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The Estate

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It had been two months since I moved back, and I still didn’t feel any more at home. I had lived on the estate several years ago, but that was when my grandfather and uncle were still alive, when we still had live-in servants, when I was still a teenager. It was different now, with the reality of adulthood coming a little too quickly, the mansion and grounds now a lonely responsibility.

Most people would describe my family as wealthy, but to me, it was all I had ever known. And even though it might be easy for strangers to be jealous, those who knew me well knew that I’d been through some hardships. My parents were killed in a car crash when I was young, so I’d moved from the city, from the comfort of my neighborhood, my school, my friends, out to the family’s country estate, where I finished out my teenage years before going to college.

My uncle Bob, my mom’s brother, took over raising me, giving me all the love and attention I’d experienced at home with my folks, but this time on an estate with a staff ready to serve every whim. They were really more like family, though, as Bob worked hard to instill in me a respect for everyone who worked for us. With virtually limitless resources and high test scores, I’d easily gotten into the ivy league school of my choice, and left this place four years ago, half thinking that I’d never come back. But here I was.

Uncle Bob passed away unexpectedly during my senior year, and left everything to me, as his only living relative. It was a remarkable gift for a young woman to inherit all this wealth, but also a tremendous burden, as I had to put on hold the plans I’d made in my last few years of school, and return home to take care of the estate. The staff I’d grown up with had moved on, either retiring or finding other work once Bob was gone, so I was faced with living in the mansion alone. Until I decided whether to stay or sell, I was bringing in strangers to handle the enormous upkeep – tending to the grounds, cleaning the pool, cooking and cleaning…

It was in this context, lonely and overwhelmed, that Jack paid me a visit. He had been the family’s lawyer for the past 15 years, and had watched me grow up as he took care of their various business ventures. He was probably in his early-mid 40s now, young as he was when he first came to work for us, and he’d been a part of my life for so long, I thought of him as a family friend more than as somebody’s lawyer. And as that trusted friend, he was one of the few other people who had a key to the gate.

That explains how he suddenly appeared on the pool deck, watching me as I swam a lap. The pool was truly glorious, big and blue, fitting into the surrounding slope of green, manicured lawns. Swimming had become a daily ritual for me since returning to the estate. I swam to collect my thoughts, to relax as the warm water played against my skin.

I didn’t think about just how skimpy my bikini was as I stepped out of the water. Didn’t think about it, that is, until I felt Jack’s eyes moving over my body. The black top barely contained my 34C breasts, and the tight bottoms accentuated my perfect ass and long legs. Smiling to myself, I simply wrapped a towel around waist, wringing the water out of my long red hair and tossing it over my shoulder, where it slapped against the warm skin of my back.

“Hi, Jack. What can I do for you today?”

“Um, hi, Trish.” My real name – a family name – is Patricia, but everyone calls me Trish. “I just wanted to come by and see how you’re doing. Frankly, I’m worried about you here all by yourself.”

“Hey, I’ll be OK. I’m still just trying to decide what to do – sell the place or keep it, and if I do keep it, do I stay here or live somewhere else, just keeping it as an investment. It’s a lot of choices to make, especially since I didn’t think I’d have to deal with any of this anytime soon.”

“I know, it’s still tough to accept that Bob’s gone.” His voice grew quiet, and I realized that not only had I lost an uncle, Jack had lost one of his closest friends.

“But hey,” I replied, trying to lighten the mood, “you’ve given me lots of great advice already, and I think I’m getting closer to a decision. So don’t worry, I’ll be fine.”

“Well, OK, but I still think it’s terrible you’re here all by yourself. Won’t you at least let me come by sometime and make you a nice dinner?”

I was honored but embarrassed that he still felt the need to work for our family. “It is tempting, but no, I can’t ask you to do that.”

As my eyes met his, I realized I was misjudging his motives. I could tell by the look in his eye that he genuinely wanted to have dinner with me. And then, suddenly, I felt awkward, and felt myself blush. Here I was, a hot young woman wearing just a towel, suddenly grasping that despite all we’d been through, this man was attracted to me.

He responded quickly, obviously trying to diffuse the awkwardness. “Hey, no big deal, why don’t you invite a few friends over as well, and we’ll make a small party of it?”

“Sure, sounds like a nice idea. I do have some old friends I’ve been meaning to catch up with now that I’m back. Why don’t we say Saturday, that should give me a few days to line things up?”

“Great, I’ll see you then. Why don’t you just pull a few bottles out of the wine cellar, and I’ll handle the rest!”

It wasn’t until I was back in the water that I cooled off. Jeez, what was I thinking – I’d never found myself attracted to Jack before, never noticed if he did or didn’t notice me in the past – but now he was all I could think about. How inappropriate was that? I chalked it up to all the emotional turmoil I’d been through in the past months, and moved on to calling a few old friends to invite them over for a quiet dinner at the estate.

It ended up being a gorgeous day, that Saturday, and I called my friends back, suggesting that under the sunny circumstances, they were welcome to bring their swimsuits. Heidi and Karen were the two I’d been able to reach who were in town and delighted to accept the invitation – we’d gone to high school together, but scattered to different colleges, so it was a reunion of sorts for us, catching up after a few years apart.

While Jack slaved away in the kitchen – well, for all I know, he’d brought in take-out and just pretended to cook – we lounged by the pool, catching up on each other’s life stories, soaking up some early summer rays, and taking the occasional dip in the water. We made quite a trio – Heidi, the blonde, in a red one-piece; Karen, a brunette, in a bikini that matched her big beautiful green eyes; and I was wearing a suit of sky-blue, a light color that made even my fair, freckled skin look as though it had a bit of color.

Before long, Jack joined us, bringing out a tray of margaritas and making himself comfortable on one of the deck chairs, watching as we all dove into the water, deliberately splashing each other as we did. I watched out of the corner of my eye as Jack pulled off his shirt, tossing it aside. The thoughts I’d been trying to ignore or push away suddenly flooded back as I admired just how fit and tan he was.

Heidi looked in his direction and asked, “So, don’t you want to join us? The water is nice and cool!”

“Well, I’d love to, Heidi, but I didn’t get the memo about bringing swimsuits, and I don’t want to spend the rest of the evening in soggy pants! I’ll just watch from here.”

Karen, who always did enjoy trying to shock me, replied promptly, “That’s OK Jack, I’m sure Trish wouldn’t mind a little skinny-dipping in her pool?”

I shot her a glance, meaning to make her knock it off, but revealing instead that I had blushed at the comment. She responded by taking things up a notch.

“Here, I’ll get things started,” she said, looking back at Jack as she tugged at the strings of her bikini top, tossing it aside and allowing her breasts to pop free and float on the water level. She always was remarkably comfortable with her body, I remembered now.

I plunged beneath the water, holding my breath as long as I could, hoping that the humiliation would be over soon, but also half-hoping that Jack would take her up on the offer.

I emerged, gasping, just in time to watch Jack stand up and pull down his pants, followed quickly by his boxers, and he now stood before us on the pool deck, completely naked. I couldn’t help but admire his big strong body, and couldn’t tear my eyes away from his semi-hard cock as it dangled between his legs. His eyes caught mine and he smiled, and then quickly dove in, joining us in the water.

He swam to the shallow end of the pool and sat on the steps there as the three of us surrounded him. Karen continued to be the boldest, taking his cock in her hands underwater as he began fondling her tits. Heidi and I watched, still shocked at what was happening, but quickly getting turned on and wanting to join in the fun.

I swam closer to Heidi and pulled in close, and we began running our hands over each other’s bodies, first over our suits and then gradually peeling each other free of them. I had never touched another woman like this before, much less one of my best friends, but I found the whole scene so erotic, I couldn’t help myself.

Jack was encouraging Karen, urging her on, telling her exactly how to fondle his balls, and she was moaning now as his hand had slid between her bikini and her skin and his fingers reached her clit. Heidi and I were watching the action as much as we could, considering that we were locked in a tight embrace, nipples grinding together, fingers finding spots of pleasure above and below the water line.

Jack gradually began to pull himself up the steps and out of the water, sitting now on the edge of the pool as Karen took his cock in her mouth and began bobbing up and down on his long, hard shaft. Heidi and I swam over to join them, taking turns pleasuring each of them, fingering his balls, probing Karen’s exposed pussy, as everyone’s excitement rose.

After a few glorious minutes of this orgy, our moans beginning to drown out the splash of the water, we climbed out of the pool to continue things on dry land. Jack sat on one chair, and I claimed the one next to him, as Karen lowered herself onto his cock and Heidi straddled me. As Karen cried out at the feeling of fullness and began to ride him furiously, Heidi and I watched, grinding our clits together. I was quickly overwhelmed and came in just a few minutes, shockingly turned on by the feel of another woman grinding on me as I watched one of my best friends fuck Jack.

But I wanted my turn as well. I was eager to feel his thick hard cock buried in my tight little pussy, to be the one turning on my friends as I fucked right in front of them. When Karen cried out in pleasure, I knew I would soon have my turn. Just as soon as she had climbed off of him, I quickly replaced her, straddling Jack and burying his cock inside of me in one fast, smooth motion.

Heidi whimpered when I left her alone on the chair, but Karen soon joined her, kneeling between her legs and licking her wet pussy lips as I began to fuck Jack with more abandon. Our skin slapped together as I pounded up and down on his shaft, and Heidi giggled with pleasure as she watched and felt Karen’s fingers begin to probe her pussy.

The pleasure building inside of me, I stopped moving up and down and began rocking my hips back and forth, Jack’s cock buried deep in my pussy. After enjoying these new sensations for a few moments, he took the opportunity to change our position. We both stood up, walked close to the other chair, where Karen was still going down on Heidi, and Jack spun me around.

I bent over, my hair and my tits in Heidi’s face, and spread my legs just in time for Jack to pound into me from behind. I thanked my uncle for investing in so many acres as I screamed out in pleasure. Karen now stood up and straddled Heidi, allowing them to grind together as Heidi and I had before, as they both watched Jack fuck me furiously.

I felt a powerful orgasm grow from deep inside, and was helpless even to remain standing, having to rely on my friends to keep me upright as I rode out wave after wave of pleasure. My clenching pussy pushed Jack over the edge as well, and he pulled out of me just in time to cum all over Heidi and Karen’s waiting tits. They continued to push each other towards orgasm, grinding together and fingering each other furiously until they both climaxed as I collapsed in the chair next to them, panting.

With a mock frown, Jack said to me, “Too bad about the margaritas, it looks like the ice melted.”

“Don’t worry,” I replied. “There’s some nice wine waiting for us inside. But more importantly, you’ve just convinced me to keep the estate after all!”

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