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Summer Song

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“Hey Candace, break time,” I yelled through cupped hands at the pretty Nordic looking blonde on the lifeguard chair.

With tremendous agility, Candace climbed down and sprinted for the ladies locker room. After spending three hours on the lofty perch, a much needed bathroom break was in order.

I gazed at the retreating figure with longing. While most of my friends stared at the male lifeguards with hungry looks, I was pining for a female.

For the first time in my nineteen years, I was having bi feelings or more appropriately, lust for someone of my own gender.

At the first lifeguard meeting, I found myself stealing glances at Candace’s face and body. In fact, I was completely occupied gawking at her and missed most of the important information.

Candace was the senior lifeguard and technically my boss. A statuesque five foot nine inch beauty with an incredible swimmers body, she exuded a sexuality that made my blood surge like the rapids of a mighty river with want.

My desires conflicted with my previous lack of interest for anything remotely lesbian in nature. All through high school, I considered myself a heterosexual. Although, I was aware of same sex hook ups, I lacked any desire for intimacy with another female.

However, my attitude changed during freshman year at college when my roommate admitted she was bi curious. Rosie was a tough cookie from Brooklyn but with a heart as big as the Big Apple.

As I sat on the lifeguard stand and waited for Candace to return, I tried to think logically about my desire for the blonde hottie. But that was the problem, when it came to animalistic impulses, logic was missing from the equation. In addition, with my lack of experience in same sex matters, I felt completely inept at how to broach the subject with her.

My calm, reserved nature was a definite drawback. The only pleasantries I exchanged with Candace were “hello” and “goodbye”.

“She doesn’t even know I’m alive,” I thought self mockingly.

Convinced that I would never experience her womanly charms, I had given up all hope when fate intervened.

From my early teens, I took prescription medication for allergies during the spring and fall. Without it, I had a hard time functioning outdoors. That year, my medication seemed less effective and my doctor prescribed a stronger pill.

One of the side effects associated with the heavier dose was drowsiness or a pervasive feeling of fatigue, especially during physical activity. I usually took my dosage at night before bed but on that particular late spring day I took it in the morning because I missed the previous evening.

I struggled to stay alert most of the afternoon. Around dinner hour, Sarah, a fellow lifeguard, dropped by and chatted excitedly about the annual men versus women lifeguard competition taking place that same evening.

“Hey Julie, it’s the girls against guys when the pool closes at seven thirty. You ready? ” she asked in her bubbly way.

“Oh…well…I don’t know, I’m kinda tired,” I stated weakly.

“Sleep when you get home, you’re one of our best swimmers. Please stay?” she pleaded.

Sarah was right, except for Candace, I had the fastest recorded times for the girls’ and most of the boys.

“Ok, I’ll stay,” I sighed.

I felt weak and sleepy from the medication but convinced myself that the physical activity would rouse me. Although I won the three events I was entered in, my limbs were leaden and I was out of breath.

While I was resting after my final event, Sarah approached me again.

“Hey, Tia’s injured and can’t compete in the 400 meter medley. You’ll fill in, won’t you?” she implored.

Against my better judgment, I accepted.

At the sound of the starters’ pistol, I knifed my body in the water and for two thirds of the race, I poured it on and was in the lead. I was making the turn for the final lap when an overwhelming fatigue enveloped my body.

My limbs felt incredibly heavy and I involuntarily slowed down as though I was in slow motion. I could hear the spectators yelling but it sounded faint and far away.

By the time I reached the wall for the final turn, my nearest competitor had caught up and would certainly pass me. Time took on a different characteristic as seconds were drawn out like hours. I was floating weightless in a serene state of mind with no worries or cares.

As I sank deeper, I remember thinking that breathing under water was a cinch. It was so incredibly peaceful that I wanted to stay there forever. For some inexplicable reason, I thought about the “The Little Mermaid”.

“Hell, if she can do it, so can I,” my brain intuited.

A darkness, an all encompassing but peaceable darkness was sweeping over me. However, a barely perceptible feeling of pressure on my mouth and chest invaded my mind.

Suddenly, I was jolted back to reality; coughing up large amounts of pool water onto the concrete deck. Candace was hovering over me with a grave expression on her pretty face.

“What happened?” I asked still unaware of my predicament.

The sound of an emergency vehicle siren assailed my ears as I sputtered and spewed more water from my lungs. Slowly the reality of the situation took hold and tears erupted from my eyes.

Candace held me as my body shook with heaving sobs.

“You’re ok now…shh…” she said in a gentle tone and stroked my wet hair trying to comfort me.

In Candace’s embrace, a wonderful feeling of security enshrouded me and I gradually lost consciousness.

I awoke to the sight of my father’s face filled with concern but relief.

“Julie…sweetheart…” he blubbered and brought my hand to his tear dampened cheek.

“Where am I dad?” I asked in a croaking voice.

“County General…” he said in a weepy tone and was unable to continue.

My dad rarely expressed deep emotion except when it concerned me. Our relationship was one of love and mutual respect. He had a cynical side but was a lighthearted, loving father who treated me like an adult.

I was ten when my mother died of breast cancer. While my teenage years were generally free of the strife and angst that typified many of my friends, it was hard on my father.

However, he was adamant that I experience a normal childhood. No topic or subject was taboo and we shared in frequent exchanges of ideas. My dad spoke to me like an equal and I fail to recall him talking down to me. He was fearlessly determined to fill the void left by my mother’s absence.

With my slender body, dark brown hair and light olive complexion, I bore an uncanny resemblance to my mother. Along with my quiet and shy nature, my dad found it disconcerting.

“My child, you really are your mother’s daughter,” he would say with a beaming face and always with the utmost caring.

Per doctor’s orders, I took three days off from work and was confined to my bedroom. My dad spent the first day with me but much to my surprise he informed me that Candace had called and volunteered her services until I was on my feet again.

“When did she call dad?” I asked with earnest curiosity.

“This morning but you were still asleep. She’s working late afternoons at the pool and insisted on spending her free time watching over you,” he stated with admiration.

I’m sure I had a wistful expression on my face.

“Of course, if it’s not ok, I’ll call and tell her not…” he started to say but I cut him off.

“It’s fine dad, really,” I said with emotion and took his large hand in mine.

“I don’t know if anyone told you but Candace pulled you out of the water and performed CPR on you. If it weren’t for her efforts…I shudder to think what might have…” he spoke in a shaky voice and tears fell down his cheeks.

The revelation that Candace, my lust interest, had saved my life reverberated thru my mind. The rescue had all the melodrama of a teenage romance novel except for one twist; my hero was a voluptuous blonde hottie.

I was thrilled by the realization that I would be spending the next two days with Candace. For most of the afternoon and evening, I was in a state of flux. I barely slept and it didn’t go unnoticed by my father. I tossed and turned in a vain effort to catch some z’s but my mind was totally preoccupied with thoughts of Candace.

Except for the pleasantries we exchanged at work, I knew very little about Candace. But, just thinking about her made my heart beat faster. Well past midnight, I lay in bed staring at the ceiling as an endless procession of thoughts and doubts predominated my thinking.

“What should I wear? What do I say? Will she think I’m a dork?” I kept asking myself.

Sometime before dawn, I finally fell asleep but woke to the sound of my father’s voice.

“Julie, I’m leaving for work in about fifteen minutes. Do you need anything?” He asked with concern.

I slowly shook my head “no” and gave my dad a big hug. When he left my room, I dashed into the bathroom. My last shower was two days ago and was I feeling very ripe and smelly.

Quickly I washed and threw on a fresh sports T, panties and French braided my hair. I landed in my bed just as my father was announcing his departure and Candace’s arrival.

As I lay there trying to appear nonchalant, I heard footsteps in the hallway. Candace knocked on the door jamb holding a tray with a tea pot and mug. She looked positively stunning in a pair of skin tight shorts and bare mid riff T shirt that displayed her six pack abs.

“Hey Julie, thought you might like some herbal tea,” She said in the sweetest voice.

“Sure,” I said barely above a whisper and sat up in bed.

Candace was pouring the tea when I remembered I wasn’t wearing a bra. Although I’m an “A” cup, I have very long, prominent nipples that were poking against the thin fabric of my T shirt. Feeling shy in the presence of someone I barely knew, as discretely as possible, I pulled the bed sheet up to my neck.

As I sipped the hot tea, I felt her gaze but couldn’t find the strength to look at her.

“Do you like the tea?” she asked soothingly.

“Yes, delicious,” I said in a low voice with my eyes downcast.

God! I sounded like a nit wit!

“How are you feeling?” she inquired with concern and sat on the side of my bed.

“Ok, pretty good actually,” I said quietly and slowly shifted my gaze upward to her radiant face.

Candace was looking across my bed at a framed picture of my mother on the nightstand. As she leaned over me to retrieve the photo, I inhaled the light, sensual odor of a perfume or body powder she was wearing. Light wisps trickled into my nose with erotic appeal.

“Girl, you are the spitting image of your mother. She’s very pretty,” Candace said admiringly.

“Thanks, I miss her a lot” I said bashfully and I felt my face redden.

Candace regarded me with piercing blue eyes.

“I guess I should explain…” I said solemnly and recalled the sad story for her.

As I spoke about the past, my nervousness seemed to vanish. Candace’s complete attention was focused on me and it bolstered my confidence. But, as I neared the end, my lower lip quivered with emotion and tears pooled in my eyes. All the stored overwrought feelings of the last few days tumbled out of my psyche.

Candace held me in her sinewy arms as I bawled.

“Thanks for rescuing me,” I stated in a blubbering but very grateful way.

“You would have done the same for me,” she said in an emotion filled voice.

Slowly I regained some self control but the indescribably erotic feeling of Candace’s hard body against mine was intoxicating. Involuntarily, I nuzzled against her silky neck and gave it a light but sensual peck.

Candace pulled back and regarded me with a mixture of wonder and curiosity. For the first time, I held her unwavering gaze without fear or shyness.

“Julie…I…ah…” She stammered.

The sudden musical ring of my cell phone startled us. As I spoke with my best friend Becky, Candace took the tea tray to the kitchen with an amused expression on her face. Becky had just heard about my accident and wanted to visit later that day.

Before Candace returned, an overwhelming sensation of fatigue took hold of me and I lay back on the pillows with half closed eyes. Little did I realize that my body was still in recovery mode and required lots of rest. “Julie, you ok?” she asked with concern.

“I’m kinda sleepy,” I said in a dreamy voice.

Candace sat next me and took my hand in hers.

“Oh, your hands are cold,” she stated with worry and brought them up to her warm cheek.

It was an endearing gesture that made me smile as I drifted toward slumber.

I woke to the sight of Becky sitting next to my bed, reading a magazine.

“What time is it?” I asked in a croaking voice.

“Almost 4 o’clock; I never thought you’d wake up,” Becky stated with exasperation.

“Where’s Candace?” I inquired innocently.

“The big blonde girl? She left an hour ago when I showed up,” Becky stated in a matter of fact tone.

Slowly I roused myself and after a quick trip to the bathroom, recounted my near demise at the pool.

“You mean the girl that was here…ah…what’s her name?” she fumbled for the word.

“Candace,” I said finishing her thought.

“She’s the one that saved your sorry ass?” Becky asked in amazement.

“Yeah,” I answered in a dreamy voice.

“Shit! She could rescue me any day,” Becky crowed.

During her first year at college, Becky had several same sex encounters and was now admittedly bi sexual.

Long before Becky confided in me about her sexuality, we became the best of friends. She was the outspoken extrovert while I was conservative and quiet. Surely an odd couple but the chemistry was right for an enduring friendship.

Becky was staring at me with a very curious but intense look.

“You like her!” she crowed excitedly.

“Oh…ah…I…yeah, she’s very nice?” I stuttered trying lamely to deflect the real meaning.

“Bullshit Jule! You know damn well what I’m saying,” she stated with annoyance.

I’m sure my face was beet red from her revelation. But, it was useless trying to con Becky.

“Fuck Jule, it finally happened to you,” she said like some wise mystic with a broad grin on her attractive face.

Most of the time, I spoke freely with Becky. I knew in my heart that we shared a sisterly bond but on this matter, I was completely tongue tied.

“Beck…I…ah…you see…” I stammered like some drooling fool with downcast eyes.

“…and you need some advice,” she stated completing my sentence.

I slowly brought my gaze up to meet hers.

“In some ways, it’s a heck of a lot better than being with a guy,” she said with first hand knowledge.

“It is?” I asked sounding like a total twit.

“Jesus girl, I can see this isn’t going to be easy,” she said with mild frustration.

My undivided attention was focused on Becky.

“For one thing, we, us girls I mean, know what and where it feels good. We’re softer and if I say so myself, we smell better!” She exclaimed with a laughing face.

Becky was right about the smell. The fragrance from Candace’s body fueled my sexual yearning.

“Plus, once a girl goes down on you…Oh sweet Jesus!” she said with religious fervor, then broke out in song.

“Nothin could be finer than her lickin my vagina in the mornin…” she sang in a happy voice.

Normally explicit talk of this nature would make me blush but my comfort level was so high with Becky that I was beginning to feel hot and bothered instead.

In spite of my reserved demeanor, I was no stranger to sex. In fact, at the age of fifteen, I discovered I was downright horny.

Although I was officially a virgin, I explored the carnal pleasures of the flesh starting in a big way during senior year of high school.

It progressed from the typical hot make out sessions, to groping and finally oral pleasure. For my eighteenth birthday, my boyfriend Salvatore or Sal, treated me to dinner at my favorite restaurant and afterward we went to a teen dance club until midnight.

Sal was the intelligent, sensitive type with the added bonus of a great body. A real Italian Stallion. I was routinely giving him head without any thought of reciprocation.

On my birthday night we were parked in our usual spot at lovers’ lane when Sal kissed down my chest until his lips engulfed a nipple. He absolutely loved sucking my tits and my pussy would cream from his energetic lips.

My body was aflame from Sal’s talented sucking but instead of sitting up to receive his blow job, he was unzipping my jeans and pulling them down my legs.

Before I had a chance to react, Sal did a face plant on my silky undies and mouthed my pussy. An incredible feeling of lust spread through my body and I squirmed in anticipation. Slowly and seductively my panties slid down my legs and the cool night air gave me goose bumps.

I could hear Sal’s labored breathing when a warm breath blew gently across my furry mound. I sighed deeply with pleasure and acceptance of the act to come.

Sal looked up at me with an expression of pure lust as I spread my legs wide for him. His first few licks were hesitant and exploratory but he quickly got into a rhythm. Over time, and with my help, Sal became very proficient in the art of cunnilingus and I craved it on a regular basis.

“Yo Jule, pay attention,” Becky said loudly snapping me out of my daydream.

My pussy was quivering from my recollections of Sal.

“I see you’re getting into the spirit of things,” she said in a naughty tone and pointed at my chest.

My nipples were hard and poking mightily against my T shirt.

“So are you,” I said in a spirited voice and pointed to her boobs.

Becky and I had slender builds with excellent muscle tone but that’s were the similarities ended. She was blonde with mischievous green eyes and although her breasts were bigger, the nipples were like two pink kisses.

“Where was I…oh…and most important, no fear of pregnancy,” she said with scholarly assurance.

“Ok but what…I mean how do I…” I was stammering again.

“…get things started,” she said finishing my question once more.

As Becky pondered my question, my crotch was twitching and damp from the sexually charged atmosphere.

“God, I need some relief!” my mind screamed at me.

Whenever I was boyfriendless, as was the case at that time, I diddled myself frequently.

With Becky lost in thought, my hand spontaneously snuck into my panties. My slit was creaming and it lubricated a finger lazily stroking up and down.

“Umm…hmm…umm,” I quietly moaned as a slimy digit slid over my clit.

“Jule!” Becky cried when she noticed my illicit action and although it startled me, I was powerless to stop.

As I closed my eyes, my fingers picked up speed and squishing noises filled the air. I was masturbating in front of my best friend, a first for us but long overdue.

Becky pulled the bed sheet down until my strumming hand buried in my undies came into view.

“Oh…umm…umm,” I moaned louder in a breathless voice.

Suddenly, I found the panties too confining and whipped them down my legs. With my legs spread and Becky’s eyes glued to my pussy, I frigged myself with abandon.

I noticed that Becky’s face had a hungry look and was gradually moving lower toward my sloppy sex. When it was scant inches away, I stopped my furiously working fingers and pushed my throbbing pussy onto her lips.

Any sense of morality or decorum that I possessed flew right out the window as Becky’s tongue lapped me intensely but gently.

“Ooh…oh Beck…ah…umm,” I panted out loud.

With the sounds of slurping and sucking resonating in the room, I threw my legs over Becky’s shoulders when she took hold of my butt. She was right, nothing could be finer.

“Goddamn Beck!” I cried out and grabbed fistfuls of bed sheet as my pussy pulsated with intense sensations.

Even Sal at his most proficient was totally outclassed by Becky’s tour de force performance. A thunderous wave of contractions convulsed my crevice and I shook and stiffened with each passing spasm.

Becky had taken me to a place I’d never been before. Instead of feeling shy and embarrassed by the situation, I found it to be a liberating experience.

As I lay on the bed, my body tingled from the incredible licking Becky bestowed on me. But, when I sat up, she had a sheepish look on her messy face.

“Hey, you alright?” I asked and enveloped her in my arms.

“I don’t want to ruin our friendship,” she said in a scared voice.

“Oh Beck…no…of course not…” I said reassuringly and kissed her cheek.

The pungent odor from my sex assailed my nostrils and a tenuous desire, the same desire when I saw Candace, engulfed me. Now I recognized what it was.

I tenderly kissed over Becky’s face and neck, sampling my juices that coated her skin. My hands moved stealthily from her back and fondled the two firm mounds on her chest.

“Ah Jule,” she moaned as my hands pulled her T shirt up and off.

I languidly traced circles around the nipples until my tongue landed in the center. They crinkled and tightened as I executed a series of rapid light licks. But, the sucking, oh the glorious sucking; never in my wildest thoughts did I think nursing on a girls boobs could be so immensely erotic.

“Oh…umm…ooh…oh Jule,” she panted as I joyously suckled the distended buds.

Unexpectedly a pair of hands was on my tits, rolling, pinching and tweaking my long cylindrical nipples. The hands were rolling up my T shirt and as I pulled away from Becky’s succulent nipple, her face wore an expression of lust.

“I wanted to do this for a long time,” she said in a breathless tone and lowered her mouth to my aching tit.

I lay back on the bed as Becky suckled me to new heights and feelings. A crushing desire to partake of my first female consumed me and I cupped Becky’s panty covered pussy with a free hand, eliciting a bevy of moans from her.

As Becky’s lips yanked contentedly on my sensitive tit, I sneakily relieved her of her underwear. My fingers penetrated her swollen fleshy folds and caressed the oozing flesh. Slowly, I traced a slick finger along her drenched crevice.

Becky’s body noticeably sagged against mine and my tit pooped out of her mouth.

Oh…Oh…shit Jule…ah…” she groaned fervently as my stroking picked up in intensity.

With my hand firmly entrenched in Becky’s crotch, I kissed her face, neck and ears passionately. Slowly but deliberately, I traveled south until my head was squarely between her spread thighs.

My first up close examination of my best friend’s pussy revealed a pouty look with a groomed tuft of dark blonde curly pubes above her slit. Becky’s musky scent saturated the air and aroused my lust for her muff.

I dove in for the feast (I guess that’s why they call it muff diving) and my tongue slithered and snaked over Becky’s creamy slit. Her tart juices pooled in my mouth and trickled into my throat, searing the lining with their heady flavor.

“Jesus Jule!” Becky moaned thunderously.

“Umm…hmm…umm…” I slurped my reply. With steely determination, I lapped my friend to ecstasy.

“Oh god!” she roared intently while her body stiffened and shook with each contraction.

As Becky recovered from my assault on her pussy, I gingerly sucked the remaining fluid from her oozing hole.

In a startling role reversal, she had a sheepish expression on her face, a rare moment indeed. As I said before, I felt liberated by the experience.

“Was it good for you?” I asked sweetly and playfully nudged her side.

“Was it good? It was fucking intense!” Becky crowed but a bashful look remained on her countenance.

“Hey Beck, best friends?” I asked with emotion and offered my pinky for a shake.

“Yeah, I guess you’re stuck with me,” she answered wistfully and grasped my little finger in the customary way.

It lightened the mood considerably.

“Jeez Beck, I never expected to…you know… really like it as much as I did,” I said introspectively.

“…nothing could be finer than you lickin my vagina in the morning…” she trilled happily and we broke down with laughter, holding each other close.

The following morning Candace appeared at the same time. However, in spite of my impromptu advances of the previous day, we passed the hours in conversation.

As much as I desired exploring Candace’s body, I wanted to get to know her better. She was a junior at Eastern State College, majoring in Early Childhood Education. A talented swimmer from an early age, her first love was gymnastics but she was average at best.

Candace lived in Smithson Heights, an upper class part of town with her mother, father and younger sister Tiffany. Her boyfriend Evan was a senior at Yale and was presently on a summer internship with a Wall Street Bank.

“I guess it would be wonderful married to a Wall Street Banker but it some ways he lacks imagination…fire…passion” she said with a sad look.

“Do you love him?” I asked earnestly.

“Yeah…I think I do but is that enough for marriage? I’m not sure,” she stated honestly.

“Hell, just marry him for the money,” I said half jokingly and we both cracked up from my comment.

“You know Julie, you can be pretty quiet but once a person gets to know you…” she said smiling and never finished her thought.

When I heard my father’s car in the driveway, I’m positive my face had a very disappointed look as my alone time with Candace was at an end.

Out of the blue, Candace invited me to her home for the weekend. I wasn’t a big fan of staying overnight in strange houses but after my escapade with Becky, I was dying for a repeat performance, only this time with Candace.

After Candace’s “Florence Nightengale” turn at my house, I felt at ease with her and really enjoyed her company. In spite of her Nordic beauty and fantastic body, she was unaffected with herself. Smart, witty and totally in tune with the feelings of others, she fascinated me on different levels.

Candace was the real deal. She projected a self assurance without any silly affectations or bloated ego. A genuinely nice person with aspirations of becoming a teacher, I not only desired her body but her friendship too.

When I arrived at chez Candace, I was impressed by the muted elegance of the surroundings. Her sister Tiffany was lounging by the backyard pool when Candace introduced me.

Tiffany was a shorter but svelte version of her sister and was wearing a bikini that barely covered her privates. Equally as attractive, she exuded a raw sensuality that seemed to radiate from her.

After a brief exchange of hellos, I swore she was giving me the once over. The way she was staring at my body would normally make me feel uncomfortable but instead I found it appealing. My new found self confidence surrounding my sexuality was a welcome relief from my previously conservative mind set.

When Candace and I changed and joined her sister at the pool, we chattered away like old friends. If Tiffany was giving me the eye, I failed to notice as I was completely wrapped up in Candace’s world.

With her parents’ away for the weekend, the three of us ate dinner at a nouvelle cuisine restaurant in the city. I learned that Tiffany was eighteen and just graduated from high school. She was a new hire lifeguard at the swim club and started work tomorrow, Saturday.

Although Tiffany seemed a little bored by our presence, she nonetheless spent the evening with her sister and me. However, she paid little or no mind to Candace and focused her attention on me.

“No date on a Friday night,” I innocently asked Tiffany.

“Nah, not this week,” she remarked casually.

“Tiff’s not much for the dating scene, huh Tiff?” Candace said mysteriously.

After dinner, Candace stopped at a boutique a few blocks away. The clothes were expensive swim and casual wear that captured my interest. After viewing Candace and Tiffany in their skimpy but classy suits that afternoon, I wanted something similar.

Fortunately for me, there was a sale rack in the back of the store with several suits in my size. As I made my way to an empty fitting room, Tiffany insisted on joining me. Candace was on the opposite side of the store looking at short and top sets.

My body was tingling from the simple fact that Tiffany would be joining me. Now I was sure that her stares that afternoon were no accident. To make matters worse, I was utterly captivated by her beauty and sensuality.

The rooms were fairly large and would accommodate the two of us easily. When my bra fell down my arms and my long stubby nipples came into view, Tiffany’s eyes widened in surprise.

Tiffany gawked and leered at my body but for the first time in my young life I enjoyed it immensely. She helped me choose the one that fit best and when we exited the room, my pussy was quivering with need.

In the sultry night air, Candace, Tiffany and me sat by the pool drinking our third round of Corona beer.

“We’d better not get too plastered since we all have to work tomorrow,” Tiffany said knowingly.

“Hey Tiff, don’t we have a bottle of tequila in the liquor cabinet?” Candace asked exuberantly.

“I dunno but I’ll find out,” Tiffany said in a slightly slurred voice and raced inside.

Although I had limited experience with alcohol, I liked the warm fuzzy feeling it gave me. Tiffany reappeared with a bottle and three shot glasses. After pouring the clear liquid in the glasses, she offered me one.

“Bottoms up!” Tiffany barked and tossed back the shot.

Candace followed and I was the only person still holding a full glass.

“Well?” Tiffany asked with a raised eyebrow.

I raised my glass in a salute and knocked back the libation. Instantly, I experienced a coughing fit as the fiery liquid coursed down my gullet and surged into my veins.

“Hey, easy girl we’re just getting started,” Tiffany exclaimed

Somewhat woozy and lightheaded, I accepted another shot but knew that I had reached my limit.

With the second shot ensconced in my belly, my head was buzzing like a beehive. Thankfully, I was still in control but half drunk.

“Anyone know what time it is?” Candace asked in a hushed tone.

I stared blankly at her.

“It’s skinny dippin time!” she broadcast and jumped up with clothes flying in all directions.

As I stood on wobbly legs, I noticed that Tiffany was already naked. She was about my height with a clean shaven crotch and facially resembled Candace. In contrast, her breasts were smaller, hair cropped short and her body had a very lean muscular appearance; a true hardbody. However, her one outstanding asset was her beautifully sculpted butt; a work of art.

Candace’s nude form was just as breathtaking with her superbly muscled but stockier frame. When she pulled her long blonde hair back in a pony tail, she resembled a Norse goddess.

As we cavorted in the refreshing water, I noticed that Candace was sticking close to me, no doubt because of my accident the previous week.

Whenever Candace or Tiffany made accidental skin to skin contact with me, it sent little jolts of electricity into my pussy. Then the strangest thing happened.

Although I had the hots for Candace, I discovered I was overcome with an unbridled craving for her sister Tiffany. With the alcohol rolling through my veins, I was primed and ready for my next bi encounter.

I dove in the water and swam past Tiffany, pausing just long enough to give her butt a healthy pinch. When I surfaced, Tiffany was wagging her finger at me in a “no” gesture.

“Naughty, naughty…” she stated like a sexy warning.

Tiffany swam after me but the water is my domain and I easily avoided her, circled around and pinched her other butt cheek.

“So, you like to play with girls,” Tiffany said with an evil smile and swam towards me with all her might.

I half heartedly eluded Tiffany but eventually let her catch up to me. A deep sigh escaped my lips when she wrapped her arms around me; holding me against the side of the pool.

Tiffany’s eyes were ablaze with yearning.

“You want to play with me girlie,” she panted in a sultry voice.

“Uh huh,” I said with obvious want.

“I can see you ladies want to be alone,” Candace stated formally as she hauled her body out of the pool and into the house.

“I’m gonna eat you up, down and sideways!” Tiffany said in a gloating voice.

Naked and dripping water, I ran behind Tiffany, my eyes drinking in her superb butt, until we reached her bedroom. As I toweled my body, a question pooped in my head.

“Is Candace ok with…us…” I inquired shakily.

“Yeah, why wouldn’t she be?” she asked in return.

I raised my shoulders in an “I don’t know” gesture.

“Look Julie, let’s get a few things straight. I like girls. I like to have sex with girls. But, I’m sure you’ve already figured that out. Candace and me have talked about it a lot and believe me she’s cool with my…ah…tendencies. Ok?” She said authoritatively but nicely.

Before I could agree, Tiffany’s mouth and hands were on my stiffening titties. The girl worshipped my protruding nipples and attacked them with frenzied zeal.

With her impressive strength, she held me upright and toiled feverishly on my tits. Hot jolts of raw sensation seared my pussy until it was creaming profusely.

Oh god…oh Tiffany…ooh…umm…” I moaned uncontrollably.

My juices were trickling out the bottom of my slit and running into the crack of my ass. Tiffany carried me to her bed and seated me on the edge with my thighs askew.

Instantly, Tiffany was on her knees with a look of absolute lust on her face. In a way it almost scared me but once she started, I was completely lost in a world of unrestrained pleasure.

Tiffany’s magic tongue sluiced through my folds with phenomenal precision and exquisite gracefulness. Within minutes my pussy quaked and pulsated with blistering intensity.

An orgasm built quickly and it surprised me with its swiftness and scale. However, she was far from finished with me.

With mind blowing expertise, Tiffany licked my clit; knowing when to slow down, speed up, lick harder then softer; truly amazing. Her prodigious skill was off the charts as waves of sensation crackled and sizzled deep in my gash

With Tiffany’s mouth clamped over my throbbing sex, I rode her astonishing tongue to a multiple orgasm high. At times the contractions were so intense that I felt light headed and dizzy. By the time it was over, I was bathed in sweat and limp.

“Jesus Tiffany, that was…well…incredible!” I gushed with praise.

I discovered that Tiffany had an impressive array of sex toys; single and double headed dildos, vibrators and a strap on. I begged her to take my virginity with the strap on but she didn’t need much coaxing.

With my virgin butt in the air, Tiffany eased the lifelike tool into my eager pussy and screwed me energetically.

For most of the weekend, Tiffany ravaged my body with her mouth, fingers and toys. Her ravenous appetite for pussy, left little time for reciprocation. However, she allowed me to eat her tasty pussy a few times but was totally into performing on me.

Except for Saturday, I saw little of Candace for a few days. Luckily, I was assigned a closing shift with her and counted the hours until we were alone.

Candace was in a good mood and we chattered like friends do when they haven’t seen each other for awhile. But, I was concerned with how she felt about my liaison with Tiffany and my old shyness returned in full force.

We were sitting on one of the benches next to the pool.

“Candace, I ah…you see…Tiffany and me…” I stammered, making absolutely no sense at all.

Candace was regarding me with a quizzical look that dissolved to one of recognition.

“Tiffany’s a big girl and so are you. What you do in your spare time is your affair, no pun intended,” she stated with a smile and her comment made me laugh.

“Does it bother you that Tiffany’s into girls?” I asked as my self confidence returned.

“No, not now but at first it did. She’s always had this tomboyish streak but I do remember her playing with dolls and other girlie things,” she stated with frankness.

Candace had a wistful but thoughtful expression on her pretty countenance.

“I’ve never had much attraction for girls in a sexual way and that’s probably why it took me a while to accept that Tiffany did. Oh, I experimented with a couple of friends but it was practice kissing like we were on dates. Heck, I even let my friend Ivy feel me up while we were making out but that’s was as far as it went,” she said earnestly

“I just don’t want it to affect my friendship with you,” I said in a needy voice and looked away.

“It’s funny Julie, at the beginning of the summer I didn’t know you at all but now I feel like we’ve been friends for years,” she said with candor and put her arm around me.

It was pure heaven sitting with Candace in the twilight as the shadows lengthened.

“Hey, I’ve got some news. Evan’s invited me to visit him in New York. He insisted that I drop everything and drive down tomorrow. I plan on being there for two or three weeks,” she exclaimed excitedly.

“I’m happy for you but you know, I’ll miss you,” I said with feeling and hugged her.

While Candace was in New York, my liaison with Tiffany continued but only sporadically. She was enamored with a new conquest and while she didn’t ignore me, I liked the solitude. Becky was a frequent visitor and we hung out on weekends or whenever I wasn’t working at the pool. However, our sexual tryst was a one and done event as we placed a much higher value on our friendship.

The summer was winding down quickly and it was back to school in little more a week. On a sultry weekday night, I was assigned closing duties with Tiffany. Her main squeeze had already left for college back east and I was her focus once more.

I was checking off the last item when I looked up and saw her staring at my crotch, practically drooling.

I was just getting over my period and told Tiffany but she could have cared less. The girl had a single minded purpose; eat pussy. However, I was too grossed out by the thought.

She suggested a refreshing dip in the pool sans swimsuit.

After stripping off my suit, I dove into the cool water. We swam for a while playfully splashing and jostling each other until that sex hungry look appeared on Tiffany’s face.

But, I stared at Tiffany’s crotch with just as much intensity. I wanted her tasty slice on my mouth.

With a towel under Tiffany’s butt, she assumed a sitting position on the edge of the pool deck and legs dangling in the water. Teasingly, she kept her thighs closed when I tried to pry them open.

“Don’t make me beg,” I stated with mock frustration.

“Say please?” She asked sexily.

With a determined look, I made another futile attempt to open her legs.

“Not till I hear the magic word,” she stated in a sultry tone.

“Ok, you win,” I said with a defeated air.

My pussy was tingly and moist from our playful exchange.

“Please,” I said in a barely audible voice.

“Louder,” she commanded.

“Ok, Please!” I said with more volume and an exasperated look.

Like magic her thighs widened and I buried my appreciative face in my dewy sex.

“Oh yeah…ooh…” she moaned as I gorged on her throbbing gash.

However, a new surprise awaited me when Tiffany got on all fours and I devoured her butt hole. Becky’s dirty little song popped into my head;

“…nothin could be finer than me lickin her…”

Unfortunately, nothing rhymed with anus.

“Oh Fuck!” she bellowed, uttering cuss words in a shotgun staccato as I feasted on her rose cluster.

After our lust was satisfied, I rechecked my closing list to ensure all items had been performed. I drove Tiffany home but when I parked in the driveway, I saw Candace’s Toyota in the third bay with the trunk open. She was back from New York.

When she saw me, we embraced with genuine affection.

“How was the trip?” I asked eagerly.

“Ok, not bad,” she stated rather solemnly.

“How’s Evan?” I inquired with real curiosity.

“He’s fine. I’m sure he’ll be all right…” She started to say but caught herself and stopped in mid thought.

“Hey, I’m off tomorrow, can you come by for lunch or tea or whatever?” I implored with enthusiasm.

“Ok, 12 noon is good for me,” she said with a smile.

As I prepared for Candace’s arrival the following day, I couldn’t shake the feeling that something serious and life changing had occurred during her New York trip.

All through lunch, Candace appeared to be subdued and gloomy as I filled her in on life at work during her absence.

“…and doesn’t Brittany forget to turn on the bypass valve…” I prattled on until I noticed tears in Candace’s eyes.

“Sorry,” she said in a quivering voice and covered her face with her hands.

“What’s wrong?” I asked in a tender voice.

But, Candace was crying hard, her back rising and falling with each sob. Tenderly, I embraced her.

“Is it about Evan?” I asked quietly.

Candace shook her head “yes” in a silent reply.

As I held Candace tight, she rested her head on my shoulder.

“It’s over between us,” she declared in a crying voice.

“What reason did he give you?” I asked, assuming it was Evan’s idea.

“No, I broke up with him,” she stated in a more even tone, her head still resting on my shoulder.

Needless to say, I was stunned by her answer.

“I’ll explain,” she said with sadness and sat up but still clutched my hands in hers.

“We were getting along ok but to me it seemed like the same old sex, the same tired conversations and the same type of restaurants when we ate out. After a couple of days, I was wondering how in the world I would last the entire three weeks.

Evan’s not very perceptive when it concerns my feelings or needs. He made all the decisions without caring about my preferences or tastes. He talked incessantly about his internship and while it was interesting to him, I can’t fathom the first thing about banking.

Any sightseeing, museums or shows that I wanted to go see, I was strictly on my own.”

Candace stopped briefly and her voice took on a more angry timbre.

“On top of it all, Evan’s performance in the bedroom was totally lackluster. Wham bam and thank you ma’am. Oh he liked when I gave him head but if I dared to suggest that he do the same to me, it immediately turned him off. In fact, his face has never been anywhere near my crotch.

I started to question what I liked and disliked about him and why. I wasn’t ready to throw in the towel but I was having serious doubts.

As I was pondering our relationship, Brandy, Evan’s hippie cousin showed up for a few days. I had met her a few times at various family functions and enjoyed her company.

Definitely a free spirit, she was intelligent, charming and rather pretty, in spite of wearing clothes that bordered on the Goth look.

Brandy, who was all of nineteen, was very perceptive and picked up on my unhappiness right way. But, I loved having a companion who appreciated the arts and as much as I did.

One morning just as he was leaving for work, I had a huge fight with Evan. He had left me a note detailing a business trip that would take him out town for at least a week. I’d come to New York to spend time with him and he’s leaving.

I guess you could say it was the straw that broke the camels back.

Unless she was deaf, Brandy undoubtedly heard the whole thing. As I sat in the kitchen sniffling, she walked in with her sunny disposition and asked if I was ok.

I assured Brandy I was but my voice betrayed me. When she asked if I wanted to talk about it, all my pent up frustrations poured out of me. I left out nothing, including my boring sex life.

After listening, Brandy offered me little in the way of advice but suggested a therapeutic massage. I didn’t object when she stood in back of me and started with my shoulders. I was wearing a spaghetti strap T, no bra and shorts.

At first, I thought it would be awkward but Brandy was a gifted masseuse. Her skilled hands kneaded my tense flesh in the most relaxing manner. She worked my arms, head and neck with equal proficiency.

I guess instinctively I knew where this was leading but I didn’t care. Sure enough, Brandy’s massage stimulated a neglected part of my body and I moaned with gratitude. Well, that was all the encouragement she needed as she worked her way around my neck to my upper chest.

When Brandy’s hands cupped my tits, I was ready and willing. While her soft fingers twirled and rolled my nipples, she tenderly kissed the back of neck and ears. My pussy was twitching and swampy and although I’ve had limited experience with other girls, I wanted this to happen.

When I stood to turn my chair around, I whipped my shorts down my legs, leaving my French cuts in place. Brandy spent a long time mouthing my leaking crevice. I was panting a mile a minute when she seductively hooked her thumbs in my panties and with excruciating slowness pulled them down my legs. Suffice it to say she was accomplished in the art of cunnilingus. I howled and shrieked my way to three orgasms, maybe more because I lost count.”

I sat in silence with a dumbfounded look on my face but Candace wasn’t finished with her story.

“Brandy feasted on me daily and overstayed her visit by a week because of Evan’s absence. The day before her departure, I decided that I wanted to show my appreciation. I was sitting on the toilet, painting my toe nails, when she exited the shower.

In true hippie fashion Brandy had a full ungroomed bush. With her slim body and pale white skin, I found her appealing.

Brandy caught me eying her privates and dragged me into the bedroom. I lay on the carpet as she knelt over me and slowly lowered her bushy muff to my eager mouth.

Grasping Brandy’s cute butt, I licked her slit with fierce determination until it bubbled and foamed with her creamy fluids. With gravity working in my favor, her steamy secretions dribbled down my throat.

Although Brandy’s juices were tart and unquestionably female, they had a fresh flavor that I discovered was rather addicting. For the rest of the morning, she rode my face as I drained every last drop of nectar from her heaving gash.

When Brandy left the following morning, I was sad to see her go because it was back to reality. In spite of the fact that Evan had been gone a week, I was still angry with him.

I couldn’t help thinking that while Evan was away, I experienced some pretty awesome sex by way of a girl. It became abundantly clear to me that in Evan’s world, I was merely a sperm depository.

When I tried to discuss my feelings with Evan, he clamed up and ignored me. I couldn’t shake the thought that if we were having problems now, what would happen when we got married.

The night before I left, we were eating dinner at a swanky French restaurant when I dropped the bombshell on Evan. Instead of sympathizing with me or trying to talk me out of my decision, he kept telling me what a great catch he was and there were plenty of women who were dying to go out with him.

When we got back to his apartment, I immediately packed and left without saying goodbye. I slammed the door to his apartment with a lot force and it banged against the frame loudly. I guess you could say it was my parting shot.”

Candace’s shoulders slumped and her eyes were moist. Her sad but revealing tale had shaken me. I helped her to the sofa and held her big body close to mine as she sniffed back tears.

“My dear friend,” I said with sympathy and kissed her forehead.

My heart ached but was joyous. Candace had fully succumbed to the pleasures of sex with a woman and unless my intuition was wrong, she wasn’t finished with her exploration.

Candace looked up at me with a lost expression.

“In a way I feel like a hypocrite,” she said with shame in her voice.

“Whatever for?” I questioned in an incredulous tone.

“I remember spouting off that I wasn’t into girl sex and pow! One trip to New York and I’m lovin it more than sex with my guy…er…ex guy,” she stated pensively.

“If it’s any consolation, I never had any bi feelings until this summer,” I confessed.

“Why do you think it happened?” she asked.

I shook my head in a confused manner as my answer. I was clueless as to why but if it was a dormant emotion, I knew who ignited it and she was lying against me in my warm embrace.

“Can I ask you something personal? You don’t have to answer if you don’t want to,” she inquired with an unsteady voice.

“You can ask me anything, fire away,” I returned confidently but was I ever unprepared for her question. “Julie, have you ever thought about me…you know…like Brandy,” she asked in a searching way. “Yeah, just about every day since I met you!” my mind silently screamed.

“Sometimes,” I lied and stroked her silky hair.

But, Candace was honest and forthright with her emotions. She had revealed her deepest feelings to me and wasn’t going to let me off the hook, not by a longshot.

Suddenly, Candace sat up and her intense gaze bore into me.

“When I was with Brandy…I…wished it was you,” she blurted out with a bashful look and lowered her gaze.

My heart was thumping wildly in my chest from Candace’s admission. It amazed me how two sisters, Tiffany and Candace, could be so different.

I flew into Candace’s arms and lay on top of her; kissing her passionately. We made out like the horny teenagers that we were; tongues intertwined in a dance of desire. With our mouths occupied, we undressed each other.

Basking in the thrill of bare skin on bare skin, I left a trail of small suction marks on each side of her neck. While Tiffany’s nipples were a combination of elongated and puffy, Candace’s were fat and puffy with a small pebble bump in the center.

I suckled them with tender loving care for a long, long time.

‘Oh god Julie,” Candace panted in huge breaths as my lips pulled and tugged the hypersensitive flesh relentlessly.

Eventually, my lust for Candace’s tits was satisfied and I made the leisurely trek to her clammy crease. Delightfully clean shaven, her pussy emitted a tantalizing scent that tickled my nose with it’s musky richness.

Candace moved her butt up and down in anticipation until my open mouth engulfed her succulent sex. Slowly, I tongued her soaked folds; drawing the moisture into my hungry mouth.

With Candace’s muscular ass held firmly in my grasp, I drew her sopping snatch closer and concentrated my efforts on the center. My tongue flew up and down with pointed accuracy and worked her pussy into a boiling fountain of creamy juices.

As I gulped my first mouthful of Candace’s hot secretions down my throat, I paused to revel in the flavor of her tart, spicy nectar. Absolutely scrumptious!

Dining at Candace’s Y was everything I thought it would be and more. With all my new found skills brought to bear on the task at hand, Candace soared into orgasmic nirvana.

“Goddamn Julie, I cumming hard!” She bellowed and thrashed about on the sofa.

With my mouth still glued to her heaving snatch, I lashed her clit until she screamed again. “Oh god!” she howled like a she wolf in heat and surrendered to another set of contractions.

But, I wasn’t done just yet and coated a finger with her goopy fluids. Gingerly, I wormed it into her butt hole and slowly reamed her sensitive anus. With my tongue dancing and flicking over her clit, she erupted again.

Watching Candace cum was sheer delight for me. It was the culmination of a summer long desire for her magnificent body.

Exhausted from my labors, I fell back on the carpet with her juices dripping from my face. I was content but not Candace because after a few minutes she pounced on me.

Although Candace lacked her sisters’ technical virtuosity, it was no less satisfying. I adored her loving and sensual approach to sex especially her long needy kisses.

We were holding each other like lovers when Candace looked at me thoughtfully.

“You know Julie, if you were a guy, I’d date you,” she stated with heartfelt sincerity.

“Feelings mutual,” I replied in my best deep voice and we laughed heartily at my little joke.

With only a few days left before I returned to State U, Candace and I spent all our free time together. We were inseparable. My deepest desires that I harbored from the moment I saw Candace were fulfilled beyond my wildest expectation. I found a true and lasting friendship with a very special person.

Friday morning, my dad drove me back to college. As I moved my suitcases into the dorm room, my thoughts were filled with memories of the summer that I explored and indulged my bi lust. But, it was more than that.

A part of me that I had kept hidden was now open for all to see. I was different, more confident and less shy thanks to three terrific people.

Dear Becky, my best friend and confidant. She broadened my horizons and showed me that true friendship can endure. She had no equal.

The luscious, fun loving Tiffany; with an extraordinary appetite for sex, she gave much better than she got. And, Oh Lordy, she was a fantastic giver.

And, then there was Candace; the original object of my affection. Although our liaison was brief, it was unforgettable. However and more importantly, we became the closest of friends.

The collective experiences had changed something inside of me. I was no longer the overly shy and reserved girl who spoke little, except with people she knew. A new self confidence pervaded my psyche. While some of my bashful, reticent mannerisms remained, they were far from the debilitating type that inhabited my being just a few months prior.

The renaissance of my sexuality was a life changing event. While my bi experiences had opened a new and tremendously satisfying chapter in my sex life, I had a strong desire for men and sex with them.

That afternoon Rosie arrived and we greeted each other warmly. She gazed at me with a questioning look on her face.

“You seem different. I don’t know but something in your face…” she said incompletely.

“It’s great to see you,” I stated affectionately without the bashfulness Rosie had come to expect and nothing more was said.

With remarkable swiftness, we fell into the college routine of classes, studying and having fun on the weekends. But, for the first time, I was truly enjoying my weekend diversions. It didn’t go unnoticed by Rosie.

“Girl, you learned to relax and enjoy life over the summer,” Rosie declared officially.

Around the third week of the new semester the weather was unusually hot. I was feeling horny and my fingers were giving me inadequate relief. I craved a mouth on my privates and vice versa.

Because of the heat, I was lying on my bed clad only in a sleeveless tank top and panties. Rosie returned from class and announced she was headed to the shower. She reentered our room wearing a towel that covered her strategic areas but discarded it once the door was closed.

While it was nothing unusual for us to be nude in front of each other, I was intrigued by Rosie’s taut back, butt and legs as she bent over to look for some clothes in her dresser drawer.

Swiftly, I realized that Rosie was the Hispanic version of Tiffany. Lean, well defined muscles and raven colored pubes were some of her obvious features but it was as though I was seeing her for the first time.

“Who better than my sexy roommate to satisfy my Sapphic needs,” I silently mused.

When Rosie turned around with a pair of panties in her hand, I confirmed that her front with the hot caramel colored nipples adorning her peach sized boobs, firm belly and pretty face was indeed reminiscent of Tiffany. My body erupted with a craving for the Latina hottie.

Involuntarily, I began singing a familiar tune but barely audible.

“…nothin could be finer than me lickin…”

Rosie easily caught me gawking at her and in an uncharacteristic burst of modesty, put a hand over her crotch.

“What’s gotten into you?” she asked with curiosity.

“Nothin, just admiring the view,” I said wistfully

Rosie’s entire demeanor changed as she raised her arms and locked her hands behind her head. I drank in the beauty of her naked form and sighed with pleasure.

“Like this view better?” she asked in a saucy tone and did a slow bump and grind with her pelvis.

“Ooh yeah!” I answered enthusiastically and sat on the edge of my bed, totally enamored with her impromptu show.

Rosie increased the tempo and moved closer to me at the same time. Her hot body undulated erotically and a very light sheen of sweat appeared via the heat.

Rosie stopped in front of me and lowered a rigid nipple to my hungry lips. With the skill and determination that I learned over the summer, I suckled her juicy tits.

“Oh…ooh…mucho caliente…umm…” she groaned breathlessly and thrust a hand between her thighs.

As my mouth worked tirelessly on Rosie’s boobs, her fingers labored vigorously, sliding through her slit. The sharp but pleasing aroma from her creaming pussy floated up to my olfactory nerve.

“Jesu Christo, what happened to you last summer?” She asked, panting like a mad woman.

Silently, I changed places with Rosie. My actions were all the proof she needed that indeed I had changed and for the better. With her legs akimbo and butt thrust forward, I licked my lips and nose-dived for her hot steamy box.

As I contentedly supped on her frothing cleft, slurping and swallowing mouthfuls of her hot juices, she blew a fuse and came with explosive force.

“Fuck…Oh Julie…it’s so freakin big…” she roared and thrashed on the bed.

With my back against the bed and legs spread on the carpet, a gooey finger glided effortlessly up my slobbering slice and over my pulsing clit.

Sufficiently recovered from her exertions, Rosie dropped to her knees in front of me and hungrily eyed my soggy sex. Quickly, she flattened her body and planted her open mouth over my sparse muff.

As her tongue noisily reamed my throbbing slit, I hummed the rhyming verse of Becky’s ditty but with a minor change.

“…nothin could be finer than her lickin my vagina in our dorm room…”

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