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The Desired One

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It has been a year today since my life changed drastically. I can remember that day with a vivid recollection that would scare most people. Even I was scared for the longest time, though it was a different kind of scared than most would recognize. I actually went through different levels of being scared. It was truly as if my world was flipped upside down that day.

It was spring and London was alive with the bustle of people enjoying the warmth of the day. I lived in a small street filled with some people that were friendly, others ducked their heads and looked the other way. The sky was clear and I had gone for my daily walk. It was easy to enjoy the freshness of the air, the warm breeze caressed my long hair. The heavy rain that had fallen overnight washed away most of the dreariness that winter had left. The trees seemed to burst out with their greenery from natures gifts of water. Soft blooms of whites and pinks peeked out amongst the budding leaves. Just one drawing breath of the air, gave me a sense of awakening.

I was walking with what seemed a “spring in my step” I was so revitalised. In the distance, the sounds of children playing put a soft smile on my lips. The sound of spluttering from a car nearing me made me shift my eyes, but only for a moment. The dark blue van was travelling slow, but it looked familiar. I had seen it several times on my walks through the neighbourhood. I even nicknamed it the “Mystery Van”, because all of its windows were darkened, giving even the front window an ominous look. I smiled at it as I turned my focus back to thoughts about the world around me. Spring has always made me feel more creative, which was perfect since I taught young kids. Being a teacher brought out some of the most exciting feelings of completeness in my life, but still something was missing. I never let it get me down, but I could never put my finger on it.

Suddenly, I noticed the spluttering was still there. I turned my head again, a ripple of unnerved energy threaded its way through me. It seemed to be following me. I looked away as I made a turn, taking a path that led away from the road into a busier area. I heard the door slide open, as I was grabbed from behind. My petite form was no match for the many hands that had me. My mouth was covered as a deep whisper over my ear threatened, “The more you scream, the more painful this will be.” My body was dragged roughly into the van, as I saw the light turn to dark with the slamming of the doors. It happened so fast. My first thought was someone must have seen it happen. Surely someone saw it happen!

“What do you want with me?” I asked as they released my mouth. My voice quivered with uncertainty and fear, as a I turned my head to catch a glimpse at who had done this to me. A severe smack caught me by surprise, spinning my head as the pain travelled over my cheeks with a burn. A growling voice answered, “We ask the questions, slut. You’ll know more when He tells you more.” I nodded as I laid heaped in the back of the van.

Slowly my eyes adjusted to the darkness of the van, shapes started to appear. I timidly tried to look around without being noticed. A stinging slap sent me flying against the van door. “Look here guys, we got us a curious one. He will be pleased with our choice.”

My mind reeled as I took in what I heard, darkness completely surrounded me as my eyes were covered. I gasped as I felt my arms grasped in front of me, a coarse rope was stranded around my wrists. I tugged against their force, as the blow of a hand knocked my head against the floor of the van. My voice choked back as I closed off a scream.

The sound of laughter flooded around me as I sobbed quietly at the pain. The voice flowed around my ear, “You think you’re in pain now bitch, just try that again. At least you remembered about the scream, so obviously you learn quickly.”

My body trembled uncontrollably as I fought to calm myself. It seemed impossible to tame my fears. The low whispers caught my attention as I felt the van slow to a stop. I strained to make out what they were saying catching one word, “slave”. As I tried to focus harder, all was lost to the noise of the van as it began its journey again. The whispers faded into the backdrop, leaving me to ponder what they meant by slave and if it pertained to me. Fear was mild to what I was feeling.

My mind was working overtime as I thought about how to get away. Surely someone saw me being taken. They would call the police and find me. Where were they taking me? What did they want with me? How many were people were there? Without a warning, a hand covered my nose. The sharp odour sent my head spinning as everything went dark. Someone whispered, “night…night” as I passed out.

I’m unsure how long I was out or how much longer the journey was to my destination. I was even more unsure how I was moved from the van to this room. As I came through, I wasn’t sure if I was dreaming or in a nightmare. Grogginess filled me as I gazed through foggy vision. The blindfold was removed, as my gaze lifted, my hands were still tied up. I blinked at the sight as I realised I was hanging suspended. My feet were flat to the floor and bound at the ankles, which were bare of my socks and shoes. A deep gasp escaped from me when I realised that my clothes had been changed from jeans and t-shirt to a short, black dress. How?!

I wriggled against the bindings, but it was useless. I twisted against them more as I tried looking around the room. The tears crested against my eyelids as I winced at the pain from the struggle. I got a mere glimpse of the room. It was a lavishly decorated bedroom, but it seemed sealed off. There was a large mirror close to the door. A four-poster bed with sheer drapes set before me, covered in soft beddings.

“Hello? Help me…” I tried to scream, but the dryness of my throat suffocated my cries. I coughed at the scratchiness of my throat. I inhaled a breath as I was about to try again, I heard a lock click and the door open, then shut once again. I froze as I swallowed hard, my eyes closed as I listened for a moment.

Soft footsteps echoed their way to me, coming abruptly to a stop behind me. All went silent, as I felt a warmth over my neck. My eyes popped open in fear, as I whimpered, “Where am I? Who are you? What do you want with me?”

“Shhhhh, little one. I ask the questions.” The voice was deep, resonating throughout the room. A familiarity came from the tones. I drew in a breath, catching the scent of his aftershave. The smell was rich and sensuous. “I know you have many questions. Just know I hold all of the answers. If you’re good, you’ll share in my knowledge. If you’re bad, you’ll feel the pain of not knowing…in more ways than one.”

My body trembled as I heard him speak. Knowing from the threat of his words, he would obviously follow through. A deep ache flowed over my body as I felt the pain move down my arms and shoulders.

“My little one is getting tired, I see. It won’t long before you’re free once again.” I felt the warmth of his body press against me, sending a lightening volt through me. I clamped down on my tongue as I remembered not to shout. “Ahh, you do learn fast. My boys were right about you. They were right in many ways.”

He stepped away as his fingertips trailed around my waist. I quivered at the touch, a mix of revolution and pleasure mingled over me. His fingers slid over my stomach and down my hip. I closed off a moan as his hand brushed past my cunt. I twisted my head not wanting to believe this was happening. I gasped a soft, “please…no”.

A dark chuckle arose from behind me. His fingers gathered the material of the dress. He ran his fingertips over my mounds reviling that I was no longer wearing underwear, to my astonishment. I felt his finger slide inside me, denying the feeling of pleasure as he held his finger firm within me. “You’ve been prepared for me, my sweet one. While you was getting your beauty rest, you were shaved, primped, and dressed to my specifications. Tell me your name, little one?”

I couldn’t speak as I felt his finger invade me. He drew his free hand up giving a harsh twist to my nipple. I cried out in pain as he grinned with an impish glint in his eyes. “What’s your name girl?” he asked in a gruff voice.

“Desarie…It’s Desarie.” I whispered, tears streamed down my cheeks.

“Mmmmm…what a befitting name. You are a desired one, indeed.” He withdrew his finger from my body, as he stepped back. Lifting his finger to his nose, then licking it gently. I stood with my mouth agape. I had never seen anyone taste me like that. It sent a blush down my neck, my tears hot as they flowed from me. I felt violated and lost. Fear gripped me harder as I panicked.

No one was coming for me. I lived alone and was dating no one, so it could be days before anyone noticed me missing. Why didn’t anyone see anything or call the police? Why was this happening? Why me?

“Oh little one, there’s no need for tears. I am here to save you.”

I lifted my head, “Save me? You kidnapped me.” I snapped, drawing back my tears. My face contorting with the anger.

“Not in such nasty terms. You will feel differently very soon.”

His footsteps moved him around me, as I took my first look at my captor. There was a familiarity not only in his voice, but in his face. His hair was jet black with a touch of grey at the sideburns, making him what most would call distinguished. He was clean shaven and groomed impeccably, with deep blue eyes. He was wearing a black t-shirt stretched tight against his strong form, with black trousers and dress shoes. The belt around his waist held a coiled whip.

My face filled with question as I stared at the whip. Lifting them to him as I squirmed uncomfortably. “I have brought you here indeed to save you, my Desarie. I am what most call a Dominant. Do you know what a Dominant is?”

I nodded gently, struck by fear as I gazed down at the whip at his side again.

“Good. Now what you may not know is why as a Dominant I have your pretty form fitted from my ceiling. Well, that’s simple, really. I crave a slave. When I get that craving, I am fortunate enough to have those that will help me find one.”

His smile deepened, as he reached for a chair, taking a seat in front of me. “I must say they’ve done well this time. I did have my own look at you on occasion. It has been weeks that my men have been observing you. It was just yesterday when I gave them my approval.”

I gasped as realisation set into my mind. His face flashed before me as I remembered the scene from the day before. He had dropped his book. I had got his attention so I could return. I smiled and he thanked me, as I walked away. I look at him with a gaping mouth.

His hand reached forth as he chucked me under the chin with a laugh. “No need to be surprised little one. I knew as soon as I saw you, you’re the one for me. Your name says it all. Desired one.” I struggled against my binds, my body falling limp as my muscles ached. My voice was weak as I pleaded, “Please let me go. Please. My body is aching.”

“Soon, little one. I need you to see the pain you will suffer if you try to escape before the time is right. Freedom will be earned. I have much to teach you. I know what’s inside you without you even telling me.”

He stood up once again, as he began to slowly walk in circles around me. He stopped turning to face me, his hand slid around my cheek to cup it. The feeling was so tender, my face automatically nudged against his hand. No one had touched me in such a way, ever. I gazed deep into his eyes, trying to search into him. What kind of man can be both cruel and tender? Was he crazy or did I really need saving?

His face closed in on mine as he kissed my lips softly. Something kept me from drawing away or fighting it. Maybe it was the sheer fact my every muscle screamed in pain. Maybe it was a feeling he instilled in me. Whatever it was, I was drawn to him, unable to resist the sweetness of his kiss.

Confusion filled my face as he stepped away. His lips curling into a smile, bursting into laughter. “Oh my sweet, little one…how I’ve searched for someone as natural as you. My boys did me more of a favour than they know.”

He moved behind me. I felt his fingers moving over the material of the dress. A coolness brushed over my back as he parted the dress to expose my backside. My lips quivered wanting to shout, but I remained silent. The tears formed in the corners of my eyes, spilling down my cheeks. I listened hard as I heard him walking around behind me.

Unsure of what he was doing sent me to turn my head looking for him. My eyes strained wide as a stinging burned over my skin. My voice raised in terror as the crack rang past my ears, the heat snaking its way over my flesh. I lowered my eyes as my body danced against the ropes. The whip was laced around my stomach, until his tug brought it back to him. The crack from his whip caught around my body over and over. He moved in a semi-circle around me. He drew the whip back to him, as I felt the kiss of his whip sear through my dress as if it wasn’t even there.

I arched and wriggled, as I cried out the pain stinging my body. The heat travelling down my body as it flourished against my cunt, drawing the wetness. As he slowed, the tears poured from my eyes, as the ache in my throat grew. I panted as I tried to catch my breath. He moved around my body as he recoiled his whip, replacing it at his side. My sobs choked me as I felt the pain over my body. His hand slid under the limp material,over my stomach to press against the marks left by his whip. “The whip loves your body almost as much as I do. How do you feel?”

“Scared…in pain…” I gasped, tears free flowing over my face.

His fingertips gently ran over the marks, sending a chill through me that stirred my body more. He guided his fingertips to explore my cunt once again. He drew the wetness to his fingers, as I released a deep groan. “My little one likes that more than she knows yet.”

All I could think is how my body betrayed what I really felt. How could it gain pleasure from a stranger who had stole me and was now beating me. He walked around me, as I watched him lick his fingers clean once again. My throat felt closed off as I whispered, “let me go…please…”

He smiled softly to me, but as quick as his smile flowed over his lips, it disappeared. A darkness appeared in his bright eyes, adding a shadow. His hands clinched in and out at his side taking a swing at me with his hand. The flat palm of his large hands caught my cheek, filling me with tingles of pain. Again he struck me, catching the other side of my face. “I said you’ll have freedom, when I deem you worthy of it, slut.”

He reached into his pocket, drawing out something shining. I look at his hand as I pulled back with a deep gasp, my arms trembled as I fell limp once again. His eyes flashed darker as he looked at me, flicking out the blade. He walked around me slowly. His hand breezing over my arse, to my hips, and over my mounds. He touched the cold blade between the crests of my arse cheeks. I moaned and shivered at the feel, clinching the muscles as I tried to move away from the feel.

He chuckled as he moved back to face me. He drew a hand to my face as I tried to pull away, fear flowing through me as I expected another slap. Instead, I was met with a feathery brush against my burning cheeks. He leaned in to kiss each cheek, lowering his head as he nuzzled my neck. My mind flooded with confusion, as I wasn’t sure what to expect next.

“A bond between a Master and slave is built on trust. The trust that you have for me now is non-existent. I have taken you from what you consider your safe world. I have touched you without your permission in places only one that has permission should touch. You may think that I’m going to rape you today, but I’m not. That is what I want from you…to feel you ride me with your beautiful body…to feel those plush lips over my cock…to have you serve me as I know you can. It is just the want and trust that you’ll need to find that I know what’s best for you before you can do this.

“I will gain that trust, I assure you of this.” His words left me both frightened and curious. How did he believe so strongly that someone he stole off the street would be what he wanted? Let alone, how did he think he knew me?

A dark smile crossed his lips once again, lowering his hands to his side with his knife still clutched in one hand. He stooped by my feet, looking up to me as he reached for the binds around my ankles. Carefully, he cut my legs free. Part of me wanted to kick him, but I knew I was too weak to do anything. Which, I’m sure he realised this as well. He stood once again, as he walked around me.

“Each time you do something good, you will rewarded. Each time you’re bad, you will be punished. I have a feeling this is a repeat, because I’m pretty sure I mentioned that before, little one. I have rewarded you for taking your punishment. Soon has come, as promised.”

He lifted his hands as he shifted me off of the restraints that held my tied wrists. My body instantly collapsed into his arms. I was surprised at his strength as he lifted me into his arms. It was like a scene from an old show, which most girls secretly hoped to happen to them. I looked up to him, my mind flitting with so many thoughts. He laid me gently upon the bed. The softness enveloping me, as I laid back against the pillows.

Should I fight this? What am I doing? What’s going to happen to me? The thoughts reeled in my head with an urgency. His voice came softer than ever, “All your questions will be answered, Desarie. My desired one…you will have all the answers very soon. For now, sleep. I will be nearby, so just rest.”

It was like my body responded to his very command. Within seconds, my eyes shut and all became dark once again.

My eyes fluttered as I woke with a start. I sat up, looking around the dim room. Lifting my bound hands, I scrubbed my eyes. It wasn’t a nightmare. I winced as a shot of pain moved through my shoulders. The sting of my stomach doubled with the rumble of hunger. I laid back to the pillows, listening for a few minutes. No one came to the door, so I carefully sat up. My body shouted at me every inch I made, as I carefully swung my legs to the side of the bed. I stood up, losing my balance at first as I toppled back to the bed. A sudden feeling of dizziness plagued me.

I listened for a moment more, using the passing of the dizzy spell to make sure no one was coming. I lifted myself slower this time, my feet adjusting gradually to the pain throughout my body. I groaned low in my throat as I stood erect. I wobbled until I found a firm footing I wiped at my eyes once again with my fists. The crying I had done, plus the punishment I withstood made my head pound and my eyes ache.

I traipsed around the room. The room was lovely. Great care had been taken to its every detail. I moved with a stiffness in my joints and muscles as I explored the open area. I gazed up at the place where I had hung. A shiver travelled over my flesh as I thought back to hanging from my restraints. As I walked around, I first tested the main door. Of course, it was locked, no surprise there. I sighed heavily as I stopped to look in the mirror. I gasped at the sight of myself. The dress was still hanging limp from my body, the back of me was exposed. My hair, which had been pulled into a ponytail was all over the place.

“Ugh…” I whispered in a low voice. Instinctively I reached up to touch my throat at the scratchy feel. I sighed with the weight on my mind, shifting my weight towards the second door. The thin door opened with a squeak. I peeked behind me, not moving as I waited to see if anyone would rush into the room, but all was silent. I turned back towards the door, feeling around for a switch for the lights. My fingers grazed the button, flicking it on to brighten the room. To my pleasure, it was a bathroom.

I closed the door, walking around in the small room. Its furnishing were ornate and well thought out, I couldn’t help thinking. Much thought had gone into the planning of these rooms. I went about taking care of myself as best I could with my hands bound together. I turned on the tap, trying to sip water from my palms. It gave some relief to my sore throat.

My mind flashed the images of all that had happened. Why was this all happening? I know he thinks I will be his slave, but why me? Why this way?

The creaking of the door startled me from my thoughts. “Hello, Desarie.” his voice strong with a resonating tone. “I trust you slept well?”

I just nodded gently, pressing my bare back to the sink.

“For now, when I ask you a question that you are to answer, you are to say ‘yes Sir’. Do you understand?”

I nodded softly, dipping my eyes, “yes…Sir”

A deep smile spread over his lips, as he stepped forth to reach for my bound hands. His fingers twined around the rope, pulling me closer to him. His blue eyes shadowed for a brief moment, focusing his gaze into my eyes, “good…you will one day call me Master, but for now, it is Sir.”

I pressed my lips together, tucking them under. His breath was sweet as it passed over my face. He backed away, turning as he led me behind him with a tug on my restraints. For some reason, I wasn’t as scared this time when I was in his presence. I started questioning that as I followed him. He was a total stranger that had me captured, but something in his eyes lured a curiosity within myself.

He dragged me into the room, guiding me to the bed. A tray upon a small table with food, making my stomach growl at the sight of the small buffet. He turned me towards the bed, giving me a gentle shove to sit. He moved to sit beside me, as he pressed his shoulder to touch mine. He brushed past me as he moved the table closer.

He reached for the glass of ice water, bringing it to my lips as I drank. He smiled softly, as he run his fingers through my hair, twirling it as he watched me. A soft blush fell over my cheeks, as I felt his eyes studying me. He rested the glass to the tray, plucking the grapes, as he began to feed me.

“You’re so beautiful. I know you must not understand what’s going on here. I only wish to make you mine. Maybe you wonder why I do it this way. I can tell you.

“Many years ago, I used to go to clubs. I would meet so-called submissives or slaves there, but they were unworthy. They were all just after sex. Sure, that’s good for the moment. None that I met had what it took to be my slave. I see my role in more than just a sexual way. I wish servitude in sex and non-sex related tasks, honesty, trust, loyalty, and total obedience. There’s always more to say about what you want. You grow with the one you’re with as you explore together.

“That is what I have been searching for, so I have had three girls before you. Each are free from me now. It didn’t work out, but you know what?”

I shook my head, expecting it as a rhetorical question, as I listened quietly.

“They all still come to me when they need what they know I give best. That’s power over them and knowing what they need. They call upon me for advice or just the need to submit to someone they know is real.

“Granted, my methods never seem to start out as what most would consider logical or common practice. That’s because I’m not your run-of-the-mill Dominant. I am who I am. I have knowledge and the ability to see in others what they can not see.”

I looked up to him with a new curiosity. “So, you let them free? They still come to you? Did You find them as you found me?”

He chuckled with a heartiness that brought even a small smile to me. “You have a hunger for knowledge that is very attractive, but I should warn you now, it can also get you into trouble, little one.

He smiled and brushed my hair back from around my face, as he fed me quietly for a moment, before breaking the silence, “Yes, I set them free. You will have the same choice when I deem it’s your turn. There is no set time on that and only I can tell you when that time has arrived. They do still come to me. Scouts honour.”

He grinned as he made the scouts sign of honour. I laughed for the first time, slowing as I began to choke. He offered me more to drink, then rubbed my back tenderly.

“I will release you from all of your bindings when I’m assured that you won’t try to flee. For now, I want to talk to you about what went on yesterday.”

I nodded, lifting my eyes to him. I felt a change over myself. Just sitting here talking with him, I felt less afraid. I couldn’t place the feelings that were changing within moments of being in his presence.

“I wanted you to feel the sting of my whip. I saw you eyeing it in fear. While it brings much pain, it can bring just as much pleasure. You may not want to admit it, but it aroused you, did it not?”

I felt a tingle, as my cheeks started to blush. I pressed my lips together, as I looked down giving a gentle nod. I felt his hands reach gently under my chin, lifting me as he looked into my eyes. The blues of his eyes seemed like pools that I was swimming in, as I looked to him.

“I want to see your chocolate eyes and those apple cheeks that bloom for me. You need not to be ashamed. I know you don’t know me well yet, but you will. You will, little one. Now, tell me…how did it make you feel?”

“I felt like my body betrayed me, Sir.”

He smiled softly, almost knowingly, “Why do you feel it did that?”

“Because I don’t know you. You took me right off the street. You hit me with your whip. You’ve had me tied up and your goons slapped me. Yet, when you hit me with your whip and touched me, I felt…curiosity and excitement at the same time. I feel so confused….insecure…scared…yet I don’t.”

“You don’t what, Desarie?”

“I…don’t…feel scared any more. Not like before, at least. I hurt all over, but…something about you makes me feel…something…I can’t put into words. Am I just going crazy?!”

He chuckled softly, touching my cheek, my head tilted as I laid against his palm. Slowly, I lifted my eyes to meet his gaze. He leaned in, pressing his lips to mine. I felt a shark that wrapped around my body as I had never felt before. His arms surrounded me, embracing me to his sweet, scented body. I felt his muscles flexing against me. His kisses drew me closer as I sunk against his chest, moaning softly as he teased his tongue over my lips, tugging out my lip with his teeth giving it a gentle nip. He drew back as I felt my head spin, my eyes fluttered open whispering, “wow….Sir…”

He laughed, “that good?”

“I’ve never…been kissed like that…ever.”

“I have much more in store for you, little one.”

“What is it about you calling me little one? It makes me feel…lower to you…a feeling I can’t resist.”

He leaned against my ear, whispering softly “It’s called need, little one.” His kisses trailed over my earlobes to my neck, a shiver moved me against his touch. His hands gently pressed me back to the bed. He hovered over my body, as he gazed at me, “You’re the one, Desarie. I know you are. Now I just have to show you the way.”

I couldn’t breath as I looked up to him as he spoke. He lowered his head to kiss down my neck. He nudged my breasts with the tip of his nose, the material of my clothes rubbing against my nipples as they slowly hardened. “I want to show you pleasure as you’ve never felt before. Then one way, because I’m certain you’ll return the favour.”

I bit down hard on my lip, my mind still wondering between “what are you doing?” and “oh my gosh…”. He lifted himself to press his lips against mine, dipping his tongue in as it brushed past mine. His kisses deepened as they became more demanding. Shifting his weight to one side, he slipped a hand under my dress, teasing my nipples with a tug. My lips parted as a soft moan vibrated against our lips.

His hand pinched each nipple, giving it a rough tug. He gripped my breasts between his hands as he squeezed firmly. Flattening his hand he moved it over my tummy, his mouth kissing me deeper, unable to resist his wanton kisses. My body lifted towards his hand as it traced over my curves.

Suddenly, he pulled away. His face serious, as want was written over his face, “I want you very much. I want to give you pleasure as you’ve never discovered before. Do I have your permission to do so? If you say no, I will stop right here.”

My mind reeled as I thought ‘NO!’, my mouth spoke a loud, “yes Sir”

Without hesitation, he smiled deep, moving down my body. He lifted me, dragging me further onto the bed. His body nestled between my thighs, as he grasped me under my hips to lift me towards him. His eyes met my gaze, as I looked up in fear and excitement. A soft growl slipped his lips that sent a wave of lust over me, as I felt his mouth enclose around my cunt, his tongue slid deep in as he moaned against my lips. My eyes rolled back as I moaned low in my throat at the intense pleasure that coiled its way around my body. I planted my feet, as I closed my eyes. I raised my bound hands overhead, as he pulled away only briefly.

The heat in his eyes said it all, but he groaned, “delicious pet…delicious.” The words rippled a wave of pleasure as I felt his mouth engulf me once again. His rigid tongue delved deeper as he licked me quick, then slow, moving his pace as I was unsure of how my body would react next. My hands pressed against the bed, as I arched my hips, rocking against his tongue. The moans that emitted from my lips grew into soft cries. I felt the pressure against my clit, his tongue lapping excitedly as he slowed and pulled back, feeling the urge to cum slow. Suddenly he was at me again, bringing me closer, I felt like I was about to burst, as he drew away again. “You’re mine girl. You will be mine.”

His eyes gleamed at me as he whispers, “Mine.” He slid a finger deep inside me, fucking me hard as my cries grew louder, his tongue flicked over my swollen clit. His mouth covered the full of my cunt, sliding his finger in and out on my wetness, as he began to suckle on me. I screamed loud, as I felt the hot force of my orgasm burst forth, my body trembled with each orgasm as I squirmed against his grasp, feeling my body shudder with each passing release.

He dropped my hips, as he growled, looking at me. He licked his lips as he crawled up me, pressing his lips to mine, as I tasted my cream upon his lips. My lips hungrily kissed at his as I moaned, feeling the orgasms slowing. I licked my lips as he sat up. My eyes closed closed for a moment as I gasped for air against my panting breath.

I heard the familiar zip being undone, as I lifted my eyes to see him expose his cock to my view. His shaft was thick. He length perfect size, not too big, but big enough. I looked up to him as he commanded in a deep voice, “Make me wet slut. I’ve decided I’m claiming you. You’re mine. Lick your Master’s cock, now.”

Unable to deny him, I lifted my head, wrapping my lips around his cock. I felt his fingers grasp my hair by the fist-full. He pulled me hard by my hair, as I groaned low at the feeling as he fucked my face. He pulled his cock out, slapping me with his hard tool against my cheeks. He growled low, “Whose are you, girl?”

“Yours Sir.”

He slapped me harder with his cock. “Wrong. Try again.”

“I’m yours, Sir.”

He grinned with a darkening in his eyes, “Wrong again, slut. I’m not your Sir. Last chance…”

“I’m yours, Master.”

“That’s right, slut. You are mine. I knew it from first look and now by first taste. You’re mine and I’m going to claim you as mine. How does that make you feel?”

“Scared… wanting… nervous… needy…. Master… save me.”

“That’s my girl.”

To Be Continued…

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