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Suzanne – The Inner Self

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It had been a long night out with the girls and most of us were sober enough to call a cab and then Betsy starts talking about fantasies.

“Men always have some fantasy they insist we try, am I right?”

I nodded, as did Samantha, Alana and Jenna as Betsy continued to regale us with her latest pontification.

“So last week Jeff decides it would be all nice an exciting for me to dress up as a school girl, you know the knee socks, little skirt white blouse? Well….”

I thought about my own sex life and if any of these friends of mine had ever left the world of vanilla sex, like I had.

“…and so after all that preparation my hair and that silly outfit. Jeff comes home basically flips up the back of my skirt, bends me over and wham bam his cock is spewing his cum in my pussy and he’s off for a beer.”

We all laughed at Betsy’s story, sure that it was unfortunately the truth. I wondered again if any of them could handle a man with a true desire to fulfill his and their fantasy. These girls, and I was there a while ago, play pretend with their boyfriends or husbands, I took it to the next level.

“You think that’s a tough one, let me tell you….”

Alana started in on her own fantasy story but I was thinking back to when I left their world and stepped into a dark fantasy I’ve had all my life. I was at a party some friends had thrown about a year ago. Tim was out on the deck with the guys so I’d spent a few hours mingling at the party and was about get him and leave when this tall and attractive man stops me. He took my hand lightly and said.

“You have the perfect body and I apologize if that offends you.”

Stunned at the time but offended, no not at all. This fairly nice looking man just admired my body, a body that I’ve always considered workable but nothing special. I’m five foot six, so already I’m kind of the head sticking up in the crowd of women, I do like my hair though, a nice shade of Auburn that I let just brush atop my shoulders. Now as for my breasts? One day I love them the next I wish I had breasts. Ok, I’m a thirty four B cup and while they are a nice handful, I sometimes get a little worked up when every guy in the place glues their eyes to the 42 DDD with the tight T-shirt. I digress! I’ve got legs and an ass so God wasn’t totally messing with me and my green eyes have been said to mesmerize both women and men. But the perfect body?

“I’m not offended but amused at your exaggeration, Mr.?”

“You may call me Robert, Miss? Or is it Mrs.?”

“Suzanne. My husband is outside. Do you always use that line on women? The perfect body thing?”

“Suzanne, but you do. I bet you are one of those silly women who is always standing in the mirror saying ‘If my nose were just a little more to the left, or my ear lobes just a hair longer and my boobs I wish they were.’ Yet, Suzanne when a man looks at the total package and how well matched the breasts are to the ass and the legs as well as the way the face is sculptured, we are very pleased.”

“I think you’ve had too much to drink Robert.”

“Oh Suzanne, do not run from your looks and make fun when a man tells you he finds you attractive. I’m sure your husband enjoys you completely, fills your every desire. Do not be afraid of me, I only give a woman what she asks for.”

“And you think I was asking for someone to tell me how perfect my body was?”

“In a way yes. But I must be off now may I give you my card? I know how less safe it is for a beautiful woman to give out her number.”

I nodded and before I could move he slipped his card down the front of my blouse, nestling it right atop my left nipple. I gasped and looked up to say something and saw only the back of Robert leaving. Not wanting to cause a scene at my friend’s party I left the card where it sat, removing it in the bathroom and putting it in the bottom of my purse, then going to find Tim.

“…then he can’t even get it up.”

We all laughed as Alana finished her story and then Samantha said.

“Man at least you all have a story, my guy is pretty vanilla all the time. He’s never even tried to do it with me anywhere but the bed. He’s nice and I do like it but I’m thinking a good story would be nice too, at least once in a while.”

Yeah, I tell myself if you can handle it Sam. I took a few weeks and finally retrieved the card from Mr. you’ve got a perfect body and called him. I asked Bob if he remembered me from the party a few weeks ago and he said, in a very deep and commanding type of voice, a voice that startled me.

“My name is Robert and yes I recall you Suzanne. What is it I may do for you?”

Ok, I was stunned by his question, I mean he gave me his card and asked me to call now he wants to know what I want. I lamely said. “I found your card.”

Yeah on my nipple, how stupid was it for me to recall that in the fist few minutes of this call.

“I just wanted to call and find out more about a man who says the kinds of things you said.”

“Suzanne, I think you called me for two reasons, One because you truly appreciated the fact that I recognized the perfection of your body.”

He paused and I said.

“I believe you said two reasons?”

“Yes but before I tell you the second one, I know you will hang up the phone immediately and I understand. You will call back. The second reason my Suzanne is that you liked how I used your body the other night putting my card over your nipple. You are looking for a man who will take control unlike your husband, am I right?”

I did hang up the phone and I did call back a couple of days later.

“Yeah he’s always like, just try it baby, I know you’ll like it. I told him the other night that if it so good to buy me a strap on and I do him.”

We all gave Jenna the high five and when it became my turn I said.

“Tim and I have a good life but he’s never approached me with any of those fantasies.”

I then begged off with a headache and left. I grinned to myself as I walked out thinking about that line ‘not tonight I have a headache’. In the cab I recalled now that second phone call.

“Bob its me Suzanne!’

“My name is Robert.”

“I’m sorry Robert, I won’t forget again and I’m sorry I hung up on you the other night.”

“I am sure it will happen again before you understand your nature, Suzanne. In fact that last sentence probably had you clenching the phone and thinking about it, am I right?”

“Damn you yes, You are so, so …”

“I think the word is right. Now meet me tomorrow at 11 and Joe’s coffee on Main. I prefer you in a simple skirt and blouse, medium heels and stockings not panty hose. I assume it will be no problem for you to make an excuse for your husband?”

“Who do you…”

“Now Suzanne let us not play games, till tomorrow then?”

He hung up the phone and left me angry. How dare this man tell me where and when to meet or how to dress, why the sheer effrontery of that man. I was sitting patiently at Joes the next day in a basic black skirt, a while cotton blouse, medium heels and stockings, clipped to a garter belt, no pantyhose. My husband was at work.

Robert came in and went straight to the counter returning with two cups of coffee. He set one down in front of me and I said.

“Robert I really don’t like coffee.”

He looked at me briefly then picked up his cup, took a drink and said.

“Suzanne, it is a gift from me, please do not insult me. Drink it. I want you to know what pleases me, and this coffee pleases me. Drink it and learn more about me.”

I reluctantly drank the coffee, black and it was bitter but I made it through. When I’d finished Robert said.

“I believe you are the type of woman who can enjoy both a man and a woman.”

Did he just ask me about my sexual preferences. Why am I here, I’ve got to go. But instead I said.

“Not that it’s any of your business Robert but I’m straight, I enjoy men in my bed.”

“Yes, I know that Suzanne, but I think you also enjoy the occasional woman too! Do not lie to me Suzanne.

Damn it, how did he know?

“Maybe once or twice.”

It was a lie. I’ve had a few affairs with women, first because they were beautiful and so very good in bed, but also because I always felt less of a cheat as long as it was with a woman.

“See. Telling the truth is good for you Suzanne. I want to cook you a meal. What night can you make it?”

I thought about my husband and his regular haunts and said.

“Thursday my husband is out with the boys that night.”

“Come to my house at 7 PM. Please be punctual the meal is delicate and I would hate to have it ruined. Wear something appropriate for an evening meal, Suzanne. A nice skirt, blouse and heels. Please recall that I do not like panty hose so again stockings.”

Then he took my hand in his and kissed the back of it.

“I look forward to getting to know you better Suzanne.”

I found a decent skirt and blouse but had to buy a bra and panties. I was meeting a stranger at his house for dinner, lying to my husband and refusing to fool myself about my own intentions. If this went the way I was beginning to hope then I was on the edge of an affair. I knew it. I knew it would be wrong but something about Robert left me unable to think beyond myself or of my family. I would be there at 7 PM.

Dinner was one of the best I’d eaten in a long time and after Robert asked me to come to his den.

“Please stand here, Suzanne and let me admire you.”

I stood still. I was a bit confused at how distant Robert had seemed, his conversation casual all through dinner. Now standing here while he sat comfortably in his chair I began to feel a bit nervous.

“Suzanne your body is beautiful. I think you want to remove your blouse and show me your breasts. Please now.”


Who knows where that came from but the follow up from me was lame, even I will admit it.

“You want me to just strip for you?”

Robert smiled and said.

“Its what you want Suzanne. I knew the minute I saw you that you want a man to obey. You want a man to let you do things you think are wrong that maybe embarrass you, but inside, Suzanne this is who you are. Please do as I say.”

His tone was so easy yet strong and I found myself unbuttoning my blouse. When I was done he said.

“Hand it to me then go back and stand where you were.”

Moving more on auto I removed my blouse and handed it to him. I could feel my face redden and lifted my arms to shield my bra-encased boobs.

“Put your arms at your side Suzanne. Now turn for me.”

I slowly lowered my arms and turned in a circle and he said.

“Again Suzanne but slowly. Let me see how your breasts compliment you.”

I did as he asked then gulped when he asked for my bra. I stood frozen looking at him and he said.

“Suzanne, I realize you need to pretend, to play this silly game but NOW, take off your bra and give it to me.”

If you asked me right then why I did all this I could not say but I felt something inside me responding to Roberts requests. A feeling so deep in my core that it would take a few more sessions with him before I knew that answer. I handed him my bra and stood naked from the waist up, then turned slowly for him. Next came my skirt and finally my panties. I still remember the stickiness of my thighs as I turned again for Robert displaying my naked body for him. Wearing only the stockings and heels I let him see all of me, every inch of my skin and when he rose from his seat and came to me I stifled a moan. He reached down and pushed my thighs apart, I gave no resistance. His hand then gently parted my labia and touched my wet soaking pussy. I felt ashamed at his knowledge of my excitement. He raised his pussy-dampened hand to his nose and inhaled, then smiled and held that hand to my face.

“Taste the wonder of your sex Suzanne. See how easily I have given you what you seek.”

I leaned forward and licked my own pussy juice from his hand and knew, just knew he was going to take me right there and then. When he told me to dress that it was time to go home I almost cried, but I was already starting so see the benefits of obeying him.

“I want you back here next week, call me and tell me the day.”

As he ushered me out of his house I felt like a cheap slut and believe it or not I liked the feeling. The next day I called Robert and said I was free Tuesday thru Thursday as my husband would be away. I told him I could come to him any time on those days.

On Tuesday morning I received my first package from Robert along with instructions and a time.

I took the package to my room and carefully examined the contents. I was to be at Robert’s by two PM and to wear the clothing in the box, nothing more nothing less. I held out the dress Robert had sent or me to wear. It was a simple shift, but elegant too. Thin straps would hold it in place and the hem would come between my knees and hips. It was my favorite color, red and the garter belt matched. The heels were black and much higher then I was used to, probably a five-inch lift to them. There was no bra, but I don’t usually need one, except this shift would cling to me and my nipples would most certainly be on display. I looked at the clock and needed to get moving if I was to be on time and looking good for Robert.

I had to get used to the height before I could leave and even after all the practice I still stumbled a bit entering Robert’s lobby giving the doorman the impression that I’d drank my lunch. I was pleased to be there so I didn’t even care what I looked like. Even the stares of men as I walked down the street, knowing they were focusing on my breasts and ass and how well they were displayed by this clinging dress. I knocked at Roberts door at 2 PM, on time.

“You must be Suzanne. Come on in Robert is anxious for you to arrive. My name is Ella.”

I did not expect to see a much younger woman, blonde to my auburn, short to my tall, big breasted to my well you know. In fact seeing another woman here at all shocked me and made me wonder but I followed her, because by then I wanted Robert in the worst way. I dressed in clothes he chose, I’d striped for him and I hoped to finally have him inside me today. But this other woman, Ella, she was very attractive and so well built like most of those smaller women.

We entered the room where I’d stripped for Robert while he only watched and I felt myself color at the memory. I could also feel a dampening in my panties confirming that this whole situation was one I really wanted. I almost missed the implication of what Robert was saying to Ella.

“Yes this is Suzanne and she is new. I have decided to see how the two of you get on. Now go and give our guest a proper welcome Ella.”

A proper welcome, as Robert put it, was a lip-to-lip hard deep soul touching kiss that confirmed my panties would need a good cleaning. I pushed her back and was about to protest when Robert said.

“Suzanne, Ella is a gift for you. We both know how you enjoy the soft touch of another woman. Do not be ashamed. I think two women enjoying one another, is a gift from god, now enjoy Ella. Ella, show Suzanne how loving you are.”

I stood frozen this was not on my list of what I wanted today. Ella was now kissing me and working on the mechanism that kept this shift on and before I had a chance to snap out of it and do something her lips were locked on my nipple and I was putty in her hands. I heard someone moaning as Ella used her hand on my other breast as her mouth sucked and bit at my nipple, then her other hand found my wet panties and ripped them from me, tearing the lacey material and leaving my pussy naked. Her fingers pushed my legs far enough apart to find the entrance to my sex and when she started diddling with it I caught fire. I wanted this woman and I began to use my own lips and hands on her. Eventually we were two naked women writhing in each other’s embrace, our faces glued to the others pussy, our tongues stretching and searching deep inside our pussies. I came quickly to Ella’s manipulations and felt her responding soon after. But we didn’t stop, we were savagely eating and kissing each other, using our hands to pinch and twist what we could reach.

I was on my back looking up into her wet swollen pussy just about to pierce her entrance with my tongue once again when I saw a pair of hair legs and then a hard cock entering my line of vision. I watched as that cock speared the pussy I was about to eat and I realized that Robert was fucking Ella. If Ella had not been feasting on my own cunt at the time, the disappointment of not being the recipient of Robert’s beautiful cock might have put me in tears. But Ella was bringing me to orgasm after orgasm and so I sat fascinated watching Robert’s cock fill Ella’s pussy. I’ve never really watched like this before, only in some pornographic movies Tim and I watched years ago.

It was the most erotic thing I’d seen. Robert’s hard cock pummeling Ella’s wet and swollen pussy and here I was only and inch or two from the action. I could see how her labia tried to hold his cock as he withdrew and how it was forced inside her when he pushed into her. I began to lick at Robert’s balls as I could and let my tongue slide on his shaft as he rocked in and out of Ella. When his cock jerked and began to shoot I watched in amazement as his seed flowed around his cock and over the rim of her pussy as he filled her to overflowing. I could not let it go to wasted and did my best to capture any of Robert’s cum that escaped the warm confines of Ell’s pussy.

When he withdrew completely I attacked Ella’s just fucked pussy and sucked both her and Robert’s cum from her hole. I was ravenous and would not be denied.

Later after Ella and I had showered we stood before Robert.

“Ella, thank you for allowing me the pleasure of your cunt today.”

“Sir, it give me joy to know you wanted to use me in such a way. Thank you for this woman, I know I could not have earned her, you have been generous with this slut, sir.”

Sir, and slut and the third person speech. Yes, it was wrong and yes it was right too. I waited for Robert to say something.

“Suzanne, when you are ready to want me for my pleasure and not your own, then you will have found what you are looking for. Today I sensed you wanted me to fuck you for your enjoyment and not for mine. Look to Ella’s words and learn how to serve me. It is the only way you will reach the goal you maybe still deny. Tomorrow you will receive another package and a car will be sent for you. I will test you Suzanne.”

So here I sit, another simple shift, this one black, five-inch heels, stockings and a garter belt, no bra. The one item that’s new is a collar around my neck. It was leather and had one steel ring affixed to the side. I knew what it meant and shivered when I put it on and later when I looked at it in the mirror. I am prepared for tonight, I am ready to please this man and pray that I can. I will do as he says without pause, regardless of what he asks of me. I have come to realize that he was right, I was in need of someone to dominate me, this was what had for so many years crept into my dreams and woke me to damp sheets in the morning. I hear a car door followed shortly by a knock. I open the door to see an older, shabby, somewhat soiled cab driver.

“Miss Suzanne?”


I stammered, still nervous and now wondering exactly what is in store for me.

“I’ve been asked to pick you up and take you to your destination.”

“I’m ready.”

“I’ve been asked to put this on you, Miss Suzanne.”

His hands held a blindfold and I bent my head to allow him to put it on, then he took my hand and carefully guided me to his cab. I could smell the cab long before I got close to it. It stank of sex and urine and other less tantalizing things but I allowed the driver to put me in the back seat. I was a bit dizzy not being able to see where I was, nor able to expect the turns when they came but all in all I just hoped that whet ever vermin lived in this cab did not get on me. The cab came to a stop and the driver assisted me out. I could hear the sounds of traffic and an occasional voice but it felt empty.

“Miss, your man said he’d be here but not until I left. He also told me to squeeze your titties as my tip, I that Ok with you Miss?”

“If you were given permission by him to squeeze my breasts then I would be pleased if you would.”

He did so but did not linger and as the sound of his cab left my hearing it was replaced with footsteps. I quivered in fear, blindfolded alone somewhere I the city, trusting that Robert would have this under control but still nervous.

“I am going to take the dress off Suzanne.”

Robert’s voice assured me and as my dress fell to the ground and I stepped out of it I wondered who was in the area to see me. I felt Robert’s hands at my throat and felt and heard the snap of the chain attaching to my collar.

“Are you prepared to by mine, totally and completely or do I give you your dress and cab fare back to your safe home.”

Before his words were half communicated I had dropped to my knees and pressed my face to his crotch. When he finished I leaned back just a bit and said.

“Suzanne is in the suburbs, your slut is here Master. I am here to serve you and to please you Sir.”

I pressed my face back to his crotch and he tugged on the leash and pulled me to my feet.

“Come then slut, it’s time.”

I heard him open a door and close it behind us. For a minute I could not hear much as the noise of the city still permeated my ears but then after a bit of quiet, I heard voices. As we walked further into this cavernous building the voices grew more distinct and I could hear both men and women. I followed the pull of my Master’s leash until he stopped me. As he did the voices died out and then Robert’s voice took over.

“This is my new slut, she has dedicated herself to my pleasure haven’t you slut?”

“Yes, Sir.”

I knew my cue when it came and hoped I pleased him.

“Tonight it would please me to see her please each of you. As you like come take her leash, in ones or in groups as you wish. I will return in a few hours. I command you not to take her ass. That is mine. When she has earned it, my cock will open her ass, but other then a finger or two, no one is to use her ass.”

So I was to be gang used or at least suffer the sexual desires of a room full of men and women. It scared me but did not deter me from doing my Masters’ bidding. I was blind to their faces and doubted anyone knew me I was just a teacher from the suburbs. I felt my leash dropping to the floor and as Robert’s footsteps began I recalled him saying he would return, that meant he was leaving me. I gasped and said.

“Sir, will you not be here to watch over me?”

His footsteps paused and I heard

“If a simple slut can not trust her Master’s decisions, she may never know her Master.”

I panicked at the thought of losing Him, this Master that until a few days ago I never knew I needed or even wanted. I said.

“It’s not trust sir, Its your sluts desire to prove herself to you, to please you Sir.”

He merely walked away and when his footsteps had faded I felt my leash being pulled and knew my test was to begin. I was told to get on my hands and knees and I quickly complied, then pulled and forced by the leash to move like a dog. My naked ass swaying behind me to an unknown number of eyes, my breasts swinging slightly below me I did my best to keep up. When the tugging stopped so did I and I could smell the scent of a woman’s wet sex so close to me.

“I’ll not wait forever, give her the crop!”

As the first impact jarred my ass and my brain I moved forward searching for the woman’s pussy. I found it just after the second impact on my ass and the pain crept deep into me as I shot my tongue out to lick the woman’s labia and open her wet hole. I licked her as the crop striped my tender ass cheeks. My ass was aflame and my tongue was doing its best to give this strange woman what I could and hoped it would be enough. Her juice flowed as I found her enlarged and tender clit and I flicked my tongue over it in time to the crop as it struck my ass over and over. I could feel the pussy on my tongue tightening and was pleased at what I assumed was my ability or her enjoyment of my ass being painted red.

As this woman began to orgasm for me the crop danced between my legs and landed square on my own pussy causing me to involuntarily howl at the deep searing pain emanating from my tender pussy. The second strike found my own tender clit and I screamed into the strangers pussy as my own body began to convulse in its own orgasm. I somehow remained focused on my task and licked and sucked this woman to her completion and then she shoved me away saying.

“Barely tolerable, poor Robert her has a lot to teach this slut. He should never have taken on a woman this old. It’s the younger ones that adapt.”

I wanted to cry at her abusive words but all too soon I was yanked by my leash and stood. The air made a sound I almost recognized just a second before the crop landed on my left breast, causing my nipple to flare in agony. I was walked a few feet my breasts now receiving the sting of the crop, my nipples growing ever harder and yet tender as the pain flowed though me. Once again I heard the order to get down on my knees and obeyed hoping the punishment to my nipples would cease. As I knelt a cock was pushed against my lips and I readily opened my mouth accepting it.

This was no request for a blow job this cock was fucking my mouth, piercing my throat and making me gag as it drove deeper and deeper into my stretched and aching mouth. My lips were suffering from the incessant push and pull of the hard hot cock and fortunately he came and filled my mouth with his gooey white cum. I managed to swallow what I could but some of it overflowed my tender lips and dripped from my chin to my breasts. I had no moment to relax as I was pushed down using my hands to once again assume the pose of a leashed dog and a second, larger cock replaced the first one. Again no gentle sucking but another fast and deep fucking of my mouth. I had barely a moment to adjust to the size of him when I felt another cock forcing itself into my wet and sticky pussy, spreading my lips and filling me completely. The two cocks found a rhythm and as one pulled back the other rammed in.

My lips were now surely bruised and my pussy stretched beyond belief as my body seemed to react to the double cocks and I was losing control as a huge orgasm began to rip through me. Once again I tasted the salty sum spraying and filling my mouth with an impossible amount of cum, so much of it escaping before I could swallow and covering my face with the warm sticky fluid. Then the second cock spewed inside me filling my pussy with hot cum.

My leash was once again pulling me on my hands and knees to yet another area. I was pulled once again to my knees as another cock, this one slim and hard and as I soon found, very long. My left hand was pulled and wrapped around a second cock as my right hand was filled with a third. The slim but long cock in my mouth found a depth to my throat never before reached and I could not stop it from filling my throat. I could not breath for a moment and then it receded and someone said.

“Breath through your nose you stupid slut.”

It was a woman’s voice and I knew she was right and as that cock once again plumbed the depths of my throat as his balls bounced into my chin I realized I had been stroking the two cocks in my hands. I was so involved in servicing the three cocks I hardly noticed that I was in a constant state of orgasm. When the crop once again stuck my tender and sore ass cheeks I relished the pain, took it in and came even harder as the cock in my mouth began to fill me with a third serving of sperm. I’d given up trying to swallow it all, I knew it would be impossible and as the cock in my left hand jerked and shot its load into my hair and all over my breasts I simply enjoyed the feel of that warm liquid as it covered me. When the third cock spewed it too covered my breasts and face. I was happy to have the blindfold protecting my eyes.

As I knelt there covered in cum, my mouth sore and unable to taste anything but cum the crop that had been dancing on my ass stopped and I was pulled again by the leash, forced to crawl on my hands and knees once again. I smelled pussy and without urging leaned in and began to lick and suck another woman’s sex. My pussy was soon filled with yet another cock or perhaps a cock I’d already sucked but I did not care, I wanted to please the woman I was eating and I wanted to feel that hard cock opening me up and making me cum. As the hours passed and the pussies and cocks filled my hands, mouth and pussy, I realized that I feared it would soon end. I know it sounds ridiculous but this has been just a dark desire always held deep inside, never shared with another soul. This was everything I had so many wet dreams about and as I licked a pussy or accepted a hard face fuck or a fat cock in my sore and cum filled pussy, I kept hoping for more. I wanted more cock, more pussy and I wanted to feel that crop striking my body everywhere. On the occasion it found my used and cum coated pussy, often electrifying my clit I came and came, harder and longer with each strike. I wanted to taste more cum, cock or pussy spew didn’t matter, I was always happiest when the person I serviced erupted inside my pussy, sprayed my breasts or face or filled my mouth.

Mt desire for more exceeded my capacity to keep going and the constant orgasming and servicing of cock and pussy eventually left me in sticky sore heap on a cold floor. In a daze I felt hands pulling me to my feet and helping me walk, I heard a door open and then close behind me and felt the cool of the evening air before I was dumped into what much have been the cargo area of a van or SUV. I remember feeling the road vibrating beneath me and then the hands pulling me up and helping me walk. Then another door opened and I was dropped on what felt like a carpet before silent footsteps and another door closing.

Hours later or maybe days, who knew I came awake to pain all over my body. The taste of cock and pussy crowding my mouth as my mind began to recall everything I’d experienced. I moved to sit up but the rough carpet stung my ass and I had to stand. I looked at the familiar room and realized I’d been taken to my own home. I felt the dried cum everywhere and found a mirror and stared. I had dried cum everywhere, in my hair, on my face, my breasts were coated thick and my legs and pussy were covered too. I smiled at my appearance then knew I’d need to clean up before anyone came, particularly my husband. I swayed as I walked, my sore pussy slowing me and reminding me of the cocks that had entered and filled me.

I took a hot shower and lingered as the water washed the evidence from me. I washed my hair four or five times to remove the stubborn cum and used the handheld spray to hose my pussy till the dried remnants of my test washed down the drain. Tired and sore I stepped from the shower and used my laptop to discover the day and time. Seeing I had another full day before Tim came home I collapsed naked into bed and slept.

I slept for a long time, dreaming of the way I’d been used, dreaming about the possibility of doing it again and woke to a soggy mattress and my hands buried in my sex. I stood feeling normal and in the bathroom studied my body seeing the evidence of the crop gone, the dried cum gone and frowned at how fleeting it had all been and hoping it would come again soon. I showered and dressed like the housewife I wasn’t really and went to the market to collect food for dinner. Tim would be expecting his meal.

I walked through the supermarket and soon felt as though my ordeal was no secret at least not to everyone. I wondered as I passed a smiling woman or a leering man if perhaps they had been one of the ones I’d enjoyed servicing the other day. I felt my panties dampening at the thought of being recognized. I could have sworn the look the bag boy gave me was a knowing one and I blushed as my pussy spasmed and soaked my panties a bit more. Loading the bags in my trunk I slid in behind the wheel and saw a note on the windshield. I stepped out and grabbed it then read it.

“I was there — K”

I panicked and realized I had not been breathing and took a fast breath then another as the implications sunk in. Someone whose name began with a K had recognized me, knew what I was, a slut, and wanted me to know. Controlling myself I managed to get home and store the food. When Tim came in we hugged and over dinner we shared the past few days we’d spent apart, not the truth, Tim could never know the truth. That night Tim made love to me and I found I enjoyed him even more, that I came quick with his loving touch and enjoyed is cock inside me so much.

I knew it was impossible to be two different women, a loving wife and a submissive cum slut and I wished with all my heart that my husband would somehow recognize this other need of mine. Later after he’d fallen asleep I understood that he could never be my Master in the way that Robert had and I was OK, I would never leave Tim and I would continue to serve my Master Robert. I needed both and knew it was selfish, but I knew I could protect my husband from knowing the slut in me, and could trust Master to give me the needs my slut demanded. The only possible problem is the mysterious K, and what he or she would demand of me.

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