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Sweet Little Skateboarder

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The young man in the story is 19 years old.

This story begins in a bathroom at Washington Park in 1973…


Chapter One: Roaming eyes.

I was minding my own affairs, just taking a leak in the men’s room in the park, when it came to my attention that I had an audience down at the other end of the long through urinal. I glanced over, and saw that it was a guy that had been sitting on the side of the hill watching us work.

The guy was staring at me while I relieved myself, so I gave him a thrill by putting my hands on my hips and letting my cock swing freely. I saw his eyes bug out at that, and when my eyes happened to go downward, it was obvious what he was doing.

Shaking my head, I exhaled while he jerked himself off. His fingers were moving like a blur while he masturbated, and although this kind of thing didn’t turn me on, the guy looked so pitiful that I let him look while he finished himself off, reaching a climax just after I stretched and wiggled my cock and prepared to zip up.

I went over to the sink and washed my hands before exiting the bathroom to go back to work on the road resurfacing we had been working on all day. For some reason, after I left the building I stepped around the corner of the building and waited for the guy to emerge.

When he did, my initial reaction was guilt, because the guy looked really young – only about 5’7′ and maybe 120 pounds – with long blonde hair and blue eyes. He darted out of the bathroom right after I did and looked around, his head almost spinning as he tried to see where I had gone.

As he came around the corner of the building, I stepped from my hiding place, and he jumped when I suddenly appeared before him, almost a foot taller and probably twice his weight. He cried out in shock, and tried to act like nothing was going on, but I didn’t let him.

“How was it?” I asked, stepping in front of him as he tried to dance around me.


“I asked you how it was for you. You think I didn’t see what you were doing in there? What are you, the park pecker checker?” I asked, knowing the reputation that the park had. “Does your Mommy and Daddy know what you spend the day doing? This place is nowhere a kid like you should be hanging out!”

“I ain’t no kid,” the guy said defiantly.

“You sure as hell aren’t 18.”

“I’m 19,” I said, sticking his chin out and trying to act tough.

“Never know it by what I saw in there,” I sneered, enjoying his face turn red.

“Well, I am,” he said. “Never had no complaints either.”

I could understand that, because he was definitely nice looking, but still and all hanging around a public bathroom was asking for trouble, especially for somebody as weak and innocent looking as him.

“If you want to live to see 20 you won’t do reckless stuff,” I warned him. “If I was a sicko you could be dead right now.”

“Couldn’t help it. I was watching you work all morning and you turned me on,” he said. “Wanted to check you out.”

“I guess you liked what you saw.”

“Hell yeah.”

“Then you should have just introduced yourself,” I said, my attitude softening the more I hung around the kid. “Maybe we could go out or something.”

“Oh yeah?”

“Why not?” I said, and started to feel self-conscious about how I looked, clad in a blue denim shirt with the sleeves ripped off and jeans filthy from working all day. “I look better when I’m clean.”

“No,” the guy said. “I like you as you are now. I like it dirty and nasty and rough.”

“Oh yeah?” I laughed. “I think I’d break you in two if I got rough.”

“I’ve had big men before,” he said. “I bend but don’t break, but if you want to give it a try, we can go back in there.”

“No thanks,” I said. “Toilet stalls don’t make it with me. If you want to, I get off at 5.”

“I’ll wait.”

“What’s your name, anyway? I’m Howard.”

“Tim,” he said, and stuck out his hand, which disappeared into mine.

True to his word, Tim waited, watching me work from his vantage point on the hill for the next hour and a half, and when we locked up our equipment, he followed me from a safe distance until my co-workers had taken off.

“Should I ride with you?” I asked, nodding at the skateboard he had in his hand. “You have a place?”

“I live with my folks,” he said, and I stopped dead in my tracks, looking over at him from across the hood of my truck.

“Here,” Tim said, skidding his wallet across the hood. “You old guys are so paranoid.”

“You might be 19 but I think you lied about the height,” I chuckled after glancing at the pertinent information. “You would have to stand on a box to be 5’9″ like it says.”

“And for the record, I’m not that old. I’m 47, and that’s only old compared to you,” I informed him. “Just don’t want to end up in jail. No offense. I like young, but legal young.”

“That’s cool,” Tim said. “I like older. Old and rough. Is it a long way to your place?”

“Ten minutes.”

Chapter Two: Flying home.

“Want me to warm you up on the way?” Tim asked, his hand reaching over as he started leaning towards me.

“Buckle up,” I told him, brushing his hand from my lap as I stepped on the gas, hoping to shave a couple of minutes off of my usual commute.

I did make it in eight, but not only because of the traffic. The incentive of having a hot young twink in the car was mostly the reason, and as I drove I glanced over at him from time to time to check him out.

Tim was wearing a baggy tank-top and even baggier shorts. It looked like he had a nasty skateboarding accident, because there was no skin on his right knee. He was skinny, but wiry, and while I first I thought that he had a hairless body, I discovered through closer examination that he did have a sprinkling of hair on his legs and under his arms, but it was so blonde that it was almost invisible.

I swung into my apartment complex and as I hopped out of the truck, Tim jumped on his skateboard and glided toward the building’s front door, making me hope that nobody would see me bringing him into my place. Who knows what they might think?

“Make yourself comfortable,” I told Tim after we got inside my place, and after thumbing through my mail, went towards the refrigerator and was preparing to ask my young friend if her would like something when the words caught in my throat.

Tim was just shedding his underwear as I began to speak, tossing them on the arm of my couch in a pile with his tank-top, shorts and sneakers, and was standing there naked in the middle of my living room. He had cupped his dick in his hand and tugged on it a couple of times before dropping his hand and staring at me blankly.

“You don’t waste any time,” I said, my eyes taking in his scrawny body.

His dick didn’t look quite as small as it had back at the urinal, but it wasn’t much bigger than my thumb as it stood out straight at me.

“You like what you see?” Tim asked, as he stood there completely at ease.

“Very much,” I told him. “I was kinda hoping I could take a shower or something first.”

“No,” Tim told me. “We can take one later. I want you just as you are.”

Tim took a couple of steps and was in right in front of me, the top of his head at the level of my collarbone as he ran his hands over my chest before unbuttoning my shirt. After he got to the last button Tim pulled it open roughly and yanked it off my shoulders.

Normally I was the take-charge type, but Tim’s aggressive attitude had not only set me back on my heels, but turned me on as well, so despite being uncomfortable about being so grubby and sweaty, I let Tim have his way.

It was clear that not only wasn’t Tim offended by my appearance, it appeared to turn him on, as his hands grabbed fist-fulls of my chest hair while he chewed on my nipple. When I cupped the back of his head and drew him even closer to my chest, Tim grabbed my hand and yanked it over my head and proceeded to bury his face under my arm.

Tim was practically humping my leg as he licked and sucked what had to be a pungent armpit, making grunting noises like an animal as he chewed on the sweat-drenched jungle that filled my underarm. The feral aroma that filled the air seemed to inflame Tim, who was clawing at my belt with his free hand.

I helped Tim get the belt open and in seconds he had my jeans and boxers down to my ankles, dropping down to his knees as the clothes went down.

“Oh man!” Tim groaned, his fists grabbing my semi-turgid cock, pumping it a few times before peeling back the foreskin and jamming the exposed glans into his mouth.

His fists pumped the shaft of my cock while he started moving his lips further down my organ with each bob of his head. Taking one hand off my cock, he reached down and grabbed my balls, which were slippery with sweat, and started kneading them in his clenched fist.

“Like to play rough, huh Timmy?” I growled, reaching down and grabbing a hand full of his long blonde hair, using it to pull him to his feet.

“Yeah!” Tim snapped.

I shoved him over to the couch, practically throwing him over the back of it. Timmy was reaching over to grab his shorts, and when his hand went into his pocket for a second I wondered whether he was pulling out a weapon.

“Here,” Tim grunted while reaching back and handing me a tube of lubricant.

I squeezed out a gob of it and spread his ass cheeks as wide as I could while he hung over the back of the couch, his feet dangling in the air. His anus looked so tiny, and seeing the puckered ring that was pink and hairless made me feel evil, but when I stuck a finger in he didn’t make a sound but took it willingly, along with a second digit soon after.

Tim grunted when I squeezed the third finger in, but I only left that it for a second before replacing it with the head of my greased cock. His ass was tight, and he squealed a little as I moved the ridge of the crown into him, but when I forced more of my tool into him he only said one word.

“Harder,” he grunted, and he kept repeating the word.

Soon, he started adding, “You fucker!” to the word, and I lost any pretense of restraint. I yanked back his head by the scalp and began thrusting into his tight asshole with all my might.

It was like a chorus, Tim’s exhorting me, my grunting and breathing that sounded like a steam engine, and the slapping of our skin together as I rammed into him. The couch was being nudged across the carpet a little bit with each thrust, and finally had to stop when we got perilously close to the TV.

“You cum?” Tim asked.

“No,” I said, and Tim’s sweaty body squirmed out of my grasp.

“Want to look at you,” Tim said as he climbed onto the back of my couch and faced me.

I nodded and brought my cock to his gaping anus, having to pull his nuts out of the way before plunging back into his ass. Tim’s upper torso was horizontal, and as I watched him suspend himself out over the couch I marveled at the athletic and nimble nature of his young body, figuring a move like that would put me in traction.

I held onto Tim’s hips as I resumed moving in and out of him, aroused by the sight of his twig and berries flopping wildly with each movement we made. He grabbed his dick and started pulling on it but I pulled his hand off of his stem and took his dick between my thumb and forefinger and started yanking on it for real, slapping his nuts with the rest of my hand on each down-stroke.

He let out a cry, and for a second I thought I was hurting him, a thought that disappeared when I watched jets of cum fly out of his little pecker, spraying himself and the surrounding furniture like an out-of-control garden hose.

Seeing that made me cum as well, and I emptied my load deep into his ass while Tim’s body finally fell back down onto the couch. My cock wiggled out of his bony butt but the golf-ball-sized crater remained wide open.

“Okay?” I asked, reaching down and pulling Tim up to a sitting position as he nodded, and with that I picked him up and carried him into my bedroom.

Chapter Three: Still eager.

I tossed the little man on my bed, expecting to see him in a daze from what I had just given him, but he was still alive and well. Climbing on top of me as I rolled onto my back, Tim straddled my thighs and grabbed my spent cock.

“That was fucking awesome, man,” Tim said as he started to pull hard on my limp member, stretching it up as far as he could. “Want some more of that.”

“Spunky guy, aren’t you?” I laughed.

“Am I hurting you?” Tim asked, and when I shook my head he proceeded to yank on it even harder, milking my flaccid cock with a wild look in his eyes.

“You got a big fucking cock man,” Tim said, his fists spinning around on my tool which might have started to show a little sign of life, but I wasn’t 19, I was 47, and no matter how hot I thought Tim was and how badly I wanted him, it was going to be a while before I was going to get hard again.

“You should take Viagra,” Tim commented when I told him he was going to need to be patient. “I want to meet one of these guys who have one of those 4 hour boners. Man, I would be in heaven if I could ride your hog for 4 hours.”

“Give me some time, Tim.”

“I got all night,” Tim said, and then leaned forward, bringing his dick up against mine. “Like my dick?”

“Sure do,” I sighed, watching Tim rub the tip of his dick against mine, the pale cone dipping under my foreskin to share the moist dripping that was coming from his reenergized tool.

“Pretty little, ain’t it?” Tim asked.

“Big enough,” I said. “Comes back to life fast too.”

“Yeah,” Tim said. “I like the way it feels when our dicks rub together, don’t you? Damn, with yours next to mine it makes your cock look even bigger. What have you got? Seemed like it was a foot long hard.”

“No,” I laughed. “Not even close.”

“Felt like it when it was in my ass,” Tim said, his body starting to rise and fall as he kept rubbing his boner against my dick. “Gonna cum again.”

“Want me to do anything?” I asked, enjoying Tim’s beet-red face strain as he held our cocks together.

“Balls,” Tim grunted. “Grab my balls.”

I reached down and grabbed his sac, which was pretty big compared to his dick, and as I rolled his balls around in my palm he exhorted me to work them harder.

“HARDER!” Tim screamed. “Yank them!”

I obliged, kneading and twisting them much harder than I ever would have without him cursing at me, and as I did Tim’s eyes rolled back in his head and he let out a howl that sounded like it should have come from anything but a little twink like Tim.

He came as he howled, that little pecker spurting out cum like a cannon, jet after jet erupting from his dick while his eyes rolled back in his head until only the whites were showing. By the time he was finished, Tim’s semen was all over my chest, stomach and cock, but not for long.

Tim dove down and began lapping at the mess he had made, his tongue working through the mat of hair on my chest all the way down to my cock. He was able to take most of my cock into his mouth, since it was not hard yet, but when I didn’t rise fast enough Tim grew impatient.

“I want your cock in me real bad, man,” Tim insisted. “Roll over.”


Chapter Four: I roll over.

I got on all fours like Tim wanted, raising my ass high in the air while putting my head on the bedding. Looking down, I saw Tim’s skinny legs mostly obscured by my dangling cock and balls as he knelt behind me.

Tim seized my cock with both hands while I felt his face burrow between my ass cheeks. The sound of him spitting into my crack was followed by the sensation of his tongue against my anus. He was trying to shove his entire face into my sweaty and hairy crack while his tongue worked around my puckered ring.

Nothing seemed to bother this little man. He was impossible to offend, and the intensity of his desire was infectious. Soon the semi-turgid cock that he had been savagely milking was now full erect, and when that happened I pulled Tim’s hands off of me and shoved him to the bedding.

“Yeah man,” Tim chortled, happily throwing himself on all fours and presenting his bony little ass to me.

The wrinkled anus showed no ill effects from being probed just a little earlier, and as I quickly lubed Tim up again he made it clear what he wanted.

“I want it all this time,” Tim snapped, wiggling his butt as I climbed behind him. “Right up to your balls man. Don’t be a pussy.”

“Shut the fuck up,” I said, grabbing a hand full of his hair and pulling his scalp back while jamming the head of my tool into his tight asshole.

“Shut me up!” Tim said playfully, and I tried not to laugh while enjoying our interplay.

I gave it all to Tim, and even when I hit the wall he kept pushing back into me. Tim yelped each time I probed him to the limit, but kept pushing back every time. Now we were going at it in such a crazed way that to a bystander it would have seemed brutal, but to Tim it was anything but.

“I was like zoned out man,” Tim told me later. “It was far fucking out.”

The words I would have used to describe it would have been different, but the meaning would have been similar. Tim couldn’t get enough. He implored me to go harder – go faster. When my energy flagged he encouraged me to spank him while we fucked, and I did until both ass cheeks were scarlet.

When at last it appeared even Tim had begun to wilt, I pulled my cock out of his ass and leaned back, watching while my cock spat seed into his gaping anus. Tim gasped each time he felt my spunk coat his bowels.

After slapping his red ass with my dead dick, I collapsed beside Tim and tried to catch my breath and get my heart beating somewhat regularly again. Tim rolled over smiling as he looked at my beaten appearance, his dick pointing up in the air.

“Can I do you?” Tim asked hopefully. “I don’t usually, but I love your ass.”

I smiled and nodded, and suggested Tim go at it without lube. I barely felt his slender prong as he slid it in as far as he could, and he didn’t last very long, sending his cum into me less than a minute later.

“Thanks man,” Tim said after rolling me over and giving me a hug. “It felt as good as it tasted.”

“How about that shower?” I suggested.

“In a minute,” Tim said, snuggling up next to me and burying his face under my arm, licking around playfully. “You smell so awesome though.”

I managed to get us into the shower, which took long enough to exhaust the hot water supply, and after we got dressed I took Tim out to dinner. He refused my offer of a real restaurant, instead insisting on a fast food burger joint, and after that I drove him home.

“Maybe I’ll catch you again sometime man,” Tim said before getting out of my truck.

“You know where to find me,” I said. “I’ll keep an eye out for you.”

Tim nodded and threw his skateboard to the concrete before jumping on it and flying down his driveway at a speed that made me shudder. Nothing like a couple of hours with a skateboarder to make you feel your age, I thought as I drove home at a much slower speed.

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