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The Benfits of Reading

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After fifteen years of marriage, I had noticed a sudden decline in the frequency of sex with my wife, Lyn. This had happened over the three weeks or so. Until then, although we were conventional, it was satisfying for both of us – or so I thought. Now, it had become the usual story of “I’m so tired, I just want to go to sleep.”

On the rare occasions when we did have sex, it too had become a routine that played out as “if you give me a back rub, then I’ll have sex.” Not that she ever said that, but it accurately summarized the event, concluding with unenthusiastic participation on her part. Moreover, I noticed a concurrent deterioration of her housework – oh yeah, we’re a classic working husband/homemaker couple. I could not understand what had happened because I thought we had a strong relationship with pretty good sex. I suppose I wouldn’t have been so ticked if the sex was still good and only the housework suffered, but by now I was starting to get pissed off and had decided to confront my wife about both problems. To do this, I waited until Friday and knocked off early from work, figuring the weekend would be a good time to get things straightened out.

I left work at lunchtime and advised my secretary that I wouldn’t be back until Monday. On the way home from work, I picked up some flowers and a bottle of chilled champagne, hoping we could relax and talk things over.

When I got home, I walked into the kitchen and found that breakfast dishes were still on the table. It was readily apparent that not much else had happened either. My mood soured quickly and became worse when I did not see or hear my wife, so I headed upstairs. At the top of the stairs I looked and listened for my wife. I heard soft moaning coming from our bedroom, so I quietly peeked in. There was my wife, on the bed, naked while one hand pulled on a nipple and another rubbed on her clit.

“So this is what goes on while I’m at work,” I said loudly to be certain she heard.

My wife sat up with a start and pulled the sheets up around herself. Blushing deeply she said, “I didn’t hear you come in.”

“That’s pretty damned obvious, but at least now I know why you’re not interested in sex anymore and why the house looks like hell. You’re spending your days wanking off while I’m out busting my balls to make a living. By the way, I’ve see you naked before, so you can skip the modesty act.”

She relaxed her grip on the sheets, but I noticed one hand sliding a book under her pillow while she said “It’s just that you startled me so…I was frightened.”

“Yeah, frightened that I found out your little secret. By the way, what book are you reading?”

“What book?”

The whole scene was filling me with rage. “The one you just pushed under the pillow. Do I really look that stupid?”

“Oh it’s just one of my romance novels, and, no, I don’t think you’re stupid.”

“Well, I’d better have a look at that book. Since it gets you so hot and bothered, I’d better read it for some pointers.”

“You’d find it pretty dull…not much for guys in it.”

“I’ll be the judge of that.”

“Really, dear, I can’t see what could interest you.”

“Listen you dumb bitch, hand it over.”

“I couldn’t”

“Oh yes you will.” I rushed to the bed, yanked out the pillow and the book fell to the floor. The title was “At His Command.” Since the book cover was plain, without the usual illustration of the buff hero and buxom heroine of a typical romance novel, I became suspicious. I picked it up, opened to the middle and found a graphic passage about a woman being tied down and spanked by her “master.”

“So this is what’s got your pussy on fire! I think I need to know more about this. Why don’t you tell me how you got so engrossed in this and why you’ve got to finger yourself off when you’ve got a husband who loves you deeply. Or should I say loved you deeply because I’m not certain if I still do and all I feel is hurt and rage.”

She couldn’t look at me. She just stared down at the bed and said, “I….I can’t tell you, I just can’t.”

“You’ve got two choices. Either you tell me everything now or I’m leaving and the only talking we’ll do in the future will be through divorce attorneys.”

“It’s just so embarrassing. I don’t think I could do it”

“How could it be more embarrassing than what I just saw. Now, are you going to tell me or should you start packing?”

“Okay, I surely don’t want to lose you, but it’s a long story.”

“I’ve got plenty of time. I’m not going back to work until Monday, but your story had better not take that long. How about if I get some glasses and pour this champagne I bought. We could probably both use a drink right now – I know I sure could, but don’t move until I get back.”

“Whatever you say, just don’t leave.”

I went to the kitchen, grabbed the ice bucket, ice and the champagne flutes. I thought to myself that this would definitely be more interesting than what I had planned on discussing and my anger began to fade. I stopped myself and thought that the situation had some very erotic possibilities. I had often fantasized about dominating a woman, but given my wife’s generally reserved nature, I had never brought up the subject. Now it seemed to be falling in my lap. I returned to our bedroom. After pouring two glasses, I put the bottle on ice and handed a glass to my wife. We both emptied our glasses before a word was spoken, so I poured us each a refill.

Trying to act like I was still angry, I said, “Now out with it, and don’t spare the details.”

“Well it all started about a month ago when I was with my Wednesday sewing group…”

“Now I can’t imagine you expect me to believe this – that group is your mother and some of her friends – I don’t think they got you started on this.”

“No, no. Jane is also part of that group and on this particular day, it was her turn to host and I stayed after my mother and her friends left.”

“That’s a little more believable. At least she’s our age and has always been a little on the wild side.”

“Please don’t interrupt. This is already hard enough. Anyway, I went up to Jane and Bill’s bedroom to see the new curtains she had made. I noticed this book on her nightstand and just asked her if it was any good. I didn’t know then what the story was about. She told me she had enjoyed it and shared it with Bill. It had really livened up their sex life and she asked me if I wanted to borrow it. I agreed, but did not realize the effect it would have on me.”

My wife took another gulp of champagne and continued, “Initially, I thought there was no way the story could be believed, but the next time I was alone with Jane – you remember I went shopping with her, about a week after she gave me this book – I told her I had started reading the book, but only a couple of chapters. Right away she wanted to know what I thought. I told her it seemed so unreal, but that it sure had some hot, kinky sex in it. She then confided in me. Please don’t let her know I told you, but she said she and Bill had both read it and had modeled their sex life on the story and that she was now so happy with her role as a submissive and having the best sex of her life. While we were shopping, she stopped in a lingerie shop and bought very provocative stuff. I told her she’d look like a porno queen. She smiled and said that was what she wanted and it really helped her feel like the slut she had become.”

My wife continued to drink the champagne heartily and detailed the conversation she’d had with Jane. Jane was leading a normal life outside of the home and when company was present, but when alone with Bill she was his sex slave and loved being dominated by him. Lyn must have mentioned at least three times how Jane raved about her sex life.

Finally, Lyn concluded, “So I started to think that maybe I should read the entire book and see what she was up to. At first it seemed a little weird, but the more I read and thought about it, the more it turned me on. And for the past two weeks, it’s been all I could think about.”

“That’s been obvious.” I said. “Between what I just saw you doing and the way the house looks, I’d say you’re obsessed. But the problem is that you’ve been a very bad girl for not telling me and letting me think I had done some terrible thing and you didn’t want me anymore or, worse, had found someone else. Now, after having my guts in knots, I find that you’re living in some kinky dream world and couldn’t share your desires with the one person you’re supposed to be closest to. So, the question is, do you want me to make you my sex slave, or should I leave you alone and find a life of my own?”

“It scares me a little, but more than anything, I don’t want to lose you, so yes, I guess I need to be your sex slave.”

“None of that ‘I guess so’ crap. It’s either yes or no”


“OK then, I don’t really know what or how to do this, so why don’t we get back to the first issue, which is the house. You can start by going downstairs and cleaning the kitchen top to bottom. Meanwhile, I’ll consider what I need to do and I’ll start by reading your book.”

“OK.” Said my wife and she started to get dressed.

“Who said anything about clothes?!” I shouted. “Get you ass downstairs and get to work!”

“But what if the neighbors..”

“Just shut up and get to work. No one lives close enough to see anything.”

Reluctantly, she left the room and soon I heard the sound of her loading the dishwasher. Satisfied that she was doing as she was told, I picked up the book and started reading. No wonder she was a little scared. There were dildos, bondage, domination, spanking and anal sex. Most of them she had previously refused to even consider. Now it was my job to put her in that role and thinking about it was becoming a real turn-on, as I could now fulfill my own fantasies as well as hers. After about on hour of reading, it was obvious that this required some planning. I definitely needed to do some shopping, but also wanted to set the right mood, so I compiled instructions for her to read later and left them in the top drawer of my dresser.

However, before I went out, the most urgent matter was the tremendous hard on I had developed, but I knew how to fix that. I went downstairs and by now Lyn was down on her knees cleaning the floor.

I walked up to her and said, “I have to go out for a little while, and when you’re done cleaning, you are to call me on my cell phone. But first there is one other thing. Sit up on your knees and put your hands behind your back.” She complied and I walked up to her so that me crotch was in front of her face. I took out my cock and shoved it in her mouth. “OK bitch, start sucking, but no hands, just get me off with your mouth.” She hesitated slightly, so I grabbed her hair and started fucking her face. “When I say suck, I mean it.” Lyn had always given good blow jobs, but now I was shoving my cock in deeply and making her gag. “That’s it. Show me how much cock you can take!” Lyn couldn’t say much, but continued to take more and more down her throat. I quickly started coming and pulled out my cock so that my three bursts of come landed her face. I rubbed it all around so that eventually, her face was covered. I didn’t bother to ask if she enjoyed it, but she didn’t call the cops either.

As my cock softened, I put it back in my pants and said, “That was a good little slave, now back to work and remember to call me when you’re finished.”

I headed out to the local porn shop and bought a vibrator, lube, a blindfold, garters, a garter belt and a cutout bra. This took only about 15 minutes, and since Lyn had not called, I went to my local bar for a drink. Half way through my scotch, my phone rang. I told Lyn that there were instructions to her in my dresser and that she must follow them exactly:

Dear Lyn,

Or should I now call you slave? If you are going to continue to live in my house there will be the following rules:

When we are alone, you will always address me as SIR.

You will follow my orders immediately

Failure to follow 1 or 2 will result in severe discipline

For tonight, go take a warm relaxing bath and while you are there shave off all of your pubic hair. Then put on a lot of make up – so you look like a slut. By time you finish, your outfit will be on the bed. Put it on and await my arrival. Be on your knees with your head bowed.

Call me again when you finish this letter.

Love, Sir

My phone rang again, but now I was on my way home. I asked her if she had read the letter and agreed to it. “Yes, sir.” she meekly agreed.

When I arrived home, the house was back in order, so I went upstairs to see how she was progressing. I opened the bathroom door and there was Lyn, razor in hand, shaving her pussy.

“I see you’re being a good slave and following my instructions.”

“Yes, sir, but I am having some problems with the hair at the bottom of my…”

“Cunt. Say it. It’s your cunt.”

“I’m having problems shaving the bottom of my c..cunt, sir.”

“Would my slave like some help?”

“Yes sir, please help shave my cunt.”

I instructed Lyn to get on her knees in the tub and stick her ass up high with her legs spread. I was struck by how her cunt lips were swollen and could see her clit was excited and poking out. I couldn’t resist rubbing my fingers around her slit and she moaned. “Has this gotten you excited and made your cunt wet?”

“Yes sir, I am very excited.”

“Good, but you will have to wait. Now let’s finish shaving that cunt.” I grabbed the razor and shaved off the rest of the pubes, including those on her asshole. I could see her rosebud contract with the contact, but she did not resist. “All done slut, I’ll let you finish getting ready. Call me when you’re done.”

I went downstairs and fixed another scotch. I grinned and thought to myself that I was one lucky bastard, as my dick was also announcing his approval. For the next ten minutes I organized my thoughts on how to properly discipline my wife, although the possibilities seemed endless…my reverie was interrupted by Lyn announcing, “I am ready, sir.”

I took my drink and walked as slowly as I could to the bedroom. There was Lyn, on her knees, with her forehead touching the floor.

“That’s a good little slut,” I announced. “Now look at me.” What a sight! There was my previously reserved wife with garishly applied make-up, stiff nipples poking out of her bra, but her knees were close together. “Spread your knees and show me yourself!” She parted her knees and I could see her very moist lips. “Excellent. You have become a very alluring slut and I am tempted to fuck you right now, but first we must consider the proper punishment for your behavior over the past two weeks. Do you agree that you were a bad girl for hiding your desires from me? For making me wonder what I had done wrong?”


“Answer me slut!” I yelled while grabbing and pinching her nipples.

“OW!” She cried and pushed my hands away.

“I see you have a lot to learn slut. Don’t ever try to stop me again, unless you want further punishment. Now put your hands behind your back.” I knelt and held her wrists in one hand as I again began pinching her nipples with the other. “So do you agree that you deserve to be punished for your behavior of the past two weeks?”

“Yes sir, I do, but please don’t pinch my nipples so hard.”

“I’ll decide what happens slut, but I do not plan any more for your tits..” I released her from my grasp. “No, your ass needs a good spanking. I think one swat for each day would be about right, so 14 is the total. Now, back down on your elbows and spread those legs more. However, if you put your hands up to stop me, we’ll start over from the beginning. Do you understand?”

“Yes, sir.”

I proceeded to strip and fetched the bag of goodies I had purchased earlier. Lyn looked up to see what I was doing. “Would my slut like to know what I have for her?”

“Yes, sir.”

“I will not tell you. You will only feel most of them. So let’s start with this blindfold.” I placed it over her eyes. “Do not remove it unless I tell you.” “Yes sir.”

I knelt beside my wife and began to gently caress her ass, slid down to her cunt and began to rub her pussy lips. She was wetter than I had ever known. I found her clit and as I massaged it, she began to rock her hips. “So my little slut is still excited, I see, aren’t you?” “Yes, sir.” With my other hand I switched on the vibrator, Lyn started with the noise, but she soon realized its nature as I began to slowly move the vibrator along her labia and clit and resumed rocking her hips to my rhythm. My free hand came down swiftly and smacked her right ass cheek. “Ooo!” she cried and became still, but my continuous work with the vibrator found her resuming her gyrations. “That’s one, only 13 to go.” I allowed her to become more aroused before commencing another slap on her ass, training her to enjoy the mixture of pain and pleasure. By time we had reached 14, her ass had become bright pink, while her breathing was showing signs of an impending orgasm. To further test her slide into submission, I started sliding the now very slick vibrator back further so that with each stroke it traveled from her clit to her asshole and back again. I noticed that she was bucking her hips with even more urgency.

“So my little slut likes her asshole played with, don’t you?”

“I never thought I would, but I feel more turned on than ever. Would you please fuck me sir?”

“Oh yes. I’m going to fuck you, but not as you might expect.” I let the vibrator linger at her asshole in progressively loner intervals before sliding it down to her clit again.

“Sir, you can’t mean…”

“That I’m going to fuck your ass? Not exactly, you’re going to do it. Just keep riding this vibrator while I get you ready.”

I took the lube and squeezed some onto her asshole. Its cool temperature forcing a gasp from my wife, but I kept running the vibe around her slit, concentrating more on her clit now, while slowly working a finger around her now slick asshole. “Uh, oooh,” she responded. “Is it really so bad my little slut?” “No sir, just different, you know I’ve never done this.” “Yes my slut, but it is a pleasure too long denied.”

I continued the work on her cunt as I slightly penetrated her ass with my finger, then let her adjust. Soon her hips began to slowly thrust again. Taking the cue, I gently fingered her ass to her rhythm. As her oscillations increased, I increased my finger’s penetration and eventually worked in a second finger, as she became lost in the pleasure of the novel experience. Reluctantly removing my fingers from her ass, I started to lube my cock, now as hard as it had been in a decade. Lyn moaned in disappointment at the loss of contact, but I quickly placed my cock against her asshole, rubbing the head around her puckered opening, while also keeping the vibrator on her clit.

She began to rock back on my cock, trying more desperately with each push to get it past the tight opening. Finally, I started keeping my cock in constant contact with her asshole, now slowly opening. Lyn now just pushed her ass back into me, and with a pop more felt than heard, the head was in. We both froze momentarily, savoring the new dimension of our lives, as the vibrator slipped from my hand.

“You’re in control now my lovely slut. Pick up the vibrator and use it on yourself. Submit your ass to my cock.” Lyn took the vibrator to work its magic on her slick pussy, while working her ass onto my cock in progressively deeper strokes. After taking all of my cock, her tempo quickened and I lost all control. I started thrusting to meet her and soon shot a huge load up her ass.

“Yes, fill my ass with your come!” she cried and began spasming in her own orgasm, her tight little asshole convulsing around my cock and coaxing another spurt. Totally spent, we simultaneously collapsed onto the floor, with my slowly softening cock still buried within.

Even though I was gasping for breath, I could not stop from caressing her hair and gently kissing her neck and shoulders. She turned her head to mine and we kissed as deeply as our breathing would allow. As our pulses returned toward normal rates, my cock slid from her ass. “Aw,” she sighed with a tinge of disappointment. We adjusted so that we faced each other and embraced, lingering in the intensity of what had happened.

Suddenly, my shoulder was wet. I looked at Lyn’s face and saw a few tears running down her cheeks.

“What’s wrong?” I asked.

“Nothing, really. I’m just sorry for what I did to you and for not trusting you. This was the most wonderful night and if I hadn’t been so stupid, it could have happened two weeks ago.”

“Who’s to say what would have happened? I’m just overjoyed we found the way to release our inner desires. Because, if the truth be known, I had always wondered what it would be like to dominate a woman. Now that I know, I don’t ever want to change because it has made me love you more than I could have imagined, especially considering how I felt when I came home. But you must promise me one thing.”

“What’s that?”

“Keep being a bad girl.”

“Count on it, my love”

“Yes, next time I will make you count out your punishment- ha-ha. But right now, I bet our bed would be more comfortable than this floor. So next time, I think I’ll tie you to it.”

“I hope you can get what you need soon, I have a feeling I’m going to be a bad girl tomorrow.”

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