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The Boating Trip To Ecstacy

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As a happily married male in his mid-40s I had never contemplated or even considered any type of relationship with another male. In fact, I had little or no time for such activities and was always very critical of such goings on between men – yeh!

Consequently, when a long time friend of mine and I headed away on a fishing trip for a few summer days on my medium-sized luxury boat, I had no expectations of other them a great time on the water catching plenty of fish, cold beers, some nice wine at night and generally having a great time together. The first day on the water was absolutely magnificent, glorious sunny skies and calm winds. We simply lay about the boat, catching up on old times, half-heartedly throwing in a few fishing lines and swimming in the crystal clear waters. The day was as good as can be seen on the travel brochures advertising those magnificent tropical islands!

That evening, we had a delicious meal of fresh fish, some great champagne, lay down on the large back bunk – head to toe -and were completely happy in each other’s company simply looking at the starry night above. As all men do in each other’s company, at conversation naturally turned to women, sex and the latest dirty jokes!

The night was quite warm and as we were both still in our swim suits, I was quite surprised to notice that my friend David was obviously getting an erection over the conversation. I have to admit that I found this kind of embarrassing as I had never made a practice of looking at other guys cocks and was not sure if I should simply ignore it or make a joke over it.

What worried me the most was that looking at the bulge under his trucks was also making my prick take an interest in the situation! Frantically, I pulled a nearby towel over myself and hoped he had not noticed. Even though we were the best of mates, I was terrified he would think I was a raving homosexual and would insist that we packed up and headed off home immediately.

Whether intentionally or accidentally, David’s hand had strayed to his cock and he was absentmindedly playing with what appeared to be a pretty impressive piece of manhood. Still not sure how to handle this, I made a retreat to the fridge for another couple of cold beers; hoping that the episode would be defused somewhat when I returned.

Not so! The head of his prick was now fully visible down the side of his swimmers and looking me in the eye he said, “Do you mind if I just mess about with myself a bit?” Like ummm, what was I supposed to say? In a squeaky kind of voice that I hoped came across as manly and understanding I replied that, no, that was fine by me, go to it – like it happened every day of the week! Receiving the AOK from me, he swiftly removed his trunks and exposed an impressive cut cock that I found absolutely fascinating; being the first one I had ever seen at close quarters other than my own.

Slugging down a nerve calming beer, I realized that Dave’s prick was about seven inches but had a noticeably big helmet on it! His cock was not unusually thick but this helmet now stood glistening and hard not all that far removed from my eyes – or touch!

We were both well over our sixth beer each by now and I guess full of bravado and alcohol fuelled courage! A voice that I am sure was not my own said “mind if I just have a feel of it?” Dave said, “Are you really sure? I don’t want to make you do something you don’t want to do or feel uncomfortable with!”

“Yep, I’m sure because I know it won’t go much beyond this but I have this urge just to find out what it is like to feel another guys cock instead of my own”. Now in totally uncharted waters – excuse the pun – I timidly and very nervously trickled my fingers over the head of his cock. Had I skewered him thought the heart with a ten inch knife it could not have produced the same affect as this gentlest of touch! His prick twitched instantly, his hips jumped and he made some sort of sound that I hoped to God was approval!

“Oh yeh” he said “that’s great”. I thought if this lightest of contact had done that much to him I was gaining confidence that I could easily take him to the heights of ecstasy that we guys all dream about. I got myself into a better position and taking his prick in my hand was quite amazed at how hot it felt and how I could feel all the ripples and veins that were along his shaft. I squeezed his cock as hard as I could knowing that men love it, women rarely do it and it can do no harm. This made his already bulging helmet grow even larger whereupon the tightness of the skin made it appear to glisten and shine! I made some tentative strokes of his shaft and gained surprising satisfaction as he immediately forced himself towards my hand and thrust his loins in the air. The right spot I guessed!

As I have super sensitive balls, I ever so gently cupped his in my hand and gently pulsating them, commenced to pump his cock nice and slowly but making sure his foreskin rubbed against his helmet each and every time. This produces a great sensation and is also a guaranteed way to make a guy cum! I have to admit that at this stage the “cum” bit was something I knew I had to eventually deal with but figured I would just wait and see what happened when the time arrived!

Dave was now biting his lip and continued thrusting towards my hand – he obviously loved it! I used a fingernail to ever so gently scratch around the rim of his cock and this had the desired affect as he grabbed my hand in an obvious sign of “don’t take it away and don’t stop doing that”. In the back of my mind, the thought of sucking and licking his cock was something I just knew was inevitable and I did not surprise myself when – a first ever – I placed this whole cock head in my mouth in one swoop and gave it an enormous suck while squeezing his cock mightily and softly squeezing his balls.

Wow that worked AOK!! His “agggggggghhhhhhhh” was approval of this fairly amateurish technique and gave my confidence a great lift as I proceeded to suck mightily on that hot and pulsating helmet in my mouth.

Until now, Dave had been accepting my treatment with much gusto but when I felt one of his hands groping towards my own nearby cock, I knew he and I were starting on an adventure neither of us had ever considered nor were even that sure what we were really after!

In a stiff breeze I can manage just under seven inches of a cut cock with a very noticeable downwards curve in it. I had always wanted one of those standy-uppy ones but that was not to be. Nonetheless it has always performed pretty well – occasionally sulking – but by and large quite reliable. Sadly, my wife had lost interest in sex long time ago and though we regularly had the one-a-month fuck, I seemed to only have enough cum for a couple of drips rather than the pulsating squirts of youth or following extreme sexual excitement.

Dave didn’t bother with any fondling of my prick – he just took as much as he could straight into his hot, wet and sucking mouth in one hit. Holy Jesus, this was something incredibly sensual to me and far exceeded the mouse kisses and small licks my wife occasionally bestowed on me. He obviously loved the way I was squeezing and pulsating his own prick and started to do the same with mine. In fact we soon found that being mirror images of each others actions, we kind of played a game of tat for tat! I did to him what I knew I loved and he immediately reciprocated with the same treatment – what a turn on!

I love having a fingernail or teeth gently rubbing around the super sensitive rim under my cock’s helmet and as soon as I started giving him this treatment he instantly did the same. I go mad over this sensation and had great difficulty in controlling myself. I rolled about, moaned and trying jamming my whole prick into his sucking wet mouth. He was now making slurping noises and sucking me so hard I started to feel pretty light headed due the intense sensations.

When he sucked almost the whole length of my cock into his mouth, I could tell he was after the same treatment. I bit wary that I might make myself chuck up everywhere if he triggered my gag reflexes, I nonetheless, slowly but surely started to take the whole of his cock into my mouth. His huge mushroomed head was a bit of a problem and I finally had to give it up about three quarters of the way in – but he seemed fine with that. I could easily handle that length and immediately we both started to suck as hard as we could up and down each others cocks. Great and all as the sixty niner was, I had this strange urge just to pleasure Dave alone so he could lie back and enjoy it without having to share some of his concentration on pleasuring me.

I slowly pulled my prick from his mouth and although he protested initially, I spread him out on the large rear bunk and went back to my task of bringing him to a peak of exquisite ecstasy. I even propped a couple of pillows under his arse to raise his cock up so I could easily reach him and he could also see what was being done to him. From limited experience with my own cock, I know that men are more into sucking and jerking than in light licks and kisses – in other words we kind of like to get it rough, hard and full on. I crushed his cock in one hand so hard the head started to glisten and turn purple with the engorged blood and then I went to work sucking like a milking machine, working my teeth about his helmet and slowly jerking his cock up and down at the same time.

He was now lunging and thrusting his hips and prick at me and I could feel what seemed to be a quivering or pulsating in the whole length of his shaft. I knew that he was not far off coming and that presented me with a bit of a problem; what was I going to do when he did squirt up what I suspected was a pretty serious of juice! The idea of swallowing it didn’t fill me with too much excitement but then again, I had started this whole unstoppable sensation for him and was damn if I was going to disappoint him in the final stages.

Fortunately it was all solved for me! With a low groan, a stiffening of his entire body and suddenly clutching both his hands to the back of my head, he let loose what seemed to me to be a bucket of hot cum into my mouth. I was blown away just to feel the incredible pulsations and twitches from his shaft and continued to suck and stroke him madly as I felt his cum hit the back of my throat – and it was not even a problem for me! I willingly swallowed it in order to suck every last drop from his throbbing prick. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck” he said as his body jerked in ecstasy and tried to ram his prick down my throat. His face was deep red, mouth open and making small noises of satisfaction and lust.

As his climax peaked, I maintained a much slower and more seductive sucking and stroking of his cock and he obviously loved this as he just relaxed back across the bunk and let me finish off every drop he had left – not much. And the strange part was that I was so immensely satisfied that on my first ever try, I had done what seemed to be a pretty good blow job. He looked at me in a half asleep fashion and said “Mark, I have never ever in my entire life had such an intense orgasm as that. I felt like my whole being was being sucked out of me – unbelievable!”

I went and fetched a cold beer for him and if ever I saw a man total totally sexed out and relaxed then it was him. Of course I was in pretty bad shape myself as being still excited and maintaining a fairly respectable stiffy, my own prick was obviously demanding attention from somebody – anybody. Dave was astute enough to notice this and though I figured he would just lay me down and give me the same treatment, he had other ideas – ones I had never contemplated!

He said “Mark, that was the most fantastic experience for me in my life. It was a “first time” and that was what made the difference. The excitement of the unknown – now it is you turn”.

Of course, I was all prepared for a similar blow job and in anticipation lay on my back, pillow already in place and raised my cock towards his approaching mouth. I was a little surprised as he bypassed this and sucked my nipples instead whilst with his free hands started to stroke and caress my balls and gently trickle his fingers over my arse. Wow, this was really taboo territory for me – I mean men just didn’t touch each other “down there” or of course would be branded poofters for life if we did! All the same, the gentle sucking of my nipples, the slow and erotic stroking of my arse was damn exciting and when I spread my legs further apart to allow him better access, it was like waving the surrender flag!

I saw he already had a serious erection again and mine was still waiting for its turn! I had read stories of guys being guys together and how a finger in the arse was supposed to get things going but when Dave forced my legs up onto his shoulders and immediately placed the head of his prick against my virgin arse, I knew what was in store for me and immediately locked up as tight as a piece of steel. Ain’t no one was gunna plunder this boy’s arse! But as he produced some spit onto his hand, rubbed the end of his cock into it and ever so gently maintained the pressure on my hole I felt the first signs of unintentional interest from me as I no longer resisted but actually pressed gently towards his prick. Of course nothing happened initially, my arsehole must have been at a pucker factor of one – being the tightest possible – and of course I still had visions of his unusually large helmet that was trying to batter down my defences.

But he/we persevered. Dave located a small bottle of suntan oil in the adjacent locker and liberally smeared this all over his throbbing cock and my arse and of course that made the world of difference. Instead of tightening up, I remembered what I had seen on a porno video where the girl said pushing outwards against a cock made the entry so much easier, I was doing the opposite and obviously making things tighter and more difficult. So, ever so gently, I tried to relax and pushed towards his throbbing and now slippery and oily head – and for the briefest of moments felt an ever so noticeable intrusion of his knob into the outer part of my arse – not much but definitely there! Dave was as much an amateur as me and kept asking me if it was hurting, was that OK, should he stop etc. etc.

Emboldened by this most gentle and painless of entry, I said no, keep on but be bloody gentle with me. And so it progressed for some time. He would simply lean on me a little harder, I would push back and after a good five minutes I felt what was an immensely satisfying “plop” as the whole head disappeared into my now stretched arsehole – and not the slightest sign of pain. Just a very full feeling! Once the biggest part of his prick was in me, I had little difficulty in continuing my backward pressure against him and could not believe the incredible and sensual feeling I was feeling as I could feel all his throbbing and twitching cock ever so slowly filling up my arse. Slowly, gently, wetly and I guess lovingly ramming me full of his manhood.

And then it was all in, the whole seven inches of it including that huge helmet and it felt so fucking good! I didn’t want him to move but then he started to ease it out of my protesting arse bit by bit and that left behind the most empty of sensations that I desperately grabbed him and tried to make him come back inside again – but no he was in full control of the proceedings. As he suddenly popped his helmet from my arse, I jerked in ecstasy at the sensation and he said “well that’s, it, all over, did you like that Mark?” Yeh, that wasn’t all over for this boy and he knew it. With his still oiled and throbbing cock near my arse, I started to pull him back to me again and this time all the slowness and foreplay were forgotten as he swiftly and suddenly drove the entire length of his cock deep inside me in one huge swooping thrust. I felt like a log had been stuffed into me, revelled in the fullness but now he was getting serious and immediately began a long series of slow, fast, thrusts into my waiting arsehole. Holy shit, this was a sensation all men should experience!

I was amazed at the heat of his cock in me – I could literally feel all the veins on his throbbing prick and I just lay back and imagined what it looked like pumping away inside of me. Of course my own cock was begging attention and after smothering it oil, Dave began to flog me off at the same time as he was fucking me so madly. The two sensations were beyond my wildest sensations and I must have behaved looked a woman approaching orgasm as he filled me, emptied me, pulled me and drove me to the peaks of sexual excitement. By now he was obviously getting close to his own orgasm as his face became redder and he started to breathe pretty heavily. With immaculate timing, he suddenly came inside me with another gush of hot cum and I could actually feel it jetting against my bowel walls – an unbelievable feeling for a guy – he stiffened and gave me every inch of his throbbing prick as he blew everything he had into my arsehole. I know men don’t have orgasms in their arse but something clicked in there and I also stiffened, wrapped my legs about him and thrust mightily against his jetting cock and had what I guess was my own mini orgasm! Holy shit, soooooo intense!

After two successive orgasms and none for me I was starting to feel a little bit left out – but things were about to change! We had a quick swim, showered, got cleaned up, swamped down a few more freezing beers and Dave – obviously being aware that I was still chock a block with unreleased cum said that he had “plans for me” and would I go along with anything? Having gone so far already and both being totally trusting of each other I had no objections to whatever he had in store for me – bring it on!

We then ventured up onto the huge front deck of my boat and made ourselves comfy on the large white sun mattresses – naked of course. After just lying there for half an hour soaking up the glorious sun and enjoying the beer and – with two stiffies already evident – were obviously recalling our recent sexual awakenings, Dave headed off back to the cabin for a few minutes. When he returned he had some ropes, a piece of rag and “something” I his pocket. With no further ado he proceeded to spreadeagle and tie me hand and foot across the mattress. Firmly, but definitely no way I could offer much resistance. The rag was in fact shaped like a blindfold and this was soon fastened over my eyes. He was now in total control!

Leaning over me he did what I would have previously thought would have been the most disgusting thing two men could do to each mother, he started to kiss me! OMG, I could never have imagined in my wildest dreams this could be happening to me but it was, and worse still, I was actually getting turned on by it. His soft lips and tongue were gently and seductively kissing me in such a fashion that I had no choice other than to return his kisses. Hell, my thoughts on male sexuality were getting a rude awakening this trip!

After our swimming and showering, we were both spotlessly clean and I was soon aware that he was lowering his arse down towards my face and now in the first stages of a sexual frenzy – enhanced by the lack of vision and mobility – I eagerly reached out my tongue and searched for his crack. He was obviously going to play games with me for some time and I could only just make contact now and then. And that drove me mad – so near and so far. Dave let me play about there for a few minutes and then I was suddenly all alone again.

The next sensation was really weird! I felt him applying something to the rim of my engorged and throbbing cock – what it was I had no idea but also immediately I felt a slight burning but very pleasurable sensation commencing. A small intense vibration started up and instantly I knew that he had applied toothpaste to my prick head and was using an electric toothbrush from the bathroom to the tip! Bloody hell, this was mind blowing stuff and I started to roll thrust my loins towards him trying to get more, more, more ………….

My cock was starting to pump and throb under this unbelievable sensation and at the same time he slowly started to jerk me off with his hand covered in suntan oil. I would have killed to have able to touch him, feel his cock and suck him off but being firmly bound I was as totally helpless. Possibly this helplessness, lack of vision and not knowing what was happening was increasing the level of the sexual intensity I was being subjected to!

Suddenly he was gone and I was left there for what seemed for hours with a huge and throbbing prick just begging for attention – but help was at hand! Dave returned and once again oiled by cock with heaps of lotion plus letting ti run down over my balls and arse – thank God for the waterproof mattress cover! Being blindfolded I was a quivering ball of anticipation over what would happen next but the instant I felt him spread himself over my cock and place his well lubed arsehole on the top of my prick I knew what was going to happen. Not having the same sized helmet as he had, there was not the same problem with getting my pulsating and engorged cock into his arse and without a great deal of effort he simply slid down my entire length in one continuous movement. The sensation was truly incredible and I knew how it must have felt for him when he fucked me so soundly a couple of hours back.

He was so damned tight that I could feel all of his rippling muscles clamping onto my prick and could even feel him squeezing and releasing me in spasms. Combined with his sphincter muscle working on my shaft, there was the most awesome experience I had ever known. I still like to fuck a nice wet, hot and tight cunt but this arsehole of Dave’s was something else all together. It felt like a hot, wet and muscular hand alternatively hugging and then releasing my cock in quivering spasms that made me realize that I was going to blow my cum into him pretty soon.

Dave removed my blindfold and I could see that he was totally engrossed in giving his arse a good fucking on my pole. He dragged himself up ever so slowly and then dropped down and impaled me on the full length. He was making sensuous squishing and farting noises during this fucking and that was a hell of a turn on for us both. I love a wet noisy fuck! The slurping noise we could hear as he slowly pulled off me was so damn sensual! All the same I had a feeling that he was not getting any real sensation from it – certainly not to the standard I had when I was fucking him – and I started to believe that my downwards curved prick was maybe not exerting the right pressure on angle on him to trigger the right sensations. I tactfully asked him if he would like to turn around and fuck me facing away………….. I wanted to watch my cock slurping and slithering in and out of his arsehole anyway!

This he did and almost instantly he tensed up and I could feel a whole new angle being exerted on my cock. I am positive that the different angle of my prick was now rubbing along his prostrate gland and in confirmation of this he started to gasp, make small noises and immediately increased the tempo of fucking me! His arse muscles seemed to me going wild as they clenched and unclenched my prick and just watching his arsehole devour and release me was one of the most sensual sights I could ever have imagined. Being careful, he lay back on top of me supporting himself with his elbows and I drove my cock into him as hard, deep and fast as possible. I was fucking him in long, deep and swooping rhythms when I first felt my cum starting to pulse along my prick. Totally unstoppable now, it spurted into his arse and as soon as he felt it he slammed down on top of me harder and faster than I would have thought possible. The intensity of the orgasm was enough to almost make me pass out and though I always have to stop when I cum as it gets too sensitive, he would have no part of this and unmercifully pumped me for all he was worth. With an arse now full of my juices and oil, the slurping and sucking noises were awesome and for the first time in many years, I jetted what seemed like buckets of cum into his hot and sucking arsehole – he squeezed every drop from me and then finished me off with long slow and gentle strokes til he felt me start to soften.

Dave admitted to me later that the change of position had produced an awesome feeling in his arse and that he had an appreciation of what it must feel like for a woman to have an orgasm during intercourse. He also said that the toothpaste had created an incredibly sensitive feeling around the outer rum of his arsehole and the friction made the sensitivity almost unbearable!

With that we did the usual swim/beer/rest routine and looked forward to – now with all boundaries broken – another three days of great sucking and fucking! We had agreed that this sex had been something we had never dreamt possible in terms of sensations and satisfaction.

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