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The Belt

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She was tall – that was the very first thing he noticed. He was sitting at the bar, and she’d glided past just at the edge of his vision, inviting him to crane his neck and look again. His initial, uncharitable thought – given her height – was that she was a transvestite, but when he took another, longer look at her, he knew that this was definitely not a mistake he would have made if he’d got more than the briefest glimpse of her.

Or if this club had better lighting. Or if he hadn’t been surrounded by transvestites – as well as rubber-corsetted nuns, adult babies and leather-clad dominatrixes.

Second look – yeah, she was definitely tall. Not quite up to his own six feet and four inches, but she’d reach his shoulders, at least. Tall enough that he could kiss her standing up, without feeling like a giraffe taking a drink of water. But that was just the icing on the cake… and this was an amazing cake. She was – quite literally – stunning. Well, he was stunned and that was as literal as it got, right? He drank in the black, thigh-length boots, the black, skintight costume, the whip stuck so casually in the black belt and he wondered if she was modelling herself on Catwoman. Oh, Christ, he hoped she was. What a fantasy that would be. Well… if he could get close to her, anyway.

It was – obviously – a fetish club. His first night at “The Gaol”. His first night in a strange town as well, but that’s not important at this point in the narrative. What is important is that so far, he’s been relishing every minute of his first night at The Gaol. Yeah, this was his scene all right. A place where he could indulge freely in every kink he had. A place where he could wear as much – or as little – as he liked. And right now, he was wearing very little. A posing pouch, a collar and his tattoos. Black stripes running down his back and curling round to disappear into the top of his pouch. Drawing the eye of the observer and concluding – he hoped – in a curiosity regarding what still lay hidden.

He had taken the idea from a book of fantasy art. From a picture of a feral-looking girl, poised in the jungle, ready to pounce. And, liking the idea of looking animalistic himself, he had commissioned the series of tattoos and got them indelibly marked onto his body over a series of long, painful weeks. It was worth it, though, going by the amount of second looks he’d had tonight. Second looks from everybody, it seemed, barring Catwoman there.

She was gone. The cat was gone. Disappeared into the crowd, as lithely and completely as the animal he himself sought to emulate. He swung back to the bar in disappointment and raised his glass to drain the contents, then tried to catch the eye of the big, butch girl with the rose between her breasts to order a refill. Someone tapped him on the shoulder before he succeeded however, and he swung round, hoping the cat had returned.

It wasn’t her.

“Want to play, big boy?” The speaker’s outfit was composed entirely of red leather – such as it was. It amounted to little more than a bikini outfit, with a pair of stiletto heeled shoes. She had a red handbag hanging casually from one shoulder. She was certainly attractive, and he did feel himself spontaneously stirring in response to her invitation. She noticed and her eyes sparkled as they deliberately and indiscreetly looked down at his own indiscretion. “I can see you do,” she said. She held out a hand. “Why not come with me?”

“I’m not submissive,” he answered, but took her hand anyway and allowed her to draw him from the stool.

She smiled at that. “Then why the collar?”

“Decoration,” he answered. “I didn’t think of it as a submissive thing.”

“Then why are you following me?”

OK, she had him there. He smiled shyly. “I’m… possibly not submissive,” he amended. “I don’t know yet.”

She led him to the middle of the room. Two hooks were set into the ceiling, with chains hanging down and padded leather cuffs on the ends of the chains. Two more, shorter chains were set into the floor – also with cuffs. “Testing your limits, are you?” she asked.

He nodded. “Experimenting. Finding out,” he answered.

“Then let’s have some fun while you find out.”

During this exchange, she had taken his unresisting arms and fastened them into the cuffs hanging from the ceiling, then dropped to her knees and done the same with his ankles. His erection drooped, as the reality of the situation set in, swiftly followed by the implications of it. He was helpless now, wasn’t he? Maybe he wasn’t submissive – but he was still helpless and he was still going to find out what it was like to be submissive. He wasn’t sure how happy he was about that.

“It’s OK, honey… just relax. Say ‘carnations’ if it gets to be too much for you.”

“’Carnations?’” he said, confused.

“Hey, give me a chance to start!” The girl smiled at him, then looked at his face and drained some of the levity away. She moved closer. “Honey, I promise you that nothing’s going to happen that you don’t want to happen. If you want to stop, just say ‘carnations’. It’s a safe word and I always respect it.”

“Why not just say ‘stop’?” he asked.

“Because that’s what people say anyway – whether they want to stop or not.” She laughed at him, suddenly. “You really don’t know much about this kind of thing, do you? It’s part of the fun for a lot of people if they fantasise about being tortured against their will, so begging their tormentor to stop is part of the scene.”

He nodded. “Oh, right. Yeah, I get it now. I don’t like pain, though.”

“Oh, a real virgin, eh? Don’t worry. I’ll go easy on you, honey.”

She pulled a blindfold out of her handbag, reached up and tied it over his eyes. “My name’s Carole, Honey. What’s yours?”

“J-James. Um, Jim.”

He could hear the smile in her voice. “Well, Jim. Relax a little and open yourself up to new possibilities. You never can tell what you’re going to enjoy.”

She drifted round behind him, and he felt fingertips trailing across his back, tracing the outline of one of his tattoos. The fingertips of the other hand, traced another one and then both hands slid down his sides, slowly and sensuously, before coming to rest on his waist. He made a soft “mmm” sound of appreciation and arched his back towards her. Her touch left him and he felt suddenly bereft. He waited to find out what would happen next.

It was a while before anything did. It seemed that Carole enjoyed teasing – he waited a long time and started to worry that he had been abandoned. When the flogging began, he was so startled that he cried out in shock. A light, rhythmic pounding from two… two… he didn’t know what they were, but they felt like some kind of heavy tassles. There was no pain, at first – just that pounding, alternating quickly – left, then right, then left, then right. And then, without any noticeable change in pressure or speed, he realised that the sensation was becoming uncomfortable and he started to strain to be out of the their way, but they just followed.

And then stopped. And then Carole’s hands, caressing and soothing where the tassels had been pounding. He sighed and once more pressed against her hands. And once more, she drew them away.

Something else began striking him now. Something bendier, more flexible, stingier… He cried out again, and once more began straining to get out the way. The focus of her attention was his arse now, and just as he was beginning to bless his pouch for affording him some protection, he felt her fingertips slide into his waistband and pull it down slightly, at the back. He flushed bright red, as he wondered what kind of sight he was presenting to anyone who might be in front of him. What could they see? The top of his cock? Not really – the waistband hadn’t gone down that far, in the front. His pubic hair? Definitely.

But then, the one kink he had that he was aware of was exhibitionism, and he knew that he hoped that he was being watched. And with that thought, his cock – treacherous appendage – began to rise and seek out the attention of those potential eyes. It rose upward blindly and got snagged in the elasticated waistband of his pouch, which still offered enough freedom for a full erection. And then, perhaps aware of its stirring, Carole laid off her flagellation once more and pressed herself against Jim’s body, to reach round and caress his cock through the fabric of his pouch.

His sigh came louder than ever and his cock swelled even further and pulsed to her touch. He felt her fingertips slide up his shaft, then slide inside the pouch to dance lightly across his glans, causing his whole body to shudder violently. She laughed softly and did it again. He shuddered once more. She made a soft, humming noise and then started playing with his balls.

“Now, why do you want to be wearing this pouch? Can’t be very comfortable, can it? Not with this monster straining away, inside.”

“I had to wear something,” he said.

“But you are wearing something,” she pointed out, very reasonably. “You have a collar.” He didn’t answer, so she leaned closer until her lips were virtually touching his ear. “You don’t need anything else, do you?”

“I don’t know.”

“I do,” she answered. “Shall we get rid of this?”

“I don’t…”

“Suuuure, you do.” Her hand slid back up his shaft once more, and gripped his cock just below the glans. Her thumb skated lightly over the top, this time and he found himself gasping violently. “Let’s get rid of it, eh?”

“Yesss,” he gasped and she withdrew her hand.

“Good boy,” she said softly and she disappeared briefly. When she came back, she took hold of the elasticated waistband of the pouch, and he felt something snip at it twice – first on the left, then on the right – and suddenly, the pouch was gone. “Nasty thing,” she said. “You look much better without it. I can tell you’re the kind of man who only looks good in your own skin. I want to ask you something now.”

“Wh-what?” he asked, when it became apparent that she was waiting for him to respond.

“You remember that girl you were watching?”

Oh! Dangerous territory. Say nothing.

She gave a small sound of amusement. “I know you saw her.” She moved round behind him once more, then started playing with his balls with her right hand and caressing his chest with her left. “Answer.” There was no change to the tone of her voice – no implication of menace in anything but the tiniest, briefest increase in pressure from her right hand.

“Yes, I saw her. The one who looked like Catwoman?”

“That’s her, yes. She’s had her eye on you all night.”

“How… how do you know that?”

Carole reached up and drew the blindfold away from Jim’s eyes and the first thing he saw was the cat – sitting on a stool, directly in front of him – barely six feet away and watching him, intently. Carole was still playing with his balls and his cock was still hard, solid and throbbing. The cat smiled and licked her lips. She stood and walked forward.

“I want you,” she said.

He didn’t answer – didn’t trust himself to speak.

“I’m looking for a slave.”

“I’m not submissive,” he answered.

She placed a hand on his chest and stroked it. “No?” she said. “Are you sure?”

“Yes,” he answered. He was panting now. Finding it hard to speak.

“I think you could be,” she said. “I think you’re perfect.”

“I was…” He had to say something. Had to stall for time. “I was playing with Carole!”

“Carole, tell him who you are!” the cat snapped.

“I’m your slave, Mistress,” Carole answered.

“Yes,” the cat said. “My slave. And now I want another slave, and I’ve got my eye on you. Is there nothing I can do to persuade you?”

Jim couldn’t think clearly. “We could… we could talk about it,” he managed to suggest. “Yes! Over a drink. Or in a café. Are there any cafés still open round here?” He stared into stony eyes that gave nothing away. “I’m new in town,” he concluded lamely.

“Carole, give me the tape measure,” the cat said. She sounded suddenly bored.

Carole fumbled in her handbag briefly, before producing a tape measure, as well as a notepad and pencil. She turned to a fresh page and waited. The cat placed the tape against Jim’s cock.

“Length – eight inches. Hmm, not bad. Well done. Circumference…”

Suddenly mortified, Jim closed his eyes and waited for this humiliation to stop. But… a question was forming in his head. Was he merely mortified, or was he actually excited as well? Wasn’t this very public humiliation turning him on? From the corner of his eye, he could see the occupants of a nearby table. A girl was watching and licking her lips, absently. Her boyfriend suddenly seemed to realise that her attention was elsewhere and looked round to see what she was looking at, then nudged her and whispered in her ear. She blushed, but didn’t look away – and suddenly, everybody at the table was looking over.

“A problem presents itself.” The cat’s voice rang sharply in his ear, suddenly. He looked at her again, the question evident in his expression.

“The squeeze technique?” Carole suggested from behind him.

“Not going to go down on its own, is it?” the cat said. “But I know something more fun than the squeeze technique. Get some ice.”

“Yes, Mistress,” Carole said. She disappeared.

“I’ll do you a deal,” the cat said to Jim when she was gone. “You can say the safe word if you like, and I’ll let you go right now, but I don’t think you want that, do you? You’re enjoying this and you’re intrigued. Aren’t you?”

Jim nodded. “Yes, I am,” he answered.

“Well, then the deal is this. I want you to wear something for me.” She reached up and undid his collar. “And then, when you’ve tried it on… then you can tell me whether you want to see me again. But if you do – if you agree to see me again – it’s going to be under my terms, completely. Agreed?”

Jim nodded. “OK,” he said. “I mean… yeah… I can do that.”

The cat smiled. “My name is Sian, by the way,” she said.

Jim would have said more, but Carole arrived back at that point, with a glass of half-melted ice. The two girls swapped their items – Sian took the glass and Carole took the collar, which disappeared into her bag. “Time to finish measuring this monster, I think,” Sian said. Then she scooped out a handful of ice and pressed it against Jim’s cock. The men at the table winced, but the girls laughed and spontaneously broke into applause.

Jim’s body spasmed briefly, in shock, but had nowhere to go – restrained as it was. Sian followed up the contact with the ice, by dumping the water over Jim’s cock. He shuddered some more. She held the ice against him a moment longer, then took it away.

“Ahh,” she said. “That seems to have had the desired effect. Carole?”

Carole handed the tape measure back, and Sian quickly and efficiently measured Jim’s now flaccid cock once more, while Carole dutifully wrote down the figures. She moved from his cock to his waist next, and measured that too – then from his waist to down between his legs. Finally, she told Carole to release him, then turned her back and walked away. Jim looked down at his penis and suddenly he was no longer under any illusion about how he felt. The icy water had completely shrivelled him. Face burning, he looked round the room and hoped that nobody was witnessing his humiliation – but now, it seemed, that everyone was watching.

Carole undid the wrist restraints first, then knelt to undo the ankle ones. He dropped his hands to cover his penis, but Carole looked up and evidently disapproved. She slapped his hands away, so he drew them back and rubbed some life back into his wrists, instead. Finally, Carole stood up and led him over to a corner table, where Sian was sitting. Sian nodded at her. “You know what to do,” she said. Carole nodded and walked away.

“Have a seat,” Sian said and Jim sat down opposite her. She stretched languorously and sensuously, in front of him – obviously putting on a show. Her body was perfect, he realised. Caramel coloured skin. Firm breasts – not too big or too small. With the table between them, he couldn’t see her stomach, but he remembered that it had looked very flat. It looked like she ran a lot, or maybe even worked out with weights. She finished stretching and looked him in the eye.

“Do you like what you see?”

He smiled. “Yes, I do,” he said. “You’re beautiful.”

“Flatterer,” she said.

“What do you want me to wear?” he asked. He rubbed his neck where his collar had been until she had taken it away.

She didn’t answer. Instead, she asked a question of her own.

“Wouldn’t you like to know what to expect from being my slave?”

“I’m not submiss…”

“Yes, yes, I know. You’re not submissive.” She waved his protest away impatiently. “Theoretically, do you think there’s anything that would make you be submissive?”

He nodded. “Yes, I’m sure there is.”

“What?” she asked. “Tell me.”

“Hmm… blackmail, I think.”

“Oh? Like if I knew you’d visited an establishment like this and threatened to tell people.”

Jim laughed at that. “I suppose that would work if I was ashamed of it. I’m not, though.”

She shrugged. “Ah, well. That’s out, then. What else?”

He considered for a moment. “If I met someone who was very persuasive and talked me into subbing and offered me something for exchange. Perhaps if she offered to trade roles with me.” He smiled at that thought and began warming to his theme. “Yeah, imagine if there was a competitive element there. Like we had to beat each other at some game, or something like that – winner takes control for a pre-agreed time.”

“Look at me.” She spoke softly, but there was an undeniable edge to her voice. “Do I look like I could switch roles?”

He shook his head. “No, you don’t,” he said.

“Good. What else?”

“Perhaps… the potential of some sort of reward. Like it was my girlfriend and she promised me something in exchange. I’m not sure, really.”

Sian smiled. “I’m sure you’ll agree that that doesn’t really sound submissive at all. It sounds more like a bargain – an exchange. Not like truly being a slave to someone else.”

Jim nodded. “That’s true,” he said.

“I want a slave. And you say that’s not you. But you might yet change your mind. You might yet agree to be submissive to me, before the end of the night. And if you do, you should know what to expect. So back to my earlier question – wouldn’t you like to know what to expect?”

“All right. Yes. I’d like to know.”

“When you become my slave, you will keep the freedom you have become accustomed to – within limits. You will live in your own home and you will keep your own money – I don’t require financial tribute from you. I am very wealthy and have no interest in whatever trivial monetary value you have. You will, however, be summoned to me – as and when I require your presence. And when you are with me, you will do as you are told at all times – you will be my pet. My slave. In fact, you will be my whore. In my home, you and Carole will be naked at all times, unless I give either of you permission to wear clothes. Sound simple so far?”

He nodded. “Yes, it does.”

“Good. Pay attention. You are no longer going to be allowed to have any sexual contact with girls other than those I give my approval to. Carole and I are obviously exempt from that. You are no longer allowed to indulge in masturbation without my permission. Your penis – along with the rest of your body – will cease to be your property and will become mine. Clear?”


“You’re aware that I might not call on you for several days at a time. Even weeks. That’s a long time to go without being allowed to masturbate. Do you think you… ah, there you are. Did you get it?”

Carole sat down next to Sian on the other side of the table. She handed something over to Sian, which was quickly spirited away beneath the table. “That’s a temporary one,” she said. “A better fitting one will have to wait.”

“Good, good… that’s just what I anticipated.” Sian looked back at Jim. “Any questions?”

“How do you know I won’t break the rules when you’re not around?”

“What rules?” Sian asked sharply.

“The ones about sexual contact with girls and about mast…” he flushed red, and forced himself to continue. “Masturbation.”

“Two things. One. You’re a slave – you’re supposed to do what’s required of you at all times. If I set down a rule, you should simply follow it. Two… you’ll learn about two in a minute.”

“I’m not a slave,” Jim said. Sian glared at him, and he wilted quickly. “Not… not yet, anyway.”

“Are you ready to accept my challenge?”

Jim remembered what she had said about wearing something and his hand rubbed at his neck once more. He nodded.

“The blindfold, first,” Sian said. “This isn’t the item I require you to wear, by the way – just something to… add a little spice.” She smiled confidently at him.

Carole tied the blindfold onto him, then took him by the arm and made him stand up. He heard chairs being moved, and then suddenly he was aware of one of the two girls sitting in front of him. Fingertips pressed against his flaccid cock, pressing it against his body and holding it pointed downwards – then something was fastened round his waist. The fingertips moved away from his cock and then there was pressure from something else. Something cold and metallic. A click.

A disquieting thought passed through his mind.

“Carnations,” he said quickly.

Sian was smiling at him, as the blindfold was removed. She shook her head.

“Too late for that.”

“It’s a safe word.”

“Then all play has stopped, as per the rules.” She stood up and Carole stood with her. “It was fun, though.” She kissed him on the cheek. “I hope we can see you again, another night.” She turned to walk away.

“Wait!” Jim called. She paused and looked back over her shoulder, one eyebrow raised. “What about this?”

“What about it? It’s a present.”

“I don’t want it!”

“Well, now – why so ungrateful?” Sian turned to face him fully. “It’s a gift – be gracious about it.” She smiled again and turned away once more. “Goodbye.”

“Wait!” he called again, more frantically this time. She turned back again. He stared at her helplessly and couldn’t think of a single thing to say.

“Oh, you really do seem upset, don’t you?” She looked regretful. “Do you really want it off?”

“Yes!” he said. “Please!” he added. “Right now.”

“Oh, dear… ‘right now’ just isn’t going to happen. I don’t have the key with me.”

“Where is it?” he asked.

“At my home. But I have an idea. Take this–“ A card was held out to him, “-and call me tomorrow. If you still insist on having that chastity belt removed, I’ll send a chauffeur around to pick you up and you can come to my house and we’ll talk about it. Agreed?”

“To-tomorrow?” Jim said. He looked from Sian to Carole and back again, but saw only stony faces confronting him. There was going to be no mercy there. “Yes,” he said, finally. “Agreed.”

“So you’ll see me again?” Sian said.

“Yes. Tomorrow.”

She moved closer to him. “Just so we’re clear on this… you’ll see me again, tomorrow… as per our agreement?”

Jim nodded again, thoroughly miserable by now. “Yes,” he said. “As per our agreement.”

“Are you submissive?” Sian asked.

The answer was a long time coming, but it did come.

“No,” Jim said. “I’m not submissive.”

Sian simply smiled at him. “Let’s talk about that tomorrow, then,” she said.

Jim watched as the two girls walked away and left him, standing alone in the middle of the club. When they were gone, he looked around and hoped to find nobody watching, but once more he was to be disappointed. His plight had drawn a substantial – and very amused – audience. He cringed and slunk off in search of the bar.

When he got to the bar, Jim found a stool, sat down and buried his head in his hands for a moment as he drew his thoughts together and considered his options. Conclusion: they were limited. After a few minutes’ consideration, he reached down and drew his wallet from out of his boot, then looked round for the barmaid. She was already looking over at him. She was smiling – it looked like she wasn’t sure whether to be amused or sympathetic. Clearly word travelled fast inside this club if she already knew of his plight.

Jim ordered a drink and the barmaid brought it over. He stared into the distance, trying hard not to meet anybody’s eyes and drained half of the drink at once. Then he put it down onto the bar and swung round in his stool so that he had some room to look down at the belt. He was aware, as he did so, that he was displaying the belt to everybody in the room who cared to look, but suddenly he was completely unconcerned about that. He wanted only to study the limitations of this device that was fastened onto him.

It was made entirely of leather and metal and seemed simple enough. A belt went round his waist and a flat piece of metal was attached that went right down his groin and tapered down towards his penis. Attached to the lower edges of the plate were two leather straps that disappeared between his legs, came up behind him and joined the belt round his waist on either side of him. There was a padlock where the two chains joined the bottom of the metal plate. He took it in his fingeres and examined it critically. Could he pick it? No, that was stupid. What did he know about picking locks?

Dimly, he was aware of the barmaid making excuses to her coworkers. He paid no attention until suddenly, he was aware of her standing beside him. He looked up at her and saw that she too, was staring down at his crotch.

“They really got you, did they?” she said. There was definitely sympathy there, but still there was no disguising the humour in her voice.

He nodded without speaking.

“So,” she said. “How are you going to pee in that thing?”

That hadn’t occurred to him. He looked back down at it and contemplated this fresh problem. “Sitting down, I think,” he answered. He could feel his face heating up as a fresh blush spread across it at the thought of that. “It just holds me… you know.”

“Sit on the stool,” she said and dropped to her knees in front of him as he did so. She studied him. “Yes, I see what you mean. It keeps your cock pressed against your body and pointing downwards between your legs.” She touched the tip of his cock with a fingertip and he squirmed. She smiled.

“You’re enjoying this, aren’t you?” he said.

Her smile widened. “Do you honestly think that there’s a single girl in this club who doesn’t secretly enjoy the thought of a man being castrated like this?” she answered.

“It’s not castration,” he protested. “Just a chastity belt.”

“That’s true – and that’s why it’s so funny.”

Suddenly, Jim was aware that from this position he was able to look right down the barmaid’s cleavage. The rose – denuded of any dangerous thorns – nestled snugly between her breasts, but offered her little in the way of modesty. The rest of her clothing was predominantly tight, predominantly black and predominantly leather. She was a large girl, but obviously made no apologies or concessions to this fact and so, rather than seeming unattractive, her own self-confidence made her undeniably sexy. Jim stared at that rose and the cleavage that housed it and thought some more about his situation. She was on her knees and had a hand on his thigh now. Her other hand was still tickling the very tip of his cock – the only part still visible. His eyes travelled from her cleavage to her smiling mouth and he tried not to think about what she could have been doing to him if that metal contraption wasn’t there. His cock throbbed and pulsed violently within its prison and valiantly tried to rise until he closed his eyes and tried to think neutral thoughts. When he found an equilibrium he opened his eyes again and dared to look back at the barmaid. She was looking up at him and still smiling. There was a wicked gleam in her eyes, now.

Seeing that he was looking back at her, she placed the edge of her right hand onto the plate and closed it into a fist, then lowered her mouth to it, very slowly. Keeping her eyes on his face the whole time, she raised her thumb and then licked it very deliberately and very seductively. She closed her mouth over it, ran her lips right down its length and back up again. It slipped out of her mouth and she kissed it. Jim squirmed and shuddered, but watched the whole show.

The barmaid stood up. “Sian chose well, I think,” she said.

“You know her?” Jim asked. His voice came out hoarse and raspy and he coughed self-consciously.

The barmaid drew another stool up and settled onto it. “Oh, yes, I know her. And I know she had you pegged from the moment you stepped into this place. She’s wanted a male slave for quite some time now and you were the perfect candidate.”

“Why me? I’d have thought that she’d want someone who was more submissive than me.”

She looked at him with a knowing expression. “You don’t consider yourself to be submissive, then?” she asked.

“No, I don’t.”

“Well, then… let’s consider the details, will we?” The barmaid raised her forefinger and touched it with the forefinger of her other hand, to illustrate the first point. “One – you followed Carole into the middle of the room like a little puppy and let her tie you up. Two – you stood without protest as two strangers groped you and measured your cock in front of everyone. Three – you do every single little thing you’re told and then finally, when you’re all trussed up in that thing-“ she stabbed a finger at his crotch, obviously indicating the belt “-how do you react? Do you get even remotely angry? Do you do anything at all, other than bow your head and accept Sian’s card?”

“Oh, come on!” Jim protested. “Be serious! What options do I have?”

“You could cut through any of those straps without difficulty, that’s one option – are you honestly trying to tell me that you haven’t thought about that?”

Suddenly, Jim found it very hard to meet the barmaid’s eyes. She laughed softly.

“Well, there you go, see? Such a simple little solution, isn’t it? Easy. All you need is a pair of strong scissors, or a knife – and don’t go trying to say that you don’t want any cutting implements near this little thing-“ she tapped the plate just over his penis “-because we both know that it can be done without any risk at all. No, you’re just playing the game and loving every minute of it. The only time you were even remotely close to panic was right when it looked like Sian and Carole were about to walk out that door without leaving you with any way of contacting them. The very instant you got Sian’s card, you stopped having a problem.”

Jim glared at her. The logic was faultless – he couldn’t think of a single argument to counter it. She raised an eyebrow expectantly, while he struggled to think of a decent response.

“All right,” he said finally. “All right. Let’s say that’s true…”

“Like there’s any doubt about that.”

“Let’s say it’s true. What was the point in her putting it on me at all?”

“Like I said, she had you pegged right from the start. She’s wealthy – I’m sure she already told you that, right? She can afford to lose one of those if you just decide to cut it off and throw it away. But she knew that you wouldn’t, ‘cos the moment she looked at you she knew that you were going to need a prop to rest your ego on. Oh yeah, you’ll go to her and you’ll even say that she blackmailed you into it. And then later, when she fastens a new one onto you – one that you can’t just cut off – you’ll stand there, all meek and humble and just let her do it. Because you just don’t want to admit what you really are and what you really want to be – and what you really want to be right now is Sian’s bitch. It’s written right across your face.”

“That’s not true,” Jim said, but suddenly he was feeling very uncomfortable. Suddenly, he wanted to be somewhere else… anywhere else at all. He drained the last of his drink and stood up, ready to go and get his clothes and go home.

“You’ll see,” the barmaid said, as a parting shot. “She’s going to be back here next month, parading you in front of everyone and making you dance to her tune. And you’ll be loving every minute of it.”

Jim stalked off in search of the changing rooms.

As he entered the changing rooms and the door slammed shut behind him, Jim remembered something important. He had pinned his locker key to his posing pouch and that had been gone since it had been cut from his body. He walked right into the room, stopped in front of his locker and stared at it, stupidly for a few seconds. It took that long for him to realise that he wasn’t alone.

He turned and looked around. Two girls were lounging around on one of the benches, and watching him. They were dressed in street clothes, as if they were getting ready to leave as well – but showed no signs of actually doing so. They met his eyes, coolly – almost challengingly. It was almost, he thought, as though they had been waiting for him. Perhaps they had wanted a closer look at the man that had been tricked into wearing a chastity belt. He was feeling defensive now, and more than a little paranoid. Yeah, OK – so this was a fetish club, so was full of clothing, personalities and activities that a lot of people would consider to be extreme – but he could fully believe that he would merit special attention from those attending, tonight.

He turned back to his locker and noticed that it wasn’t fully closed. That was worrying – he had definitely locked it when he had arrived. He opened it and noted with relief that all his clothing appeared to be as he had left it, so he started pulling it out and setting it all down on one of the benches. An envelope fell to the floor and he stooped to pick it up.

His name was on it, in a woman’s handwriting. He tore open the envelope and pulled out a single piece of paper.

Dear James

Perhaps you are tempted to cut off the belt. I advise you not to do that. When I see you tomorrow, I expect it to be in the same condition as it was in when I fastened it onto you – otherwise our deal is off. In the meantime, allow me to introduce you to Anne and Katherine. They will be taking you home tonight.


Jim looked back over at the two girls – they were still watching him.

“Are you Anne and Katherine?” he asked.

One of the girls nodded. “I’m Anne,” she said. She had short, dark hair and green eyes. Katherine – the shorter of the two – had long, reddish hair. She just smiled and said nothing.

“I’m Jim,” James said.

Anne nodded. “We know,” she said simply.

“Apparently you’re taking me home?”

A note of impatience crept into Anne’s voice. “Yes,” she said. “That’s right. Now, if you’ll hurry up and get dressed we can go.”

Jim hesitated just a second – he had questions, but he had always believed that sometimes it took longer to ask them than it would to just go with the flow and wait for the answers to come of their own accord. As he got dressed, Anne produced a mobile ‘phone and called a taxi.

A couple of minutes later, he was walking out of the club, flanked by the two girls. The taxi was already waiting and they climbed inside.

“My place?” he said. The two girls nodded and he gave his address to the driver.

Nobody attempted to make any conversation on the way. Jim was grateful for that. He didn’t want to discuss the details of his situation where anyone – even a taxi driver he would never see again – could overhear them. He kept quiet and appreciated that the two girls were apparently content to do the same.

When he got home, Katherine paid the driver and he led the way to his flat. He unlocked the door and led the two girls through to the living room. The girls immediately made themselves at home and sprawled appreciatively across his couch while he stood by and wondered what to say or do next.

It was Anne who gave him his cue. “Coffee. Black for me. Milk and two sugars for Katherine,” she ordered.

“Oh, right. Um, yeah… coming right up,” he answered and hurried into the kitchen.

He put the kettle on and prepared the cups, then wandered hesitantly back into the living room.

“Nice place you have here,” Anne commented. “Just moved in?”

“Yeah – a few days ago,” he answered.

Katherine arched an eyebrow at that. She didn’t say much, but her sardonic expressions could speak volumes.

“You don’t waste time, do you?” Anne said. “A few days in town and you’re visiting fetish clubs before you’re even bothering to get your home carpetted.”

“I thought I could do with a bit of a break – moving house is so stressful,” he said. He heard the kettle come to the boil and click and turned to go back through to the kitchen.

“While you’re through there…” Anne’s voice brought him to a halt and he looked back at her. “Take your clothes off. When you come back in here, we want to see you wearing one thing only.”

He nodded and saw that Katherine was slowly unbuttoning her shirt. He fled back to the kitchen.

He poured the coffees, then hurried across the hallway and into his bedroom to strip out of his clothes. He discarded them in a corner of the room, then walked down the hallway to the bathroom. He needed to answer a call of nature.

It was a disquieting sensation to have to go to the toilet sitting down. It felt… passive, somehow. He couldn’t even take it in his hands and point it. There was something almost disturbing about merely sitting there and… and…

He finished up and washed his hands, then returned to the kitchen to fetch the coffee. A few seconds to compose himself, then he picked up the cups and walked back into the living room.

He wasn’t surprised to find that both the girls were naked when he rejoined them. They sat in the middle of the couch, entwined in each others’ arms and kissing each other passionately. He knew for a fact that if he hadn’t been so constricted, then he would have had a rock-hard erection as soon as he had seen this sight. No, that wasn’t true – he would have been erect before he had ever even entered the room.

He put the cups down on the coffee table, then retreated to an armchair and tried to decide where to look. After a few seconds, he retrieved his own coffee and concentrated totally on it.


Anne’s voice was sharp and he looked up. She was turned halfway towards him and he gulped as the sight of her firm breasts caused renewed protests from his penis. Katherine’s hand cupped it as he watched, before kneading it gently.

“It’s very rude to ignore a show that’s being put on for your benefit,” Anne said.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” he stammered. “I didn’t realise I was allowed to watch.”

“You’re not allowed to watch,” Anne corrected. “You’re required to watch. Please, do so.”

“All right, but…” he ground to a halt, unsure of whether to finish the question he had just started to ask. Katherine caught his hesitance and raised an eyebrow at him, however. “…But why?”

Surprisingly, it was Katherine who answered this question.

“Because that’s what we’re supposed to do. Sian asked us to. She wants us to spend the night reminding you of what it is that you can’t have as long as you’re wearing that thing.” She slid off the couch and started crawling towards him. He watched her breasts swaying seductively and put his coffee down quickly, not trusting himself not to slosh it all over himself. “We could claim that we want to test your resolve. After all, the only thing you need to do to have us both for the whole of tonight is cut off that belt and we will stay and turn the next few hours into something that you’ll dream off for the rest of your life. But if you do, then after tonight you’ll never get another shot at any of us.” She was right in front of him now, close enough to touch. She sat up straight and ran her hands up her body. “But even though that’s the truth, it’s not the whole truth.” She cupped her breasts and leaned forward, slightly. “You see, what we really want to do – more than anything else – is take complete control of your cock.” Her hands left her breasts and settled on his thighs. She pressed his legs apart and moved in between them. “We want to tease it and play with it. We want to suck it and fuck it. We want it to be hard when we say it should be hard and soft when we say it should be soft. We want to take that beautiful, powerful thing that you carry between your legs – that thing that you’ve taken for granted all of your miserable life – and we want to turn it into our own personal toy. We want to make it ours. And that’s what tonight is really all about, big boy.” She was rising up on her knees, now. She kept her hands on his thighs and leaned right in to his body, then drew a trail right up his chest with her tongue. Then she was there, right in his face. Her lips were close enough to kiss him and he focussed on her mouth as it spelled their intentions. “We’re here to tease your cock all night long and find out if you can take it.”

“Wh-what… what..?” Jim was having trouble speaking, now. He cleared his throat and tried again. “What do you mean by ‘take it’?”

“You reall do need to have it all completely spelled out point by point, don’t you?” Anne said, from somewhere behind Katherine.

Katherine licked his lips with a quick flick of her tongue, then drew back. “It’s a test as well. If you can handle everything we do to you and keep wearing that belt, then you pass. Otherwise, Anne and I are just going to be the consolation prize.”

“A hell of a consolation, though,” Jim said. “And it’s still going on the assumption that I actually want to be submissive to you all.”

Anne stood and reached past Katherine’s shoulder. She had something in her hand and passed it to Jim. It was a knife.

“Then let’s just put that assumption to the test,” she said.

Jim accepted the knife, then held it as if he didn’t know what to do with it. It didn’t take him long, however, to come to a decision and set it down again. Katherine smiled and Anne applauded his decision, mockingly.

“Passed the first test, loverboy,” she said. “Think you can last the night, though?”

“Only one way to find out, isn’t there? I think I’d like to see where this is going to go.”

“Ahh – so you’re playing it in the spirit of adventure, then? Rather than that of ‘I think I’m submissive but don’t want to admit it in case it makes me seem less manly’?”

“Could be either way, but how do you know for sure?”

That was probably the most defiant and rebellious thing he’d said for hours, now. But Anne merely smiled once more and Katherine merely raised that sardonic eyebrow once more. They were still mocking him, still setting the pace of the night and still in control.

Typically, it was Anne who finally broke the silence. “We’ll see, Jimmy-boy,” she said. “You have some semblance of free will right now, but the time will come when that question will be conclusively answered. Right now, though – why don’t you watch the show and then join in when you feel ready?”

“Join in?” he said.

Her eyes flicked down to his crotch, then back up to his face. The amusement still danced in her eyes. “Join in as much as you can, at least,” she said.

Then she moved in closer, and gently caressed the side of Katherine’s face, then leaned forward and kissed her full on the mouth. Katherine responded by turning towards her and the two girls raised themselves up on their knees and moved into each others’ arms. Jim watched raptly, as the two girls quickly seemed to become one writhing mass of limbs, stroking, cupping and playing with each other. He groaned and shifted, slightly. Christ, he really wished he could play with himself right now, as he watched this show. That knife was so close, so tempting. All he had to do was saw through the leather straps with it, and his cock would be free and ready to take pleasure and give it. All night long, they said. All. Night. Long.

The sun slowly rose and illuminated the room, but nobody really noticed. The three had writhed and moaned for hours in a mixture of agony and ecstasy, pleasure and pain, relief, release and exquisite, ecstatic frustration. When the girls had finally satiated themselves and settled back to bask in their respective afterglows, an almost companionable silence had descended on them. Cushions and beanbags had been dragged from throughout the living room and they had settled back on them wrapped in a tangle of limbs. Katherine rested her head on Jim’s shoulder and one hand on his stomach, while Anne’s hand rested on his thigh. He had an arm round both of them, absently cupping a breast each. Despite his misgiving, he had found that he had been wholehearted in his participation.

For him at least, sleep had been a long time coming and that was only partially due to his own lack of sexual release. He had lain back in a mood of self-analytical reflection and pondered the events of the night for a good hour. The two girls had quickly fallen soundly asleep and he found himself settling into the curves of their bodies – rejoicing in the tactile sensations as their feminine curves pressed against him and their heat burned through his own body. It was incredibly soothing. His body felt lifeless and drained, but his head still raced.

What had happened tonight? Shouldn’t tonight’s events have been pure torture for a heterosexual male who craved nothing but his own orgasm, followed immediately by trying to hold back sleep while he fulfilled his repayment by carrying on with whatever conversational requirements were expected of him? Well, that was the usual role, wasn’t it? But had tonight really been all that bad?

Something had been relieved of him tonight. Some duty. But what duty had it been? Could it be – and this was a radical thought – could it be the duty of having to chase down his own orgasm? Had the denial of that one physical act been a blessing rather than a burden? This was the thought that had creased his forehead into a deep, deep frown and kept him awake for so long.

Sometimes a thought becomes so deeply ingrained in a person’s head that it takes an incredible amount of thought and contrary evidence to dislodge it. And in Jim’s head, the thought he was struggling with was the one that governed the entire concept, philosophy and point of sex. It was about orgasm. That spurting moment of pleasure and excitement and orgasm. Not purely that, of course, but that was the conclusion. The inevitable conclusion. That was what it all led up to and culminated in. Wasn’t it? Right now, he was having a hard time dealing with the contrary evidence of his own satiation and satisfaction.

Jim had never been arrogant enough to believe that he had brought a girl to orgasm every time he had sex. He was aware enough of female biology to know that it wasn’t an inevitable event, and while he was a thoughtful and considerate lover, he wasn’t sensitive enough to consider himself overly deficient in any way in any way if that event didn’t come about. Oh, he knew he was hardly the world’s greatest lover – technique and style were hardly his strongest points – but care, attention and an adventurous nature in bed were excellent compensatory factors. He was more than capable of keeping his cock hard for a long, long time and more than capable of delivering a good, hard fuck when the excitement took over. When times and places and moods all conspired to deliver an opportunity for a variation of either of those themes, his cock was always ready.

That was the core of his thoughts tonight though, wasn’t it? His cock hadn’t been required – it hadn’t even been wanted. Oh, both those girls had delighted in his hands, his tongue, his touch, his caress, his… they had delighted in him. He had been eager and attentive and he had participated fully – without his cock. And he had delighted in what they had done to him. His ears had been chewed, his nipples had been played with, every inch of his body – barring a very specific eight inches – had been stroked and had felt pleasure that night. And now he was forced to confront the thought – had the pursuit of his own orgasm always been a hindrance before? Had that got in the way of a different kind of pleasure that may have been slightly less intense but was much more intimate and much more satisfying?

Freed from the pursuit of his own pleasure, what had he done? He had concentrated more exclusively on the pursuit of Anne and Katherine’s pleasure. And what had been the unforeseen consequence of that? Had he experienced other pleasures that would otherwise have been denied to him?

Something else… he had genuinely enjoyed being with two girls that were both sexually aggressive and sexually uninhibited. With previous lovers, Jim had always been the one to take control and lead the way and suggest new and more exciting activities. He had always been the seducer. But hadn’t he always burned to be seduced instead? Wasn’t there always a part of him who wanted to have someone else take control and lead him by the hand, instead? Hadn’t he always wanted to participate in someone else’s fantasy, rather than persuade them to follow his?

But he wasn’t submissive. His thoughts were cyclical and kept coming back to this same central premise over and over again. He wasn’t submissive. He was dynamic and pro-active and adventurous – how could those characteristics exist in a person who was submissive? But what if they did? What if he was submissive? Because if he wasn’t, then there was a contradiction somewhere along the lines.

If you perceive a contradiction… he remembered a quote from a book he had once read. If you perceive a contradiction, then examine your precepts. You’ll find that one of them is wrong. Well, one of his precepts was wrong. Which was it?

When sleep finally stole over him, he was no closer to settling his confusion.

“Hey, wake up.”

Jim mumbled and rolled over, trying to escape the hand that was shaking his shoulder.

“Hey, Jimmy. C’mon, it’s time we got started.”

The hand was persistent. Dimly he absorbed the inflections in the voice that betrayed the mood of the speaker. No irritation – just amusement, so far. He would have wondered why it was important to be aware of that, but couldn’t spare enough of the necessary mental resources. It was vitally important that he just ignore the voice and keep sleeping.

“No luck?”

“No, it’s like trying to wake the dead. We must have really taken it out of him last night. Poor guy.”

“It’s OK. I know what’ll do the trick.”

Jim was suddenly on his feet so rapidly, that he practically knocked Katherine and Anne over. His sharp intake of breath and the brutal clearing away of all the cobwebs that had been draped within his head accompanied the motion and he glared at the two girls, trying to make sense of the sharp, cutting sensation that had preceded his awakening. What had they done?

Anne was holding a glass of water and ice. He felt something trickling down the back of his leg and reached round to find out what it was. Finally, he made the connection with the trickle of water, the glass in Anne’s hand and the sensation that had propelled him so violently to his feet.

He stared at Anne in disbelief. “You jammed an ice cube…?”

He shut up. He couldn’t bring himself to finish the statement.

“Well, as wake-up calls go, it’s an effective one,” Anne said. “You better get dressed – we’ve got places to go.”

“I need to get washed first,” Jim said.

“No time for that. You can get washed at Sian’s place. Come on now, let’s go.”

Both girls were dressed and freshened up already, Jim noticed. They must have been up for a while. They had obviously let him sleep while they got ready – for that, at least, he was grateful.

He was about to go and look out a clean change of clothes, but Anne insisted that there was no need for that and made him put on the same ones he had worn the previous day. Then, they all walked outside and climbed into a limousine that was waiting for them.

Jim had never been inside a limousine before, so had little idea of what to expect. It was a surprise – though not much of one – to find that the windows were tinted so nobody could see inside. When he climbed in, he found that Sian and Carole were inside and waiting for him. The back of the car was big – big enough to comfortably hold six people, with three facing towards the back. An unusual touch was the pair of handcuffs hanging from a hook in the roof on the far side. He saw a corresponding pair of cuffs on the other side as he climbed in. Anne got in first, so when he climbed in, he was flanked by the two girls and facing Sian and Carole.

“Well, that’s the conventions of decency taken care of,” Sian said, without preamble as soon as the door had closed. “You haven’t shocked any of the neighbours and nobody can see you now. Take those filthy clothes off.”

Jim hesitated only a second, then started unbuttoning his shirt. Even though he knew that nobody could see into the back of the limo, he still felt very exposed. The car was already driving off and people were staring at it curiously, as it passed them. It didn’t take much imagination to believe that they were staring straight at him as he stripped out of his clothes.

Carole took his short from him and shoved it into a bag, then waited while he unbuttoned his jeans and slipped them off. It took no time at all until he was left wearing nothing barring the chastity belt. Sian leaned forward and took the padlock in the palm of her hand for a moment.

“Well done,” she said. “You actually passed the test. You’re the first to ever get this far.”

“I was sure he was going to weaken last night,” Anne told her enthusiastically. “There was a moment where I honestly thought that he’d cut the belt off. But he never did.”

“Well done. That’s very impressive. I imagine you’d like that thing to come off now?”

Jim looked at Sian hopefully. “Yes, please. I’d like that.” He tried not to sound too eager.

Sian let go of the padlock and sat back. She looked out the window and seemed to be thinking. Jim wondered if she hadn’t made up her mind yet. They were in the middle of town now, he noticed – he felt even more exposed than before.

“Some questions first,” Sian said eventually. “How often do you masturbate?”

Jim was shocked at the question. “Uh… um… twice a day… usually,” he finally managed to stammer.


“Well, you know… once in the morning, once at night.”


“Well, it’s normal, isn’t it? Just… umm… just what men do.”

Sian leaned forward and looked Jim right in the eye, then spoke slowly and clearly. “I’m not asking what other men do or what is and isn’t natural. I don’t want generalisations along those lines. I’m asking specifically about your masturbational habits and what you get out of them.”

“Yeah, sorry. Well… it’s habit, really. In the morning – before I get out of bed. And at night, to help me sleep.”

“And masturbating helps you get to sleep?”

“Yes. I think so. I’m not sure.”

“And helps you wake up in the morning?”

Jim was more sure about that and nodded vigorously at a question he could both answer and elaborate on without doubt. “Yes, it does. It’s the first thing I do – how I start the day, y’know?”

“So the same activity both lulls you to sleep and wakes you up?”

This was an issue that he didn’t like to contemplate too closely. It had occurred to him before, but he had always dismissed it. How could he argue with something that worked, despite the apparent contradictions?

“Yes,” he said. But his voice lacked conviction.

“Do you want to hear my own theory?” Sian asked.

He nodded. “Yes.”

“All right, then.” Sian clasped her hands before her. “I think it’s a habit – nothing more. When you were a teenager and you first masturbated, I imagine that it felt intense. Powerful. I imagine that it was such a pleasant sensation – unlike any that you had ever experienced before – that you enjoyed it as much as possible, didn’t you?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

“And now that you’re in your thirties, does it still feel as pleasant as it did when you were a teenager? Be honest.”

Jim squirmed. “No, not really,” he answered.

“Why do you suppose that is?”

“I don’t know.”

“Oh, but I think you do know,” Sian answered firmly. “I think that when you were a teenager you were so exhilarated by this intense and exciting experience that you pursued it as much as you possibly could. I believe that every opportunity you got, you masturbated. Every moment of privacy that came your way was one you used to play with your penis. Every girl in every dirty magazine you could get hold of would have looked out of the picture and watched you turning the pages with one hand and thrashing your erection with the other. Every sordid little fantasy you ever had culminated with your ejaculating over your fist. Tell me – what do you think your navel is for?”

Jim had been growing more scarlet by the second as he listened to this disturbingly accurate accusation, but he found himself completely unable to follow the sudden lurch in Sian’s speech.

“I – I don’t know.”

“Well, I’ll tell you what it isn’t for,” Sian said. “It isn’t a receptacle for your semen.”

They had left the town behind, now. They were on a country road.

“I think that at some point in your teenage years, your penis stopped becoming a source of pleasure and your masturbation merely became nothing more than a habit. I even wonder how often it is that you genuinely enjoy that moment of ejaculation that once seemed so intense. Be honest, now – does that moment genuinely justify being called an orgasm?”

Jim shook his head. “No.”

“No,” Sian repeated. “I didn’t think so. I think it’s a purely physical reflex. A release – nothing more pleasant than a call of nature and not even that necessary. I think that you have taken a gift and abused it. And I think that you need to be taught how to appreciate how much of a gift it is.”

“How do you plan to do that?”

Sian clapped her hands mockingly. “Well, well, well. So nice of you to rejoin the conversation, James. How pleasant to have you back. And a very intelligent question. What I plan to do is keep doing what I’ve already done, but take it further.”

“Further how?”

“I am going to take complete control of your masturbational habits. Something that you have always considered to be a right, simply because you own a penis is about to become a privilege, simply because I am about to take ownership of that penis away from you. A privilege that will be granted to you as and when I see fit. And I’m not just going to govern how often you masturbate, but how often you even handle your penis. I’m sure you’ve already had to visit the toilet, haven’t you?”

Last night’s shameful visit suddenly burned in his memory and flamed on his face. That first visit and those other visits that had followed it. He nodded.

Sian nodded, in satisfaction. “You take comfort from owning a penis, don’t you? I thought you would. Comfort from seeing it there, comfort from feeling it swing between your legs when you’re naked and unfettered, comfort merely from being to reach down and hold it. Don’t you? And you probably feel a sense of power from being able to point it when you go to the toilet, don’t you?” She nodded again. “Yes, I can just imagine it. Like a dog marking its territory. So can you imagine what it’s going to be like if you can’t touch it without my permission? What if I don’t give you permission for weeks at a time? What if you have to come to my home for and ask for my permission to remove the belt and masturbate… or to be masturbated? Think of it, James. How strange and frightening and… seductive… must that thought be? You’d be erect right now if you were capable of such a thing, wouldn’t you?”

“I… don’t know,” Jim lied.

“Then let’s find out.”

Without warning, Anne took hold of one of Jim’s arms and raised it to fasten his wrist into the cuff hanging from the ceiling of the limo. Katherine did the same with his other arm – he didn’t resist. When he was secured, Sian produced the key – it was attached to a chain round her neck. She took the chain off, then leaned forward and unlocked the padlock. Suddenly the whole contraption was loose, and she was drawing it off James. Immediately his cock rose up, strong and proud before the amused gazes of all four girls. Not for the first time, Jim wondered about the chauffeur he hadn’t seen yet and how much of the proceedings were being observed by this mystery person.

“And here you have a fresh dilemna,” Sian said. “Even if I unlock your penis, that doesn’t mean that you’re going to be free to touch it. Consider this for a moment… what if I never allow you to touch your own penis again? What if every detail of its care and attention is given over to myself and Katherine, Anne and Carole here? Or to anyone else I care to involve?”

Thankfully, Jim didn’t have to answer that question right away. It was at that moment that the car turned off the country road and onto a long, gravel driveway that led to a large country house. He noticed with a fresh shock that three girls were waiting outside the house. There was something strange about them, though – what were they wearing?

When the car got close enough for Jim to identify their clothing – or lack thereof – it somehow didn’t come as any surprise at all. All three girls were standing with their heads down and their hands behind their backs. Thongs and bras composed of black leather – nothing more than that. The tiniest of “V”s covered their groins and their breasts were displayed beautifully. All of the conventions of modesty were taken care of, but just barely.

Anne uncuffed one of his wrists and Katherine unsnapped the other cuff from the roof, then reached round behind him to fasten his hands behind his back. Then, when the car had fully stopped, he was supported by Anne and Katherine as he stepped out. Despite the presence of the three new girls, he offered no resistance. The girls looked up when the door closed and he saw the looks of surprise on their faces when they saw him. They evidently had no idea how to respond. They looked at his erect cock, blushed, looked away, then looked back again.

“Wash him, oil him and bring him to me in one hour,” Sian ordered sharply. “Don’t unlock his cuffs. He’s not allowed to touch himself.” She paused, as though something had only just occurred to her. “Have any of you ever been with a man before?”

To Jim’s astonishment, all three girls shook their heads mutely.

“Well, then this is your lucky day. He’s all yours. Play with him, girls. Have fun, but don’t let him ejaculate – or all three of you will be severely punished. Now… lead him by his cock.”

He didn’t think it was possible, but the girls’ eyes – went even wider at that last comment. It took a few seconds before they hesitantly moved to obey the order. Sian didn’t hurry them up, but just watched in amusement as they mutely worked out the best way to proceed. One of them reached out tentatively to touch Jim’s cock with just her fingertips, then – having not been bitten or stung – closed her hand over it. Finally she smiled and started walking, drawing him along behind her. Jim saw the look of envy and growing excitement cross over the other two girls’ faces as he was drawn past them and they fell into step behind him.

They entered the big house.

The bathroom that Jim was taken to was huge. There was no toilet there – just a huge, sunken bath that looked more than capable of offering Jim the great luxury of holding him without forcing him to hunch up. It looked deep and narrow – he worried that it might be difficult climbing inside with his hands secured. The three girls busied themselves with the various duties that they seemed to associate with running the bath, without ever speaking a single word. He watched as they turned on the taps, took down bottles of unfamiliar oils and provided huge, thick towels. Their co-ordination was impeccable – it was clear that they had been called upon to provide similar services before. Some of the oils were added to the bath water, and within seconds bubbles were bursting forth in far greater capacities than anything Jim had ever added to his own bath water had been capable of.

He watched the girls’ progress for a minute or so, before turning his attention to the rest of the bathroom. Something on the tiles caught his eye and he stepped closer to look at them. Every one of them had an ink drawing of various erotic acts that caused fresh throbbing in his cock. Here was a picture of two girls. One was sitting on a stool, while the other crouched between her legs. Jim was surprised at the intricacy and the subtlety of the drawing. At first glance it looked like a straightforward act of loving, but as he looked closer, he saw hints of a different relationship between the two. There was a collar round the neck of the crouching girl, and the other one appeared to be wearing a pair of thigh-high, black boots – two props that were obviously intended to imply submissive and dominant participants. He saw that the dominant girl’s hands were gripping the submissive girl’s head and holding her in position. He admired that particular tile for a long time, taking in all the details of it. He loved the smooth lines of the submissive girl’s arse and the long lines of her back at least as much as he loved the curves of the aggressor’s breasts. And he loved the expression on the aggressor’s face. Somehow the artist had not only captured her expression of excitement and ecstacy, but also her cruelty. It was incredible.

He studied another tile, then another – then stepped back for a fresher perspective. As far as he could see, there were no two tiles that repeated the same sex act without adding fresher twists. Every last one of them had two or more people and although the secondary elements of domination and submission were more subtle, they were always there – always present. And not only that – but in every case, it was a woman doing the dominating. Although male figures were scattered throughout the tiles intermittently, there wasn’t a single one of them who had the upper hand. This tile showed a man on his knees while his mistress held his head back at a painful angle with a fistful of hair. That tile showed a man with his hands behind his back – apparently cuffed – while two women stood on either side of him and appeared to be deliberately gripping his cock far too tightly for his comfort – he had a look of distress on his face, but he was obviously very hard. And this tile… well, this tile again had one man and two women. The man was on his hands and knees and it wasn’t immediately clear what the woman behind him was doing, but since the woman standing to the side and watching was wearing a strap-on penis, he could take a guess.

He was aware that the bath water had stopped running and looked over his shoulder. The three girls were standing and waiting for him to finish his appraisal of the art. One of them smiled and gestured towards the bath.

“Oh, sorry, I didn’t realise you were ready,” he said and turned round. Three pairs of eyes flicked down to his cock – still hard and ready – and three pairs of eyes shone with lust and excitement.

He walked past them and stepped gingerly into the bath. Two pairs of hands took his arms and steadied him from either side, as he tested the water with one foot, then stepped in. The water was perfect – just this side of discomfort, so he had to sink in gradually. It came to midway up his thighs.

He wondered how he was going to sit down without falling, but it quickly became clear that the girls had no intention of allowing him to sit down just yet. Instead, they immediately took up positions on either side of him and started sponging him down with the water. The two on his left hand side seemed to keep getting in each others’ way at first, then one of them seemed to come to some kind of decision. She looked at Jim, then straightened up and walked round behind him. He couldn’t see what she was doing, but when he suddenly felt her hands on his back, he realised that she had climbed into the bath behind him.

The girls, predictably enough, all seemed to want to concentrate on getting his cock clean. Their hands roamed all over his body, coating him with water and suds, but somehow there was never a single second without at least one hand gliding over his erection and helping to keep him hard. He remembered the last thing Sian had said about not being allowed to ejaculate, so resolved to say something if ever they threatened to tip him over the edge, but for the moment he luxuriated in their contact.

He wasn’t sure when it was that he first became aware that the girl behind him was naked. She seemed hesitant about pressing her body too closely against his, and seemed to initially content herself with washing his back, although her hand drifted between his legs from time to time, so that she could cup his balls, but inevitably that wasn’t enough contact for her. When she pressed closer so she could reach round to stroke his shaft, he felt her bare breasts pressing against his back and realised that he had already guessed at her nudity.

He enjoyed her touch and the press of her body for a while, but after a few moments he decided to become a bit more proactive, so turned round to face her without warning. She brought her arms up to cover her breasts and blushed furiously when he did. He lowered his eyes deliberately, but she was short enough that the water and suds completely covered her pubis. This didn’t stop her from adjusting one arm to cover both breasts and lowering the other to cover her groin with a hand, however. Jim smiled and met her eyes, challengingly. For a moment, she didn’t seem to know what to do next, then seemed to come to a decision. She smiled and slowly, she dropped to her knees. Jim sighed in disappointment as her beautiful body disappeared until just her head showed above the water – but then her hand came back up, took hold of his cock and guided it to her mouth. Jim threw his head back at the sensation of her hot breath engulfing him, but he had to be impressed. She had resumed the initiative and done so with style and panache.

The next minute or two continued along those lines. The other two girls continued washing and soaping him down, while the third one kept sucking him. She was no expert – in fact, she was a little clumsy – but Jim could never recall a single occasion where he had considered a blow-job to be anything less than amazing, and this one was no exception. It wasn’t long at all, before he felt the tell-tale signs of an imminent orgasm and stutteringly begged her to stop.

His cock slipped slowly and seductively from her lips and she smiled at him. She was very pleased with herself, he could tell. She licked her lips, pouted at him, then stood and turned away, all in the same instant. He watched her climb out of the bath, revealing a perfect arse to him as she did so. One of the girls handed her a towel and she took it and wrapped it round herself and turned back to him. She gestured for him to climb out as well.

“I haven’t washed my hair yet,” Jim said. “I’m going to need some help.”

The other two girls fell back at that point and turned to the one in the towel, who looked suddenly uncertain. She shook her head at them, but they just folded their arms over their chests and looked away. Jim could see their actions in his peripheral vision, but most of his attention was on the girl in front of him. He waited, expectantly and wondered why they never spoke. It was obviously a rule that was imposed on them by Sian, he concluded.

Finally realising that she was going to get no support from her colleagues, the girl in the towel turned her back on Jim, dropped the towel to the floor and composed herself. One arm went up to cover her breasts, one hand dropped to cover her groin and then she turned back and walked to the edge of the bath again. She was blushing furiously, now. Jim couldn’t believe that the girls had any kind of nudity taboo around each other, so it had to be down to him. He decided to work on her discomfort.

“Nice boobs, darlin’,” he said. “Why so shy?”

The two girls flanking him giggled at that and the one in front flushed even brighter, but a smile was flickering round the edges of her mouth. She was trying to maintain her composure, but her own sense of humour was asserting itself. Jim was pleased at that – if she had genuinely been uncomfortable, he wouldn’t have pressured her.

“Come on,” he said. “Give’s a flash. Let’s see what you’re hiding.”

She was at the edge of the bath now, and a fresh problem presented itself. She needed to use her hands to climb in.

“OK, OK, tell you what,” Jim said. “I’ll look away.”

He turned his head, closed his eyes, waited a few seconds, then turned back sharply. She was crouching right on the edge of the bath, one long leg extended into the water and both hands holding the edge of the tub. She squealed in shock, clasped both hands to her breasts, overbalanced and fell onto her arse. Jim laughed out loud and heard the other two girls joining in. The one in front sat up straight and tried to glare at him, but found that she was laughing too hard, herself. When she had composed herself, she looked Jim in the eye and rose to her feet, slowly, to display herself. She held her arms out and turned in a circle. When she ended up facing him once more, she put her hands on her hips and smiled. She was still blushing, but not as much as before.

Jim would have clapped his hands if he could. He found himself liking this girl… a lot. She had a spirit of fun and adventure that appealed to him, even more than Sian’s activities.

“You’re beautiful, darlin’,” he said. “Totally stunning. Are we going to wash my hair now, though?”

She climbed into the water once more, and moved past Jim to pull the plug out and drain away some of the water. When she was satisfied with the new level, she moved back to the head of the bath and sat down. The other two girls helped Jim to sit down and he leaned back into the third girl’s body, with some difficulty. He heard her sigh and then giggle as his cuffed hands found her pussy briefly. He tried to find it again, but she moved slightly, cuffed the side of his head gently in admonishment and then began the process of washing his hair.

It didn’t take long to finish getting him ready. All three girls took every opportunity to grope him and play with his cock, but he was still cleaned up very quickly. Finally, the plug was pulled out, the bath water was drained and Jim was helped to his feet. Then the three girls took up the huge, thick towels and dried him off. The naked girl never did bother putting her clothes back on, and now seemed to delight in showing off her body to him. He eyed it openly, whenever she did and made it clear that he was enjoying the show.

When he was fully dry, all three girls picked up identical bottles of oil, opened them and coated their hands, then advanced on Jim. He knew what was coming next, but he still found himself practically purring as the oils were coated all over his body. Predictably, the girls paid extra special attention to his cock and balls. They took a lot longer than they needed to, but eventually they could delay no longer. The job was done, the deadline was approaching and Jim had to be delivered to Sian. The naked girl took hold of his cock and started walking him out of the bathroom.

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