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The Bus Ride

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I was a late bloomer when I was a kid, a total nerd. I didn’t start masturbating until I was nearly 18 and was afraid to ask a girl out for fear of rejection. I had been on one “blind date” of sorts and it had been a total disaster.

It wasn’t that I was unattractive, it was that I was such a geek and girls stayed away in droves, preferring the jocks. I was of short stature with very pale white skin and on the thin side. Where as most guys my age had body hair, my chest and legs were almost hairless and as smooth as any girl’s.

When I was in my freshman year in college, my grandfather fell ill and had to be hospitalized. My parents asked me to come quickly as his condition worsened. Not having a car or money for airfare, I bought a bus ticket, grabbed my backpack with a change of clothes and was off across country on a 2 day bus adventure. I had never been on a bus before and was not quite sure what to expect, so I sat back and gazed out the window, and after awhile was bored to tears.

As the bus traveled from town to town, picking up more travelers and dropping a few off, the bus soon became crowded and a man asked if anyone was sitting next to me. He was 60ish and had a kindly grandfather look. He said he was headed to his granddaughter’s wedding the next state over. We made small talk for awhile, telling each other a bit about ourselves and then settled in for the night.

As it got later, most of the passengers turned out their reading lights and the bus got dark. I turned to face the window and leaned my seat back as far as it would go. The man sitting next to me was in a doze already, and I shifted in the seat to get as comfortable as possible on a cramped bus.

I had been in a fitful “twilight” kind of sleep for an hour or more when I felt the man’s arm against my thigh. I was wearing loose shorts and soon his hand was brushing my bare skin. I shifted a little hoping to awaken him so that he would move his arm, but to no avail. All that did was to move his hand further onto my lap. I was now wide wake but too embarrassed to try to wake him up, so I just sat there completely turned towards the window and hoping he would shift away from me.

After a few minutes, I felt him start to shift but he now had moved closer and his arm was encircling my waist, his hand moving, gently rubbing my hip. I froze as his hand made small circles up under my thin tshirt on my bare skin just above the waistband of my shorts. I could feel my face flushing hot and I was starting to get angry at myself for not shoving him away. Somehow I just couldn’t and lay there hoping that he’d wake up and stop. My mistake. His hand now brushed down the front of my shorts with his wrist brushing my cock which gave an involuntary jump. Then he turned his wrist over and the palm of his hand rubbed gently back over my cock. I almost gasped out loud and realized that I had been holding my breath. My God, the man was feeling me up and I wasn’t doing anything about it. Nobody but me had ever touched my cock in a sexual manner and I was in complete shock. Worst of all, my traitorous cock was starting to respond to the stimulus of a hand gently rubbing it, back and forth. As my cock grew in excitement, I arched my back and tried to hug the wall in front of me. My cock continued it’s betrayal of me and grew until I felt a raging harden. Emboldened by the reaction of the hard little cock, the man swiftly pushed his hand down the front of my loose shorts. A bolt of lightning went from my balls up my spine as his warm hand closed around me, rubbing his thumb over the now cum-slick head of my tiny cock. My heart felt like it was going to pound out of my chest as he slowly caressed it and my almost hairless balls inside my shorts. He started to slowly jack me with his thumb and two fingers until I let out an involuntary moan. Then he leaned over and put his mouth right next to my ear and started whispering to me as he continued to play inside my shorts.

“I just knew we were going to be special friends when I first laid eyes on you.” He then licked my ear and gently kissed my neck as I fought with myself and the new feelings that focused on my cock and balls. He stopped for a second to lift the armrest between our bodies then pressed up close behind me. I could feel his very hard cock pressing up against my backside as he got busy with his warm hand on my naked cock again.

Once more he found my neck and ear with his mouth.

“We’re going to get off at the next town and I am going to teach you some things, things that you have never felt before. Then you can go on with your trip”, he whispered as he continued to jack me and rub his thumb in a circle over the top my my wet cock. “I’m going to fuck you like a girl and you are going to enjoy every second of it”. I moaned out loud as he pushed his hand up under my ass between my cheeks and found my tightly puckered hole, rubbing it as I gasped in excitement. Whatever he was going to do couldn’t feel any better than what he was doing to me at this very moment.

His lips went back to my ear and neck as he started nibbling, kissing and sucking my gooseflesh, all the while keeping up the finger assault on my asshole. I had never been kissed like this. And nobody, but nobody had ever touched my asshole. I felt like I was going to pass out!

When he took his hand out of my shorts and turned my face towards him and kissed me on my lips, parting them with his hot soft tongue, I found myself opening up and letting him do whatever he wanted. He pushed his salty finger that had been playing in my puckered hole, into my mouth and I was now at the point of cumming. At that moment I couldn’t have cared less if the whole bus had been watching us. Luckily it was almost completely dark as he pulled my shorts and underwear down to my knees and continued to explore my mouth and tongue with his. I melted against him when he pulled me tighter and his hand went back to my tight little hard ass cheeks, spreading them apart. As he stuck his tongue in my ear and made crazy circular patterns on my anus with his fingers, he sent me into orbit.

” I can’t wait to get you on a bed so that I can stick my tongue all the way up your boy cunt. Then I’m going to deep fuck that sweet little ass of yours until your tight little cheeks squeeze out every drop of my man juice. I love your pale white soft girl-skin and I’m going to lick it all over”, as he continued rubbing that finger over my slick anus, he bit my neck hard and I groaned out loud. This was too much for me. I felt my balls tightening as his thumb and 2 fingers found my wet cock and slowly jacked me into a red-rockets-bursting-in-air orgasm. He clamped a hand over my mouth as I moaned into his palm. My cum shot up at least a foot and splashed back over my naked lap and his still jacking hand. He kissed me deeply as I literally shook. He continued to caress my balls and cock very lightly as he kissed me.

“Now it’s my turn kid”, he said as he straightened up and quickly undid his belt and pants top. As he lifted up to pull them down around his thighs, I couldn’t help but stare at his smooth large cock and hairy balls.

I had noticed some of the guy’s cocks in the locker room before but this was my first up close look and with the darkened gloom of the bus, I could just make out the details. Smooth head, a shaft with veins and some hair, and very hairy ball sac. His cock was also rising as I watched. The man grabbed my face, turned it up to him and continued kissing me hotly. He found my hand and wrapped it around his hot hard cock and made me start pumping as he had his way with my mouth.

I heard him groaning softly as he kissed me hard and deep. My hand was now pumping and jacking his throbbing pole on it’s own as he pulled me to him. I was starting to feel my own brave little cock start to harden again and felt my face go flush and he bit my lips, my neck and ears as I pumped him up and down.

I was again feeling that “do anything to me that you want” rag doll kind of thing when he suddenly grabbed my neck and forced my head into his lap. “Suck it boy”, he ordered and shoved his cock right into my face. He rubbed his cock head over my lips and said “Open!” I tasted salt on my lips as I barely opened my mouth and tentatively licked the tip. “Mmmmm”, I heard him groan as I licked again.

He grabbed his cock in his fist and forced it into my mouth as with his other hand, he kept pressure on the back of my head. His cock was too damned big for my mouth and I tried to spit it out but he thrust it back in and as I was in the midst of gagging, he came with a gush and continued to send glob after glob of white-hot sperm into the back of my throat. I spat it all out into his crotch as he eased up on my head. My eyes were watering and I had lost my hard on.

I really wanted just to jump up and run but I had no place to go on that crowded bus. I sat up, pulled up my shorts and didn’t know whether to punch him or cry when he pulled me to him once again and forced his tongue back between my lips and started kissing me again. I fought against him with all my might but to no avail. He was much bigger and stronger and wrapped me up with both arms and continued his assault on my mouth with his lips and soft tongue.

It took a few seconds but I finally gave in and kissed him back and to my complete surprise, my flaccid little cock was standing proudly at attention again, straining at the confines of my shorts and damp underwear. I was now under his complete control and he knew it.

“Go to the bathroom, take off all your clothes and wait for me”, he ordered. I sputtered briefly but his hand had found me again. “I said…NOW!”

I adjusted my shorts, pulled down my tshirt and stepped over him into the isle and toward the back to the small restroom. As I passed, I looked to see if anyone was awake and had maybe seen what we had been doing, but it appeared that everyone on the bus was sound asleep.

As soon as I locked myself in the bathroom, I stripped off my clothes.

I looked at myself in the small mirror at my pale skin and saw a couple of angry love bites on my neck and my lips were a deep pink color, swollen from all the kissing and bruised from the cock-battering they had taken.

Soon there was a light knock and as I let him in I got my first good look at the man to whom I had just lost my cherry.

He was much older than I had originally thought, with a slight paunch to his belly, grey hair, a salt & pepper day’s beard growth and an obvious hardon showing against his trousers as he stared ay my pale thin nakedness.

“Turn around slowly” he said. I did as ordered in the cramped cubicle. I felt the heat from his body as I turned my back to him.

“Stop!”, he said as I faced the sink and mirror. I looked at his face in the mirror as he stared into me with burning eyes.

He was taking everything in. I felt his hands start to caress my back and sides, reaching around to pinch my tiny nipples, hurting them, making them into hard little pebbles. He rubbed them with both his palms as he stepped in and ground himself against my small white ass, pushing up into me.

I groaned as he bit the nape of my neck and nuzzled my hairline then trailed his tongue around my neck up under one ear.

I closed my eyes as he slid his hands down my sides to my waist and then around to hold my straining cock and balls in both warm hands. I could feel his hard cock against my ass as he jacked and played with me, sucking my neck and shoulders as I held on to the stainless sink.

He turned me around to face him and picking me up, sat me on the sink, stepped in between my legs and kissed me deeply, saying “I’m going to fuck you right here, right now.”

And with that, he stepped back, unzipped his trousers and out sprang his hard cock. I could see it shining with precum juice in the lighted bathroom and it looked like it could split my little ass. I clinched just thinking about it.

The man pulled me to the edge of the sink so that my ass was barely hanging on, which put me at a very good angle for fucking.

He got some liquid soap from the dispenser and rubbed it onto his fingers and then went up under me and rubbed it all around and then into my soft puckered anus.

I jumped and clinched around his finger. He continued to try to work a finger up into me but I was nervous and couldn’t relax.

He then stepped back, went to his knees and sucked me right into his mouth. I was so shocked I almost came right away. He put some pressure into his suction and drove me crazy. He then stuck a finger all the way up my virgin ass as he sucked away causing all kinds of violent jumping and shaking to go on inside of me.

Pretty soon the fingering and sucking made me start humping against his mouth. I was losing control and put both my hands against the side of his head as he worked me over, causing me to make small mewling sounds every time his finger rubbed against my man gland.

I felt my balls start to tighten and felt the hot lava drive up my cock and into his hotly sucking mouth. He kept sucking and swallowed every drop as I hunched against him.

“That was just a start, my little boy-cunt”, he whispered hoarsely.

With that he stood up, applied more soap to the tip of his angry red cock and holding my pale legs up in the crooks of his arms, stepped in and I felt the rubbery tip against my tight little hole.

Slowly but surely he stretched the hole open with his rock hard cock. He told me to relax as he pushed harder until half of him was in me. Then he stopped and let me catch my breath and said ” I’m about to cum from just looking at you. My dick is about to explode way up into your cunt and I want to be kissing you deeply when I do cum.”

He grasped my legs harder and pushed another inch or two inside me until I was wide open. He pulled my thin legs over his wide shoulders and kissed me hard.

He started fucking me, gently at first and then harder as he held me there. I couldn’t believe that this was happening to me. It was crazy. Here I was letting some perfect stranger, a man on a bus…fuck me hotly in a bus bathroom. I must be dreaming!

As the man thrust up into me deeper and deeper, faster and faster, I started feeling my balls tighten and the hurt dissolved into a deliciousness that I can’t describe. I held on while he sawed into me, hearing his big ball sac smacking into my turned up ass.

He was breathing hard as he worked me over and started making little groaning noises. I was mewling softly as he fucked me hotly, my small cock bouncing wildly. All of a sudden I was cumming hard and as I clinched down on his thick pole embedded to the hilt, he kissed me and thrust his hot tongue deep into my mouth and sucked.

I felt his hot globs of jism unload into the depths of my bowels as he held me still, sucking my mouth while his balls emptied into me. White heat showers of thrills came all over my flesh as he ground himself against me, now licking my lips, sucking my neck and face as his still hard cock held me captive, deep inside my ass. It felt like an eternity until he finally backed up and with a plop, came out of me. Hot cum poured from my battered and stretched asshole and dripped onto the floor.

He leaned down and sucked my cock dry and licked up all the cum on my crotch, kissed me deeply one more time, zipped up and left me there to dress.

When I got back to our seats he was asleep. I stepped over him, sat down and fell into an exhausted coma. When I awoke, he was gone. I thought maybe he was in the bathroom but he must have gotten off at a stop early that morning while I slept. I sat there thinking about my experience for awhile, then took my bag and went to the restroom to freshen up.

My cock was ultra sensitive from all the attention, I had love bites all over my neck and shoulders, my ass had a dull ache, my lips looked like I was wearing lipstick but I felt alive and very, very satisfied. I was no longer a virgin. Someone had found me very attractive and had shown it…boy, had he ever shown it. I looked at myself with some new respect.

I started to remove my shorts and underwear to change when I felt the note in my pocket. There was a name and address along with his phone number. I started to throw it away, then my cock jumped a little as I remembered the night before.

I folded the note and slid it into my wallet with a tiny smile.

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