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I was surfing around the site looking at a variety of listings. Ads for couples looking for couples, men looking for men and everything in between. The picture caught my eye. The torso of a man with a hard cock, cum puddled on his flat belly. The perfect shape of the large shaft and head caused my cock to twitch and a sudden tightness in my stomach.

I stared at the pearly drops of cum and my cock hardened, pushing at the suddenly restrictive confines of my jeans. His profile said that he was looking for a submissive man into oral and possibly groups. My heart raced, my whole body suddenly anxious. I thought of sending an email, telling him everything that popped into my head. I couldn’t do it. I logged off, but that picture never left my head. My cock was hard the whole day.

Several days later, I logged on again, looking just to surf, but knowing that I wanted another look at that picture. “You have one new message” flashed as I opened the site. Some miscellaneous junk mail, I figured. This site sent the usual assortment. I opened the mailbox and didn’t recognize the name at first, but when I opened the message, it quickly became clear. The site that I was on has a “who’s been viewing you” feature that allows you to see who has been checking out your listing. The guy whose picture I’d been unable to get out of my head had seen that I’d looked at his listing and sent me a message:

“Noticed you checked out my listing. Like what you see? Let me know if you’d like to see more.”

I’d love to see more, I thought to myself, and before I knew it, the reply was sent. As soon as I hit send, the anxiousness swept over me again. A mix of fear and arousal so powerful that I was only half aware that I’d pulled open my jeans and was franticly stroking my cock while sitting in the chair in front of my computer. Not until I’d cum all over my shirt did I recover myself enough to wonder what the hell I was getting myself into.

I didn’t check my email for a couple days. I didn’t intentionally avoid it, but part of me was afraid of where this was going. I couldn’t keep from looking though. Finally I logged on and saw the message that I’d both feared and craved. There were two of them actually. I opened the first:

“Check out these pictures and then open the other message,” the first one said. I opened each of the pictures that were attached to find the guy in the listing with another guy servicing him. There were a series of them, in each a man on his knees and sucking that beautiful cock that I’d seen in the first picture. The last one was the man stroking himself over the kneeling guy and cum shooting onto his face. I could hardly breathe and my cock throbbed in my pants. I closed the message and quickly opened the second:

“I’ve known lots of “curious” guys, lots of wanna-be’s and time wasters. Send me a picture that shows me you’re serious. Tom.”

In a horny daze, I took out the digital camera, set it up and stroked my aching cock. The knowledge of what I was going to do fueled me even further. The cum erupted from my cock into my hand cupped over the head of my cock. My hand went quickly to my mouth and I licked the cum from it and wiped it over my mouth. Cum clung to my beard and mustache, my tongue went to the remaining pool of cum in the palm of my hand and the shutter clicked. I quickly uploaded and sent the picture before I could come to my senses.

Afterwards of course my anxiousness haunted me, but I checked my email constantly. It was several days without a response and I was thinking of what an idiot I was to send such a picture to a total stranger. What the fuck was I thinking? I resolved that I’d never do anything like this again and that I was just going to stop thinking about such things. But then came the reply.

“Okay. You might do. Meet me at the Outback in Portsmouth on Saturday at 7pm. We’ll meet and talk and then I’ll decide if there might be more for you. Tom.”

Of course I’m not going. Then why was I in the car heading in the direction of Portsmouth on Saturday? I told myself I wasn’t going, then that I’d just meet him to make sure that he wasn’t going to do anything with the picture I’d sent. That was my rationale as I drove into the parking lot as I was told.

I entered the restaurant and scanned the room. I quickly recognized the guy from the pictures sitting at a table by the window. He looked over and smiled, a warm smile, but perhaps one that said, “I knew you’d come” as well. I sat down at the table, but he said nothing. A long uncomfortable silence followed. Finally, just to break the silence, I was forced to say stupidly, “I wanted to meet you.”

He smiled again, “Yes,” he said knowingly. He decided to put me at ease and began talking. A more or less natural conversation ensued over a couple of beers, but the whole time, I couldn’t get those pictures out of my head. Finally, he said, “You liked the pictures.”

It wasn’t a question, but I answered “Yes” anyway. He smiled that same smile again that was reassuring, mocking and arousing all in one. My mouth began to work without any input from any part of me that I could control and I mumbled “Can I see it?”

He laughed slightly and of course knew what I meant but replied, “See what?”

I was in a lust filled daze and just managed to croak, “Your cock. I just want to see it. Please. I’m only going to look.”

“Follow me and we’ll go out to my car,” he replied and headed for the door after leaving some money on the table. I followed quickly behind him. Out the door and across the parking lot. He was parked towards the back and he got in as I walked around to the passenger side. I opened the door and got in, looking across at him nervously. Once again, that smile, as he undid his pants and slid them open, revealing his already hard cock. He held it around its base and stroked it gently as I stared.

The ache in my stomach spread to my whole body. I could feel myself shaking. My legs tingled with a sense of strange numbness, my hands trembled and my voice trembled as I mumbled, “fuck,” “oh god,” “oh no” and a low whimper.

“What?,” he said reassuringly and imploring.

“I want to suck it,” I moaned.

“Suck my cock,” he commanded in response.

My head bent to his crotch and my mouth closed over his cock. A long low moan escaped me as the feel and taste of his cock in my mouth slowly released the tension that had built up inside me. Soon I was aware of only the overwhelming desire to suck and stroke his cock. The need to feel his cum boil up from his balls and fill my mouth.

I worshipped his cock with my mouth, moaning and stroking and sucking franticly until I felt his body tense and my mouth flood with his warm cum. I swallowed all that I could, the rest running down into my beard. I continued to suck greedily until he finally pushed me away, his cock too sensitive to take anymore.

I sat up panting and rubbing my cock throbbing in my pants. He reached over and freed my cock, quickly wrapping his hand around it and stroking hard. I ached for release and I came almost immediately. He caught most of it in his other hand and wiped it into my mouth and over my beard. My head fell back against the headrest and I panted, trying to recover my breath and my composure. I sat there for several minutes, finally turning my head and looking over at him.

“That was good. You’re going to make a fine toy,” he said to me when he could see that I was back. I was drained and could only look at him blankly, but nodded my head because it was the only thing I could do.

“I’m going to turn you into my little cum slut and you’re going to beg for it aren’t you?”

I nodded and he smiled knowingly.

“Have you had enough for tonight or do you want to come over to my house for more?”

I couldn’t say anything.

“Okay, then get out of my car.”

“More,” I mumbled.


“I want more,” more clearly this time.

He started the car and headed out to the highway. The next town over, he took the exit and drove a short way further to a nice, somewhat large house. He parked the car in the driveway and got out, walking towards the door wordlessly. I got out and followed.

Once inside the house, he headed straight to his bedroom and sat on the bed, watching me follow meekly behind him. I closed the door and turned to face him, but he didn’t say anything, he just sat on the edge of the bed and looked at me. I stood before him, nervously shifting from foot to foot.

“Take off you clothes,” he said flatly.

When I had done as he’d said, I stood ready to do anything he asked.

“Get on your knees.”

He stood and walked around me, slowly looking me over. He stood in front of me and began to unbuckle his pants. I stared as first he opened his belt, then the button of his jeans, slid his zipper down and slipped his pants from around his waist. The bulge of his cock was obvious through his underwear and my mouth bent forward and mouthed his cock through the taut fabric.

“Yea, you want more of that?,” he taunted me.

“Mmmm,” I moaned in response.

He pushed my head away and said, “Tell what it is you want.”

I grunted in frustration at being pushed away from his cock and quickly complied by moaning, “I want your cock. I want to suck it, please.”

“What else do you want?”

“Your cum. I want you to cum for me.”

“That’s it,” he said, reaching into his underwear and lifting his cock over the waistband as he slid them down his legs, “be a good little slut and suck my cock.”

I eagerly took his cock in my mouth, wanting more of what I’d discovered earlier. I loved the feel and the taste of his cock in my mouth and wanted to feel the throb of his dick as he came in mouth again. I was sucking and stroking greedily when I heard the front door of the house open and people come noisily in. I stopped sucking for a moment, startled by the intrusion.

“Suck it slut. Don’t you dare stop unless I tell you to.” He barked, “ It’s just my room-mates.”

I could hear people moving about up and down the hallway outside of the room. I continued to suck him, maybe more turned on by hearing other people around while I knelt on the floor and sucked his cock.

“Get up and open the door and then get back on you knees.”

I hesitated and he pushed me from his cock again.

“Do it if you want any more of this.”

I got up and opened the door and turned quickly back to get him back in my mouth. He took my head in his hands and started to fuck my mouth. I could hear other people, but he held my head firmly, sliding his cock in and out of me. He reached down and took my one hand from his balls and the other from his shaft and stretched them out beside me until I felt a hard cock touch each of them.

“Slut, these are my room-mates. Room-mates, this is my slut.” He said laughing.

I turned and looked up at them from my knees. They stood over me, their cocks sticking out towards me. I breathed in a long trembling gasp, overcome with lust, just staring at the three cocks in front of me.

“Tell them what you like.”

“I like to suck cock.” I replied.

“What else?”

“Cum” I said, my voice quivering.

“That’s right, you’re a cocksucker aren’t you?”


“You’re a cum slut aren’t you?”


“You want our cum all over your slut face, don’t you?”

I moaned and said almost regretfully, “yes.”

“I know you do,” he said as he stepped away. The other two stood stroking their cocks while I stared, needing more of the taste I’d discovered that I was helplessly addicted to. He opened a dresser drawer and turned towards me holding a large dildo. He wordlessly spread lube over it as I watched with a mixture of fear and lust. He handed me the huge fake cock and said, “fuck yourself slut.”

Trembling, I took it from him, placed the base on the floor and squatted over it.

“Take that fat cock, bitch,” they taunted as I forced myself down, impaling my ass on the big tool. A loud moan escaped me as I felt my ass cheeks touch the floor. I raised myself slowly up and down, moaning louder with each fuck of the big cock into my ass.

“Yea, you’re a cock hungry whore aren’t you.”

“God yes,” I moaned.

They stroked their cocks as they watched my wanton display.

“Please, I need your cocks, please,” I panted.

They stepped forward and pushed me onto my back. All three of them knelt over my face and stroked their cocks furiously.

“Oh yes,” I cried out and they erupted one after the other, shooting their hot loads onto my face. My cock throbbed and as each of them emptied their balls onto my face, cum poured from my cock onto my belly.

“Is that enough?,” one of them taunted.

“More, god, more, please, don’t stop, please don’t stop,” I moaned pathetically.

They were only too happy to keep feeding my addiction.

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Please write more breed him in both ends this is so fucking hot.