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Switched On

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The newest additions to my suburban world were a pleasingly attractive and friendly couple and we were exchanging pleasantries while their belongings were being moved into their new home. Almost immediately I sensed a comfortable, easy sexiness about them as they laughed and touched each other casually while helping the movers get the job done right.

Both acted as if they were stepping into a good future which was a good sign. You don’t get to choose your neighbors and I’d found out its better to have the good looking, happy variety as opposed to the plate throwers.

On looks alone, I was pleased to make their acquaintance…….

Her name was Suzanne and the bright smile she flashed during introductions was arresting. Long, full and wavy brown hair was highlighted by soft, expressive eyes of the same color. Welcoming pools, they held my gaze and invited me to stay and swim a bit. Suzanne had a curvaceous, soft shape that was nicely full where it was most pleasing with a confidence about her that radiated. It wasn’t long before I was visualizing her naked, demurely looking back over her shoulder while offering her soft ass to my stiffness. My cock swelled partially as I imagined my stiff pole slipping between the pillows of her ass

She got entered into the “Dark Haired Beauties” section of my book, with notations made to find out more.

Her husband’s name was Mark and his tall, firm and broad shouldered frame was both imposing and in perfect contrast to hers. While she was clearly soft and delicious, he appeared hard and sculpted. A loose fitting and partially unbuttoned shirt gave glimpses of his muscled chest and he countered her luxurious darkness with short blond hair and sharply blue eyes. With a big hand he “adjusted” his crotch while we spoke and I couldn’t help but notice the fullness of the bulge in his jeans. Perhaps he was wearing particularly tight jeans that day but I was convinced he could probably hammer Suzanne pretty good.

Suddenly Mark was behind Suzanne in my visualization and I watched as he beat the stuffing out of her pillows and pounded her ass with an impressively hard rod. My cock completed swelling and I had to “adjust” myself when no one was looking.

Although not in his condition, I’d nail her pretty good too if given the chance. Giving it my best shot at least.

Being a single and fairly adventurous guy, I lived by a looser code about who was fuckable and who was off limits and found no reason to take this guys wife off the “future fuck” list. If she were willing, I’d be there with the ready and able parts.

Weeks went past and we got to know each other through fly-by meetings and the occasional stop over to talk at the property line. Time and proximity only enhanced my initial impressions of her and up the hit list she climbed. During duller moments, I’d think of her and soon find my fingers slipped around my prick. Stroking myself to visions of her soft lips wrapped around my dick head. Her dark hair spread across my crotch tickling me sensually as her head pumped my small cock. Slowly licking my swollen pole until it surrendered its cum…. and I had to clean myself off.

After more than a few sessions like this, I was getting hungry for the real thing and wasting a lot of good cum.

We’d never discussed careers so I didn’t know what he did for a living but was happy to see his car drive off early each morning to someplace productive. Meanwhile, I worked at home. Day trading was my game and I’d developed a conservative approach that was bringing in the cash.

Suzanne seemed to be doing the “married wife at home” routine and it saddened me to think her hooked on Oprah or the Soap Operas. Her pleasingly soft ass in danger of over-expansion from lack of use. Not that I’m very discriminating when it comes to asses. I’ve found large, soft ones just as tasty and fuckable as the tighter, smaller versions.

Just maybe, it wasn’t Monteil Williams that caught her fancy but instead she whiled away the day enjoying porn and making her nicely trimmed cunt vibrate deeply. Keeping herself properly heated and wet for when her man came home in need of a good blow job and a welcoming cunt. Servicing her mans needs like a good slut wife should, with lube holes in need of filling.

I cant say you’d never catch me wandering the porn sites every now and then. After all, every day at the computer will inevitably have its dull moments and I have an imagination that needs feeding. I never used sex toys on myself though, leaving those for invited guests or the occasional Girl Scout pushing calories.

It was my “routine” to take work-breaks to clear my mind of unnecessary detail and stress. Get away from the computer and return to work more refreshed, mentally sharper. There was no set routine for this but often I’d just lay by the pool or swim laps. With Lady Suzanne locked away next door, time by the pool became more frequent. A window on their three story home looked towards my house and could see the entire pool area through the trees. I know this to be true since the previous neighbor had been neighborly enough to give me a blow job in that room and I’d looked. She wasn’t half the package Suzanne is and her husband had quite rightly cast her aside for other pursuits. She was hungry for cock, I was able to find the time and as already stated….I’m not too discriminating.

So…thinking it best Suzanne make the first move, I began to offer silent invitations to come over.

I’d swim laps or lounge about in the sun. The shine off my well oiled body was enough to cause any onlooker to reach for their sunglasses. For such “private” moments I’d wear a tight black Speedo that maximized my tan, highlighted my small package and showed off my tight ass nicely.

Besides all that, the Speedo was nice and tight and just felt good to wear. Information is power they say, so might as well give Suzanne the best “advance preview” I could.

After a few days of doing this, I caught fleeting glances of “shadows” moving at the window…the rustle of curtains.

Determining my plan to be working, I started to slip the Speedo off while sunning to let her ogle my entire naked body.

Or go I’d go to the head of the pool and slip it off slowly. Standing at the pools edge momentarily before jumping in.

I heard no complaint or received no unwanted knocks on my door, so that practice increased to the point where I was often nude the entire time. The “presence” at the window increased as well.

I was confident now that Suzanne would soon come calling and I’d slow stroke my cock while planning the different ways I’d ravage her. A confirmed ass fucker, I spent many a passing moment thinking of drilling her hole from various angles. Not graced with the largest of cocks, fucking them up the ass came with a heightened a sense of power that I found pleasing. My prick would shoot heavier loads then when I’d flail away at their cunts. It had “stud-like” qualities to it that seemed to fit me.

Needless to say, I was very surprised when a few days later I was roused from a quiet sunning session by Mark when he said: “Mind if I join you….?”

There he was, standing and smiling at me from the pool cage door. Not Suzanne in some overly tight two-piece that just begged to be taken off, but Mark. Luckily I’d only been out a few minutes and my Speedo was still intact, so all appearances were normal.

“Certainly, certainly,” I said.

Only after he’d entered did I notice that he was already in a swimsuit and had a towel draped over his shoulder. Turns out Mark was a “Speedo-guy” as well, only his looked quite a bit tighter than mine, its contents considerably more pronounced.

He walked towards me while saying: “You’re so smart to have put in a pool….we’ll have to do that one day.”

Still a bit taken aback that it was Mark not Suzanne standing next to me, I had to concentrate not to let my confusion show.

“Oh yeah……………wouldn’t be able to live without one now,” I replied. “You have the day off?”

“No, no, just taking a break from work” was Mark’s quick reply.

Now I was really confused and watched as his gaze slowly slide down my body.

It was impossible not to notice the bulging package his Speedo was barely keeping from bursting out. His swimsuit was so terribly small, you’d have thought it a poor choice of one he’d outgrown some years back. Standing just a few feet from my face, the tight flatness of his stomach only highlighted the very pronounced, bulge at his crotch. The outline of his thick cock was plain to see through the material and he didn’t to notice or mind.

I felt something weird, unfocused welling up inside me and stammered a bit when saying: “You….uhhhh….work at home? But I thought I’d seen your car.”

His answer was coming before I’d finished: “Yes, I’m in Sales so I kinda make my own schedule. Apparently like you eh?”

Again I felt his intense, slow gaze and he filled my silence with: “Suzanne’s been driving my car, her’s is broken down and sitting in the garage.”.

Now my world had been completely switched around.

I was seriously flustered, completely off balance and for some reason Mark seemed to be smiling like the cat that just ate the canary. All my pleasing plans and calculations were backward and crashing down around me.

All this time, it hadn’t been Suzanne’s “shadow” at the window.

It hadn’t been Suzanne watching me remove my Speedo to stroke my oily hot cock.

It had been Mark. Mark was the one watching as I oiled up my ass cheeks and got them golden brown. Probably while stroking his large cock.

Mark was the one watching me drop my Speedo by the poolside to jump in naked. Probably while squeezing his large, full balls.

Mark had watched me parade around naked, but somehow now I felt even more exposed.

There was something else at work here as well……..

An strangely exciting loss of control was overcoming me coupled with a sense of “heaviness” that made my arms and legs feels like lead weights.

His prick had now swelled considerably and was clearly bent out sideways, straining for release from his tight Speedo.

He made no attempt to walk away or cover up his obvious excitement. Oddly, I was making no effort to conceal my noticing it.

“So, you mind if I jump in?” he asked.

Without any reply from me Mark threw his towel over a chair and head off to the water.

“Come on in…join me,” he said and invited me into my own pool.

I couldn’t help admiring the barely covered globes of his tight ass as he walked away. My cock was aching badly for uncertain but exciting reasons.

Mark stepped to the exact spot that I’d jumped in from numerous times, turned and slowly removed his Speedo.

Not once did his eyes leave mine. Not once did my eyes leave his long, impressively hard cock. He displayed nine or ten inches of thick man meat that was perfectly curved out and up with a large, well defined head at the tip. Just before jumping in he grazed the underside of his prick with a finger and it twitched upward slightly.

A half hour ago I’d have thought what a lucky girl Suzanne was….but she was far from my mind now.

With a bound, I was up and heading poolside. The flow of this river was too great to swim against. I wasn’t thinking clearly and unable to stop the world from spinning out of control long enough to change my mind.

I was simply being driven.

I felt completely caught, exposed and maneuvered by this man, but my cock was raging hard and my tight Speedo scraping it feel good.

Without a moments hesitation the swimsuit was off and I let him see my small, stiff cock throb openly.

He’d seen me nude before, that I now knew He’d seen my hard cock before I knew as well.

He’d seen my hard cock and he’d come for it….and that got me hot.

“Come to me,” he said.

That’s exactly what I did. I swam to him and spread my legs when he grasped my balls. I put my hands on his muscled shoulders as he steered me towards the wall. I looked straight into his deep blue eyes and closed mine just as our lips touched. I accepted his wet tongue and kissed him slowly while pressed between the wall and his wet, hard body.

His prick was long and thick and my hand ran up and down its stiffness under the water…it was exhilarating. He held me softly but firmly by the balls, keeping me afloat with legs spread.

My acceptance of his passion grew, overcame me and I held onto him.

Spinning, he twirled us like dancers towards the nearby stairs till he was seated on the top step. He led and I floated after him, sliding between his stretched out legs and up to his hard cock as it stuck out of the shallows.

I took him into my mouth.

My lips clamped down onto his large, hot cock and immediately began working it. His was my first taste of cock and I was powerless to it. Relentless but slow in my sucking and stroking of the thick and powerful shaft.

This was a true man’s cock and commanded respect. I was giving it that and much more.

I massaged his balls gently. Kissed and licked his flat, defined stomach. Sucked down on his deliciously stiff pole with a sense of pleasure never felt before.

I was used to feeling powerful and was accustomed to conning myself into thinking I was. I was learning for the first time the irresistible power of helpless submission and it was a revelation.

He’d spent hours watching from that window….fantasizing, jerking off and planning how to get my mouth wrapped around him. I’d done the same….only thinking of his wife.

His plans had become reality and something in me had been switched on, unleashed. My cock was rock hard. All my senses heightened as I sucked his man meat.

He smiled quietly and watched, the look and feeling of a Victor to whom worship is due. He leaned back, his full, hard prick contrasting beautifully against the crystal blue water.

My mouth crawled up him and worshipped him devotedly.

Totally content to be his vanquished loser and loyal subject. Totally content to jack off this wonderful prick and suck it like a fag.

Hearing him moan I wrapped my lips around him with urgency and pumped with lips clamped down tight. My throat was open and eager for his cum.

I’d watched and jerked off to countless videos of men sucking cock, often times leaving my hand covered with cum. Still, I’d always passed it off as a temporary release and somehow continued to view myself as some hetero stud with a small cock.

That myth was shattered now.

The ease by which I’d fallen told different.

The relative quickness of my response and surrender said the opposite.

The way I was sucking on this man’s dick head….needing his beautiful hard cock…proved the point.

I knew what to do because it was instinctual.

I gloried at the feel of the swollen dick head in my mouth. Yearned to lick his balls, bite his nipples and suck on his ass because my own hard cock confirmed it was right for me.

I was stiffer than any woman had ever made me and a hard on doesn’t lie.

When his first cum shot flowed up, I slurped it down hungrily. I did the same with each succeeding load till I’d drained him completely and continued to suck his deliciously softening prick for some time after.

My fate was sealed when he turned me over in the water and kissed my deeply. Sliding a hand behing his head, I pressed his mouth tight and returned his affections with newfound meaning.


He’d suck my cock empty that day. Make me cry out loud enough to be heard over the fence tops. Although I was his for the taking, he’d not fuck me.

The next day I didn’t do any work. The computer stayed off, as instructed.

He’d told me how it would be and my cock was swollen in anticipation as I lay naked in bed, waiting for Mark to enter my open home and come to my bedroom.

I was now to sleep with one of my dildos or butt plugs stuffed inside me. So I’d be ready for him. The toys I’d used on others were now mine alone….to use on myself but not control. He let me suck him, becoming enslaved by his stiff strength once again, but I’d not taste his cum this day.

It would be like so many times before in my bed, except this time my lover had the power. This time, I was the one giving it up.

This time, it was my cherry that got popped and I was the one who’d cum in submission….and like it.

It was my cock’s turn to drain cum because of Mark’s deep, hard thrusts into my ass.

It was my turn to moan with pleasure and whisper blissfully as he filled my hole.

It was my turn to be the bitch.

He took me from behind first. Holding me firmly with big hands while he plowed me good.

A swim and a shower refreshed him and I was thrown onto my back and ravaged with legs held high…hole exposed completely.

The depth he was able to get this way was breathtaking and soon I was holding my legs back for him, begging him for more.

Cum spewed over my chest just before he unloaded into me again.

Eventually, I’d get to fuck the sultry Suzanne. Many times in fact.

Many times I’d eat her delicious, soft ass or suck on her large, stiff nipples but increasingly it happened only under her instruction and always under Marks watchful eye.

His cock deep inside me, where we both liked it most.

Buts that another story now isn’t it?

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Love story.
I have lil dickie and like cock more as I age.