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The Gardener

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Standing in the doorway, she watched the sweat drip down the gardener’s chest. The tall, muscular man, had stopped beside the mower and wiped his brow off with a well-tanned arm. She waited restlessly for him to notice that she was standing at the door in a cropped T-shirt and a pair of tiny white underwear. She had been trying to get the man’s attention all day.

Caleb shut the mower off. His work was finally finished. Now, he thought, it was time to go give the lonely widow what she was hankering for. It was his playtime and he planned on playing in the widow’s bed. He planned on spending the rest of the afternoon and most of the night too. Pushing the mower back to his truck he rolled it onto the trailer and secured it with ease. Turning then he headed back toward the house. Walking in the front door like he owned it, he flipped the lock on it with a smile. It was definitely playtime.

Alexa gasped as she was pushed down onto her bed. The man had stripped off his shorts and pressed his naked body against hers. Pinning her hands above her head, he pressed open mouthed against her quivering flesh. Reaching down beside the bed he pulled her stockings off the floor. Wrapping her hands in the stocking, he tied the other end to the head board. After she was secured, he walked over to the dresser and pulled another pair of stockings out of her drawer. Turning back around he headed back for the bed. His little widow had a decided kink about being tied up. They seemed to have their hottest sex when she was restrained. She would become a wild thing under him every time. After securing her legs, he stepped back to look at the picture she made. Smiling at her spread eagle form, he turned and headed back toward the kitchen, ignoring her call of protest.

Walking back to the bedroom, he brought a tray of ice cubes with him. He set them down on the stand next to the bed for easy access. Leaning down he kissed her hotly before pulling back.

“Damn, it was hot out today. I think I need something to cool down.” He stated before pulling one to the ice cubes out of the tray. Looking at down at her, he watched a bead of sweat roll down her flat stomach. “Looks like you are hot too. I can fix that.” He said with a grin. Alexa watched as he placed the ice cube in his mouth. She groaned as she felt him pull one of her hard nipples into his mouth. The sharp contrast in heat and ice was enough to drag even a deeper groan out of her. She had a feeling that he was going to drive her absolutely crazy before giving her what she wanted. She knew for certain when he switched to her other breast. After giving both of her nipples equal attention, he lifted his head and smiled.

“Still feel hot?” When she nodded, he grinned devilishly. “I’ll have to work on that.” He whispered before placing a soft kiss on her navel. After briefly exploring it, he slid farther down the bed. When his head was level with her spread legs, he lowered his head.

Alexa gasped when she felt the coolness of the ice and hot wetness of his tongue. When he ran his tongue up her inner thigh, she groaned. He wasn’t going to just drive her crazy, she then decided. No, he was not going to be happy until he had her begging for what he promised. Every time he tied her up, it just seemed to get more and more intense.

“Patience.” He whispered.

“Please…” She whimpered, tugging at her bounds.

“Soon.” He promised as he reached up her naked body to lightly pinch her hard nipples. She gasped as pleasure shot down to her inner thighs. When she finally started to plead with him, he lifted his head.

“Please, Caleb. I’ll do anything.” She moaned.

“Anything?” He said after giving the crease of her leg a slow lick.


“I’ll remember that.” He said with a grin as he buried his face in her fur-covered mound.

“Ah ah ahhhhh.” She squealed as pleasure shot through her. She stiffened when she felt his tongue repeatedly lave her hard little clit. She groaned even louder as she felt the surge of her climax coming. Then he pulled his mouth away.

“Ohhhh, don’t tease me.” She pleaded.

“Who said I was teasing?” He asked before sliding three of his calloused fingers into her yearning hole. Leaning back down he spread her wet pussy lips with his free hand and fluttered the end of his tongue against her clit. Immediately Alexa jerked against her bonds. She panted as pleasure raced through her. This was the reason she loved being tied up. Caleb could do anything he wanted with her body and there wasn’t a damn thing she could do about it.

“You’re almost there, aren’t you, baby?” He teased Pulling his fingers out he ignored her wail of protest. “This is why I tie you up, isn’t it? You love having me tease you endlessly. And when I have your sexy little ass tied up there’s not a damn thing you can do about it.”

“Oh, hell yes.” She panted and watched as he pulled two ice cubes out of the tray. She watched with disbelief as he parted her folds with his free hand. She flinched when she felt the ice cubes against her. She tugged even harder on her bonds when she felt two of his fingers push them inside of her. “Oh my god.” She gasped. “If that doesn’t cool me down, nothing will.”

“We’ll see about that.” He said with an evil grin.

“What are you going to do?” She asked breathlessly. Instead of answering her he pulled her pussy lips open and attacked her throbbing clit. “OH MY GOD!” She screamed. If she had bothered looking down at him, she would have seen the satisfied look on his handsome face. Sealing his mouth tightly to her mound he hummed softly to give her stimulated clit even more pleasure as he stabbed at her hot clit. With his other hand he started slowly thrusting his fingers in and out of her clinging sheath. “Oh I’m gonna cum my ass off!!!” She gasped as she felt the tingle of her release start in her outer thighs. Caleb growled deep in his throat and pulled his mouth away. Blowing gently on her throbbing clit, he smiled. “Damn it Caleb!!!” She yelled as she felt her climax ebb away, just out of reach.

“I bet my baby, wants to cum, doesn’t she?” He teased.

“Oh god, yes.” She panted.

“You know when I finally push you over the edge, I gonna fuck the hell out of your tight little pussy, you know that, don’t you?” He said as he slowly started fingering her again. “I bet you’ll come even harder all over my hard cock.” He groaned as he watched his words push her closer to the edge.

“Oh please, Caleb.” She begged him. ” I need to come so bad.”

“Bad enough to say yes to anything I want?” He asked as his fingers stopped.

“Damn, it yes.” She sobbed as her building climax stopped again.

“All right baby, daddy will give you what you want. Just remember I always collect.” He said before lowering his hot mouth between her spread lips again. She squealed as he pulled her throbbing clit into his mouth and fluttered the tip of tongue against it.

“YES!!!” she screamed as her orgasm approached hard and brutal. Caleb hummed an excited yes against her clit and grabbed her ass with his free hand and pinned her exploding sex against his face. Alexa could do nothing but scream as her release rolled over her explosively. Caleb growled happily as she sagged against her bonds. Scrambling to his knees, Caleb lifted her hips in his hands and slammed all ten inches of his rock hard meat into her spasming depths.

“Christ, you’re so hot.” He groaned. All she could do is squeal as her climax slammed through her even harder. “And so god damn wet.” He grated as he began thrusting in and out her. All she could do was moan happily as her well-hung gardener plowed in and out of her wet troth. “Come again, baby!” He ordered harshly.

“Oh hell, yes!” She moaned as her first multiple orgasm burst over her.

“Yes!” he hissed “Soak my cock.” She thrashed helplessly against her bonds as another peak burst through her. Caleb moaned happily as his cock was gripped tightly by her gripping folds. Leaning down he bite her nipples just hard enough to send her soaring again.

“Jesus Christ, All Mighty.” She screamed. When her flesh finally stopped orgasming, she could do nothing but gasp. Finally she opened her eyes and looked up into Caleb’s face. She could see barely banked desire.

“Are you ready for more?” He asked her softly. Then Alexa realized that he was still rock hard inside of her.

“No, no more.” She gasped.

“I think you are,” He growled as he started to thrust again. Alexa could only wither in her bindings as she felt her flesh respond once again. “Yes, you definitely are.” He said smugly. He kept thrusting until he felt her respond and then stopped.

“Why did you stop?” She gasped.

“Because I can.” He said as he laid lightly on top of her. “I won’t start unless you lay absolutely still. That means no moving.”

“I can’t.” She sobbed.

“Yes you can, baby.” He scolded. “My baby, does everything I ask her. Remember?” He whispered in her ear. Finally Alexa calmed down enough to be still. Caleb smiled wickedly. She wouldn’t be still for long, he predicted as he started to pull out. He stopped just short of his head and left it in her entrance.

“Please.” She whispered hotly. “I want more.”

“Then be still, and I’ll give you everything I got.” He said as he slammed back into her. She managed to keep from moving for about two strokes when it got to her and she thrust her hips back up against him. Immediately he stopped. Crying out she tried to stop moving.

Caleb growled deep in his throat, ten minutes later when he grabbed her withering hips. She had done remarkably well, all considering, but now she was too hot to hold still. Unless he turned the hose on her, nothing but a hard fuck was going to calm his baby down. And he was too hot himself to drag himself away to go and get the hose.

“Caleb, damn it, fuck me hard!!!” She yelled at him, tugging furiously at her bonds.

“What do you say baby?” He whispered naughtily.

“Please, fuck me, daddy!” She begged.

“Yes, baby, I’m gonna fuck you til you can’t walk!” He hissed. Then he started slamming in and out of her. Alexa tensed as the peak loomed nearer and nearer. Reaching under her pillow while he plunged in and out of her, he found the vibrator that he had given her. Switching it on, he thrust it between their bodies and placed it on her clit.

Alexa groaned when she heard her vibrator turn on. Oh no, she through in a daze, he’s gonna use it on me. Tensing she tried to buck him off her. The last time he had used it on her, she had come so hard that it had almost hurt. She didn’t know if she could survive another climax like that. Caleb growled happily as he felt her fight it.

“Go ahead baby, try to fight it. It’s only gonna be that much more intense when it happens.”

“Oh God, Caleb, please don’t.” she pleaded as her peak grew closer and closer.

“Too late.” He hissed as he pressed the head of the vibrator even harder on her clit. “Come!”

“NO!!!! ” She cried out helplessly as she came harder than she had all day.

“Yes, baby, yes.” He yelled thrusting harder. Alexa opened her eyes after she came back down and watched as Caleb continued to pound against her. She could feel another climax coming. She whined. “Quit fighting it.” He ordered as he pounded even deeper. Protesting softly, she pleaded with him. “No!” he told her harshly. “Now wiggle that ass, baby. Cause it’s my turn and daddy’s gonna come.” He panted as his hips flew into overdrive. She squealed and arched up against her bonds, wishing she could wrap her legs around her lover. She went wild as her orgasm started. “That’s it baby, come. Come, right damn now.” He bellowed as his cock started to shoot rope after scalding rope of come into her thrashing body.

“Caleb!!!!” She screamed at the top of her lungs as the pleasure whipped back and peaked again. This time he did nothing but groan happily as his body continued to spew.

Alexa lay happily under Caleb as they tried to catch her breath. She knew she would never get enough for her younger lover. He had a dominant streak a mile wide when they were in bed together. Hopefully he wouldn’t tire of her too soon. But eventually she knew that a younger woman would replace her but she intended to enjoy him as long as it lasted.

“Damn Alexa, that was the best yet.” Caleb said softly as he lifted his head.

“Uh huh.” She agreed.

Reaching down next to the bed after he undid her bonds, Caleb felt for his shorts. “Do you remember promising to do anything I ask, baby?”

“Hmm.” She said sleepily.

“Sweetheart, look at me.” He whispered. Opening her eyes she realized that he was kneeling next to the bed. And in his hand was a small jeweler’s box. “Alexa, will you marry me?” Alexa’s mouth gasped open in surprise. “Remember, you said yes to anything I wanted. And what I want is you.” He coaxed.

“But you’ll want a younger girl one day-” she protested.

“I want YOU. End of story. Now tell me yes damn it.” He all but growled. Looking down at him, Alexa saw the conviction in his eyes and decided that she would take a chance.

“Yes, Caleb.” Came the soft reply

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