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Taylor and Kai

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Tay opened his eyes, waiting for the headache to kick in. The night before had been great, they had finally managed to get the whole group together again for the first time since they left University. With everyone scattered across the country it had taken a year to manage.

Tay, being the only one still living in the city, had three people crashing at his flat, and it had been pretty crowded last night getting ready to go out – he dreaded the thought of having to give up his space politely for the rest of the day. He loved the guys, but he was used to his own space.

“Grin and bear it” he thought to himself.

There was a contented groan from somewhere in the depths of the bed sheets. An arm was thrown over his chest.

“Kai, dude, wake up!” he half laughed.

Kai’s free hand swept the sheet off his face and he focused for a moment on Tay. A look of confusion quickly gave way to intense fear flashing in his eyes. He searched his friend’s bare torso, not daring to look any lower. On route to his face, Kai noticed a previously unknown tattoo just above Taylor’s hip bone.

“Not helpful” he cursed at himself. How was his best friend going to react to this, what was he even doing in his bed? He hadn’t had that much to drink last night had he?

Terror building up, he chanced a look at Tay’s face, nobody knew about him, he couldn’t believe this is the way his group of friends would find out…

Taylor smiled, “Morning, bit disorientated are we?” he chuckled. Kai suddenly became aware of his arm; it felt like it was burning every second it kept contact with his friend. He gathered himself together and in a painfully slow movement, brought his hand up to brush through his hair, trying his hardest to look as confused as possible.

“How did…why am I in here…?” he stuttered out.

Tay chuckled again, “Ben and Nush got together last night – on my sofa” he grimaced with humour, “I thought it would have been a bit harsh to make you stay and watch that. Besides, it’s not like the bed isn’t big enough for two” He paused, looking over at Kai, “You okay, bud? You look kind of freaked out.”

“I’m naked, oh my God…” Kai blurted out, halfway between a screech and a confession. Tay noted the pink tinge creeping over Kai and wondered what the big deal was.

“Yeah, you gave me quite a show last night, I’m having a hard time keeping my hands off you after that striptease!” he joked.

Kai leapt out of bed, pulling the covers with him, exposing Tay’s morning erection.

“Shit, why are you naked too?”

“Calm down mate, I’m only messing with you. I was already in bed when you came through. Your striptease was more like a drunken tumble to the floor and a five minute wrestle with your flies – I didn’t see anything” He felt bad, he had no idea that Kai would be so sensitive. He might not have ever said the words, but he was sure Kai was gay, and he was sure he had dropped enough hints over the years that let him know he didn’t care.

Looking at the terrified look on his face, Taylor wondered if maybe he had been wrong about his friend.

“Don’t look so scared man, sorry, I thought you would see the joke, I mean it’s not like this is the first time you’ve woken up naked next to a guy is it? I thought I was being funny.” He tested – he could claim this part of the joke if this all went wrong, couldn’t he?

Kai looked dumb-founded “You know that…?” he said carefully, “Tay…how…?”

Taylor grinned, Kai looked so adorable to him in that moment that he tried not to reach out and grab him and hold him close. “Just a working theory” he shrugged. It was important to him that Kai not think this was a big deal, that he was comfortable he knew they would be friends no matter what. “Sit down before you fall down, and give me the covers back” he laughed.

Kai slid back onto the bed, keeping a distance and looking troubled.

Tay gave a few playful tugs to the corner of the sheet, without any reaction from Kai. With a smirk, he pulled hard, releasing the sheet and toppling Kai over, leaving him on his back, his head inches from Tay’s chest.

Looking down, Tay unthinkingly ran his hand through his friend’s dark hair, sweeping it from his eyes. He saw instantly the shudder run down Kai’s body and a look of apprehension cover his face.

Tay had messed about with guys before and had always enjoyed it, but it had always been beer fuelled. He had thought many times about his willingness to do anything when drunk, and the fear of acting on these impulses when he had no excuse to fall back on. Suddenly he realised his want for a relationship with a man that lasted more than a few minutes in a cloakroom.

With no further thought, Tay bent over and softly kissed Kai, throwing the covers off both of them. Kai took a few seconds and then responded – tentatively at first, sucking on Tay’s bottom lip, checking his friend’s face every few seconds for any signs of doubt.

“This can’t be happening” Kai thought.

Resolving to find out how far his friend would go, terror leached from him leaving adrenaline in it’s place and Kai pushed up into the kiss more forcefully.

The two men parted momentarily, searching each other’s eyes, when Tay pulled Kai up to face him.

Both kneeling on the bed, they pressed together in a way that every part of their bodies were touching, each feeling the other tremble under the touch and excitement of this new situation.

Kai felt Tay’s grip slacken slightly and watched as Tay questioned how to transition into the next step. With a sudden burst of confidence, Kai crushed his face into Tay’s, and pushed him down onto the bed. In one swift movement, he pinned Taylor’s wrists above his head and straddled his friend who was now squirming with anticipation.

Boring down heavily on him, he kissed Tay’s face, his eyelids, the tip of his nose and moved down from under his earlobe, kissing, licking and biting his way to his nipples. Tay arched his back in response, praying this would never end.

At that moment disappointment swelled in him as he felt Kai’s grip leave his wrists and his body lift off him. He wondered wildly if this had been some sort of sick joke, where Kai had in fact outed him.

Then he felt something new, Kai had moved off him, but he was now positioned between Taylor’s legs, kissing his stomach.

Taylor could feel his erection graze Kai’s neck, and he started to grind his hips, giving the indication that he was ready. As soon as the signal had been given, Kai took Tay in his mouth, licking the pre-cum from the tip of his cock, and kissing the length of his shaft before enveloping his best friend’s penis in his hot, wet mouth.

With his hands now free, Tay brought them to Kai’s head, stroking his hair and reaching down to pinch and nip at his nipples.

Taylor felt himself tighten, and wanting to prolong the experience, pulled Kai away from him, flipped him onto his back and rolled on top of him, starting to slowly grind. They were equally matched in size and Tay grabbed them together, stroking, while he kissed Kai deeply. Kai, having wished for this for many years, found it difficult to stop himself groaning and calling out his friend’s name. It had never sounded so good to him, and he felt compelled to whisper and sigh and call it out. This sent a chill down Taylor, who worked harder to please his friend.

Kai jerked and arched his back and came with force over himself and Tay’s hands. Tay rubbed it across Kai’s stomach, and used his mouth to clean his friend. He licked and sucked, and took Kai’s length in his mouth, tasting him for the first time. He ran his tongue along the shaft, and circled Kai’s head, before taking him completely down his throat, driving Kai wild as he was so sensitive after his orgasm, and Tay hadn’t given him any time to recover. He couldn’t control his body, and he bucked with every touch.

He started to soften slightly and Tay pushed his knees towards his chest, exposing the entrance he desired. He gently began to flick his tongue across Kai’s perineum, to more cries of delight. When he got to Kai’s tight hole he introduced his tongue, opening up his friend slightly. He pushed a finger in then, sweeping the insides of his tight friend. He brought his head up to kiss Kai’s stomach and look into his eyes, seeking permission to continue. As he did this, he noticed Kai was rock hard again, and leaking his sweet fluid, adding to the liquid pooled on his abs.

“Please, I want you inside me” Kai breathed.

Taylor brought his tip to his friend, and gently pressed himself onto his friend’s opening. He felt Kai relax slightly, and he increased the pressure and slipped inside.

Tay let out a gasp, and a smile pulled up the corners of his mouth. He rocked his hips a couple of times, entering deeper with each stroke, until Kai raised his hips and pushed himself onto Tay’s stiffness.

Taylor almost came at that moment, but stalled himself, stopping his strokes to kiss Kai more passionately than he had any other before. He bit down on his friend’s bottom lip and Kai whimpered. He had become accustomed to the stretch, and was now desperately trying to grind onto his friend, rocking his hips up, and pushing Taylor down into him as deeply as possible with his hand on his firm ass. Taylor took the instruction and began to pump inside Kai.

He took long, deep drives into him, hitting Kai’s spot with each delicious movement. Kai was streaming cum, and Tay quickly leant down to suck it off his friend.

Kai, wanted to be as close to the man that was inside him as possible, and pulled himself up, wrapping his arms around Tay’s neck, taking over the rhythm of their new found relationship. It made it so much more intense, being able to control each movement, and seeing the yearning and lust in Tay’s eyes, as he slid himself up and down Tay’s shaft, bringing him closer and closer to climax.

Taylor, feeling Kai’s hard cock rubbing against his stomach, and giving over all control, felt his balls tighten.

“I’m going to cum, slow down, oh my God…I’m….” Taylor gasped.

Kai bore down harder on his friend, tightening his muscles around Tay’s cock. “Cum with me”.

Both men exploded, Kai milking every last drop from Tay and feeling it flood him, and begin to overflow and run out of him.

Taylor fell onto his back, pulling Kai with him. Still connected, Kai gave a last few grinds, making sure he got every drop from Tay, before Tay pulled him up so he was straddling his chest, and took Kai into his mouth to clean him once more.

After Tay was satisfied there was no cum left on any part of Kai, he let Kai roll off him and moved his body so Kai could mould to his side, laying his head on Tay’s chest.

Both men sighed contentedly, “Wow” Taylor sighed as he brushed his lips on the top of Kai’s head before they drifted off to sleep again.

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