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Swinging with Grandma Ch. 04

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Needless to say, I was enjoying my hot times with “Grandma” Anna and “Grandpa” Frank. I called my real grandmother to tell her that I was extending my stay by a couple of days, maybe even a week.

“Ok, baby,” grandma said on the phone. “I miss you, honey. But it’s ok. Patty DeLay’s husband just died, so I’m spending a lot of time with her. But come home soon. I need you.”

I agreed and hung up the phone.

Anna waltzed into the bedroom, wearing a pair of tight jeans and a halter top. Her massive jugs forming a delicious canyon.

“Everything ok, lover boy?” she asked me, sitting down on the edge of the bed.

“Yeah,” I answered. “I told grandma I’d be home in a couple of days. She’s good.”

Anna smiled and gave me a peck on the cheek.

“Great!” she beamed. “Frank will be so happy to hear that. He’s been talking about that big cock of yours all morning.”

I smiled and stretched. Anna ran a hand over my chest and my abs. She licked her lips.

“Hmmmmm,” she murmured. “I want some more too . . .but I need to do some shopping first. Wanna come along?”

I laughed. “So long as we’re not shopping for lettuce and bread.”

“Oh, I think you’ll like this shopping trip,” she said with a giggle as she squeezed my cock. “Get your clothes on and let’s go.”

Ten minutes later I was in the passenger seat of Anna’s Mercedes. She was babbling on about how happy she was and how great Frank was feeling as we tooled down the main street of the small suburban town she and Frank lived in. We took a right down a side street and she parked the car. I got out and opened her door for her.

She leaned up toward me and jammed her hot, juicy tongue into my mouth.

“Now, remember, Paul,” she whispered in my ear. “I’m your grandma, and you’re my grandson.”

“Ok, grandma,” I whispered back, twirling my tongue in her ear.

She giggled and hooked her arm in mine. The town was quiet as she led me up the block. We stopped in front of a shop and she gave me another peck on the cheek.

“You’re gonna like this, baby,” she said, as she opened the door with her free hand.

Anna pulled me through the door into what turned out to be the local lingerie shop. It was no Frederick’s of Hollywood but the place was full from ceiling to floor of bras, panties, frilly underthings, and stockings.

“Back here,” Anna said, pulling me along.

The back was where they kept the racier stuff – – merry widows, fishnet stockings, bustiers, thongs. Anna started flipping through the stuff on hangers while I watched over her shoulder.

“Why, Anna, darling,” I heard a low, sexy voice behind me. “How are you girlfriend?”

I turned around to find a short, dark-skinned black woman, probably around 50 or 55. She wore her hair short and she gazed up at me with big, brown eyes and a wide smile. I looked down to admire her huge chocolate tits, encased in a tight blouse that displayed a long bodacious line of cleavage. She wore a tight, short blue skirt and high heels. I could see thick shapely thighs and nicely turned calves. And, I was certain that when she turned around I’d see a big, beautiful rounded ass.

“Oh, Selma, darling,” Anna purred next to me. “I’m wonderful.”

Anna looked at me and then at Anna as her smile widened.

“Selma,” she continued. “This is my grandson, Paul.”

Selma beamed and we shook hands, my large white paw engulfing her small, shapely hand.

“Pleased to meet you, Paul,” Selma cooed.

“Very pleased to meet you, Selma,” I said with a lascivious grin.

Anna laughed. “Seems like everyone is pleased.”

Selma play slapped Anna on the arm. “Getting pleased is one of the good things in life. You know that, Anna.”

We all laughed.

Anna squeezed my upper arm and circled her other arm around my waist.

“He’s a cutie, my grandson. Don’t you think, Selma?”

Selma looked me up and down. “He can warm my bed any night of the year.” Her white teeth flashed in a bright smile.

“Hmmmm,” Anna murmured. “He’s an excellent bed warmer – – night or day.”

I gulped. Selma gave me another, slower look up and down. Anna dropped her hand from my arm to my crotch and gave it a gentle squeeze.

“Girlfriend,” Selma said, licking her lips. “I’m thinking I want to close up for lunch, ’cause somebody just delivered the food.”

Anna laughed and Selma turned around to head to the front door. I watched her big, firm ass roll along under her skirt.

“Looks like we might have some afternoon delight, Paul,” Anna whispered in my ear.

I felt her hand run along the front of my jeans and then her fingers gently pulled down my zipper. She moved around behind me and pushed my t-shirt up over my chest. I raised my arms and Anna yanked the shirt off. The cool air of the shop brushed against my nipples.

Selma had locked the door and turned around. Her eyes grew wide when she saw me shirtless. She smoothed down her skirt and walked toward me with an exaggerated, sexy stroll.

Anna, meanwhile, was unbuckling my belt and then unbuttoning my jeans. They dropped to the floor, leaving me just in my skivvies. Selma approached closer, licking her lips. With one hand, Anna began playing with my nipples; with her other hand, she began stroking my cock through my underwear.

“Damn, Anna,” Selma whispered as she stood in front of me. “Your grandson is one fine-looking young man.”

“He is . . .and he’s more than just show,” Anna whispered to Selma, licking me along my neck.

Selma put her hands on her hips and gave me a bold look.

“So, good-looking white boy,” she said, thrusting her hips toward me. “How do you feel about black women?”

I laughed. “Right now, I’m feeling pretty hard.”

Selma laughed. “You like big titties?” She asked, pushing her massive breasts up with her hands.

I gulped. “I do.”

“Well, then,” Selma said in her deep, mellow voice. “Come and get some.”

I leaned down and plunged my face into the valley of her cleavage, placing my hands over hers and pushing and squeezing her tits as I licked and munched on her smooth, dark tit-flesh. Selma moaned.

Anna pulled my underwear down to my knees, and my cock sprang forward. Still standing behind me, she wrapped both hands around my hard dick and began stroking. I could hear her panting as she pressed her body against mine.

Selma pulled her blouse up over her head and her mammoth jugs rolled into view. They were magnificent – – as big as grapefruits and glistening with my saliva. She unhooked her bra and shucked it down her arms. Soon, I was lunching on her thick, hard nipples while she wrapped her hands around my head to pull my mouth hard against her tits. She moaned and grunted, rolling my head back and forth across her breasts. I reached around behind her and found the zipper on her skirt. I yanked it down and Selma wiggled her hips. The skirt fell to her feet to reveal wide, luxurious hips encased in a tiny white thong.

With a groan of delight, I put a hand on each of her asscheeks and pulled her close. My cock felt like it was ten feet long. Anna had stopped stroking me and was now leaning against a rack of undies with her hand buried in her skirt. She groaned as she pumped her fingers in and out of her pussy.

“Oh, boyfriend,” Selma grunted, grabbing my dick in her silky hands.

I stood up and wrapped my hands around her waist. I bent down to kiss her and out tongues met. We devoured each others’ mouths ravenously. I was so consumed with the hot abundance of Selma’s warm flesh that I forgot about Anna. Soon, Selma and I were dry-humping as we crammed our bodies together. I pumped her crotch against my cock with my hands firmly planted on her huge ass cheeks.

Just as I was about to turn Selma around and work my cock into her from behind, I sensed something wrong. Selma’s eyes widened and she unfastened her mouth from mine.

“Junior,” she panted, looking over my shoulder. “W-w-w-w-w-w-w . . .”

Selma’s body froze and I turned over my shoulder to see who she was talking to. There in the door to the store’s back room stood a young black guy – – he was short and slender with Selma’s big brown eyes and thick, full lips. Selma pushed me to the side.

“What are you doing here, Junior?” Selma almost shouted. “Jesus Christ.”

Junior blushed and slouched into the room, dropping a backpack on the ground as he entered.

“Grandma,” he said, timidly. “I just got outa school and thought I’d stop by to say hello.”

Selma looked at me and then at Junior. Anna too had stopped her masturbating and stood there frozen behind me. “Goddamn boy,” Selma said sternly, reaching down to pick up her skirt. “I told you never to come through that back door.”

Junior approached us even closer, gazing up at me.

“It’s okay, granny,” he said. “I understand.”

Junior’s eyes locked on mine and a pleading look passed across his face. He came even closer and his eyes swept down my body to my still erect cock. I saw him swallow hard.

“It’s okay, grandma,” he repeated. “If it’s okay with him.”

He nodded his head toward me.

Selma’s eyes opened wide and she looked at me, holding her skirt in front of her big chocolate tits. What the fuck, I thought to myself as I turned my body to face Junior. He looked up at me and then down at my cock. Slowly, his hand crept out from his side and touched my dick. I looked at Selma, who stared at Junior’s hand with wide eyes. Anna resumed her masturbating.

Junior took my fat cock firmly in his hand. “It’s okay, grandma,” he said, panting. “I like white cock too.”

Selma gulped and watched as Junior began pumping my cock in his hand. His velvety warm skin felt good against my cock.

“Oh grandma,” he moaned. “You don’t know how much I love hard, white dick.”

With that, Junior dropped to his knees and began kissing the tip of my dick. I moaned.

“I love white dick,” Junior murmured as I felt his breath on my cock. “I just can’t get enough of hard white cock.”

He began rubbing my balls with one hand while he slowly fed my dick between his full, moist lips. Soon, his mouth had engulfed my cock completely. I groaned in pleasure and put my hands on his tightly curled hair, holding him down on my dick. I could hear his gurgled moan. Slowly, I began fucking his hot, hungry mouth as he grabbed my cock in both hands and devoured it with short, high-pitched grunts. I looked over at Selma who was staring at Junior’s head bobbing up and down on my dick. I could see her nipples growing even harder. I took one hand off of Junior’s head and wrapped it around Selma’s neck. I pulled her lips to mine. At first, she was reluctant. But as I played my tongue across her lips, she suddenly groaned and opened her mouth. Again, our tongues wrestled together in a passionate kiss. Junior just kept sucking my dick with loud, wet slurps.

“Wait,” I whispered to Selma, pulling my lips from hers. I took her by the shoulder and gently pushed her behind her kneeling grandson so that she was facing me with Junior on the floor between us. I leaned my torso over to give Selma a kiss and then I took her hands and placed them on Junior’s head. I squeezed my hands around hers.

With a deep sigh, Selma ran her hands through Junior’s hair as I flexed my hips to fuck his hot, hungry mouth. I leaned over and Selma and I continued our kissing while I pinched and twisted her nipples. She broke the kiss to rear her head back and breath a deep moan. I leaned down and sucked one of her nipples into my mouth to nibble on it. Selma’s body tensed and shook. I felt her tit vibrating in my mouth. She squeezed Junior’s head tight as an orgasm rocketed through her body.

Gasping and sighing, Selma shook her head back and forth. I grinned. Junior had taken my cock out of his mouth and was licking it up and down greedily. I felt his mouth attach itself to my balls and begin sucking first one and then my other nut.

After Selma’s orgasm subsided, I gave her another kiss and then gently pushed her down onto her knees. She dropped eagerly to the floor next to Junior. Not daring to look at her grandson, she grabbed my cock and ran her lips up and down my shaft. I looked down to see Junior absorbed in the sight of his sexy grandmother sucking my cock frenetically in and out of her mouth.

While Selma sucked me off, Junior began licking my thighs and running his tongue under my scrotum. The feeling of a hot tongue on my body and a warm mouth around my cock was indescribable. Below, Junior had released his own slender but long dick from his jeans and was stroking it furiously while rubbing his face against my crotch.

With a grunt, I pulled Selma’s head off my cock. Before Junior could re-attach his lips, I dropped to my knees and gently lowered Selma onto her back.

“Oh yes,” she groaned, opening her big thighs. “That’s it boyfriend.”

I could hear Anna moaning behind me. I opened Selma’s thighs wide and pulled her thong to the side. Slowly, I began pushing my cock into her wet pussy. She groaned with every inch that entered her.

“Baby,” she cried out, taking a tit in each hand and squeezing hard on her nipples. “Fuck me, baby.”

I pushed my dick all the way in and paused, relishing the feeling of her pussy wrapped tight around the length of my cock. Junior meanwhile had stood up and was grunting with each stroke he gave his hard, black cock. His eyes were glued on the point where my crotch jammed against his grandmother’s.

I began to slowly pull my dick in and out of Selma. She moaned. As I built up momentum, she dropped her hands to the floor and began beating it with her palms.

“Fuck,” I cried. “God damn. Fuck me, Selma.”

She groaned and began humping her ass up and down on the floor to meet my quicker thrusts. Soon we were bouncing together up and down on the floor as we fucked. Selma whipped her head back and forth and her huge tits wobbled and shook with every thrust of my cock.

Junior exhaled a high-pitched sigh and I saw thick white spunk shoot out of his dick and spurt all over the panties hanging next to him. He whimpered and groaned as he climaxed with his eyes squeezed shut. Selma too saw him cum and I could feel another orgasm trembling it’s way down along the walls of her pussy.

My cock felt as rigid and long as a tent pole. With a groan that began deep in my stomach, I gave Selma’s pussy a final shove with my dick and dropped my head to her pillowy tits. She grunted and I felt her legs wrap around my ass cheeks and pull my hips tight against her crotch. I moaned into her tits as my cock exploded with pleasure. Selma grunted and continued to hump her pussy against my cock as she climaxed.

Groaning and gasping, we held each other tight together as we rode our mutual orgasm to the very end of it shuddering pleasure. As my cock drained, I licked Selma’s magnificent tits and she ran her hands through my hair, mumbling and cooing.

Our bodies grew still. My cock exited Selma’s pussy with a gentle plop, and I rolled over onto my side, squeezing and massaging her tits with my left hand. She leaned her head over and we exchanged a deep, tongue-filled kiss. Junior had slumped to the floor and when I looked over at him, he grinned weakly at me. Anna too was slumped to the floor with her skirt pushed up around her hips, her eyes squeezed shut and her hand langorously stroking her pussy.

We were all spent.

“Well,” I heard Anna sigh. “That was some lunch break.”

Selma’s lips spread in a wide smile. I laughed, and Junior just kept grinning.

“I think I need a drink,” Anna murmured.

She stood and straightened her clothes. “Come on you two,” she said to Selma and me. “Let’s head back to the ranch, break the good news to Frank, and have a drink.”

I grinned and rose up, my wet, deflated cock flapping between my thighs. I leaned over and helped Selma up.

She looked over at her grandson. “Well, Junior,” she said. “Get your lazy ass off that floor and zip yourself up. You’ve got to look presentable to visit Anna’s house.”

We all laughed and pulled our clothes back on. Anna, Junior, and I waited on the sidewalk while Selma closed up her shop. She emerged, glowing and smiling, with a big shopping bag in her hand. She locked the front door and joined us.

“Hmmmmm, I can’t wait to get some dessert,” she said to me as she gave me a warm peck on the cheek.

I wrapped my arm her waist and pulled her to the car.

“I’m famished,” I said, as Anna laughed and we all got in the car.

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