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The Dance Master

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He had been watching her all evening, and she could feel his eyes on her as she moved to the bar to get one last glass of wine. It was getting late and she should go home; but the music had been so hot and there had been no shortage of dance partners.

He hadn’t asked her to dance all night. He’d just kept watching her. Every time she looked up his eyes were on her following her every move.

As she stood at the bar drinking her wine, the music changed. Oh Lord, she loved that song. The slow, sensual, heavy rhythm beat its way into her body. She closed her eyes and began to sway slowly to the music; wishing someone would ask her to dance.

She felt a hand on the small of her back and turned to see him standing there; behind her.

His eyes bore into hers and she caught her breath as he took her hand and led her to the dance floor. He pressed her close to him, his hips firm against hers as they moved in rhythm to the pulsing music.

She could feel herself begin to grow moist with excitement from the music and the feel of his muscular body moving against hers. She nuzzled the soft spot behind his ear and breathed in the scent of him. God, he smelled so good! Her stomach fluttered as she felt him quiver against her belly in response to the touch of her lips. As the music faded he led her out of the club and to his car. He opened the door and she got in; her heart pounding in her throat; her brain fuzzy with the wine and the dancing and she wondered why she was getting in a car with a complete stranger.

They drove without a word, the music from his CD player filling the silence between them. She felt his hand brush her leg in the darkness his fingers sliding softly up and down the sensitive inside of her thigh; fingers sliding close to her wetness, but withholding, teasing… she closed her eyes and let herself drown in that feeling.

She felt the car stop and opened her eyes; they had pulled in at a small park near a lake. He turned the car off leaving the music playing on the CD player.

“Stay here for a minute, I’ll be right back.” he murmured; his voice was deep and sexy.

He went to the trunk and took out a satin comforter and a black bag. He spread the blanket out on the grass under the trees and opened the bag. He returned for her and helped her from the car.

Pulling her into his arms, he kissed her long and deep; his mouth hot and urgent against hers.

“Be still and do exactly what I tell you” he whispered in her ear as his lips trailed liquid fire down her neck to the hollow of her throat.

He unbuttoned her blouse, kissing the soft skin under each button. Her nipples hardened in excitement and she waited for him to remove her skirt before she reached out to touch the hardness she had felt on the dance floor.

She heard a gasp and a low groan in his throat and she began to unbutton his pants. He held her hands to stop her

“No, you must do only what you are told.”

He unfastened her bra releasing her aching breasts; taking one of her hard puckered nipples into his mouth. He took it between his teeth biting it; and she arched her breast toward his mouth in pleasure.

She felt him doing something with her hands and she looked down to see him looping a rope through the restraints he had fastened on her wrists. She let out a little cry of fear as her arms were pulled up over her head and secured to the tree branch above them. He pulled her up till she was stretched almost on her toes. Her arms were fully extended above her head making her tits so vulnerable to his pleasures.

She started to protest hotly for him to let her down, but he just looked at her and smiled as he tied a blindfold around her eyes. He forced a cloth between her lips and secured it there with another scarf, tying it behind her head. She screamed against the gag, and he stepped back to admire his handiwork.

“With you restrained this way you will have to do what I tell you to, my beautiful toy.”

He left her hanging there in the darkness for long agonizing minutes, her stomach knotting in fear; her pussy growing very wet with in anticipation of future dangers.

He was back then; his hot mouth teasing, biting the tender skin under her breast; kissing around her nipples, stroking her entire breast but deliberately not touching the nipples; causing her unconsciously to arch against his mouth. Making her want him…

Then he was gone, leaving her in darkness and silence once again. Her arms were beginning to ache when she felt him naked behind her; his muscular chest against her bare back and his penis pressing hot and hard against her bottom. His hands were all over her body stroking her, pulling her butt tight against his penis, grinding it hard against her. He explored all her secret places; his mouth hot, kissing her in places no one else ever had.

He knelt in front of her; she was so lovely hanging there helpless in the moonlight, her breasts heaving, and her nipples hard with fear. He had her now; vulnerable to anything he wanted to do to her. Slowly he slid her panties down breathing warm kisses on her belly; his hands firm on her butt, his fingers, kneading, squeezing; he pulled her pussy against his face breathing in her scent; her lovely, musky, sexy scent. He took little bites of her; nibbling her thighs, her belly, sucking pussy lips into his mouth; his tongue stabbing and licking her dripping pussy till he felt her start to quiver uncontrollably.

He forced her legs out wide and reaching into the bag took out a small spreader bar and attached it between her ankles. He slid his hand up the inside of her thigh and slipped it into her slit. Fuck she was so wet! He closed his eyes and felt a shudder go through his penis as his fingers played in her juices; he didn’t know if he could wait much longer to take her. Her constant little whimpers were making him mad for her. He wanted to take her, to vanquish her, to make her his.

He pulled her to him and slid his dick between her legs not penetrating her; just sliding back and forth in her wet slit. She struggled against him, but he held her hips firmly, continuing to tease her slick pussy with his bulging dick. He pushed the swollen head against the opening of her pussy then slapped it up against her clit, till she sobbed against the gag; pushing it partway in, taking it out again and again; he could tell she was close to losing control. He paused again at the entrance, just the head inside of her; making her suffer a little longer, and then slowly he slid his huge erection all the way to the bottom of her sweet, dripping pussy; filling her up; stretching her tight around him.

God she was so hot, so slick…his knees went weak as her pussy muscles grabbed him trying to pull him deeper inside her. He started long deep strokes into her till he knew they were both about to cum.

He stopped then and held her completely still trying to regain control, feeling the “fingers” in her pussy walls stroking him; squeezing him.

He couldn’t control himself any longer if he stayed inside her, so he pulled out; leaving her hanging in darkness again; her legs spread, her pussy dripping her juices down her inner thigh. She was sobbing now mindless in her need to cum.

He stood back collecting himself gazing at the vision in front of him. She dangled there so provocatively the moonlight soft on her skin; her hair tousled; nipples turgid; little red marks from his teeth on her breasts and thighs.

At last he collected himself and moved behind her; removing the spreader bar, he pulled her against his chest. His hands cupped her breasts; his fingers found her nipples and he squeezed them loving the way she squirmed against him; her lovely ass rubbing delightfully against his crotch. He began to press his dick into the cleft of her ass pushing it against her tight little asshole.

She snapped back into herself when she felt him push the head of his dick against her asshole; enter her, slide deeper into her there. She screamed in pain and struggled to get away; overwhelmed with the pain radiating through her. But he held her tight against his chest, his hands on her breasts; her ass painfully impaled on his massive organ. His fingers had been applying increasing pressure to her nipples; pinching ever harder and she felt hot fear forming in the pit of her stomach.

What had she been thinking to leave alone with a perfect stranger?

“Relax my sweetheart, and I will make you cum like you never imagined you could!” he breathed as his fingers increased the pressure to her tortured nipples slightly. “Relax… let your muscles relax and it’ll stop hurting… You must trust me. I know how to give you the most incredible orgasm you’ve ever had; if you do as I say… Relax, my beauty… it won’t hurt for long… I guarantee it.”

His voice was hypnotic in her ears. Her mind was blurred from the wine, the pain, the intense fear she felt.

It seemed like they stood there perfectly still forever, she could feel the pulse of his dick inside her. Slowly, she felt herself begin to relax. His lips were hot on her neck and one hand stopped torturing her nipple to slip down and find her clit; stroking it.

He smiled as he heard little whimpers of acceptance deep in her throat; then suddenly, without warning he slid his dick all the way in her ass to his balls lifting her off her feet.

She went rigid in his arms at the ripping pain and screamed against her gag. His dick was huge and felt like it was splitting her. She had never felt anything like it in her life; it consumed her. His fingers were like fire on her nipple, pinching it cruelly; her clit was on fire as he fingered it, pulled it, rubbed it; driving her mad.

He started long, slow strokes into her ass; pulling almost all the way out then plunging in again and again. She trembled as her body and her mind finally surrendered to his will. Sensations from every nerve in her body were sending waves of pleasure to her brain and she screamed again; this time from pleasure as she felt herself rocket out of her mind in an intense orgasm; almost losing consciousness. She felt him cum; felt his penis pulsing sperm deep inside her tortured ass.

She collapsed against him when he pulled the rope out of the tree releasing her arms, and was grateful when he removed the gag. She couldn’t think, couldn’t stand; she could only feel the orgasm as it racked her body on and on…

He caught her to him and lay down with her; spooning her; his dick still pumping the last trickles of cum into her beautiful tight ass. He smiled to himself as she raised his hand from her swollen nipple to her lips, kissing it. He wrapped his arms around his new little slave. She was his now…forever.

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