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The Dance

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Nickelback plays in the background as we dance in my room, your hands spinning my wheelchair, switching your hands between my wheel rims and my back handles. Once more, you spin me to face you, as you fall into my lap, you sit, your arms around my neck and shoulders. Your mouth presses against mine, your whiskers gently scrape my face.

Your lips part, your tongue pressing through my lips until it meets mine, you raise your hand from my back to the back of my head, your fingers in my hair, holding my head against yours. I struggle to breathe through my nose while trying to inhale your essence at the same time; my mind and body in a paradoxical combat, needing both air and you to sustain me.

You slowly unbutton my dress as you kiss down my neck, my chest, moving slightly to the sides, alternating, as your lips approach my nipples, teasing them for a moment, finally kissing each one, sucking them gently, back and forth. I can feel our passion growing as I push you off my lap until you are standing in front of me. I move my hands forward to undo the buttons on your jeans, releasing your hardness from its constriction; I quickly pull your cock between my lips, into my mouth, down my gullet. Your hands grab my head, grasping my hair, holding yourself deep in my throat. My tongue flicks at your cockhead, sucking your dick as hard and deep as I can. I look up to capture your gaze, your cock fucking my mouth as I continue staring up into your eyes…the music continues…

“…I love the way you still say please, while you’re looking up at me…”

You can feel all the details of my mouth and throat pleasing you, making your cockhead throb even larger in ecstasy. I contract my mouth muscles tightly, repeatedly, around you. I can barely breath now, a slight high develops, intensifying every touch, every kiss, every caress. You keep one hand on my head to keep fucking my mouth as you lower one hand slowly down my neck and chest. You reach for my nipples again, tenderly pinching them and rolling them in your fingers. You gently drag the tips of your fingers around them and all over my chest, dragging them delicately up to my neck. With lack of control you grab the back of my neck and hold it tightly. Forcing yourself even deeper down my throat, you reach your thumb around, and press it forcefully into the skin of my throat, into the sensitive depression at the top of my sternum, feeling yourself through my neck skin and muscles, suppressing my air even more than before, the resulting high even stronger now, sensually stimulating my whole body. I feel your cock getting even harder, starting to contract between my lips as the song follows us…

“….I love my hands around your neck…”

You suddenly release your grip on my neck, shooting your cum into my mouth, pouring it down my throat. I suck you dry for several minutes, swallowing every drop, until I think you are finally spent, but I am mistaken…

We resume our dance, we begin to kiss again, your hands beginning to touch me more, down, my neck, tracing my collar bones, you kissing down my neck as your fingers travel down my cleavage, along the edge of my bra, around the sides of my breasts, my nipples hardening as your hands tease them. Undoing the buttons on the front of my dress, slipping it off my shoulders, undoing my front bra clasp, sliding it off as well, your hands cup my tits as you lower your lips slowly down my neck and chest.

I am getting drenched as you do this. You know what I want, and you pick me up out of my chair, lifting me and laying me onto the bed, straddling my hips, you hold my hands above my head with one hand as you return to sucking my nipples, lowering your other hand to reach up under my skirt. You raise your head to kiss my throat, hard, pressing into my larynx, my windpipe, the lightheadedness resulting from the reduced breath enhancing the feel of giving control up to you, as well as feeling electricity from your fingers traveling up my thighs, grabbing at my panties, ripping them off quickly.

You need both hands now, so you grab a silk scarf from a pile laying conveniently nearby, tying my hands together, above my head to the bed frame. You force your knees between mine, prying my legs apart, grabbing more scarves to secure my ankles to the lower bed corners. My body spread like a banquet before you, your hands, mouth, body, now free to feast as you wish. You put your hands underneath my ass and hips and lift my crotch in the air near your face as you begin to gently kiss the surrounding area of my pussy. You lick from top to bottom a couple times with your tongue deeply, slowly. While you do this, you slide a pillow under my hips to keep them raised at just the right angle.

You attempt to kiss deeper as you tease my clit with your finger. Still licking in a slow, upward motion you begin to roll your tongue occasionally. You can’t handle the waiting and express so by moaning loudly and shoving your tongue deep inside me, grasping my pubic bone and pussy tight with your palm. I moan and writhe, my body seemingly struggling against the restraint, but really responding on its own, wanting to pull you inside, as deep as imaginable. You capture my gaze, looking up into my eyes as you lightly flick your tongue at my clit.

You smile slyly at me as my head rolls back and to the side, a moan escaping my lips, you move up quickly, brushing your cock against my slit briefly, you feel my wetness flowing, and you slam your cock into me as you move your hands up to massage my tits and caress my face, our bodies meeting just right, your pubic bone and hair stimulate my clit as you fuck me as deep as conceivably possible. You pull yourself near to my neck so you can bite deep, and as you do I let out a moan of pleasure. You bite my bottom lip and grasp my hips tight for ease of ramming your hard dick inside of me. You grasp my hair with one hand and steal a violent kiss. Thrusting hard and deep inside me, you pull your body briefly away and pull me into a position for me to see you going in and out of my snug little cunt. You place a hand under my head, lifting, so I can see you nailing my pussy, harder, faster now; I can see the skin on both of us being pulled by the other’s.

I squeeze my cunt muscles repeatedly, clenching your cock, trying to pull it all the way in, you press your fingers into the flesh of my belly, feeling yourself inside me through the skin and muscles of my lower abdomen, pressing on my g-spot in between, I feel the sensations in my lower body starting to build in small ripples, then waves, combining with the massive build-up occurring in my clit, I thrash my head back and forth, I feel myself getting close, but I want you cum too, at the same time, deep in me. My pussy milks your dick, making you as hard as granite, pounding, pulverizing my cunt. My body starts to peak just as I feel your cock start to spasm, you wrap your arms around me, my back, my hips, holding me as close as physically possible.

I cum, my cunt spasming uncontrollably now, trying to suck you in and push you out at the same time, but you hold onto me, staying in as deep as you can as our bodies feel like they are exploding. The waves of pleasure wash over me, rolling through my whole body. I don’t want it to stop, but nature being what it is, my body’s convulsions finally start to slow, still gripping you in me, but not as strong, less often, as I finally start to come down from the rapture. I feel the endorphin high wash over my brain, I sigh and moan in delight, but you are still not finished…

“…I love the way you can’t say ‘No”…”

You climb off me, untying my feet, but leaving my hands bound, you clutch my body, flipping me over, pulling my hips up as you shove several pillows under my belly, propping up my ass and hips into the air, providing you with the perfect view, the perfect access. Your hands reach up underneath to cup my tits again, as you rub the tip of your cock along my slit again, taunting my cunt, tormenting me for what seems like forever, before you finally thrust into my dewy pussy from behind. Pounding me, your rock hard cock filling me, banging me relentlessly. Your hands grasp my pelvic crests, pulling my ass up even more to meet your belly, as your cock rips me apart yet again. My exhaustion nearly overwhelming me, my body limp as you simply consume me, fucking me more, over and over, until I begin to feel your cock constrict once more. I regain a bit of strength, finally able to squeeze at your cock with my cunt muscles again. You move one hand from my hip to the middle of my belly, holding my body up tightly against yours, while you move your other hand underneath, brushing my clit lightly, the intensity building again in both of us. My body peaking again as you stab my sex one last time, sending my stretched pussy into violent convulsions as you flood my insides again, holding me tight against you, around you, staying deep inside, pressing against my cervix, as long as you can…

“…You’re like my favorite damn disease…”

You finally soften, sliding out of me, and eventually climb off of me, laying next to me, untying my hands, rolling me over onto my side. Holding me affectionately, contentedly, we fall asleep in each others arms.

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