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The Lawnboy

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I’ve developed a real familiarity which Charlie. He was in my class years ago. We stayed friendly. He’s been cutting my lawn for 7 or 8 years now and its no big deal for him to just pop in the house and use the bathroom or raid the fridge for a soda when he’s done doing the lawn. Over the Years I’ve been watching him develop and grow up from a scrawny 10-year-old kid to 6’5” 175lb. Mountain of athletic muscle He’s the blond all-American boy with big broad shoulders.

A young Adonis with sky blue eyes and the world on a platter set out before him. With a handsome knockout smile that puts everyone who ever meets him instantly at ease.

He always comes in the house after finishing the lawn to BS or have a snack. After a while he says he has to head out and then I pay him for the job and off he goes… this has been our routine for years. I have always given him a generous tip. I know he’s usually working towards saving for something he wants. When he was 10 it was a bike at 14 a computer, and at 16 a car.

After his High School graduation the summer drifted by and this was going to be one of the last times Charlie would cut my lawn before this 18 year old embarked on his Ivy League freshman adventure. Several prestigious schools courted him. As an academic and a jock he had success written all over him and everyone seemed to know it.

I end up watching him as he works, his cut-ff shorts a bit too short with holes in the ass. Charlie’s muscular legs were glistening from the sweat of the days work. I catch my breath as he effortlessly lifts off the grass bag to dump it in the compost pile. Every muscle group perfectly defined beneath his tight t-shirt. I touch myself as he removes his shirt and hangs it from his back pocket. He has the smallest patch of hair leading like a trail down his bellybutton to the waistband of his briefs a mysterious bulge is outlined by his tight holey shorts.

I reach into my shorts and begin to rub my hard swollen clit. I gently squeeze it between my fingers as I stroke it. I imagine it’s Charlie’s fingers touching me. I feel him pushing aside my silky black thong to caress me and dip between my soaking wet slit. I bring myself to a quick orgasm imagining what was hidden behind that denim. My nipples tingle and ache at the thought of exploring his body or the thought of his perfect mouth sucking hungrily at my breasts. Coming out of my orgasmic haze I realize I watched him cut the whole lawn. It went by in an instant. And now he’s almost to the door coming into the kitchen as usual. Flushed and hurried I pull my hand out of my pants. The last thing I need is my former student catching me masturbating.

As the screen door opens this handsome man walks into my kitchen. What a revelation to realize that he’s not that little boy anymore. He’s grown into a sizable young man. One I’m sure all the girls line-up to swoon or get his attention. All grown up and a handsome jock cutting lawns for extra cash so he can take his little cheerleaders out for hand jobs. I bet the girls are begging to give this guy blowjobs. I wonder if he’s ever had a decent one? He’s never mentioned any one girl before. There is no one he’s taken a serious interest in at least when I’ve asked.

He comes into the kitchen his usually jolly self and leans on the counter as I pretend to finish the dishes. I can feel my cheeks are still flushed and warm…my dark hair falling into my face as I try to carry on an innocent conversation after bringing myself to excruciating height thinking about this young man. He stands so near me as we chat. I smell the summer sunshine effects on his skin. That musky clean smell that comes from a good days work.

It’s the usual stupid chitchat about his college plans and who it was that he took to the Prom this year. The banter continues to goes back and forth between us. I finish the dishes and get him a sandwich to snack on. As he sits at the kitchen table. Now I see that little boy again sitting there eating a bologna sandwich, I can’t help myself I tousle his hair on the top of his head. He laughs and cracks, “Hey Mrs. P watch the hair… I’m not 10 anymore.” We both laugh but I’m not really paying attention my mind is racing elsewhere….

I debate with myself, “I want this young man…. But would he want some woman 15 years older then him. I’m not that hard on the eyes. Oh, Hell, it’s worth a try. Hubby’s sexual interests have begun to wane. I’m in better shape now than in High school, definitely more flexible and better-experienced…Hey, the worst that could happen is he says no…nothing gained nothing lost.”

I go to get his money. He stands and puts his plate in the sink for me then leans on the counter waiting for his payment. I turn and ask him if it he has change for a $20. He doesn’t …so I explain that I won’t be able to give him his usual tip. I hand him the $20 but my fingers linger in his palm and ask,

“Can I can do something else for a tip this week?” I slide other hand and seductively caress his thigh, “How about a really good blow job instead?” I ask with a sly smile.

He laughs nervously, “heh heh heh…very funny Mrs.P….don’t worry about the tip. You can pay me next week.”

“Aren’t you leaving for college soon? Oh Charlie, I can’t in good conscience let you leave like that…Please let me try and persuade you.”

My hand moves to the lump forming quickly in his cutoffs. I see the look in his eyes…he starts to say no and hesitates. Instead his hands reach for me, He cradles my face and pulls me up to his 6’5” frame for a kiss….

We seem to move in slow motion our tongues dancing and exploring. Each burning kiss elicits whimpers from deep within me. There I such passion in this boys kisses, a need, a fervor I hadn’t felt in years. It feels so good to be wanted.

My hands drift back and massage his ass as he wraps his arms around me. He pulls me in to him harder, grinding my body into his. Stepping back I pick up his shirt and he quickly removes it…I kiss my way down his chest…. he smells like sweat and cut-grass…. whew, that gets me hot. I swirl my tongue around his nipples and work my way to his waistband. Oh following that little hair trail I so eagerly wished to explore before, and now…here I am. My tongue traces down to the front of his shorts. My fingers and hands explore each hole in the fabric of his ratty shorts gently tickling and probing any exposed skin I can find. With my mouth I blow hot air through the front of the fabric of his shorts making his cock strain and his breath quicken. I rub my cheeks on the bulge looking up to make sure he’s watching.

He is shifting uncomfortably. The shorts seem to be way too tight now. He is so hard the tip of his cock is peaking out the bottom of his shorts. I take my tongue so slowly tickle the tip and then kiss it gently.

I undo his shorts its just like I imagined…briefs. I pull down his shorts and they sit at his ankles… I tease him again through the briefs but this time when I blow the air through the fabric the reaction is much more apparent and strong, his groans inflame me…I throb in anticipation of him in my mouth. I suck and blow all along his shaft the thin fabric the only thing between us

He tries in vain to put his hands on my head to lead me…I grab his hands. They are so strong and masculine and tell him to,

“Sit back and enjoy at my pace, Charlie…keep your hands on the counter, lover.”

He chuckles and says, “Yes, Mrs.”

I suck the skin all around his briefs and finally grab the waistband and slowly pull them down. His cock is rock hard and ready. It sticks straight out bobbing and swaying in front of my wanton mouth. I massage his thighs and look up at him as I lick just the tip of his head. He appears to be a well-hung 10inches. And as tall as he is it a perfect height for blowjobs. His breath is shallow and quick. His perfect six-pack quivering with the strain I’ve put on his control. His eyes are half closed but watching my every move. Licking my lips, I begin by wrapping my hot hand around the base of his shaft and lick up the underside to the top lingering to lick that drop of precum that has formed.

“Oooooooohhh my…” is all he is able to say.

I circle along the rim of his head round and round tickling the under edge listening to his groans and smiling to myself. I rub my hot cheeks up one side of his exposed shaft then the other. I kiss the tip of his head…. wrapping my lips around it. Moving my tongue in quick circles. I love to tease when I play. I go lower and explore his balls with my tongue…making him gasp.

Holding his shaft straight out I open my mouth wide and slide my mouth over his cock as far as I can go before allow my burning hot mouth to wrap around his taut flesh…he almost comes from just that. I suck and my tongue dances as I withdraw him…. his moans are so intoxicating my pace is slow and deliberate…. I am milking his cock for this orgasm…it’s going to be tremendous.

I begin to move faster and gently massage his balls. His hands leave the counter I can feel them gingerly combing through my hair trying to lead me without making me stop. He has a tortured hesitant look in his face his mouth is open and he is panting from the exertion. His pelvis thrusting forward furiously trying to help maintain our rhythm. I look up and the edges of my mouth smile a bit. I won’t stop now and now he knows it. The look of hesitation becomes one of total desire. Every time the head of his cock brushes the back of my throat he grunts and groans. Oh how this excites me. I begin to moan myself. I begin to finger my clit as I suck. My pussy is soaked and throbbing from the small orgasms I get while I give him head and now with the help of my hand I am building up an incredible climax trying to match Charlie’s rhythm towards a syncopated orgasm. My moans add extra vibrations up and down his shaft as our pace become more and more furious.

My head is bobbing faster and deeper on Charlie’s cock as my hand strokes and rubs my clit into frenzy. We are so close now. He can hardly stand up from the strain and his knees are beginning to give out. His one hand leave my head to help keep him up on the counter. The other pulls at my head causing me to swallow him deeper just as he releases. I can feel his thighs tighten and his cock seems to momentarily get harder in my mouth for an instant before I feel a pulse that travels across my tongue and up his shaft. I continue to suck slowly and deeply as I feel his hot come hitting the back of my throat and I hold his cock deep in my mouth as he releases over and over and over again. Swallowing I push my orgasm over the peak at the same moment. I whimper and whine as my throbs of pleasure radiate from my clit to every part of my extremities. I gently lick and suck his cock as it softens in my mouth. When I finally do release him from my hungry mouth his legs give out completely and he is now kneeling in front of me breathless on the floor

“Now that…. was an awesome tip!” he laughs quite out of breath. “Mrs. P I’d like to give all my other tips back and trade them in next time.” he jokes.

“I’m not sure if I’m through with you yet, Charlie…I think you may need a tutor…or possibly a mentor. What do you think?”

“I think I’ve been a terrible student and need the guidance of a veteran teacher to get me ready for college…” he says with a wink and that handsome cavalier smile followed by a warm searching kiss.

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