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Tea Room Temptation

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It had been the week from hell. The boss had been on his tail all week, everything that could go wrong had gone wrong and, to top it all, head office had sent through a memo late on Friday afternoon stating that there were to be cut backs across the board and that staff would be losing their jobs.

It was all a little too much for Steve. He could feel the tension in his jaw and in his gut. Night after night he had stayed late at work, trying to sort things out and this was the thanks he got! It was really difficult knowing that come Monday he would either be told that he had lost his job or he would have to start calling people into his office and giving them the bad news that they were laid off. He was bushed and totally worn out and he just couldn’t face going home to more of his wife’s nagging. Each night when he got home late after burning out at work all he wanted was to eat and go to bed and instead all he got was an ear bashing.

Thelma wouldn’t believe that he wasn’t seeing another woman, no matter how hard he tried to convince her. He had been so damn tired he had hardly even had time to think about another woman but tonight as he grabbed his keys and headed out the door he had sex on the mind. But it weren’t no lady he was thinking about. When he was as deeply stressed as he was now there was only one thing that Steve found calmed him down and that was the illicit thrill of another man’s throbbing cock.

He felt weak kneed as he parked his vehicle outside the tea room on the edge of the seldom visited park. A tiny, weak voice tried to urge him to get back in his car and drive home to the safety of his family but his raging lust drowned it out. It felt like his heart was beating in his throat: his tongue was like sandpaper. He quickly scanned the parking lot, trying to spot any obvious danger and then with a trembling hand pushed open the squeaking outer door of the tea room. This was the point of no return! He slowly pushed open the inner door, giving those that required it time to adjust their clothes.

Steve scanned the room: one guy was lazily washing his hands while two middle aged guys stood at the urinals. He walked past them, pretending he was just an innocent dude who needed the bathroom. As he bolted the door behind him in the end cubicle he felt so excited that he felt he might be in danger of a heart attack. He dropped his pants and underpants and sat of the throne and waited. Moments later a beautifully shaped five incher poked through the hole in the partition to the next cubicle. The narrow cherry red head was slick with secretions from the rolled back foreskin; the shaft was alabaster pale and as smooth as satin. It had been a long, long time since Steve had been this close to another man’s cock and he eagerly opened his mouth and let it fall onto his tongue.

As that cock slid into the back of his tongue Steve slid into ecstasy. A tangy trail of love juices slid over his tongue and the warmth and heft of a hungry cock filled his mouth to perfection. This was a man in a hurry. He bucked and fucked and Steve was happy to let his mouth be used in just such a fashion. It was exactly what he need and already he could feel the tensions ease out of his system. Steve’s own large cock was painfully crushed up against his furry belly as he worshiped the anonymous cock that had offered itself up to him. Looking up he noticed the white knuckles clutching the top of the partition and he knew he was about to receive his reward. A loud groan was quickly stifled and then suddenly his mouth was flooded with man-nectar. Steve greedily swallowed evry tasty drop as the satisfied cock was yanked out of his mouth. He felt dazed and deeply, deeply satisfied, as if the ambrosial fluid had absorbed all his stress and worry as it made its way down his throat and into his belly.

The second cock couldn’t have been more different from the first. It was a very deep brown with a very large vein zig-zagging its length and a decided curve to the left. The mushroom cap flared over the width of the shaft and the circumcised cockhead was pitted from years of exposure. Seven majestic inches slid through the hole and Steve got down on his knees to service it. He cursed the fact that the partitions went down all the way to the floor preventing him gaining decent access to the body attached to this cock. But, it was enough: all he really needed was the hard throbbing flesh and a creamy load slipping, sliding or blasting down the back of his throat.

The owner of this cock let Steve do all the work and he was glad that he didn’t have to get cock stabbed by this larger man-spear. He used all the skill he had learned over the years, remembering the things that other, more experienced men had done to him.

‘Oh yeah!’ a soft voice came from the cubicle next door.

‘Oh fuck, that’s so horny!’ another voice called out. The owner was younger, more excitable and from the direction of the sound he was standing outside the door to Steve’s cubicle.

Steve came of the cock he was sucking and went and opened the door. A really cute blond dude of about twenty five slipped into Steve’s cubicle. He smiled nervously and Steve quickly kissed his cupid lips before getting back to work on the dark invader. The cute blond hovered nearby, watching Steve’s every move. A hand was gingerly placed on Steve’s back before starting to slide down the smooth expanse of skin. Steve willed him lower and the hand responded, dipping down into his crack and brushing over his asshole. Steve just about leapt out of his skin. Now the warm hand cupped his big bull balls and teased them to the point where they were about to spew. It was way too soon so Steve pulled away from the younger guy and offered him the cock sticking through the partition.

Steve’s excitement rose to fever pitch as he watched those sexy red lips part to take in that big cockhead. He crouched close by and started stroking the blond’s back before fondling his ass. What a peachy, pert little ass it was too and he couldn’t wait to get him undressed. Suddenly Steve wanted rid of the invading cock so he suggested that he and the stranger suck it between them. The blond readily agreed and Steve loved being able to kiss him on each upstroke before having to pay attention to the guy next door on the down stroke. Before long the owner of the fat headed cock groaned and sprayed his joy juice right across the stall.

Steve and the blond kissed. It was a deep and hungry kiss and Steve impatiently tugged at the younger man’s clothes. He reluctantly broke off the kiss when the younger man started to strip. His torso and belly were completely smooth and his nipples were just two tiny pink nubs. Steve’s hungry eyes watched as the blond’s jeans and underpants were lowered and he caught sight of a large, floppy cock with a long overhand of foreskin that made it look even longer than it really was. The younger man had just the tiniest wisp of blond pubes which seemed to draw even more attention to the fleshiness of that gorgeous cock.

Steve quickly stuffed some toilet tissue in the glory hole and got down to kiss the slender stud’s belly. A soft moan escaped the younger man’s lips as Steve’s large hand slid up his warm thigh and onto his small, smooth balls. Steve whispered to his lover to turn around and soon he was gazing at the smoothest, prettiest little rump he had ever seen. The cheeks were firm and pale and without any sort of imperfection: no pimples, blackheads, cuts or scratches marred this feast of fuck flesh. Steve could feel a heavy drool of precum slip out of his engorged cock as he parted the blond’s tight cheeks and caught sight of his pretty pink pucker. Work, and stress, was a million miles from his mind as he went into a feeding frenzy and tongued the younger man’s tight little love knot.

All around them was the sound of men getting off, the sound of men stroking, sucking and mating. The toilet tissue that Steve had hoped would provide some privacy had been yanked away and a beady eye watched as he ate out the hot blond muffin who pushed his pert little ass further and further onto Steve’s face. Steve’s right hand played up and down the blond’s left thigh before teasing those smooth little balls again. The young guy pulled away and in a desperate daze sought out Steve’s big cock. He smeared the leaking precum all over Steve’s overheated cock head before taking it into his mouth.

‘Ooooh fuck!!!’ Steve moaned.

This was nothing like the occasional, reluctant, blowjob that Thelma gave him. He knew that right then he was a king; that this man was down on his knees before his royal master and paying him the tribute that such a thick, handsome cock demanded. He knew that because he had been there too. He had paid the same attention to the first cock that had slid through the partition and would have done the same for the second had not this little beauty groaned so loudly outside his door. Time stood still; it ceased to matter. All that mattered was that warm mouth working its magic on his hungry cock. That mouth and the young man’s hands took him close to the point of no return. When Steve warned that he was close the young man came off his cock and dived into his ass.

Steve yelped as that sexed up tongue slithered over his asshole. It was a sensation that always took his breath away. It just didn’t make sense: why the hell was a man’s asshole so sensitive? It was not a sensation he had experienced often; usually he kept his wayward thoughts and illicit lust in check but this week at work had been a little too much to bear. Having an excuse freed him from his inhibitions and he greedily waggled his meaty ass over the blond’s tongue as he yanked a skinny cock that had appeared through the hole. He could hear more than one voice in the cubicle next door and he guessed he wasn’t the only one enjoying some full body contact.

Suddenly Steve froze. He felt the cooling effect of lube being rubbed over his asshole. Kissing, licking and rimming were one thing: he had never been taken up the ass before and had resisted all attempts in the past. But the young stud’s finger was both skilled and insistent. It teased over the puckered folds and created a curiosity in Steve’s mind. Would it feel as good as his tongue and finger had felt, he wondered? The finger withdrew, only to return to push a larger dollop of lube up his chute. Steve’s was surprised at how easily the finger penetrated his defenses.

‘Oh yeah, fuck that ass!’ one of the onlookers groaned.

Steve knew then that he was going to end up with a butt full of cock cream. It was too late to resist. Already his young lover had eased two fingers up his asshole and the guys next door were going crazy. You would have thought they were directing a porn film they way they barked commands. The blond stud was in no hurry. He loved the sight of Steve’s big, pale furry rump cracked open for his pleasure. The thought of being able to slide his rampant cock up that sexy chute was what kept him calm; he couldn’t afford to make a mistake and attempt entry before the big guy was ready.

Steve sighed as yet more lube slid up his chute. And then he felt the thing he would never, ever forget in his life: warm, spongy cockhead rubbing against his lubed up asshole. His young lover teased his cock up and down Steve’s crack and over his overheated asshole to the point that Steve could endure no more.

‘Please…’ he begged.

And now that big, hard cock started its slow slide into Steve’s guts and after the initial sting he was pleasantly surprised. It was a little uncomfortable but he didn’t feel any pain, not like he imagined. On and on that tube of flesh slid into him until, before long, he could feel the smoothness of the blond’s belly up against his ass. Steve moaned softly as he reached down to jerk off yet another cock that had come through the hole. This one was incredibly fat at the base and tapered off, after eight impressive inches, to a more manageable cockhead. He resisted the urge to gobble it up and concentrated instead on giving himself to the blond. Every last drop of tension eased out of his body as that hard cock started to stroke through his guts. It was a sensation that he could never have imagined and that he didn’t want to end.

The fat cock in Steve’s hand exploded, sending out chunks of thick clotted cock-cream. To Steve’s amazement the cock disappeared to be replaced by a very red, large and slippery asshole. Steve could not resist. It took a little doing but he manage to maneuver his stud into the right position and then Steve sank his heavy tool into that wanting hole. He groaned out loud as his cock was enveloped by the slippery warmth of the stranger’s assguts. Clutching the top of the partition Steve steadied himself as his blond stud fucked him, driving his own cock into the big, red asshole on the other side of the partition. This was the most perfect, most horny sex he had ever experienced and he was only sad that he would not be able to keep it going.

His ass and his cock were on fire. The nerves in his body seemed to be zapping themselves into exhaustion as he tried to register where this or that pleasurable sensation was coming from. He could hear the mad whack of hand on cock as the guy on the other side of the partition jerked, or was being jerked off. It seemed really odd to be fucking someone that you couldn’t see but also so incredibly exciting. Steve was finding it more and more difficult to breathe and his cock felt as if it might split through its skin. That soft silky asshole that he was buried in was working its magic and he could feel the soles of his feet start to tingle. He could also hear his lover’s ragged breathing and the horny sound inflated his lust even more. Suddenly the hard cock in his ass withdrew completely and then punched back in, making him gasp. Again and again his blond lover pulled out and rammed back in just about driving Steve through the partition. It was too much.

‘I’m gonna…I’m gonna…’ he cried out before his system shut down, rendering speech impossible.

His loud groan just about rattled the door off its hinges. Steve’s eyelids were screwed up tight as he raised himself up on his tip-toes as the flood gates opened up. His potent spunk blasted out of his cock in torrents and deep into the stranger’s ass. Seconds later, while still dazed with lust, Steve felt his blond lover stab deep into him one last time, then felt his ass grown wet from all the red hot jizz that had been pumped up his chute. Steve pulled out of the stranger’s ass and heard the most amazing sound of another hard cock being slammed into the hole that he had just vacated.

Steve looked down at his wedding band and remembered that he had to get home. He quickly dressed and kissed his blond lover on the forehead before letting himself out of the cubicle. As soon as he vacated the cubicle a middle aged man slipped inside. Steve smiled as he walked past the line of dudes jerking at the urinal. This was one crazy, fucked up world but he was happy to have been a part of it for a little while.

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