned to open wider, though still seemed lost in her dreams. Tim wondered if she was dreaming the touches he gave her, so he whispered again “Let me take you to a place of unknown passion and glorious sensations. ”

“Mmmmm yes… I’ll follow you anywhere… ” Her voice was distant and soft, reaching the miles between dreaming and waking. Tim pushed a little deeper and found her clit starting to stir beneath its hood. He rubbed it tenderly, up one side and down the other. She began moaning and enjoying the attention with an obvious pleasure.

“Come my flower, my precious rose… open to me… bloom for me. ” His whisper in a French accent nearly started him laughing at his own mischief. Though she did part her legs further and raised her hips to meet his touch. Her eyes flickered beneath the lids, and her chest started rising and falling in a deeper rhythm. He leaned close to her ear and in words softer still he breathed “ready for the rest of your 24 hours?”

Her eyes opened instantly and she spun to face him. It took her a few tries of opening and closing her mouth before the words came out “You sure know how to take a girl form one extreme to the other, don’t you… Sir. ”

“And the extremes are still before us… rise and shine cupcake. ”

Amy rolled out of bed and stood in her slave position at the foot of the bed. “How may I best please you this morning, Sir?”

“I think we both need a shower… I’m useless in the morning without one. ”

Tim got out of bed and lead Amy by the hand to the bathroom. It was rather large, almost twice the size of any she had ever seen. The shower itself was a large tiled corner with two edges walled off with ascending glass bricks. It recessed in the floor about half a foot, and had a locker room shower in the middle; a seven-foot pole with a three foot ring at the top. As Tim adjust the knob, the ring began to shoot water down upon them.

Leading her to stand next to the shower pole, Tim then produced a pair of cuffs, and her secured he to the metal tube, unable to move escape the room or the water. Amy closed her eyes and enjoyed the heavy rain of the shower, the warm water whisking away the last remnants of the sweat and bubbles from last night. Tim started to lather soap on her shoulders and she gave herself over to the experience. The joy of having him rub the slick suds over her form was both relaxing and exhilarating at the same time.

Her revelry was broken when he leaned her forward and she heard another click. Amy tried to stand but found she was attached to something that prevented her from standing up again. Here she was, bent at the waist, exposed to Tim completely and no way to hide herself. Though he had seen her, and even had the toys in her last night, the feeling was different… more helpless, more vulnerable. He had captured her in a moment of unguarded relaxation and suddenly thrown her into openness she hadn’t known. The anticipation and waiting for him built in the few second since she heard the click.

She could hear him walk away, and she turned to see his bare ass wander back to his room. He returned with a small box that he brought into the shower with him. He held it so she could see the contents, a large purple dildo, nearly 10 inches long and very thick, a tube of lube, and a string of beads… each larger than the next.

The water was still falling and coursing around her, as he opened the tube and began to apply the lubricant to her pussy and ass. She could feel the difference between gel and water… the gel being colder, slicker, not moving as the water did. She held her breath, as she looked at the two toys, and then glanced over at Tim’s now erect cock, water splashing around it, causing it to glisten. She wondered what would go where and would he finally fuck her like she wanted.

He leaned over her, wrapping his arm around her waist as he positioned the phony phallus at her opened lips. He touched the tip to her flesh, and she flinched. He adjusted to align it properly, and now Amy could flex her hips and allow the plastic to enter, pressing against her walls, stretching her as it slides in. She gasped as she was filled gradually and slowly. He finally had more in her than she herself though capable of accepting, and she panted, as she was amazed at how full she felt. It was then that she realized that Tim hadn’t spoken a word since entering the shower… his silence eerily uncomfortable.

“Tim? Tim?” Her voice trembled and echoed off the walls. He merely pressed a finger to her lips and then traced it along her neck to her shoulders and hips. The others joined his fingertip, then his palm was flat on her ass. He gently spread the mounds apart and laid the string of beads on the edge of her opening. She could feel him positioning himself behind her, and placing his cock against the bead. He presses against her, pushing the bead in as he pops in behind her. She gasped roughly as he slid out, but then he again lined up a bead and tenderly inserted it with his member. After the third bead, she was more relaxed at the process and she could take them in more quickly. All total she counted six beads, but she wondered how many total there were.

She lifted her face, craning back to let the water splash her face. She needed the reminder of where she was and what she was doing. She loved the feel of him being inside her ass. And now with beads and dildo in both holes, she anticipated him moving around to stick himself in her mouth. Instead he quickly pulled the dildo out, causing her to draw in a deep breath, feeling suddenly empty, then she felt him slide his cock in, with equally speed and lack of delicacy. She could feel the difference, he was not nearly the size of the oversized toy, but his entrance made a more impacting sensation. He was warm where it was cold. He was pulsing, subtly, not vibrating or moving, but she could feel his pulse, his heartbeat even in the vein of his cock. She felt his hips placed squarely against her cheeks, his hands at her hips, his feet brushed against her own.

He held still within her for a moment, as if gathering his concentration. Shifting his weight, she felt the movement exaggerated within her. Then in small twitches at first, he began moving in and out. The sound of the water drowning out their breathing, the random splashes the only sound she heard. A few seconds and his movements had increased into more of the fucking she had longed for. She moaned, and tried squeezing his shaft with her muscles. As she did so, she found she was squeezing the beads in her ass, which sent ripples of excitement colliding between the two holes and cascading outwards through the rest of her body.

Finally she called out “oh god!” no longer able to keep silent. Tim responded with his own grunt and began thrusting harder. Both them now gave voice to the feelings of climax and release. Amy felt her body quiver with her orgasm and she grasped the pole to hold herself up. Tim continued thrusting, using all he could to press within her. He too came, and she felt him release inside of her, adding a new heat to her burning walls.

They stood there for the eternity of a few moments, each catching their breath and letting the tension flow away like the water down the drain. Tim eventually fell out of her pussy, and the n he placed one hand on the small of her back. He said hoarsely “I’m going to take the beads out now. ”

Amy was surprised, she had almost forgotten them, and his mention of them made her suddenly aware of their presence again. “Just relax Amy. Let them fall out. ” He was gentle and reassuring keeping the contact of his hand on her back at all times. She felt them exit and the heard the faint pop as each Tim eased each one out at a time. As the last one came out, she breathed a long sigh and just stood, in her bent of over posture trying to compose herself.

“That was for your ‘my ass’ comment last night. Now be careful of your tongue, or we shall have other exercises to train your speech. ” He slapped her butt in a mock spanking not nearly enough force to do anything but make a noise. Then turning the water off he undid the cuffs and helped her stand up right. The towel was soft and gentle as he dried her off. Guiding her back to the bed, he laid her down and lifted the cover over her. “Rest up for a bit. I’m running into town for a while, and shall leave you alone for the afternoon. The only rules are do not open the door, don’t put on clothes and don’t go in the basement. ” She started to drift back to sleep, basking in the afterglow of her climax. The last words she heard were “be a good girl and I’ll bring you back a treat when I return. ”

It was past 1:00 when she woke up. The afternoon sun was outside the window and Amy finally sat up and stretched. She didn’t know when Tim would be back, or what he had planned for her, so she made her back for a regular shower to manage her wild bed hair. She took a moment to dry off then made her way outside to sun. Last night’s game in the hot tub made her realize that his back yard was completely isolated except for passing planes and such. And hell, pilots need a good peek now and again.

After an hour or so of baking, Amy went inside to eat and watch TV. AS she sat down on the couch, she realized how comfortable going without clothes could be. A few music videos, an episode of Real World and Road Rules, later and finally she heard Tim return. He entered with a teasing “Hi honey, I’m home. Were you a good girl?”.

“oh yes… a very good girl. ”

“Excellent… then take this bag into the bedroom and put on only the clothes you find inside. ”

Amy took the bag in a half grab and hurried to the bedroom. She found a short leather mini-skirt and white blouse. A black g-string and stocking were the only things in the bag. She put them on and took a moment to check her look in the mirror. A bit sleazier than she likes, but not whorish… or not obviously whorish. She padded back to him in stocking feet, enjoying the silk that clung to her legs.

“How do I look?” She twirled to show him all the angles.

“Quite nice… quite appropriate for the evening too. ” He then handed her a large box. Knee high stiletto boots, a bolero jacket, and fedora… all of them in black. Amy had them on quickly, and made the outfit complete. Tim stared at her, taking her in, burning the image into his memory. The jacket was just enough to hide the now erect nipples Amy had, aroused by his attention and the stares she was sure to get if she wore this outside.

“Now… Let’s take a little trip. You’ve been cooped up too long today. ” He had a wicked grin as he said it, and she wondered what he had in mind. Amy was a vision in the dark color, with shirt drawing attention to her cleavage. And if she turned too quickly, the jacket would flare and give a glimpse of her nipples. His last box before leading her outside was a small one, with a black velvet choker with silver accents around it. Now they were ready to go.

The drive was just over an hour… but in Tim’s convertible, with the sun setting, the time seemed to merely slip away. They enjoyed the radio, and every time Amy asked what they were doing or where they were going, Tim merely smiled and said it was a secret. They found their way to an adult toy store in the next town. Tim parked around back, and the two of them entered at the side entrance.

Amy was surprised at the store’s interior. It wasn’t the nasty “trench coat and sticky floors” that she imagined. The place was very well lit, all the items in boxes on shelves, a few were out for display, but not demonstration, as the signs clearly stated. She giggled a little to think of someone coming in and saying “Please show me how to use that 15″ dildo” and the sales girl shoving it up his ass.

“Now then… if you behave and do as your told… you can have one of anything you like in this store. IF you don’t, I pick one of what I like to use on you. We’ll be home just in time for either instance. ” Tim had a playful, mischievous tone, hinting that either option would be fun. But she had promised 24 hours of obedience, so she was going to go through with it… and then get Tim back the next time she played. Tim brought her back from the imagining with the encouragement of “Take a few moments to look around. If you find something you like take it over to the counter and ask Tina to hold it for you. Then meet me over by the other corner in 20 minutes. ”

Amy strolled through the aisles of vibes and dildos, but eventually found herself looking at cock rings and other male restraints. The revenge plot for Tim was forming in her mind, and getting him to pay for his own revenge just seemed somehow appropriate. She picked one up and walked it over to the cute blonde girl behind the counter. “Are you Tina?”

“Yes… you must be Amy. ”

“That’s me… will you hold this for me?”

“Sure… oh and by the way, between us girls… whatever he says, don’t be afraid. ”

“What?!?” Amy was in shock that this stranger was in on her secret. What had Tim told her? Did she know she was a slave? Was Tim going to do something with the two of them? The questions raced through her mind in a blur. Amy finally managed to squeeze out “I’m sorry, what did you say?”

“Tim… he said you two have been dating a while and that he had a surprise for you… he was in earlier setting things up. Just go with it and it’ll be great. Oh and I love your outfit. You look great in it. ”

At least Tim had given some kind of cover story other than “she’s my fuck puppet”. And hell, the outfit was even getting stares from women… she must look hotter than she thought. She straightened the jacket, and winked at Tina. “Thank you… ” she felt like she should say something more, but was still wondering what Tina already knew of what was ahead, so she just trailed off. Looking around, she found the corner where Tim was waiting and headed over.

He was standing in front of a dark curtain. As Amy approached, he took her hand and lead her back past it. The hall way was dark, with light barely creeping out of small rooms off to one side. As they past, she could hear loud bass tones thumping behind them, and the distant drowned out voices of cheers and whistles. The suspicions about the outfit and the place began to come together and she trembled at the thought. “Tim! You aren’t going to make me do that are you?”

“DO what?” He kept leading her further down the hall.

“Strip. In front of an audience. ” Her voice cracked on the last part of her statement.

“That was the general idea… but its ok… it’ll be a small audience, and you’ll do fine. ”

“Tim NO! in front of you is one thing, in front of strangers, hell no!”

“You’re backing out? You want another 24 hours to go on the slave clock?”

“No… you didn’t say anything about adding more time… ”

“And you didn’t say anything about backing out. You are my slave and I command you to go out and dance. ”

“Fine! But I’ll have your dick for a pen holder when I’m done. ”

“Fine… so long as it’s a really big pen. ”

Amy merely stuck her tongue out at him as the only response she could muster. She grudgingly followed him into the small waiting room. There was a computer screen with a list of various songs, etc. Tim selected “Leave your hat on” by Joe Cocker and turned to face Amy. “Amy… as your friend… trust me. ” And then he slipped out to make his way out front of the stage.

Again… there was that word “trust”. Tina had said something and now Tim was saying it again. There must be something going on. There’s more to it than she knows. Tim has been good to her so far, and he has been a decent friend. She saw the count down ticker on the monitor flash 5… 4… 3 What the hell… this was a weekend for new adventures anyway.

She heard the first few notes of the song and then burst out from behind the curtain. She didn’t even bother to look out at the audience. She didn’t care. This was her dance now. Not even a dance for Tim or an act of obedience for his stupid game. She was dancing for herself, for her own adventure and heart pounding thrills. This moment was a moment of liberation and freedom, even as part of her slavery.

High deliberate steps as she made her way out to the pole in the center of the small stage. As she strode past, she hooked her fingers around it and swung around quickly. The jacket got the air as she spun and bulged out and away from her chest. Her free hand went to her hat to hold it on as she leaned back. Twice around the pole and then she wiggled as she stepped back toward the curtain. Both hands on the small labels of the jacket and she slid it down her back, pinning her arms back, thrusting her chest out. she felt the cold room air on her exposed skin bringing her nipples to a peak.

She turned around again, facing the black space where the audience sat. She could hear cheers and voices, but nothing registered as words. She did a few steps that moved her in small half twirls. She then let the jacket fall completely and she swung her arms up and out as it left her. Spinning back to face the curtain she reached behind her to undo the skirt. As the zipper opened up, she bent over, and whisked the material away to reveal her proud ass sticking straight up in the air. Her ass was perfect. Her skin a pale ivory that looked as it was as soft as newly spun silk. The g-string hid only her hole, the cheeks glistening in the spotlight. She stood back up and immediately began at the buttons of her shirt.

As each button opened up and the moment of exposing her breasts to the world drew closer, she could feel her heart beating faster. The thrill and excitement was electrifying as she ripped the shirt from her body and tossed it aside. She heard a new eruption of cheers as her boobs caught the light.

The song was nearing the end, and she didn’t want to stop just yet. She knew it would take too long to get the boots off, but she wanted one more wave of cheers and hoots. Without thinking she reached down and yanked the g-string, throwing it into the audience as she did. One last eruption and the song ended and the lights went black. As she was about to go behind the curtain, the house lights came on.

She turned, curious as to why the lights would come up so quickly. She saw only Tim, sitting next to a small panel that controlled the lights. He pressed a button and she heard the eruption of the taped crowd come through the speakers.

“You mean you were the only one here?”

“Told you that you could trust me. ” His smile was a mix of relief and mischief. She could tell that he half regretted putting her through it and yet ecstatic that she had done it.

“You know… if you ever wanted to go professional, you’d be amazing. ”

“Of course… you had any doubt?” Her own excitement was still causing her heart to beat a mile a minute and the thrill made her more confident than she had ever known.

“You ready to go home? It’s nearly 9:00 now and will be 10:00 by the time we get there. ”

She looked around at the empty room that had filled her with so much excitement. With a half smile she said “Yeah… lets go. ”

He tossed her a bag. “You might want to get dressed first. ”

“Oh yeah… thanks. ” He had brought her a pair of sweat pants and a T-shirt. She changed and dressed soon enough and Tina stopped by with the plain brown bag with Amy’s package. Amy and Tim then left through a back door, very near the car, and were soon headed back.

Halfway home, with the moon well in the sky, Tim looked at the clock in the dash. “Hmmm stil 15 minutes. Think you could give me a blow job as we drive?”

“Sure no problem… just promise me two things. ”

“What’s that?”

She winked as she undid his pants. “One… don’t crash. And two, we play again when we get back to your place. ”

“You feel like losing again?”

“No… I want you for 24 hours” and she slipped her lips around his hard shaft for the last fifteen minutes. The only intelligible words he can make were “You’ve got a deal.”

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