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Summer Vacation

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I was glad to be home for the summer. The previous semester had been the most grueling of all my three years in college. My plan was to take it easy all summer, sit by the pool, drink a few beers, and listen to some music. Most of my friends had opted to join the armed forces after high school, so I there wasn’t anyone from the neighborhood I could call to hand out with.

I had been home for two weeks and laying out in the sun by the pool when I heard the doorbell ring. I waited, expecting to hear my mother answer it. Then I remembered she had gone shopping with my younger sister Trish. I pulled myself up out of the lawn chair and went through the house to answer the door. A young man whom seemed about my age with shoulder length blond hair and sparkling blue eyes stood there with a package in his hand. I smiled and stupidly said, “Hey, can I help you?”

He smiled back and motioned toward the package. “Package for James Anderson.”

“That’s my dad.” I told him.

“Just sign here.” He produced a clipboard and pointed to the place where he wanted me to sign. I jotted down my name. “Kyle Anderson”… he read my name slowly. “Are you home for the summer?”

“Yeah.” I told him. “I was just sitting out back soaking up some sun and taking it easy.”

“Lucky bastard. I still have five more deliveries to make before I can even think about enjoying this beautiful weather.”

I don’t know what came over me, but before I knew it I blurted out, “Why don’t you stop by here after you get off work, I could use the company.”

His eyes twinkled and he gave me a lopsided grin while handing over the package. “Thanks for the offer, but I sort of have plans for later today.” I felt a bit disappointed and he must have seen it in my face because he immediately followed up with, ” but hey, why don’t you meet up with me tonight. We can shoot pool and grab a couple of beers.”

I eagerly accepted and he wrote the down address where we were to meet on a piece of paper he took from his shirt pocket. Just as he turned to walk away I suddenly thought “Hey, what’s your name?” He turned back to me and said, “Jaime.” With that he was off and driving away.

I was really excited as I went back out to lounge by the pool. I had just made a new friend, and he seemed liked the kind of guy I would really get along with. I decided to take a nap and closed my eyes. Before I knew it, I was dreaming.

Sunlight broke through my bedroom window and rested on my face. I tried to open my eyes, but I was so tired and they felt extremely heavy. I rolled over onto my side and noticed a lump next to me in the bed. I slowly reached over and poked it with my finger. It moved. Slightly alarmed, I grabbed the edge of the cover and slowly pulled it down to reveal my bed partner. All I could see were strong shoulders and blond hair. I leaned over to get a better look. My movement must have awakened the stranger, who turned over and stared at me with the bluest eyes I had ever seen. Jaime smiled at me and leaned over to kiss me as he whispered, “Good morning lover.”

My eyes shot open and my heart raced. “What the hell was that all about?” I asked myself. As far as I could remember, I had never fantasized about a guy before. All of sudden, pain brought me fully awake. I looked down and saw my body was bright red. “Oh no!” I groaned. I had slept too long in sun and now I looked liked a lobster. I carefully pulled myself out of the lounger and lay down on the cool sheets on my bed. I turned my head to look at the clock and saw it was nearly 8:00. The house seemed eerily quiet and I called “Mom”. There was no answer, so I convinced myself to getup and look to see where everyone was.

I found a note in the kitchen pinned on the refrigerator. “Gone out to see a movie, Trish out with Peter. See you later tonight. Love Mom and Dad.”

I crumpled up the note and tossed it in the trash. The kitchen clock showed 8:15, and I thought about meeting up with Jaime tonight. Immediately, the dream flooded by brain. “Ah what the heck.” I said to myself. “I’m sure the dream meant nothing. I haven’t had sex in nearly a month. I’m just horny. I took a shower and lathered myself with cream for the sunburn, hoping I wouldn’t peel to badly tonight.

It was 9:30 by the time I arrived at the club Jaime had given me directions to. The place was very loud and smoky. I nearly started choking when I walked through the door. Besides the smoke and noise, the first thing I noticed when I walked in was that the men outnumbered the women 20 to 1. I figured this must be some kind of sports bar. I made my way around to the pool tables. Jaime was already there. I watched as he sunk a ball in the corner pocket. On his next shot, he lined up his cue with the ball and was just about to take his shot when he noticed me. His eyes brightened and he waived me over. He wore a pair of blue jeans that looked as if they were painted on him with a flannel shirt over a black shirt that clung to his muscular chest. I wet my lips surprised that I had even noticed his body.

“Hey everybody, this is Kyle. Kyle this is everybody,” he beamed as he swept his hand around the room. “Kyle you can be my partner. We’re up.” We played doubles for over an hour. My turn came and as I surveyed the table, I realized the shot I needed to take was nearly impossible.

“Come on Kyle, you can do it.”

Before I knew what was happening, Jaime grabbed me from behind and bent me over the table. “See, just like this.” But I couldn’t see, all I could do was feel him pressing into me. I held my breath as he lined up my cue and took the shot. The ball fell into the pocket immediately followed by the eight ball. “Oh well, you win some you lose some,” Jamie said. He stood up still holding onto my waist. He held me tight from behind and whispered in my ear, “I’m glad you came.” He kissed my neck before stepping away. I was shocked and turn my head from side to side to see who had noticed what occurred. Everyone was watching me and smiling. I heard a groan and turned towards it. Two men were in the shadows making out. I looked around and saw other men making out. Then it hit me, this place wasn’t a sports bar this place was a gay bar.

I felt sick and excused myself to the restroom. Jaime followed, touching my arm and asking me if I was OK. I didn’t respond, but headed straight for the stall and heaved until I was dry. I noticed a pair of legs standing next to me and realized Jamie was holding my hair away from my face. I sat back and took the tissue he offered and wiped my mouth.

“Thanks.” I murmured.

“Are you OK?” I detected real worry in his voice. “Do you need a doctor or anything?”

I couldn’t tell him that being in the bar made me ill, so instead I said, “No, I’ll be fine. I just had too much sun this afternoon. You should see my skin. Its bright red and I am sure I will be peeling soon.” He held out his hand to help me to my feet.

“Why don’t we go back to my place for a few drinks, maybe you will feel better?”

I don’t know why I wasn’t running out of that place as fast as I could. There was something about him that held me there and I found myself agreeing to follow him to his house.

He lived in a wooded area just on the edge of town. Considering his job, I was surprised at the house where we stopped. It was huge, not mansion huge, but respectable nonetheless. “Would you like a tour?” he asked. I nodded. There were five bedroom and two full bathrooms. The living room had a flat screen television that nearly covered the wall. The room was more like a screening room than a living room. He opened a set of doors that led into a den. In here was a stocked bar, several bookshelves, and a killer sound system. He pressed a button and music flowed from the walls. “So, what would you like to drink? ” He stood at the bar whiskey canter in hand.

“Whatever you are having will be fine.” I answered. “Is this your house?”

“Nice place huh? I inherited it from my uncle. He was something of a playboy. I made a few alterations, but he pretty much designed it from the ground up.”

I tool a seat on one of the leather sofas and he brought me my drink. “To new friends,” he toasted and took a sip of his drink. I tossed my head back and emptied my glass in one swing. He laughed at me and sat next to me on the sofa. “Are you nervous about something?” His hand rested on my thigh. “Don’t be afraid, we will only go as far as you want to go.” He leaned into me inhaled my scent. “You are intoxicating you know. The moment I saw you I knew you were going to be special.” My breath quickened and I closed my eyes, steeling myself for the kiss I knew was coming. I heard him chuckle, “open your eyes and tell me why you are here.”

I looked at him and saw the smile that made my pulse race and heart thump louder. I put my glass on the table on turned towards him. Before he could react, I grabbed his face and kissed him hard. For a moment he appeared stunned, but he gradually accepted my kiss and was soon returning it with a passion of his own. Our tongues fought a battle where we were both victorious. He broke the kiss and suckled on my lower lip. I could feel the tip his tongue trace my lip before diving back into my mouth and dueling with my own tongue.

I felt his hand pushing at my shoulders as he guided me onto my back. I reached up and pushed his shirt off his shoulders. He sat up and tossed it on the floor, ripping his t-shirt from his body. I took a deep breath at the sight of his naked chest. His sculpted muscles flexed as he moved. He had large nipples that beckoned for me to taste them. I flicked my tongue over his left nipple and listened to him groan his pleasure. I took the whole nipple in my mouth and suckled it.

His panting became heavier as he began to dry hump me. I pushed him away until he realized what I wanted and stood up. He unbuckled his belt and unsnapped his jeans pushing them off to reveal his massive tool. At the sight of his cock, I had a momentary relapse of fear and contemplated bolting for the door. But it was a fleeting thought, and I took his cock into my hands and stroked it several times. I was excited feeling his flesh in my hands. I had only felt my own cock before, and this was something very different. I could see a drop of precum develop on its tip and I suddenly had an urge to taste it. My tongue snatched away the drop, only for it to be replaced by another. I quickly lapped away at each drop as it appeared.

I looked up to his face and saw he had his eyes closed. His breathing was heavy and his chest heaved with every breath. After a few minutes, I gathered up the courage and swallowed his cock whole. I could feel him deep in my throat and he immediately began thrusting his hips back and forth. I gagged a few times, but in no time I was able to develop a rhythm. The heat from his cock was like a furnace in my mouth. I licked his shaft and sucked on the large purple head. He was pumping his hips a million times a minute and I was trying desperately to keep up. I grabbed his ass cheeks and tickled his anus with my index finger. He became very stiff and grabbed my head as I felt wave after wave of his juices pumped down my throat.

When he finished, I could feel his body relax. His cock softening in my mouth, I sucked his pee slit until I was sure I had all his cum. His body shivered and he collapsed onto the sofa, trying to dislodge me from his sensitive organ. His body was slick with sweat and he rubbed his eyes trying to even out his breathing.

Finally, he sat up and grinned at me. “Wow! That was fantastic.” I could only blush at his compliment. He pulled me into a kiss, sucking his juices from my tongue. “I want to see you,” he whispered. He tugged at my shirt, pulling it free from my jeans. I removed my shirt and stripped off my jeans, standing in front of him with only my socks and a pair of ocean blue briefs, my favorite color. He grabbed the waistband of my briefs and pulled me closer so that my crotch was at his eye level. My cock twitched in anticipation of what was coming. He reached up and cupped my sack, weighing it in is hand. “My, my he said. What do we have here?” I was always proud of the package I carried. I packed away nine inches of pure meat. I had never bed a girl whom I didn’t please. I bit my lip as he peeled of my underwear. My cock bounced free and pointed directly at him. I saw him lick his lips before I felt his warm mouth envelope me.

My knees nearly gave way from the contact of his mouth. I put my hand out to steady myself on the sofa. He licked my shaft up and down and suckled the head before deep throating me. I was amazed. I was in heaven. I had never met a girl who had been able to take half of me, much less swallow me.

I heard a noise in the distance and soon realized, it me was me, moaning and groaning loudly. I could feel myself deep in his throat, pulsating at a tempo I had never experienced before. I opened my eyes and looked down. Jaime was watching me and are eyes met. I felt like I was in a trance, watching his head bob back and forth.

He used one hand to fondle my balls, rolling them around between his fingers. I knew that I wouldn’t last much longer, the sensations I was feeling were too great. He brought a finger around to my ass and stroked my hole. I felt his finger penetrate me and immediately blew my loud. My back arched and I yelled “OH MY GOD”. I pumped and pumped my cum down his throat grunting with each thrust, teeth clamped and fist clenched. My thrust became slower and I felt dizzy. I weaved a little and he helped my lie down on the floor, his mouth still attached to my cock. I took several deep breaths and closed my eyes. I could feel my heart beating wildly and wondered if it was possible for it to jump out of my heart. I could still feel Jaime nuzzling my cock. I reached down and pulled him up so that he was lying next to me.

“Wow”! He said. “Are you Ok? I have never seen anyone cum so hard in my entire life.” My breathing was still erratic, so all I could do was smile. He laid his head on my chest and stroked my arm. “Once you recuperate, do you think you can handle something special”? I nodded my head knowing what he had in mind. But I was ready and willing to do anything he suggested. I looked into his magnetic eyes and knew I was his for the summer.

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