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Sucking First BBC

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I have been reading and enjoying cuckold and creampie stories for many years now, and I recently had an unbelievable experience at a local sporting goods store. I was pretty horny at the time because I had just finished reading several cuckold stories involving white husbands who were eating creampies from their wives, which were deposited by big-cocked black men.

I was in the camping department looking at some cold-weather sleeping bags, and noticed a large black man also shopping in that area. He was about 6’4″, and I’m guessing about 250 pounds, and was wearing a nice sweat shirt and sweat pants. He was about 40 years old and fairly good looking, and since I had just finished those stories, he looked like he could have been any one of the big-cocked bulls I had just been fantasizing about. I kept glancing at him, and I was trying to see if there was a tell-tale bulge in his sweat pants. He looked up one time and caught my eye, and nodded, acknowledging that there were some good bargains in the store.

It is a little unusual to strike up a conversation with a stranger in a store, but he was very pleasant. I couldn’t help but wonder if he actually saw me looking at his crotch area. We began to discuss some of the products, and because I was feeling so comfortable with him, and since I was so turned-on anyway, I was thinking about taking the very dangerous step of asking him a personal question about black men, and whether they had larger-than-average sized cocks. His name was Lamont, and he lived near me. I had seen thousands of pictures of black cocks on the many Yahoo sites, but I thought it was a rare opportunity to be able to ask a black man about his perspective on it.

We continued talking, and at a lull in the conversation I got the courage to ask him. I started by just asking “Is it true what they say about black men?”

He gave me a strange look and asked “What do you mean?”

I was just relieved that he didn’t look angry, and I explained, “I have heard all of my life that black men have, on average, larger cocks than white men, and was just wondering if it was true?”

Lamont had a wry look on his face when he asked, “Why do you have an interest in that?”

I replied, “I have read many cuckold stories where dominant black men have huge cocks and balls, and produce a large amount of cum.”

Lamont then said, “Go ahead and explain more about the cuckold fantasies that many white men have, and also what you find so intriguing about it.”

I explained, “Some white men like for their wives to be fucked by one or more black men, while the husband either watches or participates.”

I really wasn’t planning on having this kind of in-depth conversation about it, but he seemed interested, and I was getting pretty excited myself. I did notice that he put his hand in his pocket, and adjusted what looked to be a very large bulge, so he must have been enjoying the conversation.

He pressed further and said, “Tell me more about what white men find so exciting about being cuckolded by black men.”

I continued to explain, “These white men enjoy seeing the large black cocks and balls thrusting into and out of their wives, and sometimes they even lie under the wife in a 69 position as the black man fucks his wife doggy-style. In this position the husband can periodically lick his wife’s clit, and also enjoys tasting the cock shaft and their combined fuck juices. Also, the heavy balls will constantly be in his face, and he will suck on them as the cock unloads its nut into the now-well-fucked cunt of his wife. But the best part is when the husband sucks on and cleans the cock as it withdraws, and also sucks all of the thick sperm from his wife’s pussy.”

Lamont had an amused look on his face asked me, “Have you ever experienced the cuckold life style?”

I explained, “I have been reading and fantasizing about it for years, but my wife would never even allow a conversation about the possibility of such an encounter.”

There was now a very visible bulge in Lamont’s sweat pants that he was rubbing through the fabric, and he wasn’t even trying to hide it.

I was then so bold as to ask him, “Would it be possible for me to see you cock? I have never seen a large black cock up close.”

He seemed even more amused now and asked me, “What do you have in mind?”

I told him, “I was really only thinking about seeing his cock.”

Then Lamont said, “We can go out to my van in the parking lot and I will show it to you, but you will also have to stroke it for me, and make me cum.”

I was so excited by now and said, “I would be happy to stroke you for a few minutes. It will be exciting to see your cock up close, and I’m sure that I’ll also enjoy seeing your thick cum shooting out.”

We entered his full-sized van through the side door. He had two captains’ chairs in the back seat, and behind that, a platform that was about the size of a double bed. He told me to sit in the chair, and he moved back between the chairs and leaned back on the bed on some pillows and blankets he had there, sitting on the edge of the bed. He then told me to pull down his sweat pants and underwear. I was trembling with excitement as I pulled down his pants, and I just couldn’t believe the size of his cock. It was about 8 inches long, semi-hard, and very thick, and it was lying heavily on his thigh. I especially liked the large head and prominent veins. He also had huge balls, about the size of large eggs, and they hung heavily in his sack over the edge of the bed.

Lamont told me to lean forward and begin stroking his cock, and it really felt good to have that hefty meat in my hand. He was also producing a lot of precum, and there was enough of it to lubricate his cock for my stroking. I was in an awkward position leaning forward like that, and my face was only a few inches from his cock. His cock stiffened as I continued to stroke it, and I’m guessing that fully hard it was 10 inches long and about seven inches around. He was breathing heavily now, and I should have known where this was heading.

Lamont told me to suck his balls as I stroked his cock, and when I didn’t move right away, he leaned up and put his hand behind my head, and pulled me into his big balls. The manly, musky smell was intoxicating, and I began to lick and suck his massive balls and scrotum sack. The taste of his genitals turned me on even more, and the precum was also flowing down to his nuts for me to taste. I even tried to get both of his balls in my mouth at the same time, but they were just too big.

He then pulled me part of the way up with him as he leaned back and said, “Suck my cock and drink my cum you white cock sucker.”

By this time all of my resistance was gone, and I was enjoying servicing him orally. He pulled my face to his huge cock and I opened my mouth and took in the head. He held me there and started thrusting his hips, until he felt me take over and start to actively suck his cock. I moved my mouth as far down his dick as I could, but couldn’t take in much more than 6 inches due to its size. The feeling of having this big, black cock in my mouth was wonderful, and I could taste the precum that was flowing heavily.

He was breathing hard now and said, “I am going to nut in your mouth, and you’d better swallow all of it so we don’t mess up my van.”

Lamont then reached down and held my head in place as his cock began to throb and several hard pulses of thick cum filled my mouth. I had no idea that a cock could shoot that much cum, and I swallowed several times to get it all down. The taste was a little bitter and salty, but not offensive. The thickness and texture of his cum were everything that I had fantasized about and more, and I was actually disappointed when he stopped squirting. I kept sucking his cock until it started getting soft, and then pulled off and started sucking his balls again. Some more cum was oozing out of the head, and I licked that up as well. After a few minutes of rest he told me to start sucking his cock again, and he actually got hard again and fed me another load of his thick cum. This last time he held my head in place and fucked my mouth by aggressively thrusting his hips on the bed. It was worth the abuse to get to experience that tasty cock, balls, and cum.

After he was through with me we talked for a few minutes and he said, “I had heard of cuckolds before, and even that many white men had this unusually strong desire to be dominated by black men. When you first asked me about my cock in the store, I felt sure that I could lure you into taking your desires well beyond fantasy, into being used for my pleasure.”

Then I said, “I have to admit that, even though this all started with me just wanting to get a look at your huge black cock, I did enjoy being submissive to you and swallowing your thick and tasty sperm. Do you think I could suck your cock again sometime?”

Lamont said, “I can do better than that. I have a group of five friends who play poker one night a month, and if you really enjoy sucking black men that much, then you can come to our game and be a cum slut for all of us. Hell, one of the guy’s wives might even like to ride your white face after a couple of us have fucked her.”

I do plan to meet with Lamont and his friends as soon as I can find an excuse to get away from home for the evening, and I’m sure that I will enjoy being face-fucked by all of those black men, and maybe even one of their wives.

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jesse green wrote

wonderful story love stroies about white men sucking bBc

Theodore wrote

It was a very good story I did enjoy the part about him being so big and being able to hear about how the other guy loved the taste of his come

Keith B wrote

Sucked one black cock and really enjoyed it. That was a few years ago and I have not had any luck finding another one.

Curious76 wrote

Hope to experience this fantasy at some point soon.

Keith B wrote

Great story, did you ever get to meet up with his friends?

Paul wrote

Love the story, I would LOVE to try BBC sometime. I hope you got the chance to meat his fiends.