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I finally managed to beat you home from work; usually you are home before I am because you go to work at a different time. I have been trying for weeks to beat you home from work because you told me that you would let me have you as my toy for part of a night if I could manage to make it home before you without skipping out of my own work.

I have spent enough time being a sub that I know it is what I want and what I love. While I have been nervous about being in the lead for the night, I know everything will be alright because you will be there with me. Even if you can’t speak to me, I know how to read your body well enough that I will know if I am doing things the right way.

As you walk in the door you see me kneeling naked waiting for you with my eyes on the floor. You walk up to me and lift my chin forcing me to look you in the eyes and you nod. You had told me previously that this was my signal for knowing that it was my turn to Dominate you. You back away from me as I gracefully stand up and walk up to you telling you not to move. I start with your shirt, stripping you out of it, teasing the whole time. Kissing your neck and running my nails all over your upper body. As your shirt comes off I stop to play with your nipples, twisting and pinching them until they are hard and aching. Sliding my hands down the front of you I kiss and lick my way to your nipples and nibble, bite and lightly chew on them as I work on the buttons of your pants. I then step back and tell you to take everything off but your underwear and to follow me.

At the play room door I stop you and tell you to put on a blindfold, I do not want you to see what I have in store for you tonight. I take your hand and lead you into the center of the room. All you feel is the cool air blowing around you because I have turned a small fan on in the corner. I take both your hands and ask you if you trust me. Then you feel the cold metal of hand cuffs latching onto your wrists, locking your hands in front of you. As your hands are pulled upwards, higher and higher, you realize that I have tied a rope to the chain on the cuffs and have threaded it through the eye bolt in the ceiling. You can feel the tug of the rope as your arms are pulled straight up. I pull the rope until you are almost standing on your tippy toes before I tie it off.

I then kneel down in front of you and pull your cock out through the opening on your boxer shorts. Slipping it into my mouth and sucking it all the way down my throat swallowing so I do not choke. I pull back to the head and run my tongue all around the tip and the bottom of it, applying a little more pressure there, and making sure to tongue the slit. As I am doing this I have also reached for the spreader bar and am beginning to attach it to your ankles by feel, as I keep you distracted with my mouth on your cock. I take it all the way down my throat again and drag my teeth along it on the outstroke, forcing your feet as wide as the spreader bar will go, forcing you to your toes. I stay and suck on the head of your cock running your balls around in my hands until you are almost ready to cum before pulling away. Once you have had enough time to wonder what will happen next, you feel the cold metal of scissors on your leg and hear the sound of your boxers being cut away.

Once you are completely naked I step back and look at how I have strung you up, stopping to ask and make sure you are as comfortable as possible and nothing is pulling in the wrong place. I ask if you remember your safe word. As you answer in the affirmative, I force a ball gag into your mouth to keep you quiet.

I step back and pick up the crop that you have used so well on me in the past. This is one of my favorite toys. I begin by running it all over your body, just the tip, letting you feel the leather. Then I start tapping you on your cock, gently, so you can feel it without leaving any red spots. I work my way down your right leg, just tapping-barely enough to mark. I work my way back up your other leg working with the same pace and strength of taps making sure to tap your cock and balls. Not enough to hurt, but enough to make you wonder how hard I am actually going to hit you there. I continue up your torso tapping you all over and making sure to get your nipples a few times. I go all the way up the inside of your right arm to your elbow, switching over to your left arm and moving back down your body. As I reach your chest I increase the blows to make them pop and snap sometimes alternating, sometimes not and putting different amounts of pauses between the blows so you cannot anticipate when they are coming. I make sure to get the snaps on your nipples, a few to each one, as I watch them grow hard and red with the attention. Tracing a line down your stomach with red marks I pop you on the cock again, almost enough to leave a mark this time and then I lay a few on your balls, barely hard enough to leave a mark. From the way you jerk, I know it hurts and I smile. I work my way back down to your feet and drop to my knees, sucking you back into my mouth.

I want you to be completely hard and as close to cumming as possible. When you are moaning and trying to buck and thrust your hips at me I deep throat you once more and pull off your cock letting my teeth scrape harder than last time, giving a good loving suck at the end. I stand and walk around behind you, leaning into your body and running my hands over your chest. I whisper into your ear ‘how does it feel to be the bitch?’ As you groan and nod I pinch your nipples hard enough to make you gasp and step back, picking up the crop again.

This time I start with the pops at the top of your back and work my way as slowly as I can down your back and to your butt skipping the small of your back to ensure nothing happens to your precious kidneys. I make sure and level a few extra blows along the line where your butt meets your legs, knowing that is extra sensitive and continue down the back of your legs. On the way up I increase the blows to snaps and work my way all the way back up your body, stopping and spending some extra time and strength on your ass. I do love the way it looks when it is all red.

I drop the crop and reach around you to fondle and pull on your cock roughly. Jacking you off and asking you if you want to cum, as you nod I step back. ‘I agree, but we need a venue change’. I un-strap your feet and loosen the rope holding the cuffs, but I do not remove the cuffs. ‘Go climb on the bed baby and lay face up.’ As you do I follow you and hook the chain on the cuffs to the hook you so conveniently put in the headboard for me. Once I have you hooked up again I remove the gag, but leave the blindfold on. I then make sure you are still rock hard and ready for me. I reach forward and snap a cock ring onto you to make you last longer and make it harder for you to cum before I want you to. Then I walk away, leaving you to wonder if I have left the room or not. The next thing you feel is something cold being dripped all over your cock. I put the lube in the refrigerator, just to see how you would react to it, as you gasp and complain that it is cold I reach down and wrap my hand around your cock spreading the lube all over it and warming you back up.

I climb on the bed over you and straddle you. Instead of getting fucking in the pussy, which you do very well, I am curious to find out if I am one of those lucky ones that can have an anal orgasm. I have come close before, but you have always finished before me. I sit up and straddle your cock, lining it up with my entrance, I slowly lower myself. Stopping to breathe when the head of your cock pushes into my ass, I move slowly lower myself until my butt is against your groin and I grind into you. I am so hot I feel like I could cum with a touch, but I am not done with you yet. I get a rhythm going using your cock like the dildo you usually make me use when you want to watch me fuck myself. I lean forward and start pinching and twisting your nipples trying to pull them off of your chest as I move faster and rougher. I fuck myself hard on your cock and lean forward farther to kiss, lick, and bite at your mouth as I am tormenting your nipples. Just the idea of using your cock to fuck myself while there is nothing you can do about it has me on the edge of cumming. I sit up and reach between us, unsnapping the ring and lean forward, ordering you to cum with me. I feel your cock pulse in my ass as your cum shoots up inside me and I go over the edge into a fantastic O. I black out and come too collapsed on your chest, moaning and twitching.

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