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The German Tutor

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My summer was off to a great start. I had just landed a new job in the computer field in an up and coming company. My prospects had never looks so good. I would be going to Germany in the next few months to live, perhaps for the several years.

I hadn’t really spoken any German for a couple of years, not since I had been there in the Air Force, so my comprehension was less than desirable.

So I pitched to my new employer that a refresher course would be an asset for them as well as myself.

With that agreed upon the company located a qualified tutor for an intensive one to one crash course.

I drove to the address given to me. It turned out to be a nice suburban area with nice homes with pools etc. I pulled into the driveway and hopped out of my car and headed up to the house via the flagstone walk.

Ringing the doorbell I waited for the tutor. I scanned the trim hedges and flowerbeds everything was pristine, but not sterile. It was sort of an English garden type laid down with an eye to detail. Very pretty!

The door swung open and I was greeted by a stunning vision.

“Well, you must be James.” Came this accented lilting voice.

“Ahh,yes!” I muttered as I looked at this beautiful creature.

“Ja das ist gut. Please why don’t you come in.” she offered in accented English.

This Teutonic beauty led me through the foyer into her living room. I must describe her at this point. Gabi, as her name turned out to be, was a young sixtyish woman. She had graying blonde hair that was braided and in a bun on each side of her head. At five feet seven inches tall, she was seven inches shorter than I was. Her figure was magnificent, that is if you like plump older woman and boy I do!

Her full breast must have been 42 DDs and she had at least a 48 inch hipline. Her full meaty buttocks and thighs flowed into strong calves, which were at best advantage in the mules she was wearing.

You know I really wasn’t sure what to expect as a tutor, but this was awesome.

She gestured for me to sit with her on the settee. Her voluptuous figure oozed sexuality and vitality. The light sundress didn’t hide much either as it clung to her torso excentuating each curve.

As we engaged in small talk, where was I from, what did I wish to accomplish with the lessons, my mind thought back to my college days when I was in Nuremburg as a student for a semester. That is where I developed my taste for the full figure Frauen. I had had a long affair with my landlady of 55 years of age when I was only 18 years old. She not only took my virginity and taught me the whys and wherefores of sexuality, she opened the world of high culture, of wine and food, of fine art and of fine attire. Hedwig was a real treasure.

I pulled myself back to the present and continued to relax and enjoy Frau Hoffmann’s company.

We talked about conjugating and adjectives. She made me speak only in German the entire time I was there. Her theory being total emersion is the only way to learn any thing.

After two hours, she fixed us something to eat. Then the grind began again.

I left her home exhausted and with a slight headache from the sheer concentration.

The lessons were from 10AM till 12:30PM. We would stop for something to eat and then continue where we had stopped until 4:30PM.

She was a real taskmistress, however it worked and each day I progressed to a better efficiency.

Gabi had a very musical laugh. More of a high pitch giggle that would rip and cause her round belly to shake. She had a wicked sense of humor too. I’m sure she was aware of the effect she was having on me because many of her jokes had sexual innuendoes. I found out for instance that she that she was a nudist and regularly sunbathed naked in her backyard by the pool. She could walk around her property totally naked because of the high privacy fence.

Many times she would meet me at the front door wearing only a pure white terry cloth robe. Then conduct the entire lesson only clad in the robe. Occasionally she would let the front open and give me a glimpse of her full breast or her inner thigh. Then just as quickly cover up as if nothing had occurred.

One Friday after the lesson was over Gabi opened a chilled bottle of Franken wine. While pouring the wine she asked, “If you have no plans I would like very much to invite you to dinner. Hmmmm?”

“Well sure. That would be great. Thanks!” I replied with a smile.

“Wunderbar! Then that is settled.” Gabi then leaned over the settee to hand me my wine and kissed me every so gently on the cheek. “That would make this old woman very happy.” She added.

In the kitchen Gabi prepared the Shrimp Scampi and a fresh salad. We both split another bottle of wine before dinner was even finished cooking. The atmosphere was a little heady as the wine does what wine does. I turned on the stereo and light jazz filled the air.

As the Scampi was cooking in the oven Gabi turned to me looking me directly in the eyes and asked, “Care to dance?”

“Delighted.” Said I.

We danced cheek to cheek for a few moments then the extraordinary thing happened. Gabi pressed her full bosom into my chest giving her tits a slight grinding motion. My penis reacted immediately and a warm sensation flooded my groin. You can bet it wasn’t just the wine.

The only barrier between us was her thick terrycloth robe. I still had some inhibitions and just held her close as we continued to dance as one.

“Oh, the Scampi!” she cried and ran to the oven to retrieve our meal. “Well all is ok. We eat now. Yes?” She announced.

I never have enjoyed a meal as much as I enjoyed that one. Fun banter, wry humor and this incredibly sexy full figured woman who is old enough to be my mother.

After the dishes had been cleared away Gabi turned to me and said, “Now is a good time for a swim.”

“Yeah sure. But I didn’t bring a swimsuit.”

With that comment Gabi opened the robe and dropped it to the floor. “Who needs that?” Laughing she ran outside shouting, “Last one in is a rotten egg.”

Let me tell you I couldn’t get my clothes off fast enough. “I’m right behind you Gabi.” I hollered back.

The sight of her fat plump ass jiggling as she ran was a sight to behold. I thought, “Well boy tonight should prove real interesting.”

Gabi entered the pool before I did with a large splash. She surfaced and laughed as I dive and swam towards her. We treaded water as we stared at one another. She reached over and yanked my dick, which by now was beginning to harden. I was startled. I didn’t expect that. She then swam away and climbed out of the pool.

I looked up really seeing her fat naked body for the first time. Her tits hug low lying over her round full belly. The nipples were swollen and erect. She had some sags and bags with stretch marks across her abdomen, but damn if it wasn’t inticing. I was particularly attracted to her wide hips, plump thighs and heavy calves. Standing on the poolside with her feet set far apart and her hands on each hip she actually wiggled her cunt at me. Again with the laugh she strolled away, grabbed a towel and began to dry off. I climbed out and silently she handed me a towel and then sauntered back into the house.

As I dried myself Gabi poured more wine into our empty glasses and then we sat on the sofa at opposite ends.

“Spread your legs Leibling.” She requested. “It has been a long time since I’ve seen a man’s dick let alone a hard one.” Gabi gazed at my stiff cock and examined it in detail. “I’ve always liked an uncircumcised penis it is so natural looking. Like nature intended.” She added in emphasis. She continued to eye my cock as she sipped her wine.

At first I felt awkward, but I relaxed and started to enjoy her attention. I pushed my pelvis further forward and in response Gabi spread her thighs. After putting the soles of her feet together to maximize her exhibitionism she leaned forward slightly and began to fondle my balls with her left hand using her right hand to masturbate herself.

As I shifted my position she stopped me and said, “No it’s ok. I would like to just play with your balls for awhile. You can relax. That is if you do not have another appointment this evening.”

“No Gabi.” I answered softly. “I’m all yours for the rest of the night.”

She smiled at me sweetly and bent over my groin and started to sniff my scrotum. “I have always loved a man’s smell. It is so wonderful.” She continued her olfactory tour of my groin inhaling deeply. Gabi rubbed her nose in the area between my scrotum and anus then started to lick there. Soon she had pushed me onto my back so she could rim my ass.

With my legs over her shoulders I could see her graying head bobbing up and down as she licked. Being on her knees her wide ass stuck straight up into the air affording me a great view. This was a tremendous turn on. So I just laid back and enjoyed the attention.

It was obvious that Gabi was into orally pleasing her partner. She applied her skills by lovingly sucking each of my balls into her mouth. Then she would pull back slightly tickling the testicle with the tip of her tongue while humming. It felt terrific.

This work out had its effect on her too. The aroma of an older woman in heat filled the air. The smell of a mature woman has an earthy organic odor that a younger woman lacks. It was so good that I sucked in the smell very deeply growing hotter as the seconds ticked by.

Gabi stopped licking. Holding my cock by its root, she rubbed the stiff penis over her pursed lips. The pre cum now oozed from the tip. “Hmmmm!” she moaned. And then quickly suck the clear beads of pre cum. “Delicious!” I heard her proclaim.

She paused and slowly righted herself to a sitting position. “ It has been much to long since I’ve had the pleasure of sucking a man’s cock. Would you mind if I requested something?’ She asked arching her eyebrows.

“Well sure what is it?” I asked.

“Ahhh….I would like to see you play with yourself please!” Then she actually blushed.

“No problem Gabi.” I then slowly jacked my cock.

She lay back upon the sofa and watched me. Her veined hand sought out her wet cunt and began to frig herself. She applied an up and down motion to her swollen clit.

I stood up and walked to her side of the sofa so she would have a closer view of my dick. She could see the foreskin work over my reddened glans as I slowly and deliberately masturbated directly in front of her face.

Gabi leaned forward, laid her face on my groin and placed a hand on my buttocks as I continued the show. She closed her eyes and sniffed the man-smell deeply as she frigged herself with more intensity. Her hand slipped into the crack of my ass and she inserted her Middle finger into my asshole slowly rotating the digit. Suddenly she emitted a low moan and then screamed out, “Mein Gott in Himmel!” as the orgasm surged through her wet pussy.

She whimpered softly pressing her face into my pubic hair. “Vielen dank!” Thank you. She whispered then raised herself to stand. Looking into my eyes her breast barely touching my chest she suggested going to her bedroom.

Leading the way to the bedroom I watched that lovely fat ass sway form side to side. After climbing onto the bed Gabi assumed the doggy position. “Now it’s your turn.” She said and then spread her thighs further apart.

I was totally impressed here was this charming matron offering me one of the most beautiful views I had ever had the privilege to see. Wide come fuck me hips. Hips meant to be fucked well and often. So damn beautiful I just had to spend time caressing them and exploring their expanse of fat, heavy flesh.

My hands rubbed and fondled the ample buttocks. They’re Beautiful.” Just slipped out of my mouth..

“Why thank you!” Gabi murmured.

I bent my head down and grazed her labia with the tip of my nose. She emitted a low moan. I continued my exploration softly licking both her Mon and her labia. My tongue glided over her swollen clitoris. Here I stopped and deeply inhaled her musky scent. Now I licked her pussy with all the oral skills I could muster. She pushed her wet cunt over my face as I burrowed into her feminine charms. Soon she was panting and then cried out, “ Oh mein Gott! UHHHhhh!” and then collapsed upon the bed.

I continued to plant little kisses all over her large ass and she caressed my head tossleling my hair.

“I think now I would like you to fuck me Yes?” she asked with Teutonic frankness.

“Yes. I will fuck you my dear Gabi.”

She rolled onto her back, spread her thighs wide and grabbed hold of her ankles.

Her pussy was very fat and pouty. The Mon was a soft cushion covered with graying blonde hair. The pink labia were swollen and moist. Through the parted labia the clit stood out proud and erect. I placed the tip of my cock at the labial opening and watched as I slowly inserted my stiff penis into her womanhood.

There is an intense feeling that is aroused in me when I enter a woman for the first time. I love to see the glans of my penis become engulfed by the labia and then cling to my rigid shaft as I advance my cock. I like to see the labia wrap around my cock as I back out and then just before my glans comes completely out I push myself back into the moistened quim.

Gabi emitted these animal grunting noises as I did the above with her. Releasing her ankles she encircled my torso with her strong legs and dug her nails into my buttocks trying to push me further into her wanton pussy. “Fuck me hard mein Libeling! Fuck me hard!” she screamed as her hips rocked back and forth.

I looked into her clear blue eyes holding her softly lined face lovingly in my hands. “Oh this is too wonderful!” was all I could manage before I felt that pre-cum feeling.

Together as one our pelvis hammered each other. A thrust was met by a counter thrust. Finally the warmth that was surging through my groin be came a portent for the coming orgasm. My balls contracted and then spurted a stream of hot sticky potent cum several tomes into this matronly minx’s hot pussy. Gabi muttered over and over again, Oh…Ohh…Ohh as the wave of orgasm washed over her with full effect.

Then all was quite as these spent lovers basked in the afterglow of mutual satisfaction.

We lay together in her room for the rest of the evening. Quite muted lover-talk, then we made love again. This time it was more deliberate and at a slower pace.

Gabi and I made love several times before I had to leave and go to Germany later that month. We are still close and e-mail each other frequently. And when I return to the states next year, I will see my German tutor for another round of lessons.

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