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The Farewell Party

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Eventually Alan’s contract came to an end and we decided to move to England. South East Asia was suffering further problems and the tourist industry was dead for the time being. His final contract had been quite large and employed a mixture of Australians, Canadian and a couple more Brits. We had all become good friends over the past eighteen months, spending many nights drinking, either in bars or at our house.

We had bought quite a large place about fifty meters from the beach but our nearest neighbour was nearly a kilometre back toward town.

We decided that as we were leaving we would throw a party for all the crew, local lads and all. The Sunday after the contract was closed, they began arriving at our house. It was to start around noon so we could enjoy an outside meal before dark.

It was a blisteringly hot day and we were all wearing our bikinis or shorts, while the local lads sat fully covered. Some were more outgoing than others but they were still a sombre bunch. Despite my efforts to get them to lighten up they were soon drifting off, leaving only the western mob and their partners behind.

It was around 8:00 p.m. when the last local left and it was still very hot. To be honest it was a slight relief. I am a local girl but I have to behave very differently when my company includes Malaysian men. Westerners don’t brand you like my culture does. So now I could relax a little too.

I actually changed my bikini for one smaller and even though I was wearing a sarong, the guys quickly noticed and insisted on a twirl which I duly gave. There were now seven guys including Alan along with their partners. Things quickly became a bit wild and while the guys stood around chatting and drinking beer, the girls seemed to be trying to strip each other. Occasionally a guy would stroke some girl’s ass, not necessarily his partner’s but we didn’t mind, it was common on our drinking nights to get groped.

Me and a couple of girls decided on a quick swim to cool off but during the water fight my top was pulled off and the catch broken. To hell with it, I thought and I stayed topless. A few minutes later we returned to the house and I had everyone’s attention. The girls were shouting, “Go girl,” the guys laughing and almost all having a feel as I walked past. I was intending to get another top now that I had rejoined the group but Alan asked if I had the guts to stay topless.

“Hell yes!” I screamed.

“So what about finishing the show?” asked Rob an Australian about forty.

“What show?” As I said the words it struck me.

I only had my string bikini bottoms on now; tied each side they would slip off easily but I daren’t do it in front of all these friends. Kris was one of my best friends there. She was married to the Canadian, Glenn. He was a big, tall guy and she was quite small like me. She was much younger than he, Glenn being mid forties while Kris was early twenties and as sexy as hell. There had been some rumours she had a few wild nights with the crew but rumours were common. She was American and a real sweetie. Kris sidled over to me smiling. Slowly she lowered her head and began sucking on my nipple. It was like an electric shock throughout by body. Without realising it I clasped her head as she teased my nipple with her teeth. The group was watching in silence as Kris slipped from nipple to nipple before her hand dropped to my waist.

“Don’t you dare!” I gasped.

But Kris pulled at the bow tying my bikini. I quickly stepped away laughing before she could reach out for the other side. Not much point though, she had managed to pull it open far enough so reveal my mostly shaven pussy to everyone. It took some fumbling before I could get it tied again and there were many calls to take it off, including some from Alan. Kris promised not to do it again and gave me a hug. Some of the guys were still taunting me to strip but I declined.

Everyone seemed to be stroking my ass now, men and women and some were tugging at my knots. Then Tom started. I loved Tom. He was in his early fifties, a Brit and so charming. Around six feet and well built, he had a Malaysian girlfriend while his wife was at home in England. One of Alan’s closest friends; they had worked together many times.

Tom approached me saying, “You know they won’t stop until you show!”

“Tough . . . they can fuck off!” I was a little annoyed at myself for replying so rudely to Tom.

“OK baby . . . sorry!”

“No, I’m sorry Tom. I didn’t mean to shout at you!” I put my arms around him and gave him a squeeze.

“Did you want to see a show as well?”

Tom smiled down at me, “I’ve had a glimpse and it looked delicious, so I don’t mind either way . . . ”

There was a long pause from Tom, but I waited for him to continue. “Hell yes . . . of course I want to see you. I’ve dreamed about you just like every other fucker here.”

His bluntness surprised me a little but his smile softened his words.

“Dreamed of me?” I was flattered and shocked at the admission.

Tom looked around the group for their acknowledgement and a few nodded

“Alan is so lucky; he has an adoring wife and a sex kitten to boot!”

I understood what he was saying now. I was well known in the group for teasing and it had been quite wild on occasions. From making them all Cuban style cigars in a bar to; well other things.

I laughed a little then took Tom’s hand and guided it to my waist. Tom smiled the biggest smile I had ever seen, as his hand tugged at the knots, and my bikini bottom dropped to the ground.

“Da dar . . .” I raised my arms as if in victory.

I gave a little twirl and one guy asked, “Are you staying like that?”

“Why not? Is there any other way you want me?”

I felt such a fool as they all screamed, “Bent over,” and I began to laugh. I walked around naked for some time before I grabbed at Kris and ripped at her clothes until she was naked. The girls were all losing their clothes one by one, only a few stopping at topless.

Alan put his arm around me and gave me a hug, “So what now baby?”

“Don’t know . . . yes I do know!” I screamed.

“Come on guys . . . It’s your turn! Get them out!” I waited but nothing happened.

“You want them out. You get them out!” said a voice.

“OK!” I ran to Alan.

“Come on.” He never objected as I pulled his cock from his trousers.

Then to the next guy, I undid his trousers and freed his tool giving it a little tug as I left for the next guy. I ran from one to another undressing them all as the girls rolled around laughing and each guy waited his turn. I had been taking a feel of each as I slipped them from their garments but after the fourth guy it was Tom. I tugged hard at his clothes to undo his trousers and pushed them down slightly. I slipped my hand inside his underwear and got a shock. His cock was enormous, like a big fat snake it was coiled inside his clothes. I pushed his underwear down and pulled out his giant cock, the biggest I had ever seen at the time, even in pictures. It hung, not fully erect and I couldn’t resist stroking it. I could barely close my fingers around it and I began pulling back on his skin. Tom looked down at me, his smiling face twitching on the back stroke. He was growing, getting much bigger and the full size of this thing was clear to everyone. I couldn’t resist it and I dropped to my knees, his cock rubbing my face as I pulled back on his skin.

“So you wanted a show . . .?” I asked gingerly.

I turned my face to his cock and took as much in my mouth as I could, sucking with all my energy. The group had closed in for a better view and were speechless. The remaining guys had taken out their cocks and were wanking openly. I noticed some guys were finger fucking other women, some with partners, some not. I never noticed Alan walking around with his video camera. I was using two hands to wank Tom, and plunging him deep down my throat.

After a few minutes he shuddered and murmured, “Oh yes!”

It was loud enough to get the attention of those close to us and he began to jerk. I wanted to keep my mouth over him but let him slip out as he jerked again. A small amount of cum seeped from his giant cock, then suddenly he erupted and I took him full in the face. It felt like a shower, a cupful. It seemed never ending, but eventually it did and I fell back; my face and tits covered in his spunk.

Everyone was looking down at me and there was a universal air of disbelief. I went off to clean myself up, while others were still involved. Alan asked if I was OK and I assured him I was.

“One down . . . how many to go?” Alan laughed.

We walked back outside and for a moment watched what everyone else was doing. There were a few couples who were now putting on the entertainment. Tom sat in a chair and he looked knacked. I smiled at him and gave him a little kiss on the cheek.

“My god girl!” he sighed.

“Oh yes!” I grinned.

Two couples had to leave. They had early flights the next day and we had a few long goodbyes. Back outside, only the diehards remained. We stood chatting and drinking until Kris took me by the hands.

“What?” I asked.

“Are you still feeling brave?”

“Brave for what?”

She climbed onto the arm of a chair and pulled me across the other, my face inches from her shaven pussy. Slowly she pressed my face closer and I obliged, lapping at her wet pussy for all to see. Every thing else seemed to stop as they all came to watch us and what I was doing. Kris was whispering to me constantly; saying how some girls couldn’t join in, wrong time of month and all that, while others were just not sluts like me and her, I laughed.

I was leaning on the chair arm, my ass high in the air and Kris was beckoning everyone closer. Apparently Alan waived away an invitation but filmed everything. Another guy didn’t and stepped up behind me. I couldn’t turn to see who, I was just poked and his fat cock pushed inside me. With every stroke I delved deeper into Kris’s body with my tongue. Fuck this felt good, but who was it.

I mumbled to Kris, “Who is it?”

“Does it matter?”

I guess it didn’t because he was trembling now, fucking me hard and fast as his body jerked out of control and my body became flooded with his hot cum. Kris was having an orgasm and flooding my mouth also. My body was shaking so much with excitement that the orgasms were melting into one another.

The guy stepped away and I tried to raise my head curious as to who had just fucked me. A hand was quickly placed on my lower back and I was gently pressed forward again.

“Another?” I gasped.

This was a good sized cock but I knew this was not Alan. He took hold of my hips and pulled me onto his shaft. I could feel his cock pushing against my cervix. This was a strong, hard fuck, not as frantic as the last guy. My mind raced, trying to figure out who he was, whose personality matched this type of fuck. Kris slid from the arm of the chair only to pull me further across. I held onto the chair arm she had sat on for support but my left arm was pulled away. A guy slipped onto the arm beneath me and presented me his cock. I hardly hesitated and took him in my mouth. I couldn’t see who it was but I sucked; always tempted to look and see who it was but never did.

The guy fucking me came, pushing deeper as he injected every drop he could into me. A moment later the guy shot his load in my mouth, filling me so I drooled. I licked every drop as the guy stepped from behind me. I let the guy slip from my mouth and he eased from the chair. Kris reappeared and whispered something incoherent to me.


As yet another cock probed my pussy; I realized what was happening and called out, “No not all of them!”

Nothing was said but the cock slipped inside me and began to thrust, and again a new body replaced Kris and presented his cock for me to suck. I did not object and gave up wondering who it was. The idea that they were all going to fuck me cleared up the mystery of who was doing what.

After those two had filled me with their cum, it was Tom. I knew, as he rubbed his cock against my back. My god he was huge, I screamed as he pushed his cock into me. I was dripping cum down my legs but it was still a battle for him to enter. His thrusts were long and slow and I almost choked on the cock in my mouth.

Tom was fucking me for what seemed like an eternity, having already cum earlier. The guy in my mouth had long since cum and gone. Now I simply clung to the chair arm for support as this huge cock thrust deeper and deeper inside me. Eventually he came and the force of his ejaculation was amazing.

It was quiet, Tom had stepped away and there was a pause. I thought it was over but there was still a hand gently holding me down. They were watching. All stood watching as the cum flooded from my gaping pussy. Then another guy, my god, but I knew this feeling, it was Alan. He was so gentle. I was relaxed as Alan fucked me, it was so comfortable and familiar I forgot about everyone watching. It wasn’t one of his best and he came after about ten minutes kissing my back as he stepped away.

The hand had gone from my back and I raised myself up. When I turned they were all gathered around me, all smiling and naked. I felt dizzy as if floating as I tried to maintain my balance. I knew what I had done, but couldn’t understand why. I hadn’t had too much to drink but I wasn’t used to drinking in the heat of the day. I stumbled off to get cleaned up.

I had a shower before returning wearing just my sarong around my waist. I was amazed the party was not over, only this time it was not me. I asked what had been happening while I was being fucked. A girl whispered most were watching me but Kris and another girl had put on a show. Kris had fucked a few and another had been giving blow jobs.

She paused then smiled. “None were as good as you though, you were amazing!”

I stood watching before realizing that it was Kris getting abused. On all fours she had a cock deep down her throat while two guys finger fucked her like crazy, one in her pussy the other in her ass. I sat down and watched. Feeling sleepy I began drifting off. I glanced up a few times; once to see Alan fucking Kris hard.

All I could say was, “Naughty boy,” before drifting off again.

When I awoke, it was morning and everyone was still there, sprawled out on the terrace; some sleeping, some talking. I began bringing out food for breakfast and never bothered to change my clothes, still wrapped in only a sarong. As they awoke people helped me and soon we were all up and about. We had breakfast and I jokingly asked who had fucked me and in what order, but no one would say. Eventually they took it upon themselves to sign my body; all writing their names around my pussy and neck. I was covered; almost head to toe and some of the comments were very crude. We had a few pictures of me and the guys like this.

We spent about an hour taking pictures, most were naughty and although there was a lot of heavy petting, we were all too tired to fuck. Eventually it was time to say goodbye and things became very emotional. It was difficult knowing that most of us would never see each other again. Peter and Glenn were very sombre kissing me goodbye; Kris on the other hand had her tongue right down my throat. We were both crying and had to run to the bathroom to calm our emotions.

Saying goodbye to Tom was very traumatic, I was going to miss him dearly. He had always been a father figure amongst the group and I found it hard to believe that he had been fucking me the night before. It was strange to know I had been so intimate with someone I looked up to in that way. As Tom left I cried again and wasn’t prepared for Rob who couldn’t keep his hands off my pussy. I pushed him away and was about to unleash my temper when Alan intervened and calmed the situation. I caught up with Rob in the drive, giving him a hug and apologising for being so emotional. Rob smiled and said he understood the group breaking up was hard for everyone.

I walked back in the house and put an arm around Alan who pushed door shut. “The world is a lot smaller than you think,” he whispered softly.

I felt like I was about to sob again and pulled myself away from him. We went back out onto the patio and Alan sipped on a coffee. I watched as he pulled strange faces and tilted his head. “What the hell are you doing,” I snapped.

“Just wondering how you got your skinny little ass into so much trouble last night, tart.”

I giggled a little as I walked over and sat beside him. It had been an amazing twenty-four hours and the wildest day of my life, I just felt so sad now. Alan turned to me, “Rian, tell me, would you have been so wild last night if they hadn’t been leaving?”

I paused for a second before replying, “No, I wouldn’t.”

“Then thank god they’ve gone,” and he began laughing.

I had expected some comeback from Alan but I was very surprised at his attitude.

“It’s only meat.”

“What?” I shrieked.

“Rian, there isn’t much love in a fuck, that is sex, it’s just meat.”

It turned out that Kris had been fucking the crew and was caught by the police doing several of them at the same time. This is frowned upon in Malaysia and she was kicked out of the country and disappeared. Glenn was pretty bust up about it and climbed into a bottle as Alan puts it. Tom died a year later of a stroke. I still look at his picture from that day.

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