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Sweet Restraints

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“Lay down on the bed,” she said, standing before me wearing just this little diaphanous garment so thin and short I could see the twin dark circles of her jutting nipples, as well as the gentle flare of her slim hips. Just a hair’s breadth below the gauzy hem was the trimmed pubis and sweet pink flesh I wanted to badly to plunder. But not right now. She was in control tonight, and I was doing whatever she said.

Still in my clothes from work, I did as I was told, stretching out on the queen-size bed, head propped up against the ample pillows. She approached the end of the bed, leaning down so her perky breasts pushed deliciously against the sheer lingerie, and giving me an equally delicious view of the creamy tops of her tits from the low-cut top of it. My cock stirred inside my pants as she slowly removed my shoes and socks, tossing them aside. Next, she unbuckled my belt and slid my black slacks off my legs. Underneath my boxers, my cock strained ever upward, desperately wanting to be released from its cotton-mix prison. All in good time, I thought, smiling inwardly.

Sliding up from my legs, she seductively grazed her nipples against my thrumming member as she worked the buttons of my shirt (the tie had already been undone and pulled free before I entered the bedroom), revealing my tan chest and stiffening nipples. She peeled back the shirt and bent down, kissing my chest, licking my nipples and then sucking each one until they ached and my back arched, cock pushing up to meet her wet hot woman-flesh. I thrust my hips up slightly, wanting entrance to her, to feel that warm velvety glove of her secret inner flesh wrapped tightly around my manhood, but she would give me no admittance, yet.

Smiling mischievously, eyes flashing in the semi-dark, she slithered back down my torso, lips brushing over my bulging cock-head, shuddering waves of pleasure coursing through me. I groaned. The cotton material of my shorts was thin and the soft contours of her mouth and chin touching me felt so luscious, but I wanted more, more, more!

Not quite yet, I knew. Just that half-lidded yet sexy-as-hell look she gave me said it all. Even now, sometimes we could look at each other and just know what the other was thinking.

She backed off the bed slowly, but just enough to where the hem of her lingerie rode up her thighs to give me a sweet two-second shot of her moist pussy. A thin line of dark pubic hair led from just above her clit, stopping several inches below her belly button. She’d shaved for me before, which I thought was very sensual in many ways, but just this little neatly-trimmed signature of soft curly hair was something altogether sexual. As if it was an arrow pointing to her sacred opening.

She walked over to the headboard on my right, reaching up and grabbing a silk scarf tied to the right bedpost. She didn’t ask but just lifted my right wrist, and deftly lashed one end of the silk binding to it. Walking around to the left side of the bed, she did the same with my left wrist. She left my legs free.

Standing in front of me at the foot of bed, she stripped off the nightgown, dropping it soundlessly to the floor. Climbing onto the bed, she crawled on all fours up to me, bending down and kissing my legs, both of them, until her mouth hung just an inch from my trapped cock. She pulled the waistband down so the swollen tip of my member poked out and she licked the sensitive underside of my glans, making me jerk with the sudden ecstasy of it. My hands both pulled automatically at my silken bonds, but I wasn’t going to pull those knots out. She was very good at that.

She kissed the damp end of my cock-head, tasting my pre-cum and lapping at it delicately, then pulled the boxers down my legs. She returned to her position before me, but spread my legs so she could lie on her stomach flat on the bed. Gripping my cock with one hand, she took me all the way into her warm wet mouth, alternately sucking me and stroking me as she pulled my throbbing hardness out, giving the head a quick, darting lick. My balls filled, heavy and full, as my arousal grew in waves, but she kept the tight clamp with the fingers of her left hand. I loved watching her suck me like this, seeing the soft fall of her hair past her face and shoulders (pushing it behind her ears so I could see), the bobbing motion of her head, pink-red lips hungrily stretched around my cock as she continued taking me in, all the way in, and then out. She was stroking me and I felt the white-hot rush coming, coming so soon now, and my hips twitched, back pushing up, and she squeezed the base of my cock, preventing my impending ejaculation.

She lifted her body from between my legs, sliding sideways, and reaching one hand to the nightstand. She picked up something small and white, shaped like a large ring. But it didn’t look metal, but something like soft plastic or rubber.

She licked the object, moistening it, and I knew what it was now. She moved back to the juncture of my trembling legs and slipped the cock-ring over the head of my penis. Snug, but she was able to skin it down to the base. I had already softened somewhat in the ten seconds she had stopped her pleasurable ministrations, but as soon as she applied the cock-ring, I hardened immediately. It was tight around my taut flesh, but not painful. And somehow, the sight of my enlarged, vein-bulging cock-flesh, because of the ring, enhanced my own arousal. The wet head of my cock glistened, and I wanted her sweet mouth on my again, but that wasn’t what she wanted. She was, after all, holding the cards at the moment. That was also very, very sexy.

Pivoting around on her ass, with her back facing me now, she moved back until her small heart-shaped buttocks were touching my scrotum. I felt her hands on my upper thighs, rubbing, as she lifted her ass. I could see how damp and hot for me she was now as she raised her hips up higher. Her soft pink labia glimmered wetly, beckoning me, wanting me to devour it, to take it, but that wasn’t going to happen now. She would devour me!

Lowering herself, she placed her fleshy lips against my cock-head. I moaned aloud as I felt and watched her pussy take me in, inch by inch, the sweet folds of flesh hugging my rigid member. She cried out, head thrown back, long dark tresses flowing down her back as she slid all the way down my cock. The ring tightened even more around me, even though that was impossible, because it was just my arousal making me harder, and the ring.

She undulated, her hips and ass, back and forth; up and down she rode me, the upper half of her body resting on her elbows as she pumped on me. I watched, transfixed by this wholly beautiful sight. I saw my cock disappear inside her tight sheath as she fluidly bucked, piston-like, only to reappear seconds later. I was entranced. A few times she pushed me as far inside of her as possible, her inner muscles contracting around me and I thought I would surely cum, but the ring prevented the copious load of semen from erupting.

I knew she was close to her impending orgasm, because her movements quickened, became faster, the flesh of her ass slapping against me, slick with her honeyed fluids. She cried out my name, over and over again, as she fucked me, and then screamed like some primal beast, grinding her pussy down on me, hands digging into the flesh of my legs.

She kept me inside, still hard and throbbing, but slumped down. I writhed beneath her. I ached to cum. I wanted it, no matter how or what. I didn’t care if I had anything else in this world, but that. I wanted to fill her with hot cum, no matter in what orifice, or even on her back, belly, tits, or face. I was a pure sexual animal in heat, big time.

She leaned up, pulling me out, and I almost begged for her not to. She grinned down at me, the tip of her tongue touching her top lip. She snaked up to me, over my cock and instead kissing my belly and chest, then my lips, and I could feel the heat of her plundered wet pussy against me. I moved my hips and the head nudged past her parted labia, entering her. Facing me now, she rode me this way, looking down at me, eyes half-closed and dark hair spilling down her shoulders and framing her angelic face. She pumped furiously on me, nipples inches from my straining mouth, and came long and hard, shrieking. Sweat rolled down my face, chest, and back. I grunted and tried to force my own orgasm, thinking my cock would explode from the pressures exuded by the ring.

She didn’t slump against me but instead sat back up, releasing my cock from inside her. Wetness dripped from her distended pussy lips and from my engorged member. She quickly slipped the ring off, but a half-second before it left me I panicked she might not be able to remove it. But when it came off, I almost did. But she gripped me with one hand, and lowered herself back onto my cock. When I was completely enveloped in her, and my orgasm began to rocket out of control, she bucked up and down, hard, and I matched her screams of ecstasy with my own. It seemed like the streams of molten fluid would never cease spurting as I came and came, endlessly, it seemed. My hips jerked, hands tugging hard against the sweet, silken restraints.

After some time I realized I’d not lost consciousness but sort of fell into a numb bliss after my orgasms. Never had multiples before, but there was a first time for everything. My hands were free and I wrapped them around the soft warm body laying pressed against me, kissing her sleeping face.

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