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The Fantasy Twist

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Dan constantly fantasized about being dominated by a woman. He couldn’t explain the logic behind his kinky desires but the thought of being helpless and submissive to a dominant woman overwhelmed him with erotic pleasures. His wife of 3 years knew about his fantasies and on occasions would indulge in them with Dan.

Dan loved when Melissa would tie him up and tease and torture him. The problem was the he couldn’t get enough of it. It was only on rare occasions that Melissa would fall into these playful dominant moods. Even when she was in these moods, her dominance was superficial. She did not understand how deep Dan’s fetish was.

One of Dan’s favorite fantasies was to be fucked by a strap-on. Unfortunately for him this was where Melissa drew the line. She refused to wear a strap-on, indicating that it was too weird for her to try.

This all changed one summer night in July. It was a Monday night and Dan had just finished eating dinner, when Melissa brought out three presents for Dan. They were wrapped in decorative paper and stacked on top of each other forming a pyramid. A pink ribbon ran up and down each side of the pyramid and was tied into a bow at the top,

“What’s the occasion,” asked Dan, pleasantly surprised.

A big smile filled Melissa’s face. “Oh you’ll see. Just start opening them.”

Dan eagerly removed the ribbon and started opening the top box. He commented on the ribbon. “Pink Ribbon? A little girly for me, don’t you think?”

Melissa just giggled and watched as he opened the box and pulled open the tissue paper. Inside was a pair of pink satin panties. Dan was confused at why he was getting panties as a present. Before he could say anything Melissa commented,

“Aren’t they pretty and sexy. Hold them up so I can see.”

Dan looked at the panties and agreed they were very sexy. The pink satin was shiny and smooth. Small pink ribbons accented each side if the panties. They were so pretty and feminine that Dan felt guilty picking them up. He felt like he was sneaking into someone’s panty drawer and getting off on their panties. When he held up the panty he could see that it was a thong.

“They are very pretty. Are you going to wear these for me?” asked Dan.

“No darling. They are for you. I figured if you want me to wear a strap-on and act like a man, then you should wear pretty panties for me.”

Dan was startled by her response. He never imagined his wife doing something like this. As the reality of what she said set in, Dan’s cock began to stir in his pants. Dan wasn’t sure if it was from the thought of Melissa making him wear panties or the thought of Melissa wearing a strap-on. He stared at the panties, contemplating what Melissa was asking.

Melissa helped his thoughts along. “Come on Danny. It will be fun. I mean it’s the least you could do. After all, I have to wear a fake penis. All I’m asking you to do is put on some panties. It’s not that big of a deal.”

Dan thought some more. Melissa was right. Compared to wearing a strap-on, he got the easy end of the deal. If it meant that his fantasy was going to come true, he would do it.

“You mean if I wear these panties you will use a strap-on with me?”

“Put them on darling and you will be one step closer to your fantasy. Let’s get your clothes off so I can see if they fit properly.”

Dan felt silly about the whole idea but he went along with it. He stripped naked. By now his cock was erect. Melissa immediately took notice. She gently stroked it. Then she lightly rubbed the satin panty over his cock. The smoothness took his breath away. In only a few seconds, Dan’s knees were weak and he melted in Melissa hands. A quiet moan escaped his lips.

“Mmm. I see the panties excite you. The silky panties feel so nice rubbing on your cock, don’t they?”

“Yes,” admitted Dan. He was enjoying his cock massage too much to think about saying anything else.

“Just wait till you get them on darling. Let me help you.”

Melissa brought the panties down to his feet and Dan stepped into them. She pulled them up over his balls and cock and around his waist. Melissa gave the panties and extra tug upward to ensure the fabric wrapped tightly over his balls. Dan’s erect cock poked over the top of the panties. The thong rested firmly in his ass. Dan enjoyed the unfamiliar sensation of the fabric pushing against his ass.

Melissa’s hand traced around the top of the panty. Seductively she coo’d, “Ohhh. They look so sexy on you. I love them. Turn around for me.”

Dan slowly turned for Melissa. He could not believe he was standing in front of her in panties. He also could not believe the sudden arousal that hit him. Wearing panties was taboo for a man, which made it exciting and arousing for Dan. Melissa also seemed to be very excited and horny at seeing him wear panties. Her arousal excited Dan even more.

The emotions running through Dan were confusing him. He did not know what to say or how to react. He remained quiet while Melissa admired him. She rubbed his cock through the panties.

“So sexy. You’ve got two more boxes sweetie. Open the next one.”

Dan sat down in his panties and opened the next box. Inside was a pair of pink stockings. He glared at Melissa. “You want me to wear these to,” he asked with disbelief.

Melissa grinned. “You’re a fast learner.”

“I don’t know Melissa,” Dan said with uncertainty.

“If you want your fantasy to come true, you’ll put them on. We can stop it all right now if you want, but I know how bad you want this Dan. Put the stocking on.”

Melissa knew him all to well. Dan rolled the stockings up his legs. Chills ran through his body as the soft fabric slid over his skin. The stockings fit snugly around his legs. Melissa made him stand up and model the stockings.

“Oh they look so sexy Dan. They make your legs look incredible.”

Melissa was trying to overplay how sexy Dan looked. This was the advice she had gotten from her new friend Lisa. It was Lisa who convinced Melissa to feminize Dan. She had instructed Melissa to exaggerate her excitement in order to keep Dan interested and to make it an enjoyable experience for Dan to wear panties and stockings. She had instructed Melissa to pay extra attention to his cock and keep him aroused the entire time. This memorable night would have a deep impact on Dan, which would be the stepping stone for Melissa to take control over her husband on a permanent basis.

Melissa could already see some of the signs that her plan was working. Once Dan was in the panties his demeanor changed. He was quiet and subdued. When she instructed him to do something, he listened to her without question. It was all too easy for her to convince him to put on the stockings. Lisa had told Melissa to look for these signs as proof that Dan could be controlled by her sexuality and feminine power.

Melissa had imagined that she would be doing a lot of acting and exaggerating in order to create an illusion that she was excited. The truth was she was extremely aroused and excited from seeing Dan persuaded into the feminine items. Her pussy heated up the moment Dan agreed to put the panties on. The emotions on Dan’s face clearly showed an inner struggle to challenge his masculinity in order to obtain his fantasy. Of course he gave in to Melissa. She was beginning to enjoy this power.

Melissa squeezed Dan’s cock. “I love that you are doing this for me. My pussy is so hot right now.”

Melissa unbuttoned her shorts and let them fall to the ground. She moved Dan’s hand down to her pussy. Dan’s fingers snuck inside her panties and explored her wet pussy. They kissed deeply.

“This is so hot isn’t it,” asked Melissa.

Dan kissed her with deep emotion. “Yes,” he admitted.

Precum leaked from his cock. Melissa rubbed it over his tip while Dan continued to play with her pussy. They were both on the verge of orgasm when Melissa pulled away.

“Let’s not go too far now. There’s one more present left,” said Melissa.

“I’m almost afraid to open it,” joked Dan. He thought maybe it was the strap-on.

Dan opened the final present. Inside was a pink garter belt. It was lacy and accented with pink ribbons.

Melissa did not give Dan a chance to discuss his fate with the garter belt. She took it from the box and said, “You’ll need this to keep the stockings up.”

She secured it around his waist and attached the dangling straps to the tops of the stockings. Again she made Dan model his outfit. Dan could feel the stockings stretching against his legs as he moved. He could feel the thong rubbing over his ass with each movement. These are all things that go unnoticed by most women, but Dan was no woman and under the current circumstances it was highly arousing for him.

Melissa admired her presents on Dan. “Everything matches so nice don’t you think?”

Dan looked down at himself. “Uh…yeah…It’s very pretty,” Dan muttered, hardly believing what he just said. “Are you going to put the strap-on now?”

Melissa giggled. “I didn’t say we were going to do it tonight. I don’t even own a strap-on silly.”

“Oh,” Dan replied disappointed. “Well, when are you going to get one?”

Melissa started to stroke his cock again. “Don’t worry. We are going to have lots of fun tonight. First, I need you to clean up dinner. Then we’ll talk more about your fantasy. Clean-up should be fun in your new clothes.”

Melissa giggled and pushed Dan towards the dishes on the table. Dan was so aroused that he was putty in Melissa’s hand. He obeyed her without question. Dan cleared the table and did the dishes while Melissa watched amused. She even snapped a few picture with her digital camera. Dan was no too happy about this but he knew better than to protest.

Melissa made sure his cock remained hard the entire time. If it ever started to go limp she would come over and stroke it and tell Dan how sexy he looked all dressed up in pretty panties and stockings.

When Dan was finished, Melissa took hold of his cock and used it like a leash to lead him back to the bedroom. She had him lie on his back on the bed and then she tied his wrists and ankles to the bed posts. Melissa used wide pink ribbon as rope. She thought the pink ribbon was appropriate under the circumstances. She even tied it off in pretty pink boughs at each wrist and ankle.

When Dan was secured, Melissa snapped a few more pictures. Then she removed her bra and panties and sat on the bed next to him. Slowly she stroked his cock up and down. Dan closed his eyes and enjoyed the attention he was getting. He could feel an orgasm building inside and he began to thrust against her hands. Melissa allowed him this pleasure until she sensed he was about to explode. Then she released his cock.

“Relax darling,” Melissa said.

“You’re driving me crazy. It’s hard to relax.”

“So you’re enjoying this?”

“Of course. I’m ready to explode.”

Melissa giggled. “I guess you never thought wearing panties and stockings could be so fun. You are having fun wearing all this girly stuff for me aren’t you?”

The way Melissa phrased the question made it hard for him to say no. In fact Dan sensed that it was more of a command then a question. Against all his male pride he admitted defeat. “Yes, this is fun.”

“Good. Now about your fantasy.” Melissa started to stroke his cock again. “I’ve decided to give it a try, but it’s got to be done my way, understand?”

Dan was lost in arousal. All he cared about was fulfilling his fantasy. He didn’t care what her way was, as long as it ended with her in a strap-on. He agreed without question. “Yes. We’ll do it your way.”

Melissa tugged his cock approvingly. “Great. I’ve decided that if I am going to fuck you, then you’ve got to be all prettied up just like you are now. I need you to get in touch with your feminine side. Can you do that for me?”

“Yeah. Sure.”

By now percum was flowing freely from his cock. Melissa massaged the sticky fluid all around his cock keeping Dan on the edge. She continued explaining his fate.

“There are some rules that you need to follow. If you are a good boy….or should I say a good girl [giggles] then this weekend you will have a nice BIG surprise. First, to help you get into the feminine frame of mind, you will wear these panties, stockings, and garter belt to work the rest of the week.”

Dan’s eyes popped open. “What! I can’t wear this to work!”

Melissa held his balls firmly. “Do you want me to do this or not? I can stop right now and you can kiss your fantasy good bye forever.”

Dan reluctantly caved in. “Okay…okay…I’ll do it.”

Melissa smiled at her victory. “Second, from now until then you are my slave. You have to do whatever I say. Understood?”

Dan happily agreed to this rule. Being dominated was what he always dreamed about. “Yes. I will look forward to obeying you Mistress.”

Melissa’s pussy quivered when she heard Dan refer to her as Mistress. “That’s good honey. You may continue to refer to me as Mistress. The final rule is that I control your cock for the rest of the week. No masturbating or cumming without my permission.”

This last rule surprised Dan. He was starting to wonder whether or not he was going to regret what he got himself into. It was useless to argue about it so he agreed to her last rule but he made sure Melissa knew he was desperate to cum.

“Yes Mistress. I am so horny from your teasing. You are going to let me cum tonight, right?”

Dan was sure the answer was going to be a yes. That was until a seductive smile appeared on Melissa’s face. Melissa stroked his cock slowly.

“I haven’t decided that yet darling. I am having fun teasing you like this.”

Dan begged, “Please Mistress. I want an orgasm so bad. I’ll follow all your rules. Just let me cum tonight.”

Melissa was impressed with how serious Dan was taking her rules. Her power over him was delightful. Her pussy was boiling wet from seeing Dan so weak and desperate in front of her. A chill ran through her body and Melissa felt like a switch clicked inside her that unleashed an ocean of horniness.

Melissa pinched Dan’s nipples. “Ohh.. I just love to hear you beg like that Danny. I’ll decide when you get to orgasm. Right now you need to focus your attention on pleasuring your mistress.”

Melissa straddled Dan’s face. She loved that his wrists were tied, making him helpless underneath her. Normally Dan would ease into her pussy and lick her in his own special way. Tonight, however, Melissa was in control. She thrusts her hips forward smothering his face with her hot pussy. She humped his face hard and selfishly until an orgasm rushed through her body.

When she was finished she rolled off Dan feeling satisfied and relaxed. Dan on the other hand was full of energy and lust. He craved more attention. He craved release from his pent-up orgasm.

It was tempting for Melissa to deny him an orgasm, but she felt he had been a good sport and deserved a reward. She threw her panties onto his cock and started to untie his wrists.. “You’ve been a good boy tonight and I can see that all this new kinky stuff is too exciting for you to handle. You may cum into my panties. Start stroking slave boy.”

Dan had never masturbated in front of someone before let alone with a pair of panties. He felt embarrassed but he couldn’t wait for his orgasm. He wrapped Melissa’s silky panties over his cock and stroked away.

“Don’t get any cum on my clean bed pretty boy. Make sure you catch it all in my panties,” said Melissa amusingly.

It only took a few strokes before Dan’s orgasm surfaced. He squeezed the soft panties tight around his cock, capturing the hot spurting cum. Melissa enjoyed watching Dan’s face contort with pleasure and his body spasm in orgasmic delight.

Melissa looked at the cum filled panties and commented, “Wow, that was a lot of cum. You must have been really excited over this.”

Dan felt embarrassed at cumming so much in front of her. He didn’t know what to say so he just lay on the best quietly catching his breath. Melissa let Dan rest for a few minutes before she gave the final orders of the night.

“I went easy on you tonight pretty boy. Don’t expect an orgasm every time. Go hand wash your panties and stockings and hang them up to dry for tomorrow. While you’re at it, clean out your cum from my panties.”

Dan’s energy was drained from his orgasm. He mustered up his last bit of energy to get up and obey his mistress. He washed all the undergarments and hung them in the laundry room to dry. When he returned to the bedroom, Melissa was sound asleep. Dan slipped into bed and quickly drifted off to sleep.

In the morning Dan woke up to his alarm clock. As usual, he hit the snooze button so he could get another 10 minutes of sleep. However, before he could drift back to sleep Melissa’s hand found its way onto his cock. Gently she stroked and squeezed it. Dan enjoyed the familiar feeling of his cock growing hard. He was too tired to move or talk so he just laid back and quietly enjoyed Melissa’s stroking.

Melissa’s teasing quickly brought Dan out of his sleeping stupor. Soon he was awake and on the verge of orgasm. He was right on the edge when Melissa held his cock firmly and whispered into his ear, “All ready to wear your pretty panties today?”

Dan chuckled softly and replied, “Yes ma’am.”

Just then his alarm went off again. He didn’t want to get out of bed, but Melissa prodded him. “Get up lazy head. Don’t want to be late for work.”

Dan rolled out of bed with a raging hard-on and headed for the shower. He stroked his cock a few times while he cleaned himself. It was tempting to finish himself off, but he remembered Melissa’s rule of no masturbating. Technically he was breaking the rule by stroking his cock, but he figured as long as he didn’t cum he was o.k.

After he showered and shaved, Dan went to the laundry room for his new work attire. When he saw the panties and stockings hanging on the drying rack he mumbled, “Why did I ever agree to this?”

His cock had the answer. The moment his hands touched the delicate items, his cock sprang to action, ready to be caressed in the pretty satin fabric. Dan slid on the panties, still amazed that he agreed to wear them to work. Next he put on the stockings and garter belt.

His cock remained harder than ever as he finished getting dressed for work. Dan wore black slacks and a neatly pressed dress shirt to work. His cock stayed hard for most of the car ride. Finally a few minutes before arriving at work, he managed to get his mind off of sexual thoughts so that his hard-on would go away.

The walk from his car to his office proved to be quite an adventure for Dan. As he walked the thong teased his ass. In his horny state, this friction was enough to spark his arousal again. He quickly walked passed the security guard feeling his erection growing and wondering whether the security guard could tell that he was wearing panties.

Dan carried a leather shoulder bag to and from work everyday. Today he carried it awkwardly, doing his best to conceal his hard-on. He was certain that he made it to his office without anyone noticing the bulge and wet spot on his pants.

In his office he sat down and said out loud to himself, “This is going to be quite a day.”

It was a quite an unordinary day for Dan. No matter how hard he tried he could not take his mind off the fact that his wife was in control of him and that she had him in panties and stockings. His senses seemed to be extra sensitive. As he shifted in his chair he could feel the thong rubbing his ass and he could feel the stockings stretching tightly around his legs. The result of all this mental and physical teasing was a hard-on that would not go away. Dan was so aroused that he even sneaked in a few squeezes of his cock while sitting at his desk.

Dan was fortunate to have a desk job. He hid his arousal behind his desk through most of the day. He did manage to sneak to the bathroom a few times, but they were no ordinary trips for him. It would take him about 10 minutes to calm himself down before leaving for the bathroom. Then he would struggle to hold back an erection as the feminine clothes rubbed his cock, balls, and legs while he walked to the bathroom. Usually by the time he entered the bathroom, his will power was defeated and his cock was in the process of swelling. Dan would head straight to a stall and unzip his pants just in time to see his cock swell to its full size.

It was a wonderful feeling when his cock was free and throbbing. There was always precum dripping from the tip and there was always the temptation to stroke his cock right there in the bathroom at work. A few times Dan gave in to temptation and stroked his cock, but he would always stop when he was on edge. He enjoyed this guilty pleasure. He would soon regret it as it made him even hornier during the day.

Very little was accomplished at work that day. Dan was just relieved to make it through the day without his secret being discovered. He arrived at home with a hard-on, hoping that Melissa would let him cum. Dan was usually the first to arrive home from work. In the kitchen he found a note from Melissa. It read

“Hi slave. Hope you enjoyed wearing your panties to work today. My pussy is already dripping thinking about you sitting at your desk wearing all that pretty girly stuff underneath your slacks. Mmmm. Do you think your co-workers know what a dirty slut you are?

As soon as you get home, strip down to those pretty little things. Have dinner ready for me and make sure your cock is nice and hard when I arrive.

-Mistress Melissa”

Dan read the note twice to make sure he didn’t miss anything. His heart raced with excitement as he undressed. It was going be another fun night.

The spaghetti was cooked and Dan just finished pouring a glass of wine when he heard the front door open. His cock was hard and he was ready for Melissa. When she appeared in front of him, she was vision of power and dominance. She was wearing a pinstriped sport coat and matching skirt. Her hair was pulled back tight, giving her a look of authority and control.

Dan suddenly felt silly standing in front of her dressed in panties and stockings. It was exactly the way Melissa wanted him.

Dan meekly greeted her. “Welcome home mistress. Dinner is ready for you.”

Melissa’s pussy heated up at the sight of her feminine servant. He was docile and even a bit embarrassed. His submissive nature empowered and delighted her. Melissa moved close to Dan and traced his cock through the panties.

“You look so sexy in these. This is so exciting for me Dan. I know you like it sweetie, don’t you?”

How could he say no. Dan melted at her touch. “Yes. You are driving me crazy Mistress.”

Melissa easily squeezed out precum from the tip of his cock. Her thumb and forefinger gently spread the smooth goo over his cock head. Dan’s knees weakened and he had to hold onto Melissa for support.

“Does that feel good princess,” whispered Melissa.

“Yes,” moaned Dan.

“You’re so weak. Like a little girl.”

Dan tried to ignore her feminine references bur subconsciously he was excited to be her little girl. “It feels so good. Are you going to let me cum?”

Melissa slapped Dan’s cock, startling him. She laughed. “Baby…you’ve got a long way to go. Better calm yourself down.”

Melissa sat at the table, leaving Dan frustrated and wanting more. Dan’s cock throbbed and dripped while he made Melissa’s plate. He sat down to eat and Melissa asked, “So tell me, how was your day?”

“Well, it was very hard to concentrate on my work.”

“And why was that? Let me guess, the panties and stockings were too exciting for you to handle?”

Dan blushed. He didn’t want to admit the truth. “Ah, I don’t know. I think I was just excited about being dominated by you.”

Melissa giggled. “O.k. sissy boy. If that’s what you say. I bet your little cock was hard all day from having those sexy panties rubbing over it.”

“Actually, yes it was,” admitted Dan. “I’m very horny right now.”

Melissa rubbed her foot over his crotch under the table. “Poor baby. I can’t have you walking around all day with a hard-on. Everyone will know what a real slut you are. Tomorrow, I want you to tuck that little cocky-poo of yours between your legs. Keep it that way all day, understand?”

Dan was fading into fantasy land from Melissa’s foot massage on his cock. He was trying to make sense of what she was telling him. Pushing his cock between his legs was far from being macho. He wanted to protest but part of him was excited that she was forcing him to do this. He was excited at being dominated and he did not want to discourage her so he agreed to do it.

“Good girl,” replied Melissa.

Dan’s cock throbbed even more at Melissa’s reference to him as a girl. Dan did not even try to understand why his arousal was growing. He thrust his cock against Melissa’s soft foot and moaned. Melissa let him enjoy himself for a few seconds and then asked, “are you ready to cum for your Mistress?”

Dan forgot about his appetite and moaned, “Yes Mistress. I am ready to cum for you.”

Melissa continued to stroke his cock with her foot. She could feel his sticky precum oozing onto the bottom of her foot. “Not now slave. Control your urges.”

Dan continued to hump her foot, not wanting to stop. Melissa could see that he was in a highly aroused state. Her pussy grew damp form this power over him. She continued to tease him off and on throughout dinner, keeping him on edge.

“Does that feel good sweetie,” she teased as she rubbed her feet up and down the side of his cock.

“It feels incredible! You have to let me cum,” begged Dan.

“…no.. It’s too much fun torturing you. There will be no cumming for you tonight.”

Dan’s eyes opened in shock. “You can’t do that to me. Come on baby. Please let me cum.”

Melissa’s lips curled into a devilish grin. Her pussy was throbbing with excitement from Dan’s desperation. “Oh yes I can do it to you and I will. You can keep begging. I just love to hear you beg like a little sissy. Mmmm. My pussy is so hot right now. I’ve got to do something about it.”

Melissa led Dan to the bedroom and had him kneel on the floor. She stripped naked teasing Dan with her naked body. She draped her panties over his cock.

“Hold these for me,” she said playfully.

Melissa sat on the bed and spread her legs giving Dan a clear view of her swollen pussy lips. Slowly she teased and pinched her own nipples. Her finger slipped into her mouth and then caressed her nipples. She dramatically moaned from the wet sensation on her engorged nipples.

“Don’t you wish you could touch me right now,” teased Melissa.

“Yes. Please let me touch you,” pleaded Dan.

Melissa’s other hand slid down to her pussy. Her fingers parted her pussy and then disappeared inside. She moaned in delight.

“I love to see you so eager for me. I just want you to watch for now.”

“Please let me touch you. I want to please you. I want to feel your hot pussy,” begged Dan in desperation.

His pleading only excited her more. Melissa was pleased at his dirty talk. She was bringing out the naughtiness in him. She had wanted the torture to go on longer but her own excitement took center stage. Without warning her insides shuddered uncontrollably. She pushed her fingers deep into her pussy drawing out the fiery orgasm. The pleasure continued in thunderous waves, soaking her fingers and thighs. Then like a distant storm, her orgasm slowly subsided leaving her wet and refreshed.

When her eyes came back into focus she was thrilled to see a crazed look of lust on Dan’s face. His cock was oozing cum. It was hard for her to deny him orgasm, but she had to stick to her plan.

“I think that’s enough teasing for tonight darling. Now it’s time for you to wash your panties and stockings. I’ll see you in the morning.”

Melissa drifted off to sleep, dreaming about the wonderful fun that lay ahead.

Wednesday morning started off similar to Tuesday. Dan snoozed his alarm and returned to his bed. As he slid back into bed, his cock was greeted by Melissa’s hand. No words were spoken. All that could be heard was the slow stroking of Dan’s cock and heavy breathing. Once again he was close to cumming when his alarm went off again.

Melissa gripped his cock firmly before he got up. “Don’t forget to push this little monster between your legs today. You better take a nice cold shower to soften it up.” Melissa giggled at her comment.

“Will do,” said Dan as he got up.

“I want to see how your pee-pee looks all tucked away. Make sure you show me before you leave.”

“Yes Mistress.”

Dan was extremely aroused from the prolonged teasing. He took a long cold shower in order to calm himself down. Then he retrieved his panties and slid them on. By now his self-control over his cock was almost gone. He could feel it swelling as he pulled up the panties. Before it grew too large he pushed it back between his legs. His cock wanted to swell to full size, but the tight panties held it in its bent position and kept it from growing.

It was a strange feeling, having his cock pushed back under his balls. His cock felt hot against his thighs. Since his cock was partially swollen, his thighs grazed the sides of his cock when he walked. This created a stroking sensation which tortured Dan even more. He wasn’t sure if he could handle this torment all day.

Dan put on his stockings and garter belt. Dan went back to the bedroom to show Melissa. Her face lit up the moment she saw him.

“I love it. No embarrassing bulge. It’s just like you have a pussy,” giggled Melissa. “Pull your panties down so I can see your mound.”

Dan felt silly but he obeyed. He slid the panties down to his mid thighs and squeezed his thighs together so that his cock would not pop out. All that could be seen was dark patch of hair. Melissa quickly snapped a few pictures, permanently capturing his girly pose.

“That is fantastic,” exclaimed Melissa as she captured his feminine pose on the digital camera.

“What are you going to do with those pictures?” asked Dan

“It’s not for you to worry about precious. I own you this week and I’ll do whatever I want with these pictures. Now pull up your panties.”

Dan pulled up his panties. His cock was throbbing and ready to burst out but could not grow any further in its bent shape.

Dan explained, “Mistress, I am very aroused right now, but my cock can’t get hard. Feels like it could pop out though.”

Melissa slid off her panties and rolled them up into a ball. She pushed the small ball down the front of his panties so that they would keep his cock from popping up. “That should help,” she said, proud of her cleverness.

She patted his crotch area again, “And you can barely see them so you still have your pussy. Mmmm..I love they way your getting all ‘femmed’ up for your fucking. If I’m going to fuck you with a cock, then I need you to be nice pretty for me. Seeing you in these pretty clothes has gotten my pussy all wet and excited. I’m starting to like this domination thing. You are enjoying it too aren’t you?”

Dan was thrilled with her domination. He never imagined that she would take the feminization angle. He was even surprised at the arousing effect the feminization had on him. He definitely was not a sissy, but Melissa was unlocking feminine thrills within him. Dan admitted to Melissa that he was having fun being dominated by her.

Melissa rubbed his makeshift pussy. “Excellent. Well since you do have a pussy now, I think it’s only right that you start acting like a girl. That means when you go pee-pee at work, you must go sitting down. When you are done wipe your pussy clean and tuck it back it. Got it?”

“Yes Mistress,” replied Dan, impressed that Melissa would think of such a clever rule for him.

“Great. Have a nice day at work.” Melissa went into the shower and Dan finished getting dressed for work.

Dan’s work day was more productive since his cock could not get hard. Whenever an arousing thought entered his mind his cock would start to grow and immediately he would feel pain from its bent position. This would quickly get his mind off the arousing thought.

It was an endless cycle of torture for Dan. The thong pushing into his ass and the stockings rubbing over his legs were constant reminders of his submission to Melissa. The slightest sensation from his feminine clothes sparked arousing thoughts causing his cock to want to grow.

The toughest part or perhaps the most enjoyable part was going to the bathroom. As soon as Dan dropped his panties, his cock would grow hard making it next to impossible to pee. Eventually he would calm himself down enough to go pee and tuck his cock back into his panties.

That night when Dan returned home, he found a note from Melissa. Next to the note was a pink frilly apron.

The note instructed him to strip down to his panties and stocking, put on the apron, and prepare dinner. Dan was fully aroused by the time he finished the note. He was amazed at how far Melissa was taking this fantasy. Dan pulled off his clothes and picked up the frilly apron. The material was see-thru mesh with white silk frills around the edges. It was clearly designed to be sexy and playful. That’s just how Dan felt when he slid the top of the apron over his neck and tied the waist straps behind his back.

As instructed, when Melissa arrived dinner and a hard cock were waiting for her. She stroked Dan’s cock a few times and kissed him on the cheek

“Now this is what I like to see when I come home from work. How was it having your little pee-pee tucked back like a pussy all day?”

Dan blushed. “It was actually kind of nice. I was able to get more work done.”

Melissa giggled. “Well then I guess it proves that women are better than men. Maybe all this girly stuff is good for you.”

“I guess so,” agreed Dan.

Melissa sat at the table and commented to Dan, “I must say, the pink apron and silky panties look very sexy on you. I love to see your muscles all dressed up in pretty things. Turn around so I can admire you.”

Melissa’s compliments made Dan feel good. He slowly turned for his Mistress. She made him stop when his ass was in front of her. She traced the garter belt with her fingers and then caressed his ass.

“Mmm. So sexy,” She whispered. “And your legs look incredible in stockings. They accentuate your muscles very well.”

“Thank you Mistress. I have to admit that I thought my legs looked pretty good the first time I put them on. The hair looks a little funny.”

“Yes. We might have to do something about that.”

Dan turned back around only to find Melissa waiting with her digital camera. She snapped a few pictures of him in the pink apron and then started eating her dinner. When she was finished with dinner she instructed Dan to clean the kitchen and then meet her in the bedroom.

Dan finally arrived in the bedroom and Melissa was waiting on the bed in a red silk robe. He could see her erect nipples pushing into the thin shiny fabric. Melissa was excited to try a domination technique with Dan that she learned from Lisa. Lisa had advised her to do a focused domination session with Dan. She was to keep giving orders to Dan one after the other. The idea was to get Dan so focused on following her orders that he could think of nothing else but to follow her immediate order.

Lisa indicated that the technique serves two key purposes. First it puts the slave into a deep submissive state and trains the subject to not think on his own. By doing this the slave learns that the Mistress controls him and it reinforces the Mistress’s power over him. Secondly, the technique trains the subject to pleasure the Mistress the way she wants to be pleasured. He will even learn to anticipate the Mistress’s needs.

Melissa thought it was odd how Lisa refereed to Dan as ‘the slave’ or ‘subject.’ However, Melissa remembered being extremely aroused as she imagined Dan following her every command. She was excited to get started.

She ordered Dan to kneel before her and then she presented her pussy to him. Dan immediately moved into to lick her pussy. Melissa quickly closed her legs, trapping his head between her knees.

“Did I say you could lick my pussy,” scolded Melissa.

“No’ Ma’am.”

Melissa released her legs and Dan sat back on his knees. Melissa immediately pushed his head back between her legs.

She scolded, “Did I say you could sit back on your knees?”

“No mistress,” replied Dan.

Melissa’s orders were quick and sharp. “Straighten your back! Eyes Down!”

Dan straightened his back and looked down.

Melissa spread her legs. “Eyes on my pussy!”

Dan was enjoying the intense domination by Melissa. He stared at her swollen and puffy pussy lips. He was dying to lick them.

“Lick my pussy slave,” commanded Melissa.

Dan eagerly licked the warm fleshy folds of her pussy. Melissa was extremely vocal and instructive while Dan orally pleasured her.

“Mmm…lick my pussy lips panty boy. Gently….gently…..that’s it princess.”

Dan was gentle at first but his excitement caused him to be more aggressive. He pushed his tongue deep into her pussy.

Mistress Melissa’s tone hardened, “I said gentle slave.”

“Sorry Mistress.”

Dan lightly licked her pussy lips. Melissa showcased her power and control by ordering his every movement. At the same time she was reinforcing his feminization by interlacing her commands with feminine words. Slowly she was eroding away his manliness.

“Yess…That’s it….Soft like a girl…longer licks precious….from my pussy all the way down to my ass.”

Melissa’s body shuddered each time Dan’s tongue slid between her pussy and ass. After a few licks she could not hold back anymore. She remembered Lisa’s advice, “Be selfish in your desires. He exists only to please you.”

Melissa moaned and pushed Dan’s head into her pussy. She demanded, “Fuck me with your girl tongue. Fuck me hard!”

Dan pushed his tongue deep into her pulsing pussy. Melissa held his head firmly and locked her thighs around him. Dan could barely breathe as she humped his face with an erotic fury that he’d never experienced before.

“Yes! Fuck me with that little girl tongue! Mmmm. I love having you as my panty boy! Drink up my girl cum.”

Melissa’s words were sending Dan into a frenzy. He licked and sucked her pussy. He tried to make her orgasm last as long as possible. Rolling orgasms flowed through Melissa’s body, almost suffocating Dan. Finally her legs relaxed and she fell back on the bed breathless.

Dan remained on his knees. His cock was twitching and pulsing, barely holding back his excitement. Cum leaked from the tip. Dan’s body was alive and ready for pleasure. His balls ached to be cupped and stroked. It seemed like an eternity while he waited to see what Melissa had planned next. Finally she sat up on the bed and looked down at his needy cock.

“That was very nice slave. Thank you,” acknowledged Melissa.

“It was my pleasure Mistress. I’m so horny right now.”

Melissa laughed. “Good. That’s the way I like you to be. Stand up and strip for me darling.”

Dan stood up and leisurely started to unsnap the garter belt clips from the top of his stockings. Melissa quickly interjected.

“I didn’t say undress. I said strip! Be sexy for me. Show me your inner slut. Bring out that sexy stripper girl on you.”

Dan blushed. “Do I have to. I..I..don’t know how to strip.”

“Are you questioning your mistress?”

“No ma’am.”

“Well then get started. Make me want to fuck your pussy. I know you’ve been to enough strip clubs to know what it’s like.”

Dan felt silly but he obeyed. Slowly he turned and shook his hips. He tried to be sexy as he undid the garter belt clips. Slowly he lowered his panties and shook his ass. Melissa fondled him and jeered him on.

“Very sexy….keep shaking that ass. Mmmm you look so hot.”

Dan started to have fun with his striptease.. He placed his foot between Melissa legs and let her unroll his stocking. She took her time, caressing his leg while she slid it off. Finally he wiggled out of the garter belt and stood before Melissa naked.

She led him into the bathroom and had him stand in the bathtub.

“One hand on each side of the shower rod,” ordered Melissa.

Melissa tied his wrists to the shower rod using nylon rope that she had purposely left in the bathroom for this occasion.

“Spread your legs.”

Dan stood with his legs spread wide.

“Wider,” ordered Melissa. “I want the side of one foot touching the front of the tub and the side of your other foot touching the back of the tub.”

“Yes Mistress,” replied Dan.

Even with his long legs, it took a little bit of stretching to stand with his legs so wide. Dan could feel his groin and ass muscles stretching. In his aroused state, the stretching sensation felt good. With his wrists tied and his legs spread he felt vulnerable.

Melissa immediately took advantage of his vulnerability. She cupped his balls and wrapped a hand firmly around his swollen shaft. Her warm hand felt comforting.

She held firmly for a few seconds and then said, “I love these balls. These are my balls. I own them now. whose cock is this?”

“It is your cock Mistress.”

Melissa squeezed his shaft causing a small amount of cum to seep out. “Very good slave. You are a fast learner. This is my cock to play with whenever I want. I own it. I control it and the cum inside it. You will not cum without my permission.”

“Yes Mistress.”

Melissa’s hand slid under his balls and up to his stretched ass. Dan moaned deeply from her touch. He was not used to being touched in the sensitive area between his balls and ass. The wonderful sensations weakened his knees and took him to the edge of paradise.

“I can’t hold back anymore. Please let me cum,” begged Dan.

Melissa removed her hands and mocked, “Poor baby wants to cum, doesn’t he. I love to hear you beg.”

Melissa started to stroke his cock again. Dan warned, “You better stop or I’m going to cum.”

“You are so weak. Such a weak slut. Perhaps we better take the focus off your cock for awhile.”

Melissa retrieved hair removal cream and carefully applied it to Dan’s legs. Then she rinsed it off and removed the remaining patches of hair with a razor. She stood back and admired his clean shaven legs.

“Very sexy I must say. Now your pubic hair stands out. I might as well shave that off also.”

Melissa carefully trimmed Dan’s pubic hair and then started to shave it off with the razor.

Dan commented, “The razor feels neat on my balls.”

Melissa laughed. “You really are a slut. You’re not going to cum from this are you weak little girl?”

“No, but I really would like to cum.”

Melissa used a warm towel to wipe off his balls. Then she rubbed lotion over his newly shaven balls.

“How does this feel? I bet this can make you cum.”

Dan barely heard her words. His hairless balls were extremely sensitive. He moaned, “Oh my! That feels incredible. I can’t take it. You’ve got to let me cum.”

“Mmm. Your balls feel so full. Hold back all that cum weak girl. No cumming tonight.”

Dan pleaded, “Please…I can’t take it. Let me cum. My balls are aching. I’ll do anything. Please let me cum Mistress.”

Melissa stepped back and watched Dan’s cock twitch and bob. Cum was oozing out the tip. He was so close to an orgasm. Melissa had not planned on letting him cum but she could tell he was ready to burst. It was exciting to see him so desperate. She wondered how serious he was about doing anything.

Half joking she said, “Be careful what you say. I might want to give you a golden shower.”

Melissa couldn’t believe what she just said. She blamed the dirty thought on being caught up in the kinky atmosphere.

To her surprise Dan replied back, “Go ahead Mistress. If that’s what it takes to cum, then I’ll let you do it.”

“Are you serious,” asked Melissa in surprise. “You would let me pee on you just to cum?”

“Yes. If that’s what you want. I’ll do anything for you Mistress.”

Melissa started to unite his wrists. “Let’s see how serious you are about this slave.”

When his wrists were untied she had him kneel in the bathtub. Melissa shed her robe and stood on the edge of the tub unsure of whether or not she would actually go through with the dirty deed. She put one foot on each side of the tub and held onto the shower rod for support. Like a queen she towered above her kneeling slave. She felt powerful and dominant.

“Start stroking your cock slut.”

Dan slowly stroked his cock and stared up at Melissa’s pussy. A sudden rush of excitement overcame him as he kneeled beneath his Mistress waiting to be showered in her golden nectar. Dan never imagined being in such a situation and he certainly never dreamed how exciting it would be for him.

Melissa ordered, “Open you mouth slut. I want you to taste my golden juices.”

Dan opened his mouth, eager to feel her warm wetness.

Melissa’s dominance was running wild and she had a strong urge to pee on Dan and humiliate him. She gave the final orders, “Keep stroking slave. Catch some in your mouth to prove you’ll do anything for me. You may cum when you feel my hot liquid splashing on your cock.”

Melissa squatted slightly and released her bladder. Her pee splashed over Dan’s face and into his mouth. Then it showered his chest and poured onto his cock. Melissa felt empowered and Goddess like as she peed onto her husband.

An orgasm exploded in Dan the moment he felt Melissa’s hot liquid hit his cock. Overwhelming emotions of inferiority and submissiveness flooded Dan as he masturbated beneath Melissa and let her golden juices cover him. He eagerly gulped down her nectar in effort to please her.

Even after Melissa’s pee ended, Dan’s orgasm continued. When he finally finished he felt relieved and submissively fulfilled. Melissa stepped down off her throne.

“That was incredible. Thank you Mistress.”

“What was incredible, your orgasm or your shower?”

Dan blushed and looked down. Ashamed he admitted, “Both were exciting.”

“It was exciting for me also. I love to see the dirty whore come out in you. I love that you are so weak in my presence that you will humiliate yourself for me. You crave my dominance don’t you slave?”

“Yes Mistress. It brings me great pleasure to serve you,”

Melissa smiled triumphantly. “Clean yourself up slave. I’ll be waiting in the bedroom,”

In the bedroom Melissa had a pair of nude pantyhose waiting for Dan. When he walked into the room she ordered, “Put these on slave. I want to see your sexy shaved legs in them.”

Dan was also anxious to see how his legs would look. He pulled up the panty hose. His cock swelled slightly, excited to be covered in the feminine undergarment. The mesh material clung to his cock, pressing it against his stomach. He looked down at his legs and was impressed at how well they looked. They pantyhose gave his legs a smooth toned look.

Melissa was also impressed, “Wow! Very sexy. You could pass as a girl. Might as well keep them on and wear them to work tomorrow.”

“Yes ma’am,” replied Dan as he slid into bed.

Dan’s orgasm had drained all the energy from him. He was sound asleep soon after his head hit the pillow. Melissa on the other hand was wide awake. She couldn’t stop thinking about how exciting it was dominating and humiliating Dan. She was so excited that she had to tell Lisa about it. Melissa went downstairs and called Lisa.

When Lisa answered the phone Melissa jumped right into the story. “Lisa, tonight was so incredible. I ordered Dan around just like you told me and he obeyed me like a little puppet. He did not resist at all when I shaved his legs and balls”

“Excellent,” said Lisa approvingly.

“Lisa, you won’t believe what I did next. Dan was so desperate to cum that he begged to do anything in order to cum. Seeing the power I had over him excited me in a way that I never experienced before. I felt so alive and in control. I just had to prove my power over him so I made him kneel in the tub and I actually peed on him while he masturbated.”

Lisa was getting aroused from listening to Melissa. She started to finger her pussy while she talked. “That is fantastic Melissa. You are certainly coming out of your shell. Have you always wanted to do that to him.”

“No. I don’t know what came over me. I just felt like doing something dirty and humiliating to him to prove that he would do anything to please me. It was incredible. It felt so empowering so….”

Melissa paused, trying to find the right word. Lisa finished her thought, “…Liberating..”

“Yes. Liberating.”

“Your natural dominance is surfacing Melissa. You have come a long away in a few short days. It’s wonderful isn’t it?”

“It’s incredible. After his golden shower I was so aroused.”

“And did you make him pleasure you afterwards?”

“No. He had already orally pleasured me earlier. I’m still so hot right now.”

“Melissa, Dan is your slave now. He exists for your pleasure no matter how many times you need to be pleasured.. Next time you need to make sure he brings you full satisfaction. Understand?”

“Yes. I’ll remember that.”

“Good. Now let’s take care of that burning arousal in you. A Mistress should never go to bed without being completely satisfied. Why don’t you start masturbating for me.”

“Ah…that’s alright. I’ll be o.k.” said Melissa.

Lisa could almost see Melissa blushing through phone. Lisa’s pussy quivered at Melissa’s innocence. She encouraged her on. “Come on now. Don’t be shy. I just love to hear another woman get off. It will be a special treat for me. A little reward for all the help I’ve given you so far.”

“Well, I guess I do owe you,” said Melissa with a little reluctance.”

“This will be good practice for you. One of the most erotic things you can do is masturbate in front of a denied man. It drives men crazy to watch a woman masturbate. It’s even hotter when she talks about it while she is doing it.”

Lisa retrieved a strap-on from a drawer. Her voice softened to a whisper. “Melissa, I’m sliding on a double sided dildo right now. Mmmm. It feels so good. I want you to imagine I am Dan kneeling before you. Dan is hot and aroused. Your goal is to tease Dan to the brink of orgasm. Start touching your pussy and tell me out all about it.”

Melissa envisioned Lisa sliding on the strap-on. It was an exciting thought. Her hands gently rubbed her breasts.

Melissa narrated, “I’m touching my breasts….gently stroking my nipples.”

“How does it feel.”


“Good. Now tease Dan a little. Make him want to touch you.”

“Mmm..I just love having my nipples squeezed. Don’t you wish you could touch them? Don’t you wish you could lick them?”

Lisa played the part of Dan, “Yes. I’m stroking my cock right now. I want to touch your nipples.”

Melissa imagined Lisa stroking the dildo. She continued the role playing. “Mmm. Yes I know you want to touch them….” Melissa pinched her nipples and moaned into the phone, “…mmm…these are mine to play with tonight. Not yours.”

Lisa humped the dildo as she listened to Melissa’s soft and sensuous voice. She could hear the arousal and excitement in her breathy voice. Lisa was ready to cum and she knew Melissa was right there with her.

Lisa whispered into the phone, “You are making me so hot. My pussy is drenched. Let’s cum together Melissa. Imagine straddling Dan…controlling him….fucking him.”

Lisa’s moans grew deep and heavy. The sound of her orgasm started a chain reaction with Melissa. Melissa pushed her finger deep in her pussy. When her orgasm surfaced it wasn’t Dan she was thinking about. Instead she had visions of Lisa fucking her with the strap-on. It was a new and exciting fantasy for Lisa and it brought on a short but intense orgasm.

When the orgasms subsided Lisa said, “That was great. You are a natural Melissa.”


“Well now that we have that taken care of, let’s get down to business. Let’s plan out the rest of your week with Dan.”

Melissa spent the next hour on the phone with Lisa devising a plan to bring Dan further into submission. Lisa had convinced Melissa that the power she had gained should never be relinquished. This week was a boot camp into slavery for Dan and he didn’t even know it. With the current power trip going on inside Melissa’s head she easily latched onto the idea of enslaving her husband on a permanent basis. She was excited about making it happen. When the call was over she had a note ready for Dan to read.

In the morning, after Dan snoozed the alarm, Melissa reached over grasped Dan’s cock through the pantyhose. She was delighted to find that it was already hard.

“Mmm. I see your cock is ready and waiting for its morning tease. Didn’t you have enough last night?”

“Your teasing has made me so horny. I can’t help it.”

Melissa laughed. “Good. I like keeping you horny. I put a note in your briefcase. Make sure you read it when you get to work.”


Melissa cupped one hand over his balls and grasped his shaft with the other. Slowly she moved her hand up and down his cock while lightly squeezing his balls. She continued to tease Dan like this until the alarm sounded again.

Melissa gave his cock one last squeeze and whispered, “Have a great day little girl.”

As soon as Dan arrived at work he pulled out the letter from Melissa. His cock was hard from anticipation before he even opened the letter. The letter read:

“Slave — I truly enjoyed last night. Having you at my feet and committed to obeying me felt so natural. I could tell from the huge amount of cum you produced that you enjoyed being my sissy slave. I am excited that we have found something we both enjoy so much. I am very excited about using a strap-on with you this week-end. The only thing missing is the strap-on.

Since this is your fantasy you need to buy it. On your way home from work purchase a strap-on. I’m sure you know where to get one since you are such a slut. As soon as you arrive at home strip down to your pantyhose and stroke your cock for me. Once you are close to cumming stop, put on your apron and complete the following chores: (1)Open the strap-on harness, clean the dildo and put it in the harness. Have it ready for me on the bed. (2)Put the laundry away (3)Clean the bathrooms

I have a few errands to run and will be home later in the evening. Make sure your cock stays hard while you do your chores and makes sure it is hard when I arrive at home. I expect the front of your pantyhose to be nice and damp (hee-hee).”

Dan read the note a few times. He could not wait for the day to end so that he could start on his tasks. Like the previous days, he had a hard time concentrating at work. Finally the day ended and he dashed out the door.

Melissa was right about Dan. He knew exactly where to go for the strap-on. He would have preferred to order via mail order to save the embarrassment of purchasing it in person. Unfortunately mail order was not an option for him at this time. He drove to an erotic novelty shop that was nearby.

The shop was small and was fairly empty when he arrived. A few girls giggled as they looked at penis straws for a bachelorette party. Dan wished he was shopping for gag gifts, thinking that would make his shopping experience less embarrassing. At the moment he felt as if there was a big sign on his back that read ‘Pervert looking for a strap-on.’

His eyes scanned the shelves until he found the dildo and strap-on section. He could feel his face blushing as he looked over the different boxes. He wanted to take his time to make sure he picked out a good one, but he was too embarrassed to linger. Instead he scanned the pictures on the boxes and picked the one that had the smallest looking dildo.

His cock twitched in his pantyhose when he pulled the box off the shelf. He couldn’t believe he was actually buying a strap-on. Dan’s eyes remained cast downward as he paid for the item. Quickly he left the store and headed home.

As instructed he stripped down to his pantyhose and started stroking his cock. He removed the strap-on from its box and stared at it while he masturbated. The dildo looked so big. He was almost regretting his fantasy, wondering how the dildo would fit inside him. It was just a passing thought. In a few short minutes Dan was ready to cum. It took all his will power to stop stroking and start on his chores.

Preparing the strap-on was the most exciting chore on the list. Dan held the dildo in his hand and was intrigued at how fleshy and soft the dildo felt. He washed it with warm soapy water. His hand glided up and down the dildo like it was his own cock. He laughed at the perverseness of the situation. Finally he dried it off, secured it in the harness, and placed the strap-on on the bed for Melissa.

Dan finished the rest of the chores, making sure his cock remained hard. By the time Melissa arrived at home Dan was fully aroused and ready for an orgasm.

Melissa asked, “How is my little sissy maid? Did you get all your chores done?”

“Yes Mistress. Do you think I can cum tonight?”

Melissa rubbed her hand over his cock, which was contained in the soft pantyhose. The pantyhose were damp as expected.

“Mmm. You are so hard darling. I love having you all horned up like this. There will be no cumming tonight. I want you to save all those cummies for Saturday night. I want you to cum so hard when I fuck your tight little hole.”

Knowing that Melissa was exerting her control over him and denying him aroused Dan even more. He was glad that she did not give in to his request. Melissa teased his cock a little longer and then they both went to bed.

Saturday finally came. In the morning there was no alarm but Melissa still reached over and gave Dan his morning tease. When she was sure he was close to orgasm she slowed her stroking down and asked, “Dan, didn’t you buy a butt plug awhile ago?”

“Yes. Remember, you used it once on me.”

“Do you know where it is?”

“Yes. Do you want it?”

“I think it might be a good idea for you to wear it today. It might make things a little easier on you tonight.”

“I guess so.”

“Go get it for me,” ordered Melissa.

Dan retrieved the plug from a box he had hidden in the closet and handed it to Melissa. Melissa sat-up in bed and patted her lap.

“Come lay across my lap.”

Dan lay over her lap. He felt like a little boy being punished. He was wearing panties and Melissa slid them down to his knees. Slowly she rubbed her hands over his ass. Her fingers slid down his crack and grazed his asshole slightly. Dan flinched at the sensation.

Melissa said, “You have such a nice ass. Tonight is going to be so much fun.”

She squeezed a generous amount of lubrication on her finger and slowly worked it into his ass. Dan moaned in pleasure.

Melissa whispered, “Does that feel good little girl.”

“Oh yes. It feels incredible.”

“Your pussy is so tight dear. We’ve got to stretch it out a bit.”

Dan’s mind was perverted and twisted from all the teasing. He liked the way Melissa referred to his ass as a pussy. Melissa coated the plug in lubrication and then slowly worked it into his ass.

While she pushed it in she said, “I want you to be nice and pretty for me tonight. Can you do that for me?”

The plug touched erotic nerves within Dan that were taboo and wonderful. He could barely think. He managed to reply, “Yes. Mistress.”

“Good girl,” replied Melissa.

When the plug was fully inserted, Melissa pulled Dan’s panties back up. Then she ordered him to go make breakfast. The fullness inside Dan’s ass felt incredible. His ass wanted to push out the plug but the tight panties held it in place. This struggle was yet another reminder of Melissa’s control over Dan.

Saturday afternoon Melissa emerged from the bedroom with a full face of make-up and a sexy outfit that got Dan’s immediate attention.

Dan commented, “Wow. You look stunning.”

“Thank-you slave. I left clothes on the bed for you to wear for our date tonight.”

“Uh…we’re going on a date.”

“Yes. Sweetie. The least I could do is take you on a date before I fuck you. I’m taking you to a comedy show and then we can have some fun afterwards. Go get dressed.”

Dan found a pair of slacks, dress shirt, and sport coat waiting for him on the bed. What immediately caught his attention was a white satin and lace teddy that was lying on the bed. A small note rested on top of the lingerie. It read, “I bought this special for you for tonight. I want you in pure white while I take your virgin ass.”

Dan’s cock twitched at the thought. Melissa mental domination over the past week was having an affect on him. He picked up the teddy and was excited to slip on the feminine lingerie. The teddy clung tightly to his body. Dan enjoyed the soft fabric clinging to his ass and cock. He admired the large silk bow just above his ass.

Melissa could not have picked a more girly teddy. Even the stockings that came with it were frilly and girly. They were a solid white with petty ruffles at the top.

When Dan slid on his pants, he already noticed a wet spot forming on the front of the lacy teddy. His cock head was visible through the damp fabric. Dan hoped it would not seep into his pants.

Melissa was grinning when Dan walked into the living room with a hard-on that was all too obvious. She commented, “I see you like my present.”

Dan blushed, “Ahh..err…yes. Thank you.”

Melissa squeezed his cock through his pants. “Tonight is going to be fun.”

Melissa took the lead during the night. She drove to the comedy club, ordered food for both of them and even handled the bill at the end of the night. When they arrive back home Dan was ordered to strip down to his teddy. His cock was rock hard before he even finished undressing

Melissa had picked the teddy from a bridal collection. Her eyes lit up at the sight of her virgin bride dressed in pure white. Melissa was thrilled at how the shiny, delicate fabric contrasted against his bronzed muscles. His demeanor was docile and submissive. Melissa knew it was her dominance that stripped away his maleness. Her pussy quivered from this power.

Melissa disappeared for a brief moment and then returned wearing nothing but a strap-on. She had Dan kneel before her facing the dildo. Her hands gently edged his head forward. There was uncertainty in Dan’s eyes as the dildo parted his lips. Melissa savored the precious moment, knowing the emotions from this first experience could not be recreated.

Melissa pushed her hips forward so gentle, like she was making love to a delicate flower. As her cock disappeared into his mouth she ascended into a more power and dominant woman. She pulled her hips back until the tip of the phallus rested on his lips and then she pushed it back in again.

Melissa had always thought is was demeaning to be kneeling and sucking a man’s cock. Now suddenly she was the man and her mind was flooded with emotions. She wanted to fuck Dan hard and show him who the boss was. She wanted to humiliate him. With her hands on both sides of his head, she fucked his mouth faster. His gagging excited her more.

To her surprise it was a powerful mental fuck for her. The act mentally stimulated her to the point of orgasm. She fucked his mouth with a lustful vengeance and screamed in delight as her body lit up in pleasure.

She pushed Dan away when she was done and panted, “Wow, I didn’t expect that to be so exciting.”

“Neither did I,” exclaimed Dan.

Melissa was pleased with his response. It made her want him even more. She had him get on his hands and knees on the bed. He was still dressed in his teddy and stockings. She wanted him to be pretty and virginal while she fucked him.

Melissa pushed aside the crotch of the teddy and removed the butt plug. Dan’s ass throbbed in need of attention. Melissa slid a lubed finger into his ass.

“Mmm. All ready to be fucked? The plug loosened you up a bit, but you still have a nice tight pussy.”

Dan moaned as her finger probed the inside of his ass. He liked that she referred to it as a pussy. He was ready to be fucked. Melissa’s finger retreated and soon Dan felt the tip of the dildo pushing into his ass.

“Relax precious. Let me inside of you.”

Dan relaxed his ass muscles and concentrated on letting her strap-on ease into his boy pussy. She was gentle, working it in inch by inch. Dan could not believe his fantasy was finally coming true. Bursts of arousal coursed through his body as the dildo pushed into forbidden territory. It took all his concentration not to cum prematurely.

Slowly Melissa started to fuck his boy pussy. She was in complete control. Melissa knew Dan was in a vulnerable state. It was the perfect time to exert her feminine power and plant a seed about his future.

Slowly she pushed her cock into his ass. In a calm controlling tone she said, “You know Dan, tonight is about more than just fulfilling a fantasy.”

She paused momentarily, letting Dan feel the fullness inside his ass. Then she slowly withdrew and pushed back in again. Dan’s mind was jelly. He breathed deeply from the pleasure.

When her cock was deep inside him again she continued, “Tonight is symbolic of a change in our marriage.”

Melissa slowly fucked his boy pussy while she talked. His male ego drained away with each thrust. “Things can never go back they way they were. After tonight you will always be my fuck toy.”

Melissa wanted to continue with the mental domination. However she was starting to lose control. Dan was also at the breaking point. The physical and mental domination were too much to handle.

Dan pleaded, “Please Mistress Melissa. I need to cum. I will be your fuck toy. Just let me cum.”

Dan’s pleading opened the orgasmic flood gates. Melissa pushed the strap-on deep into his ass. At the same time grasped his cock and screamed, “Cum with me sissy. Be a sissy slut and cum all over your teddy.”

Dan’s ass was full of pain and pleasure as Melissa fucked him. His cock swelled and pushed against her hand. Streams of hot cum shot from his cock soaking the front of his teddy. The spasms in his cock continued longer then he ever experienced before. When he was finished he collapsed on the bed.

“That was awesome. Thank you mistress,” panted Dan quietly.

Melissa lay on top of Dan with the dildo still partially in his ass. Dan was so exhausted that he didn’t even notice when she finally withdrew. He drifted off to sleep satisfied with his fantasy and unaware that this was just phase I of Melissa’s master plan.

To Be Continued…

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