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The First Time

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Penny sat drinking her cup of tea in the quaint little cafe. She kept glancing to the window, looking for the man she was waiting to meet for the first time, but all she saw was the bustling market square in this, normally, sleepy village. It was a very picturesque setting for what she hoped would be a perfect first meeting.

The man she was waiting for had suggested this place and she felt her heart go out to him for his choice. The setting was perfect. He knew her so well even though they had only talked via the computer and, more recently, by telephone. Her friend had called her mad for going off to meet someone she didn’t know. She actually felt a bit crazy for allowing herself to fall head over heels in love with someone she had never met in the flesh. But she just couldn’t help herself, probably because the spark between them had become a raging inferno of anticipation for both of them. The man who would be her Master had professed his feelings to her, unashamedly and without embarrassment, which she found both intoxicating and refreshing in a man.

Her mind was wandering now, re-reading the mails he had sent her, more so the erotic stories he had written especially for her, the ones that had gotten under her skin and shocked her that anyone could be so intuitive about her and her fantasies. How she had been turned on by them, how guilty she had felt when compelled to masturbate while reading them, her self-induced orgasms ripping through her as she read them, over and over until she was sated. When he had telephoned her and asked her had she enjoyed playing with herself after reading the stories, she had almost died of embarrassment. But he had talked to her and explained how she should never feel guilty for enjoying her own sexuality, telling her that it was a gift, and that he was flattered and pleased that she had found his writing so erotic as to have had such an effect on her.

She was lost in her dreams now, her eyes seeing another place, a fantasy in her mind where Tony arrived and simply swept her off her feet and took her with him to his room, where he would take her and use her, free her mind, bring her exquisite pleasure and totally fulfil her. She blushed as she realised she was becoming turned on. She could feel her nipples hardening under her silk blouse, the tips gently brushing the soft material as she moved, bringing a lovely tingling sensation to her down below. Down below. With a low groan she shifted her weight in her chair as her pussy tingled, the feeling spreading through her.

“Oh my god,” she thought to herself, “Get a grip on yourself woman or you’ll be ready to jump on him even if he looks like a monkey.”

The thought that flashed through her mind at her joke made her smile and broke her reverie. Then she looked up with a start as she realised there was a man standing in front of her, gazing intently at her blushing face. It was him, she recognised him instantly from his picture and she knew in that moment that she really did want him as his eyes blazed with passion, boring deep into her soul and scorching her beyond salvation.

“Hello my love,” his deep voice resonated inside her head rather than her hearing it. “We meet at last and I must say that your pictures and your description of yourself do you no justice at all. You are beautiful and it is a pleasure to meet you and feast my eyes upon your beauty.”

Penny sat gasping like a fish out of water. His voice and his presence made her feel weak, so weak that she barely managed to stammer her reply in kind.

Tony stooped and took her hand, his lips kissing gently as he let his eyes once again bore into hers. Penny stammered again as she thanked him for the kiss and tried to compliment his gentleman-like conduct. He smiled as he sat opposite her and she melted further, feeling her earlier day dreams welling up inside her again making her whole body seem to tremble with excitement. A small part of her mind was amazed at how this man could make her feel. The rest of her simply wanted him.

He, however, seemed totally calm and in control. Inside he was churning up, his stomach doing cartwheels as his mind fought with his heart and nervous system for control of his body. As always, his mind won, his body obeyed and he brought his thoughts to bear on the beautiful creature before him. When he had approached her in the cafe he had been stunned by her beauty. Next to her he felt plain and common. But he knew he loved her and so he fought with his nerves and brought his Dominant side into the fray to conquer both his nerves and his everyday worries.

He relaxed as he enjoyed the feeling of his Dominant self taking over, almost like he was two people vying for superiority inside his mind. He could see now that she was in awe of him, her eyes gave everything away to him, like windows to her soul. He drank in her every movement, her looks, every last lovely bit of her. He could see she was turned on, her hard nipples dancing freely inside the white blouse he had asked her to wear, a feeling of pleasure running through him as he saw that she had dressed exactly as he asked her to, white silk blouse with no bra, a nice tight black skirt cut to mid thigh, black stockings and high heeled sandals. He noticed she had a black leather jacket draped over the back of her chair, the strap of her handbag just visible over it. She shivered as she realised he had noticed her aroused state. She blushed even more and this realisation, in turn, made her feel even more acutely aware of her needs and feelings.

Tony stood and walked to the counter, paid for Penny’s tea and beckoned her to follow him. She slipped her jacket on against the light breeze which had sprung up to take the heat out of the afternoon, and followed John outside where he took her hand in his and led her to the pub over the road from the cafe.

“You need to relax a bit,” he smiled to her. He was rewarded with a nervous laugh from his woman, and that was how he thought of her already, he was sure of it, she was his now.

“You’re right,” she replied, I’m ready for something stronger than tea.”

With that they plunged into the dimly lit bar and ordered drinks, after which they found a cosy corner and got talking about anything and everything, the alcohol loosening their tongues and their minds as they felt themselves getting closer and closer together.

As their second drinks got low, Tony asked Penny if she would like more. She was shocked when she glanced at her watch, seeing that they had been ensconced there for nearly two hours. It had felt like minutes to her, so much had she enjoyed their conversation.

“No, I’d better not have anymore thanks,” she replied to his question, “I still have to drive home.”

The look in her eye as she spoke the words betrayed her feelings. She wanted nothing more than to spend the night with Tony, in fact the way she felt now she wanted to have him as her Master for the rest of her life, but the serious little part of her mind kept telling her not to be stupid, she didn’t know him, they hadn’t even done anything together yet, he might be useless in bed or a useless Dominant. But that voice in her mind was frozen as he once again let his eyes bore into hers as he spoke in that lovely, low tone that made her blood rush.

“You don’t have to leave, I have a room booked in a local hotel. I wasn’t presuming anything of you, I just didn’t want to drive all the way back tonight. But now I know I would love to have you as mine, my submissive, my slut. I want to take you back and strip you naked, put you across my knee and give you your first ever spank. I want to make you fly, to give you the pleasure you deserve. I need you and want you. Will you be mine? Will you come with me and obey me?”

Penny was frozen, her mind reeling, her whole body was on fire, her skin was tingling as she let every word he had uttered replay in her mind. Strip me? Spank me? Make me his? A slut? A submissive? Flying? Pleasure? Oh god yes I’ll be his she screamed in her head. But all she could manage to reply to him was to meekly nod her head and to blush a gorgeous deep crimson. The blush made Tony’s blood boil inside him. He was so mad about this woman, he loved everything about her and felt that he had known her all his life and yet still knew nothing about her. A wonderful paradox. He would have to be careful she didn’t drive him crazy.

Arm in arm they strolled to the hotel, nothing more than a large pub on the edge of the village but with a certain homely charm to it. With hardly a glance at the check in desk, Tony led her upstairs and to his room. Penny, for her part was glad that she was arm in arm with him because she was sure her legs would have given way without him to lean on, she felt so nervous, almost scared, but oh so excited. She could no more back out of this now than she could stop breathing. It was her desire, a need deep inside her, a need created by this man holding her, a need which was threatening to burst out of her soon as she felt so aroused. Every fibre of her being crackled with tension, every part of her feminine nature demanded that she surrender herself to Tony, to have him give her everything she had wanted to try for so long. Her mind came back to the present as she heard the key click into the lock of the door to his room, the light momentarily blinding her as Tony switched the light on and led her inside.

He took her coat and hung it up next to his own then he turned the low, bedside lamps on before switching off the brighter overhead lights.

“Make yourself at home my love,” He said as he lit some scented candles on top of the drawers and the bedside units.

Penny seated herself on the edge of the bed, her legs demurely together, her hands folded self-consciously across herself. Tony stood in front of her, extending his hand to her. She took it as her eyes gazed up at his, almost pleading. She knew she wanted everything he had told her would happen, but she was scared now, more afraid of her own reaction than anything else. Tony pulled her up from the bed, gently turning her from him so she was stood in front of him but with her back to him. His arms came around her, hugging her close.

It felt so good for both of them, so right. Her head turned, her face leaning up to him, beseeching him. He leaned in closer and reached down, his lips crushing hers as he kissed her, gently at first, but then with a ferocity and passion that shattered her self control and silenced the little voice in the back of her mind. She loved Tony, of that there was no doubt, but oh god how she wanted him as well, needed him to just throw her naked on the bed and use her. As her thoughts were rampaging through her mind though, Tony broke the kiss and told her to stand straight. Her mind didn’t register his order immediately, but when he growled it into her ear she found herself stood to attention and waiting his pleasure.

His hands were in her blonde hair, savouring every touch of the long tresses flowing over his fingers. Ripples of delight danced up and down her spine at his touch, her shoulders twitching with the pleasure of it all. Then she felt something else and before she knew it she was blindfolded, her hands reaching up instinctively to remove it until his hands took control and stopped her.

“You will not touch the blindfold at all my girl,” he whispered to her, his mouth against her ear, his lips darting soft kisses onto her neck and ear lobes, making her shiver more.

She obeyed and from that moment was his submissive, her obedience sealing their pact. His hands stroked softly over the silk of her blouse, stroking her skin through it but always stopping before they reached her nipples, those most sensitive of parts which were now crying out to be touched. But he teased her, building up her need and desire, he was in control of her now in every way. Slowly, as his hands continued their torturous way across her body, they unfastened buttons on her blouse along with the catch and zip on her skirt. Without her being aware, he was soon sliding the silk from her shoulders and completely off her, revealing her breasts with their wonderfully erect nipples to his adoring gaze. He laid the blouse over the chair and then helped her step out of her skirt which had now fallen to the floor at her feet.

Tony gasped as he drank in her beauty. Here she was, the woman of his dreams, naked and submissive to him, clad only in high heels and black lace top stockings, every inch of her skin so soft and silky, the black stockings and shoes just helping to add an air of sheer sexuality to her. He realised he was hard inside his trousers, He wanted her more than he had ever wanted anything. But his self control worked. This wasn’t about him now, this was for Penny, his need becoming more to pleasure her, to free her mind and soul, to see her fly.

His concentration became immense. She couldn’t see him but his face was a mask of studiousness as his every move elicited moans and whimpers of ecstasy from his slut. Yes his slut. The way she moved and begged wordlessly for his touch made her so. Her mind was fixed on his every movement on her skin. He teased her on and on as she swayed on her feet, her body burning as his touch took her higher and closer to the edge. And yet he had not touched her most sensitive parts. No matter how she moved she could not get him to touch those places she most needed him to touch. He avoided her nipples and her pussy easily, intent on teasing her further.

He left no other part of her untouched, exploring every inch of her in his quest. Her legs were shaking now so Tony guided her to sit on the edge of the bed as he raised first one of her feet, then the other, to remove her shoes and stockings. As much as he enjoyed her clad in them he now needed her naked. He pushed her back onto the bed and spread-eagled her, her body complying meekly with his demands, her mind belonging to his now. She was lost in him. His hands stroked everywhere, behind her knees as her legs raised up, the soles of her feet which made her arch her back, this movement giving him the chance to stroke her sides to greatest effect. She was supercharged now, electricity coursing through her every fibre, her body demanding that he touch her nipples, her pussy, her ass. Then his hands rolled her onto her front, his legs settling astride hers, she was dimly aware that he was naked now but not remembering when he had removed his clothes.

Then the cold oil dripped on her back, making her cry out and arch her back in agony and ecstasy. A shiver ripped up and down her back but he settled her, his hands taking control of her, pushing her down firmly on her belly as he proceeded to rub the oil into her back, his strong fingers massaging all the tension from her overwrought muscles, totally soothing away the knots which had formed during her sexual build up. On and on, the oil was smoothed into her, her back, her arms, buttocks, legs, feet. She could feel herself drifting away on waves of bliss as this man led her ever onwards.

She became vaguely aware that she was awake. Her eyes flicked open to see Tony sat next to the bed, his gaze intent upon her. She realised with some embarrassment that she must have fallen asleep as he had massaged her. She began to cringe inwardly but was halted by his smile.

“How do you feel now my darling?” he asked of her.

Penny took a minute to explore her feelings, at last coming to the conclusion that she felt absolutely wonderful. She realised she had been covered up and now she was feeling warm. Her mind was still away though, she could only watch, mesmerised as Tony approached and pulled the covers away to reveal her naked body again. He helped her up and then he sat down in the chair again. Penny stood naked in front of him as he gazed adoringly at her beautiful body with its shaven pussy and pert breasts, large dark nipples and flat stomach.

“It’s time,” is all he said as he gently pulled her down over his knee.

She went over him willingly and with a feeling of freedom. Here was what he had meant, true freedom, total submission to his will. Once she was settled he let his hands roam freely over her again, eliciting the same response from her, more groans and whimpers, the same thrusting of her hips as her desires grew strong and urgent once more. But his hands were now concentrating on her ass more and more. She knew her spanking was upon her and she needed it so badly. She almost laughed at the realisation that she wanted this so much, the thing she had been so nervous about.

“Spank me please Sir,” she whispered as his hands carried in their gentle warming of her ass cheeks.

“I can’t hear you slut,” came his reply, “Say it louder.”

“Spank me please Sir,” she tried, her voice louder but still not loud enough for him to do as she asked.

“You’ll only get what you desire when you allow yourself to beg me for it properly. Be my slut, Beg for what you want from me.”

“Oh Master, please spank me,” she almost wailed, her frustration growing as his hands just kept up the stroking.

“Spank me please, Master, spank me, I’m begging you,” louder now, “Pleeeaaasse, SPANK ME,” a shout, her need let loose, a smile on his lips as she cried out,


As she cried out the last of her plea his hand came down on her. Crack, a firm stinging smack sending a lance of both pain and pleasure right through her, making her head spin with the intensity of it. Closely followed by another, and another. Every smack sending her crashing out of control, her mind reeling, lost among the stars, her body jerking, her pussy flooded and hot. And so it went on, building up, pain increasing, intense spasms racking her deep inside as her body sought its release.

Then it was upon her. The sensations were coursing through her, pain, pleasure, everything making her world spin out of control until he touched her clitoris, one fingertip lightly brushing against it, smoothing her wetness into it. And that was all it took. She shook as a massive orgasm swept through her like a brush fire before a hurricane. She cried out, she fought, but she was no match for his strength. He gathered her up in his arms and took her to his bed, spreading her out, pushing his hard cock into her spasming cunt, feeling her hands urging him into her, her legs wrapped around him, wanting every bit of him inside her urgently. She was dimly aware of a dirty minded slut begging to be fucked, to be used, to be his, and, as another wave of pleasure took her, she realised she was listening to her own voice but this time with no guilt or remorse. He gave her everything she wanted and much more, using her pleasure to feed his own needs, devouring her soul as he took her to heights she could never have imagined possible. Their passion fed them, their lust took them until they were one body, one mind, one soul, orgasm after orgasm searing them both as they tortured themselves in a blissful orgy of freedom and pleasure, both of them set free to enjoy each other and their new found love as Master and slave.

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