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Melanie Meets Suzanne

My sex life through school was mostly fantasy. No, I was not virgin by the time a graduated but I did have rather limited experience and that was all right. I did not wish to have the reputation of some girls. And I truly believed in safe sex – which the safest sex I knew of was in fantasy.

All through high school I had been curious. No one really knew. At times I wished a couple of close friends knew. I mean, it may have been nice to explore the curious side if for no other reason to learn about me. Am I bisexual or simply curious?

Then the summer I graduated I met Suzanne. I think most everyone from my class was invited to this huge summer party. The house was packed! I had run into my ex and wanted to avoid him so I walked into a different room. I sat on a bar stool, sipping a soda. From behind me I heard, “Do you want something a lil stronger?” I turned to see Suzanne.

She was not from our school. In fact, as she and I talked I learned she was 22 – a college girl spending the summer in town. I passed on a stronger drink and we kept talking. She wasn’t much of a drinker either. She said she was glad to find someone to talk with who would be able to talk as the night wore on.

Suzanne and I just clicked. Her sense of humor fit mine. Her serious side fit mine. We made fun of the same guests. We sang along with the same songs. She even pulled me out to dance a couple times. It was a girlfriend kind of a thing, not at all sexual in my mind. And as the night grew later and later, we kept coming back together. Giggling about someone or something. Talking and watching the drunks.

At 18, my curfew was no longer the midnight of high school. So I didn’t worry about time. Thank goodness. I was having a really good time. When I was Dustin’s girlfriend, parties were never much fun. It was as if I always had to be aware of where he was, who I talked with, do not look at other guys! But that night, I could just be me. And so as time passed, I didn’t care.

I think it was about 1 AM. Suzanne and I were sitting close on a sofa. By then, between the music and the party noise, we had to sit close to hear each other. The lights were low. We could faintly see couples hugging, kissing, making out. Some were going a lil beyond making out. We made quiet jokes about some of the couples. Pointing out certain things we could see.

As Suz raised her hand to point out a guy dry humping a girl against the wall, her hand accidentally brushed over my breast. Well, I thought it was accidental. I mean, it for sure wasn’t a grope. Her hand was on her knee, she lifted it to point, and it went across my breast. Just an accident. And when she lowered her hand, she put it on my arm.

We kept talking and watching. As we talked, her hand would squeeze my arm to make a point. Or she would softly rub my arm as she listened to me.

To this day, I cannot tell you when it started but… Suz was actually caressing my breast! NO, no, no, this was not at all an accidental brushing. At some point as we talked, at some point while rubbing and squeezing my arm innocently, she had moved her hand up my arm and it was now cupping my right boob. Not just cupping, truly caressing. A gentle touch. A very sexual touch. An arousing touch.

Of all the nights I had hidden under my covers, touching and exploring myself, my mind filled with thoughts of a girl I had a secret crush on at the time, my thoughts of her breast in my hand or, maybe, the fantasy it was her hand below my tummy, I had not at all seen this coming. Now, right now, a really cute girl was actually for reals feeling me up.

THAT was the moment, the moment I realized it could happen. After being curious so long, but also being so really shy about it and coming to the conclusion I was just too shy for it to happen, IT could happen!

I probably looked totally stupid just then. I had been telling Suz about one couple over in the corner when I realized what she was doing. I stopped mid-sentence. It took just seconds for fantasy after fantasy rushed through my head. Seconds for me to reach my conclusion the possibility existed my curiosity maybe satisfied.

My nipples were ahead of my mind. For the warm summer party, I had worn a light tank top, no bra. My boobs are tiny but my nips are very very sensitive – and reactive. As I looked into Suz’s eyes, there was no way at all I could hide my arousal. In the dark, I could see the grin on her face. Right there, in the room with friends all around, she kissed me. And I did not care if anyone saw.

Suz stood, taking my hand, she led me to a back room. The door had no sooner closed behind us when she took me into her arms and we kissed. A very passionate kiss. We stood playing tongue tag, making out. Her hand went under my top, lifting it, exposing my breasts. She was squeezing like I would myself. She was ever so gently pinching just like I did at night in bed alone. She was not at all harsh like Dustin. I was grinding into her as we kissed, as she played havoc with my breasts. My clitty was throbbing and eager for the touch I usually gave her. Suz knew too. Her hand lowered. I sucked in my breath with the mounting excitement as her fingers slipped into the waistband of my shorts.

Her hand cupped my pussy, squeezing. The heel of her hand pressed tightly to clitty. Suz was sucking my nipple as she teased my pussy and I came. I was embarrassed to have cum so quickly!

But Suz just kissed her way back up to my mouth. With our lips together, she slowed the rubbing below as my orgasm ebbed. Then she began again, alternately her fingers would enter then her heel would massage. She was in me doing wonderful things or she was massaging my mound. I wanted her kisses yet I needed air. My legs could barely keep me standing. And I knew I would cum again. Moments after my first, I felt an orgasm building. The first had happened so quickly it snuck up on me. But this one, I knew it was there! As I ground my pussy to her hand, gasping air, I came again.

My legs were weak and Suz held me up more than I stood on my own. And I heard people at the door. Later that night, Suz told me they had been there a few minutes, waiting to “use” the room. She gave me a ride home. We made out a lil more but I never “touched” her that night. She didn’t seem to want it. She told me she would come by to pick my up in a few days if I wanted to do something. Oh God did I want!!

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