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The Meeting

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Chapter 1

Alone, I sat, waiting for her arrival. Six o’clock she had said, but it was already ten past that. “Maybe she’s just running late,” I told myself. “Maybe she’s having trouble finding the place. What is she doesn’t come? Oh, Christ! What if she does!” I drained the vodka in my left hand, considering a third.

It had been three nights since the last telephone call, the second in total. Dianne had sounded better than I had dared hope, that first time a fortnight ago. I could sense the command in her voice, strength in every carefully chosen word. However, there was a tenderness too, a magical warmth and sincerity. It made me ache for her, as had every word she had typed across the ether for the past fourteen months. Well, today was the day! Tonight we would finally meet. Dianne had said that her flight would get in at 5:30. I wish she had let me pick her up. We would already have been together! Probably best this way, though. We both hated airports, that much we knew of each other.

Six-fifteen. I lit a cigarette. “Christ! My second packet today!” Getting dark outside, I turned on the porch light, immediately losing the advantage view of the driveway, lit now by the few remaining rays of autumnal sunlight. “No matter, I’ll see her headlights. Wait! Is that her now?” There was a late model Falcon slowing on the road. I couldn’t quite make out the driver. “No, it’s gone.”

I had never been so nervous in my entire life! It had been fun chatting over the net this past year, but this was so serious! Still, I knew I was hers now. I had been forever. I knew it as much as she did. Why should I have been nervous? We knew as much about each other as any two people possibly could. Anticipation though… I could’ve burst!

Headlights in the drive! “It’s her, it must be.” I saw the shiny metallic black Magna, lit in all its glory. “Yes, it suits her.” I saw her now, as the headlights were switched off. She was finishing a mobile call as I approach the car. She looked at me mid-sentence and beamed a perfect smile, waving as one would to an old familiar friend. The call ended, the motor was silenced, the door opened…


“Jill!” she exclaimed while alighting the vehicle. “It’s sooo good to finally meet you, hon!” She was just a little taller than I had imagined. Perfectly dressed, she wore a black blazer that showed just a hint of the mauve camisole top hidden within. Just above the knee black skirt, black stockings and short heeled, open toed black dress shoes. She was beautiful. We embraced. Long, hard, desperate not to let go. “Oh, Dianne,” I said, tears prominent in my voice; “I can’t believe you’re finally here!”

“I know, hon,” Dianne caressed my hair, sobbing sweetly; “I’m just so glad to be here”

“Come inside, Dianne,” I whispered after a few moments, mindful of a curious neighbor. “Mrs. Dorset across the street will have a heart attack!” The joke lightened the tension. Dianne wiped a tear from my face and we began to collect her things from the car. I mused at the inventory: overnight bag, handbag, a bottle of indeterminate contents wrapped in a Booze Brothers paper bag and one small, loose parcel. A small box, gift wrapped in pink with a black bow. “Not yet!” Dianne proclaimed, snatching the parcel away with a wicked grin.

We made our way through the hallway and into the lounge room, setting her things down on one of two overstuffed club sofas. Brilliant deep-cobalt Sanderson linen; my favorite. “Make yourself at home, love” I said, ushering Dianne to it’s mate, diagonally opposite. Inspecting the contents of the paper bag, my heart skipped just a little. One single bottle of Yellow Glen vintage champagne. One of the very first things I had ever told her, it wasn’t so much that she had brought it, more the fact she had remembered it was my favorite. “You sweetheart!” I exclaimed holding up the bottle as reference to the statement, “Let me get a couple of glasses.” When I returned from the kitchen, the vision before me made my heart melt. There, sitting in my loungeroom, on my favorite sofa was the woman I had never met, but truly loved with all my heart, perched with all the grace and confidence I always knew she had. Dianne looked like she belonged and always had.

Catching myself in such a state of melancholy, I moved toward her and took my place just as I had done hundreds of times before online; at her feet, on the floor, looking up into her eyes. Our online relationship was finally manifesting itself in real life.

“Want some?” I asked, looking up at Dianne and gesturing to the champagne now waiting on the coffee table. “Not yet hon,” came the reply as she guided my shoulders, encouraging me into a kneeling position that faced her directly. Dianne cradled my face in her warm, soft hands. With one hand on her knee and the other lightly touching hers, I looked into my Mistress’ face for the first time. The atmosphere was suddenly electric and I felt a desire growing from deep within. The gaze from her somewhat sad yet piercing brown eyes felt as though it might burn right through me, into my very soul. We just sat there for what seemed an eternity, taking each other in. I felt giddy from her scent; fresh and not unlike sandalwood. Finally I was beginning to truly feel the power she had over me. I was lost. I unconsciously moistened my lips, which did not go unnoticed.

Dianne leaned down toward me, pulling me a little closer still. The moment I had spent so many sleepless nights thinking about was finally upon me. Slowly, ever so slowly, our lips met. The bolt of electricity that hurtled through me made my heart skip. We melted into each other. I felt the tears returning in sympathy of such a beautiful moment. Dianne’s lips were so very soft against my own. I was so totally absorbed by her beauty, her scent, her touch. As I felt her tongue beckoning to mine, I opened my mouth a little wider, receptive to the invitation. Our tongues danced and entwined into their own embrace. It was the single most delicious moment of my life and I never wanted it to end.

Suddenly, Dianne pulled away. Eyes still closed, my hungry mouth tried to follow but found only a void. I opened my eyes to find Dianne sitting back on the sofa, smiling. The smile told me she was pleased, but there was a wicked twinkle in her eye. “So,” she said, matter-of-factly, “How about that drink then?” My response came quickly: “You teasing bitch!” The wickedness spread across Dianne’s face. “You know I like to tease, Winter…” We both burst into laughter and I squeezed her hand.

With drinks poured and cigarettes lit, we began talking. So much to say! We were like two schoolgirls who hadn’t seen each other all summer and needed to catch up. How was the flight, isn’t the plane food terrible, where is your daughter, is this her picture…We talked though the Yellow Glen and dented a bottle of bourbon. All the while, the little pink parcel on the opposite sofa stared at me, daring me to guess it’s contents.

Chapter 2

It was approaching midnight, and while I wanted to just sit and talk forever, staring into those beautiful brown eyes, I knew that any more time and any more bourbon would leave Dianne’s first night with me a let down in memory. I took her glass and set it down next to mine on the coffee table, retired her half smoked cigarette to the ashtray and stood up, taking her hand with me. “C’mon” I said, smiling sweetly. Dianne stood and proceeded to follow me through the lounge toward the hall. “Just a sec, love,” she said, doubling back to retrieve the mysterious parcel, “Can’t forget this!” That wicked grin again!

As I turned on the bedroom light, Dianne audibly gasped. I had gone to great lengths and some expense to impress my Mistress with my femininity. The Elizabethan queen-size four-poster bed had been trimmed with a cream broiderie anglais bed spread that fell to an inch above the floor all around. Six linen half-sized tasseled pillows in alternating dusty pink and deep cream impressed the warmth of the regally engraved headboard. The matching side tables were dressed in small cream table cloths, in matching style to the bedspread. Each featured a single red rose in short, elegant Edwardian crystal vases. The crystal did not match in period, but the error was indiscernible and the desired effect complete. The North facing bay window was draped in delicate cream lace curtains, stunning against the deep dusty-pink walls. These had been pulled aside so as to afford a view of the rear courtyard which was spotlit, showing off the late autumn blaze of maple trees. The room was fit for a princess and that is precisely how I felt in the company of my Mistress.

“Oh, Jill, it’s a gorgeous room…,” Dianne said as she entered. Looking back to me, smiling, she completed her sentence: “I think we’re going to have a lot of fun here, you and I.” She set the parcel on the bed and took her place beside it, kicking off her shoes.

I perfectly understood the semantics of our relationship; ‘Carla’, Dianne’s online name, was the Mistress and I, as ‘Winter’ was her submissive. I had given myself to her completely online, in body, mind and soul. It was my chosen duty to obey her, to respect her and in return she had given me an intimacy I had never before known. My only wish, as I had told her so many times, was to have her wish of me. And she did. Online, we soared. Carla had taken me to new heights of sexual gratification without even a single touch, commanding my hands from thousands of miles away.

But tonight, just tonight, I was Jill and the woman I had loved but never physically known was before me. It was my turn to love her. Slipping off my own shoes, I approached Dianne, who was clearly sizing me up. I had several times pointed out similarities to myself in the various avatars I wore online, but this had been the first time she had laid eyes on me. As she looked at me, I saw her eyes take me in, working their way up from my feet to my face. I paused to let her. I saw her notice how tall I really was, the way my slacks hugged my thighs and told of the suppleness within. Her eyes shifted then to my slender waist and I knew she wanted to hold me there. She continued her study and her eyes rested at my ample bosom, knowing that soon enough it would be naked before her. Finally, her eyes returned to meet mine. With a girlish twirl, I sought her approval. “You like?” Dianne smiled slowly. “Yes baby, very much.” With a curtsy, I thanked her.

Standing now before her, I bent down and kissed her gently on the lips. More confident with the benefit of time spent and the liquor, I encouraged Dianne to lay down, beneath me while half kneeling above her. All the while, still french kissing. It was intoxicating. Dianne sidled further up the bed and turned so that she now lay with her head against the pillows. Needing no further encouragement, I followed, now fully kneeling above her. It seemed just a little odd for me to be in the dominant position, but I needed to redefine the level of intimacy I sought in the real world. Quietly, Dianne knew this and allowed me to proceed, enjoying the attention from her devotee.

I just couldn’t get enough of her face! We kissed long and passionately, breaking only so I might kiss all of it. I offered Dianne hot sweet kisses against her cheek, her neck and her ears, biting softly with just my lips. Dianne had her arms around the back of my neck, pulling me close and caressing me gently. I felt I had so much passion for her and it couldn’t get out fast enough! But I moved slowly, seductively, savoring each moment.

Supporting myself with one hand, kissing Dianne tenderly on her neck, my other hand traced lightly down her face and neck toward her breast. We were both breathing much heavier now, as though to pull each other in by any means. Brushing past her right breast, I slowly began to undo the buttons fastening her blazer. Slowly; one, then two, then three. Lifting myself away, I sat upright on top of Dianne and gently separated the two halves of her blazer, exposing the camisole she wore and her womanly cleavage. It was my turn to feast upon her. I’d dreamt of how Dianne might look, but there’s certainly no clarity like reality. How sexy she looked, her ample bosom heaving with each breath. I caught her gaze, watching me enjoy her. For the first time, it was Dianne waiting for me to act…

Rather clumsily, we got Dianne out of her blazer. It’s never a fluid motion like it is in Hollywood and we laughed at ourselves. Resuming the status quo, with me still half-sitting on top, I decided to be sexy for my Mistress. In a rather coy fashion, I tossed my hair to one side and looked at Dianne with a most demure expression. Slowly, without shifting my gaze, I began to unbutton my own shirt, starting with the sleeves. When Dianne reached up to assist, I gently forced her hands back to rest on my thighs. She understood that she was just to watch for a while. I continued to undress, panting lightly, lips slightly apart, pouting innocently.

I knew Dianne was enjoying the scene. I watched her as she tried to catch a glimpse of what was still hidden.

“Soon, sweet Mistress,” I thought as the last of the buttons gave way. The shirt still in place, just a thin line of my skin showing through, I ran my fingers down my own neck, curling them around until my fingernails came to rest in the center of my breasts. I slowly pulled the shirt apart, exposing a powder-blue full-cup lace bra. Still gazing at Dianne, I lightly traced the circles of my breasts with my fingers, allowing the softest moan to escape my lips. My nipples were already enlarged and I knew she was aroused by their prominence. Unclasping the bra from behind, I allowed it to fall away easily to one side of Dianne. Their I sat, naked from waist up, showing Dianne for the first time that that she already owned. I knew she was staring at my nipples. Large, elongated and hard. My nipples were most definitely a powerhouse of stimulation for me. They protruded the better part of an inch from my areola. A former lover had once nicknamed my nipples antennae. I didn’t go in for naming body parts much though, I just liked to use them. “Touch them,” I invited. Dianne reached one hand up and placed it lightly onto my left breast. The electricity from her touch made me gasp. To Dianne surprise, my nipple grew a little further again under her touch and she pulled away to see the effect. “Oh, sweetheart,” she proclaimed, “you are beautiful.”

With that, Dianne reached her face forward in search of my breast. As she took me in her mouth, gently suckling, I leaned forward, making it easier. “All for you, Mistress,” I whispered under my breath as I cradled her head into my breast, closing my eyes in the wake of this newly found bliss, “all for you…”

Chapter 3

I could have taken that all night! Dianne knew that I liked rough treatment on my nipples and she wasn’t about to disappoint me. “God that’s good, Dianne,” I told her, offering encouragement by grabbing fistfuls of her hair. Dianne sucked me so hard, I thought my nipples might come away in her mouth. The pain was exquisite. She instinctively knew, as only another woman could, when to withdraw and focus on the opposite side. The fire within me was growing rapidly. I began to ache with the desire for more. I was so wet between my legs now that any other circumstance would have been embarrassing. “God, let’s do this!”

I pulled back and knelt between Dianne legs. “Let’s get some of this gear off, shall we?” I was already tugging at her skirt. Dianne accommodated me by undoing the button and lowering the short zip at the side of her skirt. She then raised herself a little from the bed, allowing me to easily pull the skirt away from her legs, from there finding a home next to her blazer, already asleep on the floor. The removal of Dianne’s thigh-length stockings was something else. I’m not sure which one of us enjoyed it more. Over theatricising just a little, I slowly, yet hungrily lowered them, kissing every inch of skin as it was exposed. By the time I had finished the first and returned up for its mate, the scent emanating from between Dianne legs had grown in intensity and there was some obvious moisture on her knickers. I lightly kissed her there. Dianne gasped. “I’ll be back for you,” I informed her sweet smelling cunt and proceeded to kiss my way down Dianne’s other thigh, removing the hosiery as I went.

Left in just her underwear, Dianne looked truly beautiful. I took a moment to admire her body as she lay there with one hand flat across her stomach, the other by her side. She had a satisfied grin on her face and I knew that she was pleased thus far by my performance. I made my way upward again, starting at her knees. Soft, sweet kisses up her inner thigh as Dianne slightly raised and parted her knees, allowing me greater access. Higher still, leaving her in that delicious state of not wanting it to end, yet wanting things to advance. Her skin was so soft and I wanted to eat it all up. I gently nibbled and sucked on that most delicate of skin around her lower bikini line. “Mmmm, that’s nice babe,” whispered Dianne as she ran her fingers through my hair. I began to kiss her through her knickers, hardening my mouth in allowance for the barrier between us. Dianne raised herself a little toward me and I took the opportunity to lower her panties over her hips and down her legs. I noticed that Dianne didn’t trim or shave, but also that she didn’t need to. She was beautiful as she was. Her neat, short pubic hair was considerably darker than the wavy light-brown hair that framed her face and it made me wonder… but only for a second.

Exposed finally to me, Dianne scent was intoxicating. Returning my face to the source, I just kissed her for a few moments. Slow, lingering kisses on and around her clitoris and vagina. Dianne didn’t utter a word, but we both knew she didn’t need to. Her sighs and gasps were instruction enough for anybody in tune enough to read them. Using only my tongue, I began to massage her now hardened clitoris. Slowly and with some pressure, I traced it’s outline around and around. By now I had Dianne’ thighs firmly in my grasp and I felt them tighten.

I moved lower, teasing the entrance to her vagina with the tip of my tongue. She tasted so sweet and I was so very hungry for her. “Oh god, sweetheart,” Dianne voice was louder now, “that’s sooo gooood!” I began flicking my tongue in and out while moving a single finger to her beautiful clit, rubbing it gently. As I felt her begin to tremble I drove my tongue in deeper and rubbed harder…

“Enough!” cried Dianne, “Stop a minute, babe.” As she sat up, she was breathing very hard and trying to regain some composure. She held me around my neck and just breathed for a minute as we sat with our heads resting against each others. She pulled away and we looked into each others eyes. She saw the proud grin on my face that said “See what I can do?”

“That felt great, hon,” she said, still a little breathless. Checking her watch, she quickly added “…and now I want you to do something else for me.”

Dianne cocked her head toward the pink package, now barely teetering on the edge of the bed. “Open it.” Like present time on Christmas day, I jumped up from my kneeling position and sat cross legged on the bed. Taking the small parcel, I fumbled frantically with the ribbon. Finally negotiating it, I ripped the wrapping off and opened the box.

I gasped loudly when I saw the contents, looked at my Mistress and smiled…

Chapter 4

We had done many things together, my Mistress and I, while online. She had introduced me to a completely foreign world of domination and submission. It was a world I knew nothing about before meeting Carla, but one that I secretly wanted to explore. The desire for submissive commitment that I harboured in real life relationships had manifested into ideas I never thought I was capable of. Carla had used various ‘props’ in our online private-room sessions consisting largely of leather and stainless steel items that I had previously abhorred as toys for the mentally deranged. She showed me otherwise; that with care, understanding and above all else, trust, these things could be used to express a beauty that belied their popular reputations.

Three items within the box: a collar, its chain and a pair of nipple clamps. I’d experimented mentally with all these things online and Carla new them to be my favorites amongst her wide array of toys. The collar was made of soft black leather, about an inch in width and studded with gemstones of all colours. It featured a ring at its clasp, undoubtedly used for attaching the short choker style silver chain.

The clover style nipple clamps were nothing short of exquisite jewellry. Concave solid silver flowers with fine petals, fashioned to follow the curvature of the wearers breast. Each petal featured the tiniest, prettiest emeralds I had ever seen. Each of these were encircled with incredibly ornate hand engraving. The intricacy of the iris shutter clamp was reminiscent of Faberge craftsmanship. They were truly a work of art and obviously very valuable. I was later to learn that they were Siamese, crafted in the late thirties, as told by the craftsman’s hallmark on their undersides. Dianne had picked them up from a fringe antique dealer in Sydney during her stop-over en route to me. It had been carefully arranged a week earlier via the Internet.

Clutching my new treasures I threw my arms around her. “Thank you, thank you, thank you!” I squealed, “They’re beautiful!” Dianne hugged me warmly, glad of my happiness. “They’ll be more beautiful on, sweetheart,” she said softly. “Now stand UP!” There was a sudden command in her voice.

Without hesitation, I obeyed and submissively replied: “Yes Mistress.” I knew that the roles were now shifting. I was time for my Mistress to give me a taste of her domination in real life. “Now remove your slacks and panties.” As I did so, Carla replaced her own knickers. She stood up beside me next to the bed and ordered me. “Turn around. Slowly.” As I did her bidding, I knew my Mistress was inspecting me closely.

She approached from behind. Closing in on me, I felt her body against my back. The smooth silk of her camisole was delicious as her breasts pressed into me. I felt her strong hand on my buttocks as she caressed and squeezed them. “Hmmm, nice ass,” she said, in favorable critique, “we’ll use that!” My breathing quickened as I remembered our online ‘use’ of my most rear asset; adventures I’d never yet experienced in real life. Carla knelt to the floor and began kissing my cheeks lightly, in their centers first, but gradually lower and toward the middle where they met. She squeezed my buttocks and separated them a little, providing access to my anus, kissing me lightly closer still to where I really wanted to be kissed. I widened my stance, so as to assist my Mistress to her objective.

Whack! The smarting pain across my backside made me jump. “I didn’t ask you to move, sub!” Carla stood again and looked at me sternly, but I recognized by now the playful glint in her eye. “Yes Mistress, sorry…” I replied, blushing.

“Don’t be sorry, sub, just do as I ask.”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Now on the bed, face up! We haven’t much time.”

“Why not Mistress?”

“You’ll see, my pet. Now wait.”

Carla left the room and I waited, naked, for her return. The clock radio at my dresser told me it was one-fifty. So close to the next hour I wondered if two o’clock meant anything. I followed her progress through the house, listening to every familiar creak of the wooden floorboards underneath the carpet. She had revisited the loungeroom and returned with her overnight bag. She placed this at the foot of the bed and opened it. “Can you guess what I have in here, my love?” she asked without looking at me. “No Mistress?” I replied expectantly. She produced three silk scarves, two navy blue, the other crimson. As she set the bag on the floor, I had more than a fair idea of what was to come.

“Now then, my sweet one,” Carla said matter-of-factly, “tonight is going to be very special for you.” Taking one of the scarves, she fashioned a bandana and set about making a knotted loop in one end. “I have arranged a special treat for you,” she continued, “and I want you to know that my decision to do so had your safety as it’s highest priority.” She took my left wrist and guided my hand through the knot in her bandana. “Yes Mistress,” I responded, “I trust you completely.” I believed the words I said but still an anxious feeling crept over me. Carla kissed me lightly on the lips as she reassured me. “Don’t worry love, it’s all good, I promise you.” She tied the other end of the bandana around the closest bed post at the point where the smooth round wood met it’s squared anchor, a foot above the mattress. “You know that I’ll take good care of you.”

Her dialog was perfectly timed. By the time I understood what she was up to, I was fully restrained. She bound my right wrist in similar fashion to the first. “Tonight, my love, you will experience the true delight of your sleeping desires.” Carla tested the binds for taughtness. Very tight, but not so much to be a distraction. I enjoyed the sensation immensely, vainly struggling a little to show my Mistress she had done well. “And tonight, my love…” But her voice trailed off as she was interrupted by a noise emanating from the hall. It was a soft knocking at the front door. In my predicament, I was horrified at the prospect of visitors, regardless of the hour and the expression on my face told my Mistress of this. Looking at her watch, my Mistress just smiled…

“Perfect timing!” she whispered in delight. “Wait here, my child…” She left the room.

Chapter 5

As Carla went to answer the door, my heart raced. There I was, tied naked to my own bed by a woman I had only just met that night and now there was somebody else at the door. I relaxed a little in the knowledge that she obviously had this well prepared, to the last minute as it seemed.

A new voice, a womans voice. She sounded younger than Carla, perhaps about my own age. I could not make out the words exchanged between them for they were obviously whispering. The front door was closed and I heard them both approach the bedroom. My heart pounded. I suddenly felt very annoyed with my Mistress for forcing me to meet someone under such circumstances. I thought “like, this is going to be great. I’ll just say: don’t mind me, sorry I can’t shake your hand right now”

But then they walked in. First Carla, followed by this newcomer. They immediately took their places at the foot of the bed. The woman was indeed around my own age; mid twenties and was absolutely stunning. Thick red wavy hair that fell about her shoulders, framing her beautiful face of clear, fair complexion. The epitome of peaches and cream. Long dark lashes set off her brilliant green eyes perfectly. She was a heavenly vision and I was immediately attracted to her. It was difficult to assess anything else about her due to the full length cream businessman’s overcoat she wore, save that she wore it well. Very chic.

“Well, Winter,” Carla started, “I’d like you to meet Jade. She will be helping us tonight.” My response came stammered: “Uh, hi Jade.” Jade had not taken her eyes from me since walking into the bedroom. Her steady sweet smile had not shifted in expression, nor had the warmth in her eyes. “Hello Winter,” even her voice was sexy; smooth as silk with a barely discernable Irish accent, “it’s very nice to meet you. Carla’s told me so much about you. I think we’re going to be great friends.” There was a sincerity in both her eyes and voice that relaxed me further. By now I was forgetting my anxiety and playing out possible scenarios at the speed of light in my mind, several of which were more than appealing.

Carla was standing somewhat behind Jade and took the latter in by the shoulders. “So child, do you like what you see?” The question embarrassed me. “Yes Mistress, I do.”

“And my darling Jade,” continued Carla, kissing her neck softly, “do you like what you see?” Jade had still not shifted her gaze from my eyes. The intensity of her stare left me both self conscious and flattered. “Oh yes Mistress, she is everything you told me and more.” Carla was now kissing Jade around her ear. Jade momentarily closed her eyes a couple of times, basking in the pleasure our Mistress was providing her with, yet she continued to gaze at me. She was playing her role well, whatever that was. It was very sexy to have her stare at me while Carla kissed and caressed her. Suddenly, Carla stopped. “Let’s begin then, shall we?”

As if on cue, Jade shifted her attention from me to the floor, in a most demure fashion. The expression sat so well on her face. So incredibly beautiful. Carla now watched my eyes as she slowly released the slip knot at the front of Jades coat. As the double breasted layers unfolded with Sandy’s assistance, I was amazed to discover that Jade was completely naked underneath. I immediately looked and kept looking, unaware of my blatantly dropped jaw. Jade was singularly beautiful. Textbook perfect figure, such very pale creamy skin from head to toe and most definitely a natural redhead. She looked delicious to say the least. Retrospectively, I think that language failed to provide any adjectives appropriate for one as beautiful as Jade.

“You like this, what you see, don’t you sub?” My Mistress was teasing me, it seemed.

“Yes Mistress, very much.”

“And you would like to touch, wouldn’t you?”

“Yes Mistress, I would like to very much.”

Jade continued her demure gaze toward the floor as Carla allowed the coat to fall to the ground. My Mistress then began to caress Jades perfect, flat stomach from behind. “She has lovely skin, doesn’t she sub?”

“Perfect, Mistress”

“And beautiful breasts, sub. I’d bet you’d like to taste them, wouldn’t you?” Carla lightly traced Jades perfect breasts with her fingertips, tweaking her nipples to attention.

“Yes Mistress.” I was now straining at my binds, in a hopeless effort to be closer to these two gorgeous women. I did so want to taste this new beauty before me.

“Well tonight, sub, Jade and I are going to fuck you up! Jade’s going to fuck that sweet asshole of yours like I know you want.” The words shocked me. My Mistress had rarely spoken to me in such fashion and I knew she meant business when she did. “And I’m going to fuck that little cunt of yours till you can’t bear it anymore”

“Oh yes, Mistress!”

“But you will bear it for me, won’t you sub?”

“Yes Mistress,” I was breathing noticeably quicker now. “I will bear it for you.”

Breaking away from Jade, Carla approached me and sat beside me on the bed. Jade followed suit at the opposite side. They both began tracing their fingers lightly across my body; Carla concentrating around my neck, Jade at my breasts. It was a heavenly feeling and my breathing gave my feelings away. Every so often, they would both kiss me softly on my lips. First Carla, then Jade. I took their offerings with great hunger. Oh, the kisses were all too short! I wanted their mouths against mine, our tongues to entwine. They had me on fire, these two and they knew it.

After a few moments, they both leaned across me, above my breasts and kissed. Slow, opened mouth, allowing me to see their tongues meet and dance sweetly. They both now had one of my breasts in their hand, lightly kneading my nipples between thumb and forefinger. It was my first menage a trois and undoubtedly the sexiest moment of my life. The fire between my legs was increasing in intensity and I vainly tugged at my bonds. Between their french kissing and the constant stimulation of my nipples, I couldn’t stand it!

Carla was the first to break. Taking the clamps from the bedside table, she passed one to Jade. “Help me, love.” It was clear to me that Jade and my Mistress had played together before, for they flawlessly mirrored each other in action. Leaning in toward my breasts, they both took me in their mouths. I moaned loudly; very loudly. Flicking my elongated nipples with their tongues, I felt the electricity flash though my body. They sucked and nibbled on me so perfectly, looking into each others eyes. Sweet biting, the pain I so badly craved. I wanted to die now, in perfect bliss! Then, together, they guided my now fully erect nipples though the iris aperture of my new toys. The cold metal made me gasp. Still in unison, my adoring sisters tugged my nipples through with their teeth, guiding the clamps as far down as possible. Snap! Snap! The springed shutters collapsed around me, barely a second apart, sending a sharp pain shooting through my breasts. I gasped. The sensation was electric and I held my breath in shock for a few seconds.

Carla sat up and admired their handiwork. “Thank you, my sweet,” She leant across me and kissed Jade on the cheek. “That’s perfect. Just one more thing and think we’re ready.” She handed the collar to Jade, smiling at me. “I know you want to wear this for me, child.” I was beginning to feel giddy with stimulation and I wanted more. I wanted it all. “Yes Mistress.” Jade slipped one end of the collar under my neck, feeding it around to the other side. Negotiating the end through the buckle, she pulled it just tight enough to be still comfortable and tested the slack by placing two of her fingers between it and my neck. Carla slid the collar around my neck until the o-ring for attaching the chain was in the center of my neck, at the front. She attached the choker and tugged sharply twice, testing the link. It made me blink, but not complain. I could hardly wait for it to be used forcefully. I wanted it hard, badly! The chain was neatly placed between my breasts, extending just below my navel.

“There, child,” Carla said, stepping back to take in this picture, “this is how I want you for me.” It always made me happy to know my Mistress was pleased. “Yes Mistress.” Looking now to Jade, Carla went on. “Pet, go find the kitchen. Bring back what you need.” Jade looked up and smiled. “Yes Mistress.” When she had left the room, Carla’s eyes returned to mine. She smiled sweetly and kissed my cheek softly. “Girl, you’re in for a treat!” I was about to find out how perfectly Carla had matched us.

Chapter 6

I heard noises in the kitchen. Cupboards being opened, pots clanging together. I wasn’t concerned. I was sure that Jade would find whatever it was she was looking for. I was still feeling somewhat euphoric from the last twenty minutes activities. Carla untied one of my wrists and started around the bed toward the second. “What’s happening now, Mistress?” I asked innocently. “Quiet love, all will be clear soon.” She released my other binding. “Turn over, love, face down.” She took the pillows from the bed and lay them neatly on the box seat under the bay window. I completed her instruction without hesitation or comment. Carla returned and proceeded to tie my wrists again, gently tugging each to ensure they were tight. When both restraints had been replaced she sat down beside me and began lightly stroking my back. It was very soothing and I showed my appreciation by sighing softly and closing my eyes.

“Pet, your not nervous, are you?” Carla asked. There was sincerity in her voice.

“I trust you, Mistress”

“Good pet. I know you’re going to enjoy what Jade has for you very much.”

“Thank you, Mistress”

“What for, pet?”

“Just for everything, Mistress.”

“You are sweet, my child.” Carla leant down and kissed my neck softly. I did feel safe now. My disappointment in her actions had long fled and although a little tired now, I was still excited about what was to come.

The next thing I knew was a warm, wet sensation against my shoulders. Jade was sitting on the bed beside me, while Carla was still there, on the opposite side. Jade was sponge bathing me with warm soapy water and a flannel. With the benefit of the wardrobe mirror, I could see that at some point she had visited the linen closet in the bathroom and found the towels too. I must have dozed off for a minute, for I never heard her leave the kitchen. “Lift up a little, pet.” Carla said holding a towel. Difficult as it was under the circumstances, I managed to raise my abdomen a little from the bed. Carla fed the towel under me and with Jade’s help straightened it out. “Good girl,” she said when they were done, “wouldn’t want to spoil this pretty spread.” Jade continued her sponging. Her bedside manner was delightful. Using the flannel, she softly caressed my neck, shoulders, and back, occasionally stopping to rinse in the bowl she had filled and set on the side table. It was delicious; like a soft, warm massage. Her movements were loving and slow. I felt like purring. All the while, Carla stroked my face and my hair.

As Jade ever so slowly worked her way down to my lower back, I felt my desire stirring once more. When she began on my buttocks, I knew it was well and truly there. I felt her gently rub down the center of my cheeks to just above my anus. On the next pass, she almost touched it and I moaned. “See?” I heard Carla say and caught the two of them smiling at each other through the mirror. Jade rinsed again, leaving the flannel much wetter this time. Before making contact with me, I felt several drops of the warm water drip between my cheeks and trickle down to my anus. It felt wonderful. Carla then spread my cheeks apart for Jade. I felt the flannel rub full down the length of the crack and firmly come to rest right on my anus. Jade pressed a little with her fingertip. Oh god, it felt so good and I let them both know. “Ohhhhh!” I moaned. Jade rinsed again and returned a little harder and a little wetter, this time rubbing all around my anus. “Ohhhhh, God!”

Jade returned the flannel to the water and left it there, setting the bowl a little further back, out of harms way. She looked expectantly to Carla who gave her a single nod. Jade then climbed on top of me facing my backside, with her feet against the headboard either side of my head. I quietly thanked God for the mirror as the vision was beautiful. Carla stood up and moved to the foot of the bed to watch. Grabbing my cheeks firmly in her hands, Jade separated me as far as she could. She bent her head forward and began to trace her tongue down the crack of my ass. It was heavenly and I moaned gutturally. Her tongue danced around my anus, not quite making contact. “Oh, yes! Oh, that’s nice!” I whispered loudly. Then sweet Jade did it for me. Her hot tongue pressed straight onto my anus and slid inside. “Oh yessss!” I screamed. I had always loved being touched there and had secretly harbored a strong desire to go this much further. And now, there was no holding this beautiful woman back. Jade drove her tongue in deeper and deeper, breaking only to collect more saliva with each pass. She licked hard and fast all around and on my anus, flicking it in and out. I moaned louder and louder. I felt my clitoris hardening amongst this most intense pleasure. The fire within me was raging out of control.

Carla came around toward my face. As I lay there, rocking with pleasure, she reached under my neck and carefully pulled the choker chain free. She slid the collar round so the chain was properly at back. Jade continued feverishly licking my anus. I hoped she would never stop. As I felt myself approaching orgasm, Carla jerked the chain hard, pulling my head up. “Is this what you wanted bitch!?”

“Yesss Mistress, unhh!”

“And you’re truly my little whore now, aren’t you bitch!?”

“Ahhh, yesss Mistress!”

“And you want more now, don’t you whore!?”

“Yes Mistress, I want more!” I was almost screaming.

Not releasing the strain on the choker, Carla addressed Jade. “Enough Jade! Get my harness.”

“Yes Mistress.” came the reply. Jade stood up and went to Carla’s overnight bag, quickly finding the harness and matching dildo. Carla suddenly dropped the chain, allowing me to collapse completely, panting heavily and shaking from the orgasm that almost was. Carla helped Jade into the harness and fitted the dildo to the front. It was black and large and I idly wondered why the real thing was never that big.

“Up on your knees, sub!” Carla commanded. This proved a little difficult because of my restraints, my close proximity to the headboard and the ecstasy I hadn’t fully recovered from. In the end Jade guided one of my knees forward, providing me a hold with which to lift myself up from. She then took her place behind me and guided the dildo between my legs, rubbing against my now soaking cunt. It felt tame compared to her tongue further back, but good nevertheless and allowed me a little more time to relax my breathing. Carla pulled on my chain again, lifting my head toward her. “I was right about you all along, wasn’t I Winter?”

“Yes Mistress, you were.”

“And I’m right about this too, aren’t I?”

“Oh yes, Mistress.”

“You want this bad, don’t you sub?” Her dialog and the use of the chain were making me stir again. It was almost primal.

“Yes Mistress, I want it bad!”

She knelt on the bed beside us, facing me. She wrapped the chain around her hand until it was only a couple of inches from my neck. Still pulling me up hard, her other hand took mine and together we held the bedpost. Jade had her instrument well and truly slicked now and I felt her withdraw from against my lips. Then I felt the tip of the dildo lightly pressing at my anus. Carla and I looked into each others eyes. She knew this was my first time and I knew she would be there for me. “I give myself to you completely, Mistress.” I stammered, a single tear filling my eye. In my mind this was as much for her as it was for me. “I know love,” she whispered as she leant in to kiss me. Our mouths opened slightly and we found each others tongues. My Mistress was so delicious. My breathing was very jerky in anticipation for what I knew was about to come. Carla continued to kiss me deeply as the pain struck. It was more intense than I had expected and inhaling sharply, I froze. Jade had entered me gently, but suddenly and with easily half of the available length. She stopped and waited for Carla to indicate that it was alright to proceed.

Carla had stopped kissing me and held her face to mine, cheek to cheek. She had relaxed the chain and was now stroking my hair. After what must have been a full minute, I exhaled and breathed again, deeply. Blinking my eyes I looked up at Carla whose expression was half smiling, half inquiring care. “You o.k. love?” she asked. “Uh umm, yes, I think so.” I said, now at least able to consciously consider the pain I was experiencing. My sphincter was on fire! But even as I thought about it, I could feel the pain dissipating. “Yes, I think I’m alright.” I was blustering a little. “That’s o.k. pet. It’s hard at first.” She looked to Jade. “Slow babe, just take it slow.”

I felt Jade move again, out a little this time. There certainly seemed to be more pain than pleasure and I wondered if this was really what I wanted. I winced a little. Carla caught it and asked again. “O.K.?” I laughed a little. “God, they make these things pretty big, don’t they!?” It relaxed the mood greatly. We all laughed and Jade hugged me, one hand around my stomach, the other against my shoulder. She kissed me loudly on the shoulder, proclaiming “You’re a doll, Winter!”

With that, it became easier and I did forget the pain a little. Jade slowly moved into me and out again, each time using more and more length. By the time she was able to use the full length, it actually started to feel satisfying, deeply satisfying. I looked again into the mirror to watch Jade slowly pumping me. She looked so sexy in the leather harness and the image of her fucking me turned me on more. God, it was starting to feel good, really good.

“Fuck!” I thought “This is good!” There was no need to say it aloud. My eyes were closed, my mouth wide open and I was allowing myself to rock back and forth with Jades motion. Carla could see I was beginning to enjoy myself. I opened my eyes again and stared at the mirror. The scene was straight out of my fantasies. Now I could die!

The vision of my submission in the mirror was enough to get me off on it’s own. After all, such a vision had many times before whilst masturbating alone. Jade was such a beautiful woman. Her breasts bounced a little with each stoke and I thought about taking them in my mouth. Her slender waist and hips, seemed incapable of delivering the wrenching treatment I was now loving. Increasing her speed a little, she leant over me as before. This inhibited her movement a little, but the proximity of her breasts and torso against my back was worth it. I was breathing deep and hard in time with her movements. This was truly the most satisfying sexual experience of my life and my head was spinning. Jade moved a hand down my stomach and into my pubic hair. Her fingertips barely against my clitoris, she began to stimulate me further. It sent shocks of electricity straight to my nipples, still constantly stimulated by the clamps. As Jade rubbed me harder, my breathing increased rapidly. She worked her fingers toward my vagina. I felt myself losing control. “Unhh, that’s so good!” I panted. “Yes! Fuck me, fuck me good!” Jade responded with more pressure, slamming against my ass with every long, deep stroke. “Oh yes, yes, yessss!” It was building within me, an intense orgasm. I was vaguely aware that my teeth were clenched and I was digging my fingernails into the bedposts.

Sensing I was about to climax, Carla grabbed the chain and yanked my head up again. Her face against mine, she spoke low, almost growling: “Whose whore are you, bitch!?”

“Ohhh, yours Mistress! Ahhh!” Jade now had two fingers inside my cunt and was raking them up against my inner walls. I ached for it. It felt wild and unbridled. She was pumping me so hard now that I had to push back against her to avoid hitting the headboard.

“Come for me, bitch!” Carla ordered.

“Yes Mistress! I’m going to come! Ohhh!” I was so very, very close. I was shaking uncontrollably.

Carla pressed her mouth against mine, forcing her tongue inside. She passionately kissed me deep, long, dirty. I was being stimulated all over my body. My Mistress’ passion finally sent me over. My body jerked and shook with violent spasms of delight as I experienced the deepest, longest orgasm of my life. “UNHHHH! OHHHH! OHHH GOD!!!” It rocked through my entire body, wave after wave of pure ecstasy.

As Jade pulled out from my anus and relaxed her hand, resting it on my cunt, I collapsed with her on top of me. I was shaking. My breathing was so hard I felt like I might burst. Carla kissed me sweetly on the lips. “Good girl.” she whispered and proceeded to untie my restraints. Jade was tenderly kissing my neck, now holding me lovingly by both shoulders. The relief was immense when my arms were finally allowed to come to rest at my sides. I was totally and utterly spent.

“Thank you,” I breathed, somewhat incoherently, “Thank you both.”

“Anytime, sweet Winter,” Jade whispered, kissing my ear tenderly, “anytime…”

“Sleep now hon,” Carla said softly, accurately assessing my ability to continue, “we’ll play again tomorrow…”

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