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My Adventures into becoming a switch were thrust upon me one evening, whilst, after a good seeing too, my boyfriend and I were engaging in pillow talk.

It had been a particularly enjoyable and energetic session, and, as was the norm, I was left feeling deliciously sore. I was bathing in the tender feelings of my spanked ass, which was now resting against the bedsheets, and my throbbing pussy.

I was, and deep down knew, I had always been submissive.

I don’t know when this submissive side had started to shine out, it was over a matter of years, and never with my, now ex, husband. It had been straight up simple,, or to coin a term, vanilla sex with him, and whilst that was and had always had been good, it wasn’t mind blowing.

I had started looking into BDSM as research for a piece I happened to be writing, my work had hit a plateau and I had wanted to spice it up. I stumbled across the colourful world of BDSM, and after a few weeks of reading about it, I signed up to a website. From there I took on a lover, and he introduced me to my various kinks. Who ever knew I liked to be spanked with a leather belt. Hard.

I certainly didn’t.

I also never knew I would adore being tied up, nor would I enjoy being fucked in the ass. It was a revelation. This opened my eyes to a whole new world of desires and needs I had, and from then on I became fully emerged.

I brought oodles of sex toys, of which my husband was never interested in using.

I took lovers, but none had the same impact as that first.

Until, that is I met Charlie. Charlie took me to heights I never thought in a million years I could achieve. It took a while for him to weed out my kinks, but once he did…well, let me just say, that night, and subsequent ones were incredible.

This particular night had been one of pure, unadulterated, raw sex.

We had fucked like never before, and now lay panting side by side.

Charlie’s fingers were idly tracing patterns across the base of my spine and we were discussing the recent bout of gymnastics.

“I’ve never been dominant with anyone before you know Lottie.”

This shocked me, as, on this particular day he had been very domineering “Never?”

Charlie shook his head “Never. But I’ve been submissive.”

I sat up and stared at him, was he for real?!

“I like doing it for you though.” He said thoughtfully “I know how much it turns you on.”

I smiled and kissed his shoulder “So…” I slyly intoned “…tell me about your joys of submission.”

He shook his head “I like a women who isn’t afraid to ask for what she wants, and takes it…”

“I know what I want!” I said, slightly offended

“I didn’t mean it like that Lottie. You’re right, you do know what you want, its just you take it in a totally different way.”

“I don’t think I could ever be domineering, its not in my nature!” I screwed up my nose in distaste

“Oh now you see, I have a totally different view on that.”

I raised my eyebrow and Charlie kissed my still screwed up nose. He flipped me on to my back and hovered above me.

“I think you can be dominant. All you have to do is tell me what you want instead of asking for it.”

“Yes but that’s not me! I’m submissive, always have been.”

Charlie nodded his head and pursed his lips. “It doesn’t have to be princess.”

I smiled contently as his lips descended from my jaw, down my chest and headed towards my breast. I sighed placidly when flesh met flesh and I felt his tongue flick out and work on my nipple. He pulled away slightly and blew hot breath on my now hardened nipple.

“You know how you always want me to bite your nipples harder?” he whispered

I moaned in agreement

“Tell me. Demand it Lottie, take it!”

“Do it!” I cried out.

“Do what?”

I groaned in frustration

“Bite me. Hard. Now.”

Charlie sunk his teeth in my sensitive flesh and I cried out loudly, nearly orgasming there and then. Never had he bitten me so hard before, and taking the lead was totally empowering. I realised then I could have anything I wanted, and boy did I fucking want it. It was like a light switch going off in my mind. Thoughts and demands flooded through me. I could feel him smile around my nipple as he must have felt the subtle shift in out positions.

“Is there anything else Miss wants?” he purred nibbling my skin.

I mused for a moment, I knew exactly what I wanted and I was no longer afraid to ask for it.

“I want your tongue.” I stuttered out.

“And where does Miss want my tongue? Here?” His tongue flicked out and lapped at my nipple again “Or here?” I felt his fingers press softly against my clit and instantly could feel my pussy juices flowing,

“Fuck!” I cried out “I want you tongue on my clit.”

Charlie nibbled his way down my body and when his tongue reached my sweetest spot I cried out.

“Push your fingers inside me.” I demanded.

He probed me with one, then two, then finally three fingers were fully inserted inside my pussy. I felt him flex and the he dove in and started licking my clit furiously.

I came instantly, and with a ferocity I never had before, clamping his fingers deep inside my aching pussy.

“Enough!” I cried out, panting “Good…good boy” I stammered, and felt Charlie smile against my thigh. He made his way up my body and, resting on one arm, hovered above me,

“Enjoy that Mistress?” he smirked

“You can wipe that smile off your face” I bit back “You are far from finished.”

Charlie dropped his head and looked penitent, dropping his head further I felt him nuzzle my neck

“I’m sorry Miss, forgive me?”

“If you make it up to me I will” my whisper was almost deadly and I noticed Charlie’s skin pale slightly. He knew I wasn’t playing anymore.

“What does my Mistress want.” I could hear the begging note creep into his voice.

“I want you to fuck me hard, harder than you ever have before. And as deep as you can force yourself inside me. And then, if you are a good boy and I let you cum inside me I want you to clean me up. With your tongue.” I didn’t have a clue where these instructions were coming from, but fuck was I horny. And the butterflies whizzing around in my stomach proved it, I was enjoying this far more than I had anticipated, “And, if you are a really good boy, you can kiss me afterwards. But. only when you have made me orgasm. Do you understand?”

He nodded and I felt his cock twitch against my pussy lips, nudging for entry, ready and eager. It was a good thing I was already wet. Charlie was not, by any means possible a small boy, and being blessed with over endowment was going to prove to be heaven for me. He nudged once more and his huge blue eyes starred into mine, twinkling with awe

“Can I please Miss?” I nodded my accent and, as ever, felt his huge girth fill me. As he started pounding into me, it didn’t take long for another orgasm to build and I was flying over the edge. Charlie slowed down slightly as he must have felt my pussy clenching around his still tock hard prick. He groaned into my mouth as I bit into his bottom lip. I pulled his head around and sunk my teeth none to gently into his earlobe. He sped up with earnest,

“Don’t you even think about cumming without my permission, do you understand?”

“Yes Miss” He forced out through gritted teeth. I could feel him getting close. My sadistic side kicked in at that moment, and I pushed him off me.

“Clean up my cum” I barked out “With your tongue. And I want every last drop gone do you understand me?”

“Yes Mistress.” Charlie groaned, pulling out of my reluctantly. His tongue lapped furiously at my pussy and I ground myself into his mouth, until I literally could take it no more and came against his lips

“Now you can come and kiss me.” I demanded “I’d like to taste myself on your lips.”

“Yes Miss, Thank you Miss.”

Charlie worked his way back up my body and kissed me hard on the lips. I flicked out my tongue and tasted my cum on him. The taste and smell was a heady one. Pushing him on to his back, I did something we hadn’t previously done and I climbed on top. Lowering myself gently on to his hard cock was an exquisite feeling, and I grasped his hands in mine and effectively pinned him to the bed. I slid myself up and down on his cock, slow at first then more vigorous, slamming in to him. It didn’t take long for his orgasm to build, so I leant down and whispered in his ear,

“Do you need to cum for your Mistress baby?”

He nodded and let out a low groan. He was almost incapable of speech.


And boy does he beg. Its almost like he is begging for his life and I cream instantly all over his cock. I feel him tense beneath me and realise I need to let him cum, seconds before its too late and I have to punish him. I’m not ready for that quite just yet!

“Cum for me, there’s a good boy.” I’ve never heard him cry out quiet so loud, he pulls away from my grip, grasps my hips and buries himself balls deep inside my hot, wet pussy. I kiss him hard, swallowing his screams, pushing my tongue into his mouth.

“Switch.” I mutter to him after we have calmed down and cleaned up, I am half asleep by now.

“Pardon?” Charlie has gone back to stroking my spine once again

“That’s what its called. A switch. Someone who tops from the bottom, a submissive or dominant who ‘switches’.”

“Ahhh” He drops a kiss on my neck “And a very good switch you are dear.”

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