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Summer Pleasure With An Older Man

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This is a real life experience that has stayed with me for many years and I would like to thank the man for introducing me to such pleasures.

It was a usual Midwest summer, hot, humid and boring. I had just turned 18 earlier in the year and was looking forward to attending college in the fall. I got up early as usual and packed the work coveralls and boots in a bag. I went into the kitchen and had some cereal for breakfast, which was the usual and starting to get old.

I sat at the table reading the morning sports section of the newspaper thinking about what college was going to be like. This was a small town in the heart of the Midwest and there were few opportunities in the area. Most of the homes in town were turn of the 20th century, many earlier. This was a typical white picket fence town, complete with large two story homes, and attitudes that go with that type of town.

School was out for the summer and I had actually found a summer job. It was a dirty job, but it paid and I was looking forward to buying a car that summer. I would help disassemble automobile engines for a salvage yard. I was actually learning a lot about automobile engines, even if the engines I worked on did not run.

The job I worked at was actually in another small town about 15 miles away. I would walk about a mile to the highway that connected the two towns and hitch a ride to work every day, and then repeat the effort in the evening. It was usually pretty easy to get a ride as people in the area were friendly and usually willing to help but I was always early, just to ensure I was at work on time. This was a very still day, hot and humid early with a forecast of getting even hotter later in the day. I stood along the side of the road as few cars passed, ignoring my extended thumb. I lit a cigarette and stood waiting since it was still early and not much traffic was on the highway at the time.

I was really looking forward to getting off work today. I had a date that evening with a girl I knew in school. We had been dating for a few weeks and I was enjoying her company. She was attractive and there was a rumor that she was willing to go all the way at times, which was foremost on my mind at the time. We had just made out and done some feeling of each other to this point, but I was looking forward to more.

A car was coming down the highway so I let my thoughts get back to the moment and raised my hand, extending my thumb upward. The car slowed and pulled over to the side of the road. As I approached the car the window came down and the driver asked, “how far are you going?”

I replied, “the next town was all the farther I am going.”

He said “Get in, I’m going through there”. I got in and could feel the air conditioner, it felt good this early in the day. I looked the car over, it was a Cadillac and I had never ridden in one until that moment. He pulled back on the highway and we were on our way to the next town.

He introduced himself, “I’m Gene.” I replied telling him my name.

He asked “are you going to work or just going for personal reasons?” I replied, “I have a summer job, it is a dirty job but I am hopping to save enough to buy a car of my own.” We talked about the crops that were starting to coming up, the weather, cars, school and finally, girls. He asked about my girl friend and how that was going. I told him about her and how we were doing.

He then smiled and asked “are you getting any?” I must have blushed but told him, “no, just getting a feel so far.”

He must have sensed that I was not experienced at having sex with women, or anyone for that matter. He was able to make me feel at ease and we talked about women for a few more moments. He reached over and touched my groin, saying, “I can see why the girls would enjoy you, that is a very nice cock” His hand was on my cock and gently squeezing it. I was naive and just let him continue to touch me, still talking about sex with women. I could feel my cock getting very hard at the touch of his hand and the conversation about pussy. The conversation we were having was really getting me worked up. He asked “what time do you have to be to work?”

I told him “I am always early since I have to hitch a ride every day.”

He then suggested that we stop somewhere to just talk. I knew a place, near a lake that was on the way. There were a lot of access area that were used for fishing and they were a good place to sit and talk.

He pulled off the highway onto a road I had pointed out and we drove toward the lake. There were several places that could be used to stop, but a few were back further, toward the lake. He pulled into one of these and stopped the car. You could see the lake, fog was hanging over it as the sun was starting to shine through. It was quiet, just the sounds of the lake could be heard. We sat and talked about pussy and how to make her really enjoy sex. His hand was on my cock again as we talked and I was now creating a wet spot on my jeans.

Gene asked “can I see your cock?” I nodded yes and his hand unzipped my jeans. My cock thrust straight up, the head glistening with precum on it. He started to softly and slowly stroke it. It felt so good; his talk of pussy and his hand on my cock had my mind spinning at that moment.

He then asks “have you ever had any pussy?”

I replied “no.”

I felt a little embarrassed, I was 18 and had not had any pussy. He asked if I had ever enjoyed sex with anyone else. I told him about an experience I had with a neighbor boy a couple of years earlier. He and I would hide in his parent’s garage and jack off together. We never touched each other, just jacked off and shot our loads in the garage. His was the first cock I had ever seen besides my own. I had always loved to watch him jack off and to see his cock. We were about the same size, both with a straight, somewhat thick shafts and a mushroom head on it. It always seemed to make our little session much more intense and exciting as I would watch him shoot his load.

He then began to described how it would feel to have some pussy and I felt that my cock was getting even harder, if that was possible. He told me it was possible for a man to make his mouth feel exactly like a pussy and wanted to know if I would like to experience that. I was so horny; my cock was now throbbing I think I just nodded yes. I had never had sex with a woman, or a man to that point. My only experience to date was masturbation alone and with my friend.

I said “I would like to find out what it would feel like to have some pussy.”

I felt his lips on my cock, his tongue moistening the head of my cock. I closed my eyes, the feeling was so intense and wonderful. I could feel my cock disappearing into his mouth, the sensation was overwhelming at that point. He pulled at my jeans and I lifted my ass to let them slide down further. They were now at my ankles as I sat on the leather car seat. He pulled my jeans off of one leg, letting me spread my legs. He then felt my balls as he continued to suck my cock. I could do nothing more than moan with pleasure as he continued to suck me. I tried to lay back more, to let him have a better position on my cock. I felt his fingers touching my anus, this was sheer pleasure, and it just seemed to heighten the intensity of him sucking my cock.

I opened my eyes to watch what was going on, the look of his lips surrounding my cock as he sucked me was very erotic. I had never seen a man with a cock in his mouth. He was moaning with pleasure as he sucked me. He was stroking his cock as he sucked me. The head of his cock was turning red and I could see pre-cum at his pee hole.

I felt his finger enter my ass, this sent a signal though my body that was like nothing I had ever experienced before. His sucking was even more intense as he stroked my ass with his finger. I had never experienced anything like this, his finger in my ass had me so turned on my mind was just a fog.

I felt myself getting so close to cumming, my moans of pleasure were louder now. I could feel it coming and he could sense it, his pace quickened. My body suddenly stiffened and I shot my load, feeling my body pulsate with every spurt. His finger was still stroking my ass and this made every spurt have so much more intensity. I must have shot 6 or 7 spurts into his mouth.

I never knew sex could feel so good; I was almost exhausted from the orgasm I had just experienced. I felt him pull his finger out of my ass and then he kissed me gently on the lips. It was as soft a kiss as I had ever had with a woman. He took his cock out and was jacking off, very slowly. I have never seen a cock that large before, it was huge. He must have been close to 8 inches, or larger. I could do nothing but stare at it as he was stroking it. When my friend and I would masturbate together we were about the same size, probably average, nothing like his cock. This cock was huge, long and very thick with a head that seemed perfect for the shaft it was on. His hand slide up and down his shaft, the head was so attractive on the very straight and thick shaft.

He leaned back in the seat, his hand very slowly moving on his massive cock. He asked “would you like to jack me off? It always felt better for someone else to do it for you.”

I hesitated, I knew what my friends were always saying about guys who liked cock. I was afraid at this moment, but I felt the urge to feel his cock so I reached over to put my hand on his cock. My hand would not go completely around his cock and I could have put both of my hands on it and not have covered it completely end to end.

I started to jack him off, trying to make it feel like it was my cock and give him as much pleasure as possible. I just kept staring at his cock, it was so attractive and the first adult male’s cock I had ever seen. He put his arm around my shoulder as I stroked him, his moans now making me hard again. I felt a gentle push on my head, moving me down closer to his cock. I could now smell is manhood, the heat of his cock. He was directing me down further, it was almost touching my face.

He said “go ahead suck it for a little while, just see what it is like to suck cock.”

I had no idea what to do, I had never sucked a man’s cock before. I wasn’t sure if this is something I should do, having heard all the jokes about men who suck cock. I was still in awe of his cock and it was there, right in front of me. He continued to gently push on my head, my lips actually brushing the head of his cock. I opened my mouth, and with some effort got it wide enough to let the head of his cock enter my mouth. The softness of the head, the heat, and the thought of this first experience was so exciting. I ran my tongue over the tip of his cock, feeling his pee hole with my tongue. I was getting more confident and let more of his cock enter my mouth, still trying to repeat what he had done to me earlier.

I was now hard and hot again as I worked his cock. I was aroused and enjoying his cock, I could taste his precum, it was a wonderful sensation. After a few minutes he asked me to stop and to jack him off. He knew I had never done this before and was considerate at this point. I started to stroke his cock, the head now a very dark red color. His body stiffened and he seemed to stop breathing as his cock seemed to expand. Suddenly he started to cum, the hot thick cum spurting from his cock. I was more than excited, this was better than seeing my friend cum. He must have shot 4 or 5 very large spurts and was now trying to get under control again.

I just stared at his cum on the floor mat of the car and some still on the head of his cock. He sat there breathing heavily and told me how wonderful that had felt. His cock was now going flaccid, but still attractive. He leaned over and took my cock back into his mouth, sucking me again. I felt his hand gently stoke my cock as he sucked me. His tongue played with the head of my cock, touching my pee hole. He kept taking all of my cock into his mouth and it felt so good.

I kept thinking of his finger in my ass the first time he sucked me off, how wonderful it felt. I tried to move around so he would have to opportunity to enter my ass with his finger again. He seemed to sense what I needed as I felt his finger playing with my anus again. I felt his finger slide into my anus easily this time. I couldn’t help but enjoy that feeling, I started to move my ass, enjoy his finger in my ass as he continued to suck my cock.

Gene asked, “do you enjoy my finger in your ass?”

I replied, “It feels wonderful.”

At that time he slide another finger into my anus. This sent a white hot feeling over me and I was working my ass as he stroked me. He stopped sucking me and I could feel him move around. He resumed sucking my cock after he was in the position he wanted. His cock was in my hand and I started to stroke it again. I enjoyed how soft the skin felt, the heat and the gorgeous head on the end of his shaft. I could see the pre-cum on the head of his cock, it felt strange to be so turned on by the sight of it.

It was only a matter of minutes before I shot another load into his mouth. This time I held his head and let him know just how wonderful it felt. I felt so spent, my entire body was now limp. My legs felt like jello and I could hardly move. I was so relaxed, my legs were spread apart from letting him finger my ass. I felt his cock rubbing the cheeks of my ass. The cum on his cock allowed it to slide easily along the crack of my ass. He let it spread my cheeks, just slightly and the head of his cock touched my anus. He let his cock tease my anus a few times then just leaned over and kissed me.

I sat there for a few minutes, just trying to calm down. I pulled my jeans back up and got dressed as he did the same. We pulled out of the parking spot we had found and drove back to the highway. We talked about the experience we had just had as he drove down the highway. I was so surprised at how I felt about having my first sexual encounter with a man, it was overwhelming. I was also surprised that I enjoyed talking about it with him. As we came to the small town where I worked he pulled the car over to the side of the road and stopped.

As I started to get out of the car he touched my cock again and asked ” would you like to do it again sometime?” I replied “yes, I would enjoy doing it again.”

He asked for my phone number so he could contact me and we could meet someplace. I gave him the home phone number where he could reach me, or leave me a message.

I got out of the car, said “goodbye.”

I went into work, with much more on my mind than disassembling an engine that day.

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