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Summer with Shelly

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Let’s start with the boring stuff. My name is Caronne, I’m just over six foot and slim, with almost no boobs but large nipples. I have long brown hair that reaches about halfway down my back and hazel eyes. The following is a true story…

The city of Salisbury in southern England is surrounded by small towns and villages. I was staying in one of these while working locally, spending my weekends walking in the woods and fields near my home.

There had been a bit of a heat wave all week and so when it got to the weekend I went for a walk to cool off. Feeling the heat and feeling a bit naughty as well; I put a vibrator in a shoulder bag and put on a long button down dress. I was about to go out the front door when I felt the impulse to be cool in the heat, so I took off my underwear (my boobs have always been very small so I’ve never had to wear a bra). The last things I grabbed were a big straw hat that I’d worn on holiday the previous year and a bottle of water.

I’d been walking for about an hour when I came to a large, open field on a slight slope, surrounded on all sides by thick woodland. The only thing that stood out was the large oak tree that stood towards the top of the field. Feeling the heat I headed for it and slumped down under its cooling shade. I took a drink of water and although I felt cooler, I could feel the heat between my legs and a hot flush coursed over me. Looking around all I could see was a village in the far distance and the odd cloud in the sky; so I took out the vibrator, took it between my lips and covered it in my own soft licks.

While I was doing this, my other hand lifted up my dress, oh that cool air on my thighs and entrance! Slipping a finger into my heat I found that I was wetter than I’d thought. I turned on the vibrator and made gentle circling motions over my clit increasing this movement as I got more turned on. The vibrator then slipped inside me easily and I let out a very audible moan. I unbuttoned the top of my dress and my hand found my left breast. Tugging gently on the nipple until it was hard I moved onto my right breast and did the same.

I worked myself into a rhythm, arching my back as I got totally lost in the moment; I didn’t care at that moment if the whole world was watching, I really wanted to cum. The hand that had been grasping my breasts now moved to my clit, so now both hands were working my heat. I moaned out load, my thighs tightened and I started to feel little electric tingles all over my body. These built in strength until finally I came, rather loudly and slumped back against the tree; exhausted, I fell asleep.

I woke to sounds of movement coming from close by. Thinking I was dreaming, I woke gently, enjoying the feel of being exposed; my dress hiked up above my hips and my top open.

Opening my eyes I looked around and saw a young girl holding a pony by the reins as it grazed. She looked over at me and smiled, “you looked really peaceful” she said.

“Thank you,” I replied. The strange thing was, I didn’t feel embarrassed and only then did I brush down my dress and button it up. Although it was silly, all I could think of to say was, “nice day.”

“Yes it is,” she said. Walking over to me she added, “My name’s Shelly.”

I took her hand, it was small and soft. “Hi, I’m Caronne.”

She smiled again, “would you mind if I join you, I’ve been riding for a while and could use a rest.”

“Please, feel free.” She took the pony and tied his reins to a low branch then walked over and sat down by me. Looking at her I could see that she was about five feet five and had mousey brown hair that was long and tied into a ponytail with a scrunchy. She had largish breasts that were restrained behind a sports bra over which she wore a white shirt. She wore jodhpurs and dark brown boots that came up to her knees.

We made small talk for a while and I found out that she worked at the riding school in the next village from mine. The conversation was light, until she said, “you ought to be more careful you know, lying there almost naked like that, someone could’ve taken advantage.” She almost whispered the last words and as I looked over, I could see her nipples were stiff and she was blushing.

I think she was quite embarrassed by what she’d just said and so was I, when I came out with, “so would you have taken advantage?”

She looked at me and said, “I was going to, but you woke up.” With that, she leaned over and kissed me gently on the lips. Initially I was surprised, I’d had fumblings at boarding school and experimented with my best friend but this was different. She kissed me again, they were soft kisses, her lips full and wet. I liked the way she didn’t try to shove her tongue down my throat, but kept it soft. She sucked on my bottom lip and ran her tongue round my lips-driving me wild.

“Wow.” was all I could manage, breathlessly.

“Thank you.” She said. “Now kiss me.”

We kissed passionately, then she gently probed my mouth with her tongue, at the same time one of her hands went between my legs. Her soft touch was electric and made me press deeper against her. Her hand was stroking my thigh working its way higher until it found my heat. Her thumb worked my clit in little figure of eight circles that grew more rapid as I moved my pelvis against her hand. While still rubbing, two more fingers slipped inside me and gently worked in and out. Before long I knew I was going to explode. She could see I was reaching an explosive climax, she reached over and got the vibrator, turning it on she placed it over my other hole and then began to work the tip in and out. I’d never experienced anything like this and she just said, “Trust me, just go with the flow.” The rhythm of my body and her hands was getting faster and faster-then I yelled out and came all over her hand.

My dress was now completely open, my skin flush and my breathing slowly came back to normal. “You were amazing,” I said. “I’ve never, come like that before.”

“Thank you,” she replied. “Would you like to carry on?”

“Here?” I said, worried that other people might be out for an afternoon walk.

“Why not,” she said. “I’d like to see you go down on me.”

I could feel my nipples stiffen again and my entrance was dripping with cum so I said “I could go all afternoon, so show me what you’ve got.”

She looked around and said, “okay hon why don’t you undress me, but first, let’s make this more interesting. ” Take of your dress.”

Feeling like I could do anything, I stood up and let the dress fall to the ground. Looking up, she said to me, “You look stunning.”

I let the breeze waft gently over me, “okay,” I said “stand up.”

Shelly stood up and I went over to her. Kissing her hard on the mouth my hands worked the buttons on her shirt. The shirt slipped easily from her body to reveal a grey sports bra that was restraining an ample cleavage. I kissed each breast in turn then unhooked the clasp. She lifted her arms up above her head and the bra came off in one movement. Her breasts were magnificent. They were full and firm and not being able to resist I placed my head between them and just enjoyed the moment. She squeezed her boobs together holding my head there and when she let me go we both just stood there laughing. “Now,” she said. “Let’s find out how good you are with that tongue.”

I took a step back and she did a slow strip for me. She started by easing off her boots. Taking her time, she toyed with the button fly on her jodhpurs; then eased these down over her firm buttocks until they were in a pile at her feet. Standing upright she was naked apart from a black thong. “Would you like to take these off,” she said.

Kneeling down I kissed her through the material. I slipped my hands round her back and under the straps of the thong, lifting them over her cheeks and down her legs where she stepped out of them. There we were both naked holding each other close. She was level with my breasts so she flicked my nipples with her tongue. I kissed my way down her body, from her mouth to her neck then between her breasts. Drawing each of her nipples in my mouth in turn they stood erect and hard. Then, working my way further down, I kissed her belly down to the area just above her well shaven muff. From there I licked my way up her sides, working my way back up her body. “I want to taste you,” I said.

We lay our clothes out into a blanket on which I laid down on my back. Shelly lowered herself onto my face and I lapped hungrily at her heat. She was obviously enjoying this as she ground her face into my mouth. She was dripping juices into my mouth and she tasted sweet. She moaned and then leaned forward. Her breasts rubbed against my body and her stiff nipples felt amazing as they brushed against my skin. Shelly flicked my clit with her tongue, then probed deeper. Her hands found my buttocks and gripped them tightly. Making me wet, she worked lower licking my other hole until it was dripping with her lick. We seemed to be competing as to who could make the other break their concentration. Shelly inserted two fingers into my vagina and after working them in and out for a while inserted the thumb from her other hand into my anus. I threw my head back and moaned out loud.

Laughing, she said “gotcha.” Then buried her head between my legs and carried on. I mirrored what she was doing to me, licking her all over between her legs then inserting my fingers. She was so wet however that I gradually increased the number of fingers until my whole fist was slipping in and out of her. We were both caught up in the rhythm trying to make each other cum. I eased up with my fist and used my tongue again frigging her clit. She was still working both my holes and I could feel myself cuming. We almost exploded together; Shelly suddenly arched her back and juices cascaded all over my hand. I came soon after and she licked my juices from her fingers.

Laying there, in the afternoon sunshine while the pony grazed away; we agreed to meet up again. “Don’t go yet,” she said. “There’s still another few hours of daylight left.”

To be continued….

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