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Cole tossed the stack of paperwork down on his desk in disgust. “This has got to be the worst day in my career!” he thought. He had just come from his supervisor’s office where Diane Parker had thoroughly berated Cole about the project he had worked on for the past week and a half. He had been given the wrong information from finance, he tried to tell her, but she would not listen. Now he was going to have to start over, and the whole packet was due in another week! At least she could have offered him an assistant for a couple of days.

She had been in particularly fine form today. The Ice Princess, they all called her behind her back. She was sexy to look at, but all business and no excuses. She demanded 100% from everyone, and if she didn’t think she was getting it, she would let you know just why your performance would improve. He could see himself working the whole weekend on this project just to get halfway back to where he had been this morning.

He loosened his tie and the top button of his shirt, then sat down at his desk. He scowled at the pile of folders in front of him and then sighed. He might as well get started. It was not even noon yet, and maybe he could get enough done today to justify going out for a couple of hours tonight. He wasn’t in such a mood to go out, but he knew Julie would be working tonight, like every Friday. One glance from her shy brown eyes really sent Cole, and he intended to finally ask her out tonight.

Just then Cole noticed a gray envelope propped against his phone. It was from the owner of the company. Usually these envelopes came at Christmas time containing an invitation to the company Christmas party and a check. The standing joke at the company was that the bonus check was so they could all afford to dress up for the occasion, always held at the city’s finest hotel.

Cole slid his letter opener into the envelope and slit the top open. Just for a moment he toyed with the idea of sticking the letter opener into his supervisor, but he let it go and placed the blade back into the drawer. He pulled the thick, expensive paper from the envelope and opened it. The message inside read:

“Greetings, Cole. As all of you at the company know, I am an old man, and I have no family. I have decided to choose an heir from my employees. I am inviting all my employees to my estate for the weekend. The person who pleases me the most will inherit my company and the bulk of my personal estate. I will make an announcement Monday declaring who that person will be. There are three conditions for your attendance:

1. You must come alone. No spouse, no significant other, no parents or children.

2. You may bring nothing with you. If you are to attend, you must leave by company car right after work this evening. Just dial my receptionist and she will arrange to have you met. All your needs will be provided for.

3. You must tell no one else where you are going or why.

As an added incentive, those employees who stay the whole weekend and fulfill all the requests I make of them will receive a check for one thousand dollars when they leave. My receptionist will be leaving for my estate at exactly five p.m. If you have not telephoned her by that time your name will be crossed off the list and you will be removed from consideration.

Lawrence Underwood

Cole stared at the paper. This was the most bizarre thing he had ever been presented with. He looked at the stack of folders on his desk again and fantasized about telling his supervisor to pack up and get out, as the new owner he was firing her! For a moment he could plainly see the look that would be on her face. How she would plead for her job. How he would consider letting her stay if she gave him a blow job. It might be worth letting her stay just to see the bitch on her knees with her mouth full of his cock. But no, he would tell her to get out by that afternoon and never darken the company’s doorstep again.

He shook his head and reached for the phone. Oh well, it would be worth suffering through the old man’s stupid game playing for the thousand bucks, anyway. Julie would have to wait until next weekend. He picked up the phone and dialed extension 101. He didn’t know how she did it, but the old man’s receptionist always picked up the phone on the first ring.

“This is Trish. How may I help you?” the slightly breathy voice on the other end said. “Trish the dish” all the guys called her. She had never gone out with any of the men in the company, though, so rumor had it she was only interested in women.

“Too bad.” he thought as he told her who he was and why he was calling. “It could be a fun weekend with someone like her along.”

At precisely 4:40 that afternoon Cole walked out the front door of the office building with nothing but what he was wearing and climbed into the back seat of the gray sedan waiting at the curb. He wondered aloud why he was going alone, but the driver told him no one was to know who else would be there until they joined them. It was a two hour drive to the old man’s estate. Cole had plenty of time to wonder just what kind of hoops he would have to jump through for the old man to get his thousand dollars. He didn’t really think he had a chance at becoming the old man’s heir. He figured the old man already had someone picked, this weekend was probably just a way of getting his jollies one last time by everyone sucking up to him. Well Cole could kiss ass with the rest of them for a couple of days, if it meant an extra thousand bucks in his pocket. And who knew, maybe this was for real.

As they drove out of the woods approaching the mansion, Cole was stunned. The place was huge! He had expected something big, but this was beyond anything he had imagined. He was escorted inside by a man in gray, where they were met by another man dressed the same. The second man said, “I will show you to your room. You will receive further instructions when you have showered and changed.”

Cole stepped out of the shower and toweled his hair vigorously, then donned the robe hanging on the back of the door. The furnishings and fixtures of the suite he had been shown to were opulent, as one would expect. He stepped into the adjoining bedroom and noticed a tray on the table in the corner. There were several covered dishes, the usual utensils, and a steaming pot of coffee on the tray. A folded note card was propped against the coffee pot. He read the note first. It simply stated: Enjoy your dinner. You will find clothes to fit you in your room. Please dress and come downstairs to the ballroom no later than 9:00 p.m.

Cole lifted the covers off the plates on the tray. Dinner looked and smelled fabulous. He noted to himself that he was really going to enjoy this weekend. He finished his dinner and opened the drawers in the dresser, then looked in the closet. He let out a whistle. He might not be able to afford quality, but he could recognize it when he saw it. Cole became more determined than ever to do whatever the old man asked of him.

As he walked down the stairs, Cole noticed several people he recognized from work, all dressed in evening finery. The man who had escorted him to his room was directing people to a room off the main hall. He followed and found himself in a very large room with chairs and small tables around three of the walls. He was surprised that around thirty people had decided to take a chance for the old man’s money. He knew some of them were married. He wondered how was it to take off for the weekend and not be able to tell your spouse where you are and what you are doing.

Then he saw his supervisor, Diane. He drew in a sharp breath and stared at her for a long moment. His eyes moved from her shining dark hair piled on her head and wrapped with strings of tiny gems to her simple yet stunning gown of iridescent blue that hugged her goddess-like body until it began to split at mid-thigh. Her long legs were well toned and ended with her beautiful feet encased in tiny straps with heels. The slender straps of her gown drew his eyes to where her neckline plunged revealingly to display her magnificent breasts.

She looked so totally fuckable. She didn’t resemble at all the untouchable ice maiden he knew from work. This woman looked like her body would become molten under his touch. It wasn’t fair. He wanted to walk over to her that instant, but he figured she wouldn’t give him a second glance and then would hold it against him on Monday.

Just then the band that was softly playing at the far end of the room stopped, and their host came through a door behind the small stage and spoke into a microphone. “Greetings, all,” he said as he surveyed the room. “I suppose you are all curious as to what you may have to do to please me while you are here. Do not worry. Tomorrow will be soon enough to find out details. Enjoy all my estate has to offer in the morning. I will call each one of you to me for a private interview, and you will learn more then. This evening please just be my guests and enjoy the music and libations.” He smiled as he spread his arms in welcome, then left the way he came in.

The band started playing music again, and a few people began dancing. Cole made a beeline for the bar and asked for a shot, downed it quickly, then asked for another. He sipped the second one more slowly as he looked across the room. He couldn’t believe the woman he saw tonight was the same one who had bitched him out earlier in the day. That morning she had been cold, unyielding. Tonight she looked as if she might melt on his tongue. He finished his drink and began to walk over to her. As if totally unaware of his approach, Diane stood up from where she had been sitting alone and started for the door.

“Diane.” Cole said softly. She turned.

“Yes?” she looked at him expectantly. In her heels she met him eye to eye. “Did you want something?”

“I just wanted to say good evening.” He started to turn away.

“Thank you.” she replied more warmly. “I’m sure you can guess your coworkers have not been anxious to seek me out this evening. I was just going to go upstairs.”

“Would you like to dance?” he asked her quickly.

“Yes,” she replied, surprising him. “I would like that.”

He took her hand and they walked to the middle of the floor where there were several other couples dancing. She fit perfectly in his arms. By the time the song was finishing he thought maybe he was getting somewhere, but as soon as the music stopped Diane stepped back from him and excused herself. “I think tomorrow will be a long day,” she said as she pulled her hand from his. “I had better go now.”

Cole shook his head as she walked out the door. “I will never understand women!” he thought. “Just when you think you know what’s going on, they show you how wrong you are.” He walked back to the bar and had another shot, then left for his own bed.

At 7:45 the maid tapped on his door announcing breakfast, then left a tray outside the door. As the night before, there was a note on the tray. The note said to dress casually and go to the library at exactly 9:30 a.m. “At last!” Cole thought, “Now I’ll find out how much ass-kissing I’ll have to do.” He ate his breakfast, showered and shaved, then dressed in some of the clothes he found in the closet. At 9:30 he was at the door of the library, being guided there by one of the many servants in the immense home. Just as he was raising his hand to knock, the door opened.

“Come in, come in!” said Mr. Underwood .

Cole walked into the room to find Mr. Underwood sitting in a large stuffed chair and his supervisor, Diane, sitting on a couch. She looked a lot more relaxed this morning, dressed in a skirt and blouse, but not the businesslike attire she usually wore at the office. And her hair was down, something he had never seen before. It cascaded about her shoulders like a living wave of mahogany brown. He felt himself starting to get hard at the thought of tangling all that hair in his fingers as she… he looked quickly back to Mr. Underwood.

“Yes, she’s beautiful, isn’t she, Mr. Harris? Let’s just get this out of the way. I’ll call you Cole and you will call me Larry. And now on to the business at hand. How serious are you about pleasing me, Cole? I have already had to let several people go home today, because they refused to do as I asked. They do not understand that it takes a willingness to give all of yourself to the business if necessary. Do you understand that?”

“Yes, I do, Mr…err.. Larry.” said Cole. “I am willing to do whatever you ask.”

“Excellent!” The old man smiled. “Your first job is to take off your clothes and masturbate for this woman.”

Cole could not believe his ears. He hadn’t thought for a moment that the requests of this weekend would be of a sexual nature! Maybe this was just a test to see if he meant what he said about being willing to do anything. He peeled off his shirt, and when no one stopped him, he stepped out of his pants and underwear. He looked at Diane, his boss 5 days a week. She was looking at him, but her eyes would not go above his well-muscled chest. She finally looked up at his face and he could see a mixture of arousal and disapproval in her eyes for a second until she looked down again. His cock was becoming erect under her gaze. He took his cock in his hand and began moving his hand up and down the length of it, squeezing as he went up, relaxing his grip a little as he went down.

Diane watched every move he made. He imagined her spread in front of him, rubbing on her clit and playing with her nipples as he jacked himself. He could see her fingers rolling her nipples, pinching them as they hardened. Her fingers moving down to her pussy and spreading her lips wide. So pink, so wet looking as she pushed two of her fingers into her own slickness, bringing them out all coated with her juices and rubbing them furiously across her clit. Her head thrown back, her lips parted as she moaned her pleasure… It took no time at all to feel his balls tightening as his fist slapped against them. His hand began to move faster, squeezing both ways now. “Unhhh…” he groaned just a little.

“Stop.” The old man said, “Do not cum.”

Cole looked over at him and back at his own throbbing cock. He was swollen and red, his balls clenched up ready to blow. He wanted to cum. He had been getting ready to cum, looking at Diane and imagining how she would look with his cum sprayed all over her face.

“Just relax, son. All in good time. Some things are worth the wait.” The old man chuckled and turned to Diane. “You like that?”

She smiled wickedly. “Yes.”

His balls aching for release, Cole interjected, “Do I get a choice?”

“No.” replied The old man. Then he turned again to Diane. “I bet your cunt is dripping from watching him. And I’ll bet it makes you even hotter that I made him stop, knowing how badly he wants to cum.”

One look at Diane and Cole could tell she was enjoying his discomfort immensely. Oh well, his erection would fade, he supposed he could live with it.

“Get up.” the old man told Diane. “Suck his dick. Play with his balls. But don’t make him cum.” She looked surprised, even affronted for a moment, but Cole knew she must have thought about being the one with the money, the one giving all the orders. His cock began to swell anew when he saw her obediently get up from the couch and kneel in front of him. Diane took him in her hand and began licking the head of his cock and rubbing her lips over it. She took him in her mouth hesitantly, then more aggressively, sucking him in as far as she could while she coated him with her saliva. She reached up with her other hand and began gently massaging Cole’s balls with her fingertips, rolling them back and forth a bit as she rubbed them. Then she began really working his cock, pulling him into her mouth and then holding the suction as she drew him out, her hand up and down his hard length each time.

He groaned. He could feel his cum boiling up again, his balls aching with the fullness.

“Be careful.” The old man admonished. “Remember you aren’t to cum until I tell you to. And if you don’t stop before he does you’ve failed, too,” he told Diane.

She looked up at Cole’s face and stopped right then. He exhaled with a rush as she let go of him. He was so close! He wanted so badly to cum in her mouth, to fulfill the fantasy he’d had so often after all those times spent standing in front of her desk as she made him feel incompetent.

Diane sat back on the couch and smiled. She looked smug. Too smug apparently. “Let me see how wet you are.” the old man said to her with a leer. “Let me see that wet pussy. Show us both how bad you want to be fucked. She stood up and slid her skirt off. She turned her back to them and bent way over, her hair cascading over her toes and onto the floor. Her legs were lean and shapely, her ass curved just right, but when she reached up and spread herself for them, her glistening pussy took the men’s total attention.

Cole took a deep breath. Shit! He wasn’t sure how badly she wanted to be fucked, but he knew how badly he wanted to sink his cock deep into her. His cock was so stiff he was sure he’d give her the fucking of her life, if only the old man would let him.

As if reading his mind, the old man said, “You’d like to fuck her, wouldn’t you? I bet her pussy would feel so good sliding over your hard cock. You want that slippery cunt wrapped around you?”

“Oh, God yes.” Cole replied as he stepped toward Diane.

“Not so fast.” He was brought up short by the old man’s words. “Don’t be in such a hurry.” He told Diane to sit back down on the couch. “Now you suck on her tits,” The old man ordered. “Don’t touch her any where else but there, and don’t use your hands, only your mouth. I want to see you really enjoy those beautiful tits.”

Cole was only too happy to oblige. By now he figured it would lead to fucking her sooner or later anyway. He would just have to enjoy getting there. Diane unbuttoned her blouse slowly, even teasingly it seemed to Cole. She had no bra, and her full breasts seemed to be straining up at him. He lowered his head to her, putting his mouth over one of her nipples and sucking it in. He didn’t waste time being gentle, just sucked her in and began flipping her nipple back and forth with his tongue. She moaned, and pressed against his mouth. He let go for a moment, then sucked her other nipple into his mouth. He danced his tongue over it, sucking it hard and making her moan again. When he let go he looked at both of them, standing up hard, slightly reddened from his attention. He took the first one back into his mouth again, this time more gently. He pressed his tongue into the tip of it, rolling it under his tongue. She pushed herself into him, her breast filling his mouth.

“You may stop now.” The old man broke into Cole’s thoughts. “Step back from her.”

Cole stepped back. “Damn!” he muttered under his breath.

The old man spoke to Diane again. “I want you to fuck yourself.” he said. “I mean really work that cunt. I want your fingers in and out of it, and I want you to really strum that clit. When you cum, I want to hear you, understand?”

Diane nodded and went to work. She leaned back on the couch and spread her legs wide, sliding both hands between them. She stroked herself, rubbing her lips with both hands, pulling them apart to expose her pink inner flesh. Her skin was beginning to glisten as she slid her fingers in and out of herself, spreading her inner moisture over her aroused pussy. “Mmmmmm….oohhhhhhhhh” she moaned as she began rubbing her fingers back and forth across her clit. Her other fingers disappeared inside her, and when she pulled them out they were slick, dripping with her juices. She put them up to her mouth and licked them off, sucking them in to get every drop. She seemed lost in her own pleasure, her hips moving, a little groan escaping now and then, her fingers rubbing, rubbing…

Cole didn’t know if she was getting into having an audience or just getting into herself, but he felt he might cum just watching her get off. He had never been so turned on watching a woman get herself off before. Sure, it was erotic as hell anyway, but this was unlike any other experience. She was his boss, for crying out loud.

The old man turned to Cole. He leaned over and whispered. “Get pumping that meat. I want you to cum when she does. But I want you to get real close, right up next to her, so I can see her wearing your cum when you’re done.”

Cole smiled. He wouldn’t get to fuck her right now, but it was almost as good. He had imagined spraying cum all over her more than a few times. He grabbed his cock and started jacking himself again. He hoped she was close, because he knew he was. Did he have a load for her! And all with the permission of her boss, so she would just have to live with it come Monday. This was going to be sweet. He stepped closer to Diane. She had her eyes closed, her body arched back a little bit, and was making a lot of noise. Her fingers were flying back and forth over her clit.

Cole could feel his balls getting ready to shoot his load. She was so wet, she was dripping all over the couch. He closed his eyes for a moment and imagined fucking her, the ease with which his cock would slide all the way in, the wet sounds they would make as they humped at each other, the way he would pound her hot pussy until she begged for him to cum. He opened his eyes again and watched her finger herself.

“Ohhhhhhhhh!” Diane cried out loudly as she came. As soon as her spasms started Cole stopped holding back. His cock exploded a thick stream that landed in her hair and on the side of her face. The next shot went across her mouth and dripped onto her chest, and a third little bit went onto her legs. Groaning, he was sure it was the most satisfying orgasm of his life as his hand squeezed the last of his cum from his spasming cock.

The old man thanked both of them and told them to get dressed and go back to their rooms. He pointed out a small bathroom adjoining the library. They could enjoy anything his estate had to offer, but he was sure he would want to see each one of them again later. Then he left the two of them.

Diane did not say a word. Cole glanced at her a couple of times while he was putting his clothes on, but she would not look at him. She just gathered her things and headed for the bathroom. That was just fine with him. He didn’t need her to tell him it was good, he already knew it was. He couldn’t wait to find out what the old man would want from them later.

It was time for dinner already, and the old man still had not called Cole back to see him. He began to wonder if he had done something wrong that morning. No, he wouldn’t second guess himself. He had done everything exactly as the old man had asked. Cole was walking toward the dining room when one of the many gray uniformed men met him and led him down a long hall. The old man wanted to see him, he was told. Finally a door was opened and he was told to go inside and wait. It was unlike anything Cole had ever seen. The door closed behind him as he walked in. He stood still for a moment and looked at the hooks and bolts and various devices around the large room. He was impressed. He had realized the old man was perverse, but this was wilder than he would have imagined the old man would come up with. Cole’s mind flashed for a moment on a picture of Diane chained and at the mercy of his whims and desires. He felt his cock stir. Yes, he could see many opportunities in this room.

The door opened behind him. Cole turned around and was surprised to see Trish come in with the old man. She smiled when she saw him, and turned to the old man and whispered something to him. He laughed, and pushed her toward Cole. She walked up and kissed him on the mouth. He was so surprised he was speechless as she pressed herself against him for a quick moment then pulled back laughing softly.

“Trish is special to me,” the old man said as he smiled broadly. “I wanted to make sure she had a good time this weekend. You’ll help her have a good time, won’t you, Cole?”

“Yes, sir.” Cole responded enthusiastically. He turned to Trish. “I’m here to please,” he told her with a self assured smile. “You won’t be disappointed.” He sure wasn’t disappointed at the way things were turning out. He had thought he and Diane might be paired up again, but this was even better. Every guy at the office had wanted to get a little piece of “the Dish” since she’d begun working for the old man a few years back, and none of them ever had. He felt himself hardening at the thought of finally discovering if she was a natural blonde.

“Trish already knows my wishes,” the old man said. “Do what she desires and you will be pleasing me.”

“Take off your clothes,” Trish told Cole as she removed her own. He couldn’t believe it! Was it going to be this easy? He stared at her as her clothes dropped to the floor. The little patch of hair she didn’t shave off was definitely blonde. And her tits were just as gorgeous out of her clothes as in them. Heavy but firm and nicely rounded, with big pink nipples that looked like they needed a good sucking.

She sat on the bed in front of him and spread her legs wide. “Eat me.” she said.

Cole’s cock jumped to attention at that. He got down on his knees and began licking her. He ran his tongue straight up the middle of her sweet-smelling pussy and back down. He pushed his tongue firmly against her ass before sweeping his tongue back up her slit and then down again. Then he began flicking his tongue here and there over her entire cunt. He could taste her wetness, he wanted to make her cum. He began concentrating on her clit, every now and then running his tongue the length of her juicy cunt down to her ass hole and stimulating her there. Each time he reached her ass he would push his tongue a little further in than the last time. Trish would moan each time he made contact with that tight little hole. Cole reached up and slid a finger into her pussy and then another. He worked them in and out, spreading more of her slipperiness to her ass. Finally he pushed his thumb into her ass.

He worked his fingers and thumb in and out of her as he sucked gently on her clit and then licked at it. Over and over, a little sucking, a little licking. Trish was moaning loudly, her hips moving up and down with his rhythm. She cried out and grabbed his head, pulling him tightly to her as she came. Her hips bucked up and down so furiously he could hardly keep at her, her tight pussy clenching his fingers, her ass clutching at his thumb. He wanted to fuck her so badly!

Cole pulled away from Trish and stood up. His dick was so hard. He took his wet fingers and spread her juices over the head of his cock. He couldn’t wait to fuck her and stepped up ready to do just that.

But Trish stood up. “Wait.” she said. “You’ll get to fuck me, but we’re going to do something else first.” She had Cole move over to the end of the bed. She knelt down and chained his ankles to the restraints bolted into the floor. Then she pulled out another set of restraints and strapped his arms to either corner of the bed. She attached straps around his thighs to his arms. He was secure, and could only move forward or backward. He had a feeling it would be enough.

Just then the door opened and closed behind him. Cole turned his head and saw Diane walk in wearing only a robe, which she quickly dropped to the floor. Trish greeted her with a warm hug and kiss. He had barely gotten over the surprise of being chained up, and now this! The two women obviously knew each other very well, the way their bodies were pressing together as they continued kissing.

Trish reached up and ran her fingers over Diane’s nipples. Diane shivered in response, and smiled. Her own hands slid down Trish’s back and over her smooth, slightly rounded butt. Cole wasn’t sure what would happen now, but his cock stayed hard watching the two women fondle each other. Trish walked over and got something out of a drawer. Cole couldn’t see because she had her back to him, but then she handed it to Diane. He was not surprised to see it was a strap on dildo. The two women then got up on the bed in front of him and resumed their passionate embraces. They kissed and played with each other’s nipples, their hands occasionally wandering down to slide between each other’s legs. Cole wanted so badly to join the two women but they remained out of reach. Then he watched as Trish slid down between Diane’s legs and began to lick at her beautiful pussy. With long, slow strokes she wet her from her clit to her ass. Cole could feel his cock becoming even harder. He remembered Trish’s promise that he would get to fuck her. He could feel a drop forming on the end of his cock. He was so aroused he hoped he would be able to fuck her as long as he wanted to. Right now he wanted to fuck her until she came again, then turn her over and fuck her beautiful ass until he exploded in that tight little hole. He would like to have long enough to fuck Diane too, but Trish had tasted so good, and he could still smell her on his face.

He could tell Diane was enjoying the feeling of Trish’s tongue on her cunt. She was moaning, her hands moving up and down her spread legs, now and then burying her fingers in Trish’s hair. Trish was absolutely absorbed in pleasing Diane. Her hands were up playing with Diane’s nipples, rolling the rosy buds between her fingers, tighter and tighter as Diane began humping up and down against Trish’s mouth. Trish swirled her tongue around and around Diane’s raised clit, slipped it down inside her and fucked her with her tongue for a minute, then moved her tongue back up to tease at her clit some more. Diane’s hands buried in Trish’s hair again as she pulled against her and cried out, her whole body erupted in spasms.

Cole was in awe as another drop oozed from the head of his swollen cock. He had never seen two women together like this. And that Diane just came with Trish’s mouth on her! He wished he could be in there with Trish, lapping at the juices flowing from Diane. Trish turned and looked at him. “Oh, look Diane, I think he wants something,” she said with a smile. “Think we should give him what he wants?”

“Not yet,” Diane replied. “I want to do you first.” She had gotten up and slid the straps of the dildo around her, and pulled Trish to the side of the bed. “Mmmmm….” she said as she positioned the head of the realistic looking dildo against Trish’s already slippery hole. She looked at Cole. “Don’t you wish this was you?” Then Trish pushed against her and Diane’s cock slid part way in, then further in as Diane pushed back. Trish moaned and wrapped her legs around Diane as she thrust the device all the way inside and pulled most of the way back out. They began fucking each other as if they had done it many times before.

He watched Trish begin to finger herself as Diane pulled back and slammed into her wet hole over and over again. She was moaning loudly. Cole could tell by the look on her face and the way she met Diane’s every stroke that she was really enjoying it. Faster and faster the women fucked each other, until they were both gasping and straining into each other. Trish cried out, “Oh, yes, Diane, that’s it honey, oh yes, fuck me good I’m cumming…..” she trailed off with a loud groan. Her hips began to buck up and down uncontrollably, her legs still locked around Diane. Diane just kept up her rhythm and Trish’s orgasm peaked again. Finally her spasms subsided and she lay there smiling as Diane pulled out of her and sat down beside her.

They kissed, deeply, Trish’s hand sliding between Diane’s legs to rub on her while they kissed. She pulled her hand away. Her fingers were slippery looking. She touched one of them to her tongue. “Mmmmmm” she said, looking at Cole once more. “Want some?”

“Yes…” he moaned. She put her fingers to his lips and let him suck them into his mouth. “Oh, god,” he moaned again as she took her fingers and slid them between her own legs and into her own wetness. “I want to fuck you so bad…”

“I know.” Trish smiled at him. “That’s why you’re going to fuck me right now.” She crawled over in front of him and pressed her ass tightly up against him, his cock sliding between her ass cheeks.

She rubbed up and down against hardness. “Mmmmm…. baby your dick is going to fill my pussy so good. You ready to fuck me now?”

Cole just groaned as the sensations of her slippery ass rubbing against his cock thrilled through his body. He pressed back against her eagerly. Trish pulled forward a little bit as Cole bent his knees. She thrust back against him as soon he was inside her, moaning eagerly as he hit deep inside her. He began thrusting his hips back and forth to meet her movements, feeling so good to be inside her at last.

He was just getting a good rhythm going when he sensed Diane standing close behind him. She pressed her whole length up against him. He could feel she still had the dildo strapped on as she wriggled it up to his ass.

“What…” Cole began as he felt her pressing the dildo against him. “Hey!” Diane didn’t stop. She pressed the well-lubed dildo against him until he felt it “pop” inside. ” Oh, god!” he moaned out. “Oh….. fuck…. stop!” Diane just kept gently easing further and further inside him. There was nothing he could do to stop her. The way he was restrained he could only move forward or back, and he was already as far forward as he could get. She gave one final push and she had the dildo all the way inside him. “Oh, god, Diane, please stop!” Cole begged.

She responded by wrapping her hands around him and telling him, “Relax and enjoy the ride of your life, honey. Then Trish began to move again. She pushed him back into Diane and then moved forward as Diane pushed forward. The next time Diane pulled back a little bit more as Trish pushed him back. Then she pushed hard into him, making him move forward into Trish. The two women got going, and all he could do was just move with them. At first he thought Diane was going to push right through him with the thing, then he found that he could tolerate it, as long as her movements were small.

The two women were only getting started, though. They quickly began to move faster back and forth, Diane pulling further out each time and shoving the dildo back into Cole. “Ohhhh… shiiitttt,” he groaned as she pulled almost all the way out and slammed her cock back deep inside him. Despite the feeling in his ass he couldn’t deny how good it felt to have Trish fucking him. Her pussy squeezed his dick hard as she too slammed against him again and again.

Cole groaned again, this time with pleasure as Diane and Trish kept fucking him, harder and faster. They both began to moan too as their feelings overtook them. “Yes!” Trish almost shouted. “That’s it Diane, give it to him good and hard honey, just like he’s giving it to me…” She trailed off and kept moaning, her fingers stroking her clit as he stroked her inside.

Diane just moaned louder, her fingers reaching up to play with Cole’s nipples while she fucked him. “C’mon, baby, you know it feels good. You know you want to cum….”

Finally it was just too much for Cole. Without warning his cock exploded inside Trish, his cum erupting with such force it spilled from her as she continued to writhe against him, her sweet hole spasming around him as she enjoyed her own orgasm. Diane cried out as she came hard from the dildo pressing back against her clit as she pounded him with it.

Cole’s knees began to shake from the tremendous force of his orgasm. Trish reached down and unfastened his arm restraints so he could lean on the bed. As the two women moved away from him, he looked at them. He could not believe what he had just been through. And Diane had been right, it had been the ride of his life! He leaned heavily on the bed for a moment, not yet recovered. He heard the door open and close behind him, then Trish came back and unfastened the remaining restraints.

Cole immediately sat down on the bed. Trish sat down beside him and he grinned at her. “You are two wild women!” he said to her. “My god, I never expected that!”

“It was good, though, wasn’t it?” interrupted the old man. Cole had forgotten he was even in the room. “The three of you performed magnificently! The best of the weekend so far! You are free to enjoy my estate until tomorrow afternoon.” As soon as he finished speaking, the old man walked out the door, and the two of them were left alone.

Trish and Cole looked at each other for a moment, then she got up and donned a robe she picked up from a nearby chair. “It’s been fun.” she said with a flirtatious smile. “If you ever want to party like this again, dial 101 and we’ll see what we can do. See you ’round the office sometime.” With a toss of her head she walked out the door and he was left sitting naked on the bed, his mouth agape.

After a minute Cole got up and showered in the connecting bathroom, still shaking his head in wonderment at all the events of the day. He dressed and went back to his room. There was a tray waiting outside his door with his dinner on it, and another folded card. He waited until he was in his room to open the card. There was no writing on it, only two different lipstick prints. He smiled, then dove into the delicious meal awaiting him. He slept deeply that night.

As he was being driven home the next day, Cole laughed to himself about the weekend. Never in his life had he imagined a scene like the one that had played out around him. He took the check from his pocket and looked at it. It was nice, but he couldn’t wait to hear his name announced the following afternoon.

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