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The Cage Cums Off

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He felt her breath at his ear.

“Your cock is now under my control” she slowly whispered.

As she removed Heath’s blindfold she continued to whisper in a velvety hushed tone.

” Take a look for yourself. This is what becomes of naughty males who are unable to control their sexual urges. From now on you will only achieve the blissful state of erection when I see fit.

Moreover, you will not even have the satisfaction of touching your manhood, even when you piss. It will remain on at all times. Unless I decide otherwise”

Lorraine reached behind him and gripped his hair. Pushing his head forward so that he could see his predicament.

As Heath caught sight of his caged cock he instantly felt the rush of excitement. The blood tried to flow into his flaccid cock, but the angle the cage held his cock restricted it. Lorraine did notice the slight change however.

“Oh I see from your reaction that your new addition arouses you. I can assure you, knowing full well that your head is in the space of sexual arousal and being unable to do anything about it will test your very sanity”.

Heath was already feeling lightheaded. His eyes were staring wide open at the plastic cage that held his manhood so snugly in check.

“Oh my God” he thought to himself.

“This is so deliciously arousing. All my dreams have come true. To be controlled by the woman I adore, to be denied access to my very own precious cock.” His mind was going into to overdrive. His animal instincts of lust were making it hard to focus. He felt his heart pound wildly in his chest.

The sound of Lorraine’s voice brought him back to reality.

“You may well think this is some sort of a game. By your initial reaction you may even find this to be very stimulating. I can assure you however, when the time comes and you plead to have it removed I shall have no qualms in denying you. This is when you will begin to realise that this is not a game and that I control your sexual urges. Furthermore, by controlling these urges and a bit more training, I will soon come to control your life. When I say life, I mean your thoughts, your whims, your every waking action.” Gripping the back of his hair softly she looked him straight in the eyes.

“I will release your wrists. You will undo your ankles and go take a shower. Once you have finished and dried yourself I want you to sit at the dining room table and read the paper work there. There will be a key on the table that will unlock the padlock. Should you decide that you wish to continue and agree to the terms on the contract. I want you to sign it and bring the key to me in this room. Should you decide that you no longer wish to continue, you may take the key, unlock yourself, get dressed and leave. Nothing more will be said between us. Your secret will remain with me” as she finished her tongue darted forward and flicked a mixture of sperm and pussy juice from his cheek. Her speech and the thought of him saying yes had left her panting and hungry for more.

Taking his head in her hands she kissed Heath gently on the forehead.

“Go now, get showered, read the contract and think very carefully before you decide. I shall be here waiting your return”

As Heath felt the first warm jets of water strike his shoulder blades he reached down and inspected the cage more closely. The ring behind his scrotum was stuck solid. Try as he might it was never going to be possible to extricate himself from it. He pulled at the brass padlock absent-mindedly. The more he looked the more aroused he felt. The feeling was not his normal aroused state. Normally the feelings could be felt more intensely in his rigid cock. Now, it was coursing through his entire body. This was nothing that he felt in his entire life. “I feel sort of frustrated, helpless and unbelievably turned on,” he thought.

“What the hell has she written in the contract”. He thought. Already he was deciding that if there was nothing too extreme he was sure to sign it. Thoughts began to flash through his head of him being totally used and forgotten and he began to have anxious second thoughts.

As he finished drying himself the urge to piss was too strong. Walking over to the toilet he automatically reached for his penis and was quickly reminded of the situation by the feel of the plastic cage. Straddling over the bowl he began to piss. The two holes cut at the end allowed his urine to flow into the bowl. He jumped when the golden stream hit the plastic and splashed some piss onto his thighs. He learned quickly that even the flow of his urine must now be controlled. Going past a certain speed meant that it would splash him.

After drying his thighs he proceeded to the table and began to read the contract.

The first paragraph was his name and how he was of sound mind and that he had read this contract under no stress or coaxing. He smiled as he looked down at his caged cock. Maybe a bit of artistic licence there he thought.

When he reached the paragraph outlining the points that: – His whole body and every orifice were not off limits. His thoughts began to race ahead of himself. A brief picture of Lorraine with a huge dildo strapped between her thighs and him pleading as she bent him over caused him to shudder with apprehension. Was he really about to sign up for this?

“Are you still out there?” called Lorraine.

“Yes, I’m still reading” he replied. His face contorted when he realised that his voice had shook as he replied to her.

“Shit, what’s up with you?” he admonished himself.

…..There is only one key that fits the padlock. The cut is registered with the secure Keys Company. They will only produce a further key to the person who has purchased the original. The padlock is marked as a security padlock. Any attempts to have someone else cut a key will solicit a phone call to the secure company to check the authority.

Heath quickly turned the padlock and noticed the brass was indeed stamped as such. He continued reading. His eyebrows raised when he read the line ‘ some occasions may entail you being naked in the presence of other females. You should be aware that on no account are you to touch anyone, perform any sexual acts or even acknowledge their requests without first seeking my prior permission’.

The rest of the document covered levels of pain and passwords that would be used. Printed in bold was the following line ‘ SIGNING YOUR NAME TO THIS CONTRACT MEANS YOU WILL AUTOMATICALLY BECOME THE PROPERTY OF YOUR MISTRESS WHO SHALL BE KNOWN AS MISTRESS SUEDE.

Heath picked up the pen from the table and closed his eyes tightly.

“Do you really know what is about to happen? He asked himself. His inner self was unable to answer him. Picking up the key with his other hand he stared blankly at the gleaming object.

“My, my” giggled Lorraine as she saw him stand in the room doorway.

“Bring the contract and the key to me now” she smiled at him.

As he approached where she sat Lorraine stood up and told Heath to go and sit on the edge of the leather clad bench. The edge was such, that when he sat his feet had to stretch to stay on the floor.

“Put your arms behind you and lean back” her voice was beginning to take on an edge to it.

Taking Heath’s wrists she locked them in place into two permanently placed writs cuffs. She then knelt and strapped each ankle tight to the legs of the bench.

Heath was still on tiptoes and as his arms where behind him it caused his torso and particularly his crotch to be thrust forward and skyward.

Lorraine paused and retrieved the contract. She smiled, then put her head back and laughed as she confirmed that he had indeed signed the document.

Moving to the side of Heath’s taught stretched body she spoke with a low tone into his ear.

“I am so glad you signed. I’m sure we will make good use of you. Not only that, I’m sure you will learn more of yourself than you would ever thought possible.”

Reaching her left hand over she clasped the front of his cage.

“This will remain on at all times, since you are only under training. I will ensure you are always bound hand and feet when it is removed. For my sweet one, the urge to touch would be so great you would be unable to control yourself. When I finally deem it permissible for you to be unrestrained whilst your cage is off, you will be under close scrutiny. If you so much as brush your hands against your uncaged cock we will return to this step of the training” reaching further under the cage she began to run her finger from his anus to his sac.

“Do you understand sweet one?” she purred.

“Yes Mistress Suede” replied Heath as he swallowed.

Taking the key she began to undo the padlock.

“Just to show that your adorable Mistress can be kind to her sex meat I’m going to let your experience the feeling of being released. Even though you have not been caged for long the feeling of release will be intense for you as you have already felt the state of arousal without achieving erection.” With this she slipped the cage form Heath’s cock. Immediately the blood began to rush forcefully into the thick veins surrounding his shaft.

“Urrgh my God, urrgh my fucking God” moaned Heath loudly.

“Oh yes That feels heavenly” he mumbled through clenched teeth. His eyes were tight shut as the feeling of sheer ecstasy washed over his restrained body.

Lorraine’s eyes were wild with delight at the sight of his quivering cock. Standing in front of him she let both hands rest on his chest to squeeze his bright red, erect nipples. Sliding further down over his abdomen her hands came to a stop on either side of his throbbing cock.

“Shall Mistress stroke your aching man meat? ” she asked in a mock childish voice.

“Does sex meat crave the touch of his Mistress?” she continued.

“Oh please Mistress Suede, please touch me I beg you” blurted Heath.

Leaning over she stopped a mere centimetre from the tip of his blood-engorged head. Pursing her lips she began to blow gentle streams of her breath over the fat red head of his cock. Continuing down she blew her breath down his thick veined shaft and on to the very tip of his balls.

“Oh that feels so wickedly tantalising Mistress. Please don’t tease me so. I need to feel the touch of you on my cock. I swear it is aching for attention.” By the tone of his voice it was evident that Heath was beginning to feel more than a bit frustrated.

“Patience my sweet. Before long you will learn what it is to be patient. First I have an overwhelming urge to see your fine cock and tight balls hairless. This will no doubt be uncomfortable for you if it is not constantly kept shaved. So it can mean a regular release for you, or severe discomfort if you mis-behave.

As Lorraine stood up and left the room she could feel the warm wetness in her pussy. How she wanted to touch herself, but she knew that restraint was called for. Returning with a hot bowl of water and razor she proceeded to spray Heath’s crotch with shaving foam. Heath felt the leather loop slide over his aching cock head before he saw it. The end had a small lead weight attached and when it fell to the base of his shaft it pulled his cock away from his abdomen to leave it jutting out at a 45 degree angle. Lorraine was able to apply shaving foam to his pubic region without having to touch his super hot cock. She picked up the razor and looked up at Heath’s face. She could see he was concentrating.

“This pleasure wave is so intense. I have never felt anything like it” Heath was unable to speak. His thoughts were centred purely on the overwhelming sensations that were wrecking his nerve endings.

“How much more of this can I take. If only she would touch me…it’s like an itch you cant scratch.. ‘cept multiplied a hundred fold.” Small beads of sweat had formed on his forehead and his whole upper body was glowing with a mixture of his higher blood pressure and the thin film of perspiration that covered him. The candlelight gave his wet skin a golden glow.

“I’d advise you to keep still sweet one, as this razor is mighty sharp and one false slip could mean serious consequences for you.” As she spoke she began to slide the cutthroat razor in a downward motion towards the base of his rigid shaft. With deft strokes she easily removed all of the hair from his pubic region and began to work at the tufts of hair that circled the base of his cock.

Looking up to gauge his reaction as the blade brushed against his thick veined shaft she smiled.

“I see my sex meat enjoys even this attention” she sighed.

Reaching up with her free hand she pinched the underside of Heath’s scrotum between her thumb and forefinger and pulled it down causing his whole sac to stretch tight. As she applied the shaving foam to his balls Heath once more began to moan in a low-pitched tone. It was the first time he had felt her touch since being released from his cage and the feeling was super sensitive as well as strangely reassuring. Lorraine teasingly lingered longer than was necessary enjoying the feel of his velvet soft sac and the tortured moans of Heath. The thrill of sliding a razor sharp blade over her sex objects sac, knowing she had the power with one swift flash of the blade to render him worthless was intoxicating.

As the last of the foam was scrapped away she reached for the bowl and retrieved a sponge that was floating in the water. Holding the sponge over Heath’s crotch she squeezed the water from it. Heath heard her sharp intake of breath as she marvelled at the sight of his now hairless twitching rod.

Placing her hands on Heath’s thighs she shivered at the feel of his taught stretched muscles. Leaning forward she again began to blow her breath on the tip of his swollen bulbous head. Stopping only to lick her lips she slowly moved forward to place her pursed lips on the very tip of his outstretched cock. Her neck extended like a graceful swan, held still as her lips opened and closed on the end of his throbbing head.

“Oh Mistress please I cant take much more of this” screamed Heath.

Lorraine ignored his plea. Instead she brought the tip of her tongue up between her lips and let it gently tickle the most sensitive area of his head- his frenulum. This had the desired effect and caused Heath to moan loudly.

“Oh my God, urrgh Mistress I will do anything you ask of me, please end this teasing I cant take it” he groaned.

Next she moved her tongue to his meatus and licked at the small opening. Her eyes opened wide with delight as she felt the pre-cum ooze from his hole. This was all she could take reaching around to firmly grasp Heath’s butt she slowly extended her neck further and allowed his hot swollen glans to slide into her warm wet mouth. She stopped when it was a few centimetres inside and began to curl her tongue to lick the underside of his shaft and flick his sensitive frenulum once more. This was all too much for Heath who was now sobbing loudly with a mixture of masochistic pain and nerve tingling pleasure. Never had he reached this height of sensual bliss.

“Oh Mistress I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum” moaned Heath.

On hearing this Lorraine pushed her head forward and shivered with delight as his hard swollen glans rubbed the back of her throat. Then she sucked down on his cock and began to slowly pull her head backwards savouring the feel of his veined shaft as it slipped from her mouth. Kneeling she took his cock between her warm breasts and began to massage his cock between them. The feeling of his hot shaft on her soft cleavage was enough to cause Lorraine to gasp as her first orgasm raced through her entire being. Stopping momentarily to savour the waves of pleasure she spoke.

“You may cum for me now my sweet little sex meat” she moaned triumphantly.

“Let me taste your wonderful hot seed. Spray your milky hot spunk over your Mistress” she moaned.

As Heath felt the first pulsing wave of his sperm erupt he let out an almighty cry.

“Aghh Yes, oh God yes” he cried as his whole body stiffened and bucked. The restraints on each of his limbs were stretched to breaking point as his whole body convulsed with the biggest orgasm he had ever experienced. Sperm shot in thick ropes from the end of his cock and splattered across his Mistress’s breasts, up her neck and over her opened mouth. His twitching cock continued to erupt with fresh spurts of seed as Lorraine closed her mouth over his glans and greedily savoured the pulsing sensation and the feeling of his sperm splashing against the back of her mouth and throat.

For the first time Lorraine reached up and gripped his still throbbing shaft and with her hand clenched tightly, squeezed the base tight. Moving her hand slowly upwards she allowed his cock to fall from her mouth. As her hand moved closer to the end of his shaft the last of his delicious seed was pushed out. It oozed out and hung from the tip of his cock. The thick milky liquid extended six or seven centimetres and hung like a silver thread.

Opening her mouth Lorraine stooped and allowed the end to settle on her tongue. Bringing her head up slowly she sucked the wonderful thread of spunk like a strip of delicious spaghetti.

“Well done my sweet one. I am pleased to say your first training session was a “Suck- cess” she giggled.

Placing the ring once more behind his sac she forced the cage over his quickly deflating hard on. After some pushing she managed to lock the pins in position and fasten the padlock.

Stepping back she admired her handy work with the razor.

“Silk will be well pleased with your look. You shall meet and greet her tonight my little sex meat” she giggled as she stood and left the room.

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