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Steven Actually Meets Jennifer

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The first conversations were very awkward. We both felt more anxious than the other felt we should. I enjoyed finally talking to Jennifer herself, but remained very unsure of what could happen. Eventually, our conversations ultimately turned back to some of the topics touched on before, domination and sex.

When she asked for honestly when we talked about what I would really be willing to do, I was not sure how to answer. The more I thought about it I concluded that I would probably actually let her fuck me and knew that if she took an aggressive stance with me and stroked her cock in front of me, my resistance would melt, I had gotten in too deep without even realizing it. The mental image of her standing over me – just as that of Kate before – caused my cock to twitch wherever I was.

We joked about basketball, talked about music and books, even bet on our home teams, and ultimately began to discuss our “meeting”. The idea was to meet at a hotel, both blindfolded and experience each other as we were meant to, completely with wilful abandon until fully satiated. The idea begin to play into my daily life, but even so our more extreme fantasies were brought in. First by me, but Jennifer soon began to indicate she had thought about taking charge and that it was not an unappealing though having me serve her. I had no idea what limits she had crossed in her mind and where she had allowed herself to contemplate. She would take off her blindfold and tie me down even while I was left believing that she was still operating by feel and then tease me, stroke me and stop, make me beg to lick her and pull away even as I strained at the restraints even while video-taping me admit my secret desires and repeat the fantasies that we had spun together.

Then she would giggle – laugh really – and that made me lose it. I literally would tremble out of some perverse excitement and a shiver would shoot down my spine. Was it that she was enjoying herself, glorifying in her control, laughing at his desire or servitude, or a simple smugness of a sign of what was to come. I could never decide, but the effect remained implacable. Jennifer spoke of sharing the tape with others or coercing other actions by me in front of her friends or even exes of mine.

I was out of my mind and even tried to make an audio tape but the voices were too unclear. I finally pushed again to meet her, and this time she consented, knowing that I had given her more revelations about herself than I knew of. We agreed that we would play out our first thought and meet blindfolded and give into whatever carnal pleasures then moved us to let us move our skin together, mash our bodies into and against one another, to pleasure ourselves. I should have known better. Scared out of my mind, I went to the agreed upon hotel and took the elevator to the 7th floor where the room was.

Jennifer had arrived first and left a note on the door, along with a blindfold. I somehow knew everything might not go as planned and almost chickened out. I managed to calm myself and placed the blindfold on, turned from the door and knocked behind my back. The knocking seemed to echo and my heart picked up the harsh rhythm. I felt air at my back and a hand pulling me inside, somewhat grasping, but warm and soft to the feel. “Welcome,” she whispered in my ear.

I could almost see her bite her lower lip, still unsure as to her next move. I slowly pulled her hand behind my back and her arms around me as my right hand moved up her side into her hair angling her face towards mine. I felt her soft lips on mine, slowly parting as her tongue move gently from her mouth against mine. I pushed back enjoying the simple feeling of her tongue filling my mouth as our lips remained locked.

I heard a soft moan as she pushed her hips into mine, immediately calling attention to my full erection. Her hands moved to my shoulders and eased me away from her. “Strip,” she whispered again. I was, admittedly, in some type of fog and complied without hesitation or any reticence. My unequivocal compliance triggered something in her and I felt her reach out and grab my fully erect cock as I stood before her completely naked. As I felt her hand wrap around me, I suddenly felt the vulnerability of my situation and flushed deep red even as my cock bobbed in her hands.

I reached out to her and I felt her hands take mine and lead me towards the bed. I wondered, for a second, how she moved so smoothly. I panicked, wondering if she was cheating, not wearing any blindfold. She turned and I felt her sitting in front of me and then heard her slide backwards across the bed. Her hand was on the back of my head pulling my face between her legs. I felt the thin fabric of her skirt slide upwards and the smell of her filled me. The bridge of my nose came to rest on her aroused sex separated only by a thin layer of lace. I could feel her hair under her panties and basked in the heat that rose out of her as she slowly pushed her hips up letting me rub my face over her. My mouth opened and my tongue stood almost as hard as my cock trying to rend the her panties so as to taste her if only for a moment.

“You want me, don’t you.”

“Yes, Jennifer, very badly.” I maintained some sense of the situation, but at that moment I knew that I need to taste her, to feel her legs spread before me, to let my tongue slide into her and pull out only to glide upwards between her slips, feeling the smooth soft skin pull back , allowing me to pleasure her while literally drinking her into me.


“Yes,” I managed to gasp.

“Yes,” she murmured. I do not know whether we had played out this scenarios too many times, whether the realization that I was kneeling naked and blindfolded in from of a woman I knew but had never met, or something else, but I was almost compelled to add, “Yes,” again, followed by, “Mistress.” That clear laugh peeled through the air and under my skin.

“Really,” she repeated as if contemplating a whole new concept. “Come here,” she beckoned as she pulled me onto the bed and pushed me onto my back straddling my chest.

“Tell me, Steven, do you want my panties off?”

“Yes, Jennifer.”

“Yes what? You are going to have to be more explicit if you want to get what you want,” she reprimanded sharply.

Her tone caused my chest to contract and impulsively I blurted, “Yes, mistress,” again, “I would love you to take your panties off.”

Not acknowledging any improvement, she bent over me so that I could feel her hair on my face and asked, “Would you put them on if I took them off?”

This was the first real test, but at this point I was into the role, even as I was realizing that maybe we were not playing roles anymore, but actually doing, being. The thought stayed with me and, rather than deflate me actually served to enhance her touch and my arousal. She moved off the bed, I tried to picture her fingers hooking under the edges of the panties, pulling them down off her waist, the crotch sticking slightly in a perfectly erotic manner with the wetness that already was between her legs before following the rest of the lace material to the floor.

“Lift” she commanded, and I obeyed. The fabric was indeed light as it slid up my legs. The top of the panties pushed backwards against my straining cock even a she pulled the thong up between my legs along the crack of my ass. Her fingers reached under the fabric to straighten it and barely brushed along my backside. I held my breath, She sensed this tension.

“That will come later,” and then the penetrating giggle again. Jennifer was on top of me again, suddenly pulling my left hand over her then up to the head of the bed. Something cold hit my wrist and then a click and my arm was held suspended.

“I hope you don’t mind, I have pictured this for some time.”

“No,” my words were caught, I had not expected to feel this vulnerable, exposed or aroused.

“I thought not,” she gripped me hard pushing a small gasp from my mouth. “The reality is,” she whispered, “I have thought more about what we have been speaking about than I have told you.” I shivered even as I felt her warm breath on my neck. She leaned over to the night stand, and I heard a drawer open. Her right leg slid over my body and brushed against my hard cock as she slid to the edge of the bed. I felt her hair on my chest, then over my stomach and down further. I felt her breath now on the head of my cock. I thrust upward without thinking. She let her tongue run over the shaft and then rest on the head, teasing, refusing to let me move inside of her, and then she pulled away, leaving me straining into the air. Her lips pushed against mine, her tongue flashing into my mouth still warm from sucking me. She slid back on top of me resting herself against the head of my cock.

I moved up to her again, but she moved with me allowing just the head to part her lips but no more. I knew it would be easy to move inside her, she was already so wet. “This first time is for me. If you cum you will regret it.” She push back onto me letting me drive up inside her. We fit perfectly and drove against each other almost frantically. She must have held herself on the verge of cumming while she had trussed me up, because after a few thrusts she grabbed the back of my head, shoved her tongue into my mouth and started to cum. I heard her breath grow short as she slammed onto me in almost staccato fashion drawing out an amazingly long orgasm considering the short time in which it came. She collapsed onto me breathing heavily, her soft breasts collapsing onto mine.

I shortly began to move my hips again, really feeling the need for some relief. As soon as my movements became somewhat more aggressive, Jennifer grabbed my right nipple hard and twisted. As I arched back, she moved forward straddling my chest again. “You’ll cum when I say, not before. Understood?” I nodded dumbly.

“Tell me what you want, Steven,” she demanded. “Tell me the truth, and I’ll give you what you want.”

I was swimming. We had played this game before, but never had I been actually out of any control, never so completely aroused.

“The truth about what,” I managed.

“About what you want.” I felt my blood pulse in every extremity. I could have counted the heartbeats through my toes. I grew even harder feeling her breath, smelling her and feeling her touch as the familiar words drove me on like some Pavlovian animal.

“I want to please you.” Her laugh again. I would have done anything to feel her hand on me, but even as I acknowledged that, I felt a level of contentment in allowing this teasing to run through me building continuously.

“Oh god, I love that,” I admitted.

“Do you really think that kind of bs answer will suffice?” her voice now a little clipped. “Well…I….”

“Don’t tell me you came all this way to be tongue-tied. Don’t you remember anything that you have told me before.” I was unable to speak; horrified and unbelievably aroused by her voice. Mesmerized as to what she would say next, waiting to have fantasies thrust upon me, I almost held my breath. “Are you telling me that you don’t want to suck my hard plastic dick, to have me fuck you as you admit what a complete cocksucker you are for me?”

I must have let out a huge breath and almost gasped as my head nodded seemingly on its own. She had never started so fast with me, and here I was blindfolded and handcuffed, but my cock only stood higher.

Only one response came to my mouth, “Yes mistress.” The laugh again almost music. But with it he knew she was going to use me, and it terrified but thrilled me.

“Yes what cocksucker. Tell me what YOU want!” “I would do anything if you would get back on me and let me cum.”

No response.

“Or even to touch me, stroke me, please.”

No response, I could not believe I was begging for this already.

“Or let me do that.”

Nothing. I blanched, getting the message, “You are right I would suck your dildo for you if you let me do that.”

“For me? Oh, you are too much. Do I need to leave you like this so that you understand even the simplest instructions. Answer what I ask. I was pretty clear, What do you want and no cop out answers.”

“I…I would love to suck your cock, mistress.” She leaned back over the bed to the night stand for a moment and then slid back down so that my cock was flush against her ass running up to the small of her lower back.

“I am sorry, but I did not hear that, speak up.”

“I would love to suck your cock, mistress.”

“Really?” she sounded almost incredulous.

“What else do you want me to do with my hard plastic cock?”

“I…” a moment’s hesitation.

“You are pathetic. If you don’t admit what I know you want, I will just leave.” I gulped as she started to slide off.”

I blurted, “I have thought about you fucking me. The thought of that turns me on.

” She stopped moving.

“I would like…”

She started off again.

“I would love that.” She stopped, hovering seemingly undecided. “To have you fuck me in the ass with your hard plastic cock.” She slid back on. I felt somehow relieved, glad to have pleased her, not recognizing how easily she manipulated me without even a word. “Really…hmmm. Are you hard now thinking about that my little cock sucker?” Jennifer added a little sneer with that enjoying the fact that the term simultaneously embarrassed and aroused me.

“Put your right hand underneath you head and don’t move it. Actually hold onto this.” She handed me her blindfold. I had not thought about it specifically before. But the idea that she could see me straining, ridiculously hard, completed restrained caused me no little discomfort. She was dead on though when she added. “You certainly look aroused,” and laughed again.

“So my little whore, what else would you like to do?”

“Anything you…” I began earnestly, but somehow rote.

“Don’t say that unless you mean it! What if I told you that I wanted you to suck my strap-on in front of my friends and let one of them fuck you?”

“If that pleased you mistress.”

“We are going backwards you little slut.” She paused seeing the tremble in my lips that her comments provoked.

“You like being called my slut don’t you…It turns you on,” she observed almost pensively. “Yes.”

“What, I could not hear you.”

“Yes, it turns me on to hear you call me your slut.”


“I don’t know…I guess it makes me think of what you might do to me.”

“And what would you do for me you little whore. What would turn you on…to be my cocksucker,” she offered.


“Say it then.”

“Say what?”

“What you want.”

“To be your cocksucker.”

“I like that. Louder whore.”

“I would like to be your little cocksucker, it would turn me on.”

“Just mine or whoever I wanted?”


“Really? Explain that to me slut.”

“I would suck cock for you.”


Almost hypnotized, “I would suck cock for you.”


“I would love to suck a hard cock for you mistress.”


By now fully entranced, “It would turn me on to feel a hard cock in my mouth.”

The laugh.

“Sorry, I could not quite hear that. Look at me and speak up.” She had shifted her weight again.

“I would love to suck a hard cock for you mistress.

“Better, what else?”

“What would that feel like?” I wanted her to tell me to hear her description, her voice. But, even that was not allowed tonight.

“Why don’t you tell me. You certainly have thought about it enough haven’t you. You get off thinking about me letting a big cock be pushed through your lips, don’t you? Admit it.”

“Yes mistress.”

“Yes what.”

“I would love to feel a hard cock push through my lips. Its warmth filling my mouth, stretching my lips feeling its smooth head against my tongue.”

“So, you have thought about sucking dick,” she murmured.

“Yes mistress.”

“And it makes you hard. As you clearly are now.”

“Yes mistress.”

“And you have jacked off thinking about sucking cock,” she continued.

“Yes mistress.”

“Yes what slut?”

“I have jacked off thinking about you making me suck a cock for you.”

“Me making you?” She laughs, “Please, you don’t need me to make you. You’ve thought about it on your own. In fact you think about a lot don’t you?”

“Uh…Yes, Mistress.”

“Faster slut. When was the first time. Don’t lie.”

“Probably when Kate first said she would like to see it, while another guy was pleasuring her.”

“You would have done that for her.”

“Honestly, I don’t know.”

“But you have thought about it, tell me!”

“Yes, I have thought about sucking cock.”

“And you would have done it for her.”

“Maybe.” Even my inhibitions based on real life connections had faded. All the blood in my body seemed to be pushing through the thin lace seeking any possible relief.

“You actually wanted her to fuck you with her cock”


“Yes what, you little whore. You are bad. Tell me exactly what you are thinking.”

“Yes, I would have let Kate fuck me with a strap-on if she had asked me again.” Laughing, then thoughtfully, “You have jacked off to that thought haven’t you.”

“Yes mistress.”

“You’ve jacked off to the thought of sucking a cock in front of her, haven’t you.”


“And the thought that she would lose respect for you and treat you like a toy after that turns you on even as it scares you doesn’t it.”

It was if I was under some spell, unbreakable. “Yes mistress.”

“So now, what did you want to tell me, my little slut.”

“That I have thought about sucking cock, that the thought turns me on and that I would love to suck a cock for you.”

“And what would you do for me if I let you do that?”


“Well you just said that you want to be my cocksucker and your dick apparently agrees with you,” she stated as she squeezed my pulsing hard cock.

“So what would you be willing to do for me if I were to let you suck cock?” She had turned everything around, the extreme fantasy had moved to a new level, but it was still just words. Still my cock thrust into the air pushing the words from my mouth. My mind tried to move quick enough, what would I do?

“I would dress up as a woman for you and let one of your friends fuck me.

“One of my friends fuck you?”

“Yes mistress.”

“Male or female?”


“Not male?”

“If that is what you wanted,” I heard another click even as I knew I was getting out of control.

“Tell me what you would do.”

“Yes, I would let one of your male friends fuck me, if…”

She cut me off. “So you want a real hard cock up your ass you little slut.”

“What I said was…”

“Did I ask what you said? I asked if you wanted a hard cock pumping you ass while I watched you little whore.”


“Would that turn you on, being fucked like a slut while I watched just waiting for him to pull out and cum all over your pretty little face.”


Her hand dropped back onto my cock caressing the head through the thin lace and then down to the base – squeezing my cock tightly – I could feel the cum start to move from my balls.

“Well” she now demanded.

“Yes,” I admitted.”

“Yes what?” she persisted.

“You are right it would turn me on to get fucked like a slut for you.”

She managed to sound almost genuinely surprised, “Really…say that again.”

“I would get fucked if you let me suck a cock.”

“You want to get fucked from both ends, no?”

“Well, I…”

“Admit it!”

I struggled.

“It’s okay,” more gentle now, “it’s just the two of us. I know.”


Harsher, “You have thought about that, getting fucked in the mouth and from behind at the same time? Being on a cock spit. Completely used, Completely out of control.”

“Yes mistress. I have though about being used by two guys for your amusement.”

“Turn your head.” She had placed a dildo by my face. I felt it run up my neck across my chin. I moved my head lower to place my lips around the head of it. “Very good, slut. Look at me and put that cock in you mouth. Tell me as you lick it that you would love to suck a real one, that is if you were not lying to me and you really want to.” Another beep.

“Do you want to cum?”

“God, yes.”

“If you keep sucking that cock, you can jack off as long as you answer my questions truthfully, understood.”

“Yes mistress.”

“Tell me what you think of when you have thought of yourself getting fucked.” I could not believe that I was even going to respond.

I let my mind go blank, “…on all fours with one behind and another in front. My front hand together for support, feeling his cock slapping against my face, wanting it in my mouth.” “Do you want him to tease you?”

“Yes mistress.”

“It would turn you on to have to beg for his cock?” Admit it, you want to be my cocksucking slut!”

“Yes, mistress.”

“Say it.”

“I would love to be your cocksucking slut and feel a real cock in my mouth as another guy came on my face and another in my ass.”

“That’s three,” she observed laughing. “You are a slut. This might be even easier than I thought.”

I felt my face grow crimson as my cock pushed harder into her back. “Yes mistress.” “When I let you cum, I want you telling me that you want a hard cock slapping on your face and begging to suck it even as another sprays all over you! After all you have jacked off to that thought before haven’t you?”

“Yes, mistress. I have cum to the idea of being cum on.”

“What else?” “I have actually cum on my face for you before.” Why did I tell her that? “And.” I did not know what to add.

“I thought of another guy cumming on me while I did that hoping it would turn you on.” “Turn me on?”

“Yes…The thought of being cum on while you watched turns me on too.”

“Cum on by who?”

“Several guys.”

“Really?” How she was still playing the innocent…

“Yes, just like we have talked about before.”Another beep.

“What’s that,” I finally asked, dreading the answer. “I am taping you,” she said matter of factly. I somehow knew that, but had not done anything different throughout. I had needed to admit my thoughts to Jennifer. Still, I could not keep enough air in me to breath deeply.

“Are you serious?” I rasped.

“Of course you little slut, it was your idea, after all. You wanted me to didn’t you?”

I remembered. “I…”

“Admit it. The idea turns you on knowing that I am recording you getting off telling me that you are my cocksucker.”

“I would be your cocksucker.”

“You already are. You have been my little cocksucker ever since we started talking. You would do anything I wanted. You just haven’t gotten to act them out yet. I will be able to fix that.” I started to tremble.

“But now my fantasies have become yours, haven’t they? Well.”

“Yes, it turns me on.”

“I want you to prove it.” I felt her undo my left arm. “If you want to prove that you want to please me, that you want to turn me on, that you could be my little cocksucking whore, when you hear the door close take off the blindfold and tell me as you look into the camera and jack off. When you cum, I want you to put it on my dildo and lick it off. Then leave the video downstairs for me to pick it up. Do you want to do this to please me?”

“Yes mistress.”

I felt her slide off me and then the rustle of a dress being pulled on. “Be good and do what you are told and you will get what you want Steven.” Her laugh reverberated within me as I heard the door of the room open and then close. I pulled off the blindfold saw two video cameras pointing at me. One was already off, and the cassette had been taken from it they other was still recording. Jennifer had left a note: “If you really want to prove something to me you will not cum yet but tell the cameras that you are saving it to cum on your face for my friends because you think that would please me (it would) and that you really want to get fucked by whoever I want to see you with in front of anyone I want – even Kate.. Also I left a pair of stockings that I want you to put on before you come downstairs. Actually why don’t you put them on for the camera before getting dressed. Don’t take off the thong. You next instruction will be given to you when you leave this tape down with the reception desk.”

I was not sure I could look up. My cock was still rock hard. I heard her laugh again and shivered. I wanted to please her. “I have been hard for the past hour and am dying to cum, but I am not going to because I want to be sure to shoot a big load on my face in front of Jennifer and her friends to please her and so that I can imagine what it would feel like to be cum by a real cock…..”

As the door closed behind me I felt the smooth nylon stocking rub against my jeans, and I realized that Jennifer had taken my bag and everything out of my pockets. I headed for the reception desk…

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