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Taking Ruth Home

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My mother-in-law continually amazes me. She is always alert to any opportunity for sex. We are sitting at the dinner table tonight. Ruth, my mother-in-law, a very young sixty five, is sitting next to me, with my wife, Beth across from us.

Ruth says to Beth, “I don’t see that salad dressing you had last time, the French vinaigrette type.”

Beth says, “I have some in the refrigerator. I’ll be right back.”

My wife turns to fetch the bottle and Ruth’s hand is in my crotch unzipping my pants. She pulls out my cock, and begins to stroke it under the table. A couple of strokes and I’m hard. Her hand knows just how to get me that way. She’s done it so many times in the past, but tonight there is not going to be time.

“Later,” I say.

She smiles at me and continues her stoking until my wife returns.

“Beth, dear, I’ve changed my mind. Could I have some of that Greek Salad dressing you mentioned earlier?” Beth sighs and turns back to the kitchen.

Ruth goes back to work on my cock. She wants me to pop a load under the table. She gets a kick out of making me shoot my cum on the underside of the table, and then watching the drops fall to the floor leaving dark stains on the carpet. Tonight it’s not going to happen. Beth comes back through the door too quickly, and Ruth releases my cock. I will have to wait for it to go down, so I can put it back in my pants.

When we talked on the phone earlier that day she told me she wanted to fuck in my office bathroom. She likes me to give her a doggy-fuck in front of our sink so she can watch in the mirror. Yet, during the evening, no opportunity presented itself for us to get away. Can’t have my wife catching me fucking her mother, eh?

So, with my dick unsatisfied, I go to take her home. I open the door to my SUV and help her up. She swings her leg in and I get a long, slow look at her gray-haired cunt. She sits in the seat and gives me a wicked smile. She knows I got a great view of her wet lips.

I get in and start the car, I turn to look back as I back out, and I see that Ruth has pulled her dress up so her pussy is on display. I get the SUV out on the street and head down the road.

Reaching over to her pussy, I slip my finger in to feel how wet she is. She slips down in the seat to spread her legs for my test. My finger easily goes deep into her. She is now well down on the seat, legs spread, wanting me to finger her.

She looks over at my cock and sees the bulge in my pants. Leaning over she pulls down my zipper, being careful not to lose my fingers from her cunt. With a little work—it’s not easy to get a long, hard cock out of a pair of pants in a car—she finally releases my cock and licks a drop of cum off the end. Ruth loves the taste of my cum and never looses a drop.

I’m looking for a place to stop and fuck, but don’t see anyplace right off. Ruth is content to suck my cock as I drive around the area. She is in no hurry as she takes the head deep in her throat and swallows. When she does this I think the head of my dick is going to come off, but usually I just cum. My fingers in her cunt are soaked. Now and then I pull them up to my mouth to taste her tangy juices.

I’m driving down a country road when I see a new development under construction. No one has moved in yet so I drive in and start around the circle. The road in front of the million dollar homes is deserted, none of the houses have lights on, so I just pull over to the side of the road, stop the engine, and turn off the lights.

I jump out and walk around to Ruth’s side of the vehicle. I help her down, but before I reach to open the back door, I bend down and pull the hem of her dress over her head. I toss the dress into the front seat. She’s standing naked by the SUV in this soon to be busy development. She reaches for my pants and soon has them on the ground. I kick them off and toss them in with her dress. My pullover shirt soon follows, and Ruth and I are standing on the shoulder of the road naked.

I open the door to the backseat, and she climbs in. I get a real close view of her ass as I follow her. She has the ass of a forty-year old. I sit in the middle of the seat. Seeing me there she says, “Let’s fuck, John. I’ve been thinking about that hard dick of yours all evening. I would have loved to have crawled under the table and used your cream for my salad dressing.” She is leaning against the wall of the SUV looking at my cock. Playing with her cunt, she pulls her pussy lips open and says, “Do you want to fuck this pussy, John?”

I’m sitting there watching my mother-in-law finger her hot twat, and she’s asking me if I want to fuck! “Yes, I want fuck that hot pussy. Climb up and sit on this big dick of mine.”

She laughs at my desperation. Christ, she’s jacking my cock at dinner, she’s flashing her pussy at me in the car, she’s sucking my dick for the last ten minutes, and now she wants to know if I want to fuck.

Her leg swings over me and I can see up close the gray hair that I trim keep trimmed short, on her pussy. She has to sit up high to get over my cock. Reaching down for it, she grabs it and puts the head in just the right spot, the spot my cock knows so well. She pulls my hands to her tits, and looking me in the eye, lowers that tight mother-in-law pussy down my cock.

“Oh, fuck,” she says as I fill her, “I love this big dick of yours.”

“Ruth, bring the pussy down. Fuck, your cunt is the fucking best. I’ve never had better.”

“Better than my daughter’s?”

“Oh, fuck yes, you’re tighter and you just love fucking so much more. You just live for a cock in that old pussy of yours.”

She speeds up to a quick pace for an old girl. I help by putting my hands under her ass and lifting her on the upstrokes. She sits down hard on my cock all by herself.

“Christ, I’m cumming. Fuck me! Fuck me! Shove it up my tight cunt. Cumming.” She presses down hard on me, getting every inch.

She slows down, resting up for the next lap. I think I can get her through one more cum, before I have to unload in her.

I lean down and suck on one of her 36-C tits. She breathes hotly in my ear. “Oh, suck my tits, John; suck ‘em and keep fucking me. Chew on that big nipple, John. Fuck me.”

She’s picking up speed on my cock. She’s grunting and moaning. She is past talking now. She just wants me to fuck her hard and make her cum. I switch tits wanting to bring the other up to its hardened twin.

Two more bounces and she’s over. Screaming in my ear, she lets loose a flood of juices over my cock and balls. She grinds her crotch down on my cock trying to suck my cum out into her cunt. I’m almost there, but not quite.

She rides through her orgasm and whispers, “Let me lie down, John. You get on top and fuck me that way.”

I scoot over to give her a chance to lie down in the seat. She puts her left foot on the floor and her right on the back of the seat. Moving between her legs I rub my cock on her wet lips. “Put it in me, John, I want to feel you to fill my pussy with your spunk.”

My cock enters her, fast and deep. I have her legs propped over my shoulders now. This is best for the deepest penetration. I know, at her age, being bent double is probably not the most comfortable position, so I start fucking her hard, both to come soon and to give her so much pleasure she can’t think about her position.

I lean in, and we kiss, trading hot tongues and getting our faces as wet as our crotches. Soon, I am feeling my cum moving, two more hard thrusts, and I emptying my balls deep into her pussy. I yell, “I’m fucking cumming. Take all my cum, Ruth.”

She’s yelling, “Fill me up with your cream, John. Flood that pussy. Oh, fuck, this is so good getting filled with your spunk.”

I kiss her neck as the last blast of cum flows into her cunt.

We lie there for a while, and I sit up in the seat. She sits up, and then leans over me, cleaning my cock of our juices.

When she has me clean, she looks up from my cock, and says, “If we had more time tonight, you would be licking your cum from my cunt, you do know that don’t you?”

“Yes, Ruth, I love the taste my cum as it drips out of your pussy onto my tongue.”

I help her out of the SUV, and we dress on the side of the road. We drive to her house, and we walk to her door.

Just short of the door she says to me, “John, I can feel your cum running down my legs.” She opens the door, and I step inside long enough to get a smoldering French kiss, and then I drive home.

I think about Ruth on the drive home, how hot she still is after all these years. The woman must stay young from all her fucking. I think about how I love to eat her pussy and fuck it. By the time I’m home I have another hard on.

Beth’s already in bed, so I just have to push up her gown and start eating her pussy. She puts her hands behind my head and guides me to her clit. Her cunt quickly is soaked in juices. I stand up and strip and she sees my cock long and hard, but she doesn’t see her mother’s cum on it.

“Turn over,” I say. She turns on her hands and knees and pulls up her gown showing me her ass.

I have my cock down by her cunt when her hand comes back and pulls me in. I give her one long stroke to the bottom and she answers with a load moan.

“Fuck me,” she whispers. My cock goes to work, deep hard strokes. She is groaning my name as I ram her hot cunt. Fucking Ruth has gotten me going fucking her daughter. I’m banging her little girl’s pussy, but I’m thinking about her mother’s cunt.

She looks back at me and cries, “Fuck me. Give me your cum. I want you to cum in me.”

Her cries and the cries of Ruth that still echo in my head push me over, and I fill my lover’s daughter with my come. I empty my balls for the second time in thirty minutes—first in the mother, and then in the daughter. As I think about this I feel another hard on starting.

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