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The Birthday Present

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She heard his car pull up to her door, and her excitement gripped the pit of her belly. He was a little late but she didn’t mind, as she knew how unpredictable the traffic was.
He was here…finally. Here to celebrate her birthday as only the two of them could.
She opened the door and there they were…they??? Beside him stood the most beautiful woman she’d ever seen. She was tall, at least 5’11” and had dark straight hair that hung to her waist.

Her dark eyes were almond shaped and her lips were full. Her skin was the color of milk chocolate and her long legs were beautifully shaped. She wore a short black silk skirt and a beautifully tailored green silk blouse that showed off both her small waist and her small breasts.

Diana was speechless and simply moved aside so that they could enter her home. She looked at her friend, Andre, and smiled. “Diana, this is my friend, Copper.” Diana extended her hand and looked into Copper’s beautiful eyes. There was instant chemistry between them as Copper took Diana’s hand in both of hers. There was an eternity passing between them and Andre could only stand and watch.

Finally Andre broke the spell. “Copper has come to help us celebrate your birthday.” Then this incredible voice came from somewhere that must have been heaven. “Yes, I’d like very much to help make your birthday one you will never forget.” Copper’s voice was like warm, rich syrup that covered you in sensuality. It was so soothing and calming and Diana found herself staring again.

Finally Diana pulled herself together and asked them to have a seat. She went to the kitchen and brought out a pitcher of Sangria with three glasses. She placed it on the coffee table and then went for the appetizers. Why was she so nervous? She felt like a kid about to go on her first date. She was 59 years old today and she hadn’t felt this way in years. She and Andre had been lovers for some time and he knew that she had female lovers but they had never done a threesome. They had talked about it for a long time but the opportunity just hadn’t been there.

Diana sat on the floor in front of the coffee table and poured the fruited wine. She couldn’t stop staring at Copper. She had the most beautiful skin – everything about her was beautiful and sensual and there was almost an innocence about her. It was difficult to tell her age but she wasn’t young. Finally Diana asked how they knew each other.

It seems that Andre and Copper had been lovers for a number of years a long time ago and when he called Copper to see if she would like to help celebrate Diana’s birthday she agreed. Diana found herself a bit jealous that they had been lovers, but only because she wanted them both so very much at that moment.

She wanted to feel the differences in their touch and their taste. She wanted them to touch her and kiss her and take her to places she had never been. She could feel that tightness in her belly that made her legs tingle and her toes curl and she knew that before this night was over she would experience them both.

They chatted about casual things and nothing in particular. The only one who didn’t seem a bit nervous was Copper. Just as Diana reached over to get another appetizer Copper’s hand covered hers…then Andre’s hand was covering them both. If the lights had been off in the room you would have seen the sparks shooting out of the midst of them.

Without a word, Andre took both their hands and lifted them to their feet. He knew the way to the bedroom and led them down the darkened hallway. Diana, as always, had candles lit in her bedroom and the aroma was spicy and pungent and seemed to match the mood of the three who entered.

Andre placed Diana’s hand in Copper’s and took a seat in the overstuffed velvet chair. He and Copper had not discussed anything about Diana but it appeared there had been no need. Copper took Diana in her arms and held her very tenderly, stroking her hair and her back and whispering something that Andre couldn’t hear. He could see Diana’s legs grow weak and didn’t miss the little shudder that passed through her body.

Copper pushed Diana back from her and started to unbutton her own blouse. Slowly she let it fall from her shoulders to reveal beautiful breasts. They were small and firm with nipples that were enormous and erect. She took Diana’s hand in hers and put it to her breast, holding it there firmly as she breathed deep breaths. Without waiting for an invitation Diana took the other breast in her hand and began to trace the outline of each nipple with her thumb.

This woman was her fantasy – the one she had described so often to Andre. She never dreamed he knew anyone like this…never had any idea that he had held and kissed and loved anyone like this. But tonight he had brought her here to give and receive pleasure and it was the most exciting birthday present she had ever had.

As Diana continued to play with Copper’s nipples, Copper unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor. Diana’s hands automatically moved to Copper’s hips and pulled her close. She wanted to feel the heat from this woman. She wanted her breath so close she could inhale it.

The kiss between them began with their lips barely touching. They were such light kisses that they felt like feathers, teasing and taunting. Andre watched as the two women seduced one another and his cock strained to be released. He had done threesomes before but never any that had this fire and this passion. It was as if someone had turned the heat up 25 degrees.

The seduction was quiet and soft but so charged the air with electricity that you could have lighted the entire city with it. As the two women continued to kiss each other Copper unbuttoned the dress Diana was wearing and let it too fall to the floor. Diana, like Copper, wore nothing underneath.

Their hands seemed to be made of velvet as they explored each other’s bodies. Hands roamed over nipples and hips and legs and bellies and faces, floating over skin and hair. At long last they moved to the bed and lay there side by side, still touching one another, still kissing, still seducing.

Copper looked up to see Andre had removed his clothes and was stroking his considerable hard cock. The look in her eyes told him all he needed and he moved to the bed and lay on the other side of Diana. Copper took Diana’s hands and put them above her head with a look that said, “don’t bring them down”. It was time for the birthday present.

Diana hardly dared to breath for fear the dream would vanish. She kept her eyes open to see what would happen to her. She saw the looks between Copper and Andre and became aware how well they knew each other. Their hands and lips moved over her body in a symphony that was written by the gods.

Andre began to suck on her nipples gently, taking then one at a time between his teeth and applying just enough pressure to send those delightful little shocks down to her belly. Ah, her belly – that was where Copper was kissing her, running her tongue down towards her center. The feelings were so different… the contrasts so exciting.

The almost rough feeling of Andre’s teeth pulling on her nipples contrasted with the softness of Copper’s tongue. Andre’s hands were gentle yet the touch seemed almost the opposite of Copper’s. Finally Diana closed her eyes so that she could focus on the sensations that tortured all of her senses.

Andre kissed her nipples and moved his kisses up to her shoulders and her neck while Copper began to focus on her clit that was pulsing and throbbing with desire. She could feel the fire inside her begin growing hotter and hotter and the orgasm getting nearer. She wanted to hold off and make the tantalizing last forever but she could not. Her entire being exploded in total surrender to her two lovers. Her body quivered with each swell of pleasure and she thought the orgasms would never stop. Her body alternately tensed and relaxed as the two lovers continued to take her to the precipice of insanity.

Now she could feel hands moving over her body in slow circles, gently massaging her, bringing her back down to sanity – away from the golden pleasure and into the soft glow of the aftermath. They caressed her arms and legs, her belly and shoulders; each planting kisses where their hands had just been. Her body began to relax and she became aware of her surroundings once again.

She opened her eyes to see Andre and Copper kissing each other. She pulled them both to her and the three of them embraced and kissed each other and the passion began to build again. This time she wanted to be the one to taste her lovers, to kiss them and fondle them and embrace them. She wanted them to cry out in ecstasy as she had moments before.

She began with Copper, taking a nipple into her mouth and rolling it around with her tongue. It grew so large and hard it made her want to suck it even more. She could feel Andre’s hands move from her to Copper and sensed he wanted to be part of the giving. She needed to kiss Copper’s mouth, plunge her tongue in and possess her.

Their kisses fused their souls together as the heat rose again in the room. Andre rolled Copper onto her back and he and Diana each took a nipple to play with. Copper’s moans spurred them onto more pleasure. Diana moved her hand down over Copper’s slim body until she reached the object of her desire. Copper was so wet and warm and her clit was so swollen.

Diana had to taste – she needed the sweetness of desire to fill her nostrils and her mouth and cover her face and soak her hair. She didn’t bother taking the long way down but went straight to Copper’s pussy to devour her. It was so much more than she thought it would be. The taste and smell of her were intoxicating and Diana was drunk with lust and pleasure.

She could hear Copper moaning and could sense Andre next to her but she was too caught up in exotic bliss to stop. She felt Copper’s body tensing and her legs closing around her and knew that Copper was on the verge of cumming – and so was she. Suddenly she felt Copper’s legs tighten around her and pull her into the orgasm. There was sweet nectar everywhere, all over her face and her hair and she was cumming as hard as Copper. Heaven held no joy such as this for if it did the gods would never have shared it with mere mortals.

At last the two women collapsed and Diana moved up to embrace Copper. They held each other for a long time as Andre stroked and caressed them. He knew how to please a woman so well, his touch was enough to ignite the fire in a woman and then slowly bring her back to smoldering when the heat of passion had passed.

Then, with only a look between them, the two women knew it was time for Andre to have some fun. They both sat up and pushed him back onto the bed. All he could do was smile.

These two women who, just moments before had been in the throws of passion, now had eyes filled with mischief. Andre knew he was in for the ride of his life. Diana took one nipple between her teeth and Copper took the other. Their hands instinctively went to his cock and balls…one taking his cock and the other his balls. They sucked and pulled on his nipples and squeezed and stroked his cock and balls until he could hardly breathe.

The two women began to kiss each other right in front of his face, their tongues moving in and out exploring the other’s mouth. All the while they continued to stroke him and caress him. It felt as though his cock would explode it was so hard. He had never felt this hard before. Watching them kiss so close to him, seeing their tongues touch and tease was too much for a man to bear.

As quickly as they had begun to kiss they stopped, looked at each other and giggled. It seemed they could reach each other’s minds as they both moved to his throbbing cock. Those tongues that had been touching each other now went to work on his cock – licking up and down – one on each side of it. Then Diana sucked the head of his cock into her mouth as Copper sucked both of his balls into hers. Andre screamed out in pure, animal lust. These women were killing him. He felt he would explode any second – but it was not to be. The women, sensing how close his orgasm was decided he should not cum yet so they slowly backed off and began to play with each other’s breasts. They took turns sucking each other’s nipples, nipping with their teeth, and all he could do was watch in torturous pleasure while his cock stayed rock hard.

The women knew what they wanted without a word and Copper moved ever the top of Andre’s delicious cock. Diana took his cock in her hand and guided it into Copper’s dripping pussy. Then with one move she had her pussy over his mouth – waiting for his talented tongue to take over. He reached for her hips and pulled her down onto his mouth.

The women fondled each other and kissed deep kisses as Andre’s cock moved in and out of Copper’s pussy and his tongue fucked Diana’s. The women came at the same time and there was pussy juice all over Andre’s cock and face. He could bear it no longer and his cock exploded cum that filled Copper. His mouth sucked on Diana’s clit and she and Copper both came again.

Now it was Andre’s turn to be exhausted. He was sure he had never cum that hard in all his life and doubted that he ever would again. The women fell to each side of him and they were a tangle of arms and legs and wetness all melding together.

Diana had one last birthday wish – to taste them all. She moved first to Andre and kissed him, tasting her own juices. Then she sucked and licked cum from his cock. Then she moved to Copper’s pussy and licked cum from her until she was dry. It was better than any birthday cake she could have had.

Then she heard that heavenly voice whisper, “Happy birthday, Diana.” It was the best birthday she’d ever had. Thank you, Andre.

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