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The Making of a Slave

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She started out with such…potential. But then. so did most like her. When he found her, she was a pleasant, successful and popular young woman, just out of college and at the start of a promising career. Candace had always been slightly above average in the looks department and far above average intellectually. She was vivacious and bubbly, with a quirky and endearing kind of personality. Candace came from a good middle class family that had always been warm and supportive of her.

So how had such a lovely young woman turned to the darker side of sexual pleasure? Candace probably couldn’t tell you if you asked, even now. After all, she’d never had any trouble getting dates. She was no super model, but she did have a distinct beauty about her. She was short, about 5’3, curvy but toned, with long dark hair which fell down her back in lovely curls. Her eyes were a very light violet-grey, and her skin was a flawless ivory. Candace had small perky breasts with puffy pink nipples and a tight, round little ass which men adored.

Candace seemed to have it all, the life, the looks, the job. Yet, she’d always felt that something was missing. On the occasion where she let a boyfriend sleep with her, she began to fantasize about him slapping her ass, tits, and face. Then, she imagined her nipples being twisted and tormented, and her clit being pinched. The more deranged her thoughts became, the harder she would cum later in bed when her boyfriend had fallen asleep. So she began exploring her dark desires, on the internet of all places. She told herself it would be fine, no problem at all. She wasn’t actually one of those people who dated internet geeks, but maybe she could learn a thing or two, or find a club or something.

A month after Candace had begun her sexual exploration, she came across a website that catered to people of this lifestyle. On a whim, and after furiously masturbating to one of the stories on the site, Candace placed an ad.

25yo female seeks, well I don’t know what. Maybe guidance is the right word. I am a college graduate, but feel like I need a teacher again. I want to be a submissive, I want to be taken roughly by someone in total control. I’m not sure what my “limits” are, or what I’m into, but I’m open minded and willing to learn. Oh, I am short, petite, with brown hair and grey eyes. Look forward to talking with you.

Candace couldn’t believe this. She was driving across town to meet the man that up until now she had simply known as MasterStoneWill. What a stupid name, she thought. Probably another dirty old man getting his kicks out of naïve young things like me.

She pulled into the parking lot and was immediately impressed. No wonder he had “ordered” her to dress nicely. Well, he had good taste at least. In the restaurant, she gave her name to the hostess and was immediately ushered into the back room, to a table where a distinguished looking older man sat.

“You must be Candace” he said, looking her up and down quite openly.

“Yes, nice to meet you.” Candace reached out to shake his hand. He took it, his grip firm. He caught her eyes, his were cold and brown. She was alarmed at how self assured he appeared, she felt like a nervous wreck.

“Sit down Candace, I’ve ordered already.” She sat opposite him, unnerved by his stare. “Good. My name is Calvin. You may call me by my name in public if you like.”

“Ok, um, thank you?” Candace wasn’t sure how to respond.

“Good girl,” he said, rather amused at her response. “Now, I understand you are relatively new to the lifestyle?”

“Yes.” The waitress brought a bottle of wine and poured them each a glass. Candace took a sip, hoping the wine would take the edge off this meeting.

“That’s fine. I enjoy training new girls. I’d be pleased to take you under my wing. Tonight you will have a choice. When we’ve finished with dinner, you may accompany me to my home for our first session. Or, you may go on your way, and I wish you the best of luck in your journey.”

Candace considered his blunt statement. Clearly, Calvin didn’t waste his time. She was intrigued, she had to admit it. After all, he had such poise, such control. And his selection of wine was damn nice too, she thought. Well, it couldn’t hurt to see where the night led.

During dinner, Calvin won her over. He talked about himself, his successful real estate dealings, his fondness for theater and art, and some of his future aspirations. Candace was also impressed when he questioned her about her own career and dreams. This was the guy she’d dreamed of in her real life, charming and articulate.

As the finely chosen meal was coming to an end, Calvin gazed at Candace. She had a slight glow to her, but did not appear drunk from the wine. She seemed much more at ease, and they had gotten along well.

“I need your decision my dear.” He waited.

“I….well, I don’t know.”

“What don’t you know Candace? Why do you hold back?” His gaze seemed to reach her very soul, penetrating any defenses.

“Well, alright. I’ll go with you. But the safe word…?”

“You can use it anytime, you know that. And feel free to call your friend when we get home, I’m sure you’ve arranged something of the sort?”

“Why, yes I did. How did you know?” She looked at him in wonder.

“I’ve done this a time or two Candace my dear.”

Candace was impressed yet again as she walked into the door of Calvin’s modern palace. The house was immense, secluded in the woods off the edge of town. It was two-story, with a large staircase in the front entrance. Off to the right was the living room, leading into Calvin’s private office. To the left were the kitchen and library, as well as a tiny guest room that looked bare by comparison. Calvin led her across the lush rug covering the large entrance and up the stairs. He showed her several rooms, although she noticed he left the room at the end of the hall out of the tour.

Finally, they arrived in Calvin’s luxurious master bedroom. His four-poster bed was the dominating feature of the room, although dressers, chairs, tables and other gorgeous pieces of furniture were also present. Lovely lamps cast a warm light over the room, and she noted a fireplace off to one side, although it was not going in this summer heat.

Candace felt a hand, soft but firm on the small of her back. She allowed herself to be led to his massive bed, turned down to reveal satin sheets in the shade of ivory, very close to the color of her soft skin.

Calvin swept Candace’s petite form into his arms, lying her down in his warm and comfortable bed. He fell on top of her, planting a gentle kiss on her lips. Instinctively, she kissed him back, wrapping her arms around him.

“Good girl,” he whispered into her ear. He nibbled the lobe, softly at first. She moaned as his bites became harder. He continued this treatment as he moved down the side of her neck.

“I like the sounds you make, they please me.” He stroked her face with his hand.

“Thank you Calvin.” Candace felt like she was dreaming

Abruptly he stopped. “Ahh, you forget so quickly girl. My name is only to be used in public. Here you will call me Sir at all times. I believe we’ve gone over this, have we not?”

“Yes sir. I’m sorry. I just got caught up in the moment.” Candace couldn’t believe the crushing sadness she felt at the thought of disappointing him

“Of course you did, but that’s no excuse for mistakes.”

“No sir.”

“Well, I see we’ll be starting this evening a bit differently then I’d planned. It should be interesting.” He got up, but not before Candace noticed the cold gleam in his eyes.

He stood and watched her for a brief moment, allowing the anticipation to build. When he spoke, she flinched. “I have plenty of toys I could use on you girl, plenty of interesting and amusing ways to make you suffer and squirm. However, tonight being our first session together, I feel like just using my hands.” That cold gleam was in his eyes again as he moved quickly towards her, flipping her onto her stomach with ease. Roughly, he pushed her dress up to her waist, taking a pause to admire the slinky black panties she wore.

“Ah, look at this. So, you were planning on acting the slut for me already? That’s good, girl, very good.” Candace bristled at his idea of a compliment, but said nothing. She had asked him to dominate her in emails and phone calls repeatedly, hadn’t she?

Calvin rubbed her firm ass through her panties for a bit, loving the tight round feel of it. He then told her to lift up. She did and he slipped the panties down to her ankles.

“On your hands and knees, you presumptuous bitch, NOW!” Candace quickly obeyed, her head hung down in shame. “Head up, girl! Now, I am going to give you ten swats for your total lack of respect. Count them out and thank me. Forget to address me as Sir again, and I will indeed be showing you some of my toys.”

Candace bit her lip. She was so embarrassed; this man who had just taken her out to a fine dinner had her exposed on his bed. She was about to let him slap her ass like a child. Oddly enough, she could feel herself becoming aroused…

Smack, a solid blow landed on her right cheek. “One, thank you Sir.”

He’d hurt her, but not badly. She was so excited it almost felt good.. As two, three, four and five fell on her ass, the pushed back into his hand unconsciously.

“I think you enjoy this too much, you are such a little pain slut,” Calvin commented. “Alright, girl, if it’s pain you want, I’m happy to oblige.”

Before bringing his hand down again, Calvin admired her pale skin, and how quickly it had warmed and reddened with his harsh touch.

SMACK, he brought his hand down suddenly, leaving a burning handprint on her left check. “Six, owww thank you Sir!”

SMACK, “Seven, thank you ahhhhhh Sir!” Tears began to form in Candace’s grey eyes. SMACK “Eight, ah, ouch thank you Sir!”. Her tears began to fall down onto the pillow.

SMACK! “Nine, mmmmmphhhhh, ahhhhhh. Thank you, Sir!” Her body seemed to come alive as pain flooded her mind. At the same time, she became absolutely positive she could feel wetness between her legs, and she had the insane desire to beg to be fucked.

SMACK! This one seemed to Candace like a dull, deafening roar. Her whole body was trembling, as she began to sob in earnest. She collapsed onto the bed, her arms and legs shaky and unable to hold her up. She muttered her count and her thanks in tearful wails.

Casually, Calvin flipped her onto her back. He slapped her right inner thigh, hard. “Open, girl.” Her legs immediately spread for him.

Without warning, Calvin stuck a finger deep into her shaved pussy. “Ahhh, yes!” she moaned, arching her back to take in his probing finger. He wriggled his finger around, hooking it and pressing upwards.

“You like that, don’t you? You’re dripping wet.”

“Yesssss!” Candace writhed back and forth on the bed, to her surprise feeling close to an orgasm.

“Oh, don’t you even dream of cumming before I give you permission, slut. Now stand up.”

She did, and faced him. Calvin reclined on his bed, allowing himself to take her in completely.

“Strip slowly, make me enjoy it.”

She slipped the spaghetti straps of her dress over her shoulders and down her arms, pausing to tease him before revealing her perky breasts.

“Nice tits,” he commented.

She continued, turning around as she slipped her black dress over her still red ass and let it fall to the floor. She stepped out of the dress, now wearing nothing but her high heels. Candace turned around ever so slowly, allowing him a moment of anticipation before showing him her already aroused little cunt.

“Good show, girl. If you can dance worth a shit I’ll bet I’d make a killing off of you at a strip club.” Candace was shocked at the remark, but quickly dismissed it when she saw the amused look on his face.

Calvin stood and removed his clothes. He sat back down on the bed. “Crawl to me, on your hands and knees.” To her amazement, Candace found herself sliding along the floor, shaking her butt provocatively as she approached him.

“Eyes cast downwards, girl, always. Good. Now, suck my cock, show me if you’re any good.” He opened his legs unceremoniously, but Candace noticed his sizeable member was already rock-hard.

Candace rose to her knees right between his open legs, and took the head of his cock between her lips. She began to lightly suck, twirling her tongue around seductively as she did so.

“Mmmmm, yes, that’s it girl…” She began to push her head back and forth, each time sucking more of him into her mouth. Calvin put a hand at the nape of her neck, grabbing a handful of her dark curls. He began to thrust his huge cock deep into her mouth, roughly fucking her face. He glanced down at the sight of her lips stretched around him and nearly came in her mouth.

“Up girl, ” he said. She stood, and so did he. He pushed her towards the bed, and bent her over it. With no warning at all, Calvin shoved the entire length of his cock into her, encountering no resistance at all due to her excitement. Calvin grabbed ahold of her hips, fucking her savagely.

“Don’t….you….dare….cum….yet!” he grunted as he pounded her pussy harder and harder. Candace loved it, she’d never been used so ruthlessly, it was all she could do not to let the impending orgasm take over. She helped him to bury his cock in her hole by pushing back against it.

Over and over he fucked her, pulling his cock almost all the way out just to fill her up again. He yanked on her hair, pulling her whole body back.

“Ohhh, God, yes! You are such a hot, tight little cunt! Ohhhhhh!” Calvin came deep inside Candace, filling her little pussy. He thrust into her a few more times, letting his cock fully drain into her. He then pulled out and laid down on his huge bed.

“Lie down with me girl, that was amazing.” He patted the spot beside him on the bed, and she settled in beside him immediately.

“Ummm, Sir?” Candace asked tentatively.

“What is it?”

“May I please cum Sir? I need it so badly!”

“Oh, yes, that. Well, why don’t you show me how badly you want it?

“How Sir? I’ll do anything!” Candace meant it too, her whole body felt like it would explode if she didn’t cum soon.

“Hmmm, well, since you’ll do anything, like a good little slave girl…”

She looked at him impatiently.

“Why don’t you move to the foot of the bed and kiss my feet girl. Then maybe I’ll think about letting you cum.”

Candace looked at him, mortified. Being fucked roughly was one thing, but this, no. This was asking too much.

“What Sir? Are you joking?”

“I’m absolutely serious girl. But if cumming for me isn’t worth it to you, I’ll be happy to get you a cab home.” He looked away from her, seemingly losing interest.

“Ummm, Sir, I don’t think…”

“Your job isn’t to think, it’s to please me bitch. Now get to it, or get dressed.”

Later on, Candace would identify this moment as the point of no return. She would turn it over and over in her mind, crying and touching herself, often simultaneously. She knew, looking back, that if she’d refused this request she could have stopped right there, and gone back to her normal and functional life. But no, her pussy was throbbing, begging for an orgasm.

Candace crawled down to the foot of the bed as gracefully as she could, although he wasn’t even watching her. Slowly, she placed a kiss on each of his feet, and looked up at him ashamed.

“I didn’t feel much, use your tongue a little bit. Show me you want it.” Calvin was watching now with much interest. If she does it, he thought, I’ll have her.

She stuck out her tongue, and twirled it around his toes. He noticed a tear trickle down her cheek and smiled sadistically. “Good girl.” He motioned for her to come lay next to him.

“You must have wanted to cum very badly to be such a dirty girl” he whispered in Candace’s ear as he reached down to play with her pussy. “You pleased me tonight, so I am going to play with you and let you cum for me.”

He roughly thumbed her clit, making her moan and squirm. No matter how much Candace moved around, he never took his thumb off her little button. He then slipped a finger into her pussy. It only took a few seconds of this treatment to make her orgasm break finally, as cum shot out of her pussy. This was, without question, the most intense orgasm she’d ever experienced. To her shock and surprise, Calvin continued to bring her to orgasm several more times, until she felt she was too weak to move.

Finally, he let her collapse beside him. “Sleep well, little girl. I’ll see you in the morning.” Calvin got up and turned off the lights in his room before turning in himself. He was thrilled. What a catch, not an ugly duckling, like the ones that usually turned up from these dating sites. Also, so damn compliant and willing to please. He’d been waiting a long time for this, and he couldn’t wait to see how far he could push his newest toy.

To Be Continued…

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