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The Assignment

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My name is Amanda. I’m now 20 year old. I’m five foot five, 124 pounds, with dark brown hair, brown eyes and 32a chest. I’ve been told my best feature is my ass, along with my full, sensual lips and dark eyes with long lashes. I’ve had submissive feelings for as long as I can remember. When I was 18 I met an online Master. At that time I lived in in Arizona with my dad. My Master lived very far away, and our relationship originally consisted of online play.

I would get home from school, meet him online, and he would direct me, have me use ice, clothespins, and candles on myself. I would also have to walk in front of windows with the curtains open in different outfits. If I displeased him I would have to vacuum the living room wearing panties and bra or sometimes only panties. He knew I was very shy and self-conscious, and that such assignments always left me embarrassed. They also made me horny. I couldn’t really explain why, but the combination of embarrassment and excitement did have that effect on me. I would have to walk across the living room with the curtains of the bay window open, in full view of whomever happened to be walking by. I’m sure that many of the boys who played outside of our house got their first view of a naked girl from simply watching me, half undressed, do housework in my home.

After a few months of online play, disaster struck. My father came home from work early and found me naked in his den, with my nipples covered in candle wax, and clothespins and a ping pong paddle on his desk. He freaked. I’ve always been his little girl and the thought of me playing online made him see red. He decided to cancel our internet provider service. I could no longer come home and play. My Master and I decided to continue our relationship by email, and once in a while I would babysit for a neighbor and meet him online.

He would write me different assignments and I would go out and perform them and write him back with a detailed account of what had happened. At first they were relatively easy: I would have to go to a mall with a short skirt and no panties and ride upwards on an escalator a given number of times. Or go into a shoe store and try on different shoes in a short skirt, once again without panties. Sometimes I would have to go to a park in a very skimpy bikini and sunbathe. If I misbevahed by not writing back quickly enough (I would have to use a school computer or sometimes write from Kinko’s), I would be given a “punishment assignment”, an assignment that would test me more thoroughly than one of my usual assignments. This is the story of two of those assignments.


I had met a boy my age and had spent a week enjoying my newfound relationship without writing my Master. Once I did check my email I found an angry email from him. If I wanted to continue our relationship I would have to do a punishment assignment. I was to dress in a pair of cut-off jeans that were very short and displayed the cheeks of my ass, a crop top, no panties or bra, and high heels. I was to find a convenience store and go inside, look around, and find an item that cost around 2 dollars. I was only to bring a dollar into the store with me. Once at the counter I had to try and convince the clerk to let me have the item for only a dollar by offering to lift my top for him.

I was shocked after reading this, but I knew in my heart I would do it. I had had other boyfriends, but I didn’t want to lose my Master. Most of my relationships had nothing to do with D/s, and I enjoyed that secret part of my life. I knew that I could manage to perform this assignment, keep a boyfriend on the side, and have the best of both worlds.

I skipped school and dressed as ordered. I drove a little ways from my home. It was mid-morning during the work week, and I thought that less people would be out at such an hour. I didn’t want someone I knew to see me dressed in such a slutty outfit, or worse, actually see me in the store. After driving for a while I found a convenience store that was a little out of the way. I parked in front, took a deep breath, and walked inside.

The store was empty, except for the owner. He was an older Latino. He wasn’t attractive by any means. His skin was pockmarked and sun-baked, he had a bit of a beer belly and grey hair and looked to be in his fifties. I walked through the aisles, trying to get my courage up. The air conditioning had caused my nipples to harden, and I knew they were easily visible through the thin fabric of my top.

After a few minutes I picked up a bottle of some kind of fancy juice drink and went to the counter. I could feel my breasts bouncing slightly without a bra on, and the man at the counter kept his eyes firmly focussed on my chest. I had butterflies in my tummy thinking about what I had to do.

He said hello in heavily accented English, brazenly looking at my protruding nipples. I smiled and put the drink on the counter and he rung it up. I knew there was no going back. I fished my wallet out of my purse and made a show of being surprised by the fact that I had nothing more than a dollar.

“I’m sorry, I only have a dollar.” I told him. “Could I have the drink anyway? I’m dying of thirst.”

He looked slightly angry, and took the drink away from me.

“This ain’t a food bank.” He told me gruffly.

I took a breath and smiled brightly at him.

“Well, what if I lift my top and let you see my boobs, can you let me off the extra change?”. I asked.

He looked surprised, and made me repeat what I had said. I blushed and said it again.

“OK,” He told me. “Come over here and let’s see them.” He ordered.

I went to his side of the counter, close to him. I took the hem of the crop top and lifted it quickly, before lowering it just as fast.

“I didn’t see nothing.” He complained. “Lift it again and let me see.”

Closing my eyes I lifted the top again and left it over my breasts. Before I could say anything, I felt his old hands on my breasts. I sucked in a quick breath at the feel of hands on my bare skin, fondling my tits. Soon he was rolling my nipples between his fingers, and I felt a hot flush. I couldn’t pull my top back over my breasts with his hands covering my tits. He continued to play with my hard nipples, enjoying having a young woman at his disposal, I suppose. I got caught up in the moment, the sensation of an older man fondling me making me wet, despite my embarrassment.

I must have had my eyes closed, because the next thing I knew he was saying hi to someone. My eyes flew open and I saw another man watching and smiling. I hadn’t heard the bell above the door and the owner had decided to let the man watch. I quickly lowered my top and left the store hot with shame. The old man told me to come back anytime, and I heard laughter as the door to the store closed behind me. I had been so overwhelmed I had forgotten to take the drink with me.

I wrote my Master about the experience, and he was very pleased. I think the idea of an older man fondling me turned him on a great deal. I resolved I would be a good slave for him, and avoid any behavior that would give him a reason to punish me a second time.

As they say, the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry, and within two weeks I had angered my Master again. He stopped writing me. I emailed him several times, begging for a second chance. I would get it, but the next assignment would be much more difficult.


My Master finally wrote me back, with new instructions. My heart sank as I read the next punishment assignment. I was to return to the same store. I had to dress in a thin white tshirt that I had cut so short – as per his instructions – that it would barely cover my breasts. I was also to wear a very short black skirt, and a black thong, a pair of sneaker with high heels, and no bra. The straps of the thong had to be visible above the skirt. I had to walk into the store and pick out something more expensive this time. However, this time I was to bring no money with me, and agree to do whatever the man at the counter told me to in order to walk out of the store without paying.

This time I got up early on a Saturday. I figured there would be fewer people out if I went early enough, and I was right. I drove towards the store on a cloudless, sunny Arizona morning. I left the house in a normal tshirt and changed after I had driven away from my home, hitching up the straps of my thong so they were plainly visible above the top of the skirt.

I arrived at the store and parked in front. I was shaking with anticipation. I had no idea what to expect, and even stepping out of the car dressed like a slut was a challenge. I had cut the tshirt as best I could, but it was obviously a job that had not been done by a professional. The bottom was ragged and not perfectly straight. The area above my belly button all the way up to my ribs was on display.

I walked into the store and the bell above the door that announced a new customer seem to ring very loudly. I heard voices in the store, and realized the owner wasn’t alone. It was the same man, but he had a friend sitting on a cheap plastic seat with him behind the counter. His friend was a little younger, but just as umkempt. He had greasy hair tied in a pony tail, and his shapeless tshirt did little to hide his gut. He looked to be in his thirties, but he may have been older or younger, it was difficult to tell.

When I first walked in, the owner waved and said hello. He seemed genuinely pleased to see me, and I thought that perhaps having someone else in the store would stop him from doing anything too obvious with me. I was very wrong.

Once again I walked up and down the aisles. The conversation at the counter had died down, and even without looking I knew both of them were checking me out. I knew how much was on display considering what I was wearing, and once again the familiar combination of embarrassement and excitement coursed through me.

I finally picked up some cookies and a six-pack of cola. I walked towards the counter, with the two men smiling and checking me out. The trip of only a dozen steps seemed to take forever.

“Hello there pretty chica, how are you doing?” The owner boomed, his smile revealing snaggled teeth. He was so friendly, and seemed so happy that I had returned, I felt some of my nervousness ebbing away.

“That’s a very sexy outfit! Did you wear that just for me?” He joked, while gazing over my body. I had never felt so naked while actually wearing clothes.

I thanked him and placed my items on the counter. He quickly rung them up and then looked expectantly at me.

“Did you bring any money this time?” He asked, half joking.

“Uhm no, sorry. I was hoping you would be able to let me off this one time.” I stammered, knowing I was once again getting close to the point of no return.

“Come over here and let me look at you.” He told me.

At that point I knew that the fact he wasn’t alone was not going to slow him down. My pussy was already starting to get wet. With my heart hammering in my chest I went – once again – to his side of the counter. The owner exchanged some rapid-fire Spanish with his friend.

Once I was close enough to him he just admired my body with his hands on my hips. He said something in Spanish while looking at the straps of the thong, which were positioned on the curve of my hips.

“Very nice! I like how you wear your panties.” He observed.

“Th-thank you. It’s kind of a new style.” I told him breathlessly.

“Really? Very very sexy.” He cooed. Then he took both sides of the thong and pulled upwards. I let out a small cry as I felt the fabric disappear between my ass cheeks and rub tightly against my pussy. Much of the thong was now above my skirt. The owner then told me to lift my top. I had been ordered to obey him while in the store, and so without any argument I lifted what was left of the tshirt above my tits.

He felt them and started playing with my nipples. I couldn’t help myself. With the thong rubbing my pussy and his hands on my body, I began to respond. I knew his friend was drinking in the sight of me and that this old man was enjoying showing me off. My pussy was starting to soak the thong.

“Nice tits, no?” He inquired of his friend. His friend simply nodded and smiled, his eyes never leaving my exposed breasts.

“Go over and show Juan your tits.” He commanded. I just looked at him, hoping I’d misunderstood.

“Well, go over, what are you waiting for?” He asked. He seemed to instinctively know that I would do as he said. I don’t know how, but maybe having to deal with hundreds of people over the course of a given year, had given him the ability to read people well. Somehow he knew I was a sub at heart, and that I would do as he said. Obviously he could never know that I was doing this for someone else.

I stepped around him and his friend sat up to get a better look.

“Go on,” the owner said, “go ahead and touch them, she won’t mind.”

That little bit of encouragement was enough for Juan. He reached for my breasts and began fondling them. I stood obediently before him, letting him maul and rub my breasts and pinch my nipples. The owner was behind me, also sitting, and I felt his hands lift my skirt and feel the cheeks of my ass, spreading my cheeks apart and muttering words in Spanish, while Juan continued to enjoy playing with my breasts.

This was all happening in broad daylight, and I was worried that someone would walk in. I looked towards the door to make sure the coast was clear, while two pairs of old hands felt my body.

The owner caught my look.

“Worried about someone walking in?” He asked me.

I nodded, the ability to speak quickly fading as these strangers felt my ass and tits.

He said something in Spanish to Juan and then took my hand. I followed him to the back of the store, my top still above my breasts, my skirt in disarray and my thong buried deep between my ass cheeks.

We arrived at a door and he opened it. He motioned me to get inside and said something to Juan. I stepped into a hot, dusty room. Obviously this area wasn’t air conditioned. There were boxes stacked everywhere, and a sturdy looking table against the wall. Once the door was closed the owner pushed me towards the table. It wasn’t a very hard push but I knew to take the cue and walk to the table. Maybe he had been treated badly by other white people. Perhaps he had been stung by prejudiced comments from racists, I don’t really know. I do think that in some ways being able to order around a young white girl was giving him a great deal of pleasure. Once beside the table he wasted very little time stripping me of everything I was wearing except for my socks and high heeled sneakers. For a few moments he just enjoyed feeling my body. His hands carressed my breasts, he turned me around and admired my ass before making me face him again. Staring straight into my eyes, he watched my expression as one of his fat fingers slipped into my bald pussy. I moaned involuntarily, and he smiled in satisfaction. He knew I was his to do as he wished.

He placed his hands on my shoulders and pushed down. I sank to my knees on the dingy, dusty linoleum floor. Without ado he unzipped himself and released a circumsized, slightly shorter than average, but impressively thick cock. I looked at his for a second and then up at him.

“Go ahead, help him.” He whispered. His English wasn’t the best.

I placed one hand on the shaft and took the head into my mouth. Previous boyfriends had always complimented me on my cocksucking, and I knew I had a talent for it. While his meat disappeared into my mouth, I looked up at him submissively. I knew it was wrong but being naked, on my knees, and with a stranger’s dick in my mouth was making my pussy gush.

My mouth quickly filled with saliva as I worked his rod in and out, taking special care to lick at the sensitive area where the head of his cock met the shaft. I felt the soft flesh of his belly against my forehead, and sweat was dripping onto my shoulders as I worked his hard cock in and out of my mouth. I let it drop out of my mouth and licked at his balls before sliding my tongue all the way up the shaft and back between my lips. I knew that if I could make him cum this way, I would be able to leave without having to do much else.

As if reading my mind he pushed my head away and his cock slipped out from between my lips. He stood me up and turned me around, facing away from him. Once again he pushed me, and I felt my thighs press against the table, my upper body bending forward. My ass and pussy were available to him. He placed a hand on my back, forcing my chest against the wood of the table. He rubbed his dick along my lips and slid himself inside my soaking pussy with ease.

My tits were mashed against the table as he buried himself in me to the hilt. He began to fuck me. I started moaning as his thrusts became more forceful. Bending slightly forward he used one hand to cup my mouth in an attempt to keep me quiet and continued to ram me.

“You like that, don’t you?” He said, not really wanting an answer. I just moaned into his hand and enjoyed the feeling of being filled with a hard cock. One of his fingers slipped into my mouth and I sucked it hungrily. He said more things in Spanish I didn’t understand, while battering my pussy with his fat cock. Droplets of sweat dripped onto my back.

He lifted my head by pulling on my hair with his free hand. I arched my back.

“You gonna be quiet now?” He asked me.

I whimpered yes and he released my hair and took his hand away from my mouth. He then put both hands on my hips and began thrusting. I bit down on my lower lip to keep quiet as this old man fucked me for all he was worth.

I felt the beginnings of an orgasm begin to well up within me. Gripping the table, with my eyes closed, I braced myself as best I could while being taken from behind. I was so very close to cumming, but it was not to be. With a few more furious thrusts he emptied himself into my love canal, pressing his body against mine. I felt the liquid warmth fill me, and after a few moments he stood up and I felt my pussy emptied of cock.

My master had taught me to always clean a man after he had been inside me, and I got back on my knees and took him into my mouth. He told me he couldn’t get hard again so soon after cumming.

“That’s ok.” I told him, “I just want to clean you.”

“You’re really something else.” He told me, stroking my hair as I sucked his cock clean of my juices and his cum. He then zipped himself back up and left the room, leaving me naked, his cum slowly seeping out of my pussy.

I stood up and looked for my clothes. They were on the floor. He had stepped on them while fucking me, and they were covered in dust and the prints of his shoes were plainly visible on my black skirt. I found my thong and slipped it on. Then I retrieved my top from the floor.

Before I could dress, the door opened and Juan walked in.

“Don’t bother getting dressed.” He gruffly told me. The owner must have told him that he could take his turn, that the little white girl would do anything. I let my top drop back to the floor as he approached me.

Juan approached the table and unbuttoned his pants. He released a very long and thick cock. As if hypnotized I sunk to my knees in front of him and wrapped one hand around the shaft before taking the head into my mouth. I couldn’t get much more than the head into my mouth but I did the best I could, slurping over the large purple head and running my tongue along the underside of his dick. It didn’t take him long to get hard, and after a few more moments he stopped me and lifted me up. He told me to take the thong off and I slipped it down my legs, the fabric sticking a little to my pussy from my own wetness and the cum leaking out of me.

Once my thong was off Juan placed me on the table in a sitting position, facing him. He guided his massive tool between my lips, and I watched, fascinated, as my shaved pussy was stretched my the girth of his cock. He put his hands on my knees to spread me open wider, and started to slowly work himself completely into me. I knew I wasn’t going to cum. He was so big that it was slightly uncomfortable inside me. He increased his tempo and my body rocked gently with the rhythm of his thrusts. I leaned back on my hands and Juan used his own hands to roll my nipples between his fingers while he fucked me. I concentrated on the sensations in my nipples as he pounded away.

I guess he hadn’t had sex in a while, because soon enough he was past the point of no return. He began to increase the speed of his thrusts and then grunted as I felt my pussy filled with cum for the second time in less than half an hour. I watched as his thick tool slid out of my gaping pussy. Once again, as I had been taught, I got on my knees to clean him off. Juan watched me, smiling, as I licked and sucked and cleaned his soft but still impressive tool. To my surprise, he got hard again. I thought to myself that he really probably hadn’t had sex in a while to get hard so quickly after cumming. Juan put one of his hands on the back of my head and I continued to suck him, tasting myself and his cum. My jaw was getting a little sore but I continued the blowjob, on my knees, with his hand guiding my head backwards and forwards. He came a second time and I swallowed what little spunk he had left.

Juan left the back room. I cleaned my skirt the best I could and after getting dressed I walked out into the main part of the store. Both men were sitting down in their chairs, with smiles on their faces. I walked towards the door and stopped before the liquor display. I grabbed a bottle of tequila. I didn’t think they would object, and they didn’t. The owner said goodbye and told me that I was always welcome in his store.

I walked back to my car, my thong being soaked from all the cum dripping out of me. I drove home and went to my room and took a nap.

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